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hi! im a new simblr, can you give me any advice to start off? i love your page and theme, by the way. :)

Sandy’s Masterpost for starting a new Simblr! 👍

Welcome to the community! I’m so glad you like my blog! Just a few months ago I was also new to the community so I know how daunting it can be! Below I’ve put together a bunch of helpful tips and links that I’ve either used in the past or believe will be useful to you, and any other new/aspiring simblrs! Obviously, everything is subjective- what works for me might not work for everyone else!

🎁 The Basics:

  • Make your tumblr a seperate tumblr, not a sideblog under your main/personal blog. It will make everything easier in the long run, trust me!
  • Use your description to advertise to others what you and your blog are all about. Also having either your URL or your avatar sim related will quickly advertise to others that you’re a simblr! 
  • Enable replies and asks in your blogs settings, if you want people to be able to interact with you and your posts! Bare in mind an interactive simblr is much more approachable!!
  • Keep it sim related! A few personal posts every once and a while is perfectly fine, but post a lot of unrelated stuff you could lose followers. 
  • Network! Follow other simblr’s, like their posts, leave friendly and encouraging comments! Making friends in this community is a sure-fire way to get started. I would be nowhere without my simblr friends!
  • Don’t become disheartened if it takes you a while to take off! Every simblr grows at a different rate.
  • Don’t mistag your posts! Failing to tag your NSFW content or tagging posts that aren’t cc posts as ts4cc will make you very unpopular.
  • Keep your blog atleast 80% original content! It’s much easier for a blog that tries to be original to gain traction in this community! 
  • Don’t get caught up in how many followers/notes you have! Just post what you post because you love it! Don’t worry what other people think.
  • Everyone at some point or another will recieve anon hate. It’s sad that there’s so many negative people out there, but my advice is just to delete it. If you do want to post it, handle it with grace and dignity! (think of Audrey Hepburn!)
  • This is more a personal one but: try your best to avoid the drama!!
  • Finally, treasure your followers & always stay humble!

🎁 Common Simblr Terms Explained:

  • NSFW: Not safe for work. This is used for any posts that contain nudity of adult themes! It’s very important to tag these posts.
  • WIP: Work In Progress. This can refer to any sim related project that is unfinished. 
  • WCIF: Where Can I Find? If someone sees a peice of CC in one of your posts that they like they may send you a ‘WCIF’ through your ask box, they’re simply asking where they can find that certain peice of cc. Not all simblrs agree to answer WCIF’s but it’s certainly very nice to!
  • MM: Maxis Match. Refering to custom content that matches the general aesthetic of the game.
  • Alpha:  Refers to hairstyles that don’t fit the aesthetic of the game, as they have alpha layers which allow certain parts of the mesh to be transparent. This is what makes alpha hairstyles more realistic looking.
  • Clayified: Refers to Alpha hairstyles that have been retextured to look more maxis match. 

🎁 Tagging Posts:

🎁 Queues, Drafts, & Scheduling:

🎁 Setting Up Your Theme:

🎁 Editing:

🎁Screenshot Tips:

🎁Helpful Tutorials & Guides:

🎁 Managing Your CC:

🎁 Places To Upload your CC for download:

🎁 X-Kit (optional):

🎁 Reshade (optional):

This is everything I could think of! I hope something here helps you get started! If you’re hoping to be a story based blog I’d reccomend checking out my storytelling masterpost! Otherwise, good luck love!! 💖

anonymous asked:

I’m a suicidal trans minor used a gay rights song to feel ok about being a liberal when tumblr is very leftist. I feel alienated and that song made me feel ok for not having the same politics. I’m afraid that other LGBT people will be angry at me for appropriating the song.

I suspect that you would find yourself way, way, happier if you were to take an extended break from the online communities you are currently part of.

I spent a while trying to explain why I feel this way, because I think giving the reasoning for advice is usually a lot more helpful than giving the advice and yet the reasoning here is a little tricky to articulate. 

But. Okay. You like a song and it speaks to you. You’re worried that you’re doing something wrong. You are not doing anything wrong; liking songs and talking on your blog about how you relate to them is the sort of thing that is universally and categorically okay, that cannot be made Wrong by any facts about you or the song. Enjoying and relating to music, and saying so, is just entirely fine no matter what.

But by the time you are in a position of needing to be reassured of that, a couple other things are definitely wrong:

  • you’re in an environment where people can be severely socially punished for enjoying music in the wrong way, and this happens often enough that you’re scared of it
  • you’re in an environment where it is a partial defense against being evil for enjoying music in the wrong way if you are suffering enough and the music is a coping mechanism (if you were just a person who liked music, that wouldn’t be okay, but if you are a suicidal trans minor using music to cope, that might be okay - or it still might not! who knows! it’s up to whoever decides to take offense at your music taste!)
  • you have internalized that it is suspect and maybe “appropriation” to derive value from things that are dear to people with different values from you, and are trying to figure out if you should choke yourself off from anything that most of your social environment cares about lest they resent you for stealing it

These are kind of a big deal. They’re going to get in the way of figuring out what makes you feel affirmed and happy, and that’s important. They’re going to get in the way of figuring out what you believe yourself, through thought and discussion and exploratory idea-sharing, and figuring out your values for yourself is so profoundly essential to your well-being. 

And - this last one isn’t true for everybody but it’s true for enough people that I want to mention it - lots of people find that the framing ‘if you’re suffering enough it’s okay to use media to cope, but it’s terrible to just enjoy it because it makes you happy’ made it harder for them to combat the ways in which they were suffering, since they felt like that was the only thing that gave them the right to exist in public. 

I think you know this community is bad; you don’t sound very positive about it. But I think it is more bad than you realize, and it is hurting you more than you should put up with. I think that you should ask yourself, for every person you follow on tumblr, “am I scared they’ll hate me for appropriating gay music from leftists?’ and if the answer is yes, then say to yourself “well, that’s super unhealthy, I don’t need that in my life right now”. And unfollow. (Or blacklist their url, if unfollowing people stresses you.)

Earlier I linked an old post of Sarah’s about values affirmation. From that post:

There is a kind of personal quality that has to do with believing you are fit to make value judgments. Believing that you are free to decide your own priorities in life; believing that you are generally competent to pursue your goals; believing that you are allowed to create a model of the world based on your own experiences and thoughts.

If you lack this quality, you will look to others to judge how worthy you are, and look to others to interpret the world for you, and you will generally be more anxious and more likely to unconsciously self-sabotage.

You need this. You need this and you are currently immersed in a Discourse and a community and an ideology that cannot give it to you. My advice is to enjoy the fucking song as much as you want, and my deeper advice is to believe that you are fit to make choices and fit to believe things no one has granted you permission to believe and fit to enjoy things no one has granted you permission to enjoy. And when people are trying to tell you otherwise, you are fit and worthy and justified in walking the hell away.

Some MBTI Types in Female Artists (still sensing types to come)

 DISCLAIMER: So basically as we all know typing celebrities is a relatively hard thing to do, to use the example of Stephen Colbert who was constantly typed as an ENTP by many websites, after taking the test on television his results was INFP. All that to say that these types might not represent the genuine type of these powerful divas but is what I think a conclusion I take from their career and lyrics and aesthetic or artistic choices. This post is just for funsies and not to be taken too seriously. 

ENTP -Lily Allen

The queen of intelligent subversive sarcasm and poking fun at society while simultaneously having a strong message of progress. Lily Allen rose to prominence with her song “smile” which includes the very catchy phrase ‘when I see you cry, it makes me smile.’ that to me is perfect example of how an ENTP would take what could be cliche break-up song and with the oh-so-clever Ne-Ti combo make into some unique snarky phrase. Other songs from her first album also use the typical dark cynicism that ENTPs usually have, like LDN where she goes about her treasured city of London and exposes it for what it truly is with her dark commentary. Her next albums expand on ENTPs vision of the general big picture of society and what they (in this case Lily) believes should change. Her song knock-em-out talks about men’s persistent behavior in pubs and how they badger and pester girls so they have to come up with ridiculous excuses to get them out of their hair. Her most recent work has included more and more social commentary such as Hard Out Here, where there is a brilliant feminist message with air of satire at the same time, she even says in the song “if you can’t detect the sarcasm you’ve misunderstood”. If you are thinking Lily’s music it too emotional for her to be a thinking type, here’re some examples of how she knows what she’s about and doesn’t sugar coat things: Her song URL BADMAN, where she mocks bloggers in the UK who aspire to work for vice, and all they do is sit behind a computer and say ridiculous things about other people, kinda like I’m doing right now, except I’m cute and Lily would probably love me. Another song that exemplifies this is: Insincerely Yours, this song is a perfect example of how ENTPs love to tell the shocking truth in a more humorous way, ironically enough she says “I ain’t being funny” in the song but the truth is Lil, you are being funny

Anyway, fight me on this, but Lily’s music to me is fabulously ENTP. Witty, intelligent, sarcastic, fun, deep, logical, and bold. 

some other possible examples: 

-Kate Nash 

-Azealia Banks (unfortunately) 

-me lmao 

-Bianca Del Rio and Bob the Drag Queen 

ENFP -Melanie Martinez 

This one might be one of my more controversial typings, and I am not so sure of this typing myself, being that Melanie could be a variety of different things. One thing is for sure to me about bby Melmel; She is iNtuitive. Her whole album is deeply conceptual and it obvious that Melanie thrives and lives in her imagination. Now according to the cognitive functions iNtuition is very strong within ENFPs and ENTPs alike, being that it is their first function, of course INTJ and INFJ as well but there is a reason I chose Ne and not Ni. I say this because the other typing someone might automatically go to for Melanie is INFP, being that they are usually the freak of the bunch. But I beg to differ, Melanie wears her oddball flag proudly and loudly, although many even herself might identify her (or her music in this case) and an introvert I will beg to differ. Melanie created a whole world for herself with her debut album and though every song we get a glimpse of that world, and get taken on a bit of a journey as she personifies her feelings (her Fi in other words) as a character named Cry Baby. I can see this as a very ENFP thing to do, to intelligently personify your deep mysterious feelings in order to understand them better. Besides Cry Baby her album also pursues social commentary with songs like Mr. Potato-Head, criticizing the way we see beauty as a society. Now its true that her songs also have an tone of darkness, and that is not characteristically ENFP, regardless I still think it fits. I think a song like Soap adds to my Melanie being a extrovert theory, where she says more than she wanted too, because as an Ne-Fi dom you suffer from the paradox of being an outspoken person who also wants to keep your feelings to yourselves because their precious, or something like that. Another song that I think adds to my theory is Alphabet Boy, now in that song she describes a relationship with a douche who thinks hes smarter than her and is obviously pretentious af, and many times because of their relatively bubbly attitude ENFPs can come off a bit ditsy, but the truth is they are highly perceptive and usually quite intelligent. I mean in your face tho pretentious lil bitch that dated her lmao she dragged you with that song. Ne is characterized as having a general big picture of society and usually something to say about it, as an Idealist Melanie would have this, and in her Sippy Cup, she slays us all with her true commentary on society and families by using a fucking sippy cup analogy. 

