i find their relationship so beautiful!!!

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We've been doing so much fluff these days. How about some ANGST!? How would the suitors react to find the Princess slowly drifting away from their relationship and advising them that they should marry another. She is trying to be strong but is clearly battling her concscience. "She is quite beautiful and smart. Not to mention, she is of noble birth. I'm sure she will bring prosperity to your house/kingdom/s."

Geez.. f'n heartbreak city over here … make me cry… ugh, relationships that fizzle almost seem worse than those that go down in flames, ya know? Ok, *cracks knuckles* angst it is… this is assuming their relationship does in fact end …

Louis - He doesn’t wanna let go, he tries harder - more romance, more gifts, more clingy, he can’t take this, you’re going to break his heart- like he let you in and now you do dis? He will probably just never have a love interest again.

Sid - When he realizes what the deal is he is deeply hurt, but he puts on that rough exterior. He starts to get cruel- you won’t get to see him break. Then he just goes back to his casual affairs- all while being completely broken inside.

Giles- WHY would you do this do Giles? Don’t you know he’s fragile? He’s smart and he sees this coming, but he purposely ignores it to the very end when you leave him. Why you crush him like this? How dare you.

Leo - Another poor soul that will be crushed. You think he’s a flirty ladies man, but inside he’s dying. He tries to talk you into staying, trying to sound logical - but inside his heart wretches. He’ll go back to being a playboy- has a cycle of holding it together for about two months, then spends 3 days in bed…

Albert - He’s heartbroken, he tries to reason with you, he asks what he can do better, what does it take to make you stay? When it’s all said and done, he buries himself in work again and never talks about it. Cries himself to sleep with Benjamin.

Byron- He blames himself, he never shows on the outside, but he’s hurting like never before. It’s so painful, how can another human have this effect on him? He’s quiet, reserved, and a little moodier than usual. He’s just never the same after that.

Nico - He tries everything, and he asks is there another? He wants to fight for you- he’ll be more loving, more caring, what does he need to do? He cries when it’s done- and finds consolation in Byron and Albert (who kinda suck at that)- may try to party with Sid to forget.

Alyn- He wonders what he did wrong? He’s so hurt, he just tries to hide it and ends up getting mad at anyone who says anything (while mostly mad at himself).He bakes four hundred cookies and binges. The only one he shares his feelings with is Louis.

Robert - He knows if you love something you have to let it go, but he knows you’re not coming back. He’s extra reclusive, spending all hours in his studio, then probably takes another long trip away.

Rayvis - He gets frustrated- tries to look at this from all angles- let’s solve this problem. Then when its over -He’s trying to tell himself that it’s just what had to happen, that’s life sometimes. Says he’s ok, but now he’s just an empty shell.

Beyond the Lights

When Samantha James becomes One Direction’s personal assistant, she gets more than she bargains for. Falling for Harry Styles is one of them. But things aren’t always easy or beautiful, because Sam has secrets–dark ones, and she’ll do anything to hide them.

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Chapter Thirty-Nine - Harry

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more concepts:
  • yuuri and victor hosting dinner parties for all their skating friends all the time

“I’ll break out the wine!” “Ooh, where’s my pole???” “Christophe no!”

  • visiting hasetsu whenever they can to check up on the family (and because makkachin misses everyone so much)

“Yuuri, Vicchan!!! Please come in, I have katsudon ready!!” “Can I take a picture of you kissing??? The skating otakus will love it!” “Victor, please get your dog off of me.” “Oops, sorry Mari-chan.”

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I will never find anyone more beautiful than you, no matter what flaws you carry with you for the rest of your life, because those flaws are the reason why I love you so deeply.
—  Poets Love Her

When all your friends are posting pics with their significant other for Valentine’s Day but you’re still single

maybe we all have that one person that we’d always take back. bruised mouth, bloody ribs, you’re screaming at me and i’m taking it because no matter how bad it gets, there is always good to follow. and that’s what a lot of people don’t understand, the people who ask me why i can’t see the signs of an unhealthy relationship, why i can’t just walk away - that the good days outweigh the bad ones. i would walk away from you screaming one thousand times just to fall into your arms at the end of the night. i’ve learned how to catch your punches. i’ve learned how to find the beauty in pain. and i know: i should find happiness within myself or at least within people who are good for me, but i can’t help the way i feel and i can’t just leave something that makes me so happy. i will take you back until you literally throw me away.

