i find him every night in my dreams

No Sooner Met

Summary: Royal AU. Princess Elizabeth of France is forced to marry the future King of England, Forsythe Jones the Third to stop a war between their between their two countries but their first meeting does not go as planned. Based on this post.

Words: 2,668

Warnings: A brief sexual situation. 

A/N: I was heavily inspired by Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet. I know some people, @jandjsalmon , have been asking for this fic and I thought I’d take a shot at it. I hope some of you like it. I’ve never written anything like this so if might suck. 

This isn’t even remotely accurate historically and a few of these lines are Shakespeare’s not mine. 

I also edited myself so there are probably mistakes.

“I do not wish to marry him mother!” Princess Elizabeth of France wailed as her plump lady in waiting, Jonet, laced her into her dress. “I do not love him!”

She was the eldest daughter of Henry Cooper, the ruling King of France. To quiet rising tensions between the French and the English she was set to marry the next King of England, Forsythe Phillip George Edward Jones the Third. Elizabeth knew little of him but what she did know she didn’t like. Promiscuous, entitled, egotistical.

“That is not what this is about, Elizabeth.” Queen Alice of France, scolded as she helped pin up her daughters flowing blonde hair. “Our kingdoms are on the verge of war, children of French and English blood will stop that war.”

“I want to marry Duke Archibald! He is of noble birth, he would make a fine husband!” Tears ran down her face and Jonet blotted them with a handkerchief.

“For a Countess possibly, but not for a Princess and future Queen!” Alice roared, pulling on her daughters hair. “You will meet Prince Forsythe, you will be pleasant, you will be ladylike, you will be of the nobility you were born into. You will entertain him at the masquerade tonight, you will be married and you will provide him with heirs.”

Elizabeth stood looking at herself in the mirror. The light lavender dress fashioned for this night was beautiful and different from any dress she had ever worn. The type of ball they were having required costumes so something a little less formal would not be frowned upon. The material was lighter and allowed her to move more freely than the heavier satin dresses she was used to wearing. White lace outlined the bust, sleeves and hem. She looked beautiful, glowing even, as her mother came up behind her.

“Don’t you want me to be happy?” Elizabeth asked.

Alice sighed. “My beautiful girl, happiness is something that people like us cannot afford. We live in this luxury and our penance is to make sure we keep our people alive. This marriage will do that.” Alice accepted an ornate gold tiara from Jonet and placed it on her daughters head. “Heavy is the head that wears the crown.” She planted a kiss on Elizabeth’s cheek and when her mother had left the room, the Princess began to sob.

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There Are Worse Things.

Summary: You tend to keep your heart guarded from ever getting hurt, keeping everyone at arm’s length. However, a certain super soldier managed to sneak his way in. Will you let him in or will refuse to see it through? (MCU one-shot, Post-Civil War)

Based off: Daya’s Don’t Let Me Down and Grease’s There are Worse Things I Can Do.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 2,902

Originally posted by rozakuolema

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The sun was gradually beginning to rise by the time I found him.
How many hours had it been. Six? More? I didn’t know. Time hadn’t been something I’d really thought about as I searched the city for him. My immediate reaction had been to run to his flat, but he wasn’t there. I checked his work. I checked outside Dr Jacksons building. It felt like I’d searched every single inch of the city we both called home before it just hit me out of nowhere, like I somehow knew exactly where he was and I’d been stupid not to figure it out earlier.

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anonymous asked:

(Feel free to pass this on to other bfu blogs BUT-) inspired in part by Ryan's old "Maybe film school will be worth it one day" Tumblr post, a LaLaLand AU, with Ryan (as a fresh film school graduate with a grand dream of starting his own paranormal-investigation TV series. No one he pitches his ideas to takes him seriously, though. But he still holds hope that things will work out some day) and Shane (a very jaded jazz musician who hides his disbelief in things working out under sarcasm).

other bfu blogs can pry a La La Land au from my cold dead hands because I have watched that film once a week all summer and I sing the soundtrack every single day

please consider: 

  • Shane as a dancer instead of a jazz musician
  • Ryan wholeheartedly believes that dreams come true for everybody, while Shane has never had his own dreams come true so he’s very skeptical/doesn’t believe in dreams
  • one night Ryan drags his friends along to a historic theatre in LA to film some ghosts, but when they arrive they find a tall, tall man who’s dancing across the empty stage with a single spotlight on him, and Ryan is totally transfixed, but when he approaches him to compliment his talent he ends up being shoved aside as the dancer storms out of the theatre without a word, and Ryan mentally calls the guy a ‘fucking asshole’ about ten times over
  • when one of Ryan’s friends gets invited to a party thrown by a Big Shot Buzzfeed Employee, he gets dragged along, but he never gets the chance to network with anyone about his idea for a show because goddamnit he would recognise those fucking long-ass legs anywhere
  • the dancer is named Shane and he, too, was forced to attend the party by a friend (but the second he finds out Ryan is interested in film he decides not to tell him his friend is a Big Deal at Buzzfeed, because he doesnt want to be used for his connections), and there’s a load of snarky banter
  • “You disappeared so fast that night I actually thought you might be a ghost yourself.”
  • “Don’t be ridiculous, ghosts aren’t real.”
  • “So you have another explanation for all the creepy shit that happens at that theatre?”
  • “Yeah, it’s me. I’m the creepy shit. I sneak in there all the time to practice dancing. They plan on turning it into a fucking cinema. But– it’s one of the last theatres in LA, that stage is meant to be performed on, not turned into some indie sideshow movie house.”
  • And Ryan falls just a little bit in love that day.

This… got away from me omfg

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Do you have any head canons about young Soukoku and how they grew up in the Port Mafia?

