i find this song very romantic

What its like dating Dick Grayson

-Him being very affectionate. He loves to give forehead kisses, neck kisses, kisses on the cheek and his favorite is kisses on the nose because he loves the way you scrunch up your nose afterwards.

-Him carrying you to bed from the couch when you fall asleep after binge watching ‘How I Met Your Mother’.

-You love his long hair very much and can’t help running your hand through it. Whenever you do, he seizes your hand and kisses it very gently.

-Him calling you ‘babe’ or ‘sweetie’.

-A lot of hot make out sessions.

-Him waking up before you and watching you sleep.

- “Were you watching me sleep?”

- “Yeah, you look so peaceful. I like watching you sleep.”

- “Okay that is very creepy. No idea why Bella didn’t find it so when Edward said it to her. Remind me to build up a wall between us so that you stop doing that.”

-Him constantly using cheesy pickup lines on you.

- “Your eyes are blue like the ocean. And baby I’m lost at sea.”

- “Dick?”

- “Yes?”

- “My eyes are brown.”

-Him talking shit and yelling at the screen whenever you two play video games.

-Dancing at 3am in the living room to old romantic songs when both of you are in your pjs.

-Him whispering very inappropriate things in your ear at inappropriate times.

-He’s the one who hogs the blanket during the night.

-Whenever he goes out on patrol at night, you stay up all night worrying on the couch even though he insists that you should go to sleep.

-He calls you during patrol at the worst times.

-“Hey babe, what’s up? What are you doing?”

-“Just grabbing a snack. Why are you calling during the patrol?”

-“Oh it’s very quiet. As quiet as a- *something crashes in the background*”

-“Dick?? What the hell was that?”

-“*grunts* Construction, babe.”

-“Want me to prepare the first aid kit?”

-“Yes that would be preferable.” 


Michael Lee Brown as Evan Hansen

*Minor plot spoilers ahead

Michael has a gorgeous voice.  He uses more vibrato than either Ben or Colton, which was a tiny bit jarring only because I’m not used to it in this role with these songs, but he sounded GREAT at all times.  I also think he really doesn’t need to use the vibrato as much; when he holds a high note without it, his voice is to.  Die.  For.  

I was struck how Michael’s Evan is most believably a high school teenager.  I have no idea of MLB’s actual age, but he’s the only Evan during which it never once seems like this is an adult man playing a teen, if that makes sense.  This lends an added vulnerability to his portrayal.  

It also makes the eventual Evan/Zoey romance a bit less believable, because since he feels so young, Zoey actually seems like the older student.  For her to fall for Evan in this dynamic doesn’t feel quite as realistic.  I honestly think a few more performances in the role would easily take care of that, though, and help them find a more credible romantic bond.

There are acting choices that MLB makes that I like very much; specifically a part where he got an audience laugh out of a line that had never gotten one before (that I don’t even think was written for a laugh.)  Naturally, because I slept before posting this, I now CANNOT REMEMBER the line.  GAH!

WTAW was sung spectacularly.  I think the singing was the focus here because of the importance of the song to the show, and he was holding back a bit acting-wise in favor of getting the notes right, which he definitely did.  More turns in the role will also help there, as it will with You Will Be Found.  It was sung *beautifully*, and just needs more palpable panic from MLB’s Evan when he drops his note cards mid-speech.

I love love LOVED MLB’s dynamic with Rachel.  It felt like Michael’s different portrayal of Evan gave her something substantively new to work with, and she KILLED it.  This was one of the best performances for her of the seven I’ve seen.  At the moment when out of pain, Heidi sarcastically apologizes for not being able to give Evan certain things, and Evan bites back, “It’s not my fault other people can!”, the audience audibly gasped.  It was this huge “oh no he DIDN’T” moment, which I’ve never seen happen quite like that at that point in the show.  VERY dramatic.  

Particularly because that moment was so harsh, Evan needs to be especially overwhelmed by what he’s done in “Good For You,” and I didn’t quite feel that.  Again, I believe this is down to the newness of performing the role. I think remembering where he had to move on stage during the song was likely the priority here.

I also felt that Will Roland’s performance got a new life playing opposite Michael.  He had the audience in the palm of his hand every time he opened his mouth.  It was fantastic.

Words Fail.  Boy howdy, there aren’t enough ways to say how thoroughly Michael CRUSHED this.  Snot bubbles glistening and visible from Row L, y'all.  What I especially like is how he was able to act this full-out, yet made the conscious choice to almost never drop the melody in favor of the drama (something both BP and CR do more of.)  I don’t think it’s necessary to growl the lyrics quite so much to sustain the dramatic effect, and Michael proved this definitively last night.  So, so good.

In conclusion, this performance just solidifies my belief that as great as he is, this show doesn’t need Ben Platt to survive and thrive.  The audience was all in for Michael’s performance, just as they are for Colton when he plays the role.  If you see the show, #YouWillBeFound no matter which Evan you’re fortunate enough to experience. <3

For y’all still denying that what Jungkook said was gay as hell...

It does have a ROMANTIC connotation, as you can see by the way some famous Korean men use it to flirt with fans:

It’s used in songs directed to a lover:

Every source I can find said that it’s a term Korean guys use for their girlfriend, not a hyung. Usually, it would be especially weird and disrespectful for Jungkook to say it…as he is younger and they’re both men. UNLESS, they are romantically involved and consequently, have a different dynamic.

At 0:52 of this video, this ACTUAL KOREAN MAN WHO IS ACTUALLY FAMILIAR WITH THE CULTURE AND LANGUAGE says that he uses that term for HIS WIFE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bbrTNvLyBw&t=60s

Jungkook VERY OBVIOUSLY looked back at Jimin as he said it and although neither of them or Tae acted like it was ANYTHING OUT OF THE ORDINARY, Jimin was responsive to it. Apparently, Jimin is Jungkook’s “girlfriend” and Jungkook likes to call him by a pet name. Amazing. 

Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun Headcanons Dump
  • On valentine’s day the drama club members all sign a card for Hori-senpai (pitying him because he’s too club-driven to get a girlfriend). The card is a fairly plain american-style one with a candy heart “Be Mine” on the front. Very simple, easy to understand. But of course Kashima somehow misunderstands the card to be potential writing ideas for candy hearts. So when Hori opens his card, he finds smack dab in the middle, “Eat me, senpai,” written in neat script. 
  • Sakura has a venerable collection of hair bows. When Mikorin finds out he is quick to point out that she has no right to judge him for his games and figurines when she herself is an otaku.
  • The first time Hori leans in to kiss Kashima, he doesn’t even realize what he’s doing until he’s already halfway there, and Kashima’s eyes are already closed. They’re sitting with their feet hanging off the edge of the stage, of course they are. Though of course it couldn’t be as easy as that, for Kashima sneezes in his face, startling him so much that he falls off. 
  • After several references to Tomoda fly over Sakura’s head, much to her annoyance (and inward jealousy towards Mikorin for having a unique connection to Nozaki) they finally have her play through the game. She immediately sympathizes with Tomoda, knowing what it feels like to feel ignored by someone who you care so much about. After an extended pause, leading the boys to believe she is broken, she turns around with fire in her eyes demanding, “I will be doing the beta, right?”
  • Seo is able to do the thing where she can carry Waka around on one arm. It terrifies him though, so they only do it once. 
  • The gang go to the movies, and when they leave the theatre, they promptly strike up conversation about what they’d just watched. Seo’s contributions to the movie are by no means helpful however, leaving some to wonder if they had really been watching the movie as dutifully as they thought they had been. As it turns out, Seo gets ideas from movies, and projects her own ideas onto the screen instead of watching the actual movie. Either that or she focuses on one minuscule background detail, and then builds a huge story out of it. It’s a chronic problem that leads to the others asking her to write her ideas down, which they sometimes use for Let’s Fall in Love.
  • The drama club goes away on a creative retreat/field trip to a Shakespearean festival, and Kashima takes every chance she can get to act out the more romantic scenes with Hori so he’ll get the chance to show his more delicate side. Then he turns the tables and becomes a prince before her eyes, leaving her flustered and twitchy.  
  • Sakura and Nozaki go to Comiket cosplaying as Suzuki and Mamiko. Well, actually, it was just Sakura that was dressed up, as Nozaki had despaired about his lack of resemblance to his ‘favorite type’ of male character. Sakura successfully manages to cheer him up by acting as the character of Mamiko for the rest of the day. Mikorin tags along, for no other reason than that his two best friends are going, only to realize immediately upon entering the place that he’s the only one aware that he’s third-wheeling. (But he ends up finding some high-end figurines, so it wasn’t a total loss).
  • In the week leading up to the opening night, Hori is so fixated on getting every thing done in time that he completely ignores everything around him. Leading the gang to prank the shit out of him like that one episode of The Office. Nozaki goes in one day dressed as Kashima, and attends one of the practices. He doesn’t notice. Sakura switches out his hot coffee with cold tea. He doesn’t notice. Seo carries an indignant Waka around on her shoulders. He doesn’t notice. Kashima tells him she loves him. He doesn’t notice. 
  • Waka, following the line of yet another warped unconventional emotional goose-chase, gives Seo a cactus. What he wasn’t expecting was for her to be so devoted to taking care of it, and when they start (officially) dating and he comes over to her house for the first time (when her older brother is out of the house, thankfully) he finds it tucked carefully on top of and strapped to a shelf. When asked why the cactus looks like it is ready to go bungee jumping Seo stares at him with a frown. “You said it was a disco cactus. I didn’t want it to go out and party with the other plants, honestly Waka.” To this day, he still can’t tell if she was joking or not. 
  • Seo has the same thing with songs as she does with movies, where she’ll find it romantic even when it’s not really that romantic. thus it makes her very eclectic, and everyone pretends to hate her playlist, and none will admit to actually holding a begrudging fondness for it. Some of it’s really cheesy romantic stuff, in other cases it’s like whOoOoOoa dude

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for the made up fic title: it started out with a kiss (how did it end up like this?)


Oh, who am I kidding, this would totally be a Vicchan-didn’t-die scenario, where Yuuri takes bronze and then, during Viktor’s equally romantic and lonely exhibition at the Sochi GPF, somehow finds himself out on the ice. Think of that time when Viktor first performed “Eros,” and Yuuri just, WHAM, teleported out there with the strength of his desire.

“Someone get that fan off the ice!” Someone shrieks, because Yuuri is wearing his glasses and a very bulky scarf. However, for this one person, there are twenty others that whisper,

“Is that the bronze medalist from Japan?”

“Hello,” says Viktor, and flings off the scarf, and takes his hand. Yuuri’s glasses go– for once, he doesn’t care where his glasses are.

“I’m sorry,” he whispers, as they gain speed, “I don’t know how this happen– AHHH, okay, okay!” He is pushed into an impromptu spin, and hears words meant only for his ears:

“You dared to take the ice with me. Behave like it, won’t you?”

Viktor, charismatic and magical as he is, goes along with the new addition to his routine. Yuuri, fanboy that he is, knows the routine well enough to skate a shoddy facsimile of it at Viktor’s side. They screw up, a bit, which is fine– nobody performs a pair skate well on their first try. They are still Viktor and Yuuri, however, so after the first ungainly swerve to avoid an accident they each try twenty times harder, with all the drive of two hypercompetitive athletes. 

Overall, it is the best skate of both of their lives, because they do it together. Their final pose ends up with Yuuri, dipping Viktor– and Viktor, reaching up to press an elated kiss to his cheek. When Yuuri scurries off of the ice and refuses to make eye contact afterwards, Viktor throws a fit– meaning, he smiles perfectly for photos, verbally nips at Yakov, and riles up Yuri Plisetsky. Yuuri sees Viktor’s eyes on him at the banquet, and makes a beeline to the champagne table. The rest is history.

The media has a field day. Yuuri moves up his flight back home to a punishing 6am in the morning, and Viktor doesn’t get the chance to snag him.

During the exhibition at Worlds, JJ takes the ice with Viktor, and Yuuri sees red. Jealousy. He’s jealous. The sharp pangs of this last for only a few moments, until Viktor graciously escorts JJ from the rink.

“Well?” He calls, and the music is playing but Viktor’s not moving, still.

“Yuuri,” Phichit whispers, awed, “I think? No, I’m sure he wants you.”

“That makes no sense!” Yuuri hisses. Then, he locks eyes with Viktor, who gestures impatiently to the ice. “Oh my god, how did it end up like this.”

“Don’t act so surprised,” Phichit says, and shoves him forward, “I know you’ve been practicing his exhibition since the last GPF.”

It turns out that Viktor has been practicing sharing the ice with him, too. 

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could u pls do an imagine with the rfa+v when their so is from another country but decides to stay with them after the events of the game?? thank u love and have a nice day!!💞

I’m writing this under the assumption that each member of the RFA would fixate on different aspects of that dynamic.  (Sorry!  Not sure how specific you wanted this…)


  • YAY, all the more reason for you to live with him!
  • He would learn your language for you.  Or try to.  …his accent would be so strong and he would constantly forget grammar rules, but the point is that he’s trying.
  • If you were still learning Korean, he would be very supportive; he would probably find one of those speech coaches that actors have and would arrange for you to have lessons
  • He would also want to know the different romantic traditions your culture might have
  • He’d surprise you every now and then by singing you a song in your language; his accent is barely noticeable, then.  “I learned it for you.”


