i find him every night in my dreams

Niall-- Late at Night

It always surprises me, the moments that make my heart so full it could explode.

The moments where everything I have in life just seem so overwhelming in their normality that it fills me with warmth.  I can remember a time when I thought my life with Niall would bar me from these sorts of moments, but even in our privileged life I can find those moments where things just feel… normal.

I can’t sleep.  Insomnia has taken me hostage once more and not even the soft sheets pressed against my skin can will me restless mind to sleep.  I knew if I rolled over and poked at my husband, he’d be awake in a moment.  He’d only grumble a little that I’d ruined his dream of a perfect round of golf before keeping me company in the dark hours.  Cuddling with me and talking about silly nonsense or just sitting awake next to me as we both did our own things on our phones or read books.

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Do you ever think about me?“ She asks, full of hope that maybe she hasn’t lost him.

“I stayed up every night trying to find the right words for you, and eventually I’d fall asleep, but my dreams always consisted of you.” he answered.

“Why didn’t you come back to me?”

“Because eventually I realized that I didn’t really miss you, it was that I missed someone caring so much about me.”

And like that, all her hopes that they could be together again were crushed.

—  (hope)
Dream Come True- Elijah and Kol

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Can you do a Kol and Elijah smut maybe a threesome?

Warning: Smut, threesome, unprotected sex. (Control the population, wear a condom)


“Elijah, what- what is this?” You smile as you look around the room, candles and rose petals. It wouldn’t be the first he’s done this and this probably won’t be the last but there was one more person in this room then there normally was, Kol.

He was smiling, ear to ear, the type of smile that could woo any girl in the world that seemed to be the one defining trait of every Mikaelson. His hands were clasped together in front of him and he was standing on the opposite side of the bed to Elijah.

“I know about the dream you had a few nights ago.” Elijah says, stepping towards you to take your hand. You open your mouth to say something but Kol stops you.

“What my brother means is that he went inside your head when he heard you calling out for him only to find out that you were having quite the naughty dream about me and him, at the same time.” Kol makes his way around the bed and you turn around to look at him as he brings his hand up to touch your cheek.

“I- I shouldn’t have thought abou-”

“It’s okay, we’re fine with it.” Elijah soothes his hands over your hips, pushing your shirt up just a bit. “Are you okay with this?”

“Yes.” You nod and Kol smiles again, this time dipping his head down to kiss you. Elijah’s hands pull you closer to him, making sure that you can feel him, pressed into your back.

You moan into Kol’s mouth when the hand that wasn’t on your cheek slips under your shirt to run his thumb over your nipple and the thin material of your sports bra. You use your own hands to try to undo his pants as fast as possible while still grinding back against Elijah and kissing him. Elijah turns you around when Kol’s pants hit the floor and you find yourself kissing him and now grinding on Kol. You push Elijah’s already open shirt to the floor and his pants follow quickly after. Kol makes himself busy putting your clothes with theirs and marking up the back of your neck in purple love bites.

“Bed, the bed.” You manage to whisper and Elijah guides you to landing on all fours.

His hands run over the backs of your thighs as he kneels on the bed and brings his hand up to press his thumb into your clit in soft circles. Kol sits in front of you and you reach for him as you push back onto Elijah’s fingers. Your hands finds Kol, and you stroke him slowly as you moan. Kol let’s out his own loud groan when you start to bob your head. Elijah’s hand smacks down on your ass, sending you forward and Kol deeper into your mouth. Kol moans, his eyes closing, hand gripping your hair in his fist as he guides your mouth up and down his cock. Elijah leans down, tongue licking over you in bold stripes as he continues to rub your clit.

“Fuck, you’re good at this.” Kol tosses his head back as you continue to bob your head, your own eyes closed as you try not to gag and grind back towards Elijah for more.

Elijah sits up on his knees and you moan around Kol as he slides into you, giving you time to adjust and running his hand that wasn’t rubbing your clit over your back. You grind your hips back at him and he takes that as his signal to move. Everytime he thrusts, you move, and when you move they both moan, it’s music to your ears. You whimper when Elijah slows down, trying to push back on him but instead focusing on making Kol cum to get your own release.

“Fuck, fuck yeah, that’s it.” Kol groans as you speed up and grips your hair tighter as you push hims over the edge. He pulls out of your mouth and you swallow thickly.

Your hands grip the sheets, your back arches and you moan loudly as you grind your hips onto Elijah.

“Please move, please. Move.” Elijah starts thrusting and you lose all self control you had left, moaning loudly and dirtily like this time with him would be your last. Kol gets off the bed and puts his boxers on, exiting the room just as quickly as you had found him in it but you barely notice as you get closer, and closer, and closer, until finally, you fall apart.

Elijah keeps his hips moving, reaching his orgasm seconds after yours but you can’t focus on him all you can focus on is how good this feels and how sore your going to be tomorrow. You wince when he pulls out of you after you come down. He pulls his boxers up his legs and runs a wet rag up your legs to clean you up as you lay down and smile at him with tired eyes.

“That was awesome.”

“Yes, I believe it was.” He smiles and kisses your forehead.

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I saw you're asking for prompts! How about Cullen following Dorian to tevinter to become his bodyguard because being part of the Lucerni is dangerous business. Dorian is upset that Cullen did it, but at the same time he couldn't be happier.

My inbox is always open for prompts, though I can’t always swear I’ll fill them. This one, though…this one definitely ran away with me. It’s not as silly as it was supposed to be, but I think it fits the prompt. And it’s still pretty damn fluffy.


