i find it so hard to draw lmao

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6C Mikaela from Owari no Seraph? Thank you so much in advance C=

Lol I gave him more of a “snarky” expression
I always find mika hard to draw prob cuz he’s to pretty for me to draw lmao

….I guess this can also be a late b-day thing for him. His Birthday was may 2nd if I remember correctly

@skillshotlabs make a cute gif t find who’s your v-day’s date, and i got Toshi ♥ So i drew a little selfie with him >:D! i tried really hard to not let the usual annoying grey bg haha


a couple of kacchako doodles

the first one is based on a silly idea that me and a couple friends (@thecrowmaiden and @athanatosora) talked about where Ochako gets up in the middle of the night and accidentally goes back to the wrong room

Bakugou Freaks Out b/c he was sleeping peacefully and suddenly Uraraka is on top of him snoring and he spends like half the night blushing like a firetruck, tense, and silently screaming b/c WH AT THE FU CK SHE’S S LEEP IGN ON M E except he doesn’t wanna wake her up and basically he’s trying very hard not to blow either of them up

u can find the doodle of that [here] lmao (+Uraraka waking up while Baku sleeps)

eventually tho he falls asleep and the above pic happens

(i hc that Bakugou is touch sensitive but he also sorta craves affection deep, deeeep down, and it only shows when he’s not conscious to fight it lmao)

ALSO I JUST LOVE TO DRAW CHARACTERS CUDDLING platonic or romantic idgaf i just love to draw charas cuddling ok i love it so much

(+ more of Uraraka initiating kisses b/c Bakugou doesn’t know a thing about romance and he doesn’t know how to initiate affection lmao)

Updated MM charms~

  • So now that most of my materials are here, this is how the charms will end up looking qvq
  • I changed them to keyrings because i cannot find a phone strap that is long enough to loop the charms through lmao (i tried really hard!!!!)
    • but if you really want a strap, I have white ones but they’re too small so the charms won’t fit through, but there’s a lobster clasp so you can take off the charm and loop the strap through first :v
  • Charm orders will also come with a sticker and a holographic postcard 

Pre-orders are still open until the 30th~~ thank uuuu

[My store]

redraw of @ayainu‘s drawing of @glittery-meme-rabbit‘s siren au
you can find the au here and i 100% recommend reading it; bun worked really hard on it and her writing is amazing (’:


okay but seriously now I’m pretty sure Bakugou’s too convinced he can’t catch feelings to allow himself obvious stuff like jealousy and possessiveness lmao

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Pssttt.. Idk if u are doing ships rn BUT i came over from hanna (batmanrogues) blog and was hoping u could draw her version of scriddler. If you're not taking requests ignore this i was never here

this made me laugh so hard omg,, @batmanrogues is actually a treasured mutual of mine and we have jokes about how when she reblogs my art The Rogues Fandom finds me lmao,, rn im doin pride month requests but screw it tbh ,, black riddler is such a Mood

hes tired of riddles but luvs his bae


Some fast drawings because I REALLY NEEDED to draw them at least once, because this show was killing me so hard! ♥♥♥ 

I really can’t understand how Adrien/Chat Noir’s hair even works OTL

YYH North Bound

My sis: Hokushin looks so good with hair!*
*also we already established this years ago

Sometimes I’m like “Oh shoot, did I draw the neck a bit too long/at the wrong angle” and then I’m like, “it’s Hokushin, it doesn’t matter” lol

I used to find him really hard to draw, but doing it so much and looking up so many references has helped a lot. It has also made me appreciate even more how handsome he is ^3^ He has a very strong and elegant facial structure and the design of his eyes gives him this default low-key glare that I find really cool. But don’t take my word for it, check out this image from the conference where Yomi and his advisers are comparing power levels of key players in demon world politics:

Thanks Yomi’s spies for getting such a flattering shot of the enemy general lmao

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HeY yOu! Did anyone EVER tell you that you're a ball of sunshine and creativity? No? Yes? Well they should more often. Also,I'm afraid I have the 25 dollar question of the hour (that literally made no sense whatsoever...) May I ask how you draw a full body sketch? Lately I've been bummed out because I can never draw a full body sketch (I can only draw from the neck and up)... Also,how can you draw with symmetry? It's quite hard and is like an experts opinion on it. ThAnK yOu and have a great day

hello!!!! aH well i’m no expert myself since i’ve never gone to art school and my only source of Artistic Education™ are youtube videos lmao but i’ll try to explain as best as i can!!

when drawing a symmetrical full body, i personally find that it’s easiest to do it when you’ve already got the hang of the shoulders since theyre kind of the “starting point” to a full body drawing?? for me at least?? so here’s a bit of a tutorial i made to do just that + a tiny review about the shapes i use in a full body drawing (i’m only focusing on the shoulders for now so let me know if you need more explanation on that!)

