i find this actually really hilarious

  • Pyrrha: Hey Jaune!
  • Jaune: Hey Pyrrha! What's up?
  • Pyrrha: I just wanted to tell you you look great today.
  • Jaune: Hahahaha! You're hilarious!
  • Pyrrha: Um, I really mean it.
  • Jaune: Of course you do! Hahahaha!
  • Pyrrha: I'm serious Jaune. I actually find you really attractive.
  • Jaune, clutching his stomach: HA! Oh my god, you're a riot!
  • Pyrrha: Jaune, I'm serious. I actually have a huge crush on you.
  • Jaune, on the floor: BWAHAHAHA! Oh my god this is the funniest thing you've ever said! I'm totally tweeting about this! ME! ATTRACTIVE! FUCKING INCREDIBLE!
  • Pyrrha: ...Jaune, who hurt you?

Sweet summer child Yugyeom’s struggles during girlfriend-related missions

Fantastic Beasts

I finally saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (I know, I’m slow). 

So many feels!

  • Newt is quiet, sweet, and awkward and I just want to give him a hug.
  • Jacob was hilarious and adorable. Him and Queenie were surprisingly perfect for each other.
  • I found Percival Graves to be a really interesting character. That particular fascination did not end well.
  • I actually was agreeing with Percival’s rant at the end…and then the reveal. I’m questioning my morals and ethics now lol. 
  • CREDENCE. My sweet summer child. You deserved infinitely better than you got. I still haven’t forgiven the President for that.

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Bonus: Half the guys in the movie were sporting undercuts, which is so hot. I love when guys have an undercut.

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Guess the sexy back…………which is such an easy guess with his blatant Jwalkerz tattoo lol. I always find it hilarious when people misspell his fans name when in fact it’s blatantly displayed boldly across his back hehe…. Jay Park for WKorea November Issue out now!

it ain’t a Jay Park photoshoot without him dancing…..shirtless….tho with his tatts, he actually doesn’t really need a shirt haha…

If you download the Wkorea app, you can check out an exclusive version of Jay Park performing All I Wanna Do!

BTS reaction to getting shipped with the idol they’re secretly dating


He would find it hilarious but deep down he would ask himself if anyone noticed something since people randomly started shipping the ship.

The fact that they got a cute shipping name would make him a bit shy.

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He would smile and joke about the fact, not really caring about actually getting caught because if anyone didn’t know, the boys never had a dating restriction! 

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“I know, we would totally be the cute couple, right?”

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He would get shy, about the fact that people would like the idea of you dating but also because of the cute shipping name. Seeing all the support you were getting, he would reconsider being a secret

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Giggling and probably blushing too, never really answering if people asked if you were really dating

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He would really enjoy the fandom talking about it and wondering if there was the possibility to actually dating each other.

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Personally I think he would be the member to be the most embarrassed about questions and people wondering about it, still he would never talk about it, since it was no ones business anyways

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I know the gif doesn’t suit the text at all but it was soo cute….

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I just had a funny coming out story that I'd like to share. We were talking about famous celebrities and I kind of mentioned that I should have known I was ace when I didn't find any of them hot, and my friends took it in stride, but a couple of days later one of my friends got me alone, and the question he asked me was "what was puberty like for you then?" Which I found, and still find, an absolutely hilarious question, as well as a thoughtful one.

That’s actually a really good question. Ace puberty is a discussion on its own.

- Fae

To all my followers and the people at large,

check out ‘Chewing Gum’ on Netflix. It’s a pretty short show, just six episodes each running at about 22 minutes. However, it’s a great show following a girl from an ultra religious upbringing trying to find her sexual identity. It’s actually really hilarious, I laughed nearly every minute watching this show and the acting and story is just great. A very diverse cast telling a very undertold story. 

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Oh man I hadn't really thought about garrobane friendship before I found your blog, but now I can't stop headcannoning the most random things. Like, what if the Chairman is one of those jerk cats that dominates the hell out of dogs, and that translates to him stealing Luke's seat, drinking out of his water, using his jacket as a bed... And Luke is frustrated but can't be mean to a kitten, and Magnus finds this hilarious and keeps making up reasons for them to meet at the loft.

i’ve talked about this before but i don’t really see show magnus as being a cat person considering harry’s cat allergy. we’ve seen him feeding strays but he doesn’t have a cat of his own for that reason

au magnus does have cats though and i’ve actually written luke and magnus’s cats interacting in my au malec fic titled the lesson in magic and that’s kind of how i characterized church and luke’s interactions, it’ll be coming up again

but consider magnus having a hellhound and luke interacting with it because THAT i want to see. the hellhound is this gorgeous all black doberman pinscher with curling black smoke shifting off of it’s body, it’s blood red eyes unmoving as luke comes into the loft.

