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Rhythm of the Beat- Part 1

Based off a request by @thelittleredwhocould​ for gender swap Wincest.

Summary: Sam and Dean get trapped in a vault after being turned into women by an ancient Egyptian god. Because of course they did. There’s only one way to get free. Because of course there is.

Word Count: 2150ish

Warning: Wincest, gender swapping, smut

A/N: This one just happened. I’m not sorry. Hope you all enjoy it! Two more parts coming soon! XOXO

“Dean! You okay?”

“Yeah, I think so. Are you?”

It’s at the end of that second sentence that they both register the voices themselves and not just the words.

“Dude. You sound like…dude. Sam? You’re a fuckin’ girl.”

Sam tears his eyes away from Dean’s apparently female body to look down at his own.

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Fire Meet Gasoline Part 3

Part 1   Part 2

Chibs returned with a tray. He had made you a sandwich and glass of orange juice. On the tray he had a jar of medicine too. You had no idea what it was but if it killed pain, you wanted it.

“prescription strength painkillers. We tend to go through it here” he laughed as he put the tray in front of you.

“Fillip… thank you so much for saving me today. I don’t know how I’ll ever repay you.”

“How about you let me take ya to dinner and we’ll call it even?” he said. Blood ran up to your cheeks making you blush bright. You smiled. You were so stunning to him. He was intrigued by you. He wanted to know everything there was to know about you.

“Deal” you said as you threw back the recommended dosage of painkillers. You picked up your sandwich and started eating it. You didn’t realize how starving you were. All that happened must have had an affect on your appetite. “This is delicious. Thank you!”

“Anytime Lass. I’ll leave you to rest and I’ll come back in a bit and check out your cuts.”

“Can you stay? Please?” you enjoyed his company. You really didn’t have any friends here. Family was in another state. You moved here for your job and stayed to yourself mostly. You felt safe with him.

“Of course. I’ll let Jax know I’ll be here if he needs me. I’ll be right back.”

You sat in the quiet enjoying your juice and examining your surroundings. Definitely a guy’s room. Motorcycle posters. Pin up girls everywhere. You didn’t mind though. You’d probably have the same if you were a biker chick. A guy named Happy (who looked everything but happy) popped in for a second to ask you about your car and where you worked. You answered him and continued to relax. You slowly feel the pain killers starting to work much to your relief. You close your eyes and rest a second. You heard Chibs coming through the door. Opening your eyes you notice him taking out a gun and putting it on the dresser along with some keys and other effects.

“How you feeling there? Painkillers start to work”

“Mhmm. Thank you”

“Let’s check ya cuts then.” He said as he walked over and sat next to you.


Tig and Happy had found your car and were checking it for any signs of tampering. They saw your purse spilled out all over the place. Happy groaned and bent over to pick up the contents for you. Almost out of view under your car there was a gun. “Hey brother, this girls packing heat.”

“No way, for real?” Tig said as he went to see what Hap was talking about. “Is it loaded?!”

“Hell yeah man. I bet this chick is a contract killer!”

“Or Hap, she’s a chick trying to protect herself maybe?”

“Yeah, maybe. Well let Jax know and see what he says.”

“Car is clear. No wires or bombs. Let’s get it to T. M. before that guy tries anything funny. You find the keys?”

“Yeah, I was hoping I could hot wire it though. Just for fun.”

“Hap. You make me feel normal. Let’s go”


“Everything looks good. The bleeding has all stopped. I think you’ll live” Chibs said as he winked at you.

“Thanks Doc.”

Happy and Tig returned and told Jax what they found. He nodded and decided to take (Y/N) her purse. But not without going to see Juice. He gave Juice your info and had him run a check on you. Your gun didn’t look like your average “Girl being protected” gun and as a precaution he wanted to know more about you. Jax heard laughing coming from chibs door. He knew you had to be feeling better and that Chibs was doing a good job of taking care of you. He knocked on the door. He heard chibs voice telling him to come in.

“(Y/N), here’s your purse. The guys found all the contents and gathered them for you.

He put emphasis on the word ‘all’ which let you know they found your gun. You knew you’d have to give some sort of explanation but were relieved that Jax didn’t press the matter and wished you well before leaving again.

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Awe! Guys! He made her a sammich!!! 

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HQ Kareshi (Training Camp): Kindaichi Yuutarou (Day 4 - 12:00pm)

Watari: Ha- it’s so hot

Kindaichi: It is

Kindaichi: Eh me?

Kindaichi: Ah-…I really did sweat…a lot-

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Lena Hall’s #yitzograms, showing me everything I want in a man since 2014.

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You don't like hots? I personally find it fun though if course I would not play it anymore then when I need to like now because I already do so much. I am just wondering though what do you not like about it?

Honestly like there’s just so much to learn like even learning one character is difficult, there are way too many different ways to build them, plus there’s too many map event things that I don’t know where to focus. The matches take forever and I don’t enjoy them, and even when I manage to win it doesn’t feel like I did anything.

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About the new lyrics from Harry that I'm desperately trying not to get spoiled about, I have to say though, that they make me a bit queasy? Like, I don't care who he sleeps with, but I'm not sure I want to have him tell me about it? Which is rich coming from s.o who writes fic, I know, but there's a difference between me imagining stuff and him telling me about the sex he had yesterday. (feel free to publish btw) I'll probably end up finding the actual songs hot as hell, though.

