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In need of saving || stiles stilinski

Requested: yes
Warning: kinda angsty I think

Plot:A Stiles imagine please where you haven’t been getting sleep lately because of researching and trying to help protect the pack and he begins to notice? And just like fluff and feelings and cute stuff,maybe angst? If you wrote something like it sorry!

“Have any of you seen y/n lately?” Stiles asked as they all sat at the lunch table.

“I though she was at the lake house with Lydia trying to break the code to the third part of the list” Scott answered looking up from his lunch to the strawberry blond sitting across him.

She sighted shaking her head “ she left to research on her own , I haven’t heard from here since Friday”

“Guys it’s wensday shouldn’t one of us go see if she is fine” Liam sugested raising an eyebrow.

“I’ll go , this is my last class and I will drive her to Scott’s for the pack meet” stiles stated as the bell rang and he left toward the his car.


“Y/n, y/n” he shouted for her as he entered the house getting no response and running up the stairs to her room finding her in a mess of loose paper laying around her and several cups of coffee and several empty pill bottles around her. He picked up one of the pill bottles before looking at her with worried eyes.

“These are GenX , anti sleep pills, how long have you been up?” He asked , her back still facing him as she typed away on her laptop.

She turned around , dark circles under her eyes m her eyes red and bloodshot, eye sockets seaming sunk in from lack of food and sleep “ since Thursday” she replied casually voice slightly above a whisper.

“Y/n , it’s Wednesday ” stiles exclaimed throwing the empty pill bottle away trying to drag her away from the laptop as she fought back.

“No stop I’m fine” she yelled slapping his hand away but as she went t go back to researching he took her laptop and shut it “ come on I’m not fucking around , I need to save them"she pulled her knees up to her chest , a defeated sob leaving her mouth.

"This is all because of last week , seeing Brett almost die in front of yo-” stiles tried reasoning with her.

“It’s not about that” she yelles trying to stand up from the chair but wobbling and falling on the bed. She sights trying to stop the tears “ it’s not about those we save , it’s about those who we didn’t save , Sean , Demarco , Carrie and god knows how many more if we don’t find who The benefactor is. Who knows who is going to be next , what if it’s not someone we don’t know , what if it’s Scott , Liam , Kira , malia or Lydia.”

Stiles sits on the bed beside her sighting “You can’t do this to , you aren’t responsible for them dying, we couldn’t know”

“But now we do Stiles , now we know there is a crazy psychopath out there wanting to kill us all. We need to save them” she whispers looking up to face him.

“How about you?” Stiles asked keeping the eye contact with her tear stained eyes.

“What about me?” She questioned.

“You said what if the next is Scott,Liam , Kira , malia or Lydia. What about you? You are on that list as well , you are trying to save them but who is going tot save you?” He said sighting looking at her even through she broke the eye contact leaning against the wall on the other side of the bed.

“I-I just don’t want to see another one of us in the hospital , I don’t want to attend another funeral. ” she said , voice breaking for each word leaving her lips “ I guess if it’s me I don’t need to see that , I don’t need to attend my own funeral so it doesn’t matter as long as you are safe”

“Y/n y/l/n , the girl who saved everyone but failed to save herself” stiles said looking out her window at the weather starting to darken “ you failed to save yourself but I’ll save you. ” he pulled her close to his chest as she cuddled up into a ball and let out one finial sight.

“I’ll figure it out, i promise” she sighted sleep slowly taking over her.

“We’ll figure it out togheter” stiles said and for the first time in a long time looked in the eyes of the young girl and noticed all the pain and agony hidden there, she had carried this burden of saving all the others for so long there were visible scars on her soul now. He sights giving her a kiss of the forehead"I’ll keep you safe tonight , I promise"

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while now guys, I’ve been going trough a lot lately and honestly this imagine is probably shit ad but I felt like I was letting everyone down if I didn’t post like this blog is my only source of happiness and I can’t keep thinking that I’m letting you down. So sorry and thanks for reading this x