i find lots of shit funny

Being James’ sister and dating Sirius would include:
  • Secret dates
  • Sneaking out the common room past curfew to meet each other
  • Having some sort of secret language or lots of codenames for each other
  • Just so James wouldn’t find out what’s going on
  • Sirius suddenly needing a ‘tutor’
  • Sometimes you’d really study
  • James still finds out and being all dramatic
  • “well, I hope she’s your sister and not your brother
  • Remus had always known
  • Peter didn’t know shit about anything
  • Sirius kissing you in front of your older brother
  • Which he clearly doesn’t like
  • “really?”
  • “really.”
  • Sirius walking you to class
  • And standing up for you when somebody says something
  • Of course it’s vice versa
  • Listening to rock music in the common room
  • And playing with each other’s hair
  • Lots of braiding with each other’s hair
  • Cuddling in front of the fireplace
  • Going for a swim in the lake
  • Lots of swearing
  • Just in normal conversations
  • “And that bloody twat said-“ “Sirius”
  • “and he fucking-“ “Y/N, don’t swear!”
  • Sneaking to the kitchen to get food late at night
  • Sirius still having his ‘guy time’
  • And the Potter’s would already know Sirius
  • Them being all unsure at first
  • Till they see you and Sirius in the kitchen
  • Just playing some sort of Muggle game
  • Which Lily had taught you
  • And they see how happy the two of you are
  • Your parents talking to James
  • “it’s okay, you know” “he’s my BEST friend”
  • “yeah James, but-“ “MY BEST FRIEND IS DATING MY SISTER”
  • After a few months James is okay with it
  • And he acts like he wasn’t a drama queen
  • He’s being the ‘big brother who needs to protect his sister’
  • And giving the ‘if you even dare to hurt her’ speech
  • Which Sirius thinks it’s hilarious

there’s this really disturbing brand of straight humor that like pokes fun at the suffering of gay men in the closet particularly like, older/adult gay men who have families and shit and i see it a lot in jabs towards homophobic politicians and etc like “he’s probably in the closet” “lol someone find his grindr” and it’s just so cruel, first nice job moving the blame for homophobia off of your hetero backs and putting it on closeted gay people, second how is it fucking funny that heteronormativity and homophobia literally force people to go their whole lives pretending to be straight, people in these situations are miserable, being in the closet fucking sucks and that shit increases tenfold when you bring forced relationships into it and im sure it is unbearable once you’ve got kids and shit, how the fuck can you take this pain that these real people feel every day and twist it into material for a fuckin gag

edit: politicians was not the greatest example; to be clear im not attempting to absolve anyone individually of blame for any homophobia they possess or god forbid legislate i am saying that str8s going “oh well US STRAIGHTS would never be like that he must be one of you homos” is an unfair and awful thing to do to closeted people when the majority of these homophobic politicians are actually straight.

Hey, full offense, but having “aphobe” jokingly in your title literally is mocking a-specs who’ve been abused because of aphobia.

To mock the real experiences those a-specs have faced is horrendous, and to act like they don’t exist is a form of gaslighting (and in some cases, rape apology.)

They’ve spoken out about the trauma acquired from aphobia and yet you willingly align yourself with it, whether because you think asexual and aromantic experiences are funny, or because you don’t care when they happen to a-specs, doesn’t matter; any reason is equally as disgusting and you all are terrible human beings.

As a bisexual who has witnessed the root of a lot of aphobia often stemming from biphobia (and often requiring it to be logical,) I find this shit personally offensive and consider anyone who thinks aphobia is a joke to be on par with (if not exactly) a biphobe, as well as an active perpetrator of biphobia, and an abusive, gas lighting, rape apologist.

German terms that don’t have a real equivalent in English, or just sound cute and funny

Obviously German has a shit-ton of words and expressions that English doesn’t because of its affinity for compounding. So I collected my faves!

das Luftschloss lit. sky castle an unrealistic dream

die Eselsbrücke lit. donkey bridge a mnemonic device

der Erbsenzähler lit. pea counter a control freak, someone who needs to count peas

der Pantoffelheld lit. slipper hero someone who is “whipped” or can’t stand up to their significant other

der Kummerspeck lit. worry bacon the weight you put on when you overeat due to worry or stress

der Treppenwitz lit. stairs joke the clever joke you only think of after you’ve left the relevant situation and have already started down the stairs

der Dreikäsehoch lit. three cheese high someone who is very short, i.e. as tall as three cheeses stacked on top of one another

der/das Kuddelmuddel lit. mishmash? chaos or mess

der Weltschmerz lit. world pain the feeling that comes from living in a world that isn’t perfect

verschlimmbessern lit. to make worse better to make something worse while trying to make it better

das Arschgeweih lit. ass antlers tramp stamp

die Arschgeige lit. ass violin someone who can’t do anything right

die Waldeinsamkeit lit. forest isolation the feeling you get when you are alone in the woods, truly communing with nature


