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30-Day OTP Challenge!

Behold, a 30-day OTP challenge! There may or may not be more of these challenges in the future, but for now, have fun with this one.

Your challenge is to create pieces inspired by 30 prompts in this challenge, one every day if you can. Create drawings, write short stories, or do any other form of creation. The prompts/inspirations are below the cut. If you’re thinking about doing this, be sure to reblog and share it!

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I Calculated And (Part 1)

I figured How Long Has It Been Since Candy And Her Boyfriend Started Dating. Did That Make Sense? I Don’t Know.  @chinomiko Please consider this! I Just Wanted To Make It Clear!

This Post Will Have More Parts When I Finish Episode 34 and When New Episodes Come Out! This Is Until Episode 33′s End.


So, Let’s Start With Episode 28′s End:

Monday (They First Kissed) : Episode 28′s End & Episode 29′s Start. 1 Day.

Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday (They Carrie Work Shop Stuff, They Go Home, They Work In The Work Shops) : Episode 29. 3 Days.

Thursday ( Art Day & Lysander Gets Hit By A Car) : Episode 30. 4 Days.

Beginning Of Episode 31 Candy Says: “It’s Been Several Days Since Lysander Has Been In The Hospital.But Then It’s Saturday? 

So~ It Has To Be Friday When Candy Is Saying That But That Would Be Stupid. It’s Either Candy Is Stupid And It’s Been 1 Day Or It’s Been A Week, That Can’t Happen, Because It’s The Fist Time You Go To School After Lysander’s Accident In Ep. 32. 

So, Let’s Go With Candy Is Stupid And It’s Been 1 Day.

Friday : Episode 31′s Start. 5 Days.

Saturday : Episode 31. 6 Days.

Sunday (Either You Spend It With Your Boyfriend In Your Bedroom or You Spend It With Your Boyfriend In The Hospital.) : Episode 32′s Start. 7 Days.

 7 Days: 1 Week

Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday (Go To School, Go To The Hospital, Go To School To Get Your Art Grade) : Episode 32 Just Before Meeting With Lysander Again. 1 Week 3 Days.

Before You Get Your Art Grade Candy Says: “With The Reaction I thought I Had Detected On Lysander’s Face At The Hospital, I Was Expecting To See Him At School Within The Next Day Or Two.”

“The Days Went By And He Still Didn’t Return.”

Ok, I’m Guessing That It’s Friday At The End Of The Episode. It Makes Sense With The “Days Went By” Sentence.

Time Skip: Thursday : Episode 32. 1 Week 4 Days.

Friday : Episode 32′s End. 1 Week 5 Days.

If You’re Not On Lysander’s Route The Dialogue Goes Like This:

Candy: “So… You’re Not Coming Back To School?”

Lysander: “I Need A Little More Time To Finish Recovering.”

Ok. So. Episode 33!

We Get A Big Time Skip. The Episode Starts With Candy Says That It’s The Final Class Of The Week.

Then It’s Friday. Then We Talk With Lysander, He’s Back. 

That Means It’s Been a Week since he come back.

Let’s Add That 1 week to the time he was gone.

We can say that it’s been 2 weeks : Lysander Doesn’t Come Back For A Week and It’s Been A Week Since He Came Back To The School.

So It’s Been 

1 Week 5 Days + 2 Weeks :

3 weeks 5 Days.

Saturday - Sunday : Episode 33. 4 Weeks!

Then It Must Be A Month Since They Started Dating!



here’s the casual and formal wear challenge for rosamund ✌️️im totally at my friend’s house havin a smirnoff and finishing this. i might post again with better quality pics.

i kinda took some liberties cos i don’t know what most nohrian casual clothes look like… but i stuck to the color scheme at least 🙃 she definitely likes her everyday dress more than fancy clothes. since she was a noble of sorts, she went to a lot of parties when she lived with her family. the formal dress she’s wearing was from a gathering where she was able to see the royal family in person. she didn’t get to personally meet them, but she was intimidated all the same.


OMG WE MADE IT TO SHOW DAY!!!  This is my pregame picture. I’ll be celebrating with champagne and peach nectar bellinis for the actual show, but my icloud sucks so I had to get ready for the pic ahead of time. So I HAD to have a drink. Nothing to do with being anxious. Oh, I’ve got a new chapter in my prompt fics up. This is my last Polis prompt and I had to get it out before we saw Polis. Just finished it and I think I like it, especially the ending. 