I sure do, my friend:

  • Contrary to popular belief, it was Chuuya who got into the Mafia earlier. He was around 4/5 years old. 
  • When Dazai arrives, Chuuya was told to behave and make friends with the new kid since he was his age
  • Excited was not the word I would use to describe how Chuuya felt about this duty. In fact, he was a little scared of Dazai. His eyes were too deep, too red, too much everything. 
  • As a plus, Dazai never bothered to say a single word to Chuuya. No matter how many times he tried to speak to him.
  • “I don’t think he wants to be friends with me” “But you’ll be a good boy and do it regardless, right?”
  • Kid Chuuya is suffering™
  • One day Chuuya finds Dazai crouched in a corner in the depths of the Mafia hq, crying. “You’re lost, aren’t you?”. Dazai doesn’t answer but Chuuya remembered all the times he got lost there too and takes Dazai hand and walks him back.
  • Dazai doesn’t talk, but he holds Chuuya’s hand very tight. 
  • After that one episode, it goes better between them, and by better I mean worse
  • Dazai is still bad at directions but somehow he always finds a way to Chuuya’s room and climbs up in his bed every time he has a nightmare
  • “I need Chuuya to hold my hand to make the bad dreams disappear”
  • Chuuya complains, but he holds it every time.
  • The first time Dazai called Chuuya “friend”, Chuuya.exe stopped working because ????????????? wat
  • Until Dazai reached his training age, Kouyou was in charge of taking care of him too. She would brush their hair, putting them in their pajamas and make sure they take a bath and wash their teeth every day. 
  • One night they stayed up reading a mission report Dazai stole and they got so scared Kouyou needed to cuddle them both to sleep
  • Dazai was the snorer and Chuuya the drooler. They still are. 
  • Dazai got bullied often, and Chuuya was his smol bodyguard (ง'̀-‘́)ง
  • “You need to train to make those noodle arms stronger!” “I don’t need to until I have Chuuya~“
  • Regardless, Dazai liked to purposefully put Chuuya into trouble every single chance he got, watching him getting scolded with that demonic grin on his face
  • But he always got him out of trouble just as fast
  • When asked if there was a girl he liked, kid Dazai always answered: “Don’t be silly, I’m gonna marry Chuuya!” (he still does. It’s just that people stop asking)
  • Chuuya thinks it was better when Dazai didn’t talk to him, after all.
  • No, he truly doesn’t
  • tl;dr: they were best friends. 

This was so long but idk man, I’m so weak for kid soukoku

EXO Reaction when you can't really take that he has kissing scenes and photoshoots with other girls anymore

I do want to point out that it’s their job though and whoever gets the opportunity of dating them, should understand that. There has to be a balance between their job and personal life and I think that as long as the equilibrium reminds untouched, there’s nothing to worry about. Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*He’s really confused and doesn’t know what to do* “Honestly… I don’t like it either but… but I can’t really avoid it… what should I do?”


*This is him every time he gets asked to have a photoshoot with a girl or something*


“Oh jagi… why didn’t you tell me sooner that this was bothering you… I would have tried everything to not accept those dramas or something. I’m sorry I hurt you… I’ll do better in the future”


“I know it’s upsetting and I don’t really like it either, but it’s not up to me, not entirely. But please trust me baobei, when I say it means nothing”


“You see jagi, you are the only girl I have eyes for. The girls I work for… well I don’t really see them as girls, just friends or co-workers. I might not be able to stop it completely but you should know you are always present, I always talk about you and I always mark my boundaries” 


“Oh come here, stop worrying about it okay? I’ll talk with manager hyung and see what can be done. We’re in this together okay?” *Bf goals*


“You are so adorable when you get jelly.. it’s okay jagi. This has been bothering me for a while too. I’m trying to get into an agreement with manager hyung and others. It might take a while but you won’t have to worry about it anymore”


“I chose her for a reason, I chose her above the whole world because she’s the only girl I want. I don’t want her to be unhappy because of my job… I need to work harder, she deserves better” *Endless debates with himself at night, trying to find a solution*


*It’s a really strong thing for him to hear* “All this time you stayed quiet… watching me while I… I’m sorry jagi. I don’t know how to make it up to you, but I will try harder. I’m sorry for putting you in this position” 


*Even though he can’t really stop it because it’s his job and also part of his dream, he will definitely remind you everyday and every night that you are his one and only* “Did you have a good day? I missed my jagi. I want you to be with me 24/7. Jagi I love you, I’ve never loved anyone like this. Don’t forget that”


“I haven’t been the best boyfriend, I haven’t been the boy you deserve and I’m sorry baobei. I hurt you without even realizing it and didn’t stop it sooner. But I promise you I’ll try, I’ll try harder and I’ll be better for you, I’ll be the boyfriend you deserve. I love you” *Angel*


“Maybe I should just buy SM and fix all this problems… no but seriously it has to stop. I can’t make my girl unhappy, it’s not even an option” *Suho thinking really hard on a good plan to solve everything*

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

I Don’t Want To Be A Misanthrope

I watch
as the gray goo
from between
their teeth
and takes the shape
of constitutions
and handshakes.
I’ve been left
on the sidewalk
with my bags packed
with stars
and a ride
that is never coming
so the night
just sleeps
its empty dream
while I
go over
every plan
that rotted through
to a day of tears,
every distorted signal
from the wrists
of freelance friends,
without knowing
what I’m looking for
and not finding it
There was once
a misanthrope
that lived
in my chest
that I fed
with girls
and stoners
but I replaced him
with a heart
that beats
Days like these,
I debate on
bringing him back
and tossing
the obsolete organ
to the crows
I consider
so they have
something to eat
for a change
and I
have someone
to protect me
from the disappointment
in which
I always
find myself
sure as Hell
can’t do it

Niall-- Late at Night

It always surprises me, the moments that make my heart so full it could explode.