  • He’d sign up for lessons for your home language at his college if they’re available
  • He’d offer to get you into those conversation/networking sessions that they have at colleges/universities (at least, they had that at my university.  If you’re studying a foreign language, there are weekly meetups with other people learning the same language, as well as volunteers who naturally speak that language.  It helps develop confidence, current vocabulary, and social skills!)
  • He would want you to cook him your culture’s dishes, and he would make you Korean food.


  • She would do a little private research about your culture, as well as ask you questions directly; not to be nosy, but to understand where you’re coming from
  • She would be amazed that someone so foreign to her could also get along so well with her.
  • “So…so Zen is famous internationally?!”
  • She’d want to know about the idols/celebrities from your country, and the arts and culture that came from there


  • He also does research about your culture
  • Hires a tutor to help you with your Korean if you need it
  • When he takes you to big, social functions for his business, he hires a translator, just in case.
  • He learns your language for you, and his accent is surprisingly light.  Zen hates him.
  • If you’re ever homesick, he assures you that the private jet is always available to you.  Zen hates him so much.
  • He loves your voice; sometimes he requests that you speak to him in just your first language.


  • Thanks to his special agent training, he already speaks your language perfectly.
  • He’s also already familiar your culture’s traditions.
  • He makes the culture shock and transition very smooth, for you.
  • He makes a VR program for you of your home, in case you ever get homesick.
  • If you ever go back to your home country, he makes a program that essentially makes his personality the AI of your cell phone.  “Now you can put me in your pocket!  ;D” 


  • He’s well travelled, so, at the very least, he knows one or two phrases of your language.
  • He’d be very supportive of you, in case of culture shock.
  • Nobody is more patient in helping you transition to a foreign land.
BATB - TV Tropes

Princess Belle: I Can Change My Beloved, Brainy Brunette, Plucky Girl

Prince Adam (The Beast): Defrosting Ice Queen, Drama Queen, Beast Man

Gaston: Jerkass DissonanceMagnificent Bastard, Villain With Good Publicity

LeFou: Hyper-Competent Sidekick, Unrequited Tragic Maiden, Morality Chain

Lumière: The Charmer, Romantic Wingman, The Matchmaker

Cogsworth: Plucky Comic Relief, Only Sane Man, Servile Snarker

Mrs. Potts: Parental Substitute, Never Mess With Granny, I Am Very British

Chip: Momma’s Boy, Children Are Innocent, Constantly Curious

Plumette: Everything Sounds Sexier In French, French Maid, Fanservice

Garderobe: The Cast Showoff, Minor Character, Major Song, Advertised Extra

Cadenza: Demoted To Extra, Out Of Focus, Animate Inanimate Object


Agatha: Beware The Quiet Ones, Wizards And Witches, Rejected Apology

Stanley: Ensemble Darkhorse, Memetic Bystander, Wholesome Crossdresser


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my singing coach, who doesn't know anything about my sexual or romantic orientation, is trying to find songs for me that are not about romantic love because she thinks I might like something else better because I don't really put much emotion into those songs, and I think that is so nice of her, it really makes me very happy!


anon said : You did a reaction for exo when they sing a romantic ballad with their crush, do you think you could do that for SHINee too?

[exo version]

Jinki: He was shy when he found out that he would be singing a romantic ballad with you. It was bad enough that it was ballad but the fact that it was also romantic??? When you complimented him on his emotion when singing, he blushed deeply, too shy to confess his feelings.

Oh if only you knew Y/N…

Originally posted by acelululala

Kibum: He was very comfortable around you and wasn’t shy about the fact that he was singing a romantic ballad with you… his crush…. Okay, maybe he was a little more subdued than usual. The entire week the two of you were together practicing, he was trying to gather up the courage to ask you out. When somebody complimented the chemistry the two of you seemed to have during the performance, he finally asked you out.

“You know… they’re right Y/N. Maybe we should go out sometime.”

Originally posted by shineemoon

Jonghyun: He tried to impress you the entire week. However, he ended up being more impressed by you than you seemed to be by him. The romantic ballad brought the two of you closer together and he used it as an excuse to ask you out on a date.

“Now I want to hear you sing other songs with me. Karaoke tomorrow night at seven? Just you and I.”

Originally posted by sataeminism

Minho: He was suddenly very shy when he heard that he would be performing a romantic ballad with you. At any rate he could relate to the song which made it much easier to sing. Throughout the week, he got much more comfortable with you and by the end of the week the romance between the two of you was entirely real.

“After the performance can I take you out on a date?”

Originally posted by wahsabi

Taemin: He was shy around you during practices. He didn’t want you to know that he’d danced around after finding out that he’d been paired up with you, his crush, to sing a romantic ballad. However, he soon warmed up to you and by the end of the week, the two of you could barely get through the performance without giggling like little kids.

“If we can make it through the performance can I take you out on a date Y/N?”

Originally posted by peridoxxx

Swifthaal/Gyllenswift Timeline 2010

Following the modifications of the Buzzfeed article about Taylor last week, I decided to make a timeline of Taylor and Jake Gyllenhaal’s relationship. (Might be helpful for the newbies, you got to understand the PR side of her short-lived ‘relationships’.)

Do I think that it was a real relationship? No, I believe that it was purely a PR stunt, though somewhat more believable than Connor, Harry, Calvin and Tom (IMO). Now, this brings State of Grace, All Too Well, WANGBT, The Moment I Knew, and other songs on the table. Did she write those songs about him? Who knows; she wrote them, not me. Anyway, I’ll explain more after the timeline (at the bottom). 

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Can I request headcannons for lucio? Like what would happen if you reject him? I love me some lucio

  • He’s always complimenting you any chance he can get to start a conversation with you not to mention he loves your flustered expression 
  • Writes songs about you in his free time, at first they start off very romantic and mushy gushy but progressively become very sexual
  • At first he comes off as extremely friendly but the more time you spend with him you can tell how clingy he really is
  • Constantly bombards you with voicemails and texts in the middle of the night so you’ll have something sweet to wake up up to when really you find it a bit annoying
  • It would take a long time for him to finally have the nerve to confess, he’d always be content with friendship unless he knew you felt the same or you had a potential love interest that wasn’t him
  • If you rejected him he would sheepishly apologize and ask to stay friends
  • In the time since he’s confessed to you he grows very distant, its reasonable you think, but really he hadn’t taken your rejection well at all
  • He spends his time locked up in his recording studio and spends his time dedicating an album to you 
  • You don’t know how he really feels, how deeply he loves you, a simple confession wasn’t enough to get his heart across but he knows that now 
  • And soon so will you
Translation of KKBOX’s interview with Miyano Mamoru

Hey guys, I’m back with another translation, this time for a short video of a Q&A session with the renowned seiyuu Miyano Mamoru! I’m still translating the elDLIVE spread in AniWave and will try to get the new issue’s scans up soon but in the meantime, have the full translation of 宮野老師救救我!!宮野真守的戀愛煩惱諮詢室.


