i finished and posted all 30 days


6?/100 days of productivity 11.8.17

~hey folks! long time, no speak. i literally haven’t posted original content in ages, but anyways. i got this cute idea from my fellow fave, @studyflash ,so i hope you enjoy! this was my study day ~

  • 8:30- i woke up to a gusty and damp campus. its been raining all day, and although it’s beautiful, i can’t stand it :( 
  • 8:57- i started reading some poetry to just get my brain going and ready to study
  • 11:10- i finished studying for my biology class (i used anki).
  • 13:47- i went to my biology lab class. i was literally so scared to go today because we had an oral presentation, but i nailed it 
  • 14:55-i finished my oral presentation and started doing research for my lab paper. learn a lot of information about reef corals lmao.
  • 16:27- not really studious, but i walked back to my dorm, and now i am giving my brain a break by making this post before i go out and study for my english quiz tomorrow. yipee. 

•19 novemeber 2017•

working on the first draft of a paper that is due on thursday. feeling a bit overloaded because i was super lazy about my work last week, but it’s entirely my fault for not finishing everything on time. studying on my windowsill today ft. my slytherin socks and the obnoxious cat who sits outside and meows all day. 

fallen off the wagon for @justjasminestudying​‘s studyblr challenge. whoops. 

pretty sure i missed days 15-18…so…
day 19/30 (?)

19. what’s your favorite subject? think i answered this already but its hands -down russian language. 

30-Day OTP Challenge!

Behold, a 30-day OTP challenge! There may or may not be more of these challenges in the future, but for now, have fun with this one.

Your challenge is to create pieces inspired by 30 prompts in this challenge, one every day if you can. Create drawings, write short stories, or do any other form of creation. The prompts/inspirations are below the cut. If you’re thinking about doing this, be sure to reblog and share it!

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I Wish For This

[also on ao3]

A/N: Heyo so I never post full fics on tumblr, but I know a lot of people prefer to read them on tumblr and since this is a one shot and not a chapter fic I might as well. I just hate having to go through and fix all the italics once I copy/paste lol. Also, this fic is unbeta’d because my beta isn’t feeling super and I also only just finished it so let me know if you find any mistakes.

It’s still techincally Dec 19 where I am, about 30 minutes past 11, so this still counts as Virgil’s birthday!

(I also only had barely two days to write this so I’m sorry if it’s bad lol)

Summary: Virgil may have not wanted to make a big deal out of his birthday, it never went well, after all, but to have the other sides not acknowledge it hurt. Didn’t they care?

Ships: Platonic LAMP + Thomas

Warnings: None?

Word Count: 3,931

Virgil awoke from his nightmare with a start. Checking his phone, he decided it wasn’t worth it to try and get back to sleep. Four in the morning was a perfectly reasonable time to start the day.

He made his way down the stairs and into the kitchen, starting a pot of coffee, not caring that the caffeine would only serve to make the day’s anxiety worse. Checking his phone again while waiting for it to brew, he finally realized the date.


It was his birthday.

Virgil shrugged it off. His birthdays usual ended up awful, there was no point in trying to focus on it. It would only end up making him feel worse.

Even if the other sides were more accepting of him now, they wouldn’t celebrate it. They probably didn’t even remember, if they even knew in the first place.

Virgil looked away from his phone to discover that he had completely zoned out, simply staring at his blank phone screen. His coffee was finished brewing.

“Fuck it,” he muttered with a yawn, and grabbed the entire pot to take back to his room.

It was going to be a long day of avoiding everyone, after all.

Roman woke with a groan to someone relentlessly knocking on his bedroom door. He peeled his exhausted eyes open to check the clock on his bedside table. Seven AM.

The knocking wasn’t stopping. Weren’t they getting tired? Ugh. a prince needed his beauty sleep!

Roman slowly slid himself from his toasty cocoon, shivering as the cold winter air caressed over his sleep-warmed skin. He really needed to get Logan to turn the heating up…

How did they even have heating? They lived in Thomas’s head! How could the mindscape even get cold?!

Roman shook the thoughts away. It was weird, thinking about their situation, and it always ended up giving him a headache. Similar to the headache that incessant knocking was giving him.

He flung the door open, preparing to glare at whoever was on the other side, but couldn’t muster the heart to when he was met with Patton’s panicked face. Logan stood behind him looking as tired and disheveled as Roman felt.