I’m putting anon back on for my asks. Sorry about that. There were people buggng me with fake leaked scripts and I didn’t want to play. I won’t be here much until the show anyway, because I have some things to do. Partly I have to finish watching Perverse Instantiation part 2. Can you believe I didn’t finish my rewatch yet? I have 30 minutes left.  Which will take me an hour+ prob. I’ll try to get it posted so if you want a refresher on what happened, it will be both parts 1 and 2. More transcription than I should do, and a healthy dose of commentary. 


tagging @junebugninja @forgivenessishardforus @jane-doe07 @the-ships-to-rule-them-all @ginalou16 @insufficient-earth-skills @pixydustedviewfinder @falafel14 @ravenreyess @pixydustedviewfinder

30 Day Challenge: Day 7

Prompt: Beach
Character: Percy Jackson (PJO/HoO)

AN: I read Impossible Year by @bananannabeth and needed to write some happy Percabeth fluff to distract me from my broken feels, and my irl (is that even the right term to use here?) friend happened to choose Percy for this prompt, so it was perfect :D. Impossible Year is an amazing fic, read it and weep (literally) people. 

Anyway, enjoy the fluff!

Percy woke up to an unfamiliar weight on his body. His eyes snapped open and he tensed, expecting a monster and getting ready to throw whatever it was off, but was stopped by a familiar voice: “Seaweed Brain, if you move I will stab you.” Her voice was deadly serious and Percy froze immediately.

 He blinked in confusion and tried to find Annabeth. But she was hidden somewhere behind the… castle… that was built over and around him.

 “Annabeth…” he said, his voice small and filled with awe, “What…?”

“You fell asleep and I got bored.” She answered matter-of-factly.

“So you decided to build a giant sandcastle on me.” Percy deadpanned.

She peeked out at him from behind the massive sandcastle, that Percy’s sister’s dolls could have a party in without feeling even the slightest bit cramped, and smiled sheepishly at him.

“To be fair, I did start building it next to you, but I got a little carried away.”

“You don’t say.”

Annabeth giggled, “I’m sorry, but I’m almost finished and if you move now it will be ruined before I can complete it!”

Percy sighed long-sufferingly, she didn’t sound sorry in the slightest bit. But her happy smile melted him in seconds. He didn’t get to see that smile very often anymore.

“Alright, alright. Finished your castle,  Master Architect of Olympus.”

Annabeth’s grin grew, “Thanks, Seaweed Brain!” and with that she disappeared behind the castle again.

Percy took the opportunity to study the castle that was built over his lower abdomen and, from what he could feel, most of his legs. He had no trouble admitting that it was amazing. Annabeth’s genius when it came to architecture was clearly seen in the attention paid to each and every little detail.

“Hey, Annabeth,” he called, “Just how long was I asleep?”

“Oh, I don’t know… Probably around 2 hours or so?”

Percy’s eyes widened in surprise. First because he hadn’t realised that he was that tired. And second: “Holy Hephaestus, Annabeth how did you build something so huge in only 2 hours?”

Annabeth giggled again, “Oh I had help. There were a few nice kids who helped out. They went home a little while ago. You were so exhausted that you slept right through it.”

Percy sighed, so much for their date on the beach! What kind of a boyfriend falls asleep during a date? No wonder Annabeth had decided to punish him by building a massive sandcastle on top of him!

“Sorry.” he said.

Annabeth popped her head out from where she was working behind the castle again and frowned at him.

“Don’t apologise, Seaweed Brain, you needed the rest. Besides, I had fun with my new friends. They were extremely helpful and much more competent than some of the kids back at camp. In fact, I’m pretty sure at least one of them will be joining us at camp in a few years.”

Percy’s eyes widened in interest, “Really?”

Annabeth nodded, “Yeah, she’s intelligent and she has my eyes and hair colour. She’s also never met her mom.”

Percy smiled, “A mini you! I’m sorry I missed that.”

Annabeth smiled fondly, “She was really sweet. I hope she makes it to camp soon.”

Percy nodded gravely, “Me too.”

They fell silent for a while after that, Annabeth went back to finishing up the castle and Percy lay back, folding his hands underneath his head, and just listening to the sound of the waves crashing on the shore.

He smiled as he heard Annabeth’s murmurs of concentration mix in with all the other sounds of the beach, content to enjoy this rare moment of absolute peace for as long as possible.


[7/11/16] + 9:20PM + ~1/30~
Hello everybody!!
Sorry for not been posting lately, but school is taking away all of my time!:(… well here’s my bujo spread for this week!!

☞Also I’m going to attempt the 30 days of productivity challenge for this month and I’ll try my best to finish it! I don’t want to do the 100 days because it is almost the end of the year, and the school semester….. and i procrastinate a lot and I don’t think i would be able to complete it so for me 30 days works great!! 😂⭐️

30 Day Challenge 04★ Serge

Chrono Trigger without a shadow of a doubt one of the GREATEST RPGs of all time - especially on my list. That said, Chrono Cross was and is still one of my favorite RPGs to this day. Next to FF9 it’s probably had the biggest impact on me!

I got this one done late last night. I went 30 minutes over on this one but I wanted to finish anyway! Have to get faster at deciding on composition/pose! Doing this helps you discover potential weakspots in your planning and execution process. I decided to post it after I woke up today. 26 Days to go!