Interviewing prospective guard captains was supposed to be tedious. It was supposed to involve long hours talking to people he would have to trust with his life but with whom he had little in common, and then longer hours talking to his spies to find out if the most likely candidates had any unfortunate family ties, or even-more-unfortunate debts. Family could be forgotten or scorned or ignored–Dorian would know–but debts had a habit of coming due at inconvenient moments. And when they came due, there was no telling who might end up paying.

Boring the interviews might be, but excitement is exactly what Dorian was trying to avoid by hiring a guard captain in the first place. The Lucerni are all targets right now, and he and Maevaris are the largest. Mae has her own protections, but he hasn’t been back in Tevinter long enough to really establish himself. After two assassins made it close enough that Dorian had to deal with them himself, he finally admitted that a guard captain, with some accompanying guards, was perhaps a worthwhile investment. His life could do with a little less excitement.

Which means that the man currently following Dorian’s assistant into the office is exactly what Dorian doesn’t need, no matter what traitorous and decidedly un-magisterial flips his heart might be doing.

His assistant stops, blinking at whatever she sees on his face. “Is something wrong?” Her eyes flick to the man now standing at parade rest in the exact center of the rug in front of Dorian’s desk.

Dorian gives himself a mental shake and sets down his pen, aligning it precisely with the edge of the paper he’d been writing on. “No, no, nothing’s wrong.” He sounds convincing, because he wants to be convinced. He wants this to be right, even though he knows it isn’t.

But his assistant doesn’t need to know any of that. “Thank you, Lucia, that will be all for now. I’ll let you know when we’re through.”

She gives him a doubtful look but bows herself from his office, closing the door quietly as she goes. The silence in the room is so complete Dorian can hear the latch click, a silence that continues unbroken for a long, painful moment. His visitor stands with his feet slightly apart and hands clasped behind his back, waiting with a trained soldier’s patience.

Dorian breaks first, as he always has when it’s just the two of them, though he manages to keep his tone calm as he folds his hands on top of his desk and asks, “What are you doing here?”

Cullen blinks as if the question puzzles him. “I thought it was obvious.”

It’s so infuriatingly Fereldan, Dorian wants to laugh. Or throw something. “Why are you here?”

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Word Count: 2k

Authors note: @vipermisty i hope you like this imagine, it’s not the best but i tried.

Jet another sleepless night. It seems the more I try to get some rest, the more exhausted and stressed I get. Whenever I try to close my eyes and rest, everything comes back. All that noise; all the screams, all the names that have been called, all that innocence dead bodies, all that blood, all that mess we made. Everything is back, and every time it gets worse and worse. And all I fucking want is to get five minutes of good old sleep, just five will be enough.

But I guess that just won’t happened any time soon.

I pushed my blanked off and walked out of my room. The problem with these sleepless nights is that I already did everything, I’ve read every book, I watched all the movies that interested me in any way. I painted, I even stared writing, but that didn’t turn out so well. I even took some medics that I found that’s supposed to make you fall asleep, but even that didn’t give me much rest, I would always wake up covered in sweat.

But even bigger problem is that the avengers noticed, I mean nothing in this tower goes unnoticed. So when I first got up and started walking around the tower looking for something to do, five minutes later Tony busted in, looking lost and wearing his armour, because he thought I was a burglar. When we established that I am just me, he asking me what the hell am I doing up so late in the night, and that I am lucky that he didn’t beat the holy crap out of me. I just told him I couldn’t sleep and that he doesn’t need to bother to get up the next time he notices I am up so late.

But he did, someone always got up, spent few hours talking to me, trying to get me to talk, to confess what I was dealing with. And every night I would avoid and manipulate my way out of that conversation. I would just find something they are passionate about and in the moment they would forget about me.

“Can’t sleep again?” Steve’s voice woke me up from my daydreaming. I turned around and smiled.

“Just had a bad dream, what’s keeping you up?”

“You” if this was any other occasion and if I was well rested I would think he’s hitting on me. but I knew what he meant and I already had a prepared speech but mama Steve didn’t let me talk.

“Come, sit with me on the sofa.”

I slowly walked to the sofa and sit down, preparing what I am going to say to Steve. Even though I’ve been doing this for past three weeks, I always get nervous when I am about to lie.

“Y/N, this can’t continue.” Steve said with his serious cap voice. And since I am not in the mood, and not rested for this type of conversation I will try and hope to manipulate my way out.

“Oh no cap, are you breaking up with me?” I placed my right hand on my chest and played like I was hurt. But Steve wasn’t having any of it, usually he would smile or just let out a little giggle, but tonight he was as serious as death.

“Look Y/N, I’ve talked to everyone about this. I know that you haven’t slept well for past three weeks, and I know that every time you would get up somebody would come to you and you would talk, and you would play that little game of yours. I wanna warn you in advance, it ain’t gonna work on me, okay?”

I focused my eyes on the picture behind his head because I couldn’t look at him. He’s gonna make me say it, he will be so detriment until I confess but I am not ready. I don’t even know what I am dealing with.

“I don’t know what is bothering you enough so you can’t sleep but I wanna help, we all do. But we can’t until you tell us.”

I could feel his eyes on my face, trying to get me to look at him, but I refused. They can’t help me because there is nothing to help, I just have nightmares, nothing much.

“Steve, I am fine real-”

“No Y/N, you are not. I can see it, so can you. this aren’t just nightmares. You don’t wanna sleep, and we will soon enough find out why. So I suggest you to rest because tomorrow you have a doctor appointment.”

