i find this picture so cute for some reason

Got7: when you have a collection of their memes

Jaebum:  is highly impressed of the fact that you’ve managed to find so many unflattering pictures of him. Then ofc he’d rage about how you should delete them bc you’re supposed be supportive and not ‘betray’ him like that.

Mark:  his first thought would be that you might have them on your phone for revenge uses. He wouldn’t tell you that he found them, but he’s careful to not piss you off bc he’s scared you’ll show the other members, or the whole world for that matter lmao “I have an image to maintain.”

Jackson:  "I LOOK SHORT EVEN IN MEMES WTF" “WHY IS BAMBAM SO TALL HE’S LITERALLY SITTING DOWN LIKE-” “whoa lmao is that me and mark ;)” “send me those pics for um, reasons.” Insists on taking unflattering snaps of you, but he’s failing since he thinks you can never look bad.

Jinyoung:  he’s snickering and laughing at your collection of the other members memes, but he’s for some reason dead serious when he sees his own derp face staring back at him. Asks why you’re so obsessed with him, but he low key finds this cute and he’s planning on starting his own collection RIP.

Youngjae:  "ahahahahaha why is my mouth so big like am I always smiling??“ “oh nAAOOOO is that my nipple again” Laughs along with you and he won’t take it to heart, only bc he knows his fans probably are the same as you (ahem) and do weird stuff like keeping a million pictures of him (I wonder why they’d do that I ???)

Bambam:  "yo, do I really look like that? Bruh, I don’t understand why I need to call them hyungs when I’m like a foot taller than everybody. Me and gyeom rule got7 from now on.“ He’s cracking up and telling you he doesn’t care that you think they look weird, at least he’s slaying in every picture.

Yugyeom:  is really embarrassed that you went out of your way to find those cringy photos of him, but he’ll laugh at the ones that are funny. Thinks you’re such a dork for always replying with those memes instead of having a conversation, and he’ll probably send back pictures of Chris Brown just to piss you off.

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A-Z NSFW: Doyoung

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A = Aftercare 
Our little bunny is the sweetest ever, Doyoung can’t rest without knowing you’re okay afterwards. I feel like Doyoung’s aftercare is being very adamant about you coming to join him in the bath for a very innocent session of getting clean and relaxing your muscles in the warm water.

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) 
Doyoung’s hands are so pretty y’all…he favors his hands, mostly because he has a habit of just barely trailing his fingers over your skin, and he watches how you react to his touch; whimpering, squirming, panting lightly. He loves how the lightest of touch can have you literally in the palm of his hand. On you, it’s your thighs, mainly because he’s grabby in the bed and it’s not uncommon to find marks from his fingers the next morning. There’s just something about the soft skin beneath his fingers, and so easily being able to leave his mark there, he loves it.

C = Cum 
I think he’s kind of conscious about cumming, he doesn’t really like making a mess with it. If he’s not wearing a rubber #RubberUpForDan he tries his best to make sure it’s on your tummy or somewhere he can easily clean you up. Last thing he wants to do is have to strip the bed and wash the sheets before he can flop back down and cuddle with you.

D = Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of theirs) 
Doyoung doesn’t keep much from you, you two have a very open and honest relationship. But generally, when you’re sleeping beside the person you’re having a wet dream about, and have to get up to change your underwear because you came in your sleep, that’s normally something you keep to yourself.

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
I don’t think Doyoung is very experience, but I think he knows way too much. I feel like he’d be one of the cases when after you have sex and he drops the ball that it’s the first time he’s done it, it just kind of slaps you in the face like bitch what? Plus, honestly I think Johnny has told all of them too goddamn much anyways, Doyoung certainly knows what he’s doing, he just needs to put it to the test…

F = Favorite position
I feel like he’s a fairly cuddly bunbun, so I get the feeling that his favorite is probably spooning. He can hold you, touch you, it’s fairly comfortable, and it gets the job done.

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)
Listen…the boy’s a good actor, had Taeyong lookin like a chump for falling for his ‘I’m so sick’ act, so at the very least, he can put his playful ways away when you’re in the bedroom. I think he’s a good mix though, it’s about 50/50 that’s he’s serious and intense, or he can just as easily be the cute, happy lil Doyoung we know.

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)
I think he’s fairly clean…I have nothing to say to prove my theory, I can’t find a picture of his tummy to check his happy trail for some reason, but he just doesn’t give me a vibe of a guy that doesn’t keep his junk tamed.

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)
Doyoung is another ‘movie romance’ boy, he’s finds the whole act tedious, he knows you love him, he knows you know he loves you, there’s not really a point in doing the whole romance thing. He’ll certainly go all out for your birthday, or if you’re celebrating something, but besides that, he’s sure that cuddling you and cooing about how much he adores you and is lucky to have you gets the job done just as well as a fire hazard of candles.

J = Jack Off (Masturbation)
Jerking off isn’t something on his list at most cases, he doesn’t have a crazy hormone drive, he’s pretty far past the random boners part of his life. So 99% of the time, whatever slightly got him going, he carries it in the spank bank for when he next sees you.

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
Like I said, marking is kind of his thing, but specifically on your thighs. He’s not much a marker where people can see it, i.e. neck. Even though he knows it’d never happen, Doyoung had the image one day of someone trying to hit you up, and seeing his marks completely covering your upper thighs and hips and just knowing you were someone else’s and he really liked that idea. So subconsciously(or not) he marks the hell out of your hips and upper thighs, covering them in his finger prints, hickies, little love bites, the works. They’re hidden beneath your bottoms but he knows they’re there. You know they’re there. And that’s the fun part; it’s your guys’ little secret.

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)
Because he likes do go for multiple rounds, the safest and most comfortable place is obviously the bedroom, so he doesn’t stray much from there. A handful of times he’d be too lazy or excited to make it to the bedroom and just bends you over the kitchen counter. Aside from the rare occasion he can’t get to the bedroom, bedroom is the norm for him.

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)
Your relationship is pretty open, with each other there’s no secrets or hiding, if you want something, say it. But typically every time you two have sex, starts off with a make out session, your hands in his hair, bodies pressed against one another. Not just a kiss, and he knows the make out is only the start of a very long night.

