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when one becomes an apprentice one gets used to the way things are around the office rather quickly


It’s gotten to the point where I want to listen to old Gorillaz but I can’t because it’s just too sad for me. Like, post Plastic Beach are just super sad memories. I physically can’t listen to old songs, like I can’t I will cry so hard. I’m crying right now. And don’t even get me started ON Plastic Beach. Broken? Tears. To Binge? Double tears oh my gosh. On Melancholy Hill? I’m on the floor sobbing. People that don’t know Gorillaz lore are probably like, “It’s just a song jeez” NO!!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND??? It was so happy before Plastic Beach. Muds was a horrible person, but at least he sort of got along with people. Plastic Beach is when Murdoc went insane, kidnapped a bunch of artists, we thought Noodle was DEAD, and worst of all 2D was forced to do vocals. I know they’re a virtual band but I can’t help but hear sadness in Damon’s voice in Plastic Beach songs. Like I just always picture 2D being forced to sing, and then going back to his small room and crying himself to sleep. And like, of course it had to be Murdoc who did that to him, the dude he trusts enough to stay in his band after he…..well ruined his life pretty much. Drove away his girlfriends, fucked up his face pertinently, and hit him. He hit 2D how can anyone hit 2D. HOW. He yells at him constantly ad yeah 2D was afraid of him but he still trusted him and wanted to be best friends. Literally all he wants is to hang out with Muds and get attention from him. Now it’s phase 4 and what’s happened? Nothing really. Virtually no lore whatsoever, and NO EXPLANATION OF WHY MURDOC IS KINDA TREATING HIM NICELY NOW. I want to go back to phase 3 honestly. I want things to actually work out, for Murdoc to try to fix his relationship not just with Stu, but with the whole band, and I want an APOLOGY. I would give so much money just to get Murdoc realizing he’s been a piece of shit to everyone and that 2D’s been trying to help him but he’s just been pushing him away, TO BE AN ACTUAL CANON THING THAT HAPPENS IN THE STORY. Oh and lets not forget, to add to all the sadness: Murdoc was treated horribly as a kid? Beaten by his father? And fucking raped at a young age? It scarred him for life and really messed with his head. I’m not saying this excuses anything he’s done to 2D, but I get sick of people treating him like he is an absolute monster. He’s still a person, and he’s had very bad things done to him. CAN 2D JUST SLAP MURDOC IN THE FACE AND BE LIKE “CAN WE JUST BE HAPPY PLEASE??” Yes I’m happy that Murdoc is treating 2D like a friend again in this phase, but it’s kind of bittersweet. There’s no explanation. Nothing from Plastic Beach has really been resolved, and there’s nothing that suggests they might have gone to therapy to fix their relationship. So far I’m not really liking this phase, I’m sorry. Just my personal opinion.

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Hey ship! Have you ever heard of the Loup Garou/Rougarou? It's a southern Louisiana/cajun cryptid. It's a werewolf-like creature that's said to roam the woods around here. As the legend goes if one encounters the Rougarou they must place 13 small objects in windowsills/doorways of their home at night. Because the Rougarou can only count to 12, it will get confused and continue counting until it is forced to retreat to the swamp at dawn. I just find it really interesting and I hope you do too!

forget shit like silver, holy symbols, and salt

the greatest defense against the supernatural is basic maths

I honestly don’t hate Faye

As far back as his schooldays, Paul had admired the artsier side of beatnik life. As baby Beatles, he and John were attracted by the style of Parisian students and that clique of Hamburg friends who - to their eager Liverpool eyes - embodied existential chic. Paul was already familiar with Liverpool’s own avant garde, led by the painter/poet Adrian Henri.

