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If one hypothetically wanted to read your Eldritch Abomination Garfield fic, how would one go about finding it as directly searching for 'garfield' hypothetically does not include the fic?

“They bought it?” Lyman asked as Jon hung up the phone.

“I got the contract,” Jon confirmed, dazed. “I’m — I’m syndicated.”

“You did it, man!” Lyman said, clapping him on the back. Odie barked.

“They’re already thinking about merchandising deals,” Jon continued, staring into space.

“I told you things were going to turn around for you,” Lyman said with a nod. Odie continued barking, making it clear that he was not just trying to be supportive. “Hey, look, I’ve gotta take the dog for a walk. If the alarm goes off while I’m gone, can you take dinner out of the oven?”

“Yeah,” Jon said, with no real conception of what he was agreeing to. He still had not yet finished processing that phone call, the idea that he was going to be paid, consistently, that he was a working cartoonist, that his comics would be in papers. Merchandising deals. Merchandising.

It was not until he heard the door that Jon realized he was alone in the apartment.

Just him, and Garfield.

From the corner, it growled.

Jon’s heart spasmed; he hadn’t realized it was in the same room. “H—hey,” he said. It would have been a dumb thing to say if it was a normal cat. It was a dumber thing to say under the circumstances. Its eyes glowed red in the shadows. “How are you?” he asked, then winced as the cat growled again. “Heard the good news?” he asked weakly.


It rumbled through his brain like an earthquake, words without words. He covered his ears even though it wouldn’t help. “Yeah, thanks for—”


Jon’s heart spasmed again, overwhelmed with the sense of a hunger not his own. “Right, about that—”

YOU WILL FEED ME it said, words written in blood, thick and hot.

“—yes, I got that, I’m just not really sure what I’m supposed to—”

MEAT and the word throbbed, tore.

“Would chicken be okay?”

UNACCEPTABLE it said in broken bone and jellied marrow.

“I don’t want to stereotype you by assuming you want to eat my roommate—”

YES GIVE ME HIS HEART it said, pulsing, torn flesh.

“—but you can’t eat Lyman.”

I͇̤͜ ̭̩W̨͕̪̠͙I̧̫͍͕̤̥̥̥L̜̜̭͔̪͢L̡͉͍͍͓̣ ͇F̤̜E̤̱̼̩͙̺͢E̥̳̫D̯͚̰ͅ

The glowing eyes moved from the shadows, grew larger, taller. Hellfire, if fire could cast dark instead of light, orange and red, fire and blood. The indistinct shape that might have been a cat became an indistinct shape that might have been a man, large, always large. Jon shrank back as it stretched to fill the room, tried not to look directly at it. Hot breath and sharp teeth against his skin, even though it couldn’t have been, because he was still wearing his jacket.

There was a chiming sound.


“Uh.” Jon swallowed, hard. “Dinner?”


“Yes,” Jon said, “but I don’t know if you can eat people food…”

Garfield sat in the middle of the floor, wide as it was tall. Its gaze was baleful.

“Right. You can eat whatever you want.” Slowly Jon inched around the cat to head toward the kitchen. “I don’t really know what it is, though. It might be… vegan.”

Garfield hissed, the sound of pain, and Jon fled toward the oven.


Jon stopped himself from telling the cat get off the counter. “I think it’s a casserole,” he said, removing the dish to set it on the stove. He gingerly removed the lid, his hands safely wrapped in oven mitts. “Oh. It’s lasagna.”


“It has to cool,” Jon said. Garfield hissed again, and the sound turned Jon’s blood to fiberglass. He backed away, and the cat leapt bodily and entirely into the baked pasta. It did not seem bothered by the fact that the pasta sauce was still bubbling, and Jon tried not to look at the void of its mouth. A black hole rimmed with fangs, an absence of all light, drawing in all that it touched to disappear within.

WHAT IS THIS it asked, and a hellfire paw batted at a stretchy piece of mozzarella.

“… cheese?”

The cat-shaped thing nodded, still sitting in the dish of lasagna.


“You don’t have cheese in hell?”

It nodded again.

“I guess that’s what makes it hell.” If Garfield appreciated this observation, it did not show it. It cracked open its maw again, more lasagna disappearing, and Jon looked away. “That lasagna was supposed to feed us for a week,” he sighed. “How much longer do I need to do this?” he asked.


“Until I’m satisfied?”


Realization dawned. “Wait, but — I thought this was a one-time thing.”


“If you leave, I get fired?”


“So I might still be able to make it on my own.”


Jon thought of the portfolio sitting in his room, and sagged. “… no.”

It grew, limbs stretching, claws turning to fingers and then claws again. It sat on the counter like a solid mirage, licking red from its hands.


Syndication and merchandising deals and maybe someday a cartoon on television. His signature in every newspaper in every house in the country. In the world, even. He raked his fingers through his curls and tried not to look at its claws.

“I guess I’m stuck with you, then,” Jon said.

It didn’t slide off the counter the way a man would, shifted off like drifting smoke or licking flames, stood and was no shorter. Tall and broad and solid, a weight to its presence as it moved closer. Jon shrank back again as it loomed, and this show of submission seemed to please it. Hot breath and sharp teeth against his skin again, and he shivered.


Midnight Shenanigans (Yondu Udonta x Reader)

Originally posted by aholes-guardiansofthegalaxy

Requested by anon: smutty Yondu x Reader. Something really cool like someone interrupting and him whistling using his arrow to make them leave as he continues doing what he is doing.

-Female Reader-

Warnings: Smut, Shameless Smut, One Night Stand, Public Sex.

The bar was drowning in a fading blue light, hiding the drunken gazes and stolen touches. That wasn’t bothering your mind though. No, your focus was directed towards the blue Centaurian and his boisterous friends laughing and drinking together.

The Ravagers.

You knew of them and what they did. You recognised the flames on their jackets. But none of that concerned you. All you thought about was how goddamn attractive the Ravager captain was.

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dine and dash (stefan salvatore au ft klaus mikaelson, part viii)

Plot: You and Stefan dated for three years while in high school. You both thought your relationship would last, but college managed got in the way. So you two decided to break up. You left to college in Massachusetts and Stefan stayed in Mystic Falls. While you were gone, things changed between you and a certain original, but you hadn’t yet let go of Stefan. Now, almost six years later, you’re both invited to Bonnie and Kol’s wedding. It’s time for a reunion.

Pairing: Klaus Mikaelson x Reader, Stefan Salvatore x Reader (mentioned)

Warnings: language, slight angst, two second kiss

A/N: I think I know who I want Y/N to end up with! It’s taken long enough. I’m gonna write the wedding through though, so I’m not sure when I’ll mention it, but it’ll be done!! sorry this part is shorter than the previous ones! (gifs aren’t mine!!) (ps pls remember that vampire emotions ans senses are heightened!)

dine and dash~masterlist


“What about–?”

“Enough! For the love of God, someone get me a daylight ring. And a blood bag. Please,” you cross your arms over your chest and the guys all nod. “Damon you go make sure Caroline is okay. I don’t want her any more stressed than she already is. Kol you go to Bonnie and tell her I am okay. Please remind her of that. Stefan I need you to ask Kai to get me a daylight ring. Klaus, you and I need to talk. Is everyone good?”

Once again, they all nod and Damon pulls you into a hug.

“Don’t ever die. Please,” he whispers into your hair and you smile, squeezing him before pulling away.

“I won’t if you don’t. Now off you all go. Please,” you chuckle as they all salute you and leave. Except for Klaus. “Right. Where were we?”

“Y/N, I’m–” Klaus begins to speak but you cut him off.

“No, Niklaus. You listen to me. I am tired of you speaking and speaking and not giving me a chance to say anything,” you pace back and forth, shaking your head as you fight to keep your emotions in check. “You have been my friend, my fucking confidant these past four years and then you turn around and pull some shit like this. Why? Why the hell would you do that?”

“Because I was heartbroken. I loved a woman who would only ever love another man. I loved a woman who used me to forget about her epic love,” Klaus’s eyes flash gold as he keeps his emotions at bay, not wanting to provoke you further.

“Did you REALLY think that, Klaus?” You turn to face him, eyes pitch black as the anger and the hunger grow. “Please, pray tell, how many women have you slept with while you were having sex with me?”

“Y/N, I–”

“Answer my question, Klaus,” you grit your teeth, hands turned into fists as you stare him down.

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“I stopped counting after the first 15,” he whispers, looking down as you hold your breath.

“Wow,” you whisper, shaking your head as the unwanted tears run down your face in a fit of anger. “For me, it was only you. I would wait for your return every fucking time.”

“What?” He whispers, looking up as you give him a pained look.

“You were the one person that helped me forget Stefan. When I was with you, I couldn’t think of anything else because you clouded my mind. I could only think about you. I didn’t want our time together to end. So yeah, I was the idiot in the situation,” you shake your head, wiping away the angry tears. “I’ve waited for all the wrong people, Klaus. I waited for Stefan, for you. I loved you. Clearly, that meant nothing to either of you.”

“That’s not true! You meant the world to me, Y/N. You meant everything to me!”

“So why not tell me? Why not tell me what I meant to you?!”

“Because you’re still in love with Stefan!” Klaus turns to face you, eyes golden as his anger gets the best of him.

“I’m not–”

“Spare me the assurance. You’re still in love with Stefan. Me confessing my love wouldn’t have changed that one bit,” he growls, fangs out as he punches the wall.

“I needed closure. Stefan and I never had any closure until now. All I needed from you was a sign. I needed to know that you weren’t just around because you pitied me or because you wanted to have sex or–”

“Do you seriously think I was with you for any of those reasons?” Klaus walks up to you, stopping half a foot away. “Every time I touched you, every time I brushed the hair out of your face, you think it was because I pitied you? Every time I ran you a bath, every time I passed out on top of you after the fact, you think it’s because I only wanted sex?”

“I wasn’t the only one, Klaus! I knew I wasn’t the only one, but I would always hope that I could be!” You yell, not backing down as Klaus leans into you. “I came here hoping that I could get closure from Stefan and find some middle ground with you.”

“So what was that, this morning? Was that closure? He cheated on Ivy with you, Y/N. Tell me, how is she going to find closure?” Klaus lowers his head to level with yours and you look down, unable to look him in the eye.

“You kissed Valerie before I even thought about kissing Stefan. So tell me,” you lift your head up to look at him unapologetically. “Tell me, what was that this morning?”

“I wanted to–”

“To make me jealous? To show me that you were over me? Klaus, please,” you let out an emotionless chuckle, crossing your arms over your chest as you watch him. “You make all these excuses for yourself and you can’t think for one second that you could have prevented all this?”

“So what? This is all my fault?” He glares at you while you look into the distance, deep in thought.

“I mean if I had to answer, hm, then I guess, I would say,” you rub your chin while Klaus grows ever more impatient with you. “Yes, Klaus. This is all your fault.”

“You little–” Before he can finish his sentence, he places a hand on the back of your head and another against your waist as he pulls you close and kisses you.

You’re caught off guard as Klaus’s lips angrily attack yours. You close your eyes and let out an angry growl as your hands wrap around his waist, attempting to even the playing field.

“Oh, love,” Klaus pulls away, a wide smirk on his face as you catch your breath. “If there’s one thing I’ve taught you these past few years, it’s–”

“He likes being in control,” Stefan whispers and you gasp, pulling away from Klaus as the broody vampire steps into the crypt. “Here’s your daylight ring.”

He tosses you the ring and you catch it, a small smile on your face as you forget the awkward tension. The ring is beautiful, identical to the first gift Stefan had ever gotten you. You two were best friends at the time, and he didn’t know what to get you for your birthday. He got you the ring and it’d been spelled with vervain at the time. You couldn’t find it in any of the bags you’d packed for college and you thought it was gone for good.

“Is this?” You smile up at Stefan and he shrugs.

“Yes, it is. I found it in your room a few weeks after you left. I thought it was fitting,” he smiles as you. “Bonnie spelled it for you, she didn’t trust Kai enough.”

You laugh and you notice Klaus looking at you, a hurt expression on his face and suddenly you see the way he’s looked at you all these years. You couldn’t expect him to lay everything down for you while you were still giving your ex googly eyes. You sigh and slip the ring onto your finger. It’s time.

TalesFromYourServer: Diary of a Petty Server: The Meatloaf that Got Away

With great service comes great responsibility.

It comes with the territory, pal. I mean, you’re dealing with one of the most hardcore life-driving forces in the fucking universe here: food. On top of that, you’re tasked with delivering this most sacred of nourishment to people in their most delicate state: hunger.

Hunger makes people do fucking weird shit. Like go to bed without eating and wake up as a different person shit. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hangrey type shit. I’ve seen outbursts of food-related madness that had me cowering in fear, fully expecting a demon made of cockroaches and hellspawn to erupt from a humansuit. I’ve witnessed a man go into apoplectic rage at the discontinuation of his favorite promotion, which led him to rip the offending menu to shreds with an assassin’s coldhearted efficiency. To shreds, you say? Aye, to absolute fucking confetti, which he then promptly stuffed into an innocent raspberry lemonade before bailing.

