i find that super hilarious

I bring to you: Steve/Tony betime/sleepy headcanons that nobody asked for :D

  • Tony is really clingy when he sleeps, he latches onto Steve like a limpet and doesn’t let go until Steve wakes up in the morning. And if he can’t physically hold on to Steve, some part of him is always touching Steve
  • Steve has this weird military training protective thing where he has to sleep on the side closest to the door so he can stop any “intruders” from harming them in their sleep. Tony rolls his eyes but plays along anyway
  • Tony is a super heavy sleeper, once he is asleep he is gone at least for the first couple of hours. Not even the Hulk could wake him. But he’ll only fall asleep in places/around people he feels comfortable with/trusts.
  • Steve disapproves of when Tony stays awake working for days at a time. But he also finds it incredibly amusing when Tony comes into the bedroom at the end of a bender, all stumbling and incoherent. It’s only 7 or 8 and Steve’s just laying in bed reading a book or watching TV, but Tony will shower quickly, put on sleep clothes, climb into bed with Steve and lay in his lap, burying his face in Steve’s stomach. Sometimes he’ll even pick up Steve’s hand and hold it in his hair until Steve starts running his fingers through it. Tony just relaxes right down and falls fast asleep and Steve is perfectly content to sit there and just hold him for a couple hours.
  • When they lie in bed at the end of a long day and cuddle, Tony likes to be the little spoon. He likes the feeling of Steve’s arms around him holding him tight. It makes him feel safe and protected.
  • Steve likes to be the big spoon because he loves holding Tony close to him. He loves when Tony buries his face in Steve’s chest so he can bury his face in Tony’s hair. He likes holding Tony because he feels like he can shield him from the cruelty of the outside world, and maybe even from Tony’s own demons.
  • Everyone assumes Steve is a morning person and Tony is very much not but it’s actually the other way around
  • Steve hates waking up early but because of the serum and his military training his body will wake him up at 5 AM
  • He’ll get up and go for a run but he’ll bitch and moan about it in his head the whole time, and he’s basically a grumpy old man until he eats breakfast and gets his morning kiss from his still sleepy Tony
  • Tony (when he actually goes to bed at a normal time - or at all) will wake up naturally pretty early - the Avengers were shocked that first morning together in the tower when Tony walked in at 8 AM with a smile, grabbed a cup of coffee, and asked Steve for the business section of the paper he had grabbed that morning.
  • Tony in the morning is also Steve’s favorite because he wakes up but he’s not fully awake. He looks so cute in the mornings, half-lidded eyes, pillow creases on his cheek, hair a mess, drowning in Steve’s t-shirts. He smiles at everyone and leans into Steve’s touch and everyone agrees that he looks so cute and cuddly and adorable in the mornings.
  • Though once he’s had some food and a couple cups of coffee he’s back to his usual obnoxious self.

sometimes nick and judy go out at night and judy ends up being overserved cause even a little bun has its limits #drunkjudy

Here it is!! All the hype about mystic messenger reminded me of hell aka dandelion uwu most probably because its made by the same company

u guys should definitely check out this game! The storyline is very unique, especially when u get to the secret route OwO (also if u like to emotionally torture urself)

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There's this giant poster in the back room of our chicken restaurant reminding us that the owners are 'always watching from home' which I first thought was hilarious and now find super creepy because one of the owners texted me to tell me to tell me to tie my shoe......

RUN. FUCKING RUN. This shit is just so creepy and I wonder if it’s illegal somehow. Start job hunting right now. I really want to know what place this is, but we try our best not to post business names on here. I personally think they should be called out because that is fucking creepy. -Abby

[some headcanons for the new official]

• All Might took them out and offered them food like the Good Dad™ he is.

• Uraraka probably offered Todoroki a bite but he declined and she was secretly relieved ‘cause she wanted it for herself.

• Todoroki is wondering how much can Uraraka eat before she’s full (and regretting not having accepted the offered bite).

• Izuku is probably challenging himself to see if he can finish his burger in a very short amount of time.

• Tsuyu is just happy to be out with everyone, enjoying a peaceful day (also I find it hilarious and super cute that a burger the size of her face looks really small in her giant hand).

• Bakugou doesn’t usually eat fast food (it messes his diet or something) but Iida managed to convince him to eat something and he grumpily accepted.

• Iida is extremely happy Bakugou isn’t yelling and is quiet for a change and that everyone is enjoying themselves. Also, some time after this he gets grease all over his shirt and freaks out himself.

