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I get this one regular who was so sweet when I first met him but now for whatever reason he finds it HIGHLY amusing to imitate what I'm saying (I have a higher pitched voice and was bullied in that specific manner in school) and I asked him to stop and he did but now he's doing it again and every so often he catches himself but rather than apologizing he twists it to make it seem like I'm too sensitive, like 'oh that's right I can't do that with you' as if other people like being mocked like wtf

I don’t know the first thing about Dua Lipa and her personal life but I find it highly amusing those pictures are in front of a Starbucks.

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Terrible Fusion Fall Request: Double Dee trying to hopelessly label fusion matter and/or trying to label his fusion self


I find the idea of Double D trying to label his fusion self highly amusing i love it thank you


I’m not a hard core shipper, but I find this crack ship highly amusing.

So imagine Thor comes down one day with some strange liquid, which apparently is a love potion. Then Tony walks into all of them talking and sees the glass of fancy liquid, thinking it some sort of fancy wine he takes a sip and Steve notices and tries to stop him. But he’s too late and Tony drinks it, and the first person he sees as soon as he does is Steve.

The potion works and Tony falls for Steve and follows him around the whole day, sends him chocolates, insults him in a very flirtatious way, sends him a fancy suit for a dinner date. Makes rude comments about how pretty Steve’s face is, and all the other avengers are just laughing their asses off. Even Thor finds it too funny to be angry that Tony drank it. Natasha is constantly teasing Steve and encouraging Tony. Vision is slightly confused and Clint and Sam are taking videos of all of Tony’s stunts.

Finally Thor tells Steve the only way to remove the affect is for him to kiss Tony. At first Steve disagrees and keeps avoiding Tony, but finally Natasha convinces Steve to swallow his pride and get it over with, otherwise it would affect the Avengers. So he does, he walks into the room Tony’s in, grabs his face and smashes his lips into Tony’s. There’s a moment of silence until Tony pushes Steve away asking him when he came out of the closet and why the hell he did that. Steve is relieved that Tony’s back to normal so he just ignores Tony’s comments. In the background the rest of the Avengers are laughing their ass off coz Sam recorded it and at the fact Thor had lied, the potion only needed time to wear off and that Tony had actually gone back to normal almost an hour before Steve had kissed him.

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Sanvers week

So I’ve been giggling about the piece of dialogue I’m going to write in my nerd fic after work all day…. Hopefully y'all find it as entertaining, but either way I’m highly amused and it’s making the work day go quickly.

I’ve definitely caught the writing bug 😀😀

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I have this juminzen headcanon where in a situation that Jumin gets jealous, he probably be pretty possessive of Zen where as for Zen I can't decide whether he might get super passive aggressive with Jumin when he gets jealous or just be a tsundere about it. What are your juminzen jealousy headcanons?

Jumin is super possessive as we can tell from playing the game, so when he gets jealous, he makes a show of it (done subconsciously, I like to think he’s not deliberately trying to be a dick most of the time, more like a male bird of paradise showing off his dominance). If he sees Zen flirting with someone else or being flirted with, he will cut them off rudely and create space in between them, state that Zen is his boyfriend, and pull him away. This drives Zen up the wall, can’t he talk to people without Jumin getting the wrong idea? He feels loved but doesn’t enjoy his every move being controlled by Jumin.

When Zen gets jealous it’s a bit more passive aggressive, very tsundere, very reverse-psychology. He wants Jumin to figure out himself what he’s done wrong. He sulks, but says he’s fine. “Why don’t you hang out with your new friend?” “Don’t worry about me I’m sure they’re more entertaining than I am” Jumin finds this highly amusing, he thinks Zen being jealous is cute as fuck (and he usually is because he throws tantrums like a child).