“Patton?” Roman yawned.

“It’s Virgil’s birthday!” Patton hissed back quietly.

Without warning, Patton grabbed both his and Logan’s hands and dragged them into the commons.

“It is Virgil’s birthday,” Patton repeated, this time at a normal speaking volume, as there was no more risk of Virgil overhearing. “And we are going to make today special for him.”

“How is it even possible that we have birthdays?” Logan muttered, still appearing half asleep. “We’re not people.”

Roman, wanting nothing more than to go back to sleep, was inclined to agree. Then he saw Patton’s teary scowl.

“We celebrated our birthday! We have to celebrate his!” Patton was really about to cry now, a few tears almost escaping. “He’s family.”

Understanding bloomed on Logan’s face. Roman was still lost. It was way too early for this.

“Virgil’s first video,” Logan mumbled, barely audible, but Roman immediately understood.

“That must’ve been a shitty birthday last year,” he said.

“Language,” Patton chastised, but it lacked it’s usual heat. “And that’s why we have to make this year super special!”

Suddenly, Roman wasn’t tired anymore. He’d given Virgil so much grief up until recently. He had a lot to make up for. Virgil’s birthday this year had to be perfect.

“I’m in,” Roman said, placing his hand in the middle of the three of them.

Patton beamed and placed his hand on top of Roman’s. They both glanced toward Logan.

He sighed and placed his hand on theirs. “I suppose, if it will make Virgil happy,” he said.

Patton cheered and hugged them both, before pulling back into a huddle formation.

“Alright, so here’s the plan…”

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Day ?? - Interacting with your crush

Would you believe me if I said I drew this first out of all the prompts in the challenge? LOLOLOL I wanted to post them in order but I realized the fatesona child thing was also a prompt so… oh well. 😂😂😂

IB Survival Guide: PART ONE

As someone who’s been through the IB program and finished with horrible mental and physical health, here are some tips and tricks so that you guys don’t end up like me :)

Disclaimer: subject specific tips vary for SL/HL students, go to the bottom of the post to see what HLs and SLs I took


  • Please please start your IAs early! Split it out across multiple days! Honestly each section takes around 30 minutes for IAs
  • Even if it’s the worst rough copy in the history of the planet, get all your words on there, THEN start editing, formatting, and adding pictures. Trust me, this is much less stressful and your final copy will probably be much cleaner
  • Science IAs- START YOUR EXPERIMENTS EARLY get as many trials as you can in!
  • Be sure to talk to your teachers about ideas for your papers beforehand!
  • Geography/English/French IAs- start early for these too. If you’re like me and you have “oh shit” moments when you suddenly get really good ideas half way through your work and have to restart, starting early for these is a good idea. Especially for geo, writing the IA is relatively easy, spreading it out over 4-5 days works well.
  • Peer editing is always a good idea, people may catch things you didn’t


  • CHOOSE A TOPIC YOU LIKE- Interest plays a big part in how well you do, choosing a topic I was interested in made me not mind spending so much time on my EE
  • Choosing a topic you don’t like may increase your chance of leaving it to the last minute
  • START YOUR EEs EARLY and have at least 3 drafts. I split mine up over the course of 4 months, and came out with an A on my Geography EE.
  • Like the IAs, do one section a day, for example, start with introduction, then methodology, etc. etc.
  • I highly suggest doing a geo EE because even if you don’t have results you’re okay, you just have to explain why there was no correlation
  • Geo EE protips: have lots of pretty handdrawn maps, you can have an ok data analysis and still get a good grade, have good methodology, 
  • discuss your EE with your supervisor often, make sure you udnerstand what you’re studying