Kakagai Fics I Love

 Silly, Light-Hearted Fics

  • Boyfriend by Surreptitious Chi X- Gai doesn’t like Kakashi’s girlfriend…and offers to be Kakashi’s new girlfriend, er, boyfriend instead. Is inspired by Avril Lavigne’s song, and it’s really funny!
  • Bathwater by forgetme- hilarious fic where TenTen, Sakura, Ino, and Anko go investigate the love life of Kakashi and Gai. It got me grinning from ear to ear! Seriously, read it!! The omakes at the end are the cherry on top to this fun fic!
  • Never Underestimate Matchmaking Kunoichi - Cha! by tineyninja- Ino, Sakura, Hinata, and TenTen try to matchmake Gai and Kakashi together after finding out that Gai has it bad for Kakashi! Very fun read!! It’s super cute & amusing to see how Gai tries to woo Kakashi. Plus, I love TenTen and Gai’s student-mentor relationship, as well as all the interactions.
  • Difference of Opinion by Randomlydrabbling- it’s really hilarious reading the civilian gossip of Gai and Kakashi. XD 
  • Good Lives by jibrailis- Gai inadvertently becomes first lady to Kakashi, lol. mucho funny.
  • Faking It by Anonymous- A short, funny Kakagai fic. Wish it was longer and continued, but I love the idea.
  • Monster by chibi_zoe- Lol, this is funny. As the summary says: “Trust Gai to have an over the top name for a certain common morning problem.” teehee ;p
  • Tomorrow And Forever More kazumi123- Lol, I just find Gai’s antics hilarious and it’s super nice and sweet that Kakashi indulges Gai. 

Lovely Fluff

Just a tad of sexy ;3   

  • Rice by torch- I forgot to include this one…haha. I usually don’t read fics with sex, but this one I tried recently and enjoyed. It’s not graphic at all, so it’s a perfect start! Not to mention the characterizations are on point. Summary: “Kakashi and Guy are on a mission. The mission isn’t quite what they think it is.” Actually tbh, it feels more like comedy so may belong more in the first category, but oh well. 
  • Technological Progress by forgetme- it’s sexy fluff if you’re in that mood. awkward phone sex. super cute. ^^

Angst/Hurt/Comfort/ Sad-with-a-sweet-aftertaste

  • Don’t Cry Where I Can’t Touch You by robolife- A sad-sweet fic of younger Gai and ANBU Kakashi where a drunk Gai visits Kakashi and later sees one of the moments where Kakashi cries. The feels!!! You can really tell how much Kakashi means to Gai.
  • One Night by RockingTheGraveyard- Another sad-sweet fic of younger Gai and ANBU Kakashi where Gai takes care of Kakashi who one night pays him a visit. It’s super heartwarming to see Gai trying to connect with Kakashi. He just cares about him so much! And Kakashi, in his own way, does too!
  • Shiver by forgetme- Even when I read this, I felt a bit cold, and indeed it’s got a bit of the dark/ angsty mood…but we get to see Gai warm Kakashi up and there’s a lot of sexual tension. just read it, ok? 

I’m rewatching the first ep of Still Star-Crossed and I find it hilarious that Benvolio was super flirty with Rosaline UNTIL she said her name.

Then, Benvolio immediately backtracked and tried to act like he was no longer interested, but it was too late.

He had already fallen for her. He just didn’t know it yet.

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Do you like Paseka?

I fucking love Paseka I don’t give a fuck 

Like, I don’t necessarily love her gymnastics and I much prefer her 2015 bars to her vault (even though her amanar was really improved at some and then she got injured and it went back to being shit) and the whole reckless driving thing is not even remotely cute but I FUCKING LOVE HER. Like idk, this girl wasn’t really on anyone’s radar and I thought she would probably be a B team member for her entire life and she’s on of the most successful Russians of her generation? And she has had more injuries than all the other gymnasts on the planet combined and somehow she keeps coming back and doing great? And like, she was dead until now and suddenly she pulls an amanar out of her ass? Idk I find this whole situation super exciting and hilarious 


Thanks to some kind souls here on tumblr, I was able to watch the new crossover movie Scooby-Doo! & Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Without spoiling anything, I will say it’s really funny and the humor is really clever.

Scarecrow only appears a handful of times, but I wanted to point out this little detail from an early scene. His expression changes between seeing Batman and Shaggy and idk why but I find this super hilarious.

Like he just knows Shaggy is easily frightened. lol

BTS Reaction: Buying you pads/tampons

  • Another period related post woot woot!
  • I personally find this to be super hilarious idek why
  • Not requested
  • Enjoy!


He would be cool about having to pick up some more pads for you. He’d also buy you some candy as well, to help boost your mood.

“Here you go Y/N. Let me know if you need more cuddles or anything”

(A/N Namjoon is such a soft lil bean I can’t)


He would make your favorite meal for you. When you requested that he go out and buy you more supplies, he happily obliged.

“Enjoy your favorite meal while I go get your products for you. I’ll be back with some jokes”

(A/N Jin with is dad jokes omg)


He would act like he wouldn’t want to get anything for you but in reality he would do anything for you, even if it meant leaving his studio to go buy you more tampons.

“You better pay me back for this” he said trying to keep his face as emotionless as possible. But you knew he wouldn’t have you pay him back.


After calling his name in panic as you sat on the toilet realizing you were out of tampons, his sunshine smile would reassure you that he’s would be back in 20 minutes with everything you needed.

And sure enough, he came back with a giant box of tampons and a teddy bear.

“See Jagiya, I told you I would be back right on time. Now let’s cuddle to make those cramps better.”


He would be worried to go get them at first, but he loved you and wanted to make sure you were happy. So he sucked up his courage and went to buy you all the products you needed. He came back with a box of pad and a bag full of candy.