SO in conclusion Melanie teaches many things with her album, and to me shes a good example of an ENFP. 

other examples: 

-Hayley Williams 

-Gwen Stefani 


-Jessie J 


One might think that this would be one of the harder Divas to find being that INTJ women are rare, and INTJ isn’t usually automatically associated to music but rather world domination and or brooding home alone too tired of facing the general populations stupidity day in and day in, (because they don’t go out) But in all seriousness, BANKS doesn’t overtly empower females, like some of the other Divas do, I think it just oozes out of her with her logically coated songs. Now granted many of her songs focus on relationships and not something typical that an INTJ would focus on like how to find extra terrestrial life on other planets in order to become the king or queen of such planet. What convinced me though, is the fact that BANKS took her experience being a child of divorced parents, and did a thesis on it when earning her BA in Psychology. A great example of her INTJ-ness is her song Brain, where she says “Trying to look smart but not too smart to threaten anything they say” a perfect example of what an INTJ woman has to go through in a society that prefers Fe dominant females, not only that but what she probably experienced dating men more stupid than her, her whole life. A song that shows you should never fuck with an INTJ women is Goddess, that encapsulates the exact iron clad confidence that convinced me her music (and probably her tbh) is INTJ. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the Ni dominance within INTJs usually gives them a sophisticated artistic (if they are artistically talented) cohesion in everything they do, and you can see that clearly in BANKS in how most of her music videos have the same style of monochrome cold sophistication. As well as her outfits, always the somber serious black, cold and intense. Now many may thing ‘Oh but INTJs were put here on earth by aliens and they don’t actually have feelings and BANKS does!!’ well let me tell you something my mistaken friend, they do. I know, shocker. They hide them well though, and they process them in unique ways much like BANKS does in her music. Her new album is proving my theory even more with songs like ‘’Fuck with myself’” which contains phrases I swear I’ve seen INTJs say IRL. 

Fierce, mysterious, confident, intelligent, consistent, deep, logical, These qualities are very much BANKS, and very much INTJ, do the math, bitch. 

other examples maybs: 

-idk man I cant think of any, raincheck? 

INFP -Aurora 

Aurora. She is a very recent artist, and I am proud to say I have been following her since she wasn’t too well known in America. She is sort of a prodigy of sorts with a wisdom beyond her years, but with an air of innocence about her still. To me she is the perfect example of an INFP. Her songs encapsulate the world of Fi that they create within their minds, her songs are inside the head of the ultimate idealist, but more than that they are of someone who is extremely imaginative. In “becoming Aurora"she basically confesses to her INFPness, with the opening quote of the video being “for me music has always been a way to understand myself and the world” I’m paraphrasing but as a lot of MBTI savvy people know, Fi is about self-discovery and having your sense of self deeply connected to whatever you do. She calls herself a sensitive person that is deeply affected by everything. That to me is the equivalent of screaming at the top of your lungs “IM A TORTURED INFP”. Ok granted that some other personalities are also deeply affected but she’s affected in a more ethereal way, she gets affected by the wrong doings of this earth because she lives in another dimension where people have butterfly wings and where humanity is noble. She recognizes that her songs are kinda dark but she also recognizes that there should be a kind of hope still. In the beginning of her career Katy Perry tweeted about her, and she was later asked if she was a fan of Katy's music in an interview to which she promptly said “no.” which is the clear INFP need to be authentic to what they like and who they admire. Her songs like Conquerer and Warrior show the INFP sense of bravery to fight for what they believe in, and when they decide to do so they are very brave and indeed warriors. 

Sensitive, brave, unique, quiet, creative, actual fairys, fierce, spacey, childlike, wise, Aurora, is a glowing example of INFP magic. 

another possible example of INFP; 

-Lady Gaga


-Florence + the machine 

-Regina Spektor

INFJ -Beyoncé 

Hi, yes, I did just type Queen Bey as non Se dominant. I think this is one of the myths I want to eradicate. When did it become commonly accepted that Beyonce is Se dominant? How shallow was this assessment of her behavior? Real fucking shallow let me tell you. To me artists that are obviously Se dominant are artists like Britney Spears, or Rihanna, who don’t conceptualize too much. But Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter has a vision, and it has been obvious the past all-of-her-career. Now yes yes Se dominant people can have visions but not as their primary mode of operating, its not immersed in everything they do like Beyoncé’s is. What is her vision you may ask? Empowerment. Empowerment for females, empowerment for African-Americans, empowerment for African-American females. Its to take her experience in the industry and in her life and use it to empower others to be victors of their situations. Since the early two thousands she’s been telling everyone who’s boss, she is. With songs like Diva she takes a word that can be used to belittle women and flips into an empowering song. Now what that demonstrates is someone who is Ni dominant, the cohesion that all of her albums have when viewed together is astounding, since the beginning of her solo career she has been giving the same message but in different ways. Now as we all know each album has its own theme but essentially the underlying message is the same. Her most recent albums have been extremely conceptual, and the genius in which she’s chosen to go about her marketing and releasing decisions are well thought out and deeply digested. Ni is taking the patterns you’ve observed in the world and subconsciously working on them in the back of your mind to fit your long term vision. When she released in the middle of the night her album Beyoné with many music videos with no marketing whatsoever it was a well thought out subversive creative decision and of course everyone loves to credit men, like her husband for those decisions but it’s obvious that her work has a mastermind behind it, and I am of the belief her INFJ-ass is that mastermind. With the visual album Lemonade, you see people trying to discredit the genius behind the work saying oh well Warsan Shire wrote the poetry blah blah, yes she may have helped, but the whole cohesion of the albums message was created by Beyonce. She knew exactly what she wanted to say, and she said it perfectly. INFJs are the classic example of the warrior who fights against injustice, and Beyoncé’s music is not arbitrary, it has a clear vision of what she wants to change in society in general, its not about the details of her experiences (si) its not about living for the moment (se) but its about how we all can work together to solve some critical issues in society in general (Ni-Fe). 

The Queen is an INFJ, or at least her music and career seem to be. Holistic, harmonious, private, visionary, metaphorical, committed, deep, compassionate, seeks meaning.  

Also others: 

-Troye Sivan 

-Sufjan Stevens 

INTP -Lorde 

Dear Lorde, I have a bone to pick with you. Before I do that I will say that’s a really weird expression. So my bone, is that you need to release new music. I can only listen to Pure Heroine so many times, Lorde. Lorde is an INTP. She is. Her music in Pure Heroine is full of alliteration, and writing techniques that is way beyond someone of your age at the time. As well as an album that isn’t primarily focused on relationships and love, which is what most girls your age I think might be singing about. (that was not a sexist statement being that statistically speaking most girls are ISFJ and relationships would be one of their primary interests) Ti is demonstrated in songs such as Royals, where she cleverly disses many things in popular culture while at the same time contrasting the rich life she observes on TV and her own mundane life. Even her album title Pure Heroine is a clever classic Ti play on words. She likes to be the boss of her own aesthetic to directing her own music videos, and having a very cohesive style. Everyone loves to tease her “awkward” dancing and facial expressions, but I just think its classic INTP, known for not being 100% aware that they are a physical being in a physical world. And also I think her self-expression in her dancing is fabulous, and unique, but that’s besides the point. Lorde is primarily a rational being, which is why I think she’s handled so much criticism fairly well for someone so young, to contrast her and J-biebz who does not take criticism well and reacts emotionally, or even her biffle T-swizz who also reacts fairly emotionally. One of the most memorable lines from her album to me is “Im kind of over getting told to throw my hands up air, so there” why did I like that line so much? because turn on the radio and you have some Se dom telling you to throw your hands up in there, and live in the moment. Sorry Se dom, people like Lorde and I, can’t seem to get out of our heads and imaginations. Are we better than you because of it? No, but there are more of you than there are of us so be happy. Lorde’s talent and skill I would say is primarily Lyrics, her lyrics analyze the patterns around her and what she’s experienced and she cleverly phrases them in a unique way. Her music is innovative, and intelligent, and I’ve revisited Pure Heroine so many times I have memorized every song practically. I will also add that Lorde’s songs are mostly metaphorical, which is where the Ne comes in. She lives alternatively not concretely. 

Lorde has a sharp tongue and is  a ingenious, independent, original, analytical, curious, critical, logical, witty, and speculative young artist. 

