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- - a life of recycled horror.

an unpaid intern named Kate is working in hell, and a demon is giving her a tour of the place. they get to Satan’s office and she notices a bottle of pills on the desk that seem to be arguing with each other–contradicting everything that they hear no matter how ridiculous they sound. 

so the intern asks, “what are those?” and the demon is like “well, as you can imagine this is a very difficult job and sometimes mr. satan needs to take some painkillers for headaches.” still uncertain, the intern gives the demon a questioning look. 

he sighs. “that’s the devil’s advil, kate”

[Image is a very simple drawing of a sassy-looking spoon inside a blue oval. Around the oval are the words, “No spoon for you”.]

Confession: I’ve never actually seen the “No soup for you!” episode, but for some reason that line has been quoted often at my house ever since I was a small child. (Unrelated: if you want this on a shirt, Society6 is having a sale 7/3-7/4 where everything is 20% off AND you get free shipping. I got my shirt on a sale like that and it was a great decision, just saying.)

Ikon Reaction “Crush is a bit perverted when flirting”


You two were walking around the mall when you see a couple having a very heavy makeout session on one of the benches. “They look so gross, even we’d look better kissing than them.”


He wouldn’t say anything and just smile, the thought making him happy.


He’d get all blushy and would kind of avoid eye contact with you the rest of the time. The fact that you said you wanted to kiss him was the only thing on his mind.


“If you wanted to kiss me so badly why didn’t you tell me sooner?” Would be kind of cocky and make it about him.


*Pulls out chapstick* “Want to test out that theory?” Lowkey dying on the inside.


He’d just burst out laughing and not get awkward at all. He finds your humor hilarious.


(I love this gif so much oml)

He’d get so awkward and his laugh would fill the area, causing people to stare at the two of you. Once he gains his composure, he’d definitely get cocky about it. “Of course we’d look better, I mean look at me.” 


He wouldn’t say anything,just surpress a laugh and keep living. He knows how your humor is and is pretty used to it now.

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I’ve always been so intrigued by language and how it completely changes you—because of cultural context, because of humor. Everything is so different. I always find that I’m less sarcastic in France and maybe I’m a bit more shy and a bit more reserved, even more polite. My voice tends to go up quite a lot. I’d love to speak more languages just to discover who I become in a different language.

anonymous asked:

Hi I was wondering, could you recommend some other lgbt humor blogs? I follow a few positivity ones but you're one of the only blogs I could find that is mostly humorous lgbtq+ things. Thanks

Hi, so i don’t know of many other mostly humor lgbt blogs, but ill add the ones i know, and hopefully my other followers can add more to this post :)

most of these are humor + positivity blogs, not just humor but i really enjoy them and hope you will too











Code Yellow

A/N:  Thanks for the lovely ask! I thought this one would be easy to write, but it harder than I imagined. This time, my lovely writing friends jumped in with a ton of ideas on how to make the story realistic. Thank you, as always, my friends! ( @little-black-dress-24, @niallandharrymakemestrong, @melissas173, @emulateharry) I’m so appreciative that they let me hang out with them and that they share their honest opinions about my writing. They push me to be better every time. Go read their writing. You won’t be disappointed. 

I love my sister-in-law. Honestly, few people could have survived my Code Pink. Indeed, many had been ruthlessly eliminated from dating my brother early in the protocol. Plus, I’d been able to help Harry with his Code White when he was ready to propose to her. I’d heard all about the proposal once he decided she was The One, but honestly….she’s the best sister-in-law I could have asked for.

Whenever I’m bored or Michael is busy, I head over to my brother’s house, especially when he’s out of town on tour like he is now. My SIL and I get along as if we were born sisters. We laugh at the same things, and I love that she is always willing to listen to my stories about my cat or the latest piece I’m writing. Which is how I find myself at Harry’s house tonight. My little brother is out of tour with his second album; I think he’s somewhere in Asia tonight. Maybe Japan? Who knows? I can’t keep up with his schedule.

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Damian and Jason

A really long post explaining Damian and Jason’s relationship and interactions throughout the comics

When reading this I want people to also think about how both these character grew from tragic dark gritty characters into trusted Batfamily members around the same time as the other. 

Starting with Battle for the Cowl.  When Jason came back and was trying to take over the Batman mantle he shot Damian when Damian and Dick were pursuing him.  It wasn’t fatal and Damian was up and about the next issue but it was still quite severe.

[Batman: Battle for the Cowl #2]

Before anyone says anything, honestly Jason very clearly puts up a front of being dangerous to the bats but if he’d wanted Tim or Damian dead they would have died, Jason had his chances and he didn’t take them.

Next, when we get to Dick and Dami’s run of Batman and Robin they meet Jason again.  The exchange between Damian and Jason shows that Damian knows all about Jason’s past and Jason actually likes Damian’s attitude.

[Batman and Robin (2009) #4]

Dick continues to tell Damian to be careful around Jason but Damian being Damian doesn’t care.

[Batman and Robin (2009) #6]

Then Damian gets shot again by an enemy saving Jason’s life.  That’s when Jason get’s taken by the police.  Jason could have gotten away but he’d stayed and talked to Dick.  The important thing here is Damian also heard Jason’s confessions to Dick.  

[Batman and Robin (2009) #6]

Damian, who continuously is trying to change into a better person, even after doing a lot of horrible things in the past, would obviously relate to Jason’s feelings.  Especially since he’s seeking Dick’s approval right now, as well as thinking that Bruce is dead and that he’ll never get his.

Damian recovers from his very extensive injuries and then when he finally meets the Joker he beats him with a crowbar.

[Batman and Robin (2009) #13]

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So, I was the first of my apartment to go home for spring break last week and when I got back I found that my rommate/friend of five years had posted THEEEESE







Not gonna’ lie, though, I thought it was hilarious the one on the toilet seat and mirror just about killed me XD but, I mean, I can’t just let this sort of thing go unchecked. That was her declaration of war, people: WAR! She knew it, and I sure as heck knew it. Now, I didn’t want to go over the top and do anything that might actually make her kill me damage her or her property, so I really only had one choice. I decided to go the mature route and be civil about this whole matter. 

It’ll be a few weeks.

Millennial humor is so fuckin skewed like I find 95% of standup comedy either offensive or tedious but do you want to know what I’ve been laughing at alone in my room for five minutes?