(((also, you are about to be subjected to some pretty terrible handwriting. you have been warned.)))

and there you have it!! this is my first time drawing out a tutorial of any kind so idk if it helps at all but i hope it does! i’d love to help out some more if you’d like so just hit me up whenever! :)

Hair Tutorial

Three hours into the drawing and Jongin still doesn’t have hair…

I think he’s mad at me, but at least the general outline is there?

Give me hair, now.”


I’ll start with the dark parts first… to define each strand.

[So far I used a 2H pencil (very light) to map out the general whereabouts of each strand. What I’m about to do is use a 2B pencil to redefine those lines - they make up the outlines of each strand of hair, as well as the shadows underneath or in between strands. Imagine each pencil stroke representing one tiny strand of hair, so try not to shade by zig-zagging your pencil across the page. Instead, make sure that your lines are smooth, continuous, and decisive.]

Peep. This is a lot of looking up and down… I have to make sure that the hair is flowing in the right direction…

[Yes, observing lots is very important! Keep referring back to your reference pic (if you have one) so that you know where the highlights and shadows are. Here I am leaving out the highlights completely - it’s so that I don’t have to erase later on in order to obtain highlights. This is a stylistic choice and you don’t have to leave the highlights unshaded at this step (I just find it easier). However, keep in mind that if you’re going to use a darker pencil to shade hair (the B pencils), be careful that it might be very hard to erase later on.]

alsdkjfkd he’s staring D: and glaring at me to fix his hairline lmao 

[Make sure to hold your drawing up once in a while to make sure the tonal balance is okay. You don’t want to have such a big contrast between the tones in the face and the darkness of the hair! Tip: the darkest parts of the eyes should be around the same intensity as the darkest part of the hair, though it may vary depending on who you’re drawing. I used HB and 2B pencils pretty much throughout this whole shading process so there isn’t such a drastic difference in tone between different features.]

Hairline fixing, final touches~ 

[Pay attention to small details such as fly-away wisps of hair. And don’t forget about the hairline! The shape of the hairline contributes to the likeness of the person so be careful how you go about it. In the step below I took an HB pencil and shaded in some of the highlights that I had left out previously. This lessens the contrast so that he doesn’t look like he has super blond highlights + black roots.]

He looks so smug now >:)

alsdkfj - done!

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Do you like GumRob/Robball from TAWOG? Your fanarts of them are insanely cute, and it's so hard finding good fan-artists who draws them, I guess the ship isn't that popular ;v;. Anyway, I'm in love with your art but too shy to come out from anonymity sorry 💙 Keep going with your amazing work!!!

Heck yeah??? The reason why I started watching gumball was bc of a clip of the ex LMAO. I was surprised to see that the ship isn’t popular, even the fandom is kind of small. Thank you for liking my stuff!! :D

Practiced drawing Ennard <:D i still need to work a bit OTL he is hard to draw Q-Q 

(he’s probably a split personaltiy too right? just like Springtrap??)

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Hello! You've answered the "what's your drawing program" quite a number of times (and very recently), but I was wondering what brushes you use in Sketchbook? I have Sketchbook pro 7 and I find the brushes very limited, so I didn't know if you are using the newer version and if it has better brushes. Your lines and coloring are very clean :) Thanks!

Hello anon! I use sketchbook pro 6 so you’re probably already better off than I am,, and yes, I also find the brushes extremely limited and I hate it > <

I have 2 brushes that I use the most frequently

1. this thing,,  I don’t know how I got these settings really I just play with the opacity and size depending on the drawing. It’s hard to colour neatly with this brush since the pressure is all over the place so I mainly use it for my rough sketches.. though I do sometimes just turn up the opacity and use it to colour anyway

2. I think this is a custom brush I made? It’s a pencil tool that I butchered lmao anyway this is my main lineart brush as of late, it’s thicker than the default pencil settings so I tend to use it if I’m not going for super-thin meticulous lines

Other than those two which I felt the need to screenshot, for lineart I also use the default pencil and the hard pencil if I want thin and clean lines, and as far as colouring goes, I use the paintbrush tool and the flood fill tool (god i hate the flood fill tool)

Again, I’m not a huge fan of the brush settings in sketchbook so I just try to get by with what there is, but I hope this was at least a bit helpful!