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
One of the things he made very apparent when you got together and started being sexual, is that he doesn’t want it to leave the house. There’s no way to talk him into sex in any public place, even if you’re behind a locked door, he just can’t and won’t do it. 

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
Like I said, foreplay is arguably Doyoung’s favorite part of sex, he loves getting you worked up and ready for him with his long fingers and talented tongue. He cums kind of quick-ish, so unless it’s just a blowjob and sex isn’t what you’re getting up to, he normally opts out for just a handjob, he’s much more into pleasing you than anything.

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)
I think Doyoung is actually pretty fast, not rough, it’s oddly gentle and loving, just a really quick pace. But his hands are the opposite, so while he’s pounding for all it’s worth, his hands are very softly trailing over your body, grasping you, touching between your legs, it’s a perfect fix of insanity and peace.

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
He’s quite a spazz with sex, it’s on a whim and kind of fast. That being said, he makes up for that with foreplay, Doyoung’s not happy if he has to bypass the fun of foreplay, he’s not a fan of quickies. If it’s right before you have to leave, he literally spends the whole time you could have been fucking, wondering if it’s worth it since his favorite part will have to be skipped. You can count the amount of times you’ve had quickies on one hand, it’s a very rare occurrence. 

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)
I think he’s a pretty standard guy in the bedroom, I don’t think his imagination strays further than “basic” sex acts, if it involves having to get a chair, he’s never heard of it, let alone thought of it. I don’t think he’d turn away the idea, maybe get him one of those ‘try a new sex position every night’ type of books, he’ll try to keep up. But you’d have to be the one to propose the new things, Doyoung isn’t going to.

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
I need to stop with thinking he’s a goddamn rabbit, but I can’t resist, the boy fucks like a rabbit, he’s very erratic and can just roll into another round with barely a few minute pause to catch your breath. Once he’s actually in you, I don’t think he last that long, just a few minutes, but he’s quickly regenerated and ready to go before you can think again.

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
His hands are his favorite toys to use on you, Doyoung isn’t the biggest fan of toys, they could never touch the spots in you his fingers can, so really he just thinks they’re lacking and don’t think they’re worth spending money on for the maybe 3 times you’ll use them.

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
Aside from messing with you with his fingers, building the mood, or foreplay, he’s not a very big tease. A few times he’s feeling exceptionally naughty and teases you for an hour straight until you’re a mess of begging and pleading, but on the norm he complies easily when you tell him to stop and that you want him now. He doesn’t hold out when you desire him so much.

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
Doyoung has some top notch vocals, I’ll fight anyone that says otherwise. We know a singer like that won’t be quiet in the bed, he’s a full blown moaner, it’d be a wonder if he can breath a word between them, he just falls head into the pleasure and it just sounds like a masterpiece. 

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
Your first time together was the stereotypical oh we’re joking around, ahaha we’re laughing, oops you’re on top of me lol oh…is that a boner… shit you see in movies. You were having a relatively healthy lunch with vegetables and the whole shabang, and when you see Doyoung nibbling on a carrot, how could you resist bringing up the bunny joke? That lead to him tickling you in retaliation, that led to him pinning you down, and a very unceremonial, “so uh…you wanna do it…”

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
Why do I ask my Nana about thisNana said because he’s kinda thin and lanky, that his dick matches i fucking can’t He’s longer than the average, but he’s on the thinner side of the spectrum.

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
I thing Doyoung has a pretty steady sex drive, not crazy above or below average. He has moments every once in a while where it spikes up a bit, and you spend the weekend cooped up in the bedroom, but on the norm, it’s pretty tamed and leveled.

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
I feel like Doyoung is a snuggler, he likes that contact y’all. He’s ready to curl up with you and sleep as soon as you’re calmed down and clean, he’s really out like a light.

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Could you provide some posts explaining why cats are dangerous to reptiles, re: bacteria? I've looked online but couldn't find anything. Trying to stop my cousin from taking more "cute" photos of her cat and snake together 😑

I think this post by @kaijutegu has a lot of the scientific reasoning covered.

Here’s a post that turns my stomach, so maybe it will make your cousin stop abusing her snake.

Here’s one more that talks about how putting predator and prey together for a “cute” picture is a bad thing to do.

And here’s another post, by @reptiliaherps et al. covering the same issue.

To sum it up:

  1. Cats and dogs can easily harm the reptile, even if they mean no harm (by playfully batting with paw or biting lightly) – bacteria or no, but bacteria they carry do make it worse;
  2. Reptiles aren’t mammals and will be stressed when exposed to an animal larger than they are, which is their predator in the wild.
BTS Reaction: You Being A Meme Queen

Anon Requested:  Bts reaction to you being a meme queen😂😂youre a great writer❤️

A/N: haha thank you <3

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Namjoon (Rap Monster)

Namjoon wouldn’t care at all. He’s kind of a meme himself, considering his dancing and really bad singing. He’d just go along with it until he realized you were too far gone into the meme world.

“I’m just going to go fine Yoongi, and see if we can produce some music… I guess I’ll just leave you to… meme?”

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Seokjin (Jin)

Jin would be straight up done with your meme bullshit. He already has to deal with Jungkook, he doesn’t want another one to deal with.

“I’ve already got Jungkook to take care of. I don’t need another living meme. I don’t know who’s worse. You or Jungkook,”

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Yoongi (Suga)

He’d legit be so done with your shit. Jungkook’s already enough of a handful, he doesn’t need any more bullshit to disturb his sleep or his precious time when he’s in the studio recording.

“Why are you like this. I swear to god if you don’t such the fuck up I’m going to kill you!”

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Hoseok (J-Hope)

His Hoseok being so cheery all the time. I find it hard to believe he would be bothered by your meme like self. Until you began to get a little too out of hand. But other than that, he’d just join in with a lot of screaming.


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The poor boy would just sit there smiling and hiding his face in his hands out of embarrassment. For both you and himself. He wouldn’t know what to do and would eventually just have to go along with it.

“Aish, why are you like this (Y/N)?”