There’s a certain sort of primal anger that overtakes a person when they’re faced with a culinary crisis. But shit, all the world’s a stage, and all the humans merely players, and I’m about to play your mad hungry ass for a fool. Butter you up like a fucking biscuit and then set the record straight. This is me and you vs. the goddamn world, sir. You’re gonna have the epic experience you came here for if I have to douse hell and burn heaven to do it. That soup is cold? Of COURSE I’ll get you a freshie silly, and I’ll be fucking delighted to do so again in twenty minutes when you next extricate your head from your date’s ass. Your hot tea is too hot? I gotchu sir, I’m bout to beat this boiling water’s ass. There’s a stray piece of okra in your fries? We’re writing the goddamn Governor. And then you tuck them in and give them a binky, and they are none the wiser that you’ve successfully tugged the invisible strings connected to both the heart and wallet. Jedi Master of Bullshit strikes again.

I can deal with any fucker in a bad mood. At some point, you will leave, and you will either be touched by my efforts or utterly unmoved, in which case you were determined to be unhappy anyway. But you will be gone, and I will either chuckle or curse you, and that will be it.

If only Cowboy had gotten angry. That, I could nagivate. This…this was a new beast entirely.

Cowboy is a middle-aged gentleman at Table 122, dressed in a sort of bullrider’s chic. In the couple of minutes I spend with him at our introduction, I learn two things: he loves his horse Whisper, and he really loves our meatloaf. He and Whisper have been driving for six hours to get home from a competition, and for six hours he has impatiently looked forward to his prize. “You don’t understand, ma'am,” he says in a drawl. “I. Love. This. Meatloaf.”

Shit, everyone does, it’s fucking delicious. It’s one of the most popular menu items we have. There are days when I serve no other function than being a fucking choo-choo train for meatloaf plates. The more people love it, the more they order. The more they order, the faster we run out. The faster we run out…yeah, well, we’re still cooking the goddamn things at the same pace. The thing about food, it’s gotta cook.

I’ve already spent a fair portion of the day ruining people’s lives over the lack of meatloaf, and I’m not keen to do so again. I get Cowboy’s drink order, and tell him to think on his sides while I go touch base with the kitchen. I have a come-to-Jesus moment with the grill cook, making him bend down and look me in the fucking eye and tell me we have meatloaf. All’s well. Nine orders left for the night. Breathe a sigh of relief, hit up a sweet tea, scream for the 84th time for someone to bloody PLEASE get the To-Go phone, and make tracks for the table.

Cowboy’s tickled pink once I inform him that yes, sir, you can nom those meaty loaves until Kingdom Fucking Come. He fires off his sides and I get it on the books. Wait there, sir, we’re about to make some magic happen.

I return to the kitchen to enter the order, pleased as fucking punch that one of the lazy shitfritters has finally deemed to answer the phone. They finish up and I whip Table 122 into the system.

The ticket has barely chattered out of the machine when I hear the dreaded shout: “86 Meatloaf for the night!” I fly over to the window, mouth agape in horror…and I will be DAMNED!! Absolutely damned I say! Those lazy no-good ass-sucking To-Go creeps have ordered us out of meatloaf. Nine goddamned To-Go Meatloafs, already posing prettily in a line of black plastic containers. Surely eight of the fuckers could have cut off a tiny slice to assemble a decent hunk of meatloaf!

My panic is palpable. This man has been driving the highway for six fucking hours, with nothing to staunch the loneliness except the thought of our mouth watering meatloaf. I would rather be tied to Whisper, doused in lemon juice, and dragged through a field of cacti than go break the news.

Immediately I begin to think of a way out of this shithole. Do I bat my eyes and flirt up the cook? Jack one of the meatloafs and feign ignorance when questioned? Run shrieking out the back door into the night and never look back? All useless. As useless as the sad plate of okra, mac and cheese, and green beans that sits forlornly in the window, no meatloaf to be found.

Jesus hula-hooping Christ. This shit again.

I’m on the verge of a panic attack when the grill cook calls me over. He’s well aware of my everlasting battle with these pepper and onion stuffed fuckers, and in a fit of gallantry, he has found me a hunk of meatloaf. A smaller hunk than portion size calls for, true, but meatloaf nevertheless. I almost burst into tears at the news, and yes, fucking yes, I’ll comp the whole fucking thing and pay for it myself, as long as this man gets a couple of mouthfuls of his ketchup-coated desire. The cook slides the too-small loaf onto the plate of sides and sells the ticket.

I’m immediately aware of why this meatloaf was not counted in the original tally. I know meatloaf, and this meatloaf is all wrong. Not just small, but shriveled. Dry, crusted along the outside. I could have offered this meatolaf to the Donner Party and they still would have eaten each other. On my honor as a server, I cannot serve this to my guest.

It’s with a heavy heart I journey back to Table 122. Cowboy is smiling pleasantly at me, probably assuming I’m coming to check on his tea or assure him that yes, your meatloaf madness will soon be at an end.

There is no such happy ending.

I have the script memorized by heart. I’m insanely sorry, sir, but due to the fact that this meatloaf is, as you know, the best meatloaf fucking ever, we have unfortunately run out. Normally, there are two routes people take when I inform them that their culinary orgasm is not to be: nonchalant acceptance, or blood-vessel-popping rage.

But this…is new.

The denial sets in first. He stares at me blankly, head cocked quizzically to one side, as though unsure he has heard me correctly. “Are…you joking?”

“No sir,” I reply sadly. “If only Whisper had a few teammates, we could get the Delorean up to 88 miles an hour and go back to just before the To-Go phone rang. Can you believe it? Nine meatloafs spoken for in one To-Go order.”

I hope the half-hearted attempt at humor will break him from the haze, but his face remains impassive. “Nine? Nine whole pieces? In one order?”

“Yes, sir,” I reply, admittedly wrong-footed by the distinct disbelief to his tone. Visions of Whisper galloping alongside a minivan race through my head, and of course in the fantasy Cowboy is victorious, lassoing the whole fucking order through the open window. Reality, it seems, is far more dire.

I gently prod Cowboy for a replacement order; in his catatonic state, he rattles off a robotic backup, and I swear to God and sonny Jesus if we don’t have chicken and dumplings I’m burning this fucker to the ground. Ashes, I tell you!

It’s the fastest ticket we’ve ever sold. I shout down the cooks the moment I step into the back, and you can fuck yourself with the ticket for all I care, B. I’ll ring the bitch in when Cowboy is eating and not a goddamned moment before. Less than a minute later, I present Cowboy with his steaming hot dinner, an extra portion of mac and cheese on the side for good measure. He rouses enough to thank me politely, but shit, if I’d just been fucked by the meatloaf gods in such a cruel fashion, I wouldn’t be up for thanking me. Ten minutes minutes later, he’s to the point of a small smile and nod when I ask if everything tastes good. I top off his tea, leave the check, and sincerely wish him a great night.

I sadly return to the kitchen and join the team packing this thrice-damned meatloaf into the To-Go bags. A beep soon alerts us that the party is here to receive their order, and a coworker grumpily humps the three bags up to the cash stand. I trail out behind him, listlessly sorting menus, when I hear a wordless sound of despair. I glance up and freeze.

Cowboy is standing at the cash register, watching with sad eyes as Coworker pulls out and presents each meatloaf plate to the guest for his approval. Despite the fact that he has already paid, Cowboy waits and watches through the whole debacle. As do I.

As the last meatloaf is approved and paid for, Cowboy nods to the burly man now cradling the three steaming sacks. “Enjoy your dinner,” he says in a pleasant voice.

A god among mortals, this man. My heart cannot take much more…but It must, and as I hesitantly check my credit tips a few moments later, I am overtaken. A $10 tip on an $8 ticket. Over 100%.

Godspeed, Cowboy. Whenever you and Whisper may travel next, I fervently hope that there is meatloaf, more meatloaf than you could have ever dreamed possible.

By: DabblesInDirewolves

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“You’re apart of the family.” alfred and jason please

Here you go anon, thanks for the prompt! :D

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Fights with Alfred are one of those things you know how they start but not how they’re gonna end.

And Jason should’ve known better - he knows he should have - but sometimes pride and anger still get the better hand on his common sense and yeah, that’s how he ends up in situations like this one.


It starts with Red Robin comfortably perched on Jason’s kitchen top, legs dangling above the ground, a lasagna casserole sitting on his lap. He dips a fork into it and waves at him with his other hand as Jason opens up the apartment’s door.


Jason sighs.

“What are you doing here and how do you even know about this place? I moved in like, yesterday. Literally.”

Tim smiles around a mouthful of lasagna and chews it carefully before even bothering to give him one of his not-answers.

“I was in the neighborhood and I brought you food. Alfred sent me three of these things yesterday but even post-patrol hunger has its limits, you know?”

Jason stares at him, waiting for him to continue with a besides… and then ask for a favor, because that’s how things usually work with these people, but Tim’s interest seems to be strictly limited to the food. And it’s not a superficial interest either.

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Begin Again

I originally came up with this prompt for Jyn Erso Appreciation Week prompt “Need” but, well, it takes me forever to write so here we are, a million years later. But in the wise words of @thenewleeland​, Jyn Erso Appreciation Week never really ends ;) A million thanks to @wearesuchstuff1 for her amazing beta work.

Warning: There’s nothing graphic, but there is mention of blood and injuries.

Summary: The one where Jyn clearly knows Han Solo, and Cassian wants to learn how. 

Words: 5311

AO3 /  Below the Cut!

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Music Series: Secrets by The Weeknd

Unfortunately, I’m not comfortable writing an imagine with a song that would most likely make Harry out to be a drug abuser. After listening to the lyrics, I assume, and there is much on the internet to support, that this song is about heroin and/or addiction, him not loving his girlfriend, finding time in the company of a stripper…that’s not Harry, so no, not going to write that one, but thank you for requesting.

The next request was also for a The Weeknd song, which I think may be able to be twisted into something useable. Going to try it, at least. I love that the song is a play off of the old 80’s song by The Romantics. Have an open mind with this translation, my loves.

This is “Secrets” by The Weeknd, which you can find HERE on Spotify. Thanks for the requests! xo



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One Hell of a Hunter

Summary: Tired of Sam and Dean keeping her away from other hunters and hunting in general, she tries her own hand at it- solo. It was going well- just as she had planned- until it didn’t. Not that it was her fault…
Word Count: 2060
Warnings: mild swearing, mild violence
A/N: so I wrote this at midnight so not that late but im not totally in one mindset right now also this is so long that’s what she said (sorry) but let me know if you like them long or short so I can cater to your every need

SIDENOTE: holy shit???? 40 fucking followers??? Thank you guys soo much!!!!!!

Y/N tiptoed quietly as she walked up the bunker stairs, bag of hunting supplies on her back. She had found a case nearby- nothing too big, just some vamps the next town over- and decided she could handle it without the boys. They were out in Utah working a case with some other hunter, taking out a small witch coven. They left the other day, and weren’t supposed to be back until two days from now. She had loads of time.

Clambering to the top of the steps, she swung open the bunker door. Y/N decided to take Dorothy’s bike- which was already parked outside, waiting for her- to the nest, which she had already scoped out the night before. She had done her research, went over the police files a hundred times, and even managed to hack into the cameras at the police station while eating Oreos in her bed. Y/N was ready, prepared, and full of adrenaline.

Truly, it wasn’t fair that she was left behind. She was a good hunter- hell, she was a great hunter- but her brothers wanted her staying put in the bunker. Y/N had gone on more dangerous hunts before, worked with other hunters before, and walked away alive. Usually.

When she tried to bring this up to Dean, well… it didn’t go over as smoothly as she imagined. Of course, she knew he’d be tough to crack, but she figured she’d at least have Sam to back her up.

“Dean,” Y/N heave a sigh, irritated. “I’ve gone through worse-”

“Yes,” he grunted, shoving clothes into his bag. “I’m aware. You’ve told me a hundred times. It’s not that I doubt your skills, it’s just- well, you know I don’t like you around other hunters.”

“I know,” she pleaded, passing him his shotgun. “But I can handle myself. Besides, nobody would dare to try anything on ‘Sam and Dean’s little sister.’ You scare them too much.”

“Good,” he grumbled.

“Listen- Sam!” she called through the bunker. He was there in an instant.

“What?” he asked hesitantly. “You okay?”

“Well, there seems to be a thorn in my side,” Y/N gritted out. “And he won’t let me come along.”

“Oh, give me a break, Y/N,” Dean heaved out a breath. “You’re not coming, final.” Y/N heard Sam sigh.

“Sam-” she coaxed. “You know-”

“Yes, I know you can take care of yourself,” he agreed. “But Dean’s got a point. I’m not too eager on you coming along. It’s safer here.”

“Traitor,” she mumbled under her breath.

“Sorry,” he ruffled her hair. Kissing the top of her head, the two of them left. She briefly heard the rumble of the impala before opening her laptop.

“If you won’t let me hunt with you,” she smirked. “Then I guess I’ll just have to go on my own.”

After driving for an hour and breaking every speed limit there was, she arrived. She walked around to the back door. It faced the sun, so she figured if she had to ran- which she wouldn’t, she was certain- she could sprint back out the back door, into the sunlight, and either gank them there or leave them burning in the sun and… well, the plan would work, so it didn’t matter anyways.

Double checking that her machete was stuck in its holster, extra knife in her jacket and boot, she silently crept out back.

I’ll show them, she thought. I’m just as tough, just as smart, just as quick as they are.

