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I Love It (M)

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It’s 2:10 am, and your glorious-voiced, annoying ass boyfriend is drunk texting you.  What could he possibly want at this time of night when he’s in a different country and time-zone?  Only one way to find out, right?

<<“Yes, yeobo.  What’s wrong?”

>>”miss u lotz ;)”

<<”Oppa its 2am. Can we talk tomorrow, when ur sober & I’ve slept”

>> bt……..dnt u miss me??? D:

<<Of course I do oppa, it’s just I’m tired.  Stressful day and no u to come home too :(“

>>Don’t worry baby, oppa will be there soon to help :P”

<<”Promises. Promises.”

>>”Open the door.”

<<”Haha. Not funny.  Ur still on tour.”


Who the fuck is ringing my doorbell at this time.  Picking up your baseball bat, you head to the front door.  Looking through the peephole, all you can see is the top of a man’s head.  You’d recognize that head anywhere, you’ve seen the top of it more times than you can count.  You opened the door and yanked him before the neighbors started complaining.  Not only was he drunk, he was loudly singing ‘I Love It,’ the song he “supposedly wrote about the two of you.  You were pretty sure he just said that to get some, but you let it slide, it was a damn good song and your favorite.

Pouting with your arms crossed you stare at Kwon Hyuk, or as his Rebels know him Dean, your boyfriend of nearly four years who was currently struggling to get his shoes off.  Once he finally stood up, leaning on the door with a goofy grin, you couldn’t help but crack a small smile at him.  But, you knew you had to stay strong if you wanted answers.  “So…you get back and go drinking with your friends instead of calling or seeing me?  And you wake me up to let you in?  Really Hyuk??”  As you say the words you can feel your ears getting hot, but you close your eyes and focus on your breathing.  You know you have a tendency of letting your anger get the best of you.  But that just led to AWESOME makeup sex, you could never stay mad at him long.  He was just too cute, and he knew just how to make you melt.

“자기야.  I never planned this, I swear.  We got in and had to go to a meeting this afternoon.  My plan was to come home early and surprise you, but we started celebrating and I lost track of time.미안해…how can I make it up to you?”  Not the puppy dog eyes!  He was doing it, yep, you were gonna break.  You were breaking, the walls were coming down.  He stepped closer, waiting for you to close the distance, pouting his lips.  That was it, walls destroyed.  Sighing you wrapped your arms around his waist laying your head on his chest, you breathed deep and jerked away from him.  “You could go take a shower, you said laughing.  “You smell like you bathed in whiskey and cigar ashes.  Oh my God,” you couldn’t help but to laugh at his shocked expression.  

“I don’t even get a kiss?”  

“No, you don’t stinky.  I’m going back to bed,” you call over your shoulder as you returned to your shared bedroom.  As you slipped into your now cold sheets you sighed and rolled over not being able to sleep.  You needed him, it wasn’t enough that he was home, you needed him to hold you.  You need to have him in bed so you could lay on his chest tangling your legs together.  Hearing his heart while he sang to you softly, rubbing soothing circles on your lower back.  You laid there staring at the ceiling waiting for the shower to turn off.  A few minutes later you FINALLY heard the sound of the shower turning off.  Just when you were going to check to see if he fell asleep on the toilet again, too funny.  You had sooo many pictures of him there.  Right as you were about to throw the covers back, you heard the bathroom door open and his feet softly padding down the hall.  He came in in his sleep pants and no shirt.  He smiled when he saw you were still awake.  

“What’s wrong, 자기?  Did you forget something?”  He laughed, he knew you hated sleeping alone.  Just like him, but he hardly admits it out loud. He just drops hints when he’s on tour, saying he wished you were there to see the sights and he missed you.  You didn’t care, you told him you needed to feel him close. Not just for sex, but just because he was a part of you now. You guys never talked about the past or the future. You just loved and lived in the now.

“You know I had to wait for my Hyukkie-Bear,” you laughed as he cringed at his least favorite nickname. But he smiled and “assumed the position” nonetheless. As soon as he was situated and opened his arms you laid your head over his heart as his hand rested on your hip, rubbing small circles.  You two fit together perfectly, like a two piece puzzle. He was your perfect match and you were his.

“What do you want to hear tonight baby?”  You cuddled deeper into his side, breathing in your favorite scent, just his skin and body wash. No fancy colognes to hide the smell that was just him.