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Taehyung (V)

Taehyung wouldn’t give a damn about how much of a meme you were. Considering he’s normally pretty memeish at times, he’d find your meme stage really adorable for some, bizarre reason.

“Ah, you’re so cute (Y/N).” *giggles uncontrollably* 

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This boy… Oh god, he’d worship you like how he worships Justin Bieber. You two would constantly have meme wars over texts, or in real life. But let’s be real, you’re the meme queen, he’s the meme king, there is never a winner.

*Dramatically poses for a picture* “Am I a model yet (Y/N)?” *Is extra af*

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Remember this post (the shitty Snapchat picture that got 150 notes for some reason???)?
Well I finally pulled the QR from my SD Card! So here’s the super cute donut/doughnut pattern I made!
I made it to use on the cushion item, but it also looks cute on the alpine panel! If you use it, please credit me. If you also find something it looks good on aside from the aforementioned items, let me know! 
I’ll happily do recolours of this! Just ask!

I just wanted to talk about something cute

You guys remember this flashback from 83, right? 

Since Eren asked for Armin’s name, that means this is - if not the first time they exchanged words at all - at least the first time they officially acquaint themselves with one another. This is the “start” of their ties. 

But do you guys remember what Armin said in the smartpass interview? 

“Armin: I met Eren when I was receiving treatment from his father. I was weak and often got bullied and injured, so I had to see the doctor frequently.” (source)

Given that we accept the smartpass interviews as canon, and that what he said wasn’t simply retconned (although I don’t think so; the time line makes sense), this means that although they didn’t officially acknowledge each other the first time they saw each other at the Yeagers’ house, Armin still remembers this vividly enough to have it cemented in his mind as significant. “The first time” they met, instead of the flashback above. I imagined that could mean he found Eren intriguing even when he was in the background of a doctor’s visit for some reason - just like Eren seemed to find Armin intriguing enough to keep an eye out for him (and eventually approach him, bless). Because if Eren in the background of a doctor’s visit hand’t been interesting to Armin, it would definitely be less memorable, and perhaps fade completely in the shadow of their first official name exchange. And the idea that these two might have been silently curious about each other, is so cute to me. 

Bonus headcanons: Armin visited the Yeagers quite a few times, so I can picture that every time, the curiosity the two had for one another grew. The visits would become rather charged - and would be filled with tiny curious instances, like Grisha asking Eren to bring Armin a glass of water, and the favor happening in silence, with just their eyes locking and Armin mumbling a tiny “thank you”. Or Armin sitting in the patient’s chair in the doctor’s office, teary and with a cotton pad over a knee scrape, while Eren sat quietly in a corner the entire time, both intensely aware of the other but never saying anything. Stuff like that, until, eventually… well. The rest is history. 

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hellllooooooooo im so glad your ask box is open bc i love your stuff. anyways could we get some relationship hcs on izuku with an american-born s/o? like what things would they do that he finds cute? do they make any references that he doesn't get? his reaction to them speaking in their native tongue? things like that~

Thanks cinnabonbon~ Appreciate it! EnJOY ,’:) 🍃 oh and DISCLAIMER ; SORRY FOR 13 REASONS WHY REF THAT’S THE ONLY SHOW I’VE WATCHED . - ANd I’m Asian so I’m sorry it’s stereotypical -

- He likes it when she takes pictures of her drinks or when she does her make up. Izuku thinks that the picture taking is very Asian but with an American twist! As for her make up, he just finds it fascinating on how she looks different with it.

- Also, he finds it cute when she takes selfies with the infamous duck lips and her food. just for no reason.

- Izuku finds it cute that his S/O would ask for pics with him just to show him off on social media or for her to get a tumblr looking pic just because aesthetic.

- Snapchat filter pics with him are the best.

- He likes the unique nicknames that you give him. It’s very uh,,,, unique. like, gum drop, honey bon, jocky, kissyface, Mi Amor,,, you get the idea.

- He has a lot of questions because she’ll randomly pull a fandom reference on different topics ; “ You KNOW who deserved better? Jeff. Jeff deserved better.”

“ Th1rteen R3asons why Jeff and Hannah deserved better.”


- Basically, her crying over all her drama shows with pizza in one hand… again. “S/o-chan, you’ve been eating pizza for the last 3 days… Isn’t that unhealthy?”

- He doesn’t really understand American slang??? Like, she’ll use them randomly in a sentence like,,, “ I want boneless pizza, bae.”

“ …. Pizza is already boneless ?”

- When she speaks in her native tongue, he is really impressed and he would like to learn more since his girlfriend and All might know English.

- Would learn a few phrases of English to impress his s/o but we all know his accent is there so it makes him sound twice as cute.

- But one thing is for sure, he will DEFINITELY ask about the heroes.