Other Examples: 

-Imogen Heap 


ENFJ -Lianne La Havas 

Lianne, is a put together woman. Her voice is smooth and her lyrics are delicious. Focused on her relationships she soars through her songs in her new album going through stories and concepts and beautifully describing her put together ENFJness. “Grew a thicker skin, and now its wearing thin” Ok, so everybody who is close to an Fe dominant will have realized by now they carry the weird juxtaposition of being ruthless and opinionated but at the same time being sensitive and to the harmony in the environment, they will call you out, but in a magical mama way, so its ok. If you are looking to feel like you are doing everything right in your relationship and that you are floating in a cloud of love listen to her songs on a loop, from songs like ‘Elusive’ to ‘unstoppable’ she describes shiny diamond encrusted relationships that are something only an ENFJ can accomplish. Their state of total love for their relationships is something you see in her songs constantly as well as the emotional intelligence ENFJs usually have. ENFJs are very much masters of their own fate, and that fate usually is attained by their hard work, vision, people skills, and in Liannes case, a voice that is smoother than liquid gold. If you doubt that she is an ENFJ for any reason, just listen to her songs, really listen. It is about believing in her partners, believing in who they are and supporting and being in love with them, expressed through her metaphors and long term vision. Like the song “What you don’t do”. 

An angel brought to earth to grace us with her compassion, vision, relationship focused, diplomacy, creativity and her warm nature. Lianne is an ENFJ icon. 

other examples: 

-Corrine Bailey Ray 

-Adele (her music her personality i think is ENTJ) 

anonymous asked:

I'm too shy to come out of anonymous... but how did you start your studyblr?? It looks so professional!

hey anon! dw, jo here has got your back! B )
     (& don’t be shy, anon! feel free message me or de-anon and tell me to answer privately if you have any questions or just want to talk!)

onto your question, personally, I kind of tripped into the studyblr community one day and simply put, fell in love. So I decided to start my own studyblr as means to motivate myself, but only started working on it about three weeks ish ago? anddd the rest, they say, is history.

WARNING: A LONG POST BC JO TENDS TO GO OVERBOARD (and i probably forgot something even tho there’s this huge post but whatever oops)

but hey! i’m sure my blabbering wasn’t quite what you’re looking for, so
here’s what I’d recommend if you’re looking to start or spice up your studyblr!!

  1. find a nice theme: I find that if you can find nice, clean, simplistic (but cute and aesthetically pleasing) themes, you’re well onto your way to becoming a v nice studyblr. but still, you don’t need a theme to be a good studyblr!
    here are a few blogs that make really nice themes you can look at!
    1. shythemes - is where I got my theme. Shythemes has very simplistic, clean type themes that I really like. These themes look crisp and neat and a sort of minimalist feel.
    2. ciralismthemes - has a cute, magazine/website layout (??) type theme. Cute and clean type of theme, ciralismthemes almost seems to build a little personalized "theme” within a blog. lots of choices, each theme different and unique.
    3. micaelis - has cute, tidy themes. ‘Mediocre’ is the theme that some studyblrs seem to favor, is compact and has lots of options and things, has other themes anime-related.
    4. zenthemes - zenthemes has clean, neat, minimalist themes. loads of options, all free. take a look around and choose as you like!
    5. tumblr’s themes - tumblr has loads of free themes all ready to go, you can pick and choose whichever theme you think you like!
  2. customized backgrounds/icons: let me say this first. you do not need to have all these “pretty, cute, aesthetic, personalized items” to be a great and amazing studyblr. you don’t. but I do suppose that it makes your blog look better strictly-aesthetic wise? I’m not saying you need perfect themes and great everythings to be a good studyblr, but this is something that people seem to like, if you get what I mean.
    but here are a few things you can do
    1. on your desktop - you can do a few things with your desktop theme and stuff
      1. find nice background wallpaper - choose a wallpaper! i don’t recommend complicated backgrounds or pictures as your wallpaper, because it can make your blog look messy and hard to look at. instead, choose pastel colors or solid colors with a simple pattern (like with gridded lines or dashed lines, maybe). 
        you can also put random things on your wallpaper to customize it. I put a border with my url on it, but you can do a lot more, like add pictures of people, flower petals, stars, anything! to do that, you can use photoshop (software) or picmonkey, etc. (online photo editors) to edit.
        the usual size for wallpaper is 1920 x 1080 btw!
      2. don’t clutter - make sure your blog doesn’t look to cluttered, i guess? remember KISS (keep it simple, stupid).
    2. on mobile - just like desktop view, you can pretty up your mobile look
      1. make a header - you can either make your own personalized header (like I did for my mobile theme) that fits with your desktop (or doesn’t) or you can put nice, pretty pictures as your header.
    3. make an icon - icons are like, super important. to me, at least. so try and make or find a good icon!
      1. letter/url icon - you can make an icon by putting the initials of your url or your entire url into the icon and setting a (most often pastel) solid color as the bg. it’s pretty popular and what my icon is. you can also add things that represent your url to the icon.
      2. photo icon - set a nice photo as your icon. i don’t think there’s much to say about this type of icon.
      3. selfieeeee - you can set yourself as your icon! only if you want to though (though i’m 100% you’re super handsome/pretty, i know it ;) )
  3. URL making - you can make up anything for your url!
    1. i’d recommend you add something related to studying or academics so that people know that you’re a studyblr, but you don’t have to!
    2. most often, people find good urls by either doing
      1. favorite object/thing/color/anything + study/studies or
      2. studywith + name
      3. name + studies/studying 
  4. Original Content - make original posts! here’s the thing, i’ll be honest with you. if you have good lighting, nice notes, nice filters, etc., your stuff is more likely to get noticed. but they don’t have to be. the only step is that you post stuff! don’t be discouraged if you don’t get a lot of notes because you aren’t defined by notes. just post photos (if you need motivation, try doing the 100 days of productivity challenge), make your own masterposts, write about things, make a advice/tip list, etc. do anything! 
  5. Signal Boost - related to original content! when you make your own posts or whatever, you can tag people! put their urls or whatever tag they track in your tags because then studyblrs will see your posts! the studyblr community is a great and friendly place, we won’t ignore you or your posts (promise) unless we don’t see it on accident! people do it, and if you don’t feel comfortable tagging studyblrs you look up to or just studyblrs in general, tag me! i’ll def reblog and boost your stuff, so feel free to tag me (and it’s ok to tag other studyblrs in your posts, honestly!) and if you have any mutuals, tag them too!
  6. Intro Post - oh gosh, the intro post is like, the most important thing ever. you should make an introduction post, introducing yourself to the community! in general, the formula for an intro post is your name, age, what you’re interested in, etc. etc. and tagging studyblrs that have inspired you or helped you make a studyblr. It took me a month to get around to this, but ohhh boy, can I tell you what a difference it made. It’s important to show yourself to the community, so do this!!
  7. Get Talking & Be Nice - not like you aren’t nice, but be friendly and outgoing and nice and kind to people in general and you’re gonna get far in both the studyblr community and in real life. and you should talk to people! reach out! find new studyblrs or talk to studyblrs that you look up to, etc and message them / send them an ask (like you did me!) this gets you far, youngun, trust me <3
    1. Communities - also, you can join communities and other study groups to get connected. 
  8. Reblog - reblog posts and stuff that you like and you’ll get nice content filling up your blog in no time. also, the queue is your best friend if you’re pressed for time. 
  9. Extra things - extra things idk where to put
    1. nice things - you can buy nice things to treat yourself. buy stationery, paper, just nice things to treat yoself. they look really nice btw and yes just do it. 
      1. stores -  you can buy things at stores like muji, kikki.k, tokyo pen shop
      2. brands- that are really nice include pilot, uniball, sharpie, copic markers, etc
    2. apps/extensions - apps and stuff people use
      1. Focus Now/Forest - keeps you on focus by having you put your phone away. you either kill or grow a tree for a certain time you don’t use your phone. (extension for chrome: Forest)
      2. Leoh - chrome extension that opens on a new tab. includes to do list, time, goal for the day, news, weather, etc.
      3. Momentum - the typical studyblr extension, gives time and sets goal for the day
      4. Lanes.io - alternative to Momentum, gives time, has a built-in pomodoro timer, and a lot of lists and stuff to keep track of things.
      5. Flashcards+ - helps you study by opening a new tab and having you do flashcards.
      6. OneTab - a super lifesaver. Onetab collects all the tabs you might’ve had open and saves it so you can go right back to here you were last time if you need to close your laptop, etc.
      7. Pomodoro Timer - sets a 25 min timer to have you do things and keep you on track, etc. 
    3. Bullet Journal - keep a bullet journal! A bullet journal is a sort of to do list, note, journal, and everything else mashed into one. Lots of studyblrs and other people use bujos. You can search reach the official bullet journal website or look on tumblr to see more about bujos. 
  10. I don’t know what else, but if you have any more questions or if I didn’t answer your question properly, contact me again, anon! (If you were referring to my wallpaper and icon looking professional, I made them myself and you should contact me if you’re looking for stuff like that!) 

Other (great and quite possibly better than my hastily written answer) New Studyblr Posts:

also, some great studyblrs you should follow just to get you on your feet, etc: 
@standardunistudent @succulentstudy @hope-studies @studyign @studybuzz @studyblr-bri @haleystudies @hayley-studies @academla @sirenastudies @studylikeslytherin @studytildawn @elkstudies @studycxlture @study-well @studylou @katsdesk @studyvet @the-brightest-witch-studies @studyandblacktea @green-tea-and-studying @emmastudies @milkystudies +  hella lotta more lovely people

i hope this helped, anon! feel free to come and talk to me whenever xoxo



Hi loves, this is mochi and I am the admin behind this blog! I’m 16 years old, Jimin-biased, and currently a junior in high school. Being a student, my life basically just revolves around school work, out of school activities, and this blog of course. 