OverlordJC’s 30 Day Challenge posts so far
Day 03
Day 02
Day 01

Rules if you wanna try

Thanks for viewing!

Real-life type descriptions

When I first became interested in MBTI, I spent hours pouring over descriptions from different websites in an attempt to type the people around me. But internet descriptions tend to have subtle stereotypes embedded within them, and often generalize in an attempt to make the description seem more accurate to all individuals who identify with the type. It dawned on me today that the number of individuals in the MBTI community who are knowledgable enough to know their type is high enough that it should be possible to compile actual descriptions of each type. These descriptions would be written by the types themselves, ensuring their accuracy over the more generalized internet descriptions. 

Here is the information I need in the descriptions:

  • How do you behave alone?
  • How do you behave among others?
  • How do you behave at work/school?
  • What strategies do you use to accomplish certain tasks?
  • What are your interests and why? 
  • What are your ambitions and why?
  • Your age?
  • How you became interested in MBTI?
  • Your enneagram type?
  • How do you deal with romantic feelings (how do you flirt and behave in relationships)?
  • How do you handle friendships? 
  • Which country you live in, and the countries you have previously lived in, and when?
  • Your gender?
  • A brief summation of your ethics/political views and why? 
  • How you react to stress?

Ideally, these descriptions would be at least 2 pages in length (1 is the bare minimum, I suppose, but 2+ is much better). Please include which function or functions you believe are causing these behaviors (back your descriptions up with theory). Feel free to use enneagram to single out what actually pertains to individuals of your type and what does not.  

As I am writing this, there are no descriptions. I would like to get descriptions from the two cis genders of each type, because I feel that societal values may impact your description (for instance, female thinkers tend to use more of their feeling function and do this from an earlier age than male thinkers). If you identify as a non-binary gender, feel free to submit, but please include what you identify as. 

ENTJ: male, female, additional
INTJ: male, female, additional
ESTJ: male, female, additional
ISTJ: male, female, additional
ENFJ: male, female, additional
INFJ: male, female, additional
ESFJ: male, female, additional
ISFJ: male, female, additional
ENTP: male, female, additional
INTP: male, female, additional
ESTP: male, female, additional
ISTP: male, female, additional
ENFP: male, female, additional
INFP: male, female, additional
ESFP: male, female, additional
ISFP: male, female, additional

The above will be filled in with links to posts overtime. Naturally, I will be accepting more than one description per gender per type. 

When you are ready to submit your description, please message me. I will provide you with an email address and you will be able to send it to me. Please do not submit through reblogging, the messaging system, or the submission system. 

Finally, I would like to note that I truly want this to be comprehensive; every type should be heavily featured. Aside from spreading this post and submitting descriptions, please tag any sensors (particularly ESXXs) that you may know, as the smaller population on tumblr makes it difficult to find them.

This will be a fairly long-term project, but I am hoping that it can be finished within 30 days (On April 22). This isn’t a strict deadline. However, if I have collected one description per gender per type at that point, I will stop collecting submissions. 

I look forward to taking on this project and to reading all of the self-descriptions. Please reblog in order to spread the word! 

“Sherlock, can I come in now?”


“Why not?”

“Not finished.”

“With what?”


“Oh dear God, couldn’t you have prepared your surprise a few days earlier? It’s cold out here.”

“Nope. I only had the idea last night.”

Day 30 of the Seasonal Fucking Cheer 2016 Ficathon. I’ll try and post one drawing for each day, and tag them #sfcficathon. Today’s prompt was: 30. I’ve left all of my holiday decisions to the last minute; what could possibly go wrong?

A few weeks ago i finished a 60 day challenge so lets post all of these drawings!

This one was the first one of them all and the theme of the day was naga. Naga’s are half snake half human creatures. This naga here is one of my OC’s, she has been a naga in my 30 day monster challenge.

With this 60 day challenge I made a complete gouache illustration every day for 60 days.

I am sorry to all of you tagged in this. Though the post below shows for the Pokemon Egg Post has been closed since I have hit 8000 reblogs. Its going to take me about 30 weeks to finish them and by the time I would catch up it would have grown more so I had decided to end it at 8k.
I’m sorry I won’t be sending eggs to you but I didn’t want to just let the post keep going. It would be rude to have stopped it and made you all wait for an egg that wouldn’t come. I hope you all can understand and have a good day. 


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Thank you guys!