My eyes widened in shock. I moved my eyes finally to meet his and I could see that he wasn’t joking.

“I am not crazy.”

“Nobody said you were Y/N, you just need to get checked up. it won’t hurt.”

At this point I was furious. They think I am crazy. I stood up, and when Steve noticed he got up too.

“Who do you all think you are? My parents? I am not going anywhere, because I am not crazy so fuck you. I am staying here and I am not moving.”

“Y/N don-”


By this point everybody got up and was now in the living room, I didn’t notice them at first because mostly I didn’t want to. I started walking towards my room avoiding everyone and everything.

Who do they think they are? Experts? They are not going to get me wear one of those ridiculous white onesies and drink some stupid medicine that’s gonna make me nooses. I don’t need that. I just have some stupid nightmares so what? I am not dying, but they might if they keep putting their noses where they don’t belong.

I put my sports bra on and things and went straight to practicing room. I have to cool myself down, and I need something to stop thinking, because when I punch I don’t have time to think there is only time for surviving and beating the holy hell out of your enemy.

Once I’ve got there, I went straight to the punching bag. I didn’t bother to put on any glows or anything to protect my hands. I just need to feel the anger leaving my body. I started punching the bag and just after ten punches my knuckles were all bloody. But I made even bigger mistake. I looked at my bloody hands.

It was my trigger and I wasn’t even aware I had one. But it all came back, even though I didn’t close my eyes. I could see it clearly like it was happening in front of me. Kids screaming for the mothers, people looking for their families, enemies and innocence people falling down dead. I can feel dirt all over me, I can smell blood in the air, but that’s not all that I can smell.

There is something else, something worse, death. I can smell death all around me, over me, everywhere surrounding me, choking me.

And there he stands, his little blond hair, blue ocean eyes, scared little boy, not older than four, screaming for his mother. Looking around for her, but when he couldn’t find her, his eyes locked with mine. I can see his little smile, I am here, an avenger, I am going to save him. He starts running towards me and so do I.

And out of nowhere, he collapses on the ground, bloody, dead. I froze. I couldn’t move any muscle in my body. I keep telling my legs, move I have to check if he’s still alive, c’mon, move. My legs didn’t want to cooperate with me, neither did my voice. I lost the abilities of talking, walking, breathing.

My legs finally gave me up and I feel to the ground. I can clearly see his little body turned on his belly his eyes still locked with me. blood spreading around him. I wanted to crawl to him but I couldn’t, I was just looking at him.

But the scream woke me up. scream full of pain, I looked up and I could see a woman in her mid-thirties, looking down at her dead son, fighting for air. She fell down the same way I did, but she was closer to him so she picked him up in her arms and cried. She pets his hair while bouncing him, like she was putting him to sleep. In some twisted way she did.

Her eyes moved from her dead son up to me, and she looked at me with anger in her eyes, I swear if she could’ve killed me she would, and I would gladly let her. She was saying something, probably cursing me, but everything became blurry and I couldn’t hear anything. I just wanted to scream.

Somebody grabbed me but I tried to get loose of their grip but I couldn’t.

“Hey, HEY, HEY. Y/N, Y/N, HEY, IT’S STEVE.” Only then I realised I was sitting on the floor, screaming and kicking Steve. Steve pulled me closer to his chest and started bouncing me like she did to her son, and I even more wanted to get loose of his grip, but he was way too strong for me. he was muttering something in my hair but I couldn’t hear him or see anything. All I saw was the little innocence boy that I send to heaven way too soon.

Only then I noticed everybody in the room, looking at me like they’ve seen everything that I have. And then somebody squatted down to be in my level, and since I didn’t recognise him I assumed he was the doctor. But how? It was 2 in the morning. What was he doing here?

“Miss Y/N, I am doctor Sebastian McCann, here have some water, take some deep breaths and we will have a little chat.”

I took the bottle that he handed me and drank over half of the bottle. I listened to his advice and took some deep breath. I tried to clear my mind, to get loose of all that terror, but it wasn’t working.

“Could you guys leave the room so miss Y/N and I could have a private chat?” doctor asked looking around the room.

“You can use our living room, don’t need to talk here.” Tony offered.

“No this will be just fine; I don’t want to burden her more than is necessary. But thank you.”

Once they all left the room, doctor helped me up and we went to the sofas that were in our training room and sat down. I was completely disorientated.

“So Y/N, could you tell me what were you witnessing before we all came in.”

I took a deep breath and started. I tried to give him as much details but some were just too much. He never took his eyes off me, and now and then he would nod. Once I was finally over, he was silent for few minutes, then he called the avengers in, telling us that is better that everybody hears this. He was silent a little bit more, letting me stabilize before he started.

“What you’re dealing with is Posttraumatic stress disorder, or shorter PTSD. It’s a mental disorder that people develop after traumatic experiences like one that you are dealing with. A lot of people don’t develop PTSD after traumatic situations, but some do. You will attend Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)which seeks to change the way a trauma victim feels and acts by changing the patterns of thinking or behaviour, or both, responsible for negative emotions. CBT has been proven to be an effective treatment for PTSD and I think we should give it a go.”

I nodded, not able to speak. But other weren’t so silent.

“But shouldn’t se get some medics? At least some sleeping pills?” Tony suggested.

“I could give her something, but then she would get used to them way too much to the point where she would develop the statement that she can’t fall asleep without them.”