I’ll sketch a bust like this for $3 for the rest of the month, I’m in a lot of debt and my hours are still complete and utter shit (they have been since August and it’s IMPOSSIBLE to communicate with management, they’re so fucking incompetent it’s not funny).

Or please at least share this. I’m having an extremely hard time. I can hardly afford bus fare, I’ve sold just about everything I have that’s worth selling, no one can help me, my job is very likely not gonna get better anytime soon, I can’t find another job because no one is hiring. I hate to do this but I seriously need help, and this is all I have left.

I an only accept paypal for now.

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Question! Do the press/holonet make a meme out of Obi-Wan's 'Look' in SC!Obi verse? Like, 2 senators and shouting at each other, he Looks at them and they calm down - you can't tell me the holonet wouldn't find that amazing/funny. And Anakin can relive all the time he's gotten the look, and be glad he's not the only one anymore!

I feel like the holonet works a lot like our internet. If someone famous does something someone can turn into a meme, someone will turn it into a meme. lmao

Aka yes, “The Look” would most likely become a meme, hahaha.

Taiyang Xiao Long means a lot to me. Like, Summer died and Raven left and Qrow was busy working for Ozpin.
So Tai raised his two kids alone and loved them tons and is dealing with all their shit on top of no doubt his own trauma about losing his team.
And all I really want for Volume 4 is for him to find Adam Taurus and kick the shit out of him.
Wouldn’t that be great?
Adam’s doing his shit and Tai just apparates in, like, ‘Are you the fucker that cut my daughter’s arm off and made my kids cry?’
Adam’s like 'Who’s this old dude?’
And then Tai iust wastes him. Just beats the shit out of him with his bare hands.
(Also he totally strikes me as the kind of guy who would be a pseudo-dad for Blake and Weiss and the rest of these broken kids. So yeah. Taiyang is now team dad.)

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genuine question, not trying to start anything, but why do you like s//upermega so much, but not o//ney? They have pretty much the same humor

I knew I was setting myself up for that question when I reblogged su/pe/rmega after making that post about oney but I don’t know. I can tolerate Matt and Ryan’s humor more? It doesn’t always seem to go to an extreme. I do recognize and realize they are similar in their brands of humor and I know Matt is on Chris’ channel a lot. 

I don’t hate Oney I just don’t find him that funny and he’s typically pulling some edgy shit (I know Matt and Ryan do too but it doesn’t seem to be as constant) if you like Oney go ahead, I don’t mind! I just personally don’t. I watched the episodes he was on Steam Train and even then I was barely managing them because I found him irritating. 

I know you’re not trying to start anything and I appreciate you asking civilly! 

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HEY do u prefer dub or sub ygo? i have literally never seen more than a scene or two of subbed ygo because it just wasn't available when i was watching it. youtube was the best place to find anime back in ye olden days and 4kids was king

hey honestly like, the dub is my shit i know that it cuts out a lot of important stuff and its not as Deep i guess but honestly for me its like, who the heck cares? let me enjoy the dub its funny i enjoy the voices and just? ive never been interested in the sub? i remember seeing a bit of it and it was a huge turn off for me i didnt like it at ALL..but i just! love the dub oh my goodness

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(2) I guess my point is that yeah they delete themselves and pop up with a new blog with "days until this blog will be deleted" counter, blaming it on a PR/Mia crackdown like woah they ain't got time or interest in your tinhat shit! Its like their counter now that Colfer's more open with his personal life. The lot of them are convinced (or convincing their followers) that the bearding end is nigh and c/c are coming out soon. It is so so soon!

Honestly I find this whole thing kind of funny (no doubt because I have not been subjected to any of it  - I’m sure it’s awful truly).

But yeah, I feel pretty certain that this is a self-delete and create drama situation so let’s just ignore this nonsense over here in reality and let them delete and re-start as often as they please. There isn’t a “PR” in the world that world give two shits about a hate-blog on tumblr. Wouldn’t tumblr staff be overloaded if they had to delete all that hate?