The moments where everything I have in life just seem so overwhelming in their normality that it fills me with warmth.  I can remember a time when I thought my life with Niall would bar me from these sorts of moments, but even in our privileged life I can find those moments where things just feel… normal.

I can’t sleep.  Insomnia has taken me hostage once more and not even the soft sheets pressed against my skin can will me restless mind to sleep.  I knew if I rolled over and poked at my husband, he’d be awake in a moment.  He’d only grumble a little that I’d ruined his dream of a perfect round of golf before keeping me company in the dark hours.  Cuddling with me and talking about silly nonsense or just sitting awake next to me as we both did our own things on our phones or read books.

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golddustscully  asked:

I'm going to hate myself for this but for the song prompt thing can you do Cast Away Dreams by Lindsey Buckingham because.....I love that song and I love pain YEET 💙

You wanted some pain, here you go girl have some pain.

  You unfold the letter trying to smooth out all it’s creases.  It’s well worn and flimsy, the ink smudged, bleeding in some places when you had shed a tear or two onto the paper.  You found the letter three years ago in the attic when you were looking for your Christmas presents.  It was in a box marked “Easter Decorations”, along with the letter was a little blue baby hat, a birth certificate, and a picture of THEM, your real parents.  You always knew you were adopted but your parents had told you, you were given away by a single mother, once you read the letter you knew it wasn’t true.


I’m writing this letter with hopes that I’ll be back before you even realize I was gone.  For reasons I pray you’ll never need to know or understand I have to go away for a little while.  I’m searching for the words that will make you know exactly how much you mean to me.

  After you were born I held you in my arms and I could feel something inside me shift, like my entire life the world was tilted at an angle, then you came along and everything was set right.  I could feel your heartbeat, I could feel your mother and I rushing through your veins.  I never thought I could ever love anything as much as I love your mother.  From the first moment she smiled at me, laughed at me in the rain eight years ago, I knew.  I knew from the deepest parts of my soul that she was going to be everything to me, my entire world, and for eight years she was.

  She and I are connected on a cosmic level, our love is stardust and dirt roads, our hearts beat at the same pace even if we’re not together.  It’s the kind of love people search their entire lives for, so imagine how incredible it is for me to have that two times over.  Because William, it’s the three of us now that are connected on a cosmic level, we all make each others worlds right, we are whole together and always will be. 

  No matter where I am William, I want you to always remember that you are my son, I am your father.  Even though I have to go right now, it’s not forever, I’ll be back and when I am I’ll read you this letter and tell you all about how much your mother and I love each other.  How much we love you William.  Until then I’ll dream of you every night and hope you dream of me.

  I love you my beautiful son.  I love you.


  You carefully fold the note back up and slide it under your mattress.  What happened you think, what happened?  How could two people who loved each other so much, who loved you so much give you away.  It just doesn’t make sense, but you believe him, you three are connected on a cosmic level.  You can feel it in the twitch of your fingers, in the sideways bite of your lip, in your heartbeat.

  Your going to find them someday, then your world won’t feel so sideways anymore.  You’ll find them and everything will be right.

The Enhancer


He’s been searching for two months… He couldn’t wait any longer, Suho looked down at his hands they were wet again, as if he had just washed them. He leaned against the rail of the balcony.

“I’ll find you” he muttered “tonight” he looked out into the city, the lights shone brightly as if taunting him telling him that she was out there waiting for him and that they were leading the way towards her. Was she? He didn’t know…

A drop of rain suddenly fell onto his head and he sighed slowly walking inside, what if she hated water? His thoughts traveled to the psychic he had been visited by back in Seoul.

He was never really the one to believe in those kinds of people but this one was so convincing… he remembered her unruly long black hair that reached her ankles, her deep set of wrinkles that matched her old style clothing. At first he thought she was just some crazy lady. He had been coming back home when the woman grabbed him by the arm and pulled him into a nearby alleyway “enhancer” she muttered her dark eyes brightening. “What?” He responded wanting to run away, the old woman had looked down at his hands and grinned “you have a gift young boy, gift of water” he remembered freezing in place. How did she know? He thought he had been careful.

“I… I have to go” he muttered pulling away but her grip had tightened. “Find your enhancer.” She persuaded “the woman in your dreams” That’s when he had lost it, water had slowly started coming out of his palms dripping onto the concrete “how did you know I see a woman in my dreams?! Do you know who she is? Where is she? “ 
The woman had grinned at him as if saying ‘Yup I knew I was right’ "you know where she is she tells you every night” Suho had tried remembering where the girl said she was but all he could remember was his name being called by her frantic almost desperate voice.

“Find her and your gift will be more powerful, she’s your enhancer. she will give you the power” Suho had chuckled at that. How cheesy. “Yeah ok ma'am thank you” he had bowed politely ready to leave “Everyone with a gift must find their enhancer before it’s too late” she had muttered disappearing into the dark.

Now two months later and he was here by himself in a city he wasn’t completely familiar with. He had to find her. His dreams were getting worse last night he had dreamt of her dying, a girl he had grown to love and didn’t even know her name. It was pouring now and it gave him strength he needed. He always gained strength when he was near water. Suho left the building and walked onto the empty street using his powers to direct the raindrops away from his head and to fall around him.

Where should he look? She could be anywhere. He closed his eyes and concentrated, in his dream she was around water but it had been glowing, the room was dimly lit and the floor was marble. His brows furrowed as he thought harder. The walls. It’s was the walls that had water…. and.