Something different - Not a fan fiction but a story based around voltage.inc

Ever since our end of year exams had finished, I had gone back to doing what I love best - dating fictional characters. It had been so long since I checked the apps that I had completely missed all of the new stories out as a result of me turning off my notifications in case of distractions. For the first time in a while, I opened one of the apps and next thing I know I’ve downloaded a new app and compiled a list of the characters I wanted with the price. Coming to a hefty total, I dipped into my savings with enough to buy a set of iTunes gift vouchers. Unfortunately, there’s nowhere so close by that I can walk to get them so I decided to use this opportunity to have a day out with my friends. It was only me, Angelina and Lee that decided to go out since the others were busy but I was excited to spend the day with my two best friends.
After a little bit of shopping and wondering shops, playing a very dangerous game of ‘guess the price’ while shopping in River Island, I finally got to a shop where they sold gift vouchers. Ange knew a lot more about my virtual haven that Lee did but the first question she had to ask was,
“Does your boyfriend know about this?” That was a big, fat no.
“Are you insane? I still can’t believe I have a boyfriend given my past relationship experience. I sure as hell won’t bring this up and drive him off when he sees the folder of otome apps on my phone.” I’ve been particularly careful to hide my phone from Kyle in case he sees the apps, the screenshots, my tumblr, wattpad or even my notes section where I’m writing fan fiction. Ever since I asked him out and he said yes, I swore I would never let him find out about this for obvious reasons. Of course, Ange decided to be my friend and not tell him but also decided to be a biatch and use it against me. How often I’ve heard,
“Please could you buy me something when you get your lunch?”
“Go get it yourself.”
“Shall I tell Kyle that you spent £25 on an iTunes gift voucher for a dating sim?”
“… Would you like a brownie or a flapjack?”
“Brownie please!” She’ll chime with the sickliest of smiles. Even still, she will listen to my emotional outbursts or ask whether lovestruck have released a new lesbian yet. Her favourite so far is Aurora James.
Lee on the other hand barely knows anything about it. All that he knows is from disputes he’s settled between me and Ange when we show him characters and ask whether they are good looking or not. Genuinely. Most of the time they are.
I tried to be subtle when buying my vouchers along with a drink but Lee caught me at the till.
“Two vouchers? That’s a lot. Are they for someone’s birthday?”
“No, they’re just for me. I want to make purchases on my iPad.”
“What are you spending so much on?” This time Ange butts into the conversation.
“You know when we show you those guys and ask for your opinion? It’s for that.” He just looked at me like, 'WTF?’
“How much do you spend on those games?”
“Not much. It’s like £3.99 which is good when you think about how expensive other books are.”
“Still that’s a lot of money. If it were me I would have bought a new wardrobe or loads of makeup.”
“Well, that’s you. You know I don’t like makeup and I’ve got enough clothes so buying more just seems pointless to me. I’d rather save up all of my money and spend it whenever instead of splurging it as soon as I get it. You choose makeup and-” Just then, Ange cuts me off.
“-And you choose fictional characters.”
“Exactly!” Then comes the dreaded question.
“Does Kyle know about it?”
“What do you think?”
“Tell him. He has to know.”
“No, he doesn’t.” Why is everyone so persistent about me telling my boyfriend that I play romance sims?
“Why not?”
“Cause it’s just SO cool that I’m sure he would fall deeper in love with me.” My voice drips with sarcasm.
“Just be honest. If he really loves you, he wouldn’t care.” I don’t think they realise how much I cherish my boyfriend that I don’t want to do anything to jeopardise our relationship. Kyle is one of the coolest guys I know. He’s really popular for being so easy to talk to. We’ve been friends for a while although I was never as close to him as other people are. I convinced him to come to one of my shows - Rock of Ages - and he loved it so much saying how much fun it must be to be a part of our group. Knowing how he would be accepted immediately since he’s an amazing dancer, I convinced him to join. Of course he was accepted and we started spending more time together until I finally grew a pair and told him how I felt. I’ve grown up on the belief that you don’t ask for something, you don’t get so I thought at least they would know about my feelings and there might have been a possibility that they would say yes. Honestly, I was expecting a no which usually happened followed by them making fun of me; just shows they were the wrong people to catch feelings for. I had a good feeling that Kyle wouldn’t tease me and that he would let me down gently. Turns out he thought I was sweet and wanted to try going out. He thought if you reject love, you’ll probably never find it. Turns out we’re both philosophical. I didn’t want to lose him. He’s WAY out of my league. Just imagine a pro dancer, amazing actor, smart, friendly, sports beast going out with an otaku introvert who spends their free time playing otome games. Yeah… enough said.
Once I bought my vouchers, we had Greggs pasties for lunch and went to our secret hang out on this building roof with a car park that no one ever goes. Getting home after six, I started making my purchases.

Our group decided to go out again and I managed to buy and read all of the stories I wanted to. Ange is usually more interested and asks what I spent my money on which results in me babbling as if I was on five energy drinks.
“Well, I bought all of Toma season one from irresistible, Rikiya’s season 3 from school affairs, all of the My Mr Jealousy stories from scandal along with Chiaki’s season 3 from our two bedroom. My heart can’t take it. Chiaki got jealous because this photographer proposed to the MC but Chiaki has really low self esteem because of his childhood. Toma is a cheeky bugger but I absolutely love him. They gave each other nicknames like neophyte and Todd because he acts like a toddler. I feel that he’s the most realistic character because they show his passion for his work instead of just the MC-”
“You on about those games again?” Lee interrupts.
“Yeah. They’re soooo good!”
“I’m gonna tell Kyle you play them.”
“You know what, Lee, I know you won’t because you’re all introverts. Who’s going to tell him when none of you have had a proper conversation with him? That’s what I thought. You won’t tell him.” I should have thought about that ages ago when I told Ange. She’s especially shy when it comes to talking to new people. I remember when we first met, she was quiet until she found out I watched black butler and our friendship took off. There’s no way they will tell Kyle.

A few days later, there was another story I wanted to read so I was doing so in the living room while my mum popped out to get some shopping. While I was smiling at my phone in my dream world, I was interrupted by a knock on my window. The last person I expected to see was there - Kyle! Usually he calls if he wants to come over but this time, he’s just come and he looks a little fidgety. Locking my phone, I put it down and answer the door. Kyle just immediately starts talking.
“Sorry, Babe. I know I call usually but Lee just texted me saying you were cheating on me with someone called Todd. I trust you, it’s just, I never talk to Lee so to hear that from him, I freaked out a little. I trust you, really, but whose Todd?” Lee! You didn’t!
“No no no no no! You don’t have to worry about Todd.” Geez, that came out wrong. “What I mean is he isn’t what you think.”
“Can I see your phone? It would just make me feel better if I see your messages and it’s just a friendship.” Now I’ve made him doubt me… It’s about time I’m honest and told him, even if he doesn’t like me afterwards. I take his hand and lead him into the living room. Picking up my phone, I go into the app and give it to Kyle.
“This is Todd. I’m not cheating on you; it’s just a game.” I point to Toma and select a random chapter as I start tapping the screen. I can’t even look him in the eye, I’m so embarrassed. This is harder than I thought. Kyle just keeps tapping and reading while his expression remains unreadable. For the first time in what feels like hours which is only minutes, he makes an affirming sound and speaks.
“Hm. So that’s it. That’s alright then.” Jesus, I didn’t even know I was holding my breath until I let it go.
“I started playing them about three years ago so before we were going out I want to specify. I just carried on playing since I kind of invested so much time on them.”
“Them? How many are there?” I press the home button which takes him to the folder full of them. Some with particularly embarrassing pictures.
“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, Kyle, but for obvious reasons I couldn’t.”
“Why not? It’s cute. I didn’t know you were into this.” Did… did he just… what? My face feels ridiculously warm. I bet it’s completely red right now.
“You don’t mind?”
“No. I’d prefer this than to find out you’re cheating on me.”
“You’re too amazing. I would never cheat on you.” One of the things I love about Kyle the most is when he’s cool and collected, if you give him a compliment he starts grinning like a child while aww-ing with thank yous. His smile makes me weak. It’s like it’s my kryptonite.
Giving my phone back to me, I put it in my pocket and Kyle treads forward a little to wrap his arms around me. Despite going out for a few months, we’re still a little shy doing stuff like this. I didn’t think I would find a guy at my age who wouldn’t be like other guys our age, who just love the attention in a relationship. It really seems like he loves me personally. I would have never guessed that he would also accept my hobbies as a part of me. Especially one with other guys in my life, even if they are all fictional.