And yes they work like that -  Armageddon is always coming. It’s been like that for years and years. There is always a “date” where Darren will come out and reveal the secret relationship that only they, clairvoyant conspiracy theorists on tumblr, have been able to see over the years - the dates have gone from the end of Glee to the end of Hedwig to Naya’s book to Chris’ book to whenever there is lots of Darren and Mia around meaning that “she’s getting desperate” (no idea) to whatever the next thing is. The date passes and they create the next one. They are waiting for Godot. 

Spoiler alert: Godot never comes.

ok since I’m seeing PSAs about April Fools… don’t prank me. leave me alone. I hate this “holiday” and I have a lot of personal reasons to hate it. I’m not going to find it funny. I’m not a humourless piece of shit I just don’t like April Fools at all and you’re going to get more fun out of bothering somebody that actually likes this kind of shit.


lately me and rankoran were thinking a lot about the idea of Dodger playing DRAMAtical Murder. and that, well, happened.

obv this is a reference to the game and we’re not actually gonna force anyone to do anything. plus we’re not really crazy not-twins… OR ARE WE?

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Gabriel having an actor friend named McCree who is starting to fall for another actor named Hanzo who he's shooting a movie with at the moment :3c

consider THIS: basically the same thing except McCree is a singer who does acting sometimes and Hanzo is a member of the movie crew and Jesse’s full heart eyes for him bc he’s so unfazed by all the celebrity glitz and glamour. He’s kind of celebrity status himself, tbh, or at least fuckin’ rich as shit. Maybe he’s a writer or something? A producer? I don’t know a lot of movie crew jobs befitting a man of Hanzo’s status. But he judges them aggressively and then gets mad bc he can’t find any fault in Jesse’s acting and also Jesse’s cute and charming. Gabe thinks it’s real funny but also a little annoying because Jesse just won’t stop flirting with Hanzo when they’re not filming and Hanzo is almost reciprocating but he’s so stuffy and they’re clearly both going in circles.

This is Elena’s Madama, Madama Isabellae.

 After talking with tdino a bit about Spain and all the shit going on from the 1300-1500s (reconquista, spanish inquisition, civil war, etc), we briefly talked about Queen Isabella. Queen Isabella and her husband, King Ferdinand, led the final leg of the Reconquista and sponsored Columbus’ voyage to the New World. (led to the deaths of lots of innocent people)(souls for the Madama?

I still find it endlessly funny when people discuss actions as the lazy way to do something, and it ends up being the only way to make life easier for disabled people. Inadvertent ableism commentary ftw.

Buzzfeed has a lot of articles like “you know you’re a lazy girl when” and has all these examples that are actually spoonie hacks. I see shit like this at least once a month. No wonder disabled people end up with such low self esteem. 

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✨🌷💕📖 ☕️

✨ = a blog rate

8 technically 

🌷 = favourite blogs


💕 = tumblr friends

all my mutuals i assume lol or most of them also @kaywitdatfro who is like… my sister. 

📖 = tell a story

already did and i have no more bc a bitch is hwat? BORING. i don’t do shit but lay here and die 

☕️ = shade someone

love really is blind for a lot of yall and apparently deaf too. 


maybe i’m just hard to settle but i find it funny 48765738 people have the same moods at the same time. is it a moodboard or a game of match a white thigh in black fishnets to a white face with rose art. is it a moodboard or a red appreciation post? is it a moodboard or a neon collage is it a moodboard or-


i know who and what i inspire and i don’t miss a damn thing :^)

fun story:

i hate karkat vantas. he has always irritated the shit out of me from the first time i read the comic. he has a ridiculous word count, i rarely ever find his dialogue funny, i think he gets away with a lot of stuff that other characters are narratively punished for (see: davekats existence, and the soul fraying games scandal lmao), the 2012 fandom fucking cherished his shittiness at the expense of sexism against every character i like,

however, i never say this because the reasons the anti-karkat fandom hate him are fucking stupid.

the anti-karkat fandom, or the “#karkat hate crusade”, largely consists of gamzee and eridan fans who pin their favourite characters’ demise on karkat - a victim of their actions. and let me fucking tell you, i dont want to support the views of people who think feferi is abusive and terezi got what she deserved.

then theres the anti-karkats in the vriska fandom, who think he is a “weak and pathetic leader” and god did you miss the point of the entire comc

Just Luke things

*Eskimo kisses, nose kisses, temple kisses

*hand holding 24/7

*hugs from behind while he wraps his arms around your waist and puts his head in the crook of your neck

*finding him eating cereal in his underwear

*eyebrow dances

*dancing horribly together to your ipod

*but baby please*

*short jokes


*rough sex everywhere you can imagine at random times

*really super sweet sex at random times

*LOTS of biting and scratching; I’d definitely say there’s a pain kink there

*baby, babygirl, babe, snookums, sweetie

*Bursting out into song at random times

*“Michael said I’m annoying…I’m not annoying am I baby? Be honest.”