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Fearlesskiki’s Appreciation Post (edition 4)

412 Tumblr followers

877 Notes in a Tumblr meme (Evil Kermit football version)

337 Notes in a Tumblr meme (Footballers as Pokemon)

48 Notes in Tumblr for a caption comic (It’s Super Manu)

953 kudos and 182 comments in AO3

85 Bookmarks in AO3

147 Kudos for a single fanfiction People Fall in Love in Mysterious Ways

20 Subscribers for a single fanfiction Wait For Me

I know that the numbers are simply nothing to be brag about (I’m pretty sure people had achieved more than me) but this is a nice reminder that there are real people out there that appreciate the work that you put out. A very good signal boost that I’m sure everyone loves. Yesterday one of my readers offered to translate one of my fics into Chinese. And you can imagine the joy I had when I read that message.

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love and love come in many different ways and shapes.  I thought it would be fitting to post today. (this should be posted last month but shhh…) Anyway, let’s start with some special mentions:

To all my followers! Thank you for putting up for everything that I’ve done. I know I’m not perfect but thank you for being there especially those who had followed me for a long time.

To the lovely @bayer-mund , my bestie, my OTP and my little sister. I’m still thankful that you reached out and get to know me. Otherwise, my introvert self will never ever have a true friend like you. Thank you for laughing with all my Lahm jokes, although I can’t differentiate if you really enjoy those Lahm jokes or just being super nice XD And thank you for being my other support system ♥

@half-fallen time zone is such an evil thing! We never get to chat for a long time :( But you know I always love you ♥ and your fics ♥

@thomastuchels I’m so happy to get to know you through Secret Santa program! I missed you and I hope we could find some time and chat again. Ahhh…

@bastischweinski @marcoasensioss  @edenshazards @heyzard  I’m so happy to know all of you, especially since we have so many things in common…. Roger Roger… I’m really looking forward to the journey that is going to bring me. 

@aussenrist15 @basthiago @leupolz I still love you and will love you forever.

@footballerindreams @acercrea @gayern-munchen @satansfavouritegirl @incredybala @india-force @rechargeable-battery @rowan-fcb @saintneuer @crazy-fangirl @satanic-horsemen @teamraikkonen @thomasmulli Mutuals that I really I hope we can talk more often but my introvert self is just sucks to be a friend. Bye. And also, time zone still sucks.

@osondu-imafidon  it is lovely to meet you and I hope we can have more fun together.

@penalteaze Thank you for your wonderful V-day card! It tickles my bone and I hope you enjoy mine.

For the rest, I’m sorry that I’m unable to give a special mention to everyone but I still love you very much (and I hope ya’ll don’t change your url so often lol). To those that create gifs and amazing contents, thank you for your hard work that decorates my blog ♥ Also to those who read my fics and follow me here from AO3, (I know who and who) I love you the most.


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I really hope I didn’t miss out anyone! (If I did, please give me a nudge or message) All of the mentioned blogs are certified safe (by yours truly) so you don’t need to worry about being bulliedAll of them are very friendly to all gender, sexual preference, races, and religions.

#standing with an army

anonymous asked:

this is purely based off of your url so i'm sorry if your'e not the right person to ask buuuuut - do you have any single dad niall fic recs? please and thank you? :)

HELLO YES I’M HERE TO HELP. There’s not too, too many, as far as I know (unfortunately) but here are some:

something so magic about you by storhan (niall/harry)

“Niall’s a single father and Harry’s his neighbor who never seems to wear a shirt.”

you don’t need me anymore by outwardbound93 (niall/harry)

“Rain riddles the sea like bullets and the dark storm clouds hang just above ceiling height, but Niall doesn’t have the panicky crushed feeling he sometimes gets. The little house feels cozy with his baby asleep in the next room and Harry’s lip jutting out in a pout.

Or, Niall becomes a dad.”

naive melody by liquidmeasure (niall/zayn) (not technically single dad niall but in the same vein)

“The clock on the side table says it’s just after midnight when he wakes up to Theo screaming and crying for his mother. Just after midnight, so a good three and a half hours of sleep and that’s that. It’s like the kid has finally caught on that all is not well. That his parents have really and truly gone.

He keeps crying when Niall picks him up out of his cot and it seems he doesn’t stop for three days."Post-Zayn canon fic. Zayn steps in to help Niall deal with Theo. Niall isn’t sure how to deal with Zayn

Pick Up The Pieces (And Build A Lego House) by Lainy122 (Niall/Liam)

“It’s like Lego, innit? Like, when you meet the right piece you just like…fit. So perfectly, right, you can’t even tell where the join bit is, yeah? But then sometimes it’s like, the bit you have is the wrong one and doesn’t fit at all. And they’re actually that piece you step on in the middle of the night and it hurts like hell. Only you step with like, your heart, and not your foot.”

“I can’t tell if that’s brilliant or the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.”

“’M pretty drunk,” Liam agrees. “Could be either.”

turn all your grey skies blue by mogigraphia (niall/harry)

“Niall’s a new single dad, and Harry’s his daughter’s teacher at the daycare.”

does it almost feel like nothing’s changed at all by estrella30

““You don’t have room to talk,” Louis says, pointing a finger at Harry and narrowing his eyes. “Seeing as how you were seventy five million years late to the meeting today.”

“Well I’m bloody well here now!” Harry shouts. Everyone goes quiet, Zayn even manages to pause whatever Robert Downey Jr. is doing on the telly, and it’s right then, in the middle of the first split second of quiet since Harry arrived that he hears it.

“Wait,” Harry says, cocking his head to the side and listening more closely. “Is that a baby crying?”

OR: Niall gets a baby left w him and Harry moves in to help him take care of her”

other niall-ship kid-fic:

hear this heartbeat breaking through by acastle (niall/harry)

He feels another shock of warmth, much more intense, much more overwhelming, as he looks at him. Watches Bailey cling on to this person tightly, laughing as he’s lifted off the ground. He doesn’t know how to describe it, but he’s sure. Very sure, that it is a positive feeling. He doesn’t know how to react to it, really.

(In which Harry is an amateur boxer, raising his son on his own after the hardest few months of his life, then he meets the piano teacher with a beautiful heart.)

sleep soft by asymmetric (niall/liam)

“Parenting is harder than Liam had thought it would be.

(in which he and Niall take care of a fake baby and things get knocked a little off balance)”

calling future love by brokendrums (harry/niall/zayn)

Faced with an indefinite break from the band and a broody boyfriend, Harry, Niall and Zayn decide to have a baby.

5+x=7, solve for x by alison (ot5)

Dads. They’re going to be dads. Niall is going to be a dad.

Oh god, he thinks. I’m absolutely going to fuck this up.

i love you in a place where there’s so space and time by baloonflies (niall/harry)

“"Daddy doesn’t have to know” she says, eyes Niall through the rear mirror. Niall knows she learned this from him; not telling Daddy when Niall breaks his mug or when they eat ice-cream even though it’s cold out. Niall laughs, looking at her furrowed brows and pouty lips.

“No, Daddy doesn’t have to know” he agrees and starts the car.


Harry’s a single dad, Niall’s the free lance guitar instructor, Liam and Louis are not-boyfriends and Zayn is overprotective.“

This is all I can find in my bookmarks for now!! Hope it’s good enough :D

I also haven’t read 1d fic in well over a year so if everyone know of anything that’s come out in that time, please let me and anon know :D

Writers Creed Interview: @justscribbledwords

……. I would write a few things I felt, yes like you said mostly about pain because that was all I did feel. But I never saw writing as anything more than that, it wasn’t even a hobby back then. But now it’s a passion…

This time at the Writerscreed Interview, we got to talk with Shraddha, the sassy and inspiring writer behind the blog @justscribbledwords. We got to talk about problems writers face and what does writing really meant to her and how she aspires to contribute in uplifting the writers on tumblr that have just started off with their journey. Hope you enjoy the interview.

WC: “Justscribbledwords”, a subtle name as we would like to call it, as its simple but holds a deep meaning to it just like your writings, so how did an url like that strike you and what meaning does it hold in your frame of reference.

S: It just seemed appropriate to what I wanted to do, I just wanted to scribble words with feelings and emotions. Google told me to choose a URL that wouldn’t be too hard to remember or read. So I had a list of URLs similar to this one, but JustScribbledWords was on the top and my first choice and soon it seemed like my only choice since it fit. And yes it seems subtle but also intense and serves the purpose of letting people know that I am just made of scribbled words.

WC: Fair enough, subtle and intense, quite a combination you got there.

WC: Any other names your family or aquaintances call you by or something you love to be called and do you love your name, if so then why?

S: I have many many nicknames among my friends in real life and in tumblr life. Most of them are just short for of my real name Shraddha, which means faith in Sanskrit. I am not a huge fan of my name, because one- people usually pronounce and spell it wrong and two - I don’t like the meaning. I used to think of faith as just faith in god and so I hated it because I don’t have that faith but recently I’ve been trying to make up my own meaning for it as in not faith in god(for which I was named) but just faith, maybe in the universe or myself or my words. Other than that my family has a ‘pet name’, for me that I don’t really tell anyone. If you are interested the names my friends have come up with are Shraks, Addha and Shadie

WC: Well Shadie sounds good to be honest, yeah wrong pronunciation of your name is definitely annoying, a pain only the ones that go through it can relate to.

WC: What actually got you into writing was it a hobby that turned into passion or a series of event lead you to it or you were finding and safe abode and you thought nothing could be better than words, your writings do portray a painful contrast which makes us more curious indeed.

S: I think it all had started with writing in a diary for no reason around 4-5 years ago. I just needed to get a few things in writing because I wanted to remember them or forget them. I needed to somehow know whether I wasn’t the only one who felt it. Tumblr wasn’t a very open popular thing back then so I thought I’d try and put up some things here. I made a new account just for my writing which was this account. I would write a few things I felt, yes like you said mostly about pain because that was all I did feel. But I never saw writing as anything more than that, it wasn’t even a hobby back then. But now it’s a passion, it’s not just my oxygen but something more that keeps you alive. One can call it an obsession but that sounds negative at times. I see writing as my calling at times even though it’s not something I pursue professionally or ever will I think, but we never know.