“When does the therapy start?” Clint asked. They care so much about me and they wanna know every little detail.

“We should start next Monday, let her calm down a little, get some rest. She will be able to sleep a little better because she shared her story. Her biggest mistake was to bury it in her.”

“Thank you doctor, I will escort you out.” Steve offered and they left the room.

Wanda came first and hugged me, offering me her shoulder so I placed my head there. I couldn’t cry anymore so I was just staring into the distance.

“You’re gonna be okay, kiddo.” Sam said coming closer. Not too much because nobody knew how to act now. I just nodded and gave him a weak smile, well more I smiled to the wall than to him.

“If you need anything, we are here.” Bruce said and everybody mutter little yes, of course and similar.

“If you can’t sleep, come to our rooms, woke us up and we’ll do something together. And if you don’t want to do anything we can just talk.” Bucky said and walked towards me taking the seat next to me and wrapping his hand around me.

“Thank you guys.” I muttered.

“We will get through this, we are, in the end, world mightiest heroes.” Scott joked and we all shared a little laugh and made our way toward the kitchen, discussing what we’ll eat.

The Price of a Life (Fallen Angel!Wonwoo)



What truly is the price one must pay in order to survive?

Word count: 3258

Does it hurt..? Looking down at the woman in the crushed car, he couldn’t help but wonder. She looked so peaceful though, as if she was just sleeping. If it wasn’t for the smell of blood slowly permeating the air, he might have been able to tell himself that the woman wasn’t dead, she was simply.. resting. Maybe it didn’t hurt. Death itself might be painless, the act of dying might be the painful part.

“Mister… please.. please help my mom…”

His eyes flickered to the small human in the passenger seat, her own soul only seconds from following her mothers. Yes, dying looked painful. The small girl’s body was rejecting death, he could tell. Every cell was fighting to stay alive but it was almost inevitable.

“I can’t.” He sighed, looking almost bored. Why had he even come? The mother was praying for a god and that wasn’t what he was. The mother wasn’t even alive anymore. But looking at this small child it was unlikely she had been praying to god for her life.

“How old are you?”

The child blinked up at him groggily, as if she could barely even see straight anymore. Her mouth opened but she just whimpered instead of stating a number, obviously too dizzy and disoriented to answer.

“You’re young enough.”

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Period Pains // Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt: Reader is on her period and experiencing mood swings. She finds herself outside of Spencer’s door where he lets her in and takes care of her. Friendship fluff. 

Requested by: reid18766

There was pain. Sharp pain. Pain so severe that it caused you to collapse on your floor, grateful to that you had decided to keep the carpet in your apartment.

It felt as if your insides were being torn apart, which they kind of were since the lining of your uterus was slowly shedding out of you. You groaned and slowly stood, making your way to your medicine cabinet to find the pills you were looking for. They didn’t help much but they were better than nothing.

You had to do something. You refused to just stay home and let your body defeat you. The night was still young and you would force yourself out. Anywhere. It didn’t really matter.

Your emotions were out of hand as you walked through the street. You spotted an older lady with what appeared to be her five year old granddaughter and nearly cried when the child picked a flower for her. It was too cute and you were too sensitive. You hastily wiped away your tears. It was only a moment later when a man cat-called you. Your anger flared as you shouted a string of obscenities at him that caused him to scurry away from you in fear.

To put it simply, you were an absolute mess. Your raging hormones were causing your moods to swing wildly and you momentarily regretted leaving the comfort of your home. At least in your home there wouldn’t be all of these outside factors to influence your mood.

You whimpered in pain as you held your stomach, looking up at the door in front of you. You had ended up at Spencer’s place. You prayed your best friend was home for once, knowing that he was always capable of lifting your mood.

A stray cat bounced into the hall of the apartment building from the open open window, stopping at your feet as it rubbed against your legs. You bent down, falling to the floor in the process, a happy sob escaping your throat as you pet the friendly animal.

“You’re so cute,” you cried as the cat purred against your palm. It meowed happily at your touch.

“Y/N?” Spencer asked in confusion as he opened his front door. He had heard a whimper at his door followed by a sob and had opened it to reveal you. He noticed your bloodshot eyes and immediately became concerned. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” you replied softly as you sat on the floor wiping away the tears that seemed to be a constant occurrence that day. You sobbed again as the cat ran away from you, spooked by Spencer’s sudden appearance. He frowned as he looked at you on the floor and realized what day it was.

“Come on,” he sighed as he bent down and picked you up into his arms. You immediately curled into him, locking your own arms tightly around his neck.

“Sofa or bed?” He asked knowingly.

“Bed please,” you whimpered as you hid your face in the crook of his neck. He nodded and carried you into his bedroom. He attempted to pry you from his arms to lay you down but you refused as you clung on harder. He chuckled, already knowing what you wanted.

“The things I do for my best friend,” he sighed as he sat down with you in his arms. He propped his pillows up, leaning against them as you settled into his side, your legs strewn across his lap and your arms still around him. You refused to move your face as you placed small kisses on his neck.

“I love you,” you said softly as Spencer massaged your back with one hand. “I really couldn’t have asked for a better friend.”

“Best friend,” Spencer corrected with a smile. “I don’t carry just anyone.”

You giggled, happy tears filling your eyes this time around.

“Do you know how lucky I am to have you? How many guys would be completely okay to find their best friend sobbing at their door because of a cat? How did I get so lucky to have you in my life?”