  • Oh boy this is the scariest part of IB for any student
  • REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW as much as you can!
  • Study each subject for at least 5 days!
  • Seriously, doing practice exams helps you get used to IB’s way of asking you things and you have an idea of what to expect
  • Do the practice exams guys
  • Just do them
  • If your school has mock exams, study really hard for them so you get an idea of how you need to study for the actual examsLook back on mistakes you’ve made on tests/mocks
  • While studying, focus on your weak points, but don’t ignore your strong points– forgetting things is easy
  • Being refreshed and ready to go is important because youll be able to focus better and your brain will work better– I did this and it was good
  • If you’re allowed to take snacks into the exam, take snacks into the exam (but not loud snacks, gummies and stuff)
  • take water into the exam but don’t drink a lot of water– pee breaks are a waste of time
  • if you need to pee during an exam try to hold it in
  • just try to avoid having to pee
    • You can study for your English Lit and French A lang lit exams in like a day if you’re not too keen on getting above a 5. Be familiar with the material
    • Memorize 5-7 important quotes– preferable really short ones
    • Even if it’s not mandatory to memorize quotes, sticking quotes in is an asset
    • Spend 10-20 minutes planning your essay out, get your ideas down on a paper before writing your essay
    • Remember: quality over quantity, even if you have lots written down, it’s your ideas that get you most of the marks
    • Use highlighters, highlight important words, quotes, etc in the passages you’re given
    • annotate your passages
    • Have a colour coding system for your passages when you highlight, each colour should be an important point, but have 3-4 main important points, so 3-4 colours (this helps with planning as well)
    • If your prompt is like, discuss 2 OR MORE something something, discuss only 2, it’s easier, and you waste less time planning/writing, and you can have more ideas
    • Practice problems are good, on top of practice exams
    • Understand the material!!!!!!!!!!! Memorization is not understanding!!! IB asks a lot of questions that require application
    • If you suck at calculus, try to understand it better and don’t be like me and assume there isn’t going to be a lot of it.
    • Seriously study the calculus @all you SL students
    • Study the calculus
    • Yeah for this you need to memorize really well, see how well you know the material by going out on walks pointing at things and seeing how you can relate it to what you’ve earned
    • Study from multiple sources for geo, sometimes there are details that are missed
    • Memorize lots of case studies and stats!!!!!!!
    • memorize graphs and maps too, drawing them to support your points in your answers shows how well you understand the material


  • REVIEW OH MY GOD REVIEW E V E R Y T H I N G as much as possible throughout the year!!!!!!
  • Tips to force yourself to review:
    • Take shitty notes in class
    • This way you have to retake good notes– wow you’re going over material that was previously taught!
    • Make cheatsheets! Even if you don’t use them during tests, cheatsheets are a great way to have all your material on one page and ohmygod look at you you’re reviewing your notes again to condense them!
    • Flash cards work too
  • Find a way to enjoy writing notes–  for me, I like using fancy pens and highlighters, that way I looked forward to doing it
  • Find a study environment you like! A cafe, the library, the park, even a different part of the house
  • Changing your study environment can also help you focus– a change of scenery helps sometimes and you won’t get bored!
  • Talk to yourself
  • Seriously just explain concepts to yourself talk to yourself hearing yourself say it makes the info sink in better
  • Make really weird mnemonics idk it worked for me
  • Group studying can help for courses that need discussion in order to better understand concepts– Geo, English and French
  • Explaining things to people also helps
  • Do your homework kids– even if your teacher doesn’t check it, always find time to do your homework
  • Do things based on a level of priority
  • example: I have a test and a big project worth lts of marks due tomorrow (I would focus on the project, but still study for the test enough to have a good grasp of the material)
  • I know tests don’t count for IB but this is what your teacher bases your predicteds off of, so study hard for them kids. It is also a method of review
  • Most teachers understand how students can get extremely stressed out with the amount of work we get, if you need an extension for a non-IB related thing, you should be able to ~politely~ ask them
  • Time management is key, set up schedules for yourself
  • If you’re studying something you hate, go hard at it for a limited amount of time, then go and study for something you like, or take a brain break
  • seriously taking breaks while studying is good
  • Use apps like forest to keep you focused
  • reward systems are good too, I do it with chocolate (one piece everytime I finish a chapter)


  •  lol good luck
  • The essay and the presentation are tough– but you can do it.
  • The nice thing about TOK is it’s mostly a thought dump, so dump your thoughts before organizing them into an essay
  • Discuss TOK things with your friends a lot– you’ll understand better, trust me, you’ll also get good ideas for presentations and stuff!
  • Get an interesting topic for your TOK presentation ok
  • discussion is the best advice I can give you guys
  • TOK is a special course
  • be prepared to get very angry because all your thoughts will contradict each other
  • existential crises are fun

That should be about it for Part 1 really, this is mainly academics based, I might add to this as time goes on.