I figured out why Better Man is so heartwrenching. Like, aside from all the obvious implications that it made about the relationship and what it did to her, Better Man is heartwrenching for the same reason that Sad Beautiful Tragic and The Moment I Knew is.

Because most sad Taylor songs at least have that line, that one moment where she points out the silver lining. For Dear John it was the bridge. White Horse had ‘I’ll find someone someday who might actually treat me well’. Most of her sad songs has that moment.

But Sad Beautiful Tragic didn’t. SBT is just ‘it ended and there’s nothing i can do about it’. The Moment I Knew was ‘i had so much hope but i was miserable on what should’ve been a happy day’

Better Man is another step forward. Because yeah, she ran and she knew it was the right thing to do and the listeners knew it was the right thing to do, but even that ‘silver lining’ had the tone of ‘it shouldn’t have gotten to this I tried so hard all you had to do was meet me halfway and i loved you so much that i still miss you but now im so brokenhearted and it shouldn’t have come to this it shouldn’t have come to this it shouldn’t have come to this

SBT and TMIK is heartwrenching because there’s no silver-lining. Better Man is heartwrenching because there was barely a silver-lining, but it was still more painful than it was comforting.


Did you sleep well?

Just because a relationship died, doesn’t mean the love did too.

The thing about love is, there are so many forms and you never experience the same love twice. I find that truly one of the most beautiful things in life. Experiencing the love take different forms.To love and be loved in return. It’s amazing how strongly you can feel for someone despite going through hell with them. How you see how much you truly love someone once they’re gone. I guess it’s true, absence makes the heart grow fonder. You’re really able to put the extent to which you love in perspective when that person is no longer there. This goes for breakups, deaths, however you want to look at it. Not every loss has to be bad or tragic. There’s always something to be gained. Yes, it hurts. it hurts like hell but you can’t grow without experiencing the pain. You’ll learn the love, if it’s real, will always remain.


What I love so much about Victor and Yuuri’s relationship is that it is exactly what I want. I’m ace (and sex-repulsed at that), so it’s unbelievably hard to find partner. I actually start panicking if I feel like someone is flirting with me because I may have to have “the conversation” about how I don’t want sex and that it isn’t negotiable.

But Victor and Yuuri just have this beautiful trusting connection. They look at each other with such love, and they are so comfortably intimate without sex being the focal point.

What they have shown so far in this series is what I want so badly, and I don’t even care if we get an onscreen kiss or if they ever explicitly say they’re dating. It’s pretty obvious that Victor and Yuuri are in a relationship, and it’s beautiful.

Thank you, lovely creators, for giving us a healthy, loving relationship that focuses on trust and emotional intimacy.

A Message to all my INFP Tumblr Friends:

As an INFP, I find myself settling for things in life when I should be seeking for more. I find myself excepting the toxic relationships, when I should be looking for people who treat me right. So here is my advice to you: Don’t be like me and settling for crap. Surround yourself with people who inspire you, encourage you, and make you think deeply about life and all of its beauty and mystery. You don’t deserve half-assed friendships or relationships. You don’t deserve to feel like you are giving more than you receive from people in return. You deserve people who absolutely adore you even if you don’t adore yourself. Even if you feel like you aren’t worthy in some way. Even if you are struggling with anxiety, depression, or feel like you can never measure up to other peoples expectations of who they want you to be. I don’t care what your skin color is or what your sexual orientation may be. You are worthy of love. So I hope I encourage someone out there when is say this: even if you feel like your life is devoid of hope and you feel utterly helpless and alone, I can tell you that this is not the end. I know there is more to life because I’ve been there. You can overcome more than you think you can because you are strong. So find your inner fire and demand more from your life. Seek the good and you will find it. 


// Combining these! this was fun to write tbh, I wish it didn’t seem so rushed!