WC: Writing does keeps many of the real version of us alive, its like a way to bid farewell to some problems or situations even if thats for a small period, many would connect to that concept of yours and yeah obession doesn’t seems quite a good word for it.
Moving on to our next question.

WC: So what problems did you face as you started off on Tumblr like what were the challenges and how did you face them?

S: When I started off on tumblr one thing that always bugged me (as superficial as the problem was) that I didn’t have enough notes on my posts and I didn’t have enough followers. I think I was trying to seek validation from people about what I was feeling and whether they felt it too or was it relatable, because I didn’t want to be the only one feeling them. Another problem I faced was not having any friends here and it often felt lonely to see people conversing and having people who they could call friends. And the main problem was not knowing of any platforms that helped new writers grow.
I can say now that I have overcome almost all of these problems. At times I still do worry about notes and followers but not as much and I’ve found some really good friends here who now seem like a family of misfits fitting together and also various platforms like yours that helps writers grow and be part of a community.

WC: Well yeah notes are a killer for anyone starting off with tumblr but its all gets better with time and we do agree on that seeking validation point, but we do reach a point where we just stop caring about the followers and focus more on building our community and getting reviewed by writers we admire, yeah we actually are a family of misfits fitting together with words being our ultimate glue.
Thats why we focus on connecting to more and more people and helping them out so they don’t give up just because of dull response to their posts.

WC: So you’re a part of Procast which is one of the amazing communities here on Tumblr, what do you have to say about that and how do you feel about it?

S: Yes! The Procast is one of the best communities of writers and I am so honoured to be a part of it. I have become friends with some of the most amazing people here on tumblr and I know I’ve found a few friends for life. If only people had a look at our Facebook group chat, they would know how amazing the members are!

WC: Oh that indeed sounds good, for those of you reading this interview, unaware of Procast, well its a group of amazing writers that post amazing proses and poetry, we’ll surely recommend you to check it out.

WC: What do you like writing about, we do see quite similar shades in your work but are you flexible with others genres too and does what does writing means to you, if you could elaborate on that.

S: I like to write mostly about love or heartbreak, they’ve always been synonyms to me. I also seem to write a lot about pain and sadness. I love it when I get messages saying they relate to my writing but at the same time I feel extremely sad that there are so many people relate to such sad and painful things.
Writing to me is life, it has become a part of me or just me, my being. I can’t imagine myself ever not writing now.

WC: Well many writers including us, love the emotions you pour into those quotes, poetry and proses, makes it easy for the reader to connect and relate, well its a magical felling to experience.

WC: If you ever got an opportunity to help writers, what would you do, how would you keep them motivated and do you have any of your plans for helping the writer community that are under work?

S: If I can get an opportunity for that, I would really love to help writers, but honestly I don’t know how. I am not at a level where I can give any advice to them because even though I’ve been here for quite some time, I’ve only started being more active for the past year. And I might just be planning something but it’s all hush hush yet, it’s just an idea so if it goes to plan, I’ll let you know for sure.
Other than this all I can say is let the smallest things motivate and inspire you to write it draw or whatever art you like to pursue. Don’t let haters discourage you.

WC: Thats one hell of an encouragement, our audience would surely appriciate that. Coming to our next question.

WC: What improvements would you like to see in writerscreed, something about us you dislike and would want us to work upon also any of your ideas that you would like us to implement?

S: Honestly I really can’t find any improvements needed, you people literally reblog everybody’s WC tag, you all are active, in fact so damn active that I sometimes wonder if any of you ever sleep, you have given me an a chance to be a part of an awesome community and I’ve made some really really good friends and connected with many artists. I cannot ask for anything more!

WC: We really appreciate that.

WC: Before wrapping up, we would want you to tell any fun fact about you be it any thing you’ve done or happend to you and you an also share something about you that very less people know.

S: Oh something not many people know about me, now this is a hard one to think about. I think people think I am too closed off when I am not, they just need to ask the right questions and I’ll tell them everything.

WC: It was our pleasure interviewing you, we appreciate you taking time out, to talk to us, hope many writers get inspired reading this interview.

S: I really enjoyed whole way through the interview, thank you for choosing me to be a part of this.

anonymous asked:

Any advice for first starting and art blog??

  1. Make art. So much art. The only way to get noticed and run a ‘successful’ art blog is to make content that people notice. This doesn’t mean that you have to post daily (however it is good to still practice art daily/as often as you can, for then you can truly improve!) but it’s important to try and post things several times a week, even if they’re smaller doodles. I’ve fallen into another fandom at the moment so I’m still posting art all the time, just on a different blog than this one, and let me tell you that I’ve grown much faster on that blog than I have on this one.
  2. Only the first five tags matter. I know a lot of people tag like 20 things, or they’ll ramble a bit at the beginning of their tags, but Tumblr only tracks the first five tags. So if you tag “spaghetti” as your seventh tag, and you search “spaghetti” on Tumblr, it won’t show up. So tag the most important and searchable tags first and then ramble later.
  3. Don’t use too many tags. I haven’t tested this but I read somewhere that if you have too many tags, Tumblr may mark it as potential spam and thus it won’t show up in the search that way either. So try not to make too many tags with you rambling. I know I do that a lot so I have to be very conscious on it when I post my original art.
  4. Have creative tags! People love good tags; or at least, I do. I’m not very creative since I have the simplest of simple art tags (#xaandiir art…..very clever). But having a clever doodle tag or other kind of tagging system is appealing. Having a clean and organized way for people to search through your art/blog is also extremely important! Nothing is more frustrating than trying to look through someone’s blog for a specific fandom or just through their art tag and they use 5 different tags that you have to search individually.
  5. Use a clean and appealing theme. Tumblr is about aesthetic and how things look. Using default themes can make you seem inexperienced and that might lose you some interest. It’s also good to keep an appealing mobile design since that’s how a lot of people will see your blog. Have a good avatar and keep your description short but sweet and easy to understand.
  6. Make a “brand” for yourself. When I started my art blog here, and essentially cleaned everything out, I decided I was never going to change my URL of xaandiir. You want people to know you. If you’re constantly changing your URL then it will be hard for people to properly find you. You need to settle on something and then stick with it, if you can. I didn’t know how well xaandiir would grow on me. It was just something that I came up with and decided to use, and it turned out that it fits me pretty well! It may take time for that brand to really fit, but then you should stick with it!

Now I’m by no means a professional or “successful” art blog, but these are things I’ve seen from people more popular than me and also have helped me grow faster than when I first started. It’s also a good idea to keep your art blog separate from your fandom blog, which is why I started a different personal blog for where I reblog my fandom stuff and keep this one as where I have my art tutorials and post my art content and writing and such!

Oh! And I nearly forgot the most important bit! Make artist friends!! It may be intimidating, but becoming friends with other artists can give you people to talk to and get opinions about your art (so you can grow) and then you can also promote one another on your blogs and grow together. Having an art community between you and your friends is really important and so it’s good to approach artists that you admire, even if it might be intimidating.

now that I’ve driven home and had a few minutes to cool off and collect my thoughts, I feel I should explain myself to the people who have been following me and know who i am so I don’t damage my relationship or reputation more than I probably already have.

there was a post that an autistic person I follow made, where he vented about bigotry against autistic people, and ended with a passive aggressive “…janice”. there was another post that a nonbinary person I follow made where they vented about bigotry against gender nonconforming people, and ended with a passive aggressive “…denise”. I’m not 100% sure which was which but I DEFINITELY remember the posts, as well as the profile pictures of the people who posted them. I don’t remember the urls though, and even if I did remember them I wouldn’t list them in case the people who are now harassing and spamming me in my inbox and activity feeds decided to also hop on their [proverbial] dicks as well as mine because they apparently culturally appropriated those post templates, of ending extended rants about various bigots and ending them with names befitting of middle aged suburban soccermoms, karen.

now, when listing people of this demographic, I used to include white among those adjectives. however, there are black middle aged suburban soccermoms, hispanic middle aged suburban soccermoms, and asian middle aged suburban soccermoms, and pretty much people of every race who have the potential to be this type of person the practice strawmans. obviously not every single middle aged suburban parent of children who participate heavily in after school activities is going to be the type of person to scream at retail workers or starbucks baristas or people who cut off their minivans when they’re driving 15 under the speed limit in the left lane. not every single middle aged suburban person is an undeducated bible thumping bigot with their head shoved up their ass. not every one of them is a problematic piece of shit that stands by the #alllivesmatter crew or trump or whatever the republicans are rallying around this week. not even all of the white ones, and there are some people who fit the trope who are not white. I’ve dealt with many of them during my days at target, but I always stood by including white. until recently.

when I learned it made black people uncomfortable when white people made white jokes, I was of course initially hesitant. “that’s fucking stupid!” I though. “I’m not assuaging white guilt by doing this, I’m just finding it in me to laugh at myself”. and then I read a bit more about the subject and figured it isn’t worth the potential heartache if I fought it because in all honesty it kind of makes sense. my mom’s boyfriend’s son is black (and hispanic), and I had once made a white girl joke to my sister in front of him and mom told me later that both he and her boyfriend were uncomfortable with me saying that. after seeing the post that talked about it, and my… slight breakdown where I may have dramatically overreacted… I decided to try and stop with the white people jokes because I want to unlearn all of the racist shit that my dad, stepmom, aunts, uncles, grandparents, former friends, former acquaintances, and society in general that I possibly could, because racism as a concept digs into my skin and fucks me up.