If you have questions!!!! I took Chem HL, Bio HL, Geo HL, English Lit SL, French A Lang Lit SL, and Math SL, and did my EE in Geo. I’m happy to help any young ones out :))

Good Luck all you IB Students! You guys are brave, you can do it :)

I Calculated And (Part 1)

I figured How Long Has It Been Since Candy And Her Boyfriend Started Dating. Did That Make Sense? I Don’t Know.  @chinomiko Please consider this! I Just Wanted To Make It Clear!

This Post Will Have More Parts When I Finish Episode 34 and When New Episodes Come Out! This Is Until Episode 33′s End.


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Old Married Spirk Challenge 2017 Posting FAQ

OMS!! OMS~!!

+ How do I get on the masterpost?

Please fill out the finished work form for this year (the link is different from last year’s challenge). It tells me exactly how to credit you.

+ If I’m posting work on tumblr, do I need to tag anyone specific?

You don’t have to, but you’re welcome to add “oms challenge” to your tags, or @oldmarriedspirk or @plaidshirtjimkirk

+ When can I post my work?

Any time between Nov 1 and Nov 30, 2017.

+ If I have multiple chapters/pages, do I have to post them all on the same day?

Up to you! You can post them all at once, or spread posting your chapters out over the month. There’s no rule for this.

+ If I have multiple chapters/pages, do I need to submit each to the finished work form?

No, just send the URL for the first chapter or page. For comics, please include a next page link that will take viewers to the next part.

+ Can I contribute multiple pieces?

Yes! If your pieces aren’t linked like multiple chapters in a story or comic, please submit each work individually on the form.

+ When is the last day to sign up?

Nov 30, provided that you’re posting on Nov 30 as well. For your convenience, the sign up form is here.

+ I have another question!

Ask or send a PM. =)


Thanks! I’m really looking forward to this year’s submissions!!


here’s the casual and formal wear challenge for rosamund ✌️️im totally at my friend’s house havin a smirnoff and finishing this. i might post again with better quality pics.

i kinda took some liberties cos i don’t know what most nohrian casual clothes look like… but i stuck to the color scheme at least 🙃 she definitely likes her everyday dress more than fancy clothes. since she was a noble of sorts, she went to a lot of parties when she lived with her family. the formal dress she’s wearing was from a gathering where she was able to see the royal family in person. she didn’t get to personally meet them, but she was intimidated all the same.

30 Day Challenge 04★ Serge

Chrono Trigger without a shadow of a doubt one of the GREATEST RPGs of all time - especially on my list. That said, Chrono Cross was and is still one of my favorite RPGs to this day. Next to FF9 it’s probably had the biggest impact on me!

I got this one done late last night. I went 30 minutes over on this one but I wanted to finish anyway! Have to get faster at deciding on composition/pose! Doing this helps you discover potential weakspots in your planning and execution process. I decided to post it after I woke up today. 26 Days to go!

OverlordJC’s 30 Day Challenge posts so far
Day 03
Day 02
Day 01

Rules if you wanna try

Thanks for viewing!

I’m gonna be traveling on the 31st, so hey, here’s the schmoopy New Year’s Eve post written a few days early and queued up to post at a relevant time.

2017 was… weird. It was a terrible year for a lot of extremely awful and extremely obvious reasons, but for me personally there were simultaneously a lot of big and wonderful things happening. I got to be the New Year’s Resolution asshole and tick off all the stereotypical ones: lost 30 pounds, started a D&D game, learned to cook, finished four Duolingo courses on an unbroken 300-day streak, learned to use Premiere Pro, got a friggin’ PhD. I got a new (temporary but fantastic) job and started laying the groundwork for something more permanent, I published one paper and completed a second, I traveled a ton to visit awesome awesome friends and family and to do some real good work-related stuff, and I helped a fan-run project get captions available for 115 4-hour episodes of a livestreamed, unscripted internet show.

A huge amount of the year was spent at varying levels of stress and anxiety that collectively took about 20 years off my life, and making it out as well as I did comes down to so many wonderful, incredible friends. So many. So wonderful. If you’re reading this, you were probably a part of that group. If we talked even a bit this year, you were definitely a part of that group. Thank you.