Thank you for all the prompts you have been sending in :3 I had no idea they’d be that popular. Because I’m bad with sticking to writing decided to try and kinda stick to a writing schedule so I can keep getting these prompts out because as of writing this post I have 30 prompt requests :) so because I work full time and don’t have a whole lot of time to write I will try and get at least 3 prompts done a day, although I will try and do more. Then everyother day as well as prompts I’ll finish up old ships. The finn Balor imagine I’m writing I don’t quite know where that’s heading so I’ll work on it as and when and it’ll be like a little bouns imagine one day ^_^
Anyways thank you for the support and all the prompts. Keep sending them and I promise you if you haven’t seen me post your prompt yet it’s not because I’ve forgot I just have a lot of prompts :P

-G x

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry I already said this....but for this sin night,...i just want jotaro to give me a kiss that is all

Sorry anon, sin nights still not a thing until next Sunday, the 23rd, it’s happening every two weeks instead of every week c: 

I’m still finishing stuff up cause I got so many, so if you see any sin night posts it’s pretty much just leftovers (I still have around 30 left out of 70 or so and I’m low key contemplating getting rid of a few just so I’m not so overwhelmed, but I also don’t want anyone to be disappointed if theirs doesn’t get answered hhh) 

Honestly though, kissing Jotaro would be 10/10, he wouldn’t be one for deep, public makeouts, but a small peck of his lips against yours would be a blessing

30 Day Hogwarts Art Challenge

1. You in your house uniform
2. Your wand
3. Your familiar/pet
4. Walking through Diagon Alley
5. You getting money at Gringotts
6. Your house bedroom
7. Your house bathroom
8. A stack of books of your favorite classes
9. What your dorm desk would look like
10. You and your classmates in a favorite class
11. Cheering/playing in a Quidditch game against the rival team
12. Your favorite place to hang out during a sunny day
13. Fav place to hang out during a snow day
14. What the room of requirement is to you in a particular moment
15. At the library
16. A ghost that you’ve befriended
17. A ghost that you’re terrified of
18. Your favorite school meal
19. You studying in your house common room
20. You fighting to stay awake in Prof. Snape’s class
21. Venturing into the Forbidden Forest
22. Encountering a [magic creature/person]
23. You and your friends at Hogsmeade
24. In a trial of the Triwizard tournament
25. Riding a Hippogriff!!
26. Practicing your favorite spell
27. You wearing your dress/suit for the school dance
28. What you see in the mirror of Erised
29. What a boggart would turn into for you
30. Your patronus

-You as a dark wizard
-spying on a crush
-walking through Nocturne Alley
-walking through the wall to Platform 9 ¾
-your notes and drawing of a magical creature you are studying

I’m calling it a “Hogwarts” challenge and not a “Harry Potter” challenge because many of the prompts will involve drawing places in the actual castle or have to do with what it would be like if you were a student there!

If there are any prompts you don’t want to do, I’ve made some extra at the bottom or you can make up your own! The rules are that you can do whatever you want, but try to actually make it a challenge and make some solid/complete pieces of art. They don’t have to be consecutive, what’s more important is completing it all. A lot of these are actually pretty challenging in my opinion, so I look forward to how much I learn if I finish this! I’ve started 30 day challenges over and over again, and have never been able to finish many because of pure laziness……so I’m going to try to really push myself this time. Even if I’m not pleased with my art I’m gonna post it anyway. Good luck if you decide to participate!!!

Tag it “hogwarts challenge” if you choose to do it too because I wanna see!

So I started to do a 30 Days OTP Challenge like a month ago but I never got around to finishing it. But I have a few little things written for it, and I figured why not just release them all in one post so you get your dose of McKirk while I suffer through fever & college :( :( :(.

These are all slightly NSFW (because I was doing the dirty otp challenge instead of the sweet one. Enjoy!


Bones is beautiful. Jim has always known that, but it’s somehow more obvious when he’s lying in bed. He’s staring out the window, stars passing by in a blur as the Enterprise travels in Warp Speed. Bones is asleep through the beauty of it. His back is turned to Jim and the comforter doesn’t travel up past Bones’ waist, a dim blue light cast over his naked skin. Jim’s fingers softly trace Bones’ spine. He’s unable to sleep yet, despite being ever so comfortable in relaxed in his post-sex mind. Instead, his attention is either on the view outside or the view right next to him, and eventually, the view next to him is winning. He shifts to his side, slowly moving closer until Bones’ back is pressed to Jim’s chest; his arm sliding around Bones’ waist; his naked skin warm and comfortable.

Jim’s fingers move over his chest, slowly admiring how toned Bones is. Something he never paid attention to until recently. And Bones leans in to Jim’s touch, his back pressing a little more comfortably against Jim’s chest. Bones is such a quiet breather when he’s asleep, and when his breath gets heavier, Jim knows he’s woken up. “Did I wake you?” Jim asks softly, and Bones shrugs softly.

“No more than usual,” Bones replies, his voice still tired, and he’s not budging at all when Jim’s arms stay around Bones’ waist. “How are you not asleep?”

“I’m not tired,” Jim says, and Bones huffs. Then, he slowly turns around in Jim’s arms.

“Not tired?” Bones asks, raising his eyebrows. His hair’s a mess, Jim notices, total disheveled from sex and sleeping. He slowly pushes himself up, though staying in Jim’s embrace, and his lips brush over Jim’s cheek to his jawline. “Let’s work on exhausting you a little more, then.”