it used to make me absolutely seethe with rage, and I still get a little steamed by it. in fact I once got in a LOT of trouble with my high school sociology student teacher because I got really shitty with her when she- an anthropology student no less- kept calling one kid in our class by his initial because apparently kudsai is just Too Hard™ to pronounce. one day, an off day where I forgot to take my medicine, she called him that and I yelled at her “he has a name, so use it”. granted I didn’t like the kid. I thought he was annoying; loud, obnoxious, constantly making sex jokes while we were studying freud (and even the fucking holocaust), in the choir and the football team… basically like any other cishet teenage boy. but being annoying is no excuse for a teacher to not take five fucking seconds of her day to learn how to say his name right just because it wasn’t franklin or gregory, two of the other black kids who I went to school with. anyone following me as far back as when annie got remade with quvenzhane wallis as the titular role might have read my thoughts on the matter of pronouncing people’s names right. i’m not saying this to pat myself on the back for not being racist, because WOW was I a rough mess of things back then, but I was never like my dad’s side of the family about race. back when michael brown’s death and ferguson were still talked about, I found myself agreeing with rush limbaugh about some of the things he said, so clearly I haven’t been a perfect angel my whole life.

anyway, back to white people jokes making black people feel uncomfortable. I’ve been trying to make myself agree with that, which as anyone who has the syndrome formerly known as aspergers can probably attest to, is hard as shit to do. possible but hard. like, I’m even now still unlearning some acephobia, transphobia, queerphobia, islamophobia, and even though I know the occasional fleeting thoughts that I think are wrong and bad, they still happen very frequently. same goes with various forms of racism and xenophobia. my dad (and former stepdad’s) influences are probably so deep because of various issues with abandonment and abuse that I’m not gonna discuss here, and they’re both absolutely reeking with white supremacist microaggressions. so I’m definitely trying my hardest.

part of that is why I reacted so negatively when people misinterpreted what I said, put words in my mouth, and straight up told me to kill myself in all of these messages that are still flooding in. another part is because I truly do stand by the things that I meant to say, rather than the things that it appears I’ve said. I really do think that it’s unreasonable to say that it’s racist for people who aren’t black to make posts where we vent about various injustices we face from people who are misinformed and ignorant and straight up smarmy condescending assholes and then end it with a passive aggressive name of some baby boomer fuckwit, peggy. because these baby boomer fuckwits come in many colors (black people are still capable of being racist [against hispanic/asian/etc people, not whites, I need to make that abundantly clear], classist, misogynist, queerphobic, ableist, otherwise bigoted prejudiced assholes), and these names that are heralded as “typically white”, like henry or franklin or gregory or harold or penelope or alice or etc, are not exclusively white names. I’ve seen or met black people with names like this and while it’s definitely not the majority (not even close), and it’s definitely partially due to cultural erasure perpetuated by gentrification, it still exists. so it doesn’t make sense to me why the person who wrote the post that started me on this whole sequence of posts about this topic insisted that it was a ‘white people names’ thing. especially when white people names are more like khaeylieghhe or miakkaylia or annedeeye or some other ridiculous bastardisation of english language in order to make your child feel special and unique and end up growing to be a cookie cutter member of the conservative party that tries to take down affirmative action because they feel like it’s reverse discriminatory or some shit. if it was something like that, making fun of those names that are actually like making jokes at the expense of white people [I think I should apologize in advance because technically this counts as a white people joke even if it’s just an example] would make perfect sense. however I have not only seen posts in this template of ending with baby boomer names being used as tools to express their distaste in queerphobia, ableism, classism, xenophobia, and intolerance of other sorts, but I’ve made them before, and it has had not a god damn bit of racial connotation to it at all unless it’s been specifically a black millennial on tumblr venting specifically about a white people-ism, and to make a post that shits on everybody who uses this template to cope if they’re not black, and causes those kids who use it to cope to ask why not, and then get immediately shit on by assholes who treat them just like people are treating me, who tell them that it doesn’t matter if they’re neurodivergent or gay or trans or whatever because they’re being Big Bad Evil Racists™ by ending their rant posts with names like becky, allison.

I don’t care if you’re black. if you treat queer or disabled kids like shit and call them racist when they’re not being racist, no matter what color your skin is, you’re an asshole. and to act like fucking salem massachusetts when confronted with legitimate criticism of your ill-informed unbridled assault of an angry mama bear to queer and disabled kids, is just DISGUSTING. WEAK. and PATHETIC. and only serves to strengthen my points.

so you know what, go ahead. keep sending me your hate anons. keep sending me the smarmy condescension. I can take it. just stop being fucking assholes to my family. your race isn’t something I have any authority over but I won’t let you use it as a weapon to beat people over the head with just because you get high off of the power you get from the veil of anonymity. false accusations of being a tier 6 skinhead is more palatable than telling us to kill ourselves.

Help me understand this “cringe” stuff….what’s the purpose? You just find other people’s awkwardness really really really funny and like to share that humor, or do you want them to get trolled, feel badly and change themselves/quit the internet? I mean, are you trying to “punish” people for being embarrassing? ….I notice a lot of the stuff you post as cringe is fake to begin with, are you aware of that and it’s part of the joke or what?

Someone sent me this on my personal blog but it fits better here.

Personally I haven’t found “cringe” as a genre funny for like 5 years. That was a big part of rebranding the main page, was keeping up with changing tastes, especially here, which moves faster than, say, facebook, where the “cringe” branding still does very well. Hell, it may actually do well here, too, but not with any demographic we’re interested in catering to, which would just end with us publishing things that would be at odds with that group and reducing the kind of reach we get.

Most of the stuff we post is meant to be either vaguely like the RP/video game forum kid of the 2000s (t. former video game forum kid), but for this decade. Stuff like kin and younger anti-sjws is in this bin. They’ll grow out of it, and eventually they’ll leave that identity all the way in the past. We all did it, it’s kinda internet tradition at this point. I know I did. It’s like laughing about the stupid things you remember from middle school, you know? Except permanent, and on the internet.

The other half is “why would someone post that?”, like the blatant facebook homophobe or racist, or most of the stuff that terfs post, or 90% of pol stuff (although that’s also in the first category because a lot of /pol/ is full on children). In which case, I at least feel nothing when they get what’s coming to them, or get deactivated by tumblr, because people like misogenious or whatever his url was deserve it.

💕💖Happy Valentine’s Day, Inuyasha Fandom💖💕

I saw @kag-san’s post (and ps I LOVE U!! thank you for including me and for always blessing us all w ur lovely art and kagsan content!!) and I was inspired to do one of my own.

There are a lot of people in the fandom that I like and I’m sure to meet more, so I’m not going to list them all here (I would be here for days lmfao) but I wanna take a moment to shout out to some of the ones who welcomed me into the fandom and helped make it the place I know and love so much today. Check them out under the cut!

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New Studyblr

Hello! My name is Victoria, and after lurking around the Studyblr community for a while, I’ve finally decided to join! I look to become more productive in my endeavors, and to just become a better student in general. The Studyblr community is amazing from what I’ve seen so far, and I am optimistic as to what I can accomplish using all the wonderful resources that have been put out here. 

Also, I know that summer break is about to start, but my patience is wearing thin. Besides, whoever said that you couldn’t be productive over the summer? 

Below I’ve listed a couple of things about me, so as to make sure that I don’t start off as a complete stranger to you all. 

- In the fall, I’ll be a freshman in high school. My motto so far has been ‘You’re young, not stupid.’ 

- I speak three languages, and I’m actually going about learning another three. I’m fluent in English, Spanish, and Estonian. Which I know that nobody has ever heard about, but that I encourage you to look up! Estonian is such a wonderful language, and the country - Estonia - is by far my favorite place to be. I actually studied abroad there, and in addition to becoming proficient in the language, I also studied German.

- Which brings me to my next point. Next year I’ll be taking a Russian course (although I’ve already started learning the basics), in addition taking German and Hungarian courses online. Though those will be purely self-taught. 

- While I may seem like a massive bookworm to you - which I am - I’m also an athlete! I’m planning on joining the swim team once school starts, and I make a habit of visiting the gym regularly. Especially now, as I need to get in shape for the swim season. 

- I’m actually pretty tall, as I stand at an impressive height of 5′7. And before you ask, no, I do not play basketball. Contrary to popular belief, not all tall persons enjoy, or are even remotely good at playing basketball. In fact, the last time I scored a basket was in the sixth grade. (It’s been three years)

- Writing is something that I actually really enjoy, and while I wouldn’t say that I’m perfect, I like to think I’m pretty good. Though advice is very much appreciated, so if any of you are writers out there, please IM me? I revel in constructive criticism, and although I don’t like to admit it, praise is very nice too. 

- Next year, I’ll be taking your standard English class, geometry, world history, geography, biology, Russian, and technical drawing and design. 

Studyblrs that I’ve been following since day one, and can’t get enough of are: 

@rhubarbstudies - Great for just everything in general? I love her masterposts and the content is all quality. 

@einstetic She’s Finnish and I absolutely adore her because honestly Estonians and Finns have to stick together. It’s just what we do. 

@universi-tea She has everything, and the massive amount of beautiful pictures you can find on her blog will make you want to actually do something with your life. 

@intellectys Masterposts. Need I say more? Also it’s just a great blog in general. 

@areistotle An amazing Maltese woman with just about everything on her  blog + a lot of language learning content. 

@studylilium I think she’s actually the first Studyblr I really loved? The amount of studyspo on her page is amazing and everything she posts is just pure, wholesome content. 