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Can you write a cute headcanon about Genji taking care of Rei as a baby please? :3 I'd love to see that

Ahhh! Yes! Cute!

Genji doesn’t wear his faceplate and visor nearly as much when he’s off duty because of Rei. He was originally very self-conscious about like, having his daughter see his super-scarred face and he was worried about scaring her, but like, the first time he held her he had his faceplate and visor off and she… just fell asleep in his arms?? And he was so in love??? So he’s a lot better about keeping his faceplate off while off-duty because this is the face his kid is used to. Sure Rei can recognize him in his full cyber-ninja armor, but it’s important for him to have her see him as organic and cybernetic.

Genji did continue to be a bit self-conscious about his cybernetic parts–he’d often wear long sleeved shirts when handling Rei because he was afraid of her little fingers getting pinched in his wrist plates or heat sinks somehow but like, one thing that really got to him was that Rei didn’t really have a preference for his cybernetic or his (mostly) organic hand? With either one she’d grab at his fingers and hold onto them so tight. 

Genji’s usually the first one up when Rei starts crying in the middle of the night. He and Mercy are both light sleepers but he’s got a faster reaction time and what with the cybernetically-enhanced senses, it’s a lot harder for him to sleep through Rei’s crying. Plus with the cybernetics and the career in Blackwatch he isn’t as dependent on a full night’s sleep as most people. He likes to tell Rei the ‘Dragons’ story to help her get back to sleep.

Genji generally tries to stick around the watchpoint so he can be around Mercy and Rei as much as possible after Rei’s born, but occasionally he still gets called out for missions. He usually spends the whole Orca ride over going through pictures of Rei on his tablet. He’s not one of those dads who’s super in-your-face with the baby pictures though… it might be because he’s lowkey still afraid of the remaining scraps of the Shimada clan finding out about Rei and trying to take her. Still, on occasion his team members will peek over his shoulder to look at the pictures and ask how she’s doing and Genji will just start talking really excitedly because he’s honestly so amazed by this kid???

McCree: *looking over Genji’s shoulder at a picture of Rei* Heh. Fake eyebrows on the baby. Classic.
Genji: …actually those are her real eyebrows. They started filling in about a week and a half ago.
McCree: Oh. Uh–I mean she looks real cute! Good kid there, Genji. Those sure are some… reasonably-sized eyebrows on a five-month-old.

Headcanon ask:

Hiya! Dis is sumthing i ask a lot on different blogs. I hope dat isnt sumthing bad. I love everyone’s take on it.sooo can i please request,.a S/O just playfully stalking UF and UT sans and US and SF papyrus (red one?) all day then they pounce at them screeching “ LET ME LOVE YOU!!” and the attack the skeles with hugs and kisses.then proceeds to ‘trap’ them in a pillow and blanket fort and ‘torture’ them with more kisses and cuddles. Dis skeles nid fluff.thanks!

This is for @missfangirl-slightly-obsessive ! Let me repeat, this is so cute, ahhh fluff! Thank you for asking, and your patience!

Underfell Sans/Red:

He knew you were following- ehem, stalking them, with your loud footsteps and obvious hiding places- it was really obvious. He thought nothing of it at first, just taking it to be one of your pranks, plus, it was really cute- watching you try so hard to follow him around. Red probably made it hard to follow him on purpose, going to different directions and weird places, as well as disappearing and appearing suddenly. It was around lunch when he let his guard down in his room; he thought you were done following him when he suddenly felt something, or better yet, somone pouncing at him and screeching, “Let me love you!” On his ear holes, then hugging and kissing him.

Luckily, you were in his room, and luckily, there was a pillow and blanket fort from when you last cuddled each other- so ‘torturing’ him with cuddles and kisses were easy when he had a big red blush and was frozen with surprise and embarrassment. Needless to say, when he was back to normal- aside from his blush- he had a huge smile and proceeded to cuddle you and kiss you back, muttering how lucky he was to have you and how cute you were.

Undertale Sans/Classics:

Like Red, Sans knew you were following him, with his sharp eyes, it was easy to see you hide poorly behind a brick wall. Though he wondered why you were doing this, Sans didn’t really mind it, and like Red-and prolly all the skeles- he finds it to be really cute, chuckling at your adorable attempts to hide from him. It was still early when he went out, with the streets not really crowded as it was in lunch rush. As the time went on, he went to different places, like Grillby’s, spas, and generally weird places, just to check to until where you would follow him. And really, he shouldn’t be surprised by your endurance, the person his dating would of course be stubborn, he couldn’t help but snort at that, thinking he was lucky to have you with a fond grin.