Jim is such a great kisser. That’s not something Bones would easily admit, and he’s sure Jim is actually aware of his own skills. Jim just has a way of using his mouth to make Bones melt. Somehow it’s even better when they’re both in bed, sharing each other’s warmth underneath the comforter. Jim is on his back, legs spread for Bones but his attention is on Jim’s lips. Jim parts his lips slowly, his fingers curl into bones’ hair and he’s keeping him close. Bones is just more than happy to oblige. His hips are slowly rolling against Jim’s, loving the sound of soft moans leaving the other man’s throat.

Just as great are the silent gasps escaping those parted lips as Bones’ mouth follows Jim’s jawline, kissing and nipping on his skin long enough to leave a fading mark. And every time Bones’ lips move down an inch over Jim’s neck, they also find their way back up to kiss those reddened lips breathless again.

Jim’s arms wrap around Bones’ shoulders, and he’s pressing him in closer; like he’s craving more contact. It’s definitely something Bones is happy to give to him, but his lips stay against Jim’s; his tongue pushing past Jim’s lips to kiss him absolutely breathless. Jim slowly pulls his way, tilting his head just lightly and letting out a loud gasp. “Bones,” Jim breathes softly, his hands sliding up in Bones’ hair, “Leonard.”

“Yes?” Bones replies, equally breathless. Jim’s legs tighten around Bones’ hips and both of them groan at the intimate contact between the two of them. Jim swallows; his cheeks are slightly flushed, but his grin is cocky as ever.

“You gonna do me or what?”

First time.

Jim is drunk when he pushes Bones down on his bed for the first time. That’s okay, because Bones is drunk, too. Neither of them are thinking about the consequences of their actions. Instead, Jim’s hands push up Bones ‘shirt until it’s off completely, and he tosses it aside without care. Straddling Bones’ lap, the other sits up straight to wrap his arms around Jim’s waist, and to help a drunk Jim get out of his shirt, too.

Jim’s not even sure how they get out of the rest, but by the time he’s somewhat conscious of his actions again he’s on his back. He’s completely naked, he’s kissing Bones until he’s gasping for air himself, and Bones’ fingers are working a kind of magic that makes him curl his toes in pleasure. No matter how drunk they both are, Jim knows he definitely doesn’t want this to stop.

It doesn’t stop. Because Leonard turns him around on his stomach and presses his shoulders down in the mattress. Bones fucks him - slowly at first, and Jim enjoys Bones’ lips pressing continuous, breathless kisses against the back of his neck and his spine. Most of Jim’s moans disappear in the fabric of his pillow, and when his eyes fall shut it’s because Bones knows just how to roll his hips - not because of the alcohol.

Come morning, Jim’s head is as sore as his body. Bones is asleep right next to him, an arm lazily draped over his own eyes. His other hand is resting on his stomach. His hair’s a mess and he’s fairly sure Bones is as hungover as he is, but Bones somehow looks stupidly gorgeous doing so. And Jim knows, he just knows, this isn’t going to be the last time they end up naked together.


Jim has never been subtle or shy, and Bones really should know better. When he walks into the bathroom to go through his evening rituals. Usually, he falls in bed naked and drunk, but occasionally he has the time to prepare for the night. He wants to shave, but the moment he walks into the bathroom, it’s already occupied by Jim. He’s taking a shower, and he’s also taking care of himself. Standing under the hot water, his head’s resting against the cold tiled wall, and he’s shamelessly stroking himself. “Jesus- Jim,“ Bones grunts, turning his head away even though he has seen Jim naked so many times. This shouldn’t impact Bones as much as it does. "Can’t you lock the door when you’re… busy?”

“When do I ever lock a door?” Jim counters with a smile. Bones can only agree to that, and he’s still looking. Jim’s very aware of that, too. “You gonna join me?”

Bones doesn’t know how Jim does it, but he finds himself in that hot water, too. Jim lifts up his free hand, sliding around Bones’ shoulder, and he kisses him. Bones kisses him back, after all, Jim’s lips are something worth chasing. Pretty soon Bones’ hand trails down over Jim’s abdomen, replacing the other’s hand with his own. Jim pulls him in for a kiss, and Bones can hear Jim’s breathing even heavier than usual. Jim’s arms are around his shoulders, hands are in Bones’ hair and he moans against his lips the longer Bones’ hand continues to work its magic on him. “Bones,” Jim mutters against his lips softly, and Bones groans when Jim’s fingers tighten in Bones’ hair. “Bones,” Jim repeats, a sense of urgency definitely in his voice.

Pretty soon, Jim collapses in Bones’ arms with a sharp moan that echoes in their small bathroom, and Bones wraps both his own arms around Jim’s waist to keep him up. “Why do I feel like you were waiting for me to walk in on you?” Bones asks with a grin, and Jim matches that grin with his own lopsided smirk. “I have no idea what you’re talking about,” he says, “just know I’m never locking any door ever again.”