“Y/N?” Dean called out into the bunker. “Y/N, we’re back early! Where are you?” He frowned. Usually, she was either in the kitchen or the library when they came back. He felt bad about leaving her, but it was for her safety. He didn’t like her around other hunters, and he already was against her hunting. Of course, though, there wasn’t much he could do. She was a Winchester, through and through.

“Y/N?” Sam called out behind him. “Dean, have you seen-”

“No,” he replied quickly. Looking at his brother, they both pulled out their guns and moved throughout the bunker.

Sam entered the kitchen, checking for Y/N. He was about to turn and leave when something caught his eye.

Y/N’s phone.

“Dean!” he called. Within a couple seconds, his older brother was in the room. He looked pointedly at Sam.

“What?” he asked sharply. “Where is she?”

“No, but look at this.” Sam tucked his gun in his pants before reaching onto the table. He picked up Y/N’s phone. They both frowned. “Dean, Y/N never- and I mean never- leaves her phone alone.”

“Yeah,” he agreed. “The only time she’d even consider it is when-”

“-she’s hunting,” Sam finished for him. Their faces dropped. “Damn it, kid.”

“Didn’t Clark say there was a vamp case around here?” Dean dragged a hand down his face. “Oh, she’s really going to get it.”

“The hunter’s name was Kent,” Sam frowned. “And, yeah. Apparently there’s a case over in Wichita. Vamps, I think-”

“We’re going right now,” Dean grunted, storming out to the impala. Sam sighed heavily, following close in pursuit.

Silently, Y/N walked through the back door. Her blade was held high, body tense as she crept through the warehouse. Peering into the open space, she saw five vamps- all asleep, thank Chuck- and a hostage. Without a sound, she covered her hand over the hostage’s mouth. The girl looked up with frightened eyes, starting to rustle, before Y/N shushed her.

“Woah, hey,” she whispered, keeping one hand on her mouth. She put down the knife. “I’m not going to hurt you. I’m getting you out of here, okay? But I need you need to be quiet. Can you do that for me?” The girl nodded, letting out a breath of relief. Y/N made quick work of her bindings, deftly getting her out of the warehouse in less than two minutes. That’s gotta be a personal best, she smirked to herself. Now for the fun part.

She turned around, prepared to take action, when she saw a flicker of movement in the next room. After a moment, she decided to take out the easy targets. Less work for later.

She had just lobbed off the second vampire head when a bucket clattered in the other room. Whipping her head around, she tried to locate the source of the noise. Unfortunately, so did the other vamps.

Within a moment, they were surrounding her, hunger gleaming in their eyes. The first one tried to lunge at her, but she kicked his abdomen, sending him toppling into the next vamp. Y/N turned to brace for the third vampire, but was knocked to the ground.

Then she heard the grunts.

In the corner of her eyes, she saw two others fighting with the remaining vamps. She tried to make out faces, but the vampire sitting on top of her was priority number one at the moment. Y/N writhed under him, making the monster on top of her scowl.

“Hold still, bitch,” he snarled.

“Been told that once or twice,” she smirked, thrusting her hips up. He was thrown off balance for a moment, but that was all Y/N needed. Flipping so that she was on top of him now, she reached for her blade- only to find her holster empty. Trying to buy herself time, she punched him square in the nose.

“Y/N!” the taller figure called out. How does he know my name? she questioned as she sliced the vamp’s head clean off. And why does he sound like…


Wiping the blood off her face, she tenderly touched a cut on her collarbone. She didn’t remember getting cut. Frowning, she stood. Slowly, Y/N turned to the figures.

“Hey,” she said nervously, scuffing her boot on the ground. “So, you’re probably a little upset-”

“I’m a little more than a ‘little upset,’” Dean’s gruff voice half shouted. “Y/N, I told you to stay in the bunker. The whole point was that you’d be safe. Out of harm’s way. Not running half-assed into some vamps nest you stumbled upon! You’re… you’re grounded until… till Sam cuts his hair!”

Excuse me-” Sam asked, mortified.

“Dean,” Y/N said through clenched teeth. “I am safe. I’ve got all my limbs, I’m alive, and I most certainly did not run into this vamps nest ‘half-assed.’ I did research, I watched interrogations, I snuck into the coroner’s office and examined the corpse. I knew what I was getting into.”

“Y/N,” Sam intervened. “You are not alright. You’re bleeding. “

“I’m fine,” Y/N insisted, heading out towards the back door.

“Damn it, Y/N,” Dean growled as the followed her outside. “You’re so stuck up! You can’t even follow a simple order? This is why we don’t take you hunting with us.”

“Oh,” she laughed coldly. “Right, I’m the stuck up, the one who can’t take an order. Dean, I’m one hell of a hunter. I’ve had the best train me. I know you don’t like the idea of me hunting, but it’s real and it’s happening, so you could at least support me through it so I don’t kick the can sooner rather than later!”

“Y/N,” Sam stated. “That aside, you can’t just go out and hunt on your own. It’s dangerous.”

“I know,” she sighed. “I know, Sam. But you two already had a case lined up, and I was going to give it to another hunter- honest- but then that didn’t pan out and, well… I mean, someone had to stop them. I wasn’t going to wait what was supposed to be a week for you two knuckleheads to show up. So, I decided a couple of vamps weren’t that hard, I’d be in and out in less than 20 minutes. Of course,” she eyed the boys suspiciously. “That plan didn’t turn out well, because someone decided to wake them up!”

“C’mon, Sammy,” Dean shoved his younger brother, holding back a smile. “Way to mess up the hunt.” Sam gave Dean the classic bitchface before returning to Y/N.

“We just want you to be safe,” he reassured her. Dean nodded, sullen.

“I am safe,” Y/N sighed. “I’m just tired of you guys treating me like I can’t handle myself. It’s not like I’m going out to hunt wendigo in the woods by myself. I just… wanted to play ball when you guys benched me.”

“Y/N,” Dean rolled his eyes playfully. “You don’t even watch sports. How the hell do you know what that even means?”

“You don’t get laid; doesn’t mean you don’t know what sex is,” she replied smoothly, walking over to where she stashed Dorothy’s bike. Sam laughed, following a stuttering Dean who was trying to make a witty comeback.

“It’s still dangerous,” he finally responded. Y/N sighed, turning to face them.

“I know it is,” she said softly. “But I’m doing it; whether that be behind your backs or not is up to you. I’d really like your help, though.”

They sighed unanimously, emitting a small giggle from Y/N. They glared, which only made her laugh harder.

“You two are just adorable, you know,” she teased. Dean rolled his eyes as Sam playfully elbowed her.

“You’re still grounded,” Dean sighed. Y/N looked at him with anticipation in her eyes.

“Does this mean you’ll let me hunt?” she asked, hopefully.

Never on your own, and never if we think it’s too much for any of us,” he conditioned.

“Promise,” Y/N nodded eagerly. “I don’t like hunting without your running commentary, anyways.”

Dean rolled eyes yet again. He pulled her in for a quick hug before pulling back.

“How’d you get here, anyways?” he questioned. “You didn’t hitchhike-”

“What? No!” she assured him. “I’ve got my own ride.” Y/N sauntered over to where she had hidden the motorcycle in some bush, and had just sat on the bike when she heard him.

“Y/N,” Sam hollered as Dean looked at her, a mix of awe and rage in his eyes.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“Riding back to the bunker, dumbass,” she retorted as she struck up the kickstand.

“Yes,” he sighed. “But you’re riding Dorothy’s bike! Do you know how dangerous that is?”

“That’s part of the fun,” she winked. “Race you home?”

“You’re on, kid,” Dean grinned. Sam sighed, exasperated.

“You two are a lost cause,” he muttered to nobody in particular.

‘don’t wait up’ (au niklaus mikaelson one-shot)

Prompt: One day, Niklaus had the brilliant idea of sleeping over at your place after getting kicked out of his apartment. Coincidentally, that was the night you were having a boy over. After standing him up and making excuses, you and Nik got into a heated argument. The argument led to some heated sex and the arrangement has gotten more… comfortable now. He rests his hand on your ass or bites your shoulder or kisses your neck and you two just barely avoid getting caught by your friends.

Pairing: Niklaus Mikaelson x Reader

Warnings: daddy!Klaus, slight smut, bit of an achy breaky ending

A/N: this is a little long, and i left it with a cliff-hanger ending. i also changed it a little from the original prompt i had. i’m sorry i haven’t written in so long! thank you guys for being patient and supportive. please please please read this and tell me what you think. much love XOXOX

“Niklaus Mikaelson. What the hell is going on?!” Klaus just walked into my apartment, groaning about how he got kicked out of his apartment and how he’ll be living with me from now on.

“Oh come on, love. I explained it quite clearly to you. I got kicked out of my apartment due to a noise complaint, which is complete rubbish let me tell you,” he shrugs as I cross my arms over my chest. “I can’t control how loud the girls scream.”

“Ew!” I groan and he smirks, chuckling softly as his eyes roam over my half-dressed body.

“Were you going somewhere?” He leans against the wall, eyes not leaving mine.

“No, Klaus. I just like to dress up and dance on my own sometimes,” I roll my eyes and make my way to my room.

“Seriously, what are your plans? I’d like to join,” he shrugs, following me like a lost puppy.

“Yeah, I don’t think he’s into that,” I shrug and he crinkles his nose.

“You’re dressing up for a boy?” he leans against my dresser, eyes narrowing at my clothing choice.

“Well, I’m dressing for myself. He sees me, wants me, pleases me. End of story,” I shrug and he gags. “Oh please. I’m not the one who got kicked out of my apartment for noise complaints.”

“Not my fault I’m so good at what I do,” he shrugs and I glare at him.

“I’m gonna need you to disappear for tonight. Come back tomorrow afternoon; I’ll even make brunch for you!”

“Yeah, no, I don’t think so. I’m staying right here,” he smirks and sits down at the edge of my bed.

“Niklaus Mikaelson, leave right this minute!” I walk over to him, stopping a foot away from him. “I’m getting laid tonight and I won’t let you stand in the way of that.”

“I can probably please you better than he can,” he raises a brow, a small smirk tugging at his lips. “I saw you, now I want you. All that’s left is for me to please you.”

“No,” I ignore the skip in my heartbeat and cross my arms over my chest, determined not to let Klaus get to me. “Leave.”

“Do you really want that?” His voices comes out in a husky whisper, his hands tentatively moving towards my thighs.

“Klaus,” I close my eyes, telling myself I needed him to leave. His hands rest against my upper thighs, slowly moving down to the back of my knees. He pulls me closer and I open my eyes, determined to tell him no.

“Say the word and I’ll be gone,” he whispers, his breath hitting my bare stomach as his deep blue eyes never leave my dark chocolate ones. I can’t say I’ve never wanted this, haven’t thought about it. Hell, I need this. I need him.

“P-please don’t go,” I whimper, a growl emitting from Klaus’s throat as I ask him to stay.

“I won’t,” he places a desperate kiss on my stomach, his hands moving up to grab my ass. “Fuck, princess.”

“Yes, daddy?” Klaus’s breath hitches in his throat and my eyes widen. Fuckfuckfuck why did I just–?

“Say that again,” his voice drops a few octaves as his eyes move up to meet mine, sea blues now a stormy navy.

“W-what?” I gulp, unable to maintain eye contact with him.

“I said, say that again, princess,” his hand moves under my chin, tilting my head to face him. Our eyes meet, a newfound hunger in his beautiful orbs.

“Y-yes da-daddy?” I whisper, my cheeks turning a deep red.

“Here I was thinking I had an innocent little angel on my hands,” Klaus smirks, his dimples emerging. “I’ve got a bad little girl here.”

I tremble as Klaus leaves a trail of kisses from one hip to the other. I tangle my fingers into his dirty blond locks, tugging gently.

“Hmph,” he looks up at me, trailing his tongue from my navel to the bottom of my bralette. “You look so beautiful, princess. I’ve got half a mind to fuck you with this on.”

“O-oh,” I let out a light moan, closing my eyes as his hands move under the waistband of my panties.

“But I can’t quite eat you out with this pretty little thing still on… unless my little pet is even more kinky than I thought?” He swiftly slips a finger between my soaking fold and I nearly fall over on top of him. “Mmmm, someone’s very wet.”

“P-please,” I moan as Klaus runs his fingers over my slit.

“Please what, princess?” He smirks, his teeth nipping my bare abdomen.

“Please eat me out, daddy,” I whisper, my heart nearly leaping out of my chest when he lets out a low chuckle.

“How can I refuse when princess asks so nicely?” He moves his head lower and his lips hover over my panty-covered opening. “We’ll leave your panties on this time.”

And before I can argue that this would be the ONLY time, he had me trembling over him, one leg resting over his shoulder as his skilled tongue worked against my throbbing clit.

Two Years Later

As it turns out, that wasn’t the only time. There were plenty of other times, during many of which I returned the favor. It wasn’t easy, but we managed to keep this little… agreement of ours hidden from our friends; although, lately it’s been harder to do so. Klaus has gotten more and more handsy over the last two years. I’m not one to complain, but when his sister almost caught us, I became a little paranoid.

Rebecca and I have grown closer ever since Klaus moved in with me. She was the only girl who understood exactly how annoying Klaus was to live with; she’s only spent her entire life with him, so I trust her instinct.

