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I get this one regular who was so sweet when I first met him but now for whatever reason he finds it HIGHLY amusing to imitate what I'm saying (I have a higher pitched voice and was bullied in that specific manner in school) and I asked him to stop and he did but now he's doing it again and every so often he catches himself but rather than apologizing he twists it to make it seem like I'm too sensitive, like 'oh that's right I can't do that with you' as if other people like being mocked like wtf

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Thanks for bringing up the reason that I HATE nighteye. Like who the actual hell does he think he is?? All Might chose Deku, end of story there is no argument here. In what world would he have any say whatsoever?

Let me preface this by saying that I don’t hate Nighteye as a character; I find him fascinating and highly amusing, I really feel for how horrified and maybe even traumatized he might be over his knowledge of All-Might’s possible impending death, and holy hell do I want to know more about him. But… yeah, this was the main thing that sort of turned me against him on a more personal level.

Getting pouty that All-Might picked Izuku instead of Mirio, and saying that Deku didn’t deserve that, definitely put me off in Nighteye’s debut chapters. And I get that they worked together for years and were super close, but the fact that Nighteye acted like he ultimately had any say in who All-Might chose for One For All just… rubbed me the wrong way, I guess. Even crotchety old Gran Torino, who had been involved with One-For-All wielders for decades, never did that! Sure he knocked Izuku around, criticized him, and pointed out all the flaws in his approach, but he never questioned Toshinori’s decision, he never belittled Izuku for his age and inexperience, and he never said or implied that Izuku didn’t deserve to inherit One For All.

I dunno, I guess it feels like Nighteye went in determined to have a bad opinion of Izuku from the get-go, and I look forward to seeing him eat crow.

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HEY ASSHOLE ANONS: EMILEE IS NOT REQUIRED TO GIVE YOU A LIST OF HER PAST RELATIONSHIPS IN ORDER TO BE BI!! Also I find it highly amusing that you insist on saying she’s dramatic and attention seeking when up until she started getting these anons her blog had been pretty quiet, so you bombarding her ask just shows how transparent you are. Grow up, and butt out of her life entirely, thank you

Dana did you not hear

in order to be bisexual one must fill out a form, send it to the anon for review and then they give you an approved or denied sticker!!! it’s the new craZe!! Because only people who’ve dated both girls and boys are valid bisexuals!!!!

Now I’m going to have to write about Tony getting his Nobel Prize, lol.  I’m so absurdly excited about that team winning it b/c Kip Thorne’s work was the basis for a lot of the stuff Tony was working on in CN.  I also find it highly amusing in a really adorable way that there is this group of Stony fans who are happy about this year’s Nobel for reasons that would utterly bemuse the Nobel Committee. 

Committed: Chapter Six

A/N: Thank you SO much to everyone who has been reading this and has sent in your thoughts on it. I have to say I sort of love this frustrated, uneasy Eric. I like watching him flounder when he’s out of his element, and the slow painful realization that he isn’t Queen Bee of the insane asylum. This chapter does mark the slow return of the Eric we all know and love, in a very small and discreet way. 

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Thanks to BK2U for editing this chapter! I hope you made it out of town safely!

Thanks to everyone who is reading and has taken the time to review and follow the story :)

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Do you speak Dovahzul?

Drem yol lok! I try, but I’m not very good. I’ve studied many ancient texts and occasionally venture up to High Hrothgar and the Throat of the World (Monahven) to visit the Greybeards and Paarthurnax, who have been very patient with teaching me. As dragons have a habit of switching between Dovahzul and the common tongue, I had a lot of difficulty understanding them to begin with but can now converse with them in small parts. This is very helpful as I’ve managed to prevent a few dragon attacks by talking to them as one of their own.

The Dov are always a bit baffled to hear a human speaking their own tongue, so they tend to just give up and leave. Odahviing finds it highly amusing that I once told a dragon to leave my pudding alone instead of leave this village alone. Apparently the dragon thought I wanted to eat the village for dessert so it left me to it since I was there first. ~Talviel

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Samwise Gamgee

1-3 things I enjoy about them
1. He is really funny and practical and is really down to earth!
2. He named his daughter Goldilocks which I find. Highly amusing
3. He loves Frodo Baggins…………so much…………

Something interesting about them based on tenuous circumstantial evidence
He’s not white. Which most adaptations ignore, but Tolkien refers to him as “brown” multiple times throughout the trilogy. I only put this under “tenuous circumstantial evidence” because it is so commonly ignored and forgotten and who knows if that’s really what Tolkien meant but I think it’s really interesting and I would love to see more fanart and adaptations that acknowledge that!

A question I have about them
why is his first thought after Frodo basically confesses his love to him on Mount Doom about ROSIE COTTON who has not been mentioned since book 1!!!
like i get that he marries her and everything and he’s definitely bi and polya and in love with both her and frodo, but why didnt he acknowledge…frodo’s love….

A random relevant line I like

My preferred version, if there is more than one version of their story (or part of their story)
the lord of the rings trilogy :)

Favorite relationship(s)

How would they react to Tom Bombadil
Well, I think we know how Sam reacted!

Optional: Something about them that I think people forget
Well aside from you know, him not being white, SO MANY PEOPLE forget about how much he LOVES FRODO BAGGINS and how much he NEEDED FRODO AS MUCH AS FRODO NEEDED HIM and how they ARE IN LOVE (im sorry i LOVE THME)

ask me about a tolkien character!

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Have you seen the texts and videos of Diane and Norman during messages?

Nope sure haven’t. Not sure I’d want to either. I find reading other people’s naughty correspondence highly amusing and I get second hand embarrassment.