“Whatever you want, as long it’s you singing,” you sighed closing your eyes.  He started the singing Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking Out Loud.’  The song you fell in love with on first listen, other than his of course.  You were asleep by the time he finished the chorus, you hadn’t fallen that easily the whole time he was gone and it was heaven sent.  “Baby,” he whispered poking you.  “자기?”  He said a little louder, poking you harder.  Taking your grunt as a signal you were awake he asked, “Will you marry me?”  Not listening and being half asleep, you cuddled down deeper, kissed his chest and said, “Yeah babe, of course.”  As you peacefully slept, Hyuk slipped your engagement ring on your finger.  Rose gold with a chocolate diamond like you always wanted.  With a smile on his face, he kissed you on the top of your head, “I love you, y/n.”

And with that he closed his eyes, went to sleep and awoke the next morning to you running and screaming down the hall.  Pouncing on him, screaming “I LOVE IT,” while kissing him all over his face.  Just like he knew you would.

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Hi! If you are not too busy, I would like to request something with Matt and B? Its Crack but I love them so much in any way haha. Maybe just B lighting Matts Cigarette or something? Thank you for sharing your wonderful art, have a nice Day!♡

I hope you like it. I’m still practicing with my drawing tablet. Thank you so much for the request. I kinda find it funny that Matt would go to Beyond for a light, of all people, lol. I mean B and fire tho.

Sooo… I watched ep 3 of the Boruto anime.
Basically it was shit, pure shit.
The plot is stupid, Shino makes a shit teacher, the punishmen they didn’t deserve was to fix the Hokage monument… For some reason.
And they’re surprised that it didn’t end well, I suppose it’s unlogical to make actual sculptors do it, lets send the academy students instead (not even a genin team), some free labor.
They can’t afford it with Konoha’s failing economy either way.
Temari is a shit mom, she’s supposed to be stern (?) like Yoshino or something.
On the other hand Shikamaru makes a good dad. About the thing with Metal, where was Lee in all this? And the other teachers for that matter.
Boruto has a new doujutsu apparently. And he also has no idea about his mother’s entire family’s kekkei genkai at all.

Naruto comes back home (early as Hinata says, haha) says hi and inmediatly goes to sleep, he even misses diner because he’s too tired, he looks miserable too I find it really funny.
Wasn’t he a shonen hero a year ago or something?
Boruto is really a brat, he steals and every time he fucks up all he has to say is sorry and he’s forgiven.
The only positive thing I have to say is that Shikadai is a good kid and really tries to apologize to Metal and be friends, Inojin is cute, I like how he uses his paintings to fight which he got from Sai but he adds color to them probably due to his personality which I suppose he got from Ino and it’s sweet imo.
Little details like this.


In which everyone holds their own umbrellas except Jakes (and Bright ofc).

(I like to think Jakes won some bet with Strange, and now Strange has to stand and hold his umbrella whenever it rains for the next month.)

mint-vest replied to your post “the variety of characters and narratives in homestuck is wild bc being…”

i guess it indicates your sense of humor

I disagree, actually! I genuinely think Hussie must be a very intelligent person, seeing as he has  successfully managed to make his characters unique not only in personality, but in sense of humor. Being funny in several different ways like that must be very hard to achieve. 

I personally think Rose and Kanaya are easily the funniest characters, with their rambling thoughts that quietly belie some punchline in a much wordier way than necessary, or with their deadpan senses of humor. Noting that, I also know that not everyone shares this opinion. Some people think Dave is the funniest, and his sarcasm is often very different than Rose’s, if by presentation alone.

Jade and John have their own unique way of being funny that I love as well- Jade has a chipper personality that makes her random outburts of cursing even funnier, and her random, poorly-hidden acts of clairvoyance in the beginning definitely made me laugh. John is funny by way of being the more “normal” kid sometimes, giving only a “haha, what?” in response to one of Rose’s drawn out attempts at a joke, and things like that.

Not to delve into every way that each character’s humor works, I think we can agree that there are a multitude of different styles within the comic. Some characters are similar to one another, but not every character is funny in the same way. What characters different people find funny can show a lot about their personality, but the fact that they like Homestuck alone cannot.

Prom Dance (a Johnny Depp oneshot)

“You look so sweet honey!” said my mom as I was getting ready for my prom. I was really nervous because the hottest person in our school, Johnny, was going to be my prom date. I remember the day he asked me to go to prom with him. I was so surprised yet happy. I wanted to be perfect tonight. Maybe could Johnny be my first kiss.