I also like to think that when they both get jealous, their levels of trust are different. Jumin worries less about Zen cheating on him than he does people taking advantage of Zen because he’s so sociable and accommodating. He knows Zen loves him but that won’t stop others from trying to stick their fingers into his pie. Zen on the other hand, feels insecure. Jumin is a man who can get anything and everything he wants, has no shortage of attractive acquaintances, and he has a taste for the impeccable and the luxurious. As a child Zen’s been consistently hammered by his family about how he’s not good enough and he has no merits of his own and this kind of causes him to feel like he will never measure up to Jumin’s standards. So he worries Jumin will leave him for a younger, more attractive (which is impossible), more successful lover and it eats him up inside constantly.


Side Leo: Meanwhile up in Vandale…

While Anri and Camilla head south, Leo embarks on his journey to the northern province of Vandale. Normally he should be heading back across the mountains to assist his brother, but his father asks him to check up on Tatiana on why she is seemingly unable to send her men out to the front lines. He has yet to tell his men of a possible detour in Morbank, so he hopes he can find some way to send his forces to Hoshido without himself in the lead.

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Nobody said anything about not tagging things.

The issue is there are people who argue that certain content should not be created in the first place, or that or should be kept private or should not be posted to websites outside of specially designated ones for such content.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a person complain about content to me despite the two paragraph content warnings complete with links to explanations if you aren’t familiar with a term to make sure you know what you’re getting into. (Personally I find these highly amusing.)

There are people who argue that AO3 needs to censor the works posted or disallow certain content because children might find it despite content warnings and ratings.

See, people often completely ignore warnings then try to complain about the existence of the thing.

Like the joke goes I’ve been 18 since I was 12– kids lie about their age to access restricted content so tagging, age restricting, warnings, etc. don’t protect the kids who don’t want to be protected from it.

Or the people too stubborn to admit they should avoid certain content that upsets them.

It isn’t the responsibility of a content creator to act as babysitter. Outside of the basic warnings for content, they hold no responsibility for the content consumption of anybody. And by extension are not responsible for adverse reactions to their content.

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So robron n Ross end up in a middle of a field wonder what happens cos Ross won't react good when he seems them cutting up the cannabis😂x

He’ll probably cry because “his” precious drugs are gone. Shame. I hope Aaron and Robert find it highly amusing because I know I will.

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can you please write a captian book brOTP fic???

The Pirate and the Books

ff.net link here

AO3 link here

Here you go! Hope you like it! :D

Since the whole ordeal with the Underworld, defeating Hyde and the Evil Queen, and successfully releasing Belle from Pandora’s Box, there is one thing that keeps a very pregnant Belle amused while still figuring things out with Rumple.

Killian’s reaction to pretty much every book she introduces to him.

Since both of them love to read and they now have time on their hands, they read a book each week. Killian has been curious to read the books of this realm and she sees this as a fun distraction to her problems.

Although Belle has already read all these books, she needs to reread them to refresh her memory when she and Killian sit down for their one on one book club meeting.

“This Twilight series is utter nonsense, love. A woman in love with a man that finds her appetizing? How is that romantic?”

“This Harry Potter bloke sounds like he could be useful. Perhaps he’s real too. Why don’t we do some research?”

“A wardrobe that acts as a portal, like the one Emma was sent through. If this is real, do you think there is a realm with a Lion ruler that speaks somewhere as well?”

“Belle! How could you introduce me to Outlander!? I’ve only perused the first two books and it’s already ripped my heart out of my chest. And you say there is a total of eight! How will I make it?”

Belle just finds it all highly amusing and she loves to give her friend books to read just so she can see what reaction will flare up once he’s finished with the book.

They’ve just finished their latest book meeting and Killian is about to leave to get lunch for Emma when Belle stops him.



She gives him a small smile and says, “thanks for being my friend.”

He gives her a soft smile and hugs her as best he can with her bulging stomach.

“It’s my pleasure. And thank you for being mine.” he replies.

He waves goodbye and is out the door when she opens it and shouts, “our next book is Peter Pan!”

“No it’s not!” he repeats for what must be the hundredth time behind his shoulder.

Belle just smirks to herself and promises she’ll find a way to get him to read that book.