Translations under the cut!

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Can I have Takao and his fem!s/o at prom (or some Valentines ball), in a very romantic and dream-like setting (like something straight out of a Disney princess movie), and then spending the rest of the night in a more spontaneous, fun, Takao-style way.. with Takao giving her a very special gift because it's also her birthday. I hope it's not too much, haha :D Thank you! - Takao anon <3

Anonymous said:  YAY \(^▽^)/haha thanks so much! I really appreciate it. If I’m going to send in future reqs, you better be ready for more angst though :D You’re welcome again~ ^^ and congrats to you and your blog for achieving another milestone!! Looking forward to the event ヽ(・∀・)ノ – Takao anon <3

So sorry again for yet another late story… Happy belated birthday, Takao anon! I hope I don’t disappoint, I’m rather burnt out ( ≧Д≦) And thanks so much for your kind words!! I’m focusing more on birthday instead of the ball in this one, since Valentine’s (and February, smh) is already over.

P.S. I’m not culturally familiar with the whole “prom” concept, so bear with me if stuff are inaccurate. 

Fem!Reader ahead.

“Can’t believe we’re going to be in their shoes next year,” Takao scoffs, sipping on his bright blue punch. You’re standing next to him, looking ridiculously attractive in your get-up. Takao is one hell of a lucky guy to have you by his arm in an event where companionship matters. 

When he said ‘their shoes’, he was addressing the seniors who are currently occupying the gym-turned-dance floor, having the time of their lives as the hall is filled with pop music. Even with his hawk eyes, Takao is unable to spot his senior basketball members Miyaji, Ootsubo, and Kimura. Thankfully, he has you by his side—Midorima was here earlier to say congratulations to them, but now he is nowhere to be found, presumably hanging out outside the hall due to the obscenely loud music. 

You sigh at the thought of graduating. Takao sighs, too, because it makes him think of his relationship with you. After all, there’s a possibility of the two of you going to different universities, and just imagining being apart from each other is unsettling.

“Do you want to get out of here?” Takao suddenly says, realizing that there is no agenda left but the dance. You blink, surprised at the bored disposition in his voice, but when his eyes met yours it is mischievous. A smirk has taken over his lips, successfully creating the rise in your heart rate. He’s a guy with a plan.

“Sure,” you answer dumbly, “but don’t you want to say goodbye to Midorima-kun first? We’re leaving him alone, after all.”

With a smile, he chugs the rest of his punch, grabbing your wrist to pace out the door with you in tow—you had to leave your half-full paper cup on top of a random table on the way out. Sure enough, Midorima is outside, conversing quietly with Miyaji, who is surprisingly not on the dance floor.

“Senpai! I thought you were dancing,” Takao laughs, slowing down to a stop to join both of his teammates. “____________ and I are leaving, by the way. Hope you guys don’t mind.” You can only offer a small smile to the two other boys, not wanting to seem like you are stealing Takao away from the moment. Miyaji shrugs and smiles back in a more aloof manner, while Midorima doesn’t look like he cares more, fixing his glasses and nodding at the two of you.

“Don’t sulk, Shin-chan! And see you around, Miyaji-senpai!”

“Happy birthday, ____________,” the two boys chime in simultaneously, added with Miyaji’s “enjoy the rest of your night!”  

“Congratulations again, senpai! Bye, Midorima-kun!” You say while Takao excitedly drags you as he runs, forcing you to keep up with him. 

“They remembered,” you shout-whisper to Takao.

“Of course! I couldn’t stop telling them earlier today.”

The two of you laugh spontaneously for no reason whatsoever, and by the time you reach the car Takao borrowed from his dad (just for today’s occasion) the two of you are just dressed-up people who look like you ran a marathon.

“Where are we going?” You ask, clicking your seatbelt on as Takao ignites the engine. He looks at you from the driver’s seat, an enigmatic smile on his face.

“You’ll see.”

Your surroundings are dimly lit and quiet at 8 p.m., but it strangely does not have the same scary atmosphere as most deserted city streets. In fact, it feels so peaceful, like you’re in the countrysides, but then again perhaps it’s the effect of having Takao with you. He parked the car near a convenience store and led you by the hand, his warm fingers entangled with yours. Now here you are, walking slightly uphill with him as you playfully chat, the click-clack of your heels against the paved street filling the occasional comfortable silence.

“You okay? I didn’t make you walk too much, did I?” Suddenly realizing you’re walking with heels, Takao looks down at your legs to make sure they are fine (and he discovers that they are indeed fine, but in another way that he’d rather keep to himself—he checks you out too much). You laugh and cannot help but slightly roll your eyes.

“Thank you for your concern, Prince Charming,” you tease, “because I’m a fragile princess that can’t walk on her own for two-hundred feet.” He laughs along with you at the silly dialogue, going so far as to press a kiss against your cheek good-naturedly. 

“You do look like a princess, though,” he comments, and that’s when you blush. “Very, very beautiful. The kind that makes royalties from kingdoms afar fall deep in love and can’t escape once they laid their eyes on you,” Takao says, upping his narration with elaborate hand gestures. You choke out another laugh.

“Now you’re just exaggerating, Takao-kun.”

He fake-gasps and you have to cover your mouth with your hand that is not holding his to keep yourself from wheezing at how funny he’s acting. 

“Why, dearest ____________! How dare you say that while I speak the truth,” Takao continues his avant-garde voice impersonation, only to laugh at his own antics and at how red your face looks like right now, a mix of embarrassment from his praises and from laughing too much. You sigh after the laughing spell is over, snuggling closer against Takao’s arm while the two of you continue walking uphill. 

“But I’m serious, though,” he says after he recovers, “you really do look beautiful tonight.” You shyly look down, chuckling.

“You dork.”

“Mmm, I may be a dork,” Takao says as he slips an arm around your waist to pull you against him, “but I’m the luckiest dork in the world because you’re mine.” Then, he cups your jaw gently, bringing you into a kiss that is sweeter than the aftertaste of the drink you had earlier in the party. You quickly drown in the sensation, finding yourself wanting more of what he offers. Takao’s lips are soft against yours, his tongue teasing every so often. When he pulls away, he smirks at your face, breathless and flushed red under his magic touch. 

“You look so cute right now,” he says as he pecks the edge of your lips.

“Shut up.”