Suho’s eyes opened “the aquarium.” Letting the rain fall on him he ran to the nearest taxi and got in.


“One ticket please” he said dropping money on the counter, the worker raised an eye “we close in twenty minutes”

“That’s ok.”

The man shrugged and handed him a ticket taking the money off the counter. Suho walked inside the aquarium and immediately felt at peace, soft music was playing from the sound system and there was hardly anyone considering the time. A couple was at the turtle exhibit while two kids and their parent were walking towards the coral reef exhibit. He wanted to be somewhere quiet he needed to concentrate more.

The jellyfish exhibit is exactly what he needed; the room was completely dark the tank of jellyfish being the only source of light, the room changed from pink to blue to yellow as the exhibit changed colors. Suho pressed his hand against the glass feeling the motion of the water through the glass he playfully sent a wave towards a jellyfish and grinned as it swam away.

“Excuse me…”

Suho turned around feeling his legs go weak. It was her, the one he had been looking for. “You’re actually here…” he smiled. The girl raised an eyebrow and looked at her phone “I didn’t know the exhibit was just for one person” she muttered bitterly. What? Didn’t she know who he was? She’s the one that kept invading his dreams. “I just want to take a pic…. but you’re in the way” the girl frowned.

“Oh…oh sorry.” He muttered moving out of the way. She thanked him and started taking pictures from her phone smiling the whole time. “Do you like jellyfish?” He asked awkwardly. “Huh? Yeah. I do, they’re so peaceful to look at. I like any sea animal really” she shrugged. “You don’t know who I am?”

The girl stopped taking photos and turned towards him “I’m sorry, I don’t. Are you famous or something?” Suho shook his head. Why was this happening? It wasn’t fair that he was the only one haunted by the thought of her. “I’m Suho you have to know who I am.”


It sounded different, the way she said his name. In his dreams there was love and hurt behind it now there’s was just confusion and a tone that said she didn’t care. He couldn’t take it. Suho went up to her and grabbed her hand “WHAT THE HELL ARE-” she stopped the purple lighted tank slowly started forming a small waterspout tornado bringing the jellyfish in with them. He was doing it. He didn’t mean to but when he made contact with her he had felt a rush of power come and now the jellyfish inside were suffering. The water in the tank was now whirling in circles as the animals inside flailed around helplessly. Suho let go of her hand and it suddenly stopped water rushing back to its original position.

He sighed and looked at the girl who was looking at her hands they were dripping wet with water.

The old woman was right…. she was the enhancer he needed to find.

-Admin S

To Protect and Serve (Part 7 - FINAL)

Prompt: Imagine Bucky Barnes being hired as your personal body guard, but things don’t go as you or your family anticipates.

Word Count:

Warnings: Language (possibly, probably not, but possibly), some violence, traumatic memories/events. Death/angst

Notes: Collab work with my BFFFFLLL Bee @amarvelouswritings This was an idea that hit us both and we just took off with it. We hope you enjoy it as much as we loved drafting this.

Forever Tags: @amarvelouswritings@cocosierra94@essie1876@magpiegirl80@letsgetfuckingsuperwholocked​ @harleyquinnandscarletwitch @iamwarrenspeace @marvel-imagines-yes-please @superwholocked527​ @myparadise1982sand @missinstantgratification@thejulesworld@rda1989​ @marvelloushamilton @munlis@thefridgeismybestie@bubblyanarocks3@random-fluffy-pink-unicorn​ @hardcollectionworldtrash @igiveupicantthinkofausername

Sebastian Stan Tag: @nedthegay@lostinspace33​  @alwayshave-faith@elleatrixlestrange@buenostardissherlock@lenawiinchester@the-red-world-of-jess-chibi@memory-of-a-goldfish

Bucky Barnes: @nedthegay @lostinspace33 @alwayshave-faith @elleatrixlestrange @ultrarebelheart @lenawiinchester

To Protect and Serve Tag: @scamandaaaamn


That’s how I wished it would’ve happened…

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I Do ~Sehun Fantasy AU

Anonymous said:I saw that requests are open, so I’d like to ask if you could do a sort of fantasy au with sehun, where he’s like a knight escorting you to your ~future husband, but you both sort of fall for each other instead and then there’s Angst but you get together in the end? (Also if the Future Husband is another exo member could he not be a jerk)(I’ve seen that too many times TT) hope this wasn’t too detailed!! Thank you so much!

okay so i made it set in a more current time period because i found that that was easier to write about and i love this so much, i hope you like it ~

Originally posted by kyungsuhos

You said your goodbyes to your mother and father before walking outside of your home, suitcase in hand.

“Miss, let me get that for you.”

A boy who looked to be your age took your suitcase from you, loading it into the car before opening the passenger’s side door for you. You got in quickly, the boy closing the door behind you. Once he got into the car with you, you noticed how attractive he was.

“My name is Sehun by the way.” He said. “Your parents hired me to escort you to meet your future husband.”

“As I have already been told.” You said. “Except they said you were a knight, and part of me expected a guy in silver.”

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Dream Come True- Elijah and Kol

Originally posted by elijah-daily

Originally posted by adacayiii

Anonymous said:

Can you do a Kol and Elijah smut maybe a threesome?

Warning: Smut, threesome, unprotected sex. (Control the population, wear a condom)


“Elijah, what- what is this?” You smile as you look around the room, candles and rose petals. It wouldn’t be the first he’s done this and this probably won’t be the last but there was one more person in this room then there normally was, Kol.

He was smiling, ear to ear, the type of smile that could woo any girl in the world that seemed to be the one defining trait of every Mikaelson. His hands were clasped together in front of him and he was standing on the opposite side of the bed to Elijah.