Wedding Night (?)

Jim never thought he would ever get married. It just wasn’t his thing. Neither was commitment or relationships in general, but Bones tore those walls down before Jim even realized they were there. Popping that question was the most nerving thing he’s ever done in his life, and a part of him stayed nervous up until Bones finally pushed that golden ring around his finger almost a year later.

They’re both drunk and tired when they arrive in their hotel room. Jim pushes Bones down on bed and climbs on top of him, lips chasing the other’s in deep and passionate kisses. “They say the wedding night is supposed to be the best sex ever,” Jim mutters with a grin, eyelids heavy because of the liquor, the stress from the entire day, and the exhaustion from partying afterwards. “Where did you read that, Cosmo?” Bones asks. He sits up a little, hands sliding just under Jim’s jacket to push it down over his shoulders.

They don’t really get much further than that, because both of them are asleep minutes later.

Jim panics when he wakes up, though. He’s still fully dressed and Bones is, too. “Bones,” Jim mutters, shaking his Bones’ shoulder, “Bones, wake up.”

“What?” Bones asks, peeking one eye open to look at Jim.

“We slept through our wedding night,” Jim says, sitting up straight and running a hand through his hair. His shirt is only half unbuttoned, though by now it’s wrinkled and messy and smells like alcohol.


So, we missed our wedding night,” Jim presses. Bones rolls his eyes, pulling Jim down next to him again.

“Lots of couples miss their wedding night. It’s not a big deal,” Bones replies. “Wedding nights are overrated. You’re drunk and you’re tired. Probably nonperforming.” Jim looks like his entire life has been a lie, and so Bones sits up, sliding one leg over Jim’s hips, and he sits down on his lap. “The wedding morning, however…” Bones continues, and Jim’s mouth tugs up into a small smile when Bones kisses his lips and his chin, slowly kissing his way up to Jim’s ear.

“I like your thinking, Mr. Kirk,” Jim says, and Bones just stops his actions right there and then.

“I’m not taking your name,” Bones mutters with a smirk, and Jim laughs, reaching out to finally take that shirt over Bones’ head.

“Really? Because Doctor Bones Kirk sounds so nice,” Jim says. Bones rolls his eyes and shakes his head.

“Not happening. Also, now that we’re married, I feel like I should tell you that my name is not actually Bones,” the other replies, pushing his own pants down before resuming his position on Jim’s lap. Jim’s hands run up over Bones’ legs, to his hips, and Bones smiles. “So, are you gonna let me ride you or are you gonna try and lower that chance from happening by continuing to call me by your last name?”

“Ride ‘em, cowboy,” Jim says, laughing when Bones rolls his eyes at him again. 

anonymous asked:

So lately I've realized that I'm never proud of any drawing I end up finishing, during sketch and lineart I'm always thinking it looks good, then once I got to adding color, I'm usually still excited for it, then once I'm nearing the end or finish it, i still think it looks good, but it's once I post it, I just look at it and realize how bad it looks, the things I should fix, then I get down on myself and hit an artblock afterwards, and this has been happening a lot and I don't know what to do

Good morning dear Anon❤ I am so Sorry it took me so long  to reply to you!

Gah I understand the pain ; - ; This feeling you have is actually very important! It is because you care DEEPLY about your drawing, you notice all the things that can be improved and that can be very VERY powerful! You just need to turn it into a positive and happy force >:D!!!

It is important to appreciate your own work! Congratulate yourself/pat yourself on the back for obtaining more EXP after finishing a piece. I know it can be difficult sometimes :((( but every time I feel down and sad after finishing a dissatisfying drawing I will keep reminding myself that one day this piece will turn into an ‘evidence’ on how much I improved in the future. ( That they will all become a happy memory one day.) It really helps with all the frustrations.

Also I am just going to quote my graphic design lecturer back in university, though its graphic design but I think it applies to everything in life. Back when we were working on our projects, we will just sit there and move the text 1mm left, 1mm right and 1mm left again for 30 minutes. Or fixing the same thing for weeks, constantly going back and do small tweaks.  He commented on our working behaviour and suggested for our future work: [Just finish it, post it, get feedbacks/constructive criticism. Don’t spend days dwelling and tweaking the same mistake.  There is no point keeping yourself stuck in the same spot, learn from it and move on. Just Keep creating. You will improve faster that way.]

What he said really helped me and I hope it will help you too :) ( sorry I don’t really know how to word this morning and rambled ahhhhh, hope I am making some kind of sense…-cover face-) Anyway wish you all the best and hope you will conquer ALL the art block! YA❤

My Debt to Fanfiction

I’ve written more than 200,000 words of fanfiction across multiple fandoms under multiple names. 100,000 of those words were in the last few months.

And I’ve consequently taken a ton of crap for it.

  • Other writers who tell me I’m not allowed to bear the name.
  • Friends and family who ask when I’m going to do serious writing.
  • Readers who ask for stories churned out like clockwork because its ‘just fanfiction’.