As I was finally putting my lipstick, I heard the doorbell. I couldn’t breathe for a moment, then I calmed down. My mom was so happy because Johnny was so mannered, smart and good-looking. She opened the door while I was finishing my look. I could hear my mom’s voice and the sweet voice of Johnny. My heart skipped a beat.

As I walked out of my room, both Johnny and my mom turned their head to me. My mom looked so proud. And Johnny… He looked stunned and so did I. He was looking A-MA-ZING in that smoking. He was dressed in black and white. So classy I thought.

“You guys are going to slay the prom.” My mom was too enthousiast again.
“I-I guess so haha.” I said as I was stripping Johnny with my eyes.
“My lady.” Said Johnny in a funny way as he was approaching. He held my hand tightly.
“I guess we have to leave now, otherwise we are going to be late.”

He was right. 
"Let’s go then!“

I hopped into his black mercedes as my mom was waving at us. Was this real? It was too good to be real.

“You look incredible Y/N. I find that black dress of yours really cute. Just like you.” he said as he was driving. He turned his head and left a small kiss on my cheek. God this guy was too good. I blushed.
“You look great, too. That smoking is so classy. I was choking on my words.

When we finally arrived, he opened my door and held my hand to take me out of the car. His cologne hit me one more time. I thought I was going to faint.When we walked into the building, the music was already playing. It was really crowded and everyone was dancing to the DJ.

We thought it was too loud so we decided to go elsewhere.Just as we were stepping outside, I heard slow-music playing.

"Johnny, did you hear that! Come on let’s dance!”
“Y/N, I’m not the kind of person who enjoys dancing.”
“I’m pretty sure you say that because you can’t dance.” I really wanted to dance with him.
“Please, I hate danc..” I held his hand and dragged him into the dancefloor.

The couples were dancing and everyone turned at us when we stepped in. Now, he HAD TO dance. I saw the annoyment in his eyes. He held my hand and my waist. And we started to dance.
“Wow, Johnny! You dance really good.” I whispered in his ear.
“Yeah, I took classes for a while but I can’t say I enjoyed it at all.” He whispered back. I felt a connection between us. I put my head on his shoulder and smelled him.

We danced for a whole song and then we left the floor. I didn’t want to annoy him. We found an empty place where no one could find us. I knew things were going intense. As he closed the door, he pressed me to the wall and started kissing me.

“I think I have feelings for you Y/N.” He said while he was still kissing me.
“Oh believe me, me too Johnny.” I held his head and he my waist. We went on with kissing for straight 5 minutes before things were getting serious.
“Johnny, I really love you but I think we should do this in a special place.”
“I guess you are right. I want to invite you to my house for dinner tomorrow. You can meet my parents as we are officially dating. Maybe we can do something special later.” He winked and left a small kiss on my lips.
“Why not.” I said as I was thinking about the things that were going to happen the next day.

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Got7 Reaction To You Rejecting Them

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GOT7 react to you rejecting them?

Mark: Alright fine, if you’re going to be that way. Way to just bring me down a peg. Couldn’t even try to salvage my pride by letting me down gently…So I am just going to be returning home to Coco, the girl who really loves me.

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JB: *almost has too much of an ego to understand that you are serious* Haha funny, like anyone would reject me. Oh wait, what? Why? Am I too attractive? 
You: No, I’m just not really interested in you, or any relationship for that matter.
JB: Then I will respect that but I hope you know that you are missing out on this entire package.

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Jackson: *trying to process why.* I can speak like four languages, I am very fit, I am smart, funny, talented, really, what don’t I have? A third boob? *but if he had confessed and you were close, he’d probably just tease you about it very Aya, guess I’m not good enough for you, huh? I should work harder ;)*

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Junior: *picture of respectfulness and seriousness* Well, if that is how you honestly feel, I will certainly respect that and I’m sorry if I’ve burdened you with my feelings and I hope we can go back to our previous relationship with each other…

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Youngjae: *a definitional picture of awkwardness* Oh uh, then just forget I said anything. I wasn’t really all that serious. In fact, just forget I exist. There is no Choi Youngjae whoever confessed to you adn that never happened.