Spencer smiled brightly at your words. He felt the same way about you. Your friendship was one that he had only dreamed of having as a child when he felt alone and ostracized. You were always supportive and you checked on him constantly. Every time he left town for a case you would call him every night and reassure him that things would end well. Whenever he came home you’d be at his door with a pizza or whatever food you had craved that night, ready to talk about what he had gone through. There were times when he wouldn’t want to talk and so you’d sit and cuddle in silence, a constant reminder that he had something good by his side at all times.

Whoever said friendship between males and females couldn’t be platonic had never met the two of you.  

“Do you need anything? I have a heating pad in the closet and chocolate ice cream in the freezer,” he said softly as he placed a soft kiss on your forehead. “I made sure I would be prepared this time around.”

You laughed, a genuine amusement in the sweet sound. Of course Spencer would try and prepare for your time of the month. He had been alarmed the first time he saw the state it left you in, and kept mental note for when the day would roll around. It wasn’t always so severe but he liked to be ready either way. You shook your head, thanking him anyway as you snuggled in closer to him. He hummed an upbeat melody, something that always seemed to soothe you, and held you closer in an attempt to make you feel safe. You let out a content sigh. Your body may have ached but your mood was no longer suffering.

“Your company is enough for me.”

Oh, No You Didn’t

Imagine being in a relationship with Jared for six months, and one day you find his ex showering in his home

Reader’s P.O.V.

Morning sweet girl”, you just got a text from Jared. He’s so sweet. Every night he wishes you sweet dreams, and first thing you see in the morning is a text from him. 

Morning babe.”, you reply and start getting ready for the new day.

You take a quick shower, put on some casual clothes on and grab a cup of coffee. While you sit in your kitchen indulging in every sip of that black liquid wonder, you get another text.

How is my sweety today? I miss you, can’t wait to see you”, Jared texts you.

Great, I’ve just had a shower and I’m enjoying my coffee. I miss you too. What’s up? See you tonight?” you reply. 

Today is your six month anniversary and you’ve planned to surprise Jared with a dinner at his place. He told you a couple of days ago that he’ll be at the studio for the next two weeks finishing his new album, so the only chance for you to see him was late at night when he finally gets home. Those moments were precious for you. 

I’m going to the studio in a few. Definitely see you tonight, I might even come home before midnight today. I’m kinda all worn out. It’s been rough couple of weeks.

Yeah, I bet. Don’t worry, I’ll bring you back to life. XO”, you reply back.

You always do honey. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”, Jared says.

You’d be a mess. Haha, just kidding. See you tonight, gotta run. Love you.”, you reply.

You have no idea how big a mess I’d be. Talk to you later. Love you.”, Jared texts and you smile. He’s such a dork sometimes. And you love him for it. 

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A Cuddle

-coughs- Alright so I never did this thing before, but here’s a thing.. I guess. I DONT KNOW I JUST CREATED something i THOUGHT WOULD BE CUTE And ugh idk. I am ready for death

Fandom: Servamp


Word Count820


I don’t want to sleep. I already know what’s coming if I do, and I don’t want to deal with it. I’m so tired through… I look over to Mahiru, whose face is illuminated by the moonlight coming through the window. He’s asleep unusually fast tonight, normally it would take six times as long, considering we only settled down five minutes ago. I decide to wait another twenty minutes before I climb into his bed, and when I do, I lie down in the small space he makes when he sleeps in the fetal position. Carefully, I flatten the little area with my paws and then curl up beside him, not too close though. Just enough so I can feel his warmth.

Mahiru is always so calm when he sleeps that it makes me wonder what he dreams about. Probably good dreams, unlike the nightmares I’ve had to deal with this past week. I could usually deal with my nightmares with no problem, but this time every one of them is about me losing him. I’m afraid of that, it’s a pain to even think about. Now every night I climb into bed with him and wait there until a few minutes before his alarm goes off. This way I can be on guard just in case something does happen while he’s asleep. More and more, I find myself wanting his protection too even though I’m the vampire. I just want him to give me his usual cheeky smile and tell me that I’m safe with him. Sometimes I want him to hold me, but thinking about it just gives me troublesome feelings that heat up my insides, I could just die. Speaking of death, I probably had never been closer to it than now, when a pair of fingers suddenly start stroking my head.

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Malique, part 1

Loretta and I are the adoptive parents to a young man named Malique. Malique grew up in a terrible area of Philadelphia. Gang activity was rampant, violence was ubiquitous, and hopelessness was endemic. The result of living in this environment was a terrified, deeply disturbed boy. To make matters worse, he didn’t know his father and his mother had wasted away from untreated AIDS. His only sibling, an older brother, was in prison for murder. By the age of 13, following the death of his mother, Malique was living on the street. He was discovered by a patrol car, huddled next to a trash can. They initially thought he was dead.

After a period of physical recovery, he was shuffled from foster home to foster home. To make a very, very long story short, we adopted him. We’d been hoping to adopt a child for many years. After learning about Malique’s story and getting the opportunity to meet him, we knew we’d be able to give him a better life.

As is customary, he stayed with us for a few supervised weekends to make sure the relationship would be the right fit. Not just for us, but for him, too. Those weekends were a joy. We were surprised by how sweetly he acted toward us. Loretta had worried his lifetime of trauma might make him angry and prone to outbursts, but not once during the 4 weekends he stayed with us did he show any hint of anger. Quite the opposite; he spoke with a quiet, shy sadness that practically screamed for the nurturing and warmth that had been denied to him.