“Klaus! Brunch is ready!” I made some pancakes and eggs for him, seeing as he kept me pretty occupied well into the day and I called in sick to work.

“Thanks, love,” he kisses my neck from behind and sits down at the dining table.

“Yeah, well I called off work because of you,” I stick my tongue out at him and bring him the breakfast. He chuckles and pulls me into his lap.

“I’m more in the mood for you than the breakfast,” he nuzzles his nose against my neck, biting down on my shoudler as his grip on my waist tightens.

“No no no,” I groan and nudge him. “I worked hard on this breakfast and it looks very cute. You are going to eat it.”

“Fine, fine,” he smiles and brushes the hair out of my face. “Thank you for this.”

“As I recall, you’re the one who barged into my place two years ago and collided into my life,” I laugh and kiss him, tugging on his bottom lip as I pull away. “Maybe you’ll get lucky after you finish eating.”

“Oh,” he groans as I laugh and move away. “You little minx.”

“Your minx,” I wink, Klaus chuckling as he begins to eat. “Klaus, love. Rebecca and Damon are stopping by today to help me study for my finals. Please be good.”

“I’m always good,” he winks and I roll my eyes. “Fine, fine. I’ll see what I can do.”

The doorbell rings and I groan, realizing all I’ve got on is Klaus’s dress shirt and some panties. He smirks and raises his brows at me.

“Please open the door. I’m gonna go change,” I walk over to Klaus and kiss his cheek. “Thanks, babe.”

“Fine, fine,” he walks towards the door as I run into my bedroom.

I quickly change into a light grey t shirt and some skinny jeans, nearly tripping over my second left foot on my way out the door.

“Hi,” I smile, greeting a smiling Bex and a deflated Damon. “What happened to you?”

“Your roommate is being an ass,” he pouts and looks over to me.

“Damon, darling, do you expect anything else?” I smile and wrap my arms around my best friend.

I meet Klaus’s eyes over Damon’s shoulder and his gaze hardens when he sees how tightly I’m hugging Damon. I frown and the look disappears almost as quickly as it appears.

“Alright, ready to get some studying done?” Damon and Bex smile at me and I groan.

“We’ll take that as a yes,” Bex winks at me as her and Damon cover the living room in Biology notes and flashcards.

“Ugh,” I groan and walk over to Klaus. “Everything alright?”

“Yeah,” he gives me a tight-lipped smile. “I’m just being good.”

He drops his empty plate in the sink and rolls his shoulders. I furrow my brows and watch as an emotionless smirk makes its way onto his face.

Originally posted by seriouslyniklaus

“While you lot are here studying, I’ll be picking up some lovely ladies,” he winks at me and I fight to keep the disappointment off my face. “Don’t wait up for me, love.”

“I wasn’t planning on it, Niklaus,” I turn on my heel and make my way to the living room. How dare he?

“Goodbye,” he walks out the door, not earning any sort of acknowledgement from me.

“Alright, drown me in Bio facts,” I groan and sit down in the middle of the living room, determined not to let Klaus get in my head… because it was THAT easy.

Be My First 


Pairing: Theo x Reader

Summary: Hi there I just love your blog! I was wondering if you could write an imagine where your scared to tell Theo that it’s your first time, so you talk to Lydia and Malia about it and Theo overhears you.

Side Note: Got this done earlier than expected, so yay for that ahaha.

Powering through the halls you had to find Lydia and Malia, it was an emergency. On top of trying to find your two best friends, you had to keep an eye out for Theo. Yes, you had been avoiding him all day and you were pretty sure he knew. But you couldn’t face him, not after the most embarrassing moment of your entire existence.


You were leaning against the mountain of pillows while Theo seemed to be comfortable lying on his back beside you. It was one of those quiet afternoons, the house was empty due to a surprise holiday your parents had suddenly gone on, not that you were complaining. As you flipped the page of the magazine in your hand, your right leg started to get pins and needles. Moving it about gently to shake it off, your foot kept brushing past Theo’s leg.

Being so absorbed in the current article you were reading, you didn’t notice Theo’s eyes focused on you. “Hey, I was actually enjoying that”. exclaiming to your boyfriend who didn’t seem to care that he had interrupted your reading. “Finish it later, babygirl”. He stated as his lips connected to your neck. Being so lost in his touch your brain was becoming fuzzy, his hands roamed and heat was rising.

As Theo started to move down that’s when things become more clear. You pulled away and he had this look of uncertainly, “What’s the matter?”, he asked. Gulping there was no way you had enough bravery to tell him. “Nothing, I’m actually quite hungry. Did you want take out?”. It was the only thing you could come up with under this intense situation. Theo arched his eyebrow along with a cocky grin, “I’m hunger for you”. You felt his tongue glide over your neck, and your eyes rolled back.

Pushing him off again, Theo lightly sighed. “I’m going to order pizza”. You particularly bolted out of the room. Once out of view, you leaned on the wall.

End Of Flashback

Spotting Lydia chatting away with Malia in a excluded part of the library, you rushed right on over. “Whoa Y/N, did you run a marathon or something?”. Malia spoke. Taking a minute to calm your breathing, you inspected that area to make sure no-one was going to listen in. “I need help, well advice and none of it can get back to Theo”.

This sure got their attention. Lydia put down the book she was reading and Malia leaned in closer. “Is this a supernatural SOS or a personal one?”, Lydia quizzed. “Personal, a very personal one”, replying back to her with a serious expression. Drumming your fingers together it was a difficult topic, one that you hadn’t talked about out loud. But this was Lydia and Malia, they would be nothing but understanding…at least that’s what you hoped.

“Come on, spit it out”. Malia requested.

“I haven’t told Theo that I’m a…virgin”, you whispered the last part on fear of anyone else knowing. “Why not?”, Malia answered first clearly not seeing how or why this was an issue. “I’m sure what Malia means is why are you so afraid of telling him? Theo will understand, I’m sure it won’t even matter to him”. Lydia replied, while shooting a side ways glance to Malia.

Fiddling with the pen that was most likely Lydia’s, you knew that it wouldn’t be a big deal to Theo. But it still wasn’t an easy thing to bring up. “What if his disappointed that I’m not experienced?”. It sounded silly, you knew that. And judging from both Lydia’s and Malia’s faces they also thought the same thing. “Or what if his flattered that he gets to be your first?”, Lydia challenged. She did have a point, Malia interjected with. “Just tell him Y/N, you can’t keep on avoiding it”.

You mumbled a quiet yeah and throughout the day you were trying to master enough courage to finally tell Theo after school. Sending a meet me at my house text once you got into your car, it was time to be completely honest with him.

Arriving home, you kept busying by cleaning. 6pm rolled around and the doorbell rang, leaving you with mixed emotions and a want for this to be over quick.
Inviting Theo in, he wondered through the long hallway and made himself comfortable on the couch. “Do you want a drink?”, he shook his head.

“Is there something you want to tell me?”. Panic set in, did he already know? How could that be…

“What are you-”.

Grasping your hand he shifted to the side to make room on the couch for you. “I was in the library this afternoon, and I might have overheard what you told Lydia and Malia”. Going red, this was so humiliating. Trying to hide your red cheeks, Theo wouldn’t allow it and laced his hand in yours. “Why didn’t you tell me babygirl? I don’t care if you haven’t had sex”.

“But I do! I hear stories from girls at school how they satisfied Theo Raeken, and I want to be the one who satisfies you. But I can’t do that if I don’t even know what the hell I’m doing”. You headed to the kitchen for a glass of water, moments later Theo joined leaning against the island while your back was facing him, you didn’t have the heart to look him directly in the eye. “Baby?”, he used a soft tone but you still had no desire to make eye contact. Theo’s arm sneaked around your waist pulling you into his chest, he rested his chin on your shoulder.

“It shouldn’t be a competition Y/N, you should have sex when you feel 100% ready. The fact that there’s a chance that I get to be your first, that’s such a turn on”. Your body begun to relax in his embrace. “Baby, I get to be the one that hears you moan for the first time, I get to find out what you like and what turns you on”. Thank god he couldn’t see your face, cheeks started to heat up again, but for a very different reason with every word. His breath ticked your skin, and Theo’s voice dropped to a very seductive whisper. “And do you know what the best part is? I get to hear you scream my name for the first time and you get to hear me scream yours”.

It was extraordinary, the way Theo was with words. The way he knew what to say and more importantly how to say it. Spinning around faster than he could blink, you smashed your lips onto his, not one shred of fear circling in your head. “I’m ready”. Theo gripped you close to him and that smirk sent you wild, in a different way than it usually did. “And I’m not just saying that, I mean it Theo. Be my first”.

Theo turned that smirk into a genuine smile. The two of you descended up the stairs, he opened the door to your bedroom and kicked it shut with his foot.

                          - PART IX

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8

Kai Parker x Reader

word count : 4 326
summary it continues the story from the past parts , except my denial about stefan being gone kicked in big time so … oops. ;) also .. sorry matty :(
*not my gif*

Y/N woke up in the car , the window slightly open letting in the cool morning air inside. She squeezed her eyes a few times , willing them to open. The car was moving down a familiar road but for some reason she couldn’t place it at first.
“Morning beautiful.” said a male voice. Y/N turned in the direction the voice had come , finding Kai grinning at her.
Suddenly she remembered - he had used his magic on her , snapped her neck…
“Oh God …” she muttered and just glared at him.
“Ahh … you are mad at me.” Kai stated , he had seen this coming from a mile away.
“You are damn right , I am mad at you.” she said angrily , raising her voice with every word. “How could you do this ?! What if things had gone sideways , huh ? You keep pushing things , Kai … I was willing to overlook the fact you ignored me for 3 whole days since you came back , but THIS ?”
Never before he had used his magic against her , let alone causing her pain intentionally. Kai pulled over on the side of the road , taking a deep breath before turning towards her. He tried to touch her cheek , pull her close to him but Y/N pulled away.
“Don’t touch me.” she said angrily , getting out of the car. A split second later Kai was outside with her , pressing her body to the car. His eyes desperately trying to meet hers , but she kept avoiding his gaze.
“Please Y/N….” he said. “What was I supposed to do ? Put you in danger again like last time? You are the only person I ever cared about or loved … I had to protect you.”
Y/N turned towards him , trying very hard not to push him off her. Even after all this time , his tricks to make her forgive him still had effect on her except she wasn’t planing on letting him get his way this time.
“Don’t be angry at me…” he said his hand sliding around her waist pulling her closer to him as he leaned in , whispering in her ear. “Forgive me , please.” gently kissing her neck.
“You are an idiot…” she said pushing him off a few meters away. “My idiot…” she muttered. “Things have changed , Kai. THIS is not going to work anymore to get my forgiveness.”
Kai scoffed. “Oh really?” he vamp- ran towards her , smacking her into the car , boxing her in , his lips hungrily attacking hers, no space between their bodies. She tangled her fingers in his hair  kissing him back and pulling him close to her for a few moments before pushing him away. Oh , hell no. she thought.
Kai grinned. Just for a moment there , she had let go of her anger and he knew a little more time and she’d forgive him. He couldn’t lose her , not over this.
“You will forgive me. I know you will.” he said. “Get in the car. I’m taking you to buy you a drink.”
“What ? You think if you get me drunk all of this will magically go away ?” she said getting in and slamming the door behind her. Kai getting in a moment later.
“No. I just want to take my girl out for the evening , see her happy and show her how much I love her.” he said winking at her.
“Shut up..” she muttered smiling and glanced at him. Kai always got what he wanted , she knew she’d forgive him eventually and was just torturing him by refusing him.
Kai winked at her , kissing her in a surprise attack.
“You know I did what I did because I love you , right ? I love you more than you can imagine ,and I guess what they say is true - people do stupid things for love…” he took her hand , intertwining their fingers together. “I’m sorry for what I did. I truly am.”
Y/N looked into his eyes , filled with love , hope but also sadness ..and her heart broke.
Damn it …” she muttered , his eyes making her weak. “I forgive you , Kai… but don’t do things like these anymore okay ?”
He didn’t say a word , just leaned in to kiss her one more time before heading down the road again.

They got to the bar and even tho it was still early in the day , there were people there.. and a karaoke stage. Kai was so excited about doing a song Y/N couldn’t help but smile. He went on stage once dedicating the song to her , then they did shots and cocktails , laughing and kissing … pretty much drawing attention to themselves. At some point Kai had to compell the bartender to let them keep drinking , with both of them being vampires their tolerance was way up high. A few hours later Kai decided to do another song  while waiting for Y/N to come back - she had gone out looking for a real drink and he just didn’t feel like sitting alone at the bar.
Y/N walked outside the bar , looking around … all the things that had happened in the past 24hrs had drained her of all energy and the hunger was starting to take over. She closed her eyes and let her vampire senses take over.  There was a guy nearby , about to rob a store. Y/N opened her eyes and rushed in the direction of the screams , snatching the guy in a flash before anyone had had time to realise what was happening.
“Stealing ? Really ?” she said laughing at the guy’s confused expression. “Tell me , why were you robbing the store?” she compelled him.
“Because it’s easy money.” the guy said with a grin.
Y/N chuckled. “Yeah … sorry pal , maybe if it was for a sick kid or something un-selfish , I would’ve let you go… find another person to eat but…” she said smiling innocently at him. “Don’t scream.”
Purple - black veins  started to show under her eyes along with her fangs , the guy’s eyes widened and a moment later she sank her teeth into his neck , draining every last drop of his blood from his body. When she was finished , the guy’s lifeless body dropped on the ground. She wiped the blood off her face and headed back into the bar. Just as she was about to enter someone grabbed her hand , making her turn around.
“Damon?” she asked , her eyes widening. “What are you-”
“Payback’s a bitch , isn’t it Y/N?” Damon said before snapping her neck before she has had time to respond. He lifted her body and carried her inside , locking her in the storage closet near the entrance. “There you go.. Oh-kay. Now maybe you won’t cause any trouble.”