It was around dinner when he decided to go home, but of course, not without you. So he teleported behind where you’re hiding, surprising the heck outta ya, and offered his hand with a grin and asked if you wanted to come with. And like it was your cue, you launched at him and screeched with a big hecking smile, “Let me love you!” And in his surprise, he straight out teleported to him home, and into his bed with you on top of him and him holding you in surprise. He shook it off and then stood up to scold you, because what if you seperated and you went to the dangerous part of the city? But when he looked at you and saw you grin, he felt all his anger fade away, he hugged you saying that you were too cute, and let go, defeated. When he looked around though, he was surprised to see all his blankets and pillows were built into a huge, and quite frankly, awesome fort. So in awe of it, and the fluffiness, he didn’t have enough time to dodge your cuddling and kisses, though he didn’t try that hard anyway, finding it enjoyable, plus, how could he say no to his s/o’s show of affection? Needless to say, with him feeling the fluffiness of the fort, and with his s/o 'torturing’ him, it was safe to say he would be retailiating soon!

So you better watch out!

Underswap Papyrus/Stretch/Honey:

Of course he knew you were following him, this lil smug arse probably knew from the start and sniggered whenever you lost sight of him, he couldn’t help it though, you looked just like a small pup, lost in the sea of people and couldn’t find his owner. Though like them, he couldn’t really understand why you were following him, he probably thought you just wanted to show him something cool. So, snickering a bit, he showed himself from his hiding place and smirked at you, “got somethin’ ya wanna show me, sweetheart?”

And c'mon. He expected you to run towards him, not pounce and shout, “let me love!” Surprised, he jumped back, but he wasn’t fast enough and you managed to hold him down, and unfortunately, you both teleported to his room- due to his surprise, it was an instinct okay? On the floor. “Oof!” You winced, but that didn’t stop you from grinning down at him. “Well, you floored me there, sweetheart.” He said, sitting up, looking at your grinning face- he knew what could’ve happened, but he was confident in his skills enough to protect you, so he ruffled your hair, and blinked at your sudden influx of kisses and cuddles.

Suddenly, you stood up to pull him towards his bed, and to his amusement and wonder of when you made a mixture of blanket and pillow fort, and proceeded to 'torture’ him with cuddled and kisses that it tickled in some places. Really, after all this, expect him to do the same randomly and whisper close to your ear, “do you know how cute you are?” Or, “i love ya,” and just some little compliments that make you blush and fluster you or make you laugh, that’s mostly the ones that are puns with a mixture of compliments, though.

Swapfell Papyrus/Rus:

With your loud footsteps, and poor hiding spots, it was easy for him to spot you. But he pretended to be oblivious to it, wanting to find out what’s your reason and wanting to take the pictures of your cute figure. It was simply adorable to him, actually, your very being was adorable to him, there’s simply not a thing you do was not cute. So unlike some of the skeles, (coughRedcoughSanscough), he actually waits for you to move and doesn’t really got to weird places or trick you, so, you’re safe with him! Oh, don’t worry about the pics, he’ll jealously keep it safe that not even his brother can find it, or even get of from him.

It was dawn when Rus decided to turn and ask you if you wanted to teleport home or walk when he heard fast approaching footsteps, and turned and to his surprise, or not, it was you, who was running towards him and ready to pounce. Reflexively, he spread his arms to catch you, and catch you he did, his Magic sensed his surprise and took him to his bed, with you on top of him, you immediately smooched and kissed him everywhere, tickling him in some places and making him burst in surprise laughter. His deep and scratchy voiced soothed you, and making him blush. After, but you weren’t done, he hid his face in the crook of your neck, muttering how much he loves you, how much of a deity/God(ses) you were, and how lucky he was to have you and that you were his, he was yours. You know, the sweet stuff. You blushed, but you weren’t done just yet, so you stood up and led him to the fort you made, and while it wasn’t as good as his, as nothing is, it was still a heck load of comfy and fluffiness rivaling your own.

So you laid him down, 'tortured’ him with your kisses, smooches, and cuddles, and showed him that no, he wasn’t the only one grateful in this relationship, that no, he was the fucking angel, and that, they were the lucky ones.

Because, it was his turn to feel all the one love you had,

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It makes me happy to see that other people really love Jouta. He is very important to me too and I'm just happy to see other people love him too. Also I saw in your tag that you'd done a cosplay of him!!! That's wonderful! I'm hoping to cosplay as him at some point too. Did you ever get pictures? or show what the final thing looked like. Bless you for cosplaying the egg baby. That made me really happy to find out. You are awesome

Dear Anon,

sorry for the late reply but i wanted to answer properly since you were so cute, (please let’s be friends)!;w;

 Jouta is really important to me too, probably because he was one the reasons i started reading Jojo and since he’s not so well appreciated in the fandom I had to make his cosplay! Actually i have some photos and they’re not that “charming”!xD Buuut…here I am!:D Jajaaaa-n!

((Please notice the dish soap stand, it was the best piece of the cosplay and i’m so proud of it!ù.ù))

It had a lot of flaws but was made with all my egg baby heart and doing Jouta was like a dream come true, so i recommend you to make his cosplay to! *^*9

The best part is when people that don’t know him try to figured out what kind of Jotaro are you cosplaying and it’s flawless!xDDD

Thank you Anon and praise Jouta!<3

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favorite cuddling positions for the rfa?


⥁ he always has a hand under your shirt for some reason when you’re cuddling just because he finds it comfortable 

⥁ when you take naps together he’ll wake up before you, take pictures of you and send them to the group chat “HOW CUTE IS MY MC”

⥁ spooning spooning oh and did i say spooning? yeah


⥁ she loves holding your hand for some reason so if you’re sitting next to each other your arms are always linked

⥁ neck kisses. her kink. remember that.

⥁ she’ll braid your hair while cuddling. she just loves your hair so much.


⥁ will hold you close but not too tightly because he don’t want you to be uncomfortable 

⥁ generally you’ll always be laying down on the couch in between his legs 

⥁ while he’s playing with his console and you’re watching him play and bite his hand on purpose so he can loose and it’s your turn to play. will end up in a tickle fight. all the time.


⥁ ok but when he loves it when you just sit on his lap while he’s working. he loves that

⥁ even though you can’t stop shifting just to tease him he ends up telling you to get up but you come back after a minute with some snacks. he’s ready for you to feed him

⥁ he’ll probably wrap you up in his arms suddenly and just hug you very tightly while leaning back on his chair


⥁ he will play with your hair all the time just curling the ends up 

⥁ and holy rub your back with his hands but also rub your stomach and make little circles with his fingers

⥁ will just enjoy being in each other’s space & close to each other also he loves resting his chin on your head 

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Idk yo. I've just had this idea of link sitting in a bath with his upper body exposed and Zelda walking in on him. How would she react?