“I know about the dream you had a few nights ago.” Elijah says, stepping towards you to take your hand. You open your mouth to say something but Kol stops you.

“What my brother means is that he went inside your head when he heard you calling out for him only to find out that you were having quite the naughty dream about me and him, at the same time.” Kol makes his way around the bed and you turn around to look at him as he brings his hand up to touch your cheek.

“I- I shouldn’t have thought abou-”

“It’s okay, we’re fine with it.” Elijah soothes his hands over your hips, pushing your shirt up just a bit. “Are you okay with this?”

“Yes.” You nod and Kol smiles again, this time dipping his head down to kiss you. Elijah’s hands pull you closer to him, making sure that you can feel him, pressed into your back.

You moan into Kol’s mouth when the hand that wasn’t on your cheek slips under your shirt to run his thumb over your nipple and the thin material of your sports bra. You use your own hands to try to undo his pants as fast as possible while still grinding back against Elijah and kissing him. Elijah turns you around when Kol’s pants hit the floor and you find yourself kissing him and now grinding on Kol. You push Elijah’s already open shirt to the floor and his pants follow quickly after. Kol makes himself busy putting your clothes with theirs and marking up the back of your neck in purple love bites.

“Bed, the bed.” You manage to whisper and Elijah guides you to landing on all fours.

His hands run over the backs of your thighs as he kneels on the bed and brings his hand up to press his thumb into your clit in soft circles. Kol sits in front of you and you reach for him as you push back onto Elijah’s fingers. Your hands finds Kol, and you stroke him slowly as you moan. Kol let’s out his own loud groan when you start to bob your head. Elijah’s hand smacks down on your ass, sending you forward and Kol deeper into your mouth. Kol moans, his eyes closing, hand gripping your hair in his fist as he guides your mouth up and down his cock. Elijah leans down, tongue licking over you in bold stripes as he continues to rub your clit.

“Fuck, you’re good at this.” Kol tosses his head back as you continue to bob your head, your own eyes closed as you try not to gag and grind back towards Elijah for more.

Elijah sits up on his knees and you moan around Kol as he slides into you, giving you time to adjust and running his hand that wasn’t rubbing your clit over your back. You grind your hips back at him and he takes that as his signal to move. Everytime he thrusts, you move, and when you move they both moan, it’s music to your ears. You whimper when Elijah slows down, trying to push back on him but instead focusing on making Kol cum to get your own release.

“Fuck, fuck yeah, that’s it.” Kol groans as you speed up and grips your hair tighter as you push hims over the edge. He pulls out of your mouth and you swallow thickly.

Your hands grip the sheets, your back arches and you moan loudly as you grind your hips onto Elijah.

“Please move, please. Move.” Elijah starts thrusting and you lose all self control you had left, moaning loudly and dirtily like this time with him would be your last. Kol gets off the bed and puts his boxers on, exiting the room just as quickly as you had found him in it but you barely notice as you get closer, and closer, and closer, until finally, you fall apart.

Elijah keeps his hips moving, reaching his orgasm seconds after yours but you can’t focus on him all you can focus on is how good this feels and how sore your going to be tomorrow. You wince when he pulls out of you after you come down. He pulls his boxers up his legs and runs a wet rag up your legs to clean you up as you lay down and smile at him with tired eyes.

“That was awesome.”

“Yes, I believe it was.” He smiles and kisses your forehead.

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Mistaken Dreams

Pairing: Thorin X Reader

Summary: You can’t have kids, and Thorin really wants kids. So you let him go. Set right before and after the Hobbit, with a few alterations to the plot.

Warnings: Language, Angst/Comfort, Infertility (if that’s a touchy topic for anyone)

Word Count: 2287                    *Posted 2.7.2017 Edited 1.10.17

“You’re what!?”

“I met with Gandalf and he agrees; now is the time to reclaim to Erebor,” Thorin stubbornly argues.

You close your eyes. You knew this was coming. Thorin had become less and less happy with your home in the Blue Mountains, always reminiscing about the Lonely Mountain and Erebor. But you’d hoped. You’d hoped and wished so hard that this recent case of restlessness would fade. But it hadn’t. Damn Gandalf.

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I saw you're asking for prompts! How about Cullen following Dorian to tevinter to become his bodyguard because being part of the Lucerni is dangerous business. Dorian is upset that Cullen did it, but at the same time he couldn't be happier.

My inbox is always open for prompts, though I can’t always swear I’ll fill them. This one, though…this one definitely ran away with me. It’s not as silly as it was supposed to be, but I think it fits the prompt. And it’s still pretty damn fluffy.


Interviewing prospective guard captains was supposed to be tedious. It was supposed to involve long hours talking to people he would have to trust with his life but with whom he had little in common, and then longer hours talking to his spies to find out if the most likely candidates had any unfortunate family ties, or even-more-unfortunate debts. Family could be forgotten or scorned or ignored–Dorian would know–but debts had a habit of coming due at inconvenient moments. And when they came due, there was no telling who might end up paying.

Boring the interviews might be, but excitement is exactly what Dorian was trying to avoid by hiring a guard captain in the first place. The Lucerni are all targets right now, and he and Maevaris are the largest. Mae has her own protections, but he hasn’t been back in Tevinter long enough to really establish himself. After two assassins made it close enough that Dorian had to deal with them himself, he finally admitted that a guard captain, with some accompanying guards, was perhaps a worthwhile investment. His life could do with a little less excitement.

Which means that the man currently following Dorian’s assistant into the office is exactly what Dorian doesn’t need, no matter what traitorous and decidedly un-magisterial flips his heart might be doing.