“i’ll be right with you, luke!” magnus calls from the study, getting a book of clave laws they need to go over.

so luke smiles and slowly moves over, settling down on one of the couches. the hellhound growls quietly in it’s throat, eyes burning red. luke’s eyes go green and he just stares this massive hellhound down.

by the time magnus gets back, the dog is curled up in luke’s lap lapping at his hand and luke looks up and grins at him. magnus appraises them with an impressed look on his face, not that he’s really surprised.

“i see you’ve met beowoof.”

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#jesus christ #I can only go ANBAHD here #and like- Harry says it as a joke when Niall meet the guy #but then Niall starts calling him that because Harry gets all pouty and jealous RYAN OH MY GOD

Oops. This just kind of happened. Enjoy.

Based on this post: XX

“Really, Niall? Fucking, really?” Harry growls, snatching Niall’s mobile out of his hand and tossing it back behind his head. Niall doesn’t really see where it goes, too focused on the fury in Harry’s eyes to track where it’s gone. This is exactly why he has an OtterBox. “Are you fucking kidding me?”

“Not a fan of the ringtone. Noted.” Niall mumbles.

“It’s not fucking funny.” Harry growls lowly, narrowing his eyes.

“You’re the one that came up with it.” Niall points out, against his better judgment. “When I told Shawn, he thought it was hilarious. How many people actually find you funny besides me? I thought you’d get a kick out of it.”

“Really?” Harry asks dryly, narrowing his eyes even further until they’re little more than slits, and Niall has to wonder if he can really even see anything. “You thought I’d get a kick out of you having a ringtone for someone else that’s a sappy love song about your soulmate?”

“Yeah, but it’s like- ‘Sole’-mate. Sole like a shoe.” Niall says quickly. “Not like- Soulmate. You know I don’t believe in that shite.”

“As if Ashton weren’t enough competition.” Harry mutters, sighing and closing his eyes when Conan comes trotting up with Niall’s phone in his mouth. “Whatever, Niall. Just- Whatever.”

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Bts reaction to you being shy at first but once you’re comfortable you’re a walking meme

such a creative title I know

Request: Yoooo can I get a bts and Exo reaction to u being really shy and awkward at first but then once they get to know u ur actually a walking meme

A/N: I relate to this on a personal level omg, I hope you enjoy xD


He’d put up an annoyed facade, but on the inside he finds it adorable

-rolls eyes- “I already have to put up with Jungkook, now you?”

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He’d find it hilarious, but if he tried to keep up with you he’d get tired pretty quickly

“How can you even have so much energy? You’re still cute, though.”

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He’d find you to be absolutely hysterical, laughing at even the lamest of jokes you tell

“What do you call an alligator in a vest? An investigator!? HAHAHAHAHAHA YOU’RE SO FUNNY Y/N”

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He’d be pretty indifferent, liking both your shy and memey side equally. He would try and make you laugh all the time, though, considering you always manage to put a smile on his face.

“Hey, hey Y/n, look at me”

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namjoon…. wyd….


Jimin would find you to be the actual cutest thing on this planet. When you start spazzing out when it gets late, he wouldn’t be able to keep his squeaky laugh in.

“You’re so freaking adorable stahhppp itttt”

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He’d think your cringy jokes were the best thing in the world. Loosing his shit every single time - no matter how terrible.

“How do you come up with such funny jokes????”

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This boy is the exact same way. He would use you to help and annoy his hyung’s with your shared meme ways.

“I swear, we and I could be siblings”

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A/N: I hope this is what you meant! The Exo version will be up soon~

-Admin Yeonie

As weird and awkward as it was, I actually miss the “rubbing” thing from AP. It let you become friends with people without buying them gifts. It also allows you to get a head start on becoming friends with your desired husband/wife if their favorite gifts are either really expensive, too much of an annoyance to get, or you don’t really like the character and just want the rival kid to be born. This is also pretty helpful for when you want to finish the game and don’t feel like buying gifts for 50 million people. I also find it hilarious how it calls the second wiimote a “second player”, like someone would actually want to sit there while their friend played the game, and “rub people”.