I have no idea what 2018′s gonna bring. I’ll definitely be en route somewhere or other when the clock strikes midnight, and hopefully that’s a sign of things to come: transit, change, forward momentum. Whatever happens, it’s sure to be wonderful or terrible or both, so I guess all I can really do is prepare for it the best I can and make sure that if I stumble into a chasm, at least I do it with both eyes open.

I hope all of you can find some measure of security and well-being in 2018, but failing that, I hope you have people in your life who can help keep you above water until you reach solid ground once again. I hope you can continue to grow into the person you need you to be. I hope the world is kinder and gentler to you than it was in 2017. I hope you can forgive its minor imperfections and I hope you can let your demons off the leash to help tackle its bigger ones.

Happy New Year, friends. Bigger and brighter and different. I’m so glad you’re here.

30 Day OTP Challenge

Everyone’s doing Inktober now, but I really sucks at inking, so I decided to do the 30 Day OTP Challenge lol

Since I love Shklance a lot, so there’ll be Klance, Shance, Shieth & Shklance.
(Yes I’m a trash lol)

I’ve already done a few days now, and was plan to post them all at once, but there’s too many pictures and it’ll be mix up with different shippings, so I’ll still post them day by day.

Will post some finished ones later!

Inktober Post-Mortem

So I made it, if you’ll excuse me doing 30 drawings instead of 31 seeing as I put two prompts together for the last one to make up for a missing day (weekend before Halloween was busy.) But I’m proud of getting through my digital inktober, I’ve never completed a 30 day challenge before and it was pretty intense. I haven’t been this active in a long time (one time in 2013 I made more than 50 drawings in a month, oh to have that drive again.)

I admit that not all of the drawings I posted I’m proud of or happy with, but the most important part of doing this is to create something from start to finish every day and not look behind you. Even bad drawings make you stronger as long as you get them out of you. So even if I have yet to achieve the quality consistency I’m looking for, it’s still a step in the right direction just to consistently create.

That being said I’m glad I don’t have the pressure on me now and can settle in to some longer projects, finally return to some stuff that I was working on at the end of September, and have a break. What I’ve learned though is that I can do more art than I’ve been making previously if I push myself a little more, so maybe I can meet myself halfway and try to get more art done on a monthly basis, as long as my hands are doing okay.

Lastly I just want to point out my favorites, just because I can say I did make some I am happy with at least, so here:

Fennec Fox

Pumpkin Enjolras

Moth Combeferre

Werewolf Grantaire

Apple Grantaire

Anyway, thanks for sticking around and your lovely support throughout the month!


OMG WE MADE IT TO SHOW DAY!!!  This is my pregame picture. I’ll be celebrating with champagne and peach nectar bellinis for the actual show, but my icloud sucks so I had to get ready for the pic ahead of time. So I HAD to have a drink. Nothing to do with being anxious. Oh, I’ve got a new chapter in my prompt fics up. This is my last Polis prompt and I had to get it out before we saw Polis. Just finished it and I think I like it, especially the ending. 

I’m putting anon back on for my asks. Sorry about that. There were people buggng me with fake leaked scripts and I didn’t want to play. I won’t be here much until the show anyway, because I have some things to do. Partly I have to finish watching Perverse Instantiation part 2. Can you believe I didn’t finish my rewatch yet? I have 30 minutes left.  Which will take me an hour+ prob. I’ll try to get it posted so if you want a refresher on what happened, it will be both parts 1 and 2. More transcription than I should do, and a healthy dose of commentary. 


tagging @junebugninja @forgivenessishardforus @jane-doe07 @the-ships-to-rule-them-all @ginalou16 @insufficient-earth-skills @pixydustedviewfinder @falafel14 @ravenreyess @pixydustedviewfinder

About a month ago I realized I was going to be busy, but wanted to throw together one or more fandom based 30 day challenge posts.  In the end I didn’t have time for that but I did finish these two and they have been sitting on my tablet so I thought I’d throw them up here.  I don’t remember their day numbers but I do know the first one was for least favorite character.

In the first game I really liked Keira.  She was this sassy, tech savy, cute sexy girl-next-door type. There weren’t a ton of MAIN characters in the game, but I couldn’t say I picked favorites Between Jak Dax Samos and Keira.  They all just worked really well off of each other. 

