i find them adorable ok

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Could you possibly do Genji, Lucio, and Soldier 76 interacting with an s/o that's much shorter than them? (Not poly). Thank you!!!

Of course and you are welcome oh my god I should be thanking you guys because running this blog would be awful if you all didn’t send in these asks so thank YOU for sending it in!! I hope these are ok!


- he would find them adorable but would be kind of scared, thinking them more fragile and vulnerable

- He likes to imagine holding them but is worried about them finding his body uncomfortable so for the time being he just likes to imagine holding them in his lap just engulfing them with his arms and body

- Adores the moments where he has to help them reach top shelves and whatever else and loves running his hand through their hair during the moments when he is just so happy and spaced out thinking about how lucky he is to have them that he forgets that his hands are now hard and cold and then pulls away worried that he snagged some of their hairs or something

- Genji is just such a lovey dork who can’t help but find them absolutely adorable and his favorite thing is getting to hold their hand because he is comfortable enough with that because their hands in comparison are smaller then his


- again just a love struck dork but this time with energy

- He loves picking them up and giving them big hugs or even skating around with them on his back

- loves bending down giving them kisses and embarrassing them and then standing back up before they can playfully smack him or anything and just laughs and smiles

- there is nothing Lucio loves more then seeing them in his shirts or just oversized shirts he thinks it is so cute how it is almost like a dress on them practically and will just scoop them up telling them how it’s unfair that they are this cute!!!

- loves being the big spoon always

Soldier 76

- He won’t admit it but find their height adorable and loves having to bend down to kiss them

- He will tease so much by ruffling their hair, leaning on them and slumping over them becoming dead weight almost

- likes seeing you wear his shirts as pajamas and just wants to hold them close while laying on his side because he knows they are safe with him basically curled around them and just wants to bury his face in their hair or run his hand through it and move it out of their face while they sleep

- will lift them up so they can reach things or wrap a arm around them while he reaches up and then hands it to them leaning down pecking their cheek ( if his visor is on but if it is still on he presses his forehead against them as a show of affection )

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Why is this even a blog? Love is love color doesn't matter.

Well for some people, they’re discouraged by thinking they have to love within their own race. Im just trying to inspire and encourage people to think its ok. Also I love bwwm couples, I find them adorable