 *  *  *

The pain is not going away. Y/N thought as she had just finished another glass with bourbon. She couldn’t believe this was happening again. Her friends just didn’t understand how she could love Kai , how she could oversee all the things bad things he had done. Even after all this time and everything that had happened , they still didn’t want to even try. Her phone buzzed for the billionth time that night and she glanced  at the screen , tho it was absolutely useless considering she already knew exactly who’s name would be there.
BONNIE said the caller ID. Y/N clicked IGNORE again and motioned to the bar tender to pour her another glass.
“After this one , you are cut off.” the guy said.
Y/N just glared at him , her eyes literally shooting daggers at him. It would’ve been easy to compell him , she just wasn’t in the mood. Other things were occupying her mind. Damon had snapped her neck and with the help of his brother had kidnapped Kai , locked him away in the Armoury and then Bonnie had sent him to another Prison World… all the while she had been locked inside a storage closet with like 15 locks on it , which no doubt were added there by Damon to prevent her from getting out. By the time she had succeeded it was already too late.
A moment later she saw Bonnie walk through the Grill towards her.
“Did you come here to gloat ? To rub it in my face that you locked Kai away again just cuz you are too blind to see he was changing ?” Y/N said , very slightly slurring her words.
“No. I came here to check up on you.” Bonnie said calmly. “I am still your friend , even if you shut me and everyone else out. I got worried when you weren’t picking up your phone…”
“Spare me your symphathy , OK.” Y/N said taking a large sip from the glass. “I don’t wanna hear any more lies from you.”
“Y/N , Kai tried to kill the Lizzie and Josie … He had to be stopped.”
“Yeah , cuz you couldn’t just lock him in a normal cell… or at least give us the chance to leave this stupid town.” Y/N snapped at Bonnie. “You know what ? I’m done. I don’t want to spend another second listening to you … ”
Bonnie tried to touch her but Y/N swatted her hand away. Y/N was so angry at Bonnie and all of her former friends right in this moment , it was hard not ripping her heart out. Y/N knew the only way to get Kai back was Bonnie , only she knew where the new Ascendant was and how to bring him back or at least send her there.
“Bring. Him. Back. Bonnie…” she demanded standing up, looking menacingly at her… Y/N would’ve compelled her , but even in her semi-drunk state she knew that wasn’t an option since Bonnie was a witch. Compulsion wouldn’t have worked on her.
“No. Not going to happen.” Bonnie replied , her voice infuriatingly calm.
Y/N couldn’t control her anger anymore and  wrapped her hand around Bonnie’s neck , she didn’t even care that there were still a couple of people at the Grill.
“You seem to forget , I am a vampire now. It would be so easy for me to snap your neck right here…”
Just as Y/N was about to make her point again all the world went dark.

When Y/N woke up she was still at the Grill , laying on the cold floor. Every part of her body ached. She tried to stand up but the dizziness kept her down.
“Rise and shine…” someone said , a male voice. She didn’t recognise it at first but it sounder very familiar. She forced her eyes open and saw Damon standing over her.
“Aww come on. You can’t be THAT mad at me?” Damon said , a slight grin on his face.
“Do you want to bet on this ?” Y/N answered as she stood up , rubbing her neck. “You snapped my neck , clocked me in a supply closet with 15 locks on it !” she raised her voice , Damon smirking proudly of his achievements. “Kidnapped my boyfriend and used your little sidekick to send him away AGAIN ! And my guess is you snapped my neck last night ?”
Y/N was getting seriously tired of all this. Her friends always seemed to be on the opposite side of things. It was partially her fault - during the past 4 years she hard burned pretty much every bridge between her and them , turning them from friends into frenemies.
“I have a better idea.” Y/N said , catching Damon’s attention. “Convince Bonnie to let Kai out  … OR … I will flip my humanity switch again and make all of your lifes a living hell.” she said running her fingers through her hair. “Remember how much fun that was last time ?” she said smiling innocently.
“You reaallyyyyy are enjoying this , aren’t you? What is this ? Payback for all the things I did during those 4 years ?” she scoffed. “Need I remind you none of this would be happening if it wasn’t for you and Bonnie. I’d still be human and have a chance at a family with Kai , who wouldn’t have gone off killing his entire coven if you hadn’t ditched him in 1903. How can you judge him , Damon? Tell me. Explain it to me. You have done things far worse than he has!”
“Debatable. You are not thinking clearly , Y/N …” Damon said.
“I am , believe me.” she said , taking in a deep breath, trying to calm herself. Maybe it was time to take a different approach and appeal to his humanity , tho she doubted he had any left.  "Look Damon , I need to at least say goodbye to him.“ Y/N pleaded. “I love him. Sure you at least understand THAT… ” she trailed off. “You took him away from me three times. You OWE me at least a chance to say ‘goodbye’ to him.”
Damon , grabbed a bottle from behind the bar and poured himself a drink , ignoring her every word clearly knowing her words were lies.
Y/N nodded to herself. “Fine , then” she said and in a whoosh she snapped Damon’s neck. “It’s time for Plan B.”
She stepped over his body and took the drink Damon had poured for himself. She sat on the bar , drinking until the bottle was empty then grabbed her leather jacket and walked outside. She stopped right outside , taking in the fresh air closing her eyes for a moment before flipping the humanity switch. Y/N was going to get Kai back , no matter what she had to do… and she already had a plan and a surprise new ally.

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Plus Sized

[Request: do you think you could please write an plus sized reader with J where reader gets very insecure and doesn’t want to go out but J convinces them too but when they’re out somewhere along the way, someone comments on readers appearance and J of course shoots them or somthing and once they’re home, he tells reader he loves them for more then their beauty and stuff?? #/u\# please and thank you but i love you’re writing and it’s ok if you don’t wanna! stay amazing!]

(Sorry this took so long!)

Pairing: Joker x Reader

Looking herself over once more in the mirror [y/n] groans before calling out to her boyfriend.

“Daddy… Do I HAVE to come with you to the club? I just don’t fit in there.”

Scowling at her reflection she waits for his response. She hated how she looked, constantly degrading herself for being heavier than she thinks she should. The sleek dresses he always got for her to make her feel better only drew attention to her curves making her even more self conscious.

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Sorry for the delay!

Not proofed again…

Part I

Part II

It took a little under a day to get home, as hauling the weapons back slowed them down a great deal. Unfortunately, the time did not pass quickly - after all of Meg’s words, both of them were hesitant to speak and mostly kept their eyes to the ground.

At last, when they arrived home, a very tired Castiel immediately set about preparing for bed. Just before climbing in, though, he looked at the small bag of tea he’d been given.


Should he take it? I mean, if it helped him deal with the humidity, that would be a godsend, and even if it didn’t no harm done.

Unless it’s poisoned.

No, no, that wouldn’t make any sense. Meg wouldn’t poison the prince’s spouse, the symbol of peace between Angels and Nagas. That would be unfathomably stupid.

So it can’t be harmful. That means the worst it could do would be nothing at all.

Or taste awful.

Castiel shrugged and sprinkled the contents into a cup of hot water to sit.

It didn’t smell awful.

The Angel took a tentative sip, smacking his lips in thought.

It didn’t taste good, but it didn’t taste bad, either. It was mostly weird - with very strange undertones. Not completely unpleasant, but not the worst tea he’d ever had. After putting some honey in it, it actually wasn’t too bad. He finished the cup and set it down, moving to crawl into bed.

It turned out drinking it before bed was a good idea, as it made him incredibly drowsy, so he fell asleep mere minutes after hitting the pillow.

Now, you know that feeling? The one you get when you’re asleep and you start feeling cold, and you realize that your feet aren’t covered by the blankets? That’s the unpleasant feeling Castiel woke up to, sometime in the middle of the night, he didn’t know quite when. 

Not that the climate around him was cold per se, but it wasn’t the temperature he liked, properly snuggled underneath a blanket of just the right thickness. It was uncomfortable. Hell, it almost felt like the blanket had bunched up, or his legs were dangling off the bed, that’s how much of him was chilled.

Not to mention it felt like someone had stabbed his stomach.

Castiel groaned, and tried to pull his feet back under the sheet, while also trying to pull it down to cover him, but for some reason his feet felt so sluggish and heavy. He tried again to move them, after all, maybe they’d just gone to sleep, when he had a sudden, horrifying revelation.

He couldn’t move his legs. At all. And everything felt wrong.

The Angel gasped as he opened his eyes to see what the matter was, only to feel almost immediately dizzy. Everything looked off, all the depth was wrong, it was as if everything was both closer and farther at the same time, as if he was seeing double vision, except there was still only one. The fires in the fireplace… they didn’t look brighter, but they looked… they looked hot. He didn’t know how to explain it, but he could tell by looking at them how hot they were. He could smell the heat off of them, it was so strange.

It was that damn tea, it must have been. Maybe it had something in it that made Angels trip out or something, Castiel didn’t know, he just knew he felt awful.

But it wasn’t until he looked down at his strangely heavy and immobile legs that his heart stopped in his chest.

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Stay: Part 8 (Matt/Claire drabbles)

(A/N: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7. Slight AU of “A World on Fire” where Claire stays with Matt for a week and they never had that fight.)

She knew something was wrong by the way she heard the roof access door slam and the heavy booted steps leading down towards Matt’s loft. She closed the Braille copy of The Three Musketeers and stood up, her palms sweaty, ready to see him bruised and bloodied, but he wasn’t from what she could tell.

“Matt?” She came towards him, touching his shoulders when she was close enough, expecting to feel the wet warmth of blood, but for once there wasn’t any. His breathing was erratic, his teeth clenched, and she could feel the tremors running through his chest muscles. “What happened? What’s wrong?”

“Went back to your place,” he said in a low voice. “Had to be sure they’d given up searching for you. It’s been the last stop I make before I come back here, and so far, no one had been there. This time, someone picked the lock and was inside tossing the place.”

Claire’s eyes widened. “God. What did you do?”

He ripped off his mask, running a gauntleted hand through his mussed hair. “We got into it. I had him on the ropes. He went down the fire escape into the alley. I was closing in, but…across the street, there was a liquor store being held up and I—”

He threw the mask against the couch. “I had to let him go.”

She searched his face, trying to understand the anger that nearly made his body vibrate. “Matt, that sounds like a perfectly good reason to—”

“It’s not,” he snarled, shocking her. “Three days and four nights, Claire. That’s how long you’ve been here. I thought after I cleaned out their whole nest they’d get smart and find another way to stop me. I could have made him talk. Made him tell his friends that you skipped town and were no longer a factor. Now he’s gonna get away and you’ll be stuck here.”

Claire let a short silence fall between them, watching him pace back and forth on the rug. Then she licked her lips and crossed her arms. “Last time I checked, that was my choice, Matt. I said yes to staying here with you. I could have gone on an early vacation, or moved elsewhere, but I didn’t.”

“You don’t understand,” he said tightly. “They’re winning. You should have the right to be where you want to be, not to have to worry about some asshole tailing you or busting up your place because of me. What about your life? Your choices, your freedom, all of it I’ve jeopardized.”

“Yeah, because you were out there saving lives, and I pulled out of that dumpster because I also save lives. It’s a compromise. I can live with it.”

He sat down on the couch, head bowed, sighing. “Maybe I can’t.”

The silence was deafening this time. She swallowed hard before speaking. “Are you saying you want me to leave?”

“No. Yes. I don’t know, I just…”He shook his head.

“Finish it.”

He lifted his head, frowning. “What?”

“Finish what you were going to say.”

“I wasn’t—”

“Yes, you were. You’re not the only one who can tell when someone’s holding back. I can hear it in your voice. Just say it.”

“Say what?”

“That you want me to stay. Even if it’s not good for me. Even if my life gets screwed up even worse taking care of you. What’s this really about, Matt? You have to know you did the right thing stopping that robbery, so what are you afraid of?”

“Anyone I get close to gets hurt. Or they leave.” Matt’s jaw clenched, as if he wanted to stop, but he kept going. “I can count on one hand who has with me for more than just a couple years. I don’t want that to be you, Claire. If they find out who I am and they find out who you are, and I’m not there to stop it, they’ll kill you and…”

Claire walked over to him and sat on the coffee table, taking his hand, her voice gentle now. “Say it.”

“I can’t,” he whispered. “I can’t lose you too. I’m not scared of much, but that scares the hell out of me.”

“That fear isn’t going to go away even if they gave up tomorrow and I could go back home. It’s the cost of caring about someone.”