KAY SO, I think it would depend on which Zel it is. Like, SS Zelda would probably slap her hands over her eyes and scurry off like a cute, frightened little mouse. Tetra, on the other hand, would probably get a little red-faced and start throwing anything she can find at him, all the while yelling at him to ”GET SOME CLOTHES ON, LOSER!” I’d picture TP Zelda bowing, apologizing politely and leaving without another word—and then turning red as a tomato as soon as she’s out of sight.

…and for some reason I picture OoT and HW Zelda both just kinda crossing their arms over their chests, smiling slyly and saying “Nice.” 

Dating Clint Barton Would Involve:
  • Eating pizza together while cuddling on the couch
  • Food fights
  • Prank wars
  • Playing video games together
  • Bets
  • Adopting a puppy
  • Binge-watching Netflix
  • Lots of lazy days where you two just stay in bed
  • Hanging out with Natasha
  • Him teaching you how to use bow and arrow
  • Movie nights
  • Sharing food
  • Really bad puns which make only the two of you laugh
  • Sarcasm, lots of it
  • Sending weird selfies to each other on Snapchat
  • Lots of inside jokes between the two of you
  • Messing with the other Avengers together
  • Silly dancing as a joke
  • Him always finding a way to make your day
  • Always trying to scare each other
  • Lots of pictures of the two of you and your dog
  • Training together
  • You always sitting on his lap
  • Being everyone’s OTP
  • ‘They are so cute I wanna kill myself’
  • ‘Go get a room!’
  • Cuddling
  • Giving each other massages
  • Trying to cook together but failing miserably ‘Oh, okay, I guess we can order pizza again’
  • Showering together
  • You two don’t usually fight a lot, but when you do, it is about some stupid reason like who left the milk out or ate the last cookie and it always ends up in the bedroom
  • ‘Clint, for the last time, pizza isn’t healthy for dogs!’
  • Always texting when you’re apart
  • Dressing up matching for Halloween
  • Sharing earphones
  • Him being overly protective of you
  • You making fun of him but getting pissed when someone else does it 
  • You always being called cute nicknames
  • Him buying you purple lingerie
  • Slow, passionate sex that relax the two of you
  • Rough sex
  • Couch sex
  • Offering blowjobs as favours
  • Wall sex
  • Shower sex
  • Him constantly making sure you were comfortable and that he doesn’t hurt you
  • Dirty talk because you both love it
  • Amazing sex in general

Hey guys!! Long time no see again! I’m finally having the motives to write tumblr post about these two (ie. S.Coups & Jeonghan), not because I’m getting off the ship, but because I’ve been lazy and there have happened A LOT of things, I just couldn’t be bothered to count them all out and write up a whole post about that.

Anyways, I can sense that the ship is getting bigger and stronger as time progresses and many new videos have emerged on Youtube. I want to thank the angel that put those videos together because they are making my life complete. This is making me feeling so excited, as more and more people are acknowledging their (b)romance~ While these two are proving their intimacy to us unstoppably.

It’s difficult to decide where to start, since I can’t remember where I left it from last post. So I will just begin with the recent episodes of Hoshi & Seungkwan’s Andromeda. The second recent one I can recall where both Seungcheol and Jeonghan attended was 150626′s episode.

There are several little things during the episode. First, when they were playing the guessing game, Coups PD requested Jeonghan to sing very suddenly and unexpectedly. Following is a simple translation of their conversation (no accuracy is guaranteed):

Seungkwan: So an order is sent from Coups PD, requesting Jeonghan-hyung to sing.

Jeonghan: Really? (Looks at Coups with sorta surprised & aegyo face)

Seungkwan: Didn’t you hear it? Why are you acting?

Jeonghan: I’m so flustered. (laughs)

– Okay I think I lost my point here but Seunghan shippers know what I was trying to say eh? ;)

Second little thing was when Coups ordered a punishment for Hoshi to kiss Seungkwan’s cheek, Hoshi was reluctant to do it so they asked Coups to do a demonstration since he normally is against kissing cheeks too. Coups said no problem and asked them who should he kiss. Seungkwan said “me”, but at the same time, Mingyu said “Jeonghan-hyung”. Maybe Mingyu is a secret Seunghan shipper too?

The third and last thing was in the very last part of the episode where Coups joined them in front of the camera. I think Seungkwan might have said something super funny and Coups just collapsed at his joke, right onto Jeonghan’s lap. I have observed that during the collapse Coups’ hand might have accidentally slipped onto some sensitive spots of Jeonghan’s body and that’s why Jeonghan immediately looked down and said “andwae andwae”. But they still look very intimate as Jeonghan shifted his head to face Coups who was on his shoulder laughing his tears out, and asked Coups something not audible to us.

I don’t know. All these little things just make me so grateful.

Also in the latest episode of Andromeda (150702) where the members made kimbap to impress Jeonghan the angel. At first, I have to admit my disappointment when I couldn’t see Coups around, but this is where true love kicks in! Even though Coups was not participating in the competition, he wisely used the leftovers and made Jeonghan another kimbap. Well he might have wanted one himself, but he made the kimbap and delivered it right into Jeonghan’s mouth once it’s done. He did it twice in the episode, but I think the second time he might have put something spicy in the kimbap which caused Jeonghan almost tearing up.

Still cute though, Jeonghan totally didn’t blame him for it. This is proved at the ending where Jeonghan put his hands on Coups’ biceps and sorta squeezed them. And Coups leaned back and looked up to Jeonghan. OMG that was so cute. Then Jeonghan’s hands slipped onto Coups’ shoulders and even when the others all waved their hands to say bye, Jeonghan still couldn’t let them go

I just love it when they are being so clingy <3

Finishing with the Andromedas, and now onto stuff that happened at the fansign events. I think the most famous scene was when Jeonghan sang ‘VIEW’ by Shinee and Coups just casually walked up to him. Then Jeonghan put his hand on Coups’ face and pretended wanting to kiss him. Actually in one of the videos I saw their faces almost touching each other and this is just too cute for me to handle. They way they look into each other’s eyes… Just too beautiful. This is also the most satisfying fansign for me because this was the only time that these two got to sit together. There is also another famous picture where they were staring at each other while posing ‘V’ with their hands. That picture just gives so much feels I can’t even.