His assistant stops, blinking at whatever she sees on his face. “Is something wrong?” Her eyes flick to the man now standing at parade rest in the exact center of the rug in front of Dorian’s desk.

Dorian gives himself a mental shake and sets down his pen, aligning it precisely with the edge of the paper he’d been writing on. “No, no, nothing’s wrong.” He sounds convincing, because he wants to be convinced. He wants this to be right, even though he knows it isn’t.

But his assistant doesn’t need to know any of that. “Thank you, Lucia, that will be all for now. I’ll let you know when we’re through.”

She gives him a doubtful look but bows herself from his office, closing the door quietly as she goes. The silence in the room is so complete Dorian can hear the latch click, a silence that continues unbroken for a long, painful moment. His visitor stands with his feet slightly apart and hands clasped behind his back, waiting with a trained soldier’s patience.

Dorian breaks first, as he always has when it’s just the two of them, though he manages to keep his tone calm as he folds his hands on top of his desk and asks, “What are you doing here?”

Cullen blinks as if the question puzzles him. “I thought it was obvious.”

It’s so infuriatingly Fereldan, Dorian wants to laugh. Or throw something. “Why are you here?”

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The Price of a Life (Fallen Angel!Wonwoo)



What truly is the price one must pay in order to survive?

Word count: 3258

Does it hurt..? Looking down at the woman in the crushed car, he couldn’t help but wonder. She looked so peaceful though, as if she was just sleeping. If it wasn’t for the smell of blood slowly permeating the air, he might have been able to tell himself that the woman wasn’t dead, she was simply.. resting. Maybe it didn’t hurt. Death itself might be painless, the act of dying might be the painful part.

“Mister… please.. please help my mom…”

His eyes flickered to the small human in the passenger seat, her own soul only seconds from following her mothers. Yes, dying looked painful. The small girl’s body was rejecting death, he could tell. Every cell was fighting to stay alive but it was almost inevitable.

“I can’t.” He sighed, looking almost bored. Why had he even come? The mother was praying for a god and that wasn’t what he was. The mother wasn’t even alive anymore. But looking at this small child it was unlikely she had been praying to god for her life.

“How old are you?”

The child blinked up at him groggily, as if she could barely even see straight anymore. Her mouth opened but she just whimpered instead of stating a number, obviously too dizzy and disoriented to answer.

“You’re young enough.”

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Hi Aurora okay first tysm for your blog It's so lovely to have another person so passionate about my fave things (i.e hp and period dramas) Anyway, i recently read the HP series (again) and found myself feeling SO MUCH. I genuinely teared up at so many different touching parts and I was just wondering what are your favorite most heart-wrenching/emotional parts from the books? I realize this is a lengthy quesition so feel free to never answer this or take a year.

ye S SS i love being passionate ab things and sharing that passion w my followers!!!!! i love yall esp when u ask me questions like this where i get to talk ab my fave things everrrrrrrrr (ps thank u so much for letting me take forever to answer this ur so cute to say that ilysm)

ok so literally i will cry my way thru the entire series when i reread bc harry potter has so much emotional weight for me and so many memories that go along with it. but i decided to limit myself to just 10 bc otherwise id be sitting here typing all day. so w/o further ado: 


((in no particular order)) 