She pulled off his glove and brought his hand up to cup her chin. He exhaled softly, rubbing a calloused thumb across her cheekbone. “And you can feel my heart right now, so you know I’m not lying when I say that I don’t regret saving you and getting into this mess with you. Maybe I can’t take a beating as well as you or thrash twenty guys with my bare hands, but I’m a part of this, same as you. I help people who need it. And it seems like you need it the most right now.”

She tilted her face slightly and kissed his palm. Matt suppressed a shudder. “Claire.”

“Shh,” she said, erasing the space between them. She kissed him with a kind of hunger he instantly recognized, a change in the scent of her skin, in the way her heart beat through where they touched. She slid onto his lap in one smooth motion, straddling him on the couch, her slender fingers diving between them to peel off his shirt. By the time they got to his belt, Matt stopped thinking altogether and simply let the fire devour them both.

Thank you so much for reading. You guys have been beyond incredibly supportive of this series and I am so grateful. Part 9 will be posted tomorrow.


I stayed true to this title because overtime i tried to write this, I got distracted lol, but here is some smut sorry it took so long i’m a horrible person

It’s finals week and you’re stressed out to almost another mental breakdown after your dying computer fails you once again tonight, but Niall is more than willing to help you unwind from any kind of stress that you might have……

“Love, you’re so tense, ya just need to relax for a bit, get distracted yeah?”

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Tokyo Ghoul Fanfic: Sweet

Ao3 | FFN | under the cut

Summary: After their fight with Shuu, a strange taste lingers in Touka’s mouth. (Touken, 1566 words)

Notes: have this totally silly shameless fluffish drabble touken that is the only good thing that has come out of my multiple two-hour commutes this week (AAAAHHHHHHHHH)

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“Ride me”

Word count: 1003

Rating: R

Pairing: Ashton Irwin/Reader

Request: Yes yes yes!


A/N: Hell yeah! Fucking finally some Ashton love, I was getting so upset. I hope this is to your liking because anything that has to do with any of these boys is fucking hot as hell. All different kinds of riding here hot damn.

I was sprawled out on the couch, watching reruns of pretty little liars and unattractively stuffing my face with popcorn. It had been a lazy day, both Ashton and I didn’t have work so we got a couple things done around the house and were doing our own stuff.

“y/n can you come here?” I heard Ashton call from our shared bedroom. I padded softly up the stairs, walking down the carpeted hallway to the bedroom. Ashton was sitting on the bed and nearly jumped up as I entered the room.

“Yeah babe?” I asked, he smiled and motioned for me to come over. He had a look plastered on his face that I couldn’t quite pinpoint until I realized a look of hunger in his eyes.

“I have a question.” He said, staring into my eyes and holding my hands. I was placed in between his thighs as he was sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Then ask silly.” I giggled, he smiled adoringly at the sound of my laugh.

“How many different ways is there to ride me.” He asked, all smiles gone from his face. I thought about it for a few seconds. Well there was just plain riding him, riding his thigh, riding his face, and I think that’s all.

“Three?” I answered in more of a question than a statement.

“Right baby girl, and I want you to do all of them. Can you do that for me?” He asked, his voice getting lower. I nodded my head quickly. He smiled, helping my lift my shirt above my head and toss it to the ground beside me. I shimmied out of my leggings, left in only my underwear. He contributed in the nakedness by taking his shirt off.

He tapped his leg, signaling for me to straddle his thigh. His hands locked on my hips and he assisted me in moving my hips in a circular motion. His sighs were nearly inaudible and I was left making all the noise.  His warm breath fanned over your ear while you rocked harder against him, moaning out and leaning my head on his shoulder.

“Getting close babe?” He asked, the smirk evident in his voice. I moaned in response and his hands on my hips stopped my movements. “Then up you get princess. Time to ride my face.”

His eye dropped into a wink and I blushed climbing off his thigh and noticing the wet mark on his dark wash jeans. I climbed to hover over him with the help of his steady and large hands guiding me. He moaned at the sight of my exposed heat hovering over his watering mouth.

He teased me with his tongue, flicking it expertly against my clit making me moan on impulse. He laid his tongue flat against me, sucking lightly on my folds. The immense pleasure he was causing me was blurring my senses and all I could focus on was his mouth. I felt my release nearing faster and faster and I couldn’t get the words out to warn him. He knew me well enough to tell and he sucked harshly on my clit. My high washed over my in a blur of moans and curses before I felt my shaking body being lifted off of him.

“Last one baby.” He coaxed in my ear while I started seeing straight again. I nodded and helped him pull off his jeans and boxers. His hard erection slapped against his hard stomach and he laid back, leaving me to crawl on top of him and sink down onto him.

We both moaned at the same time. I let him stretch out my walls as I adjusted to his size before moving. I was tired of the slow and steady so I changed things up. Surprising him, I began slamming myself down on him, moaning profanities and his name all at once.

“Fuck y/n oh my god.” He called out at my unexpected roughness. His hands cupped my boobs as I bounced on top of him. He moaned uncontrollably along with me.

In one swift motion he flipped us over, pounding into me with a force that made the headboard bang against the wall but he was giving no fucks. I screamed out, coming undone unexpectedly. I was seeing stars as he continued slamming into me to finish himself off. We were both breathing hard and uncontrollably as he rolled beside me.

“That was..” I trailed off.

“Yeah.” He said breathlessly as we both stared at the celling. I tried to process what had just happened but at the moment it was all one big blur. My thighs were aching and I knew I would have immense trouble walking these next few days. Apparently Ashton noticed it too because he reached over and rubbed them tenderly, kissing my shoulder.

“Awe, sorry princess.” He said and I giggled.

“That was too hot for you to apologize.”



Chapter 15


I hummed to myself as I got the last of my ingredients for dinner. I was just making burgers, nothing fancy. It was just me tonight, surprisingly. Since we made up, me and Adri had spent the last three days together. She was really trying to make up for lost time and prove to me this time was different. I couldn’t lie, I did miss her, but it was weird being with her after being with August. Speaking of August, now I missed him, but it was probably best we were spending time apart. 

He’s made it clear he’s not letting me go, but I really don’t know how to handle it. We needed to talk about our relationship? I didn’t even know if we could call this a relationship. My rumbling stomach broke me from my thoughts. I guess it was time to eat and stop worrying. As soon as I picked up the seasoning, my doorbell rung. “I wasn’t expecting company.” I mumbled, walking to my door. “Not that I remember at least.”

I stood on my tip toes and looked out the peephole, a smile instantly appeared on my face. I wasted no time unlocking my door and throwing my arms around him. “Auggie! I missed you, baby.” I mumbled into his chest. My smile widened when I felt him pull me closer. He never failed to make me feel safe.

“I missed ya lil thick ass too, Yaya.” He grumbled, squeezing my waist. “Why ya neva got clothes on, ma? Lettin otha niggas see what’s mine and shit.” He asked, referring to my tank top and shorts. 

“You ain’t even have to go there.” I pouted while sliding out of his grip to close the door. “Everything is covered. See?” I pouted as I shook my ass for emphasize.

“Baby, come here.” He grunted, eyes fixed on my ass. I giggled a bit and took my sweet time walking to him. Once I was standing in front of him, I stood back on my tip toes and wrapped my arms around his neck. “Yes, Daddy?” I smirked.

“Stop bein’ a tease.” He grumbled. I smiled and gave him a quick peck on his plump lips.

“I’m sorry, Daddy. I’ll be a good girl now, kay? Kay.” I smiled before skipping off back to the kitchen. 

“Ya ain’t even right fa that, ma." I giggled when I heard his deep voice following after me into the kitchen. "I’m sorry, love. I’ll do better.” I smiled, leaning against the counter. I watched him take a seat on the other side of the counter and look back at me. “Ya gon’ cook fa Daddy or nah?”

“Yeah. It’s enough for you, but I wish you would have called and told me you were coming. I would have made you something better.” I pouted, turning my attention to the stove. 

“Ya act like I’m a hard nigga to please.” He chuckled. “I’m fine with whateva ya cook fa me, baby. Just don’t serve me no burnt shit and we good.”

“Bye, boy. I can cook.” I rolled my eyes and turned my attention back to the food. “I shouldn’t cook anything for your mean ass." 

"But we both know ya are.” He replied laughing causing me to blush. I hated it when he did that. He always seemed to know what I was going to do next. 

The kitchen fell on a comfortable silence as I began cooking for the two us. The only noise was the grease popping on the stove and Big Head laughing at something on his phone. It didn’t take me that long to finish cooking.  "Is there anything you don’t like on your burgers, love?“

"Ion’ like tomatoes or pickles. Ya can pile everything else on." 

"And I’m the fat ass.” I mumbled, fixing the sandwiches. 

“Ya ass is fat." 

Ignoring his comment, I took my time prepping the burgers, making sure all 4 were equally neat. August was was smiling from ear to ear when I sat the plate in front of him. "What?” I asked as I sat down across from him.

“Nothin’, baby.” He grinned. I gave him an odd look while watching him take a big ass bite out of one of his burgers. Men. One bite was the whole damn serving to them. “Is it good?” I questioned, watching him chew.

“Hell ya. So ya gonna cook fa me every night na, aight?”

This man was a fool. “Nah. You gotta cook for me now.” I giggled, picking up my burger. “And I expect a five star meal. Appetizer, main course, dessert and all." 

"In orda’ fa me to feed ya alla’ that, Imma have to sell everything I own. Cause ya ass eat like a whale.” He joked, picking up his drink. I frowned and picked up the nearest thing, which happened to be a potholder, and threw it at his head. I was satisfied when it hit him square in his rude ass face. 

“You and Icey gon’ get off my eating habits.” I ordered. “I don’t even eat that much.” I mumbled.

He chuckled before chucking the potholder back at me. “Stop fownin’, baby. I was just teasin’. I like a woman that can eat.”

“Whatever, August.” I smiled slightly, turning my attention back to my food. 

“That’s my girl.” He smiled. It didn’t take Aug’s hungry ass long to finish all of his food. “Men are like the biggest fat asses on the planet.” I complained as I hopped on the counter, situating myself in front of August. I immediately went for the Publix chocolate chip cookies sitting near me. Cookies had to be my favorite food in the whole wide world. 

“Want one, baby?” I offered as I grabbed three out the container. 

“Nah, bae. Go head and eat em.” He declined, patting me on my thigh. “Stuff ya face all ya want. I know ya wanna.” He teased.

“Stooop.” I complained. “Imma fight your tall ass one day. Keep playin’.” I grabbed two more cookies before closing the container. I was a shit talker and I knew it. I also knew if I ever did try to fight Aug, he’d probably slam me against a wall and fuck me till I cried. On second thought, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

August dragging his fingers down up and down my thighs brought me out of my thoughts. I looked down only for our eyes to lock. He was staring up at me and I already felt the heat rushing to my cheeks. Here he goes with the staring again. “Ya done with ya dessert, baby?” I only nodded in response. “Good.” He grumbled, grabbing my thighs and pushing them apart. “Na it’s time fa my dessert.”

“August!” I exclaimed as I tried to close my legs. 

“Don’t "August” me, Mariya.“ He grunted, tugging at my shorts. "Ya ass been holdin’ out on me fa the longest.” I whimpered at his commanding tone and immediately felt the wetness begin to gather between my legs. “I’ll tie ya ass up if I have to. Don’t fight me.” He commanded while yanking my shorts down my legs. My protests fell on deaf ears as August proceeded to yank my Victoria’s Secret boy shorts down.

August scooted his chair closer to get a better position. An involuntary moan left my lips as I felt the cool air hit my wet center. My eyes trailed down to meet his once again and he gave me a smirk before dipping his head down, lips grazing the sensitive skin of my inner thighs. His soft kisses soon turned more aggressive, quickly beginning to lick and suck his way to destination. My back arched when I felt his warm breath at my entrance, I could feel the goosebumps rising on my skin as he gripped my thighs. 

I watched August stare down at me, his tongue snaking out to moisten his plump lips, the hunger in his eyes apparent. Without warning he buried his face into my wetness, that talented tongue doing what it did best. “Ahh! Baby!” I moaned out. The gentleness I experienced the first time was gone. And I was loving it. My fingers hooked into his curly locks, desperately trying to pull him closer to me. His cocky ass was reveling in my pleasure, his deep, throaty chuckles vibrating against my clit. “Baby..more!” I pleaded, tightening my grip on his curls.

I almost cried when I felt him lift his head up. Lips glistening with my juices, he looked up at me, a cocky smirk etched on his face. Before I could protest, he plunged two fingers deep inside of my pussy, making me cry out louder than before.

“Ya like that, baby?” He asked huskily. My hands went from his hair, to the counter as I watched his two long, skinny fingers stroke in and out of me. I whimpered when I felt a knot start to form in my stomach and my walls begin to clench deliciously around his fingers. His lips found their way around my piercing, suckling on it and with one final thrust I was cumming into August’s waiting mouth. “Good girl.” I heard him mutter after licking me clean. 

I didn’t even have time to relax before August silently hoisted me up in his arms and made his away out of the kitchen. With my legs wrapped tightly around his body and my mouth on his neck, August hurriedly made his way to my room. As soon as we made it inside, August threw me on the bed and started removing his clothing. “Take that shit off, Mariya.” He grumbled, referring to my shirt. So demanding when he was horny. I gave him a quick side eye, but listened to his request.