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BamBam: How do you know I’m not man enough for you? I’m sorry

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*back to being serious* *He has to repeat it to himself that you do not in fact like him. It’s not like it’s a big blow to his ego, but he’ll be disappointed. Even if he is flirty or suggestive, he wouldn’t just confess to or ask just anyone out on a date…*

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Yugyeom: Jackson I am fine. She just rejected me. I am fine. Could you just leave me alone now? *Despite being very young, the Maknae would handle it maturely. He’d probably be down for a couple days and wouldn’t know how to act around you but he’ll ultimately be ok.*

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how do you feel about Teddie? (i think p5 is my favorite persona game now, but p4 still holds a special place in my heart as my first persona game and i cant bring myself to replace him as my favorite mascot ;w; )

p4 holds a special place in mine as well !! I really got attached to the characters, and I got really emotional during certain scenes in the later portion of the game, it was directed so well and I had a blast playing it!! all of the persona gaves make me really emotional !!

Teddie is actually really funny and sad to me. He spends so much of the game trying to find out who he is and after the mid way point I just cant help but feel really bad for the guy!! The end of his social link got me really sad too tbh!! i feel like him and morgana would have fun talking bad about ryuji and yosuke together haha I think teddie is a nice comic relief but he holds a really depressing atmosphere to him!! and I agree I always view him more of a mascot compared to morgana- haha oh well!!

thank you for sending a question<3 if there is anything I love more its talking about p4!! 

Amanda Abbington: ‘Playing an Edwardian cougar was liberating’


28 December 2014


From Mr Selfridge to Sherlock, since she hit 40 actress Amanda Abbington has been more in demand than ever. She tells Daphne Lockyer about her on-screen romances and heartbreak – and family life with her famous other half…

Amanda Abbington’s tips for how to succeed as an actress include ‘being a decent person’, ‘not taking yourself too seriously’ and ‘treating others as you’d like to be treated yourself’. She puts these essentials on a par with ‘turning up on time’ and ‘knowing your lines’ – and infinitely higher than, say, ‘inhabiting the role’ or ‘getting all method about it’.

‘Don’t get me wrong,’ she laughs. ‘I do admire people who refuse to come out of character, even when they’re in the lunch queue [she doesn’t, by the way – you can tell by the naughty twinkle that illuminates her lovely face]. But, personally, I’d find it too exhausting and I have small children [Joe, eight, and Grace, six] who prefer to have their mummy back at the end of the day.

 ‘I’m not sure, either, that it makes you a better actor than someone you can have a chat with, preferably in their own accent, when you’re hanging about on set. And isn’t the ability to have a laugh as important as anything else?’

It’s no wonder, then, that she’s such a joy to interview – friendly, funny, conspiratorial. She has arrived this morning for our chat in the empty bar of London’s Royal Court Theatre – where, until recently, she was starring in the play God Bless the Child – dressed casually in a black tunic and jeans, a pair of luminous, glittery trainers on her feet. She is rosy-cheeked from having walked the family’s three demanding dachshunds, Jodie, Arthur and Stan. ‘Who needs the gym?’ she laughs.

Since her partner Martin Freeman (star of The Office, The Hobbit and Sherlock) is away in Lithuania filming BBC drama The Eichmann Show, she has dropped the children off with her mum and dad. Amanda is the only child of loving, working-class parents – her dad John was a taxi driver and her mum Patsy was a cleaner. And she needs their support more than ever right now since her own career is also on the up and up.

After all, not only has she fulfilled her drama school dream of appearing at the Royal Court, she has also defied the doubters with her brilliant turn in the hit BBC series Sherlock – a contemporary take on Arthur Conan Doyle’s iconic detective stories starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the eponymous sleuth and his partner John Watson played, of course, by Martin Freeman himself. In an odd piece of symmetry, she joined the last series to play John’s wife, Mary Morstan.

Then there’s the role that we’re here to talk about today – the quietly passionate Miss Josie Mardle in the unmissable Mr Selfridge, which returns to ITV in the New Year. The period drama – which stars Jeremy Piven as Harry Selfridge, the man who revolutionised the retail industry when he created the world famous Oxford Street store – is now in its third series.

Set in 1919, just after the end of the First World War, the upcoming series sees Miss Mardle return to the store as the new Head of Fashion in the wake of a personal tragedy. Shockingly, Florian – the handsome young Belgian with whom she found love in the last series – has been killed on the final day of the conflict.

The back-to-back work in recent months has required some juggling, says Amanda. ‘But every actor loves to work and I also get to spend uninterrupted time with my kids when I’m not working, which wouldn’t be possible with a nine-to-five job.’