  1. HARRY READS LILY’S LETTER IN DH: listen harry doesnt actually spend a lot of the books angsting over the fact that he doesnt have parents but in moments like this u remember he IS AN ORPHAN AND IT GETS ME SO HARD. fuk like just picturing harry crouched on the floor of sirius’s bedroom reading that letter… rereading it… crying… wow.gif!!!!! the line that makes me cry eveRY TIME is “She had made her g’s the same way he did : he searched through the letter for every one of them, and each felt like a friendly little wave glimpsed from behind a veil.“ LIKE RIP RIP RIP ABORT ABORT ABORT ITS TOO SAD!!!!!
  2. THE LOST PROPHECY IN OOTP: JESSESCREAMING.JPEG!!!!!!!!!!!! listen ,,, i talk ab this chapter so much on my blog. it is my #1 favorite moment in my #1 favorite harry potter book which is my #1 favorite series of all time. SO ITS A PRETTY BIG DEAL. harry’s reaction to sirius’s death… his anger at dumbledore… his grief… his discovery of his fate… its beautiful writing and its so painful but so amazing to read. LIKE!!!!! MY BABY!!! HE’S LOST SO MANY PEOPLE!!!!!!!! MY SWEET SUMMER CHILD!!!!!!!!!! “I DON’T CARE!“ Harry yelled at them, snatching up a lunascope and throwing it into the fireplace. “I’VE HAD ENOUGH, I’VE SEEN ENOUGH, I WANT OUT, I WANT IT TO END, I DON’T CARE ANYMORE!” “You do care,” said Dumbledore. He had not flinched or made a single move to stop Harry demolishing his office. His expression was calm, almost detached. “You care so much you feel as though you will bleed to death with the pain of it.”” LIKE LITERALLY WHEN I GET TO THIS POINT I HAVE TO TAKE A BREAK BC IM CRYING SO MUCH I CANT MAKE OUT THE WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!! also fun story: one time i was listening to ootp on audiobook while on vacation and we were in the car waiting to taxi on to a ferry boat and we were listening to this chapter when the ferry guy came by to take our tickets and i had like TEARS STREAMING DOWN MY FACE and jim dale is yelling as harry in the background…. the guy was like ‘is this bitch ok??’ lmaOOOOo 
  3. HARRY AND THE MIRROR OF ERISED IN SS:  this is another one of those moments where you remember that harry is an orphan and its /so/ painful. thinking about this teeny 11 year old baby harry sneaking out every night just to sit in front of this mirror so he can see his parents………my darling baby sweetheart i love him So Much. it just makes me so sad like hes /so young/ AND HE JUST WANTS TO SEE HIS PARENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHH!! it also gives way to one of my all time favorite hp quotes: “It does not do well to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” 
  4. HARRY STOPS SIRIUS AND LUPIN FROM KILLING PETER IN POA: me reading this part is literally ISAYTHATSMYBABYANDIMREALLYPROUD.GIF!!!!!! like!! my boy!! he finds out this man literally caused the death of his parents and he MAKES THE GROWN ASS ADULTS SPARE HIS LIFE… LIKE… he literally acts twice his age and is so mature and is just…….so amazing. it shows such strength and wisdom and it makes me SO PROUD. the way he references james also makes me cry because you see the relationship harry has with james even though he’s literally never met him and its so beautiful. i love harry so much. 
  5. HARRY AFTER SECTUMSEMPER-ING MALFOY IN HBP: this is literally the opposite of that last one where im so proud of harry this is def… not one of his best moments lol. he rly rly fucks up and his guilt is so raw and it makes me so emotional because i feel SO bad for him. its def an important harry moment in the books because it shows his flaws and the consequences of his rage, but it also shows how GOOD he is because he feels so bad about what happens and like willingly takes his punishment even though it means that he cant play in the quidditch match. he really like… atones and even tho its rough to read i def love that its a part of the series bc its a really like watershed moment for harry and i think it really reminds him of the wizard he wants to be. this part also leads to i think a more satisfying harry/ginny first kiss bc ginny defends harry and then him not going to the game leads to “several sunlit days” AKA ONE OF MY FAVE HP MOMENTS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. HARRY AND HERMIONE VISIT JAMES AND LILY’S GRAVE IN DH: “But they were not living, thought Harry: They were gone. The empty words could not disguise the fact that his parents’ moldering remains lay beneath snow and stone, indifferent, unknowing.And tears came before he could stop them, boiling hot then instantly freezing on his face, and what was the point in wiping them off or pretending? He let them fall, his lips pressed hard together, looking down at the thick snow hiding from his eyes the place where the last of Lily and James lay, bones now, surely, or dust, not knowing or caring that their living son stood so near, his heart still beating, alive because of their sacrifice and close to wishing, at this moment, that he was sleeping under the snow with them.”  THIS IS ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE MOMENTS THAT I HAVE TO STOP READING BC IM CRYING SO MUCH I CANT MAKE OUT THE WORDS ANYMORE. I CRIED TYPING THIS. IM SO SAD. 
  7. THE FOREST AGAIN IN DH: hoo boy. hoooooo boy this is a Big One. this one is really…. wow. just. wow. [deep breath]. there is So Much in this chapter that makes me cry where do i even START. harry realizing that he has to die and ACCEPTING IT BRAVELY LIKE THE HERO HE IS. “Why had he never appreciate what a miracle he was,  brain and nerve and bounding heart?” im crying….. hes so good. HARRY NEARLY STOPPING WHEN HE SEES GINNY and ginny’s crying and comforting some girl and im crying too. JAMES. SIRIUS. LILY. REMUS. WHEN HARRY ASKS IF IT HURTS TO DIE LIKE LITEARLLY I HAVE TO PUT THE BOOK DOWN AND GET UP  AND WLAK AROUND THE ROOM BECAUSE I GET SO EMOTIONAL LIKE. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! when harry sees harry and screams at him ……………… rip in pieces me!!!!!!!! ALSO ONE OF HIS LAST THOUGHTS BEFORE THE AVADA KEDAVRA IS OF GINNY AND KISSING HER……….. [GUNSHOTS] [SCREAMING]
  8. BELLATRIX TORTURES HERMIONE IN DH: fuk this scene is no joke scary like it took harry potter to another level of real darkness. hermione being tortured was so chilling like beautiufl amazing smart snarky hermione it was so painful to read like my heart rate goes up when i read it bc im worried for my girl :/ and ron is sHAKING and like screaming and literally throwing himself at the walls to try to get to her and its SO upsetting like. they are still CHILDREN like theyre all so young and they dont deserve this like. hearing her plead and stuff … its just…. too much. these are my CHILDREN i have to PROTECT them. 
  9. HARRY DIGS DOBBYS GRAVE IN DH: this is another one of those harry moments where i just want to give him a huge hug. like he insists on digging dobby’s grave by hand which is just ….. [gets choked up] its fine. and his thoughts while he dig make me so sad. he so /tired/. hes so frustrated with dumbledore and he the hallows and the horcruxes and he feels responsible for what happened. and ron coming out and helping him dig silently makes me so happy and its one of those times u really see how much rons friendship means to harry. and harry comes out of this like … older and more mature? his wisdom and knowledge is rly apparent when he talks with griphook and olivander right after this like. he knows what hes going to do. hes made his choice. hes not going to race voldemort for the wand. i love him so much for that choice. hes such a grown man in this part like accepting responsibility, taking care of hermione and everyone like getting things in order. i love him. 
  10. MRS WEALSEY HUGS HARRY IN THE HOSPITAL WING IN GOF“’It wasn’t your fault, Harry,’ Mrs. Weasley whispered. ‘I told him to take the cup with me,’ said Harry. Now the burning feeling was in his throat too. He wished Ron would look away. Mrs. Weasley set the potion down on the bedside cabinet, bent down, and put her arms around Harry. He had no memory of ever being hugged like this, as though by a mother. The full weight of everything he had seen that night seemed to fall in upon him as Mrs. Weasley held him to her. His mothers face, his father’s voice, the sight of Cedric, dead on the ground all started spinning in his head until he could hardly bear it, until he was screwing up his face against the howl of misery fighting to get out of him.” HARRY POTTER DESERVES MORE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he feels so guilty about cedric and god bless mrs weasley for telling him it wasnt his fault because it WASNT!!! he did so amazing in the graveyard like.. .he saw voldemort return and he fought him and he survived and he saw his paretns and hE TOOK CEDRICS BODY BACK SO IT COULD BE WITH HIS FAMILY!!!!!!!! HE TOOK IT BACK FOR THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  i would die a thousand deaths if it meant that harry didnt have to experience this pain!!!!