By the time I removed my shirt and bra, August was already in his boxers with a condom in his hand. I giggled as I watched him fumble with the wrapper. So impatient. “Ya ain’t gon’ be gigglin’ in a minute, baby.” He muttered.

I gave him a “bring it on” look while he secured the condom on his hardened length. “Face down, ass up.” He ordered, walking over to the bed. Biting my lip, I rolled over on my stomach and arched my back, giving him a perfect view of my pussy. “I’m waiting, Daddy.” I taunted, shaking my ass. I let out a yelp when I felt his hand come down hard on my ass. “Don’t get slick, Yaya.” He smacked my ass again. “I can’t see that pussy, baby.” He reprimanded. 

Even more aroused than before, I arched my back and spread my legs wider, letting Aug see more of my glistening flower. A moan left my lips when I felt Aug tease me with the tip of his length, sliding it in between my drenched lips, never going in all the way. “Ya wan’t it, babygirl? Hm?” He questioned, smacking my his heavy hand on my cheeks. “Ye-August!” I couldn’t even finish speaking before he slammed himself inside of me, forcing my walls to quickly adjust to his size.

“Damn.” He grunted, stroking me slowly. I moaned loudly into the pillow, ecstatic to have him inside of me. “Shit.” I whimpered. “Daddy, go faster.. please.” I pleaded. My need was at an all time high and I needed him to take control. His hand found it’s way to my long locks, gripping a fistful and yanking my hair back as he pounded into me mercilessly. “Ya can’t speak na, Yaya?” He questioned, using his free hand to smack my ass. A scream flew out of my lips before I could stop it and I heard him chuckle.

“Let that shit out, baby.” He grunted. I whined when I felt him begin to roll his hips into me, the sound of our skin clapping together filling the room. “A-Ah!” I gasped. “August, just like that baby!” I screamed, throwing my ass back against him. Every stroke he took felt longer and harder than the last, his throbbing length puncturing my spot each and every time. For the second time tonight, I could feel my stomach tighten and my walls beginning to clench.

“F-Fuck! I’m so close, baby.” My voice quivered as he slowed his pace, grabbing my hips with both of his hands. Just as I felt myself about to burst, he pulled out of me slowly. “August, don’t pla-Ahh!” He shoved himself back in me interrupting my sentence. My moist walls clamped tightly around his shaft as I came, my face buried deep into pillow as my body shook from my  powerful orgasm.


All that shit she was talkin’ early and look at ha ass na. Beggin’ and shakin’ unda’ me. She was gon’ have to suck that shit up. I wasn’t done with ha ass just yet. “Bae, get up.” I ordered, patting her ass gently. “Come ride, Daddy." 

I heard say somethin’ slick unda’ her breath. So, she still wanted to play? Aight. She licked her lips before sliding herself down on me and rocking her hips slowly. She was so fuckin’ tight. I slapped both her thighs with my hands, then rested rested them on her waist. I looked up at her  gorgeous face while she rode me and I swear I got harder just by the sight of her.

She had her eyes closed, with her pouty lips slightly parted and her wild mane framing her face, slowly bouncing that fat ass on my lap. Abruptly, she opened her eyes, locking them with mine. "Like that, Daddy?” She smirked, moving her hips in a circular moment. A low grunt left my lips at her change of pace. The smirk on her face grew wider at that. Time to show ha ass I still run this shit.

“S-Shit!” She yelped as I soon as I started thrusting upward. Her hands gripped my shoulders as her bouncing increased in pace. “Like that, Yaya?” I mimicked, smacking her hard on the ass. I buried my face in her neck, admiring her scent as I sucked on her neck, making sure to leave my brand. I was leavin’ a hickey for everyone to see. No way I was lettin’ ha ass go unmarked. “Damn, Yaya.” Babygirl started puttin’ in work. She was tryin’ to make this last one count.

Yaya clenched her walls around me while I kept drilling into her, our groans filled the room and within a few minutes we were both cumming together. I chuckled when I felt her body collapse on mine and her heavy breathing. “Ya good, baby?” I asked, running a hand down her back. “Perfect.” She mumbled, into my neck. 

I chuckled. “Come on, baby. Let’s go get cleaned up.”

After washing up and changing the bed sheets, me and Yaya was just laying in her bed talking. “I’m mad at you, Auggie.” She mumbled, caressing my chest. “I just dicked ya ass down and ya mad?”

“Shut up!” She blushed, hitting my chest. “I’m mad cause you ain’t tell me about your nieces yet." 

"Ya saw them on Instagram.”

“Yeah, but I was waiting on you to tell me about them. They’re gorgeous.” She complimented with a smile.

“Thank ya.” I smiled myself, thinking bout ma munchkins. They were my pride and joy. I’d do anything for them lil’ girls. After all, they were my brotha’s kids and I had ta hold it down fa my blood. 


“Ya?” I asked, looking down at her.

She looked down shyly for a moment before looking back up. “Can I ask where they’re parents are?" 

My body tensed at her question. It’s been some years, but I still didn’t like talking about ma brother. Even still, she deserved to know. I took a deep breath and sat up, pulling Mariya up with me. She was looking up at me nervously, and a small smile grazed my lips. "Don’t look so nervous, baby.” I mumbled, brushing a hand against her cheek.  

“They mama back in Houston, but ma brotha, their father..passed away.” I mumbled. “My ma take care of them, but of course I help with the little princesses too.” I frowned, looking down at Mariya. She was frowning.

“I’m sorry, August.” She apologized. “I shouldn’t have brought it up." 

"It’s fine, Yaya. Ya deserve to know.” I shrugged. It stayed quiet for a moment and I was the one to break the silence. “That’s why I don’t like Houston.”


“Ya rememba’ the first time I came over here? And I told you I didn’t like Houston?”

She nodded slowly, putting two and two together.

“That’s why I don’t like that place. That’s the place that took ma brotha away from me.” I muttered. As much as I wanted her to know, I hated talking about this shit. It just ain’t feel right. Tellin’ people ma brotha dead.. He should be here right na, but the streets had otha plans fa him. 

Mariya wrapping her arms around me caught me by surprise. “I’m sorry, baby. I know I have no clue about what you’re going through, but.. if you ever want to talk, I’m here for you. I hate seeing you like this.. And I wish there was something else I could to help you.”

“Why?” I suddenly asked.

“Why what?” She asked, confusion embedded in her voice.

“Why ya hate seein’ me like this?” She pulled away from our embrace and looked up at me. She stared at me a moment before looking down. Don’t get a nigga wrong, I cared about Mariya and I knew she cared for me, but I needed to hear her say it.

“It’s obvious, isn’t it?” Her cheeks flushed as started playing with her fingers. “It’s because I care about you, August. I really like you and I don’t want to see you sad and I know we just kind of met and that this situation is weird, but I real-” I cut off her rambling with a kiss. She pulled away quickly and looked at me and then quickly hid her face in my bare chest. She was so cute when she was nervous.

“I know, baby. I just needed to hear ya say it.”

Tell Me Yes

~this is for everyone who has suffered the wrath of Mockingjay Part One and needs something super fluffy. ohmyjoshiferr and I hope you all love it!~

Every time Liam put his arm around Jennifer, a rage grew inside him. He knew it was for their protection. So that they could be a couple in secret, but he couldn’t take it anymore.

But somehow she always managed to calm him down with her quick yet longing gazes. He knew she was just about as happy with the situation as he was but somehow those looks, filled with lust and adoration, stabilized all of his nerves in a matter of seconds.

And at night, he was the one who went home with her. The one who made love to her.

“Josh?” Her melodic voice broke him out his dark thoughts. “Come back to me!” She said in a teasing voice.

“Sorry,” He smiled trying to laugh it off.

Jennifer’s brow creased and she cupped his cheek. “Something’s wrong. Don’t lie to me.”

He brought his hand up to cover hers and leaned into her warm palm. “Let’s just do it today.”

This caused her to pull her hand away but he still had a gentle grip on her wrist. Jennifer’s gaze fell to their feet. “Josh, you know we can’t do that. Not now at least.”

Josh sighed. “Screw what they say.” Sneaking around for almost a year has killed him. They almost blew it with Cannes, but thank God for both of their publicists. “I am tired of hiding with you.”

“So am I. Believe me.” She was tired of everything. There were so many moments throughout the interviews where she just wanted to grab his hand or kiss those pink lips of his. “But you know why.”

He did know. And it killed him most of the time. “I know. And I hate it.” He leaned over, cupped her cheeks and kissed her slowly.

“I love you,” She whispered when they pulled away from each other. He sighed and gave her one last peck on the lips.

“I love you too.” She straightened out his tie for him with a shy smile on her lips.

“You get out first?”

He nodded as his hand headed for the car door handle. “We have to leave our queen for her grand entrance.”

“Shut up,” She giggled, slapping his chest lightly with her hand.

“I thought you were wearing the gold and black dress?” he asked before climbing out.

Jennifer smirked. “It’s not my fault it’s ruined.”

“It wouldn’t be the first time,” Josh smirked back at her right before he disappeared into the bright lights of the premier.

Jennifer cursed under her breath and waited a few minutes before climbing out of the limo. Fans that lined the streets screamed and chanted her name.

Their smiles clicked instantly at the shouting fans along with the rest of the cast scattered across the red carpet. Interview after interview passed and soon she and Josh were surrounded by cameras and Liam stepped in to save the day.

He threw his arms around Josh and Jennifer, almost blocking them completely from the cameras. The tabloids would probably just call it another “infamous Hunger Games” hug or something along those lines.

“You guys are lucky I’m here,” Liam smirked, “Those cameras probably would’ve caught you two making out for god sakes.”

Jennifer looked up at Liam. “Thank you.” She said and rested her forehead against Josh’s.
“I love you,” she mouthed.

He barely got to mouth the same words back to her before he was thrown into an interview by some interviewers near by. It seemed like all the questions were the same, and when Jennifer was asked certain questions about what she was doing now, she almost found herself slipping and giving away her private relationship with Josh.

The nicknames that they called each other just slipped out so naturally; she couldn’t help that she was used to saying them so often. Sometimes they just…popped out.

She knew she would be chastened by Liz later on, but she didn’t care. She only hoped they could some how manage to leave the after party and go home so she can have her way with him.

“Are you okay?” Josh asked her as they made their way into the theater.

She gently brushed her hand against his arm and smiled. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

Josh looked over his shoulder and pulled her aside by a dark corridor. “Don’t lie to me,” he said quickly pecking her lips.

“I’m not. I promise.” She looked up, finding his hazel eyes in the dark room. “Sometimes it’s just hard not to kiss you when you look so good.” He smirks at her.

He snuck his hand under the thick layer of her dress and gave her rear a squeeze. “You’ll make it up to me,” he whispered.

“You’re gonna get it for that, Hutcherson,” She whispers back with smirk while walking onto the stage with the rest of the cast. He grinned and walked in after her.


“Do you really want to stay here?” Her voice pleaded quietly in his ear, her eyes scoping out everyone around them. They were surrounded by all of the cast and crew, which they both love dearly but after all…Josh was still just a little “sick.”

The two of them were pressed up against each other on the dance floor, moving slowly to the beat. Josh nipped her earlobe. “No, I really want to go home and take you out of this tempting dress,” he said.

“I’m all yours.” Her smile was more of a smirk and he wanted nothing more than to kiss those baby pink lips. The temptation was so strong but the risk was way too high with all the reporters around them.

“I’ll leave first,” he whispered as they slowly walked toward the back exit. “Just hang out with Liam for about ten minutes and I’ll be waiting at home.”

Her bottom lip pushed forward, creating her infamous platypus face. “Ten minutes is so long…” She dragged out her words, exaggerating each syllable.

Josh rolled his eyes. “Oh, stop,” he said.

Jennifer crossed her arms and deepened her pout. “Don’t make fun of me.“

“I’m not, but you’ll live.” She rolled her eyes, watching his every step out the door.

She subtly gives him the middle finger and pouts back to the bar where she orders a beer. "Loverboy ditch you?” Jena asked a few minutes later, after noticing Jennifer’s sulking.

She let out a hum in response, taking another swig at her bottle before she looked down at the timer ticking away on her phone. “That’s probably what it looks like.”

“I’m confused,” Jena said, eyebrows furrowed.

“Good.” Jennifer smiled and straightened out her long, black dress. 7 minutes and 15 seconds.

She might have started the timer a little early.

“Well I guess we’ll catch up later.” And like that, Jena had gone with smirk on her lips. She tore away from the bar ledge in search of one very tall, bearded man.

Jennifer saw Liam standing at a table and she trotted over to him, hoping to kill some time until she could meet Josh at his house, which was hers too. Well not really. She had moved in with him just a few weeks ago, her actual house a few minutes down the street from his, serving as a decoy. It was the only way they could possibly keep their relationship to themselves.

5 minutes and 23 seconds.

They haven’t told anyone yet. Everyone just assumes that they’re neighbors now. Why the hell would I need a second house? She laughed to herself, grabbing the attention of Liam right next to her. She tipped a little to her side and rested a hand on his arm for support.

“A little buzzed are we, Lawrence?”

Jennifer scowled. “Shut up,” she growled.

3 minutes and 45 seconds.

She just wanted to go home and see Josh again.

“You know you don’t have to hide it from me,” Liam said. “Francis told me a month ago about you two. Why do you think you and I are doing so many interviews together?”