“Here you go Jagiya. Now maybe you would share some of that candy with me? I’m just teasing, you eat all of it.”

(A/N ok I’m really bad at writing Jimin reactions sorry)


When you gave him the box of tampons and asked him to buy more, he started asking many questions, such as how do they work?, can you feel it?, etc. You laughed at his innocence and told him not to ask any ladies in the store about it.

He came back with another box of tampons and preceded to ask more questions about them. You continued to giggle at his innocence.

“So you push it up like a plunger? That’s so cool!”

(A/N this is kinda weird Ik sorry bout that)


To be honest he wouldn’t want anything to do with your monthly flow. But when you ran out of pads and no other member was around, he was forced to take the duty of going to buy you more supplies.

Running into the house with three bags, he dropped them off at your door, not even looking at you.

“They’re just pads, Jungkook. Nothing to be afraid of”

“Just take them. I bought everything in the store.”

He ran off and you proceeded to laugh at his silliness.

(A/N these just got worse I’m sorry guys I’m working on it)

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its funny because in the interview when someone asked the riverdale cast if they had a crush on the sprouse twins, they all agreed except lili ; she said "i mean i didnt have a crush on them" and then both lili and camila where laughing weirdly like i mean it was obvious that lili wouldnt want to say that she had a crush on them because that would be ankward & she is dating cole!!! what do u think?

Ugghh I love this interview so much! Haha things definitely turned a lil awkward when they talked about crushing on The Twins, as always when Cami & Lili talk about Cole, amirite? I find Lili’s reaction to Cole’s long pony tail super hilarious too! 

Cole is just aaaall over the place in this interview, so happy and so many expressions, love love love it. 

Ok, so kuroshitsuji live action isn’t great (likely the worst addition to the franchise depending on your feeling towards season 2) but I wish the fandom talked about it more. Even if we’re all just making fun of it. And it does have some good points…

1. Shiori/Kiyoharu Genpo is a somewhat interesting character. She’s not a complete copy of Ciel (Ciel would never throw away his chance at revenge to help others) but the parallels between them are fun at times too. I find her relationship with Sebastian and Rin is nice too (and interesting to compare to Ciels relationship with Mey-rin and Sebastian.)
2. The messanger from the queen (or whatever that guy’s job was, I think he said he worked at the British Embassy) is called Charles B Sato, which means he is “triple Charles”.
3. Sebastian not looking like Sebastian makes more sense when you consider why Sebastian looks the way he does.
4. The aunt’s dialogue suggests that it’s well known (at least to people in the right circles) that Phantomhives have made contracts with demons, suggesting it’s some kind of family tradition to make a deal with Sebastian, or Ciel is still well known over 100 years after the series.
5. Ciel lives long enough to have children!
6. It did the secret sibling thing way before the actual manga did (albeit Kiyoharu isn’t so much a secret sibling as a made up one)
7. The punny names! I won’t go into all of them but the name Genpo is is made up of characters meaning phantom and bee (as in bee hive, get it?) and I just find that hilarious.
8. The girl who played Rin was super cute, and she’s heavily implied to be a descendant of Mey-rin (her family has served the Phantomhives for generations, her clumsyness but skill as an assassin, her name) which means Mey-rin gets to have children too.

So yeah, if anyone wants to talk about the movie with me, I have a whole lot of thoughts about it.

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Are you ever scared Teddy will be one of those super angsty and rebellious teenagers? I would find it hilarious if Teddy ever rebellious because how could he? Sirius would congratulate him on the bad and Remus would congratulate him on the good.

Sirius: I hope has a teen, he’ll be more like Remus because, let’s face it.. my teenage years werent that angelic.

  • Fans: It's the Tower of Joy! Is that Lyanna screaming? Are we finally getting confirmation that-

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Honestly the older i get, the more i like the Youtube/Internet people who everyone hates? I love Tana Mongeau, i love Elijah Daniel, i love Jeffree Star, Trisha Paytas etc, even though theyve all fucked up at some point but at least you can see theyre real people. And theyre FUNNY. I was just listening to Shane’s older podcasts and im so glad he invites people like them on regardless of hate he might get because people actually see a side of them that normally we’d never see.

I have a hard time reconciling my opinions on them. I don’t condone racism, intolerance, Jeffree treating people like shit, Trish being a fucking idiot, Tana being annoying af, etc. I really really like Elijah Daniel and find him to be super hilarious, even if he goes too far sometimes. But honestly, I don’t consider any of them to be particularly good people.

I know I shouldn’t have to say this, but I prefer comedy and entertainment that doesn’t veer into racism and people being bad people for the sake of being edgy, but I am all for hate watching, and that’s where they all kind of lie for me (with the exception of Tana, who I just find super annoying and intolerable). And before anyone comes for my brand or calls me a hypocrite, I don’t actually enjoy all of Shane’s old content; it’s just not my style of humor. 

When Shane does collabs with YouTubers I don’t like, I just shrug it off, watch it, and move on with my day, which is what I plan on doing when he switches lives with Trish for an upcoming video. Hopefully it wont come back and slap him in the face. He hasn’t done a collab with her in a while.