“Right, right. We’re almost there.”

And he’s right, because in less than five minutes, the two of you arrive at the top of the apparent hill. A school can be seen parallel to the spot, situated a few hundred feet from where you are standing, but that’s not the place he intends to bring you. Instead, it is the nearby bench, overlooking a spectacular city view of nighttime Tokyo. You swear you jaw could drop open right now at how breathtakingly amazing the scenery is. Takao really enjoys that surprised look on your face, but that doesn’t stop him from tugging gently at your wrist, guiding you to the railings at the edge of the hill in front of the bench.

“What do you think?”

“It’s—wow,” you whisper, “it’s beautiful.”

“I know,” Takao hums in agreement, putting both hands in his pockets as he looks over to you, “very beautiful.”

You would playfully slap him on the shoulder for how overused that trick is, but you find yourself unable to because of the naturally romantic atmosphere of the moment. You lean against your boyfriend, and he perceptively hugs you by the waist, sharing his warmth with you. It’s just the two of you on top of this hill, accompanied by the song of crickets, and you can’t help but sigh.

“Happy birthday, baby,” he murmurs against your ear. You thank him with a whisper. 

The two of you stand in comfortable silence for a few moments before he decide that it’s time to give you your birthday gift.



“Wanna sit down on the bench?”


“Close your eyes for me for a second.”

“Wait, what?” You say, taking a seat on the wooden bench. He sends you a grin, pleased to see the confused look on your face.

“Just sit,” he reassuringly says, placing his hands on your shoulders in attempts to make you relax. “That’s it, good girl. Don’t open it until I tell you to.” Takao praises when you close your eyes—even then he can still see that you’re slightly on edge, but he smiles. 

You have no idea what is currently happening even with your ears strained just in case there were any sounds—there aren’t, unfortunately, leaving you not only clueless but also anticipative of what is going to happen. For a few seconds there is nothing, until you feel a string of coldness against your collarbone.

A gasp leaves your mouth at the sensation, the slight weight just above your chest, the way it slithers and clasps at the back of your neck with a small sound. You want to open your eyes, look at him and tell him that such a gift is too much, that the view is good enough of a birthday present. You’re touched and elated, but he shouldn’t go through such lengths—

“Open your eyes.”

You immediately look down, holding the pendant necklace on the palm of your hand and there’s a pain in your chest from how happy you are. It is beautiful in its simplicity, with a small round crystal as a pendant. The crystal shines multiple shades of blue grey, an uncanny reminder of his eyes.

“Oh, Takao-kun—you, I… this is—”

“Yes, ____________?” He asks teasingly, taking delight in your absolutely flabbergasted reaction.

“How could you,” you whisper, and despite the words that fall from your lips, he knows that you’re happy, if the look on your face is not big enough of a giveaway. “This is too much,” you say again, this time with your eyes on him instead of on the jewelry.

“It really does look good on you,” he marvels, focusing on the necklace. “More than I imagined, somehow.”

“Takao-kun,” you pout—he’s clearly not listening.

“It’s a birthday gift from me to you,” he replies, looking at you as he smiles gently. The upward tug of his lips turn flirtatiously taunting in a split second, however. “Wait.. Don’t tell me you want to pay me back for giving you such a gift?”

The idea is not in your head until he mentions it, so you look at him in surprise before the expression on your face turns into something way more determined.

“Yes. I won’t accept this until you allow me to return the favor,” you reply, and it’s Takao’s turn to blink in shock. He certainly did not expect you to play along with his game, but judging by the ember in your eyes, he realizes that you are taking this with utmost seriousness.

“How would you propose to return it?” He warily asks.

“I don’t know,” you shrug, looking around you as if you can find ideas floating around in the air. “You tell me. I’ll do anything.”

He’s not going to lie, the fact that you’re telling him you would do anything to return the favor of him giving you a birthday gift sends his blood rushing throughout his body, and he suddenly feels more alive than ever. God, if you were with other guys his age, they wouldn’t hesitate to take advantage of your words, using it against you to taint your innocence… Takao has to stop his line of thought because he gets pissed thinking of you with another person, while the truth stands that it’s him that you’re facing, and you’re asking him to tell him anything that you can do that can hold a candle to the gift he gave you.

“Alright, I have one in mind.”

“And that is…?”

“To stop calling me ‘Takao-kun’,” he says, and your eyes widen at how equally serious he sounds. “Call me Kazunari from now on. Better yet, call me Kazu.”

“Okay,” you reply, your voice significantly softer.

He looks at you, tentative and anticipating. 

“Can you… give it a try?”

You have to lick your lips, suddenly realizing that they are dry, a gesture that catches Takao’s eye. He swallows, waiting.


It is by far the cutest sound he has ever heard to come out of your lips, and coupled by how utterly shy you look right now, your cheeks pink enough for him to spot under the dim lights—it’s enough to send him flying to the heavens and back in happiness. All he wants to do is to smother you with kisses enough to intoxicate, but he’s a teenage boy—he’s still going to take advantage of the situation while it lasts, and you can get mad at him later. He just wants to hear it one more time.

“Say it again,” he whispers.

“Kazu,” you say, with more volume and conviction behind your voice, and that’s when Takao launches his kiss attack on your face. You squeal, laughing as if you are faced with an overeager puppy (which he resembles down to a T right now, you may add). 

“So cute,” he murmurs in between kisses, and you somehow end up sitting on his lap. Takao ends the barrage of kisses with one final press of his lips against your mouth, and it’s much like cotton candy: a prelude of sweet and soft before it melts into something deeper and more passionate. You have to moan at the way his tongue dances with yours—you haven’t tasted alcohol before, but you figure this is how it feels like to get drunk, and you can’t say you don’t enjoy it.

When you pull away, the two of you exchange wistful smiles. Takao decides that you can stay for the view for a little while before he drops you home—you ended up staying for another two hours talking to each other.

Before you sleep, you smile at how you spent your birthday, and what a day it has been: attending a prom, whisked away to a scenic hilltop, and making out on a bench. These are memories you will keep forever, along with the necklace resting against your chest. 

sapphic-songs  asked:

Heya sweets, just wondering if you could recommend any gay/LGBT+ books? Thank you! - a lesbian who's sick of reading straight books x

Hey there, @sapphic-songs! I have a list of gay books here that includes all of the books that I own. 