- Shock would be an understatement. He doesn’t really know what to feel when he finds out the love of his life has not one, but two children. He doesn’t know if he’s exactly ready for something like that.. But he sees your face and he’s practically helpless. You’re just so kind, sweet and beautiful. He’s in love with you, and to deny you a relationship with him simply because you have children is horrible. He’s scared to be a father figure so suddenly, but with you at his side he feels confident in himself.

- Introduces himself to them at a park with you standing nearby, they’re very shy and quiet which worries him; since he takes that as a dislike in him. You assure thats how they always are, and he’s fine. Just to keep trying. Eventually he gets the both of them to open up to him more, they even ask if Zen could push them on the swing set; which he happily agrees to.

- It’s hard to get used to at first once you and the kids move in, He doesn’t really know what to do. But he tries anyways, and they come to love him. The first time they call him dad he feels so accomplished and happy. He takes to them as if they’re his own children, and in his eyes they are. He’s so happy like this.


- He’s never had anything except a cat, and now he’s suddenly getting a partner and two kids? It’s a lot to take in. Obviously he absolutely loves MC so he’d never decline a relationship with them– But it’s hard to get used to. He knows he’s not exactly father material here.

- A bit stiff when meeting the two, he doesn’t know how to act at first or what to say. Luckily the both of them are very open and outgoing, they warm up to him right away and help him become a lot more comfortable in his position. He’s an amazing dad figure to them, and he comes to adore his kids. He still has his ups and downs, really wants to spoil them but you have to remind him that money isn’t exactly love; you don’t want the kids to take his gifts the wrong way. That’s the way his father usually was, lots of gifts to show affection. So he wants to be different from that. They definitely soften him up too, Jumin smiles more often and laughs a lot around them. It’s nice to see how much being a dad has changed him.


- It’s definitely scary because he’s still in school, so being around for the kids might be hard. But he’s still willing to give it a shot. He’s always wanted to be a dad, he just never thought that day would come so soon. But he’ll be fine with it, another life achievement unlocked! He just hopes the kids like him..

- He introduces himself to them when he comes over to your house– A little nervous but the kids still like him right away due to his bright demeanor and how inviting he seems. He even gets invited to the coloring table, where piles of books and a rainbow of crayons lie. He really likes sitting with them and asking what their favorite colors are, animals, toys too. He’s very curious and getting to know them and the kids are happy to tell. It’s fun for everyone, he really enjoys himself around them. And they love asking him questions about being a veterinarian– Do you get to save kitties and puppies?
Well kind of.. not quite yet!


- It’s surprising to say the least. Her? A mom? It all sounds unbelievable. It’s not that she dislikes kids, she’s just never thought of herself having a family before. She’d be so nervous at what they’d think of her or how they’d react to the situation. With a bit of a confidence boost from you– She’ll be able to agree to meeting them.

- She’s so nervous at first, it was a picnic that you all were having. She introduces herself before starting to chat with them– Asking about their schooling, favorite subjects, etc. And they’re happy to go on about it all; very talkative kids, She comments. But they’re so sweet, taking after their mother in that area. She thought this would be hard– But it’s not at all. The three get along fine, she enjoys being able to talk to the kids. And they call her pretty too– With how honest kids are; it’s a great compliment. It’s all definitely something to get used to, but she’d be able to. As long as you’re by her side.


- He’s nervous as hell when you say you have kids. He already knew, but for some reason he put the fact aside when perusing you. Was he ready to be a dad? No. Was he going to try for you? Yes. He’s never been around kids for very long, but he assumes they’re like.. tiny drunk adults; right?

- He builds the kiddos two little race cars with remote controls as a gift– He’s nervous they won’t like it, But you assure him they’d love anything he gave them. And they do; they’re overjoyed with his little toys and gadgets. Seven himself is funny to them; they like his bright red hair and his jokes. The three warm up very fast– Seven is strong so he gives them both piggyback rides as well as holds them a lot, and they absolutely love all the attention. He’s so happy for this. For you, and the life you’ve given him.


- He’s a little scared– He loves kids, but his own? So soon? However, He loves you more than anything in this world– knowing how important your kids are to you and he respects that; he’s willing to give it a shot as long as you’re by his side.

