i find this so cute omfg

You know what I love? Jaehyun’s random nose twitches. Do yall know what I’m talking about? I’ve seen him do it so many times but it is only shown when the camera is close to him and it is freakin cute omfg. I don’t think the boy can control it so it looks nerdy and adorable. Jung Jaehyun is so quirky and loveabllleee idk what to doooo

“5 things” tag

I was tagged by @xbaepsae hehe<3

5 things you’ll find in my bag:

  1. lactose pills (lol I’m literally screwed without these)
  2. those small perfume samples from sephora (HAHAHA IM CHEAP OK)
  3. my wallet (and probably only a dollar or two tbh)
  4. chapstick (lightweight addicted)
  5. a single earring I probably “lost” a month ago

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  1. my bed (cheap answer rip)
  2. vanity+mirror (lookin’ this cute ain’t easy y’know)
  3. empty water bottles
  4. a bunch of jewelry holders+jewelry
  5. and me (bc I never leave lmao)

5 things I’ve always wanted to do in my life:

  1. get out and really experience the world :’)))
  2. become a daycare/preschool teacher
  3. get a german shepherd
  4. save someone’s life (I got certified in cpr+first aid and life-guarded for this reason ^^)
  5. get my heart broken (omfg I feel like this sounds so edgy LOL but tldr; first time for everything??)

5 things I’m currently into:

      1. kwon soonyoung
      2. hoshi
      2.4 kim seokjin
      2.7 min yoongi
      3. 권순영
      4. performance leader, hoshi, of kpop boyband seventeen, aka  호시
      4.8 park jimin
      5. and, you guessed it, kwon soonyoung  (honestly, I’m not even going to comment on this)

5 things on my to-do list:

  1. be nicer!! to everyone!!
  2. fix my sleep schedule (y’all I sleep at 6am and go to school at 7, it isn’t healthy lmfao)
  3. make writing a habit (so I can actually compose a masterlist lmao)
  4. eat healthier (and eat more often;;;)
  5. get back into shape (winter is my “hibernation” season where I literally do nothing but sleep and hole up in my bedroom)

5 things people may not know about me:

  2. I’m bisexual :>
  3. my mother actually indirectly got me into kpop back in 2010 (it was snsd’s oh! lol)
  4. shinee’s jonghyun was my very first bias!!
  5. news flash: I’m in love with hoshi

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Fandom: BTS
Pairing: Taekook
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff
Summary: Jeongguk falls for the cute barista who’s really good at foam art. / coffee shop au (requested by anon)

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My Love For Him

Originally posted by tabwi

REQUESTED BY ANON; hey☺️, can you write a jimin scenario about him dating you and while he’s home alone in your shared apartment, he finds your secret book where you wrote the progression of your feelings for him and he find it really cute and so he writes something sweet inside the last page. thanks love💖

Jimin x You

GENRE: Fluff

i screeched after re-reading this. omfg. it’s so cuteeeeeeee. >3< i hope you’ll like it anon!! enjoy!! :D btw, didn’t really know what to title it so yeah. :)

Jimin stomped into the bedroom with heavy steps. You had won a game of rock paper scissors against him, and now it was his time to clean your room you two shared. He entered in, seeing what felt like a junkyard to him. Clothes were scattered everywhere, plastic wraps of junk food on the floor that were never picked up and thrown away, papers that were crumbled up into a ball - a mess that Jimin didn’t want to clean up. Especially since you had left the house to go do a little grocery shopping to cook dinner for the night.

He let out a long groan before starting. He eyed around the room, picking the messiest spot - which he guessed had to be under the bed. He kneeled down, his eyes dropping into disappointment at the mess that laid in front of him. There was junk everywhere. He sighed, thinking to blame all this junk on you, but he knew better not to or else he would be sleeping outside on the couch for the rest of his life with you.

He began picking and throwing out a few things. The little things first which was wrappers of all sorts; junk food mostly from all those late nights cravings you two had when you were bored. A smile creeped onto his face thinking back to those fun times. He moved on throwing out old unimportant sheets of paper that had your name on them during your high school years. He felt like puking thinking to himself why you kept them when you both already graduated high school.

After throwing them into the big trash bag by his side, his eyebrows scrunched together when he picked up which seemed to be an old-dusty-cute-little purple notebook in his hands. He blew away the dust, blinking a few times to get the dust off his eyes. Taking a deeper look into the notebook, he opened it realizing your handwriting all over the pages.

“Is this your diary?” He said to himself, creating a small smile onto his face.

He skimmed through the pages until he came upon one with the corner of the page folded. He noticed a small little red heart on the folded corner and his smile widen, becoming more curious at what this page could be about. When he read his name as the first sentence, his eyes grew realizing you were writing about him. But why?

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// 14.09.15 // today I bought some really cute stationary and I thought I would share it with you guys! 💞✏📌📖 I still need to find some ideas to costumize my notebooks so if some of you have any ideas message me 😘

Gary’s SYSHL DVD commentary is basically

  • “The lights are brilliant”
  • “You’ll find this extremely boring but I’ll say it anyway”
  • “What I want to know is how Mike manages to get 2 sax solos”
  • “Gorgeous lights”
  • “That little boy is so cute I couldn’t take my eyes off him. Just gorgeous, gorgeous. He must have been what Mark looked like when he was little”
  • “The crowd is brilliant”
  • “The lighting is amazing”
  • “This is a good sing”
  • “Wrote this with the Robster” - about Candy
  • “That man is wearing headphones so he can’t hear the music”
  • “I’m the kind of artist who cares about what my audience thinks”
  • “I have a cup of tea waiting for me at the bottom of the stage!”
  • “Look I’m even running, that’s how excited I am”
  • *cute sneeze*
  • “Love the visuals”
  • “The lights”
  • “Lights”
  • “Lights again, look gorgeous”
Overwatch Team bonding posts

Other Players: ‘’Omg I, this Pharah was so nice to me because I was Mercy! Pharmercy ftw omfg’’

Other Players: ‘’Lol this Junkrat kept following me and saying Hello so cute’’

Other Players: ‘’My entire team became Genji and I was Mercy and I was just surronded by kind teammates they were all so cute lmao’’

Me: I forgot I even had a team hi there,,,

anonymous asked:

Sunny, apparently you've been played 153 times on the Akinator! ((Also your latest gemstuck picture is hilarious, I love it so much! Your art style is so cute.))

what are you guys always doing on akinator omfg

(and thanks a lot! <3)


fuk c

Anon:one of my hobbies is dragging those cat things of yours onto karkats lap.

oh my gos

Anon:ive gone so far into your blog that im finding asks that have to be  m a d e   r e b l o g g a b l e