Then with Jak 2 and 3 Keira sorta wasn’t written well.  In Jak 2 the writing for characters wasn’t great in general but Keira as a character pretty much just argued with Jak (Jealous over Ashelin, the thing with Errol, Jak working for Krew, “People say you get angry and… CHANGE!” does nobody talk to each other in this game?).  I know she hadn’t seen him in 2 years and he’s waaaay different now but jeeze. That’s all they do is bicker.

In Jak 3 Keira does even less.  She’s barley there.  Nuff said.  Actually most of what made me like her in J&D:TPL was given to Tess at this point, Just switch cars for guns.  And… y’know Tess does the one thing Keira doesn’t…

(I know there’s still JakXCR and Lost Frontier but better or worse the games still suffers from bad character writing in my opinion.  The fans write the characters better than NaughtyDog… maybe that’s part of why they don’t want to make Jak 4)

well, i`m always trying to smile and be positive, everyday with everyone, but  the truth is that i am really pissed of today.

A fanart take ONE day to be finished ( i`m slow, i know ). But you need less than 30s to tag my name when u repost it. I`m writing this because there are TOO MANY PPL that just care about stupid things like getting followers or more likes posting without permission or credits another person`s work.

I hate those people.

 WE are a fandom, and because we`re loving the same manwha we need to respect and support each others.

so remember to TAG or credit when you repost something that isn`t yours. 

For all the others, thank you very much for supporting my art~ please, if u see somewhere my drawings posted without credits, DM me here, on my Instagram ( t0shi_sart , not toshi_sart )or twitter (toshi4ki)

have a nice day~

The next time I make grand, sweeping proclamations about how much I love coloring, I invite all persons within arms reach to slap me across the face as hard as they want. It’s taken me about five days or so and nearly all of my creative energy and I’m posting it at 4:30 am but I FINISHED THE COVER FOR MY FANFIC!!!

All the blues in my pencil box hate me and I think the greens and browns are on their way, but all in all it came out pretty good! I still cannot draw water to save my life, but the giant Jason mask came out looking so incredible I don’t mind. The colors could be a bit darker perhaps but it’s hard to get just the right look with colored pencils sometimes. Overall I’m really happy with it!

This’ll Be Fun

Read here on AO3

Summary for Chapter 4:

He couldn’t figure out why Richie seemed to be staring at his legs so intently. Also, why did Richie look so upset about them?

Author’s note: I realized I forgot to upload this 4th chapter when I finished it the other day, so Chapter 5 will also be up in the next few minutes!

Author’s note UPDATE: Wow so I kinda posted the Chapter 5 under this originally, but it’s all fixed now, and this is officially the Chapter 4 story below!!

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3

Chapter 4 - The Bonfire (Part 2)

7:30 PM – Monday Night


Richie walked up to the group centered around the fire, his feet dragging along the ground, as soon as he entered the light of the fire everyone turned to him and he put on his normal, happy face.

He tried to keep his attention away from Eddie’s arm draped across his “friend’s” shoulder. A small smile crept onto Eddie’s face when his eyes met Richie’s and Richie felt his stomach erupt into butterflies. He cursed himself, how could this guy already be causing him to feel like this. He decided that despite Eddie having a boyfriend, he could still flirt with him, he would never over step his boundaries, but Eddie was cute and Richie wouldn’t be able to not flirt with him if he tried.

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100 days of practicing: Week Two

(I’ve decided to stick with this weekly format because it’s much easier for me to maintain. I just don’t have time to make original posts every day!)


  • monday: 2 hours
  • tuesday: 2 hours
  • wednesday: 2 hours and 15 mins
  • thursday: 1 hour
  • friday: 2 hours and 30 mins
  • saturday: -
  • sunday: 2 hours

total time: 11 hours and 45 mins

evenly divided: about 1.7 hours per day


  1. passed my music theory test!
  2. able to play all my scales @ 120
  3. “finished” movement three

next weeks goals: 

  1. get scales faster
  2. finalize movement three and move on to the other movements
  3. get better at quickly articulated high notes
Out of the Rain

Fandom: Sherlock BBC
Pairing: Mycroft/Lestrade
Word Count: 1077
AO3: [x]
Summary: It’s a miserable day—cold, wet, and windy. Fortunately, Mycroft is never far away. 

“Mycroft Holmes. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to be under your surveillance.”

“Who said you were under surveillance? Perhaps I was just in the area.” 

day 20: wind

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