- He gets them each a tiny stuffed kitten and gifts it to them while introducing himself– They open up right away to how inviting he is. He’s very sweet around children. Takes lots of pictures of them, even letting the two play around with a spare camera he has on hand. He plays with them, talks about things with them. He’s excited once he actually has had the chance to know the both of them. They’re sweet kids, MC.
He cant wait to have the family he’s always dreamed of with you, So grateful for the chance you’ve given him.


- He’s a bit upset you didn’t tell him sooner.. He really doesn’t want to be a dad. Not now, not ever.. But he sees the hurt in your eyes and he knows he can’t just say no to something like this. That’s awful of him. Perhaps this can be his chance to correct his past and be a better parent than his mother was.

- He’s very quiet when he meets them. He’s never been around kids much before– Not knowing what to do. But the kids don’t really notice his off-putting demeanor, which is a relief. Slowly but surely he opens up to them; silently drawing a cat in the tiny circle with all of you. They ask him a million questions which are returned with a short answer, but they’re still happy with it regardless. It takes a long time for him to realize how much he actually loves them, his father wasn’t around for him— At least not in the right way, so he wants to give your kids something that he never had. They soften him more, he tells dad jokes– laughs at them more often too. He doesn’t cuss as much either, learning his lesson the hard way when one of them picked up on it.. Whoops.

- He’s just so grateful for this all. He’ll never be able to make it up to you for allowing him the chance at a new life.

Leonard Cohen Dead at 82
Leonard Cohen, the hugely influential singer and songwriter whose work spanned five decades, died at the age of 82.

This is a sad day. I feel like I have lost a loved one although I never met him (for attending a stadium concert and vibrating with the excitement of realizing I was technically in the same room as him does not truly count, does it?). I am struggling to write this - the power and beauty of his poetry and music has honestly been an integral part of my childhood, my life. His words touched me more deeply than even some of my personal relationships have, and in my darkest hours I could always find solace and a crack of light by reading or listening to him. For that I thank him, I will always remember him, and I hope he is at peace. 

In Cohen’s letter to Marianne Jensen (Ihlen) in July of this year: 

“Well Marianne it’s come to this time when we are really so old and our bodies are falling apart and I think I will follow you very soon. Know that I am so close behind you that if you stretch out your hand, I think you can reach mine.”

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When picturing kakasaku, what do you take into account as potential roadblocks to their relationship (aside from their own problems)? There is a disproportionate amount of focus on the student-teacher thing instead of the fact that for most of the manga, Kakashi acts in the capacity of Sakura's commanding officer rather than her instructor, which I feel would be more relevant in-story. Now I'm wondering if shinobi nations adhere to any anti-fraternization rules like in the real world armies.

I think the student/teacher taboo as a societal thing doesn’t really have a canon basis, because there is a canon student/teacher couple already:

So you have Hayate and Yuugao who progressed from sensei-student to lover relationship. Of course their relationship is mostly from the anime. You also have, in the manga, Jiraiya telling Konan to come and find him when she turns eighteen, because she’s going to be a real beauty. Now I’m sure this wasn’t 100% serious, but it isn’t treated like he’s said something shocking. So that’s the concept of a former student becoming a lover being treated lightly.

I actually think, rather than a societal taboo, it would be more of a personal taboo for Kakashi, because of his own relationship to Minato. Not only is Minato essentially Purity and Goodness in physical form, but Minato was there for Kakashi at a very critical time in his life, when his father died; Minato continually tried to help Kakashi and always had Kakashi’s well-being, not just his utility, in mind. Minato was the best sensei he could be within the context of their fucked up society, and was trying to reform the society when he died. By the Five Kage Conference, I feel that Kakashi’s realized just how badly he fucked up as a teacher, for all three of them but especially Sakura, and when he compares himself to his own teacher, then he’s going to seem even lower by comparison. So I think it would be natural for him to think, “you piece of shit, you were such a shitty teacher to her, now you’re going to mix romance into this?! would Minato-sensei have ever sunk this low?!?!?!”

However, from Sakura’s POV, I don’t see this roadblock as very large. Even when she’s twelve, she never idolizes Kakashi. Right from the start of Shippuden, she’s not afraid to casually drag Kakashi when she tells Naruto to leave him alone “because he can’t help his face being that way.” She certainly doesn’t have Kakashi on a pedestal.