If Cress and Thorne had a child:

  • Cress getting super nervous about telling Thorne
  • when she tells him he kind of just stands there for a minute
  • once he actually comprehends what she said this delighted smile encompasses his face and he lifts her up, twirls her around and kisses her
  • in the middle of the kiss Thorne goes rigid and puts Cress and down and says “I hope I didn’t squish him”
  • Thorne always referring to the baby as a “him” because he’s terrified of having a girl 
  • Cress refusing to see the gender because she wants a “surprise”
  • really she just finds it hilariously adorable when Thorne gets nervous
  • Winter and Cress going on shopping trips to find baby clothes and toys and having the time of their lives
  • they always force Cinder and Scarlet to come too
  • they secretly enjoy it, but obviously won’t admit it
  • Cress going into labour early and Thorne getting really nervous
  • Scarlet insisting that she can help Cress because “I’ve delivered calves before, so how hard can it be?”
  • Thorne having none of it, and whisking Cress off to the hospital
  • everyone pacing anxiously in the waiting room because only one person’s allowed in the patients room (obviously Thorne’s in there)
  • Thorne holding Cress’s hand the entire time 
  • and stroking her hair
  • and telling her it’s going to be okay
  • and making jokes, Cress has to tell him to stop because laughing hurts and she needs to concentrate
  • Thorne wanting to name the baby something nuts like and Cress point blank refusing
  • Everyone rushing into the hospital room and they all take turns holding the baby
  • When it’s Cinder’s turn she shies away
  • Thorne notices and laughs because “the great revolutioner Linh Cinder, former princess of Lunar and current Queen of New Beijing is scared of a baby?”
  • Cinder mutters something insulting and takes the baby 
  • later Thorne asks Cinder if she wants to be the Godmother
  • she replies very nonchalantly when really she would have probably cried if it were possible
  • Everyone’s so excited and happy and delighted with the new addition to their little family especially Scarlet’s and Wolf’s toddler who’s estatic that she might have a new friend

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honestly im so glad someone else has/is reading the books cuz sometimes i feel like one of the only ones who loves both the show and the books

I actually really like the books!! I encourage people to give them a shot. I honestly strayed away from them because everyone made them sound terrible but I quite like them. Book Clarke is great, she’s definetly less savage then show Clarke and I find her character less developed but still good, Bellamy is hilarious and super sarcastic and you get a better look at his childhood, Wells is alive and you can tell Jason tooks bits and pieces of book Wells and incorporated them into Bellamy’s character on the show, but Wellamy in the books is terrific and they actually like love eachother by the 3rd book. People made bellarke sound super rushed and like any other stupid teen book relationship and I mean they do kiss after a few days on earth but they don’t immediately start anything, and most of their scenes are so comical and cute I wish Jason would put them in the show. Bellarke in the books is actually super similar to Bellarke in the show, the way they joke with eachother. Also it’s clear Jason read the books and made notes on them because he’s copied a lot of quotes word for word and he’s kept scenes from the books and it just further has convinced me that bc is endgame.

Also there’s less plot holes, like the book actually explains where tf the grounders came from, and they’re not just like total “blood must have blood” savages. And you find out more history about the Ark. There’s also 2 extra characters, Glass and Luke, who are super fuking cute and like their relationship is truly the best part of the books and jason can choke for dropping them tbh. They would have been so good, im mad

The truth about Ne

So I just heard Ne described (probably by someone who is not an Ne user, but still) as “basically like being on LSD all the time” and as an Ne aux I love this because this pretty much explains half of my interactions with other people like with other people who have Ne high in their function stack our friendship is hilariously random conversations and “Hey let’s go do this thing!” And it’s probably a really dumb thing, but we don’t care because we’re basically on LSD. Then with people who have low Ne, I’m just kind of like off in my own “What if people had fried fish instead of opposable thumbs; would that be a fair trade?” Sort of world, and they just go with it like “ahaha, INTP, you’re great” but they don’t actually contribute they just find me amusing because they’re not like actively on the metaphorical LSD but they get it, and then there’s Ni users and my friendships with them are basically them trying unsuccessfully to babysit me like “INTP WHAT ARE YOU DOING STOP THAT GET BACK HERE INTP YOURE GOING TO FUCKING BURN THE CITY DOWN” and I’m like “I wonder what burning city would smell like?” And they just want to cry because they don’t understand. They’ve never had an Ne trip; they don’t know what it’s like. It’s glorious, Ni users. It’s glorious.


