i find it hilarious ok

Here it is!! All the hype about mystic messenger reminded me of hell aka dandelion uwu most probably because its made by the same company

u guys should definitely check out this game! The storyline is very unique, especially when u get to the secret route OwO (also if u like to emotionally torture urself)

Things to remember about Book!Katniss Everdeen

-She loves her leg hair
-She is a fashion hoe™, she screams whenever she sees a clothes,
-“I act delighted, but I have zero interest in the Capitol people. They are only distractions from the food.” SAME GURL SAME
-She doesn’t know what she’s doing 100% of the time??
-She literally never asked for any of this romance BS and she wants it GONE
-Literally her response to bread boi saying something romantic is “ugh”
-SHE IS FRIENDS WITH ALL GIRLS, GIRLS ARE AMAZING AND SHE DOESN’T HAVE TIME TO TEAR OTHER GIRLS DOWN ye I know she kills ppl but like,, Katniss Everdeen loves girls ok
-SHE’S 16 NOT 26
-She’s p selfish at first and only thinks about her own self preservation when it comes to the uprising, and is definitely no martyr-hero, both the Capitol and the rebellion use her as a symbol and romanticize her as something she’s not
-Literally when she figures out a rebellion is happening she’s like “GALE LET’S LEAVE” she’s not a hero/rebel at first she’s just a normal person who didn’t ask for any of this drama
-Also her “talent” is fashion except Cinna does all of it and I find that hilarious

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What are your headcanon heights for UF, US, UT, and SF Papyrus?

Yay! Been wanting to share this!

UT Sans: 5'1

UT Papyrus: 6'5

US Sans: 4'10

US Papyrus: 6'2

UF Sans: 5'6

UF Papyrus: 5'10

SF Sans: 4'5 (SO SMOL)

SF Papyrus: 6'4

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OH MY GOD, why the heck are some people so rude to you? I genuinely don't get it, its so weird - it's not your problem at all obviously (and I really hope it doesn't bother you too much) but some of the asks you get blow my freaking mind..

me too but its ok. i just find it hilarious tbh

Weird TV Show idea

There should be a show called “Straight and Confused” where they take straight men and show them pictures of other good looking men and ask them “do you think they look good” and just hear their awkward no homo responses and see that moment of questioning themsleves “like am I gay” I would find this hilarious ok bye now - Child ❤️

#weirdtvshowidea #idkithoughtofthisatbreakfast

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Bit random but you sound like you're speaking to little aliens instead of anons. You're like 'good anon' 'kind anon' im sorry i just find that hilarious ok ima go now lmao

Yeah, it might be because anons are usually very impersonal. It’s like talking to a ghost, some anons introduce themselves and sign their asks and it’s way easier to interact with a person when they have a name.
Anyways I don’t mean to do it.


I blame roominthecastle​.

AU in which Liz is terribly forthright in confronting Red with her theory about his relations with her mother… or something.

#also in the fifth one it looks like she says ‘motherf-cker’ #which i find extra hilarious given her ‘theory’ in the previous episode #ok i’ll stop now

lesmiserabelles replied to your photo “Important things to note about this school report from when I was 8:…”

oh my gosh this is SO cute


When we had to write about what we did on our weekends, I wrote that I went to Fairy Land with my unicorn friend and had a tea party in the clouds with my cat

Literally the best thing they could think to say about my musical abilities was ‘she likes to hit things’

My ‘initial fear of jumping’ refers to an incident in PE when I was 4, when we had to jump off a chair and I refused and started crying and they had to call my mum and I had to go home and calm down



The members of the ATP Player Council recognise and thank Roger Federer for serving as their President from 2008-2014 at Wimbledon on June 20, 2014.