Contrast the way Sakura conducts herself in relationship to Tsunade. Now that is a mentor/student relationship with an enormous power gulf. Sakura does have Tsunade on a pedestal, admires her greatly, aspires to be like her, etc etc. Or, compare the way Sakura treats Kakashi to the way Yamato treats Kakashi. Again, Yamato has stars is in his eyes when he looks at Kakashi that Sakura just doesn’t have.

So to me, KakaSaku, if they are kept in character, really has very little potential for abuse of power or manipulation. Sakura is the opposite of groomed by Kakashi. On the contrary, she doesn’t have enough of a teacher-student relationship with him. That’s a failing on his part initially, but it paves the way for sexy times later on. All’s well that ends well I guess, lol.

Since the Konoha forces are so small, broad anti-fraternization policies don’t make logical sense; there simply aren’t enough potential romantic partners in Konoha. Specific policies such as no sex on missions would be more reasonable.

Anyway. Other potential roadblocks:

1. The age gap. Of course it’s a thing. Lots of digital ink has already been spilled on this so I’m gonna skip it.

2. This may come under “their own problems,” but: Trauma. A lot has been said about Kakashi’s probable PTSD and other issues, but for some reason, just because Sakura begins the story with realistic “minor” past trauma of being bullied and teased rather than being a massively traumatized orphan like Naruto and Sasuke, her suffering doesn’t get acknowledged by many people at all. I mean, holy shit, reread the Chuunin Exam arc and keep in mind that this girl is 13 tops? She’s barely been trained by Kakashi, she’s just seen her crush get bitten and cursed, both other members of her team are now unconscious, she’s in a forest full of monstrous creatures, and the “rules” of the exam permit murder. Then she’s attacked. She has to hold her own. She gets some help from friends, but she is literally at risk of death every single moment until she gets out of the forest.


I put that by itself and bolded it because for some reason a lot of people like to sneer at Sakura that she’s a whiner, a crybaby, doesn’t know “real” suffering. What the FUCK, is what I say to these people. I would like to see how hunky dory you feel after going through what Sakura goes through just as a genin. Yes Naruto and Sasuke and Kakashi arguably have it worse, but so fucking what? It doesn’t invalidate her suffering! Why do people insist on playing misery poker? Trauma is not a game where only the person with the very worst past is allowed to “call” and receive sympathy as some kind of fucked-up jackpot.

And depending on where you depart from canon, Sakura has to go through a lot more trauma, right up through Sasuke putting her into a torture genjutsu where he murders her.

So without getting into who had it worse, they both have traumas to deal with. That’s going to provide both challenges and points of commonality.

3. Kakashi seems to me to be an introvert by nature, and Sakura an extrovert.

That’s it for now Anon, hope some of it was interesting.


I honestly love Rowaelin’s progression throughout the ToG books. In Heir of Fire, Aelin acknowledged a strength in Rowan and his past enough to confide in him, to unburden herself of the tragedies and sorrows that have haunted her all her life, something she couldn’t do with anyone else at that point. They expected nothing of each other, built their relationship from the foundations of earned respect and claimed each other as a friend when, through all their trials, they felt unworthy of the ones they already had. I find it so beautiful that their relationship is built on so much strength, loyalty, and trust - and it’s damn sexy to say the least.

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What Clexa fics are you reading lately that you really love?

so many! i sound like a broken record but this fandom is rlly so talented. i’ve reread a lot of my favs (find them here or more in my fic rec page). a warning, i love angsty fics but they’re all beautiful and are art in my eyes.

but some fics that i’ve been loving recently/rereading again are:

red by theregalist - i just finished this and i am so in love! the story has the perfect balance of angst and fluff and it shows how beautiful wlw relationships are tbh :’)

love on the ground by hedaswolf - seriously everyone needs to read this. it’s probably in my top 3 favourite canon fics and i’ve reread this so many times. the characterization of clarke and lexa especially, are spot on. i deadass cry every time

larke by r_d - ok ok so if you want to read a fic where it has plot and some amazing smut…this is the fic to read. the smut scenes are well written and very hot. 