“The funny thing is, John’s ended up as the avant garde guy, because he did all that with Yoko. Well actually, quite a few years before he’d even considered it, when he was living out in the suburbs by the golf club with Cynthia, I was getting it on with people like Miles. I used to be at his house a lot, just him and his wife, because he was so interesting, very well-read. He’d turn you on to William Burroughs. I’d done a bit of literature at school, but never anything modern. Steinbeck I’d read, but Burroughs and far-out shit…

This I find interesting because it’s something I didn’t put around at the time. I helped start the International Times with Miles, I helped start the Indica bookshop where John met Yoko. Was big buddies with Robert Fraser and very into Magritte. So I had a rich avant garde period which was a buzz. I was living on my own in London, and the other guys were married in the suburbs. […] My thing was, always, not to shout about it. It still is in a way. […] It was heady. Mile led me into Ginsberg, Cornelius Cardew. Very artistic. Like showing my movies to Antonioni. And watching movies with Andy Warhol, round my house. My place was almost the centre of the social scene at one point, because I was on my own.“

—  Paul Du Noyer, “Conversations with McCartney”

everyone’s like: KYAHHH THEY’RE ALL SO HOT while meanwhile i just got the game because i was pretty curious about it since it showed up a lot on my dash. needless to say, i’d probably get a bad end for all of them.

Me searching for that solidarity between latinx when theres this bigass protest in Puerto Rico with not enough attention brought to it

I just find it interesting that few people care when shit happens in latino caribbean, like the big protests in PR, or any of the issues with the island and the US government rn, unless its being able to go to vacation in cuba and the only issue that seems to matter for latinx is immigration when it doesnt include haitians and dominicans. But everyone in the latinx community is the same and should be united amirite? But anyways thats why im caribbean and for my people of african diaspora first cause yall really dont f w us like that lol, anyways I hope my beautiful of island borinken 🇵🇷 will improve one day and this government corruption shit stops so my people can return

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remember that time eva and noora were have a gay moment singing justin beiber to each other and willyhole appeared out of nowhere to just mcfuckin ruin it. this is like that but this time he Ruined A Birthday !

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For the character ask thing, jasper?

  • First impression: she’s big and scary i dont like her :S
  • Impression now: she’s easily one of the most difficult character to make an opinion on for a variety of reasons. on the one hand i like her and i find her interesting, on the other hand, the shit the writers make her do makes it hard for me to relate and/or sympathize with her.
  • Favorite moment: when she started yelling about pink diamond. kimberly brooks is too good
  • Idea for a story: jasper and amethyst bond. i really dont care about jasper and lapis confronting each other again i want amethyst to get some closure
  • Unpopular opinion:  this isn’t really @ her but the mindset people have abt her. i feel like jasper stans and jasper haters really dont want to properly address the problems within the show that make jasper like this. the people who hate jasper tend to ignore that she is clearly a victim of abuse no matter how the show spins it. she had no control over lapis, and lapis’s way of confronting the shit she did to her was tacky. on the other hand, jasper stans act like jasper is a misunderstood woobie when she still did some sketchy ass shit. forcing someone to fuse with her, berating amethyst, capturing and imprisoning gems partly to taunt “rose”, the list goes on. the problem is that jasper is a poorly poorly written character who’s personal conflicts aren’t well executed (would’ve been nice to see SOME sense weakness from her after Alone At Sea)
  • Favorite relationship: jaspmuth bc why not
  • Favorite headcanon: jasper was basically the “popular kid” among the other quartz soldiers

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As an ace person to an ace person, do you ever draw or write something that could be considered 'sexual' and feel weird about it? As if it invalidates your sexuality or invalidates your art?

Sure, only because I’ve had assholes make rude comments before. I generally don’t draw NSFW-ish stuff less because it makes me uncomfortable and more because I don’t like dealing with people’s shit. I find burlesque and fetish culture interesting and empowering, as well as aesthetically pleasing, and even if I’m not a part of that community I love drawing it but I try to keep it PG because people are weird about sexuality and art.

I don’t feel weird drawing it, I don’t think it invalidates me, but I do find uninformed commentary to be frustrating, and often discouraging. As for writing, I rarely do anything explicit (aside from on occasion, violent) because the judgement is even stronger than a drawing.