*“I’m actually really funny but no one ever laughs at my jokes”

*hilarious and witty but dry jokes and comments

*sarcasm holy shit

*movie marathons with popcorn and candy always

*picnic dates and swinging on the swings at the park

*clumsy clumsy clumsy, dorky dorky dorky 😍😍😍

*grown up shoes


*“Fuck you”

*“cmere and sit on daddy’s lap”

*“cmere and take daddy’s cock”

*bright blue eyes turning darker when he gets angry or lustful

*lots of praise

*shy awkward little turtle until your in the bedroom


*eating/ making/ ordering food a lot

*owning a little dog


*“Luke why don’t you ever wear shorts or blue jeans?”
“The band will make fun of me.”
“Ash wears shorts all the time”
“Yeah but he’s hot and muscular, he can do that.”

*“baby do I really look like a breadstick? No seriously do I?”

*being self conscious taking off his shirt aww :(

*“Mum doesn’t think that’s a good idea”

*“Does this make me look punk rock?”

*goofy pictures that you two keep private

*sweater paws

*quiffed hair
*messy bed head

*amazing singing
*amazing guitar playing

*song writing at 3 am because he felt inspired

*“Hey baby guess what I learned on that science channel today?!”

*“Ehh you’re kinda hot so it’s ok”

*“Hey. You’re hot”

*robot dancing

*shy smiles
*Wide smiles

*cooking something or going out to eat at 3am because neither of you can sleep

*late night adventures to random places

*pillow forts

*long night talks that last until the sun comes up

*nose scrunches awww :)

*hair playing

*back scratches

*Family dinners with his side of the family that leave you with tears from how funny the stories are that Ben and Jack tell

*being slightly jealous of his brothers or band mates when they would make you smile or laugh (even though he’d hate to admit it)

*“Jack she’s mine stop”

*bright blue shining eyes

*“You’re cute :)”

*Random funny faces at you

*“I’m the luckiest man in the world. I could stare at you all day”

*“Do you think Spongebob is adopted? Both of his parents are cookies. How could cookies make a sponge? I don’t get it.”
“Luke it’s 2 in the morning go to sleep dammit”


Now I’m sad and dead and give me a Luke dammit! The end.


Hey guys! I (my url is urbansuburbia) just unfollowed a LOT of dead blogs that people weren’t using anymore and I feel like I need to reach into the beyond again to find some new friends. Seriously. 

So if you post any of the following, reblog this and I’ll follow you! If you follow back, I love you.

Anime (virtually anything, I like it all)

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Kawaii (who could say no?)


Bands (I love alternative bands mostly, and I like all sorts of music so…)

Funny stuff

If you write fan-fiction! (I write myself, so, we can support each other!)

If you make art! (I love yawls art, it’s the best and I love supporting that too even if I’m not as good XD)

I’ll see you on the flip side!

I love how America’s foundational narrative is like, “FUCK YOUR TEA!” and “REVOLUTION!” while Australia’s is just like, “…well shit, America’s kicked us out, guess we better find another place to send our criminals.”

And then America’s got the Lewis and Clark expedition, and Australia just has a couple of fuckwits who hauled 20 tonnes of shit including a heavy oak dining table into the desert, then wandered around blindly getting progressively sicker and shooting at the Indigenous people who tried to help them until they died still wondering when the hell they were gonna find that inland sea.

And America had four presidents killed by assassination (well, technically one of them was killed by the doctors pawing around in the bullet wound with their unsterilised hands, but still), while Australia just… lost one. Look, he was out swimming at the beach, we glanced away for a moment and when we looked back he’d fucked off! Whaddaya want from us?

And American culture is all “THE CONSTITUTION!!!!!” while Australia is just like, “oh yeah we’ve got one of those, but some of it’s fuckin bullshit so we’ve just collectively agreed to ignore certain bits, it’s a Westminster thing”.