And that gets to a girl. Because I do want to write. I love telling stories. I’ve always worked on my own stuff in tandem with the fanfiction.

So, in order to be a writer, I gave up the fanfiction. I stopped my two ongoing stories and peaced out to write real fiction. I stopped reading it. I dropped out of the forums and boards where I’d made fanfic writer friends.

I wrote more ‘real fiction’. For three years.

And the result was nothing more than a string of rejection letters. Not even personalized letters (the holy grail of rejection letters). Just 'sorry this doesn’t fit our needs’.

I bought the biggest nail the hardware store sold and skewered them one by one.

And there is a moment that perhaps some will recognize, where you stare at the pile of rejection and just. Stop. The stories trickle off and you slowly stop submitting until you can’t remember the last thing you wrote.

I gave up. Plain and simple.

If I couldn’t learn to write with three years of focus and reading all the right books and trawling literary boards then I just wasn’t cut out. Just wasn’t a writer. The stories would have to stay locked in my head. I didn’t have the talent to get them out. I wasn’t going to learn. 

Eventually I fell into a smallish fandom with an OTP that I loved and not a lot of pressure. I figured, meh, why not. So I wrote a story, gave it a few chapters. And it did okay, couple of comments, couple of kudos.

But those comments. Oh those comments. All maybe 6 of them in 7 chapters. They spoke of tone and snark and sass and how well I wrote it.

 And I got a stupid idea. One last hurrah. 30 weekdays straight. One new story a day. 

An insane pace. But screw it, I’d started with fanfiction. I was going out the same way. And so began the experiment in insanity. 30 days. 30 stories. Ended up being 100,000 words. 

I wrote first person and third person and straight AUs that required intense re-watches of the actors and dialogue heavy pieces and pieces drowning in description and sassy tones and sad tones and crazy tones and train of consciousness and letters and I turned music into words without losing the emotion.

I aged the characters up and aged them down and wrote love stories where the key couple never interacted once and wrote fluff and heartbreak and situation comedy and I tackled issues like commitment or lost music or lgbt or religion or the meaning of a hero or the ways love means giving up ourselves and hoping to get something back. 

I watched the show a hundred times to write about the time between the snapshots we saw and I stretched character voices to be believable as the same characters in multiple situations and I learned to write happy and I learned to write sarcastic and I wrote dialogue that didn’t sound like everyone spoke the same and i took the characters made by another through their paces as superheroes or fake married couples or fairytale characters or cops or door-to-door salesmen or with clockwork companions. 

None of it was edited and it was published as quickly as it was written. I didn’t have time to think, only to keep going, keep writing, look at what I’d written yesterday and try something new, something fun. 

And people responded. 30 Days. Almost 800 comments. 700 bookmarks. 8000 kudos. I responded to every comment. Nearly in a daze as I tried to comprehend what had happened. 

eighty thousand hits. 

And I finished. I took a long nap. And i cried. 

I cried because I’d given up on writing and somehow this magical thing had happened and people had responded to my writing and I had 800 comments telling me that they liked my work and wanted more chapters and some had truly constructive feedback that I could use to get even better. (also, i was so tired)

So I went back. Tentatively, I decided to try again. I wrote a brand new short story. I severely dismantled and redid my favourite of the old pieces. 

And I sent them out. 

One market each. 

The new piece came back 20 days later with a request to hold the story because they were moving it to their second round of consideration. Something I’d never had once in the 3 years previous. 

Two weeks later, the same thing happened to the edited piece. They sent real feedback, two paragraphs of it, and said they were seriously considering it for publication. 

About a month after that, I got a second email that unfortunately, they weren’t going to be publishing my piece. But they sent more feedback. This wasn’t just a rejection. This was progress. So much progress. Feedback twice to help me improve and finally getting to that second round, something I’d never done before. Nearly published. 

Over the moon does not describe my emotions. 

And then yesterday.

And then yesterday.

Yesterday I got an email. An email about that new story I’d written right after finishing the crazy 30 days. The one I’d first thought up in the haze of 20 days in to the madness. 


They’re going to publish it. They’re going to publish it. They’re going to publish my story. 


I went from a pile of form rejection letters to a personalized rejection and an acceptance. 

And that’s why I had to write this long post (sorry, I’m too excited to moderate my word blab). Because I was thinking about all those people who mocked the fanfiction I wrote and who told it was stupid and pointless and a waste of time. 

I disagree. Fanfiction taught me how to write. 

Playing in ‘someone else’s sandbox’ gave me the chance to write freely and quickly without having to constantly devise characters and personality and backstory. Without the overwhelming task of writing those traits, I could learn how to write. Snappy dialogue. Cut the fat. Keep it in character. Theme without overbearing. 

You can see it in the writing. 