She laughed again and finished off the rest of her beer. She figured he had known.

“You mean you think I didn’t do those interviews out of love?” She gasped dramatically, holding a hand to her heart.

“You’re full of crap.” They both laughed and tried to ignore the cameras probably closing in on them any second. The vibrations from her phone were some kind of miracle.

Not even five minutes after the words ‘timer done’ had flashed on her phone, her goodbyes were all done and she was out the door.

The ride to her and Josh’s house seemed to go on forever, but as soon as she saw the wooded yard and the abundance of trees, she let out a sigh of relief. Jennifer needed her rock, and needed him bad.

She thanked the driver with a generous tip. He had even given into her demand to drive as fast as possible. Somehow, there had been no sign of any paparazzi anywhere. She was more than thankful.

When she entered the house, Josh was nowhere to be found, which was unusual.

She tossed her shoes to the side along with her small purse. “Honey?” She shouted letting her voice echo against the walls. There was no answer. “Josh?” A rush of panic ran through her as she walked through the house looking for Josh. He was nowhere to be seen and she could not figure out what the hell was going on.

“This isn’t fucking funny,” She muttered under her breath soon stomping up the steps to find the problem. She checks the bathroom first. Nothing. Then she checks the master bedroom.

“If this is some kind of prank-” The small piece of paper that sat neatly on top of the made bed interrupted her from voicing her inner thoughts.

‘Jennifer, I wanted tonight to be special. Follow the clues that are listed below,’

Her mouth hung open in shock for a couple seconds. She had no idea what to even think but she picked up the small card anyway.

Clue #1: Our favorite place to visit in the early morning hours.

“What the…” She breathed out, words twisted in confusion.

The back patio. That’s where they spent most of their mornings. From early morning sex or just watching the sun rise. She knew where to go.

She laughed out loud, finding the next clue right on the table on the back patio. Jennifer could not believe he was sending her on a fucking scavenger hunt. She grabbed the next card, appreciating the extremely messy handwriting she only knew to be Josh’s.

Clue #2: Why don’t you grab your keys and head over to your “second house”, neighbor.

She didn’t even have to see it to know that he had the biggest smirk while writing that. At this point she was done complaining about whatever little game this was. She just wanted to find him immediately.

She walked into the garage, not even surprised to find another card in her windshield wipers.

Not a clue but you should probably check something you’ll never ride.

That damn Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Jennifer sighed and walked over to the motorcycle that was parked at the other end of the garage. A single rose and another notecard sat on the seat.

Clue #3: I wish I could give this rose to you, Katniss. Why don’t you come to me and maybe I can.

She shook her head with a small smile, recognizing the line from the movie. She took the flower before she hopped into her car. At least her destination was only down the street.

There were no lights on, at least none that she had seen. The only noticeable thing was the bright white card against the dark paint of the door.

“God, how much longer is this?” Almost as if he had predicted her thoughts, she read the next clue.

You’re getting close. I promise. Clue #4: Remember where we christened your new house first?

She grinned. Jennifer would never forget the two of them tangled together in her bathtub, moving slowly as they made love after a long day of moving. Maybe he would just be waiting for naked in there. One could only hope.

She unlocked the door quickly, turning on some lights before rushing upstairs. The bathroom door was wide open and the bright lights poured through. There the card was sitting, perched up by a candle on the sill of the bathtub.

Clue #5: The place all of our dreams are made.

“This isn’t funny!” She called out walking towards her bedroom. This game he was playing with her wasn’t fun anymore and she was growing impatient. Jennifer pushed open the door, relieved to see him next to the bed, facing away from the door.
“Joshy, was all of this really nec-” Her question was cut off by the sight of the room. Candles lined every shelf and table top of the entire bedroom. He had changed back into a suit, the black material clinging to his every muscle. She barely had time to think before she saw him down on one knee, a small velvet box propped open in his hand.

“Oh my god,” she mumbled. She wasn’t expecting this. Not at all.

She cupped her hands over her mouth as her eyes practically bulged out of her head. She could she his hand shaking.

“Okay I know this isn’t the ideal time but…” She could sense his nervousness and she wished that he realized how happy she was in that moment.

She couldn’t say anything. She just let him ramble. “But I couldn’t wait anymore. I know we’re waiting until part two comes out to make us official, but I’m done waiting to marry you.”

“I know this is sudden but I love you. I love you so much it almost hurts me.” She was sure her hand was shaking over her mouth at that point. “Jennifer, please say something.” His eyes were pleading, his hand gripping the box impossibly tight.

She stepped forward and covered his hand with hers. His whole body shuddered in fear of denial. Finally, she had spoken.

“You’re such an idiot.” The dreaded silence drowned the air around then. “And I fucking love you. Yes. Yes. Yes. A million times yes.”

Josh sighed in relief. “I was so scared you’d say no,” he said, slipping the ring on her finger.

“You’re crazy,” She smiled and happy tears slid down her face as she watched him put the ring on.

He shook his head, cupped her face and brought her lips to his. It was rushed and messy but exactly what they needed. Their relationship would never be normal and this was the closest they could get to that. She just wanted to kiss him until they both passed out. Tears mingled where their lips met but they did not care whatsoever. Somewhere in the mix, his tongue slipped in, tangling hers with his own. She gripped his shoulders so tight she was afraid it would bruise. He held and kissed her back with the exact amount of passion and intensity, maybe even more.

Josh’s finger started untying the string to her dress. He needed her now.

He kissed down her neck as the dress fell to the floor. Her back arched, pushing her closer to him. She pushed the suit jacket off his shoulders and took out the clip out of her hair. His mouth sucked on the dip in her collarbone, one spot her knew drove her crazy.

“Josh,” Jennifer whispered breathlessly.

“Yeah?” He asked in a calm whisper.

She pulled away from him just slightly to point to her ring finger, now with a shiny diamond ring. “Ack!”
Josh held his head back in laughter and shook his head. “Way to ruin the moment,” he said.

“Shut up,” She laughed with him, “You love it.”

“I do,” He smiled, pulling her closer so her lips were only a breath away, “I love you.” His lips latched onto hers once again and she sighed in response. They went slower than usual, both wanting to savor the happy moment. He gently laid her down on the bed behind them. After the rest of their clothes were shed, Josh smiled down at her. He truly couldn’t believe it had happened and she had said yes.

With each kiss across her chest, lavishing her supple skin with his tongue, he whispered an ‘I love you”. She couldn’t contain her happiness at all, letting him see the widespread grin across her lips that would probably never disappear.

“Josh, please,” She sighed, her voice throaty and quiet, “I want you. Now.”

He groaned into her neck as she hooked her ankles together at the small of his back. He pushed into her, slow and gentle, eliciting a string of moans and sighs from both of them. Her nails clawed at the skin on his back and his switched between caressing her body and being tangled in her hair. Together, they found a steady rhythm that threatened to bring them over the edge quickly with each trust. His hand seeked hers in the sheets, entwining them together with a tight squeeze. His hips began to snap against hers faster and faster, their breathing becoming desperate puffs of air. She threw her head back at the feel of the incoming waves of pleasure. He clenched his jaw, closely falling apart right after her.

After they came down from their high, Josh stayed inside her, his gaze transfixed on her blue eyes. “You’re beautiful, you know?”

She hummed happily against his lips and snuggled closer into his sweaty skin. “Nope. But I think you’re very pretty.” Her smile still hadn’t disappeared. It got even wider when she brought her left hand up to cup his jaw and the sparkle of her ring caught her eye.

“You said yes.” When he said it, his grin grew even more. He still couldn’t believe it.

“Did you think I wouldn’t?” Her fingers played with the short hairs at the back of his neck. Their legs were completely tangled beneath the sheets.

“No. I mean…I don’t know. Can you just let a guy be nervous?” He laughed, letting his voice drop to a whisper. “Besides you’re you. How could I not be scared shitless?”

“You mean you were afraid I would give you another concussion? I understand. I’m a little intimidating that way.”

“You’re unbelievable sometimes, you know?” He asked, his hand resting on her bare hip. “I thought we decided to never bring that up again?”

“You should know I don’t play by the rules, Josh. And you’re going to be stuck with this unbelievable-ness forever now so you better get used to it.”

“Unbelievable-ness?” He asked with a chuckle and she nodded confidently.
“You’re stuck with me forever.” Jennifer grinned and placed a quick peck on his lips.

“Who said I wanted to get rid of you?” He questioned, mirroring her same content expression.

“No one.” She shivered the tiniest bit, causing Josh to pull the sheets up over their bodies. “I’m just saying, you proposed to a girl who would’ve said yes if it was a ring pop in that box instead of a real ring.”

“And that’s exactly why I did it. You’re perfect for me

Imagine Kaneki waking up in a bed after the fight in Cochlea. He is recovering, legs still taking their time to heal. He doesn’t move and just stares up at the ceiling; despite sleeping for several days straight, he still feels like he hasn’t slept in years, bags under his eyes as visible as the sun during a hot summer day. He hears a knock and the his own sun peaks his head through the door crack. Kaneki can’t help but let his tears flow when his most cherished on looked at him with life in his eyes. He was right there, moving and breathing, alive, and Kaneki cried every time he saw him. No one teased him about it, silently overjoyed over the best friends’ reunion when Kaneki saw Hide for the first time. Now Hide was here and would check in on Kaneki several times during the day to make sure he was doing fine. Hide walked up to him and brushed Kaneki’s bangs out of his face. Despite how tired he was, Kaneki’s eyes betrayed his tired looks, eyes more alive than ever before. He took Hide’s hand and placed it against his cheek. Hide smiled warmly at him, rubbing circles on the ghoul’s cheek.

“Hide…” Kaneki whispered affectionately, kissing the wrist of the human.

“Morning, sleepy-head,” Hide chucked softly, “how you feeling?”

Kaneki remained quiet for a while before he could answer

“I feel like none of this is real. I’m really dead, aren’t I? Arima killed me and I’m in Heaven. That’s why you’re here too.” Kaneki professing his feelings to his friend.

“Nope! This is all real. You’re alive and so am I.” Giving Kaneki a heartened wink. “There’s no way I’m letting God have you. He doesn’t deserve you.” Hide boldly vocalized. 

“Hide…” He could feel his eyes water again after hearing his friend. 

“Hey, hey now. None of that,” Hide wiping Kaneki’s red swollen tear stained eyes with his long sleeve. “You’re gonna make me cry too.”

Kaneki let out a soft chuckle and muttered out a small apology. During their little chatter, Kaneki’s stomach let out a loud growl, causing the ghoul to turn scarlet out of sheer embarrassment and shame.

“Hide, I’m so-” Kaneki began to apologize but was quickly cut off.

“Looks like you should get something to eat.” Hide chirped happily. “The others have gone out and will bring back something later.”

Kaneki felt a bit more shame as he was hungry now but couldnt tell Hide that but the blond already read his mind.

“Here,” Hide lowered his shirt collar, offering his shoulder blade, “take a bite just to hold off the hunger.” Hide responded to Kaneki’s silent words.

“ABSOLUTELY NOT!” That was the first time in so long that Kaneki had been livid by Hide’s reckless choices. “YOU THINK I’D DO THAT? AFTER WHAT HAPPENED IN THE-IN THE-!” Kaneki could not finish his sentence, finding it hard to breathe. In such suddenness, Hide clamped Kaneki’s face between his hands, pressing his cheeks together, making him look like a fish.

“It’s okay, Ken. Please just take deep breaths” Hide spoke with such care and gentleness. Kaneki did what he was told. Things have finally calmed down with Kaneki. He never let go of Hide’s hand, his soft touch gave him a foreign comfortableness. 

“Kaneki, you need to eat something. Just for the time being…” 

“I said no, Hide,” this time keeping his emotions together, still quite difficult for him.

Hide sighed. “I guess I have no choice.”

Before Kaneki could register what was happening, Hide took out a small blade and cut his palm horizontally, leaving a deep gash, a river of blood poured out like a waterfall from Hide’s hand.


“Here.” The blond held out his hand out to Kaneki. “Drink it until you feel less hungry.”

Kaneki shook his head. He couldnt believe this. He began to sob and cry as he took Hide’s bleeding hand and consumed the blood that gushed out, his tears mixing in with the blood giving it a distinct taste. 

When Kaneki had enough, Hide left to wrap up his wounded. Kaneki stared straight ahead to the wall in front of his as he recalled what Hide had done for him. He was snapped out of it when Hide came back.

“Feeling less hungry?” Hide wondered. Kaneki simply nodded.

“Please don’t be mad at me, Ken..” Hide sounded hurt and apologetic. “I just don’t want you to be hungry…I’ve heard that hunger for a ghoul is hell, and I just don’t want to suffer anymore and-”

“Hide, I’m tired. Can I sleep for a bit?” Kaneki looked at him, same tired eyes he had when he woke up.

“Y-yeah,” getting up from his chair to leave until he felt Kaneki grab his sleeve.

“Please stay with me.” Kaneki pleaded, eyes begging.

No other words were said. Hide got into bed and held Kaneki close to his chest, the ghoul fitting into the human’s arms like they were a puzzle; it was a perfect fit. Kaneki’s ear pressed against Hide’s chest, the sound of Hide’s heartbeat lulling him into a peaceful sleep.