I do a lot of crying in the new series of Mr Selfridge. It’s 1919, just after the First World War, and Miss Mardle’s heart is broken. Again. Honestly, there were days when I was wrung out emotionally.

Poor Miss Mardle has no luck in love. First, she was devastated when head of staff Mr Grove [Tom Goodman-Hill] dumped her after his wife died and promptly married Doris. And now she’s grieving for Florian, who taught her to love again. Just as well she has so much inner steel. The more I play her, the more I admire her.

Playing an Edwardian cougar made me cringe at times. I was 40 this year and Oliver Farnworth, who played Florian, was, well, young! I’d say, ‘Oh, I’m so sorry, you have to kiss me now!’ But, actually, it was quite liberating and what better way for Miss Mardle to mend her broken heart than to find a gorgeous younger man? Yes, that’s what I’d do if Martin and I ever broke up – find a handsome 20-year-old. Haha!

Her relationship with Mr Grove has always been tempestuous. She still has feelings for him, I think. They both apply for the store manager’s job and when he says, ‘Why are you applying? You’re just a woman!’, it’s a red rag to a bull. Pretty funny to play, too.

The cast of Mr Selfridge feels like family. We spend five months each year filming in Neasden at an old carpet factory that has been turned into a spectacular permanent set. During breaks we sit beneath a gazebo, mostly doing the crossword together.

Jeremy Piven makes us all laugh. You hear such horror stories about Hollywood actors not wanting you to ‘get in their eye line’ or to even talk to them on set. But Jeremy’s not like that at all. He’s a good team player. My relationship with him mostly revolves around jokes and taking the p*** out of each other.

My career feels better at 40 than ever before. But I’ve had what I call my ‘barren years’ – or about 18 months anyway, when it all went quiet… It happened shortly after Martin and I first got together. His career was skyrocketing with The Office and mine just suddenly stopped. Fortunately, I’m a scrapper and I can’t imagine not acting. So I fought for my career. I changed agents, went up for every possible part. Then I was cast with Mathew Horne in 20 Things to Do Before You’re 30 and it’s been good ever since.

I’ve never been jealous of Martin’s success. But, of course, there’s a little part of you that goes, ‘Really?’ when your other half is working and you’re not. You say, through gritted teeth, ‘Oh, you’re going to be in that, are you? Great! I can take the bins out and put the kids to bed when you’re gone. No problem.’ But, joking aside, I am fiercely proud and protective of him. I love what he does and genuinely think he’s one of our finest actors.

Separation is the most difficult thing. It was tough while Martin was away in New Zealand for months filming the three Hobbit movies and bad again during the American TV series Fargo, which took him to Calgary for five months solid. It’s not just the heartbreak involved, it’s also the danger that you’ll reach a point of thinking. ‘Oh, I can do this alone. Why are we together?’

We’ve made a promise now to limit our time apart. Martin is in Lithuania for a month and that’s doable, but next year he’s filming The Taliban Shuffle with Tina Fey for several months in New Mexico and New York. So the kids and I will be going with him for at least part of the time. Yes, of course as actors we love to work, but we love each other and our family so much more.

Being able to work together on Sherlock has been pure bliss. And I don’t care if people think that nepotism was involved. I’d worked with [Sherlock actor and creator] Mark Gatiss before and he always joked he’d find a way of casting me in Sherlock. We were having dinner with him, Steven Moffat [the show’s co-creator] and producer Sue Vertue, when the subject of who should play Mary Morstan came up. I was making suggestions and they said, ‘No, we want you to play her.’ I turned to Martin in shock and said, ‘Would that be OK?’ And he said, ‘I’d love it!’ I think I might actually have cried.

People talk about being ‘team John’ or ‘team Sherlock’. But how can you choose? Both Martin and Ben [Benedict Cumberbatch] are amazing in different ways, but they generate this amazing chemistry.

I love the complexity of Mary Morstan’s character. And I’m really looking forward to playing her again when we film a 2015 Christmas special and new series next year. She’s a strong woman but she also has great vulnerability and flaws – and a few psychopathic tendencies, obviously.

Marrying Martin on screen in Sherlock was lovely. I wore a stunning antique lace dress and we filmed it on a beautiful summer’s day with all the core actors from the show present. It was like a party. At one point Martin and I did say to each other, ‘We really should have done this in real life.’