whew so there we go!!!!! the bottom line is obviously that i love the harry potter series more than anything and specifically i love the boy harry potter so so SO much and his suffering is agonizing to read and he didnt deserve any of it!!! i can litearlly think of SO many more heartbreaking moments in the series but here are just a handful. happy birthday to harry!!! 

Do you ever think about me?“ She asks, full of hope that maybe she hasn’t lost him.

“I stayed up every night trying to find the right words for you, and eventually I’d fall asleep, but my dreams always consisted of you.” he answered.

“Why didn’t you come back to me?”

“Because eventually I realized that I didn’t really miss you, it was that I missed someone caring so much about me.”

And like that, all her hopes that they could be together again were crushed.

—  (hope)
Period Pains // Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt: Reader is on her period and experiencing mood swings. She finds herself outside of Spencer’s door where he lets her in and takes care of her. Friendship fluff. 

Requested by: reid18766

There was pain. Sharp pain. Pain so severe that it caused you to collapse on your floor, grateful to that you had decided to keep the carpet in your apartment.

It felt as if your insides were being torn apart, which they kind of were since the lining of your uterus was slowly shedding out of you. You groaned and slowly stood, making your way to your medicine cabinet to find the pills you were looking for. They didn’t help much but they were better than nothing.

You had to do something. You refused to just stay home and let your body defeat you. The night was still young and you would force yourself out. Anywhere. It didn’t really matter.

Your emotions were out of hand as you walked through the street. You spotted an older lady with what appeared to be her five year old granddaughter and nearly cried when the child picked a flower for her. It was too cute and you were too sensitive. You hastily wiped away your tears. It was only a moment later when a man cat-called you. Your anger flared as you shouted a string of obscenities at him that caused him to scurry away from you in fear.

To put it simply, you were an absolute mess. Your raging hormones were causing your moods to swing wildly and you momentarily regretted leaving the comfort of your home. At least in your home there wouldn’t be all of these outside factors to influence your mood.

You whimpered in pain as you held your stomach, looking up at the door in front of you. You had ended up at Spencer’s place. You prayed your best friend was home for once, knowing that he was always capable of lifting your mood.

A stray cat bounced into the hall of the apartment building from the open open window, stopping at your feet as it rubbed against your legs. You bent down, falling to the floor in the process, a happy sob escaping your throat as you pet the friendly animal.

“You’re so cute,” you cried as the cat purred against your palm. It meowed happily at your touch.

“Y/N?” Spencer asked in confusion as he opened his front door. He had heard a whimper at his door followed by a sob and had opened it to reveal you. He noticed your bloodshot eyes and immediately became concerned. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” you replied softly as you sat on the floor wiping away the tears that seemed to be a constant occurrence that day. You sobbed again as the cat ran away from you, spooked by Spencer’s sudden appearance. He frowned as he looked at you on the floor and realized what day it was.

“Come on,” he sighed as he bent down and picked you up into his arms. You immediately curled into him, locking your own arms tightly around his neck.

“Sofa or bed?” He asked knowingly.

“Bed please,” you whimpered as you hid your face in the crook of his neck. He nodded and carried you into his bedroom. He attempted to pry you from his arms to lay you down but you refused as you clung on harder. He chuckled, already knowing what you wanted.

“The things I do for my best friend,” he sighed as he sat down with you in his arms. He propped his pillows up, leaning against them as you settled into his side, your legs strewn across his lap and your arms still around him. You refused to move your face as you placed small kisses on his neck.

“I love you,” you said softly as Spencer massaged your back with one hand. “I really couldn’t have asked for a better friend.”

“Best friend,” Spencer corrected with a smile. “I don’t carry just anyone.”

You giggled, happy tears filling your eyes this time around.

“Do you know how lucky I am to have you? How many guys would be completely okay to find their best friend sobbing at their door because of a cat? How did I get so lucky to have you in my life?”

Spencer smiled brightly at your words. He felt the same way about you. Your friendship was one that he had only dreamed of having as a child when he felt alone and ostracized. You were always supportive and you checked on him constantly. Every time he left town for a case you would call him every night and reassure him that things would end well. Whenever he came home you’d be at his door with a pizza or whatever food you had craved that night, ready to talk about what he had gone through. There were times when he wouldn’t want to talk and so you’d sit and cuddle in silence, a constant reminder that he had something good by his side at all times.

Whoever said friendship between males and females couldn’t be platonic had never met the two of you.  

“Do you need anything? I have a heating pad in the closet and chocolate ice cream in the freezer,” he said softly as he placed a soft kiss on your forehead. “I made sure I would be prepared this time around.”

You laughed, a genuine amusement in the sweet sound. Of course Spencer would try and prepare for your time of the month. He had been alarmed the first time he saw the state it left you in, and kept mental note for when the day would roll around. It wasn’t always so severe but he liked to be ready either way. You shook your head, thanking him anyway as you snuggled in closer to him. He hummed an upbeat melody, something that always seemed to soothe you, and held you closer in an attempt to make you feel safe. You let out a content sigh. Your body may have ached but your mood was no longer suffering.

“Your company is enough for me.”