Some of my favorites include:

  1. The Fire’s Stone by Tanya Huff 
               This story is about three people who are brought together by circumstance and attempt to go on a quest together. Aaron is a thief who’s fled his home country, Darvish is a prince and a drunkard who seems to be unable to do anything right, and Chandra is a princess and a powerful wizard who has no wish to ever get married. The Stone, which keeps a volcano from going off and destroying Ischia, is stolen and the three of them must work together in order to get it back. This is one of the few books that I’ve ever read or heard of that has asexual representation. 
  2. Immortal Quest by Alexandra MacKenzie
               This one is really fun. Nick is a detective who is trying to interrogate a burglar, Marlen, who seems to know much too much about Nick to be comfortable. Nick ends up going on adventure with Marlen, who is trying to fix the mess he’s created. Marlen claims that he’s a 500-years-old, immortal mage and that Nick has been reincarnated over and over for those 500 years. There’s a lot of humor in this one. The mages are used to serving the rich and powerful so they’re all stockbrokers in the modern-age, if I remember correctly, and their magic is pretty much useless with modern technology. 
  3. The Nightrunner Series by Lynn Flewelling (beginning with Luck in the Shadows)
          This is my all-time favorite series. It’s about a pair of bisexual spies who are in a relationship. The relationship begins in the second book because the characters had a mentor and protégé relationship at the beginning. They are on equal footing by the time the relationship happens. The books are full of action, fantasy, and political intrigue, and all of the characters are very well-written. The stories are interconnected and involve the same characters, but do not follow the same plot line. I would recommend reading them all in order, though, because they’re consecutive and you miss vital information when you skip them. I enjoyed all of the books, but books four through six were not as good as the first, second, third, and seventh. I highly recommend these books. I was so sad to reach the ending of the books; I just wanted to keep reading them forever.
  4. Seidman by James Erich
             This one takes place in Viking-era Iceland as Christianity is taking root and Norse Paganism is being systematically wiped out. As a young boy, Kol becomes an apprentice to a seið-woman. In doing so, he moves into the home of another boy–Thorbrand–with whom he falls in love. Their relationship is rocky due to the expectations of the time period and the roles they’re forced into. It’s pretty simple, as you might expect from a YA novel, but it’s well-written and enjoyable.
  5. Shadowdance by Robin Wayne Bailey
               In this one, the main character, Innowen, is born paralysed. We meet him as he’s dragging himself across the ground, trying to find someone who will save his guardian from the poisonous snake he was bitten by. He encounters a witch who saves his guardian and, through her god, grants him the ability to walk, but only at night. This ability also come with other stipulations and curses that one finds out later. Innowen develops a relationship with another man in the book. There’s a lot of incest and ableism, and one of the characters blames themself for their own rape throughout the entirety of the novel without it being ever resolved. 
  6. The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller
           Basically everyone who is into gay books knows about this one, but I’ll explain it anyway. It’s a retelling of the Iliad. In this book, the relationship between Achilles and Patroclus is explicitly romantic. I greatly enjoyed this book and thought it was very well-written. I read it quite awhile ago, so I can’t remember if I had any complaints with it.
Music Series: Til Kingdom Come by Coldplay

Almost unusual sound for a love song, but thinking of a man singing this to the love of his life…mm…grabbed my heart, I love it.

I love the guitar, and especially the instrumentation in the chorus. Definite country vibe while not country, but also a bit of bluegrassy feel, which I grew up with where I’m from around the Ozark Mountains. Many a bluegrass song I’ve performed, minus the twang…I don’t do twang.

Very romantic song, touch of sadness I think, too, and the quick pace does not pull it away from either. Kind of reminds me of a man approaching the end of his life, or contemplating his future death, and all he can think about is the woman he loves and not wanting to leave her for death, wanting to express his feelings precisely so she knows without doubt how he feels about her. Poetic. Very passionate.

If you would like to listen to this song, you can find it HERE via my Spotify playlist called ‘I Love You Long Time’. This is “Til Kingdom Come” by Coldplay.

Thanks for requesting! xo



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anonymous asked:

Can you translate "Fate" by Lee Sun Hee and connect it to SoSoo? I feel like it would fit rlly well, but the lyrics I read don't seem to fit grammatically. Could you do that for me? Please? I loved your translation of "Wind" and I really wish you would do "Fate." Thank you so much. You are a wonderful person.

Oh Anon, you’ve caught me on a good day… and with my favorite song!~

There’s the video that made me watch an entire drama :)

So let’s begin with the lyrics. Here are my translations based on what I’ve learned from my uber traditional, grammar nazi family.

“인연” (”Fate”) by Lee Seon Hee:

I promise after this moment has passed,
On the day we can meet again,
I will throw everything away and stand by your side,
As we walk the rest of the way together.

They call it how fate*, there is no denying it.
In my life, a day as beautiful as this,
Could it ever come again?
On the agonizing road of life, you were a gift.
And, so rust cannot tarnish our love,
I will clean and shine it every day.

As if we were drunk, our meeting was short,
But I opened the closet doors and made us a place.
And though our love could not be fulfilled, I have no regrets.
Because there is nothing that lasts forever.

They call it destiny, there is no denying it.
In my life, a day as beautiful as this,
Could it ever come again?
There are so many words I want to say, but you, my dear, will already know them.
Throughout the long road, on the day we can meet,
Don’t ever let go again.

The love I could not have in this life, the fate I could not have,
Wandering throughout the long roads, on the day we can meet again,
Don’t let me go again.

Alright, wipe your tears. Let’s get into it.

A bit of backstory: this song comes from Lee Joon Ki movie The King and the Clown (왕의 남자). The singer is one of Korea’s most famous, revered vocalists: Lee Seon Hee. She is a devout Buddhist.

Again, there are no genders in this song. The “you”s and the “my” are not gendered, so it could be So speaking to Soo or vice versa.

Now, this is definitely a sad song, but it’s one about lovers who have been separated that have hope that they’ll meet again. Hope. That’s what the singer is trying to convey. It’s a constant yearning that aches for the other person and reassures them that one day, they’ll find each other again.

That sounds familiar because So said something along the lines of: “If we are not of the name world, I will find you, my Soo.”

*- The title of the song in Korean is “인연” (een-yeon) which very very roughly translates in English to “fate”. However, the meaning is much more complex because the word in itself has no romantic connotation. Generally, the definition encapsulates how two people’s lives intertwine in their actions together. This could apply to the strangers you pass on the street or even to your spouse.

The song, however, is about a lover trying to find their other half in the next life, promising that they will never let the other person go if they are found. (Returned to quote: “ If we are not of the name world, I will find you, my Soo.”)

See, the PDs of MLSHR created a scene where SoSoo meet in present day and he hands her a handkerchief. Historically, Gwangjong became obsessed with Buddhism towards the end of his life. One aspect of Buddhism is the idea of reincarnation and rebirth.

The song specifically states: “The fate I could not have in this life.” That is the single line that completely and fully links the song to So and Soo. It is about their fate in Goryeo and how their relationship stopped after Soo left Songak.