Hmm… each to their own, but I have no problem with Harry writing honestly about what moves him to write. If the actual words he’s writing make him seem like a dick or extremely disrespectful, I’ll say so. But nothing I’ve read so far has given me that impression. I’m far more concerned about the possibility that his lyrics are going to be somewhat mediocre or repetitive than that they’re about sex. I mean, he’s not telling you about the sex he had yesterday; he’s crafting songs inspired by his experiences over the last few years. I’m sure there’ll be some artistic licence taken, and some might be straight-up autobiographical…and we’ll probably never know which lines are which :)

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Alright, here I go again. Midorima+Kagami+Haizaki+Hanimya trying to be sxy but failed. Sfw please~

Its hard to make Haizaki and Hanami fail at being sexy though :(( I find them really hot.  HOPE YOU ENJOY xx Raniku 


You took Midorima’s breath away as you splayed yourself effortlessly on his bed only wearing shirt as you curled your finger asking him to follow suit. 

Midorima, not thinking took his glasses off and slowly peeled his jersey off and shaking his hair off only for it to get stuck at the end of his jersey.

He started trying to figure out what caught his hair, and you couldn’t help but laugh at him for being so silly. 

Midorima finally took his jersey off completely and faced you with a really red face.

“You definitely don’t like like a carrot. You look like a tomato instead Shin-chan.” 


“You know, I’ve always wondered if you were capable of ACTUALLY trying to be sexy.” You asked your boyfriend who was nonchalantly flipping through a basketball magazine. 

Hanamiya turned his eyes towards you and raised his eyebrow.

“And that’s because…?”

“Because everyone says you’re sexy, but I can never think of a time you were actually forcing yourself to be sexy and it looked amazing.”

“And that doesn’t include the times we had in bed?” Hanamiya smirked, before setting the magazine down.

“Well nope. How about the before bed setting?” You challenged, raising your eyebrow at him. 

Hanamiya smirked at you before going to all fours and starting to crawl to you, and you couldn’t help but wonder if that was him trying.

“Wait wait wait, is that it?!”

Hanamiya stopped crawling, his eyes widened at your words before clicking his tongue.

“What are you talking about, that wasn’t it.”

“OH MY GOD, THAT IS YOU TRYING TO BE SEXY!” You pointed at him and laughed hard. 

“Y-YOU LOOK LIKE AN AWKWARD BABY W-WHO DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO CRAWL!” You laughed snorting in between. 

Hanamiya grabbed his magazine and threw it at you before walking away. He’s definitely going to prove you wrong. He can be sexy if he tried. 


You were perched on top of Haizaki’s lap, nipping on his bottom lip when you suddenly realized something. You stood up from his lap and pointed at him.


Haizaki laughed at your words.

“I always seduce you ___-chan.” He said putting his hands on your waist. “I’ve bee seducing you everyday.”


“No. Only girls do that for me!” Haizaki glared at you.

“So you’re saying, you won’t do it for your girlfriend, who you’ve been with for I don’t know over a year now?!” You said, glaring at him. 

Haizaki let his eyes roam around your body for a second before grinning at you, he suddenly flipped the both of you, and you were now sitting on the couch, while he stood right in front of you. 

“I’ll show you what sexy is.” He smirked.

He suddenly had his hand at the edge of his shirt, pulling it slightly up to let you peak at the tight taut muscles he had under there. While his other hand graze his peck which made you laugh. 


Haizaki couldn’t help but step back and blush at you laughing at him.

Damn it! He didn’t realize he was copying a girl strip teasing for him in the past. You stood up laughing while patting his shoulder before walking away.

“Uh-huh. Keep going dear. You’ll get there someday.”


“Taiga!” You giggled as you pulled on his sleeve to try and get his attention.

“Hm?” He glanced down at you before returning to the basketball game on screen.

“Can you do something sexy for me?” You grinned.

Kagami suddenly flinched and slowly turned his head towards you.


“You never did anything sexy for me. So I always wondered what it would be like to see a great basketball player for you, show his moves in bed.” You smirked.

Kagami was even redder than he could possibly can as he stared at you wide eyed.

“PLEASE?!” You begged. “I promise to do the dishes! If you do one thing! Just one thing!”

Kagami sighed. 


He thought for a second before deciding what to do.

He suddenly tipped his head back, his eyes sort of squinted, in his attempt to make it sultry, as he slowly licked his lips. When he finished, he suddenly turned really red and looked away. 

“AWWWWW! You looked like a puppy!” You grinned tackling him.

“Damn it ____-chan, that’s not what I wanted to show you!” He said trying to pull you off out of embarrassment.

“It’s okay. That was sexy in my eyes.” You winked.

But to be honest, that was probably the cutest thing you’ve ever seen Kagami do.

One of the hottest parts about the make out scene for me - that I haven’t seen anyone mention yet - is how Barry’s left arm comes around the top of the couch & sort of propels Barry forward. By the end of the kiss his hand is clutching the couch arm just beyond Iris’s head & it sort of mimicks how he’s intensifying and deepening their kisses.

I just find that really hot.

Alright, so, why is Jared Leto’s Joker, so. Fucking. Hot? Really though, I find him so attractive, some days it actually hurts. This fictional crush of mine has gotten out of hand, like any chance I get I’m writing fanfiction, doodling on me, and paper around me or any flat surface near me with little versions of his tattoos. I think about it all the time, along with having dreams about him. Seriously! What the actual Fuck is wrong with me?! How can you not say that’s sexy!? Personally, it’s a guy with great hair, and amazing body, and add on some tattoos, it’s just like; take me already.

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why tf do I find this so hot ?????

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