@bionctes I followed her when she was still stitch-studies, but I love the new theme and url because it just fits her passion so well? We need more women in STEM fields, and she will take us one step closer. 

i’ve been thinking about these posts recently:

reblog the fics you like and fandom isn’t just on tumblr, and why you should comment

both of these posts are really getting at the same thing: feedback is an essential component of interacting with fanfiction communities, and in principle i agree with what both posts are saying. however, using these points as a basis, i want to talk about something that i think gets lost in this discussion. yes, fandom isn’t solely on tumblr, but i feel like it’s kind of counterproductive to separate feedback and proliferation in this way, i.e. ao3 is for commenting and tumblr is for reblogging. our fics are hosted on ao3, and that’s where we give feedback, so why is it harder to spread the word about fic we like on ao3?

actually, it’s not.

it’s so easy to get caught up in this mentality that the best way to spread fics is to reblog them when the authors post a link on tumblr, because in current fandom culture the way things tend to become big is by virtue of being written by someone with a lot of tumblr followers. if you read this statement and think that’s kind of unsatisfying for lesser-known writers out there: you are absolutely correct!

back when fandom was primarily based on journalling sites (livejournal/dreamwidth) and forums, the best way to tell people about fics you liked was to make a reclist. rec culture has spread to tumblr, but again you have the cycle of people/rec blogs with more followers making posts that get more notes, and we’re back to square one. tumblr is very good at amplifying loud voices, which conversely means it’s very easy for softer voices to get lost amidst all that. and there’s the fact that tumblr is pretty time-dependent, so older posts are harder to find, and the most accessible tumblr reclists will feature mainly popular and current fics.

alright, back to ao3. if you read fic on ao3, you probably know what bookmarking is. you might not, however, have stopped to think about how ao3′s bookmark feature functions as a reclist. when you save a bookmark, it’s automatically marked as a normal bookmark unless you click one of two boxes: to make it private, or to mark it as a rec. a normal bookmark could mean “i want to read this” or “i have read this,” but a rec is unequivocally “i have read this and you should read this too.” ao3 allows bookmarks to be tagged, sorted, collected, and commented on. (i can promise you that if you leave a comment on a bookmark/rec, you will be making an author’s day.) these are all the tools you need to create a reclist of your own.

a lot of people i know use ao3 bookmarks as ways to find new fic to read, myself included. if you read a fic by an author you like, you can check their bookmarks to see what they’ve enjoyed. or, you can check the bookmarks on a fic you like, and click through to the people who’ve marked it as a rec to see what else they rec. lots of people curate expansive and well-organised bookmark reclists, and it’s a really easy way to find people whose tastes align with your own, as well as older fics which mightn’t show up at the top of a tag anymore but still fit your interests.

in case i haven’t quite convinced you yet: reclists and authors posting their own fic on tumblr are prone to get lost amongst newsfeed traffic, people deleting their blogs or changing their urls, the general passage of time. and people with more followers will always be able to get more exposure than those without, no matter how diligently they tag their posts. i’m not saying we should stop posting links to fic and reclists on tumblr, but rather that we should stop relying on it so heavily. ao3 is right there! our fics are there, our feedback is there, and our search for something new to read usually begins there too. we should be taking advantage of the system that’s already in place to spread the fics we like!

as a tl;dr, and to come back to the two posts that inspired all this: when you consider giving feedback, consider bookmarking it too. when you consider reblogging a fic on tumblr to spread it around, considering bookmarking it on ao3 too.

400 Followers~ FF Post

I’m not great at doing these long-winded compliment posts. But I know I definitely have had some time since my last one, so I figure now’s a good time to post one to celebrate 400 of you wild people followin’. So under the cut, you’ll find a couple of compliments for people in the community and the community in general. Um, this ended up turning out a lot longer than usual, so ya may wanna be prepared before clicking under the cut.

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One of the most important things you  can do to prepare for a disaster is make sure you are in peak physical condition. I understand that, due to disability or time constraints or any number of extenuating circumstances, “peak physical condition” may look different for each person. However, this post is to help you reach that point, whatever it may be for you.

Before we go any further, I’d like to make a disclaimer: I am not a doctor, nor am I a physical trainer. All of my knowledge of health and fitness comes from my process of being so weak that I couldn’t take the stairs to gaining and losing 100lbs and gaining a lot of muscle in the process. I am not the gospel here. I just want to share a few things that have worked for me, and maybe help you, too.

The other thing I would like to say is that I am not writing this as a weight-loss guide. If you are happy and comfortable at your weight, then by all means, stay that way. If your weight limits your physical fitness, such as by causing joint pain, or by causing you to be too weak to take the stairs, then you may want to consider decreasing or increasing your weight. The best way to do that is to calculate your Total Daily Energy Expenditure and add or subtract from there. Meticulous calorie counting is the most effective way to cause weight changes. Now, moving on.

So let’s assume that you’re starting from a very beginners level of fitness. The best way to build up some basic cardiac fitness is by walking. I know it seems simple, but it can really make a difference. Take as much time as you are able to each day, and go for a walk. Walking is good because it doesn’t require any kind of equipment or workout clothes. If you have something comfortable to wear and some tennis shoes, you can go for a walk. Walk for as long as you can manage. If all you can do is 15 minutes, great! Try to work up to 30. If you can do 30, awesome! Try to get up to an hour. Once you’re walking 30-60 minutes a few times a week, you can move into a more intensive workout program. I’m going to list some programs that I have used, and let you make the decision yourself.

The first option is Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. This is a great program for building a lot of strength in a short amount of time. All the videos can be found on YouTube, so you can access them in your own home. I will list the pros and cons here:


Short - takes less than half an hour.

Does not require a lot of space - if you have room to spread your arms out and lay down, you have enough room

Requires very little equipment - some moves requires dumbbells, but dumbbells are easily replaced by things like water jugs, and you can fill a water jug to as much weight as you can handle

Progressive - every ten days you move up to the next level, so it continues to challenge you

Quick results - by the end of two weeks, you should notice a difference, and by the end of the 30 days, the difference will be very, very noticeable


May be difficult for complete beginners - the workouts do not include breaks, and since it is a 30 day program, there are no rest days

There is limited accessibility for people with disabilities

The program is technically based on creating a “toned” body, rather than building strength. You will definitely build strength, but that’s not the goal of the program.

There is also the program that I am currently doing: the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide. I love this program, and highly recommend it. You can find the guide here: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.noholita.fr/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/KI-Bikini-Body-Training-Guide.pdf&ved=0ahUKEwjyudehnbnMAhUG4iYKHbw3AJ4QFggnMAA&usg=AFQjCNGd-LzJqJxyVm1_PEhhC18g-zuaxg&sig2=NByjJMR_mikzQTpV43ekwwnd And it also comes with a nutritional plan, which I am using to help recover from an eating disorder. Keep in mind that the nutritional plan is designed for weight loss, so if maintenance or weight gain is your goal, eat larger portions. The nutritional guide can be found here:https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.noholita.fr/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/KI-H.E.L.P-Nutrition-Guide.pdf&ved=0ahUKEwjyudehnbnMAhUG4iYKHbw3AJ4QFggpMAE&usg=AFQjCNHMjOv5RQO_qm12nDiSW5tnm9rI-w&sig2=NADGZ-7_wbRzdZbNQALEsA


Includes cardio, interval training, resistance training, and stretching

Short - each workout takes about 30 minutes

Does not require a lot of space - the resistance training only takes as much room to lay down in, and the cardio sessions only require a place to walk

Quick results - you should see results within two weeks, and by the time the program is over, you will definitely notice a difference

Requires minimal equipment - dumbbells are required for some moves, but like I said, dumbbells are easily replaced. Some moves require a medicine ball, but you can just use a dumbbell instead.

Progressive - you move through a series of increasingly intense workouts to maximize efficiency


It, too, is more focused on creating a “toned” body than on building strength. Although I have definitely become stronger while doing it.

Theoretically, you have to pay for it, but I just gave you the pdfs for it.

t also doesn’t really plan for days off, though it does allow for lower-intensity days.

If neither of those options does it for you, I would like to suggest a workout plan I developed for a friend of mine who is a complete beginner to working out. It is an amalgamation of other workout plans I’ve done and I have no doubt that it could help anyone develop strength and flexibility .

Monday - Legs

Squats, 15

Burpees (plank or pushup, whatever you can do, but work up to the pushup), 10

Lunges, 15 per leg

Jump squats, 15

Repeat three times

Tuesday - Cardio/endurance

Walk or run for 30 minutes

Wednesday - Arms

Push-ups, 20

Tricep curls, 20 per arm (if you don’t have dumbbells, use anything heavy that you can get a good grip on, lean forward with your arm bent, then straighten it out backwards)

L-sit, 10-30 seconds (sit with your legs out in front of you, put your arms on the ground, and try to lift your but and legs off the ground. If you can only get your but at first, that’s okay.)

Repeat three times

Thursday - cardio/endurance

Walk/run for 30 minutes

Friday - abs

Sit-ups, 20

Ab bikes, 20 (lay flat, then do a sit up and bring the opposite leg to meet the opposite elbow)

Plank, 30 seconds

Side plank, 30 seconds

Mountain climbers, 10 each leg (do a plank, then draw one leg at a time up to your chest)

Repeat three times

Saturday - cardio, intervals

Sprint for 30 seconds, walk at a brink pace for 30 seconds. Repeat for 10-15 minutes

Sunday - stretching

Google “beginners yoga for flexibility” on YouTube and do one of the videos

If you’re willing to put in the effort to become as strong and as fast as you can be, these workouts will help you go a long way. You can have all the stockpiles in the world, but it won’t mean anything if you don’t have your health.

So tell me - what is your workout routine? How do you plan to stay fit for when disaster strikes? Have you tried any of these programs? Are you intrigued by the program I created? I love feedback from you guys, so let me know!

pichkaari  asked:

hey if ur still doing ze blogrates,,, tell me about mine

heck yeah i will! :^)


url: idgi • it’s pretty okay! • i like it! • really clever omg • instantly recognisable • give it to me now

icon: kinda low quality but that’s fine! • selfie • it’s cool! • cute as heck • i love it so much • instantly recognisable • fits your blog perfectly • uhh why can’t my icon be this good?!

mobile theme: it’s cool! • very easy on the eyes (yooo it’s nathan!) • IT LOOKS SO GOOD • jealous. as. heck. please give it to me

desktop theme: same as/similar to mobile • kinda cluttered • it looks super cool! • very user-friendly • OH MY GOSH I’M SO JEALOUS

posts: not really my thing but that doesn’t mean it’s not good! • 10/10 good curation • i like the variety • pretty darn good!i love your original content • brb reblogging everything

emoji: 🍊

song that was stuck in my head while doing this blograte: forget you by cee lo green and then beware of the boys by panjabi mc….why is my brain like this lol.

following?: no sorry but i appreciate you so much • i might! • just did! • i will follow from my main asap c; • already following • uhh hECK YEAH

comments: i just found your blog today and i already think you’re super cool and funny! btw i’m indian too (except i’m half-indian, don’t live in india, and haven’t been there, either…whoops. one day.)