Someone once asked me if I had learned anything from it all.
So let me tell you what I learned. I learned everyone dies alone.
But if you meant something to someone, if you helped someone or loved someone, if even a single person remembers you,
then maybe you never really die.
And maybe this isn’t the end at all.

person of interest, season 5

sometimes when I’m calculating up assets and budgets regarding ‘luxury items’, I think of this asshol, and the sort of brain rot he must suffer.

a good iPhone or android doesn’t cost $100+; maybe his iPad, his custom mac, and his iWatch cost around $32,000+, but the hungry don’t want an uber expensive phone. A good phone will have a moderate expense, but afterwards it is just the wifi bills, and even then if a household doesn’t have wifi, plenty of places allow free wifi use and in theory people can use that to make contact/make calls.

Also take into account most people will cut cords - who needs cords these days, when you have the bill of a reliable mobile phone on your shoulders. You’re gunna pay that bill and forget the dust covered phone nailed down at the house.

In these families, they may not have the finances for a computer, thus a lot of everything is done over the phone - with the ease of apps and their increase of use by businesses - who want people to swing over to their neck of the woods and consumer products - why not? The easier it is for people to access their wants on the go and through the phone, the more business finance the ease of use of their services - this means through app services, which consumers stay connected to the business with. It builds connection, it keeps relevance in the minds of consumers.

I wonder night and day what special kind of ineptitude people like him breed into, to blame an essential utility for the reason why people can’t (or are restricted from) health care service. I wrote a report once that cited a competent society as one that does not pity its inhibited populace, but enables them - i.e., find ways to accommodate those which lack certain capabilities, and endow them with the essentials that they need in order to overcome obstacles.

Or as I like to put it, why would you restrict people from removing themselves from their homes? I had this misconstrued idea that we wanted to lower the unemployment rates, and it was a goal to get more of the capable and willing people out there working. People at first glance unable to work, have the opportunity to become able to work - if you fucking assist them with their atrocious medical costs.

Another crippling issue that distracts from Jason Voorhees, and all these members of this cluster fuck house of politics, is that they continue to drag in the minority of those from VAL demographics who are willing to abuse the system and lump them into their imaginary PRZM cluster of ‘slum dwellers’, or people completely content with a low-low socioeconomic status wherein they live paycheck to paycheck due a unshakable mindset; “this is where I am and this is where I WANT to stay.” This is a mindset of only a few people in this living condition, but there is a vast majority struggling to gain achievements and living stability - many cannot realize this dream due to medical impairments that are their own or belong to family/friends who they are willing to aid.

The US government has this brutish desire to impede the efforts of hardworking people for sake of social status. Which is quite confusing, as this will not aid our government, our land, or our potential to thrive as a society. The insistence that anyone that is not a pink or white collar worker should have less opportunities to health and safety, and limited access to health care is narrow-minded and boarders self-induced dismantling of society.

We could learn more through treating people of their illnesses, rather than turning them away. We would be more equipped to contend with spread of infection and illness, if our society was prepared to take in and treat those rather than threaten them with high bills. When we leave people out to deal with illnesses on their own, that increase the exponential rate of infection. It’s like politicians think that mosquitoes aren’t the most interesting set of unintended murderers to exist.

But I live in a desert with limited access to water. What does the forecaster know?

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wow i lost interest in all things splatoon and stopped reading your comic but it looks like ive been missing out on Cool Shit. ur comic is very good holy shit

thanks??? i hope u can find a spark of interest in it again someday!! splat 2 looks very promising

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I stalked your twitter. Sorry but I admit it. I find you so interesting and funny. But also, holy shit, LynZ and Kitty both follow you? Since when?

lmao thank you (i disagree tho i dont find myself very stalk-worthy haha) and theyve been following me since 2012 pretty much since after the Euro tour i did with MSI :)