And in the recent latest fansign event they performed the ‘part-switch ver.’ of Adore U. Of course I totally love the idea and found it super funny and loved Seventeen even more after watching the video. But what I’m most happy about is the ‘Baby you’re my angel’ part where Coups lifted Jeonghan into the air. It just feels so right you know? Look closely to Jeonghan in the MV prior to the lifting and you’ll definitely find their skinship and interaction very cute~ Ah okay let’s talk about the live version of this at the fansign. Coups surely lifted Jeonghan up but I think it was a bit off and Jeonghan’s butt landed somehow onto Coups’ face, I THINK.

Later when Jeonghan was forced to do a series of fanservice – it was gorgeous, even divine, no one can deny this – but Jeonghan himself felt the frustration under the spotlight. He has been asked to throw some kisses to the fans, and interestingly, Coups started and seconds later Mingyu joined and they were actively throwing kisses back to Jeonghan. That was so funny I just died. After Jeonghan’s torment was finally ended, he immediately walked off while patting his burning cheek. Many members have come up to comfort him but what impressed me the most was the fact that Coups pulled him into a hug and held on to him for the lengthiest. And everything was just so natural, like it’s ought to happen.

OK finished with the fansign now. Let’s talk about the well-known scene from S.Coups’ self camera video. Honestly, I was constantly hoping that Jeonghan would somehow appear in Coups’ video since there was no Coups in Jeonghan’s video. And there you go, Jeonghan appeared twice in Coups’ video. See the love, babe, see the love. First time Jeonghan was with The8 probably singing, and second time… I totally didn’t expect that. As I was watching the video I thought oh okay Jeonghan appeared once that’s good enough, but then seconds later I heard a strange sound and when Coups explained that it was Jeonghan imitating a chicken, my heart just went asdfghjkl.

Honestly guys, I was writing this post yesterday and I typed WAAAAAY more stuff but all of the sudden my browser crashed and all my effort in this just went evaporated. I was depressed so I couldn’t continue and instead I posted 2 videos. They are both Fancams but trust me they are valuable af.

The one filmed at night was after they finished recording on 150606 and what hits me right on the heart is the fact that Coups appears to be so protective over Jeonghan. And when they walked (more like squeezed) through the crowd of fans, I don’t know if it’s only me, but I saw Coups’ right arm sort of around Jeonghan’s waist. This is a position that many famous kpop pairings have done and here you go, Seunghan did it. I cannot find a reason not to ship them, seriously.

Also in one of the Fancam by 8 8, of Coups on Kiss the Radio, they had so many cute interactions too, I highly recommend you watch it. Just feel the love, feel it.

Oh and I want to mention some old stuff too. In 150220’s episode of Hoshi & Seungkwan’s Andromeda, the famous pictures of Coups sniffing Jeonghan’s head emerged. And I must correct myself, it’s not merely sniffing, Coups was literally inhaling the scent of Jeonghan’s crown. When I first saw the picture I was totally mind-blown, but when I watched the actual video I was more close to death. Like, seriously, who on earth, enjoys smelling other’s people’s crown, and appear to be like it’s the best thing ever? Once is not enough, Coups did it several times. And while he was frequently doing it, his hands were being super touchy and affectionate over Jeonghan’s jaw, chin and face, as if he was playing with a beloved kitten. Honestly, one’s crown is the part of one’s body that smells the most, and if you pay me to smell someone’s crown, I would only do it if they are right out of shower. However, Coups basically planted his face onto Jeonghan’s crown and were like addicted to his hair and scent. Only truly intimate people could do that I swear, at least in my life circle.

Also in the Christmas Party video that’s recently being dug out again. I don’t get it. I just don’t get it. Why the hell, do you guys hold hands while reading fan’s letter? Like why? Why? Why? Why? I’m so curious man, just tell me, this has bugged me forever.

There are just so many things about Seunghan that I don’t understand. I don’t get why their members are just not surprised about everything they do, well I know that they are basically as intimate as a family but at least try to fake some reactions?? Those are not even fanservice (but there’s also a possibility those are). And I don’t know if it’s only me or not, I always feel that Jeonghan is a bit different around Coups. Like, he normally appears sort of rampant in front of other members as he’s older than them, but when he is with Coups, he just suddenly become more… I don’t know, my poor English doesn’t support me, but Seunghan shippers can definitely get what I’m trying to say heh? …Right??

Okay I’m finally done with what I want to say. As always, thank you so much for being bothered to read my passage and liked it and reblogged it. I am so grateful. On the ship of Seunghan all the shippers must unite together and make it stronger. Hopefully the next time you see me, Seunghan will have more and more interactions and lovey-dovey.

So I downloaded one of your photos of Frisk a long while ago and I used it as a reference photo for my Frisk cosplay. I hope that’s ok! I’ll send you more pictures once I have an actual photo shoot, but I wanted you to know that I’m cosplaying your Frisk! It took me so long to find you again, because for some reason tumblr unfollowed you. If you have a problem with me cosplaying this, please tell me and I won’t do it.

This is soooo cute! I’m extremely flattered! I would absolutely love to see your photoshoot! :D

I have to say THREE things about this scene.
First: My dear Konohamaru is Borutos sensei!! I wanted for this to happen and it happened! It just makes so much sense, you know?
Second: Bye Notebook, we need something faster. ULTRA COMPUTER! With Ramen next to it, that’s always nice.

AND Third:

Hmmm.. If I put three glasses on, I think I remember this photo!

OH YEAH! It’s this one! I guess Naruto wants to remember how cute Boruto used to be!? XD NAH! I’m kidding. I find this adorable! LOVE IT!!

PS: So, is there a reason why the picture frame is lilac? Did you start liking that color for some reason Naruto? EH EH EH!?
I’m… probably looking too much into it.