We often joke about getting married. The other day we were in the kitchen and the old Gilbert O’Sullivan song ‘Matrimony’ came on the radio. Martin said, ‘This would be good to walk down the aisle to.’ But neither of us has ever really felt the pressure to marry. We’ve been together for 14 years, shared good and bad experiences, had two kids and I can still say that Martin is my best friend. He makes me laugh like no one else and I can’t imagine my life without him. I don’t know how being married would change anything.

When I first met Martin it was a thunderbolt. It was in 2000, in the make-up truck on Men Only – the first time we worked together. I’d liked watching him in the comedy sketch show Bruiser and remember thinking, ‘Ooh, he’s nice.’ Then, when I clapped eyes on him in the flesh, it was like, ‘Oh, it’s YOU. You’re the one.’

I didn’t know if I wanted kids before Martin. But with him it was suddenly, ‘Oh my God, you’re the father of my children!’ Obviously, I didn’t tell him that or he’d have run a mile but both of us thought, ‘What a relief, I don’t have to keep looking any more.’

Every relationship shapes you. And I’ve had a couple that I’d describe as ‘not great’. Fortunately, you come out of bad relationships thinking, ‘Never again’. It’s also quite handy to remember them when you’re searching for anger in a role.

I think about my grandmother when I’m playing heartbreak. I miss her so much since she died four years ago. She was the most incredible, strong, intelligent, loving woman who was blissfully married to my grandfather for her entire adult life. For me, they were the benchmark of true love. It might sound mental but I still talk to her every day. We have two robins in the garden who come right up to the kitchen step. I feel sure it’s my grandparents paying us a visit.

I wouldn’t discourage my own kids from acting. Since they were in baby carriers they’ve been on film sets. And Gracie, in particular, has ‘funny bones’. Most recently they’ve visited Sherlock and The Hobbit when it was filming in New Zealand. They’ve even had Sir Ian McKellen [who plays Gandalf] read them a bedtime story. This summer, too, they came to Didcot Railway Centre when we were filming a scene in Mr Selfridge. They were running around in the sun between all the steam engines. Amazing experiences for any child.

I do like to eat. And I worry about how thin actresses feel they need to be these days. You see someone with absolutely no meat on their bones and you feel like saying, ‘Have a square meal. Go on…pie and gravy. It’s really nice! And nobody will hate you if you do.’ I can’t help being slightly mistrustful of people who don’t like food. None of my friends are in that category.

I have a handful of what I call my ‘dead body friends’ – women who I’d call if I’d killed someone and didn’t know how to dispose of the victim. They include the actresses Sue Vincent [Shameless], Rebecca Callard [Sunburn, Glue] and Daisy Haggard [Episodes and Uncle] plus novelist Freya North and actor Simon Pegg’s wife Maureen. They are my go-to girls – my little touchstones of sanity.

My family and my friends are everything to me. You never know when the career might suddenly stop, but these important relationships will always continue. One of the reasons that I feel so sorry for Miss Mardle is that she’s so alone and she certainly doesn’t deserve to be. My life and hers are totally different and I’m grateful for that.

I love the chaos of family life. And this includes all the pet management that goes with owning three dogs. One of them has a congenital liver defect and is on a special diet and medication until he has his operation. Joe also has a pet Chilean rose tarantula called Arianna, which lives in a tank in his room. It has to be fed live locusts every week. That’s one job I definitely leave to other people.

Martin and I are so glad that we moved to the Hertfordshire countryside. We’re 12 minutes from London on the train but where we live is a whole different world. We sit on the backstairs in the garden and look at the fields while we have a glass of wine, contemplating life. In those moments, I don’t think it’s possible to be happier.

It’s On Me (3) (Mark)

Plot: the final chapter of It’s On Me // the identity of your mystery convenience store crush finally comes to light

Length: 1,154 words

Genre: Fluff/Drabble/Chaptered Fic

*A/N: Part One // Part Two // This could’ve been a lot better but the writer’s block is strong within me :’( I hope it’s okay and you guys enjoyed it while it lasted!!!

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Jack you just described my whole life in just those two sentences. xD 

Seriously I’m not joking when I say that. I laugh uncontrollably at way to many things for weird reasons that no one else ever finds funny and sometimes at the worst possible moments too. Then people wonder why I’m laughing at whatever thing it is and then they act like I’m crazy at laughing at it in the first place. But I’m used to it at this point my humor can be very weird and sometimes I’ll just laugh just because I’m having fun. Haha! :) 

I’m curious does anyone else do this too?