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Fanfiction - My Brother’s Lass (Part Ten)

We’re back to MBL and Jamie’s POV! This chapter is a big one, both in length for my usual standards and in the amount of things happening. I hope you guys enjoy it, as we approach the ending of this story and my writing hiatus! So thankful for the words of support, playful threats, tears and general goodness you send my way! Without further delay – see you on the other side. <3

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My Brother’s Lass (Part Ten) – The Flapping of a Butterfly’s Wings

In the morning I woke to find my entire world shattered.

At dawn I rose from bed, washed my face on the basin with cold water and swiftly wrapped my kilt around my waist – I wished to talk to Claire before the whole house was awake, away from prying ears. When I opened the door, the folded piece of paper drifted to the floor as a death notice left by an unseen angel. I stood there, gazing at it, dread nestling inside my chest like a tendril – I knew all too well what it meant, even before reading the actual words.

I collected the yellow paper with a trembling hand and struggled to find meaning in the elegant calligraphy, even through the forming curtain of tears that drenched my eyelashes.

“My dearest Jamie,

“But one day

I saw the moon came out and the wind rose once more

So I touched the stones and travelled back to my own land.”

So it ends the ballad of the Woman of Balnain – and so it ends mine. I must leave - I must leave you. Not because I don’t love you – but because I love you too much to ask the ultimate sacrifice of you, even knowing you willing to make it. As Solomon so wisely decided, sometimes to love means to let go – sometimes love means to surrender, to lose, to avoid further damage to the loved one. I know the strength of the bond you share with your brother – and hope you can find it in your heart to mend it after I’m gone.

I can’t stay here, where we could meet again so easily, all of our feelings brought back to us in an instant. I can’t risk your happiness – so I’ll go to a place you can’t follow me.

I love you, Jamie. I shall spend the rest of my life – whether it lasts ten or a hundred years more – praying for an afterlife where we can meet and finally be together.

You have untied me. Thank you.

All my love,


The paper flowed from my hand, as I rushed to her room. I slammed the door open, secretly dreaming of finding her there, incapable of actually leaving me. The room was empty and cold, the fire extinguished in the fireplace, every trace of her presence erased. She was gone.

I fell on my knees and from my mouth escaped a sound that was a sob and a growl, the cry of a wounded animal, left to die in the middle of a snowed moor.

“She is gone.” William’s voice said from the entrance. As I turned my head I saw him standing by the door, looking like a dead man walking. “She left last night.”

“And you let her?” I asked, anger overpowering every other emotion, as I raised to my feet.

“Claire came to tell me.” His eyes were troubled and dark circles surrounded them – he clearly had spent the entire night contemplating the prospect of her departure. “She asked me not to stop her…not to tell you until dawn.”

“You let her go!” I accused. “How could you let her go alone, William? God kens what perils she might face!”

“That is what she wanted.” He said between teeth.

“Since when do ye show so much respect for what she wants?” I snarled at him, closing my hand on a fist.

“She came to tell me that she couldna take Ma’s ring. She couldna marry me.” He gulped and his blue eyes avoided mine, as he proceeded in a broken voice. “Because she loves ye. And she dinna wish to see ye destroyed for that love.”

His recognition silenced me, as I looked at him and saw the devastation hiding inside his eyes. I realized how much it pained him to admit that the woman he loved had chosen another man. That he had lost her, not only for the mesh of time – but for his own brother. With a single stroke he had lost the two people he loved the most – had been left alone with no solace.

I needed to go after Claire but I couldn’t leave him. Not when he looked like a reflection of myself, had our choices been slightly different. I couldn’t go and chase my desires at the expense of his own.

As I debated with myself, frustration and loss building up inside me, he came inside the room and sat on the bed.

“Ye should go.” Willie said softly, his voice barely audible. “If ye take the high pass maybe ye’ll get to her before she goes through the Stones.”

I looked at him, amazed.


“She has made her choice, Jamie.” He went on, his fingers entwining. “There’s no use in us being both unhappy – not when ye still have a chance.”

“I can’t…” I started, but he gave me an amused look. For the first time in many weeks he looked like my older brother – caring, loving and wiser.

“Aye. Ye can.” He nodded. “I had the entire night to think about this, brother. Dinna be mistaken…” My brother offered me a wry look. “It still is the hardest thing I ever told anyone, Jamie. I still hate yer guts. But ye should go.”

“And what then?” I asked.

“I only ask ye that ye go away with her.” He whispered, his lips pale. “I canna have ye two living here, having to watch ye together under my nose. Not for some time, anyway.”

“I thank ye, brother.” I said in a hoarse voice, wishing to hug him. But we had passed that point long ago – too much damage had been done, so much had been lost between us. But he was offering me an olive branch – almost an entire tree, to be honest – and I would gladly take it.

As I turned my back to leave him behind, I still heard him whisper.

“She asked me to take care of you. This is the best way I ken to do just that.”


If it wasn’t for her poor choice of horse, I surely would have lost her. But she had picked a frail creature to mount, with an abhorrent tendency to develop a limp after a few miles – so her journey was delayed enough for me to catch her at dusk, the stone circle already in sight.

She had stopped on the side of the road and her eyes were red and puffy – I assumed she had been crying, preparing herself for the perspective of travelling back to her time. When she saw me riding to meet her, I thought she had the sudden impulse to flee in the opposite direction.

“Are ye mad, woman?” I hissed, pretending to be angry, jumping from my mount. “When ye run away at least choose a proper horse! If I was a broken man ready to attack ye – or worse, a redcoat! – ye wouldna stand a chance riding that nag!”