Around the World in 8 Days Challenge

Day 1: Russia

I love this cause I still find it hilarious that their flag was actually a poncho. And of course, the typical Scott reaction to make Tessa laugh. I love how they’re just in the back in their own little world, where Scott is goofing around while Tessa laughs hysterically. It’s just so them. 

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What do you think about Gora Yellow's comment, that 'Niki, in his own way, loved Kisa', rather than it being some kind of plan to fool around with her?

I actually found that comment a bit intriguing, particularly when combined with the all characters short story. It feels like the two of them had this odd relationship where they did at some point care about each other but they’re both incompatible and terrible and it didn’t really work (like that moment in the short story where Kisa starts to suggest she find Niki a doctor in America and he looks shocked before laughing, like for just a moment Kisa is truly concerned for her husband and Niki is shocked at being worried over before he suddenly finds it hilarious that she’d actually feel that way. There’s also the bit in the First Contact manga where Niki does show up at Kisa’s party with flowers, ostensibly he’s there for the food but I wonder now if he did figure he’d like to show up and celebrate his wife’s birthday while also terrorizing his son and being a nuisance). I wonder if Niki was attracted to her at first in the same way she was attracted to him, like Kisa was considered something of a ‘genius’ herself and Niki was attracted to that, to Kisa’s ambition and pride and he decided that he wouldn’t mind being with that kind of woman. Though that ‘in his own way’ is notable too, like I feel as though any kind of love Niki feels was probably pretty twisted in and of itself, like he loved Kisa but he also wanted to see that proud exterior crack a little, wanted to see if he could bring someone so ambitious into his world and force her into his pace and see what he could make of her. So to Niki he does love Kisa as much as he’s capable of loving anything but because Niki has a screwed up view of love – I suspect he’d say he loved his son too, and of course he showed it with little tokens of affection like a burning anthill – and Kisa’s not really the romantic type either so they end up with this terrible relationship where Kisa’s always trying to keep from being drawn into his orbit while Niki kinda wants to pull her in and drag him down with her (this also makes me wonder about Saruhiko’s role in the whole thing, the all characters story made me wonder if part of the reason Kisa abandoned him is because she saw Fushimi’s presence as a distraction and an escape from being pulled into Niki’s world, that Fushimi could be Niki’s plaything in her stead, and maybe a small part of her almost regretted it from time to time). Niki strikes me as someone who destroys what he hates and ignores what he doesn’t care for, so to him that he spends any time at all with Kisa – and Fushimi, for that matter – is a sign of his affection, that he’s showing an interest in this person even as he longs to tear them down and force them into his twisted little trash world.

somehow, I can imagine that when Spock hears something that he finds really hilarious, inside him there is a boy who is laughing like that but from the outside his amusement is very subtle.. and only some people can see that laughing boy inside him.
In my mind, this is one of the first things Nyota understood about him: his subtlety being like his own language to understand.

am i the only one who thinks that it is hilarious and also quite sad that basically the entire mcu fandom hates sharon carter because she’s “underdeveloped” and “useless” and she was “reduced to a love interest” and blah blah blah yet like 99.9% of the mcu fandom makes darcy lewis seem like a thousand times more important to the mcu than she actually is and treats her like the fucking fandom bicycle by shipping her with legitimately every character that moves like seriously mcu fandom stfu already

Waiting is the best/worst.

I sent my application and information in for MSU’s Early Assurance Program on February 10, 2017. I picked up my letter with the committee’s decision on March 1st.

It still doesn’t feel real. Even if I don’t get an interview, it’s such an honor to know that my professors and administrators think highly enough of me to give me an endorsement. That alone has made this long process worth it. Still, I really hope I get an interview. I find out sometime between March 14-17, and I’m so excited <3 My friend Carina was also endorsed, and I may actually die of happiness if we’re both accepted in the same class.

My schedule is hilariously packed between MCAT studying, visiting family, working on my poster, classes, mentoring, work at the hospital, and my job at the office, but life is mostly great. I have bad days here and there, but I’m really just happy to be where I’m at :D


Forget about BBC Sherlock, forget about Star Wars, this is the one true fandom (OTF)

The “Sherlock fandom” fandom.