Here’s an old fanfic I wrote. It’s self insert and cringe-worthy. I probably edited this five times before I published it. It’s not even the worst thing I’ve written.

Here’s Day 30 of my 30 days writing streak. It was never edited. 

I’m not a writer because I’m getting something published. I’m not a writer because I got a bunch of comments. I was a writer way back when I wrote that crummy self-insert Justice League fanfiction. 

You’re a writer because you write. Doesn’t matter what. You get better when you keep practicing. 

I’m going to be a published writer because I wrote a butt-ton of fanfiction. 

So please stop giving fanfic writers crap for simply writing. Please. And your support and comments and constructive comments really do matter.

If only because of my incredibly red face of happiness and nose squeeze reflex when I got the approval letter. 

Now this part, this part here is for my creampuffs and cupcakes. The wonderful Carmilla fandom for whom I wrote the 30 days of fanfiction and who responded so amazingly:


I cannot thank you enough. I mean, I’m also super thankful for the cast and the crew and the amazing writers whose show and talents I analyzed within an inch of its life and I’d happily take out for lunch or buy a pizza or something. 

But mostly, right now, I’m thankful for you, creampuffs. Because you are amazing. Your comments and your kudos and your clambering for more was simply stupendous and you had no idea that the stories were supposed to be my last hurrah and you saved me anyway. 

I learned what worked when you quoted your favourite lines or told me that I nailed the characterization here or the dialogue there or that this resonated or that this didn’t or that the subtext was great here. 

And I am so so so honoured that you took the time to do that. 

You saved me. 

You taught me to write and then gave me the courage to take a second shot. And I will forever be thankful to the tiny fandom that could. To every comment and tumblr stop in and kudos (yes, even kudos. I love them too. Those emails saying ‘x y and z and 56 guests gave kudos’ are amazing). And it’s been amazing getting to know you through your comments and on tumblr. 

So, unlike the cast/crew, there are so many of you that I couldn’t possibly buy you all pizza. So I asked myself, ‘what can I do?’

How about 10MoreDaysofCreampuff ?

Two week revival. 1 story a night, every weeknight for 10 days. Just like last time. Work is crazy cause my boss quit and I don’t care. I’ll make it work. It’ll be a mix of chapters 2s to the original stories and more one-shots and maybe I’ll even fill some of those prompts I didn’t get to for prompt week. Assuming this is something you want (y/n?), we start Monday, September 14.

It’s the best way I know to thank you. 

Because I am so thankful and I’m still sitting on a haze of pure joy. And when it comes down to it, it’s all because of you. I wouldn’t even had thought of the topic of the soon to be published fic if I wasn’t a part of this fandom.

If people are interested, I can post a link to the story whenever we finish contracting and it finally goes up.

My brother jokingly asked if ‘when I become famous’ (he’s a dreamer) I’ll credit my success to him. 

Unfortunately for him, the truth is that I’d probably have to say that it’s credited to a ‘lesbian vampire fanfiction fandom’. 

And I’d say it proudly. 

Stay stupendous cupcakes. <3 Aria

SSM 2015 Masterpost

Yasss these are all my entries for 2015 SasuSaku Month.

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  30. Dystopia/apocalypse
  31. Reincarnation — “Glimpses of the Past”

Completed: 30/31

Last updated: August 2nd, 2015 ; 9.41 p.m.

The ones marked with (**) means it has a sequel. The sequel is described in post.

*HERE is the masterpost of my the fanfictions I wrote for 2014′s SasuSaku Month

**I promise I’ll finish all of the prompts. 

Thank you for those who read / liked / reblogged these. Hope you enjoyed reading them :) Feedbacks, comments, / suggestions are always welcomed :)

nomadsland1-deactivated20160319  asked:

I like that you refuted that confession about Cullen. Do you get a lot of those?

Yes. And a lot of them are non anonymous too. 

We accept well thought out /written submissions on anything related to the game and we will always post the controversial ones  behind a read more so that people have the choice to read them or not. And we will always add the tags for them too.

We also enjoy getting the light, funny, and fluffy confessions that make us smile and laugh.

We’ve gotten stuff calling Iron Bull a rapist because of his relationship with Dorian. We’ve gotten some about Cullen only being available to elves because he fetishizes them.  I could go on but I think you get the idea.

We still get 30-50 submissions a day since Inquisition came out.

ModLC and I simply do not have the time to deal with BS…especially false BS

We have screenshotted all of Origins and DA2,  although we’re still finishing up some Inquisition playthroughs because we want screenshots with all the races/outcomes.

We’ve read the books and have the World of Thedas Vol 1, and the Art of Dragon Age.  We will NOT  post anything that is false because this blog has nearly 25,000 Followers, gets 1000 hits a day and averages 50 new followers a day and posting confessions with false information will only make it spread around.

And besides, there’s enough BS in this fandom.

Needless to say, it would have been easier if the confessor had submitted  a post stating they hated Cullen. There are a couple in the queue as it is.