“Really?” She said, her amber eyes wide open. “That is the first thing you’ll say to me? Chastise me for my poor knowledge on barnyard?”

“Aye.” I grabbed both her arms and pulled her against me. “Either that or scream at ye for running away until yer ears ring.”

“You bloody Scot.” Claire replied irritated, but the corners of her mouth trembled with the temptation of smiling. “You really can’t do as you’re told, can you?”

“Ye can reprimand my brother for this one.” I smiled, sadness finding its way through the overjoyed state I was in. “He sent me after you.”

“Oh.” She gave me a surprised look. “Are you sure that’s what he meant?”

“Ach.” I snorted. “Loving ye hasna made me deaf or entirely daft yet. William told me to get you…” I swallowed hard. “To be with you. Away from Lallybroch.”

“But Lallybroch is your home, Jamie.” She crossed her arms, raising her chin in a stubborn move that made me want to kiss the small hollow on it. “I can’t take you away from it.”

“I ken yer reasons, Claire.” I caressed her lips with my finger, silencing her. “And Lallybroch was my home, aye - but it was never mine to begin with. Lallybroch belongs to William – as I belong to you. I shall build my home with our love as its hearth.”

“Jamie…” Her eyes were moist, her lips full under my finger. “Will you kiss me? Or do you have more remarks to make about my horse first?”

“Oh, I have plenty to say about it, mo nighean donn.” My fingers were already aching with the need to touch her, to have her body against mine in tenderness. “But it can wait – I have a mind to kiss ye just now.”

Our lips met in blazing glory – I was listening to a symphony playing somewhere, written by the cadence of our breathing, of our hearts. Our tongues found each other and danced together, as our hands searched for sensible ground. I smiled against her mouth as I heard her growling, greedily, her nails digging on my shoulders, struggling to get me closer to her.

We were standing near the road, but slowly we waltzed together until our figures were hidden by the trees, the chilled air prickling our heated skin.

When Claire bit my neck with just enough force to make me moan in want, I scooped her from the ground and soon enough was lying on my back in a bed of brown leafs, her body pressed on top of mine. My hands discarded her shawl, eager to expose more skin.

She raised herself and looked me in the eyes, my arousal clearly visible between us, barely hidden with the folds of my kilt.

“Do you want me to stop?” She asked.

“I’ll die if ye do.” I said in a husky voice. “But aye. I want ye to claim me.” I traced her brow and my fingers slid across the sacred trail of her cheek and neck, leaving a pathway of goosebumps on her skin. “To feel yer body roused by mine and ken I have owned the right to see ye so. To touch ye and know I have my whole life to do it again and again. That I can come to ye, fierce and wanting, and ye’ll be ready only with the memory of my fingers and mouth.” I cupped her breast through the fabric of her bodice with a light hand. I didn’t wish to tease her any further – only that my hand seemed made to fit there. “But after all that happened, I want do it right. I want to do right by you.” I kissed her moist lips, drinking the promise of her whimpers and sobs. “I wish our union to be made sacred to all men, as it has been in my heart since the day I met ye. No man or deity shall claim against our embrace.”

“So, we wait.” Claire closed her eyes, slightly panting. “Waiting is nice too. Makes the heart grow fonder.”

I snorted.

“Waiting with you on top of me, yer hair all curly and unruly, yer breasts teasing me like two ripe fruits of sin…” I sucked at her bottom lip. “Many things are bound to grow here, mo nighean donn.”

She laughed and rolled away, laying on her back next to me.

“Was that a marriage proposal? Because I’ve definitely heard propositions involving more romance. Yours seems to be based on the prospect of being able to bed me afterwards.”

“But ye’ve never heard truer ones.” I smiled at her with mischief. “I love ye, Claire. And I want to bed ye alright – but I want to love ye more.”

“And where will we live?” She asked, after kissing me thoroughly.

“We can ask my godfather’s help; he can aid with getting us settled somewhere. Or perhaps go to my kinsmen at Leoch – they do need a healer and I’m certain I’ll be welcomed at their stables.”

“You have this all planned, don’t you?” She teased me, amused.

“My only plan, lass…” I brushed her lips, hungry for more of her kisses. “Is to love ye the rest of my life.”


That night, as I slept with Claire in my arms amongst the heather, I dreamt of William.

I was standing outside his bedroom and could see his figure lying in bed. His room was filled with shadows, the shutters closed, leaving him half covered in darkness. I looked to the floor and saw our playing swords, the wooden wee things we used to dangle around, pretending we were legendary warriors, the opposing army consisting solely of each other. His boots, aligned and peeking beneath the bed, were small and worn out from running and climbing, caked with dry mud.

I knew that image. It was the first time I had seen him after he had been taken ill with the pox – the first time I had seen him in weeks. Those had been some of the hardest days of my life – even though I had been a young bairn, the absence of my brother and the danger that had surrounded him didn’t escape my attention. I remember frequently awaking in the middle of the night crying and calling for him, too afraid he would leave me behind.

I stepped inside the room and watched his face, the fair skin of his cheek covered with marks from the freshly fallen scabs. His wrists were thin and fragile, like chicken bones, all of his healthy complexion robbed by the raging fever that had afflicted him for so many days.

I had wanted to crawl in bed next to him and weep with relief, wondrously watching his chest rise and fall with the rhythm of his breathing.

