i find these highly amusing

The Institute of War’s coolest “Bots”

iBlitzcrank and Full Machine Viktor are two of my absolute favorite skins in the whole game, so I definitely had to draw them.
So here they are! Not too bad considering I had to revisit in between three weeks.
I find it highly amusing that I can’t draw regular Viktor the same way twice but somehow I can draw FM Viktor somewhat decently.
Robots are the thing for me ahah!


I’m not a hard core shipper, but I find this crack ship highly amusing.

So imagine Thor comes down one day with some strange liquid, which apparently is a love potion. Then Tony walks into all of them talking and sees the glass of fancy liquid, thinking it some sort of fancy wine he takes a sip and Steve notices and tries to stop him. But he’s too late and Tony drinks it, and the first person he sees as soon as he does is Steve.

The potion works and Tony falls for Steve and follows him around the whole day, sends him chocolates, insults him in a very flirtatious way, sends him a fancy suit for a dinner date. Makes rude comments about how pretty Steve’s face is, and all the other avengers are just laughing their asses off. Even Thor finds it too funny to be angry that Tony drank it. Natasha is constantly teasing Steve and encouraging Tony. Vision is slightly confused and Clint and Sam are taking videos of all of Tony’s stunts.

Finally Thor tells Steve the only way to remove the affect is for him to kiss Tony. At first Steve disagrees and keeps avoiding Tony, but finally Natasha convinces Steve to swallow his pride and get it over with, otherwise it would affect the Avengers. So he does, he walks into the room Tony’s in, grabs his face and smashes his lips into Tony’s. There’s a moment of silence until Tony pushes Steve away asking him when he came out of the closet and why the hell he did that. Steve is relieved that Tony’s back to normal so he just ignores Tony’s comments. In the background the rest of the Avengers are laughing their ass off coz Sam recorded it and at the fact Thor had lied, the potion only needed time to wear off and that Tony had actually gone back to normal almost an hour before Steve had kissed him.

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i find it highly amusing that like…people say “more girls are playing video games” bc like…last statistic i heard says that more girls are playing video games THAN BOYS at this point

cxrnys  asked:

if i met you i'd probably laugh because youre very short and i find that HIGHLY amusing

i’m like literally currently talking with someone about how short i am is this Jari’s a Smol Night??? also i may be smol but i can climb you like a tree and punch you in the face 

I find it highly amusing that earlier today I was saying I wanted to find my Daredevil so @mrstellerwinston and I could complete Team Red. THEN i find out Charlie Cox is going to be at Phoenix Comicon this year and I started screaming and jumping around. The one day I’m GUARANTEED to be there is the day he will be there! Best believe this chic is going to be buying a photo op AND autograph!

Guys, Middleburg is a real place. It’s in America. It’s in a few states, but one of them, I find highly amusing. Do you know which state it is? Pennsylvania. I don’t even need to explain why this is amusing (and also somewhat frustrating), I mean, seriously…

Penn Zero might live in Middleburg, Pennsylvania.

I just can’t- *throws chair across the room*

I noticed you can see Cressida (or, I assume it’s Cressida…it’s definitely somebody) standing in the background…

You what that means? You know who gets to stand there and watch Katniss not only kiss Peeta of her own free will (not for the cameras), but also hear her ask Peeta to stay with her, and him tell her always…

So apparently I have turned 1 today! :O @thehamdonut turns out you weren’t so wrong after all with your “super early bday” gift, because then this happened and I find that HIGHLY amusing xD And that be my sister, who demanded that she also be drawn, so she’s making a cameo B)

It’s been a whole year since I’ve opened this blog and it certainly has been a very fun and productive time! I’ve made a lot of precious friends, and am still continuing to meet a lot of awesome new people! From Yu-Gi-Oh! to Kingdom Hearts and now to Undertale, it’s definitely been a wild ride full of good and unforgettable times. 

To old followers and friends: thank you for sticking with me for so long and continuing to show your support even across my differing fandoms. You’re magnificent stars! <3

To recent followers and friends: here’s to having a great time together for the following year! I look forward to knowing more about you all :D

Thank you, friends; my experience on tumblr wouldn’t have been or even would be as fun right now without you guys around. You are the apples of my eye <3


Finally, last live post from me. Small thing I noticed is that Arima’s electricity color is blue, while Akoya’s is pink to reflect En and Ryuu respectively. However, since I OTP Akorima, this makes them the fourth ship I’ve endgame’d with the blue+pink color symbolism coincidentally. I just find that highly amusing. 

Anyway, this post is really here for me to say that if we are fortunate enough to get a season 2, then this is what I want

I want epic head on head combat, I want feelings hurt, I want both clubs to lose the rigidity and meander out from their respective groups, I want them to manipulate each other, and I want all the characters to show their true colors on the battlefield and in real life. Because when we do get these, the results are nothing short of spectacular!

I still want the humor and high school boys charm, don’t get me wrong, but more character development and flexibility would be welcome!