Interview with Jennagill!

Hi! @peetabreadgirl, here! What better way to start off your Saturday morning than a good read with a great author? Grab your coffee, (iced if you live in the deep South, like she and I do. It’s hella hot down here!), and enjoy this fun little chat between Texans. No, there aren’t any y’alls and howdys. :)

Tell me who @jennagill is… What does a normal day look like for you?

Wake up after an average 7 hrs of sleep, get myself and two little boys ready for the day, drive an hour, workworkworkworkwork, drive an hour home to rowdy boys and Mr. Gill, prep dinner/eat/parent/bedtime, maybe about a half hour of me time (?), and sleep. Lather, rinse, repeat. Some days are more exciting. Sometimes I take an hour off at lunch time to sit with my other coworkers. Sometimes I plan a lunch date. Sometimes I walk a few laps behind the office when it’s not blazing hot and 120% humidity. Posting Coxa on the Wednesday lunch hour really broke up the week for me, so it was nice to have that to look forward to at the front end of the week.

Where in the world do you find time to write with only 30 minutes of ‘me time’??

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wllmnylndr  asked:

can you teach me the basics of the nwhl? ive been trying to get into it but its hard because i cant watch the games and i dont really know the players. but i want to get into it, but im just really confused

I made this post! which should be like a good starter because i quickly summarize all the teams (except i messed up with the Whale, they play n Stamford not Hartford). 

And then this tag includes the post above but also an exhaustive explanation of every single player and coaching staff on the Boston pride, and one for a few star players on the Buffalo Beauts. I was going to make more but they take a really long time although the Riveters one is in the making.

The games are streamed here. I mean I don’t know why you can’t watch them but they should not be geolocked and they have a free archive of all their games (besides Boston Pride home games because those are on TV). 

Here is the:

Pride Roster, Schedule, Twitter, Facebook, instagram

Beauts Roster, Schedule, Twitter, Facebook, instagram

Whale Roster, Schedule, Twitter, Facebook, instagram

Riveters Roster, Schedule, Twitter, Facebook, instagram

NWHL Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

And of course the Standings as of 2/8/16

and actually you can see a breakdown of all the stats of each team and player here

Here’s a rundown for the need to know players on each team:

New York Riveters: It’s all about the goalies

Nana Fujimoto is probably the most popular player in the league right now. She’s considered the best goalie at an international level and she is good. If the Riveters won it’s probably because she stood on her head. She’s tiny enough to fit in her goalie bag but she’s quick and she sees everything. Basically unless you hate talented nice people, there is no reason not to love her. You can look at my Nana tag to see more.

Jenny Scrivens is not just a goaltender for the New York Riveters but she’s also an actual employee of the league and runs media stuff. She makes it to as many events as she can and she also works in the Brooklyn NWHL office. She hasn’t had the success that Nana Fujimoto has had but…no one is as good as Nana. She’s basically Team/League Mom. And i saw her play once, she had to get pulled but It wasn’t her fault. You can look at my Jenny Scrivens tag to see more.

Lyudmila Belyakova isn’t a goalie but she’s a firecracker scorer. She’s a little nasty but has got a lot of skill. She’s tied with the team lead in Goals at 5. She’s also Russian!!! she’s one of two Russian players in the league and she came over from the Russian women’s hockey league to play in north america. She’s getting paid a part time job and she skipped across the world for it. Not to mention she’s only about 21 years old. I have a tag for her too.

Honorable Mentions:

Janine Weber scored the game OT winner for the Boston Blades during the Clarkson Cup championship and Ashley Johnston is the captain.

Boston Pride: USWNT 2.0

Hilary Knight is probably the biggest name in woho right now and basically that’s because she’s the best. Also she’s huge almost 6 feet tall and 170+ pounds. But she’s not super aggressive although with her size she could be. She’s fast and she definitely doesn’t mind throwing her body around but she’s a scorer. She’s also both a penalty killer and a power player. Just all around, Good Player. She’s also the co-captain of the team. Here’s my Knight tag.

Brianna Decker is the other co-captain for the Boston Pride, and i would argue is in the running for best women’s hockey player. She’s definitely the best scorer. She’s speedy and small but strong as hell. She scores in the slot, at bad angles, wrap around, anything she’ll do it. Give her a puck, a net and put a goalie in her way and she’ll find a way to score. my URL is in reference to her mixed with a boston accent. Here’s my Decker tag.

Kacey Bellamy is my favorite player so maybe i’m a little bias putting her here but she’s awesome. She’s the most valuable defender in the league right now. She’s just as big as Knighter is but cares more about staying back and defending…because she’s a defenseman. She won’t hesitate to join in on an offensive rush or ut herself in a position to score but she is definitely defender first. When i met the Pride players in my Bellamy shirt one of them very morosely commented “we needed her out there today” as they had lost the game that day. Here’s my Bellamy tag.

Honorable Mentions:

Brittany Ott is a goaltender, she’s super solid and is a fan of making big saves. Blake Bolden is another d-man but she’s more of an offensive force than defensive.

Connecticut Whale: The Sleepers

Kelli Stack right now is the highest paid player in the women’s game, she makes about 25k. Last year (correct me if i’m wrong,) she was the MVP at the CWHL All Star Game. She’s a huge force for the national team and she’s not super small or anything but she’s a speedy scorer. Not only that but she has never placed lower than second place in international competition. She also recorded the Blades franchise record in points in a season with 42. 

Jessica Koizumi is the captain and recorded the most games played in the CWHL (i think or she hit 100 first or something like that). She’s a calm veteran presence on the team. Uhh i don’t know much about a lot of the Whale Players, sorry. She was Born in Hawaii and when she was in the CWHL she played for the Stars (now Les Canadiennes) and the Blades.

Wanna know why the Connecticut Whale are so dominant in this league?? Jaimie Leonoff. She’s is a goaltender from Quebec and similar to other goaltenders in Quebec, she makes or breaks her team. GOod thing though the Whale have some good backups behind her. She’s really fun and outgoing, at the all star game she was wearing sunglasses, a police hat and had a nerf gun. 

Honorable Mentions:

Kaleigh Fratkin is a well known name on the CT Whale, she even filled in for some of the missing players during the women’s winter classic and suited up as a Pride player for the day. And i really love Shiann Darkangelo’s name, she also MC’ed at the all star game.

Buffalo Beauts: Show Stoppers

Meghan Duggan is probably the name you know from this roster if you’re familiar with women’s US hockey. She’s captain america. She’s aggressive and kind of mean but also has some amazing hands that she can just embarrass the hell out of you with. She’s got that masshole attitude though (on the ice at least). She wears the A for the Beauts but everyone knows she’s basically a 24/7 captain. I have a tag for her here/

Emily Pfalzer is the actual beauts captain. she is tiny tiny tiny but she is also an A+ defenseman. She’s a native western new yorker and is kind of a big deal back in Buffalo. She’s very young so she doesn’t have a lot of national team experience but i’m sure that’ll change in the upcoming years. My tag for Pfalzer is sparse but it exists.

Brianne McLaughlin is their goaltender and puts up with too much crap in my opinion. She’s a lot better than her stats say as her team seems to leave her out to dry a little too much. She’s a good sport about it though. Seriously even if the score is like 6-0 she probably still was playing amazing but had to face like 50 shots. She was also on america ninja warrior and didn’t do too well but it was cool to see.

Honorable Mentions:

Amanda Makela is their other goaltender and she’s got a lot of talent too. Then there’s also Shelby Bram who is canadian from Winnipeg and her sister players in the CWHL, Bailey Bram.

There’s also a capgeek-like page on their website

oh also their website in general is nwhl.co

And if you want to see what kind of prospects the teams have lined up, you can see a recap of the draft here. Unlike the CWHL the NWHL players do not have a choice about what team they get drafted to. In the CWHL, because they don’t pay you, you can say “i can only play here because i work and live here” but because the NWHL offers payment, work visas andhelps find employment and living conditions, you do not get to choose where you go. With that being said players have to be going into their senior year at university to apply for the draft and since there are only 4 teams, only 20 players are drafted. 

There is no official rulebook out yet but it seems to operate similarly to the NHL. Differences being OT is 4-on-4, hitting is limited but not all out banned, and there is no hardfast suspension rules considering only one person has faced suspension. These will probably be hammered out by the administrators during the off season. The scoring system as far as wins, losses and OT losses are the same as the NHL.

The championship cup is called The Isobel Cup and so far I don’t think there has been any actual trophy shown anywhere but the name comes from Lord Stanley’s daughter, and one of the first women to play in an organized women’s hockey game. The playoffs are a weekend where the top team plays the worst team and the middle two teams play each other one day and the next day the two winners square off for the championship.

They have one corporate sponsor in Dunkin Donuts. The Islanders are a huge supporter of the Riveters despite the Riveters being Rangers colors. The Bruins are a supporter of both the Pride and the Blades. And the Beauts play in an arena owned by the Sabres and have a good relationship with them although I’m not sure how deep it runs, it could be the closest or furthest.

The NWHL was concieved by Dani Rylan who first wanted to start a CWHL team in New York and was denied because the CWHL had other priorities (like playing the players they already had). So Rylan set out to make this league which is why she is also the GM of the Riveters (she is looking to have that changed due to conflict of interest).

So yeah i hope i got everything this turned into sucha  long post but i go crazy when i start talking about the NWHL. if anything else is confusing to you just let me know and i’ll answer whatever questions you have. That should set a good ground work though