“The day we can meet again,” isn’t tomorrow or next week- or even next year. “The day we can meet again,” isn’t in this lifetime, but the next one. It’s when the So and Soo can find one another again and love each other completely. It’s when they have nothing standing in their way and nothing impeding the path they will walk together.


Guy Adams (Writer): It’s very exciting, seeing River Song with various Doctors… One of the most interesting ones to work with is the Sixth Doctor. We’ve never really seen him in love before. Collin, his Doctor never really did that. So it’s really interesting to see a man with great intellect sort of coping with emotions. River Song is somebody who is uniquely and genetically programmed to fall in love with the Doctor, and you suddenly think about that and think, “who is the least likely doctor that [she would fall in love] with?” and you go: the Sixth Doctor! And obviously when Matt Fitton said, “I would like you to write another one and you get the Sixth Doctor.” I thought, “Wouldn’t it be fun if it’s almost the other way around? And the Sixth Doctor falls head over heels in love with River, much to his horror, because he’s really baffled by what’s happening? And she’s a little more cautious with her heart on this occasion because she thinks that he might be responsible for a grotesque crime?” And I think it’s a curiously different romance for River this time around. 

 David Richardson (Producer): We have a sequence in which the Sixth Doctor actually gets a little romantic. It’ a very different approach to him. When Collin first read it he raised a very big eyebrow. 

Collin Baker (Sixth Doctor): My doctor has suddenly got an amorous streak going though him. He finds her rather delightful and tantalising which is something that I’ve not experience before as the Sixth Doctor… 

Ken Bentley (Director): I think the image of the Sixth Doctor kissing River Song is going to stay with people for a long time. And perhaps, perhaps, it is just a peck on the cheek because he is carried away by the joy of them saving the Earth. Perhaps… But perhaps, it’s also that he is smitten with her because she is amazing! … And I think the Sixth Doctor can’t help himself. He has a lust for life, and sees a kindred spirit in River. She was brought up and designed to be a lure for the Doctor and he can’t help himself being attracted to this mysterious Timelady in a way he doesn’t quite understand himself. So we’re dealing with the Sixth Doctor’s confusion and River enjoying it. Seeing this handsome chap in front of her and wanting to take advantage. So sparks definitely fly.


BTS reactions

Their s/o loving to play with their hands

Their s/o being excited about being able to use chopsticks for the first time

You making a lot of dirty jokes

Yoongi’s crush telling him they like him back, but won’t tell him

Hearing you yell in another language over the phone, and finding out it was mainly curse words

You having a dry sense of humor

Their s/o being “scary looking”, but kids love them

You ignoring them after they call you something derogatory in a fight

Their s/o sending a risky text, but bc they reply late, they reply with “the sun is out, I’m pure again”

Their s/o being a swimmer and showing their skills off

Their s/o being a pluviophile and having a lot of deep thoughts

You always plying music when you’re in the bathroom

A lot of people checking you out bc you’re looking especially nice

You reading Demian to understand WINGS better

Having a dream about your wedding

Your fridge being full of almost only vegetables and fruit

Their s/o used to be a badass

You going bodies with someone for fun

You having a bad case of PTSD, but refusing to talk about it

You holding off sex bc it ruined your last relationship

Their mute s/o saying ‘I love you’ for the first time

You trying to learn korean, but mispronouncing a word and say something bad

Accidentally breaking another member’s partner’s nose

You almost getting hit by a drunk driver

You running errands for them publicly even tho their fans hate you

Seeing their mother slap you

You looking at gifs of them and smiling

You having a cuter side, as well as a tougher one

You having an unusual name

Their s/o’s group performing Boombayah by Blackpink

Their s/o being a sucker for small, pretty things

Another member finding out about their s/o by walking in on them kissing

You playing with their thighs a lot

Seeing a drawing you made of them

You wanting to go ice skating for a date

Hearing you scream in pain, only to find you waxing your legs

You’re nearly drunk at a party, but your friend tries to make you drink more

You owning a lot of horses

Catching you jamming out to Twenty One Pilots

Hanging out w/ you and seeing another member’s gf w/ a random guy

You taking pills to lose weight, and they affect you quite a lot

Their idol s/o’s group performing at MAMA

Their s/o being very smart in every subject, except math

Their daughter giving them a flower drown bc “boys deserve flowers too”

Their s/o wanting to become a Victoria’s Secret-angel

You being sleep deprived bc you’re writing a book

They are frustrated and their s/o gives them space, but comes back soon after

They have a crush on another member’s best friend

You having a sibling you cut out of your life

Their muslim s/o being called a terrorist

Their s/o dancing to Fire, but failing at 3:33

Seeing their gender fluid s/o dressed as a girl for the first time

Their s/o having cold hands

Seeing their s/o perform their part of a BTS song for a talent show

Their innocent-looking s/o playing violent games

You having a weird nickname

Their s/o loving jawlines

Liking someone from the Middle East

Finding out you can skate

Their s/o tried committing suicide before, and is thinking about it again

Their nice and happy s/o being interested in serial killers

Their s/o dissociating themselves w/ life

Their bff telling them how much they love them platonically

You boosting their confidence when they feel low

Their s/o defends another member, but then the hater turns on them

Their s/o being an art student, and nervous about submitting a project

You being a virgin

You looking very cold, but being a ball of fluff

Another idol saying they have a crush on them

You being a fan of a fierce girl group

You having pseudohypoparathyroidism

Their crush saying they’re their boyfriend when someone hits on them

You get really lost in a topic when you speak

You having a sexy body, but a squishy face

Their gf being moody and in pain bc of her period

You high-giving a dirty comment another member makes about your relationship

Yoongi’s crush/bff only wanting him around when they’re angry

You tell them you’re pregnant, but they’re on tour

They catch you glaring at a kid

You being tall and insecure about it

You being smarter than them school-wise, but an airhead otherwise

Their gf not shaving anywhere

You teasing them during a dinner w/ the other members

Their gf winning over them in arm wrestling

They get caught trying to find your underwear

Their s/o being an undercover cop at BigHit

You being as strong as/stronger than them

Their baby sneezes so hard they fall down

You being a book lover

Their s/o talking fast spanish over the phone

Their crush having freckles, but not liking them

Their s/o used to self harm

Their s/o having quite the temper, and is easiest to calm down through sex

You having really bad nightmares about your past

You being scared of planes going over

Their s/o doesn’t show any affection

Their younger sibling coming out as pansexual

You tell them it’s a turn on when they pull your hair

The two of you fight, and you flinch when he gets loud

Their s/o suddenly wanting to cuddle

Their s/o getting in a fight with their stepdad bc their little brother was bruised