within me an invincible summer by thrace - again, one of my favourite canon fics! i consider this fic, art. there’s that one part which broke me, i was so shocked and how the author has written this fic is just too beautiful. 

in love and war and politics by centuriesofexistence - if you haven’t read this, you are missing out honestly. i want a tv show of this. the story is just so. good.

living on a fault line by anddirtyrain - y’all. clexa has a seven year old daughter together but they’re no longer together. the angst is real here but its so well written and organized i just want to drown in the story. every update is the highlight of my day, please do yourself a favour and go read this ;__;

and lastly…

this heart, fossilized and silent (once was tender and once was violent) by chrmdpoet - so i know that everyone and their mothers have read this fic but let me tell you! rereading it after a period of time makes the story even more impactful. i appreciate new details and nuances everytime. this is canon clexa but my heart still aches for this story for them on screen.

Robbie Rod & The Squad ™ just delivered the most electric endgame i could have ever wanted. but before i allow myself to die from the aesthetic i have to say a few words because the ot3 is very important to me

at one time, seth loved vanessa. vanessa didn’t love richie. we saw how that ended.

at another time, seth had some serious feelings for sonja. sonja didn’t love richie. we saw how that ended.

richie loved kisa. kisa couldn’t find a damn to give about seth. and while that relationship ended with significantly less drama than seth’s relationships, it still ended.

uncle eddy deadass warns sonja about women that get in between the geckos.

so… kate fuller got in between the geckos. but nothing ever ended. because kate fuller actually fit there.

sethkate works beautifully for a lot of reasons. but i think the most important reason is that kate loves richie as much as seth does. and richiekate is beautiful for a lot of reasons, but the most important one i think is that kate loves seth as much as richie does.

seth can’t love someone who doesn’t love richie, and vice versa.

sethkate is constantly being propped up by richiekate. richiekate is constantly being propped up by sethkate. seth and richie are constantly being challenged and supported by the one person that fit perfectly.

where vanessa, sonja, and kisa tried to separate the brothers– kate fuller reconciled them. in season 2, kate wouldn’t let seth move on from richie even when it meant seth might move on from her. and later, she wouldn’t let richie bitch about seth no matter how many geckos bitched at her. in the season 3 finale, she literally went to hell to bring richie back and reconcile these two pathetically codependent little shits.

so when a gecko loves, trusts, and fights for kate fuller in ways that he has never done for another woman, it can be and must be argued that a big reason is that he trusts her with his brother.

this is why i hate seeing richiekate and sethkate stans disregard the Other Brother because that Other Brother’s relationship with kate is literally propping up your ship.

these are three equally fucked-up and codependent soulmates: the tres geckos

for some reason I can’t stop thinking about girls loving girls. girls caressing each other’s hair. girls going on coffee dates together, sitting in the park together, lying in fields of wildflowers together. girls sleeping in patches of sunlight together, with everything warm and soft and soft and soft. girls being soft together. girls that smell nice and that hold each other’s hand and that find each other beautiful. girls that snuggle up while they watch movies together. girls that think, “i’m so happy to exist at the same time you do.” girls that dance and twirl and run together, hair spilling out behind them, wind in their teeth and laughter that bubbles up from somewhere sacred; laughter that rings out like their mouths were made for it
—  after I wrote this, my friend wrote “GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY” as a reply and I think that sums it up pretty well
Taking Her Time

Rating: NSFW

Notes: I was inspired by this wonderful little post from earlier. I wrote this as a sequel of sorts to this. I hope you enjoy.

She can feel the firmness of his erection nudging her rear as she writhes in his lap, knees squeezing his, their lips locked, tongues dancing.This evening finds her back in his apartment, 14 hours after leaving his embrace and his bed. Last night had been beautiful and passionate, yet overwhelming; and so with a note of reassurance left on his nightstand she escaped back to her apartment to process the momentous shift in their relationship.

She planned to give herself 24 hours to allow calmer minds to prevail, but she had her first taste and she couldn’t keep away. He was in her bloodstream now, manipulating and firing synapses, drenching her in dopamine.

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