Their gf being very curvy

Their lesbian crush accepting their joking offer to change her mind about guys

Their idol s/o (secret) winning an award

You not being able to eat or drink acidic things

Their crush having a slight overbite

Seeing you still sleeping with your baby blanket

Finding out their s/o used to suffer from bulimia

(Jungkook, Namjoon and Yoongi special) Their s/o wanting to dominate, not being dominated

You having an oral fixation

You and the member get lost, and you’re the one to find the way home

Their s/o being obsessed with Disney

You get pregnant, but panic bc you don’t want kids

Seeing their crush they thought were rude helping a homeless person

You not being jealous

Their s/o smelling like cocoa butter

You being scared if elevators

You get goosebumps when they touch you

You being very adventurous

A Victoria’s Secret model being a fan

Their innocent looking crush being covered in tattoos

The members tease the both of you the morning after

Their s/o being a profiler

Them talking about a pretty foreigner in korean, and they reply

Their gf having a guy best friend

Finding out you’ve got pierced nipples

Their s/o needing help “releasing some frustration” after getting pissed at a game

You letting them be rough in bed, even though you don’t like it

Their crush waking up crying because they dreamt of their dead mother

When you start “playing” with them on a plane

Their usually calm s/o becomes really rude when someone disrespects them

The condom breaks

Having a crush on another member

Their s/o’s character having a horrible death at the end of a series

Their gf being a professional wrestler

Their non Korean s/o speaking multiple languages

Their usually quiet s/o being very angry

Their s/o being a bit playful during sex

Their s/o having a praise kink

You being very passionate about writing

Their s/o being serious, but having goofy moments

Their s/o alternating between different fashion styles

Their s/o having a lot of guy friends

Their s/o being the same height as them

Their s/o biting their shoulder when they kiss them

Their friend suffering from social anxiety

You being very jealous

You really liking skinship

Their s/o making a face when they don’t like something

Their usually strong s/o crying

Your brother being very protective

Them finding a dildo in your bedside table

When you want to shower with them early in the relationship

Them reacting when you say ’daddy’ but you are talking to your dad

They accidentally send a dirty text to their parents

You asking them to buy pads/tampons

Their s/o getting hate

Their s/o saying ’I love you’ in their sleep

Finding out their s/o has a spank kink

Another celebrity flirting with their s/o

Their s/o being on the dominant side

You being scared of dogs

You storming off after a fight

You being able to calm Yoongi down

Their gf not liking romantic movies, but loving love songs

You not wanting kids even though you work with them

Their gf getting in the mood very suddenly

Finding you crying to a song

You being sarcastic, but mushy around kids and animals

You want to jump from a plane with a parachute

Walking in on their bisexual crush when she’s with a girl

You are younger than they thought

Their foreign gf not wanting to call them ’oppa’

You being a stoner

You grew up in a bad family and don’t want kids

You getting a bit violent

You’re a really good dancer

Their gf’s eyes changing colors

Their gf being very sarcastic with a resting bitchface

Your sister comes along on your date

You telling them in a fight how hurt you are bc they’ve been rude

You don’t like cats and dogs, but dangerous animals


Likely to get violent when someone harasses their s/o

Likely to learn their s/o’s native language

Likely to cheat on their s/o

Likely to want to get to know someone who speaks broken korean

Likely to get kids first

Likely to date a non-famous foreigner

Likely to eat something their kid doesn’t like, even tho they don’t like it either

Likely to date a Christian 

Likely to be jealous when their s/o is a huge fan of 1D

Likely to be hurt when the love of their life doesn’t spare them a second look

Likely to be traditional

Likely to drag a guy out of their house when they see him kissing their sister

Likely to be disappointed when they thought their gf was pregnant, but she isn’t

Likely to go out on midnight adventures

Likely to break up if their schedule is too much

Likely to go through all of your clothes to see what you have

Likely to back down if another member likes their crush

Likely to date someone with a few tattoos

Likely to have groupies

Likely to date someone with a tooth gap

Likely to tell you to be more quiet after speaking too much

Likely to date a long time friend

Likely to like someone who always needs to be reminded that they’re loved

Likely to date a research scientist

Likely to date a vegan

Likely to find it cute when you’re mad + find it hot

Likely to date someone overweight

Likely to date a 02 liner

Likely to date someone with a lot of tattoos

Likely to like oversized clothes on a girl

Likely to be attracted to intelligence/wit

Likely to love freckles

Likely to be dating atm

Likely to date an italian girl / rant

Likely to date a girl on the bigger side

Likely to be very jealous

Likely to date a petite and tanned girl

Likely to get a girlfriend first

Likely to find a girl in a hijab attractive/interesting

Likely to date a 95-liner

Likely to announce their relationship as soon as possible

Likely to accept their crush being the same height as them

Likely to try hard to be a good boyfriend

Likely to date a blunt/honest girl

Likely to be chill with you not wanting kids

Likely to fall for a girl with a ”one of the boys” personality

Likely to like a girl who dresses a bit tomboy-ish

Likely to surprise you on stage at your concert

Likely to watch scary movies with you during a storm

Likely to text another member for advice when their crush is cuddling them

Likely to like when you leave love notes on post-its

Likely to intervene in a fight between you and you bf

Likely to date a foreigner

Likely to like short hair

Likely to like going down on their partner

Likely to like a girl who loves skinship


Halloween w/ Namjoon

Boyfriend Namjoon

Boyfriend Taehyung

Boyfriend Yoongi

Grunge Yoongi

Jimin choosing your outfit

Taehyung as Yagami Light

Based on Tae’s part of a reaction request

Fluffy sex w/ Yoongi

Fluffy sex w/ Namjoon

Studio date w/ Yoongi

Rough Namjoon

Studio date w/ Namjoon

Rough Hobi

Namjoon as your big  brother

Yoongi choosing your outfit

Cute couple w/ Jin

Boyfriend Hobi

Midnight adventures w/ Taehyung

Boyfriend Jimin

Letting Taehyung choose your outfit

Cute couple w/ Jungkook

Rough Jimin


What kind of subconscious skinship does BTS like?

BTS as things my classmates have said

Texting BTS

My theory

Jungkook’s personality

Taehyung’s personality

Jimin’s personality

Namjoon’s personality

Hobi’s personality

Yoongi’s personality

Jin’s personality

Jungkook’s ideal type

Taehyung’s ideal type

Jimin’s ideal type

Namjoon’s ideal type

Hobi’s ideal type

Yoongi’s ideal type

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just wanted to remind you that, in Flowers For Charlie, a very romantic song was playing while Mac was giving Denis goo goo eyes & Dennis looked at him longingly and kinda sad. But when Mac leaned in closer, he stepped back and turned his back. Just after that scene Dee entered the room and Mac tried to keep his face straight. I'm fukin sad ok