He must have heard me walking - or perhaps snuffling with uncontained tears - for he turned his head and his lips formed a welcoming smile that healed my own soul-sickness. He opened his eyes and called “Sawny” – and I could feel the breath of his whisper against the skin of my ear, real against my forgotten body, as I walked inside my dreams.

I came out of sleep like I had been plunged in cold water. I could still feel him, as if he had just left my side, my arms still locked around Claire’s sleeping body. I moved restless and frightened, adjusting my plaid to cover Claire, as I got up to stir the fire we had built the previous night.

Dawn was breaking and with it came a rider at distance.

I recognized Jenny even before I could distinguish her features – my sister was a bonny tracker, having been taught by myself, Ian and William.

Claire was suddenly by my side as I raised my arm to salute her, puzzled with her presence. Once Jenny dismounted her horse, her face told me that she served as messenger for daunting news.

“The redcoats came into the house, looking for food and fresh horses. Da wasna there, he went to the village for some grain.” She panted, holding her stomach as if she was about to be sick. “An officer, a wicked man named Captain Jack Randall, threatened to…” Jenny looked at them, helpless. “He made advances on my person. Willie came from the field then and fought the soldiers that were holding me. He…” Tears welled up in her eyes.

“What happened, Jenny?” I demanded, grabbing her arm, fear curling inside me like a black wave. I could still hear the echo of William calling me inside my head. “Sawny”. “Where is Willie?”

“The redcoats have him.” She blurted, her lips pale. “They arrested him. He has been taken to Fort William.”

Found Her Place

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Author’s Note: This is a Filip “Chibs” Telford imagine based on At Last by Etta James as requested by the lovely @traceyaudette as well as request number 1 for MM7. Hope you enjoy! 

Found Her Place


At last 
My love has come along
My lonely days are over
And life is like a song

Oh yeah yeah
At last


The voicemail from Filip sounded urgent and with hands gripping the steering wheel she tries to get a hold on her worry. Things have been a little strained between them lately, and pulling into TM she sees just one bike parked, Filip’s. Her eyebrows knit together, she’s never seen TM so empty. It’s eerie.

Her footsteps echo off the pavement and as she reaches the clubhouse door she finds a piece of paper taped with one simple word scrawled across it.


She turns and peering up her eyes find Filip. He stands solemnly, eyes hidden by sunglasses and the worry she thought she had control over grows by leaps and bounds as she climbs up to join him.

His back is to her as he doesn’t turn to greet her, and wringing her hands nervously she clears her throat.

“Filip,” she hates that her voice wavers. “You said we need to talk, and I know what that means, but you didn’t have to make all the guys leave, I won’t cause a scene.” The silence is palpable between them and even as the tears start to burn in her eyes she squares her shoulders. “Are you going to say nothing then?”

She’s building up a head of steam but before she can explode Filip simply holds up a finger, silencing her. He turns to her finally, and taking his sunglasses of his eyes meet hers.

“I’m not after ending things lass,” Filip’s voice is soft as he takes a step towards her, and then another, and another until finally the distance between them has been closed and his hands are cupping her face. “I’m after asking you to be my wife.”


Her hand is pressed to her stomach as she tells herself to keep breathing. Butterflies bounce and flutter, and she worries if only momentarily that she might be sick, but as she turns to study herself in the mirror everything grows quiet.

The lace gown is a flowy number that’s been handed down through the generations, and as she runs her hands over the material she swears she can feel love in every stitch, and today she’s adding more to it. She thought she’d known love before but looking back now she realizes those relationships served as mere stepping stones leading her to this, to him. Filip.

“Maggie,” a soft voice calls from behind her and turning she finds a smiling Lyla swathed in soft peach, “it’s time.”


The skies above are blue
My heart was wrapped up in clover
The night I looked at you

I found a dream, that I could speak to
A dream that I can call my own
I found a thrill to press my cheek to
A thrill that I have never known


She timed how long it would take to walk down the aisle at the rehearsal. Thirty seconds. That’s how long it takes to change a life, but with one hand held in the crook of Bobby’s arm, and her eyes on Filip at the end of the path, the nerves in her stomach smooth out; and all she can think about is the moment she took the headlong fall into love.

It was another lockdown; they seemed to become rather normal, but this one was different. The familial air that usually settled over SAMCRO was strained, the guys unusually quiet. She was worried, but she kept her thoughts to herself. The last Filip or any of them needed was someone asking a bunch of questions, so instead she kept herself busy; whether it was working the bar or helping Gemma prepare food, she had her hand in a little bit of everything.

She was in the middle of listening to a few of the prospects talk when she looked up and saw Filip holding Thomas up over his head making the baby giggle, and for just a few seconds their eyes met and she felt it. The world shifted and fell into place, and love blew through her like a hurricane.


She wants to get to Filip as fast as she can, and if it weren’t for Bobby’s hold on her hand she would have sprinted, and when at last she’s standing in front of him, his hand warm on hers she knows that every moment that has led to this has been worth it.

“Hello love,” Filip whispers when he brushes a kiss to her cheek, “you’re absolutely beautiful.” A blush flushes her skin as she reaches up to brush shaking hands over his leather.

“So handsome, Mr. Telford,” she says earning a quick chuckle and roll of laughter from small group watching on.


Oh yeah yeah
You smiled, you smiled
Oh and then the spell was cast
And here we are in heaven
for you are mine…


Her head rests on his chest, hand tightly in his as soft music fills the autumn air and she can’t help but think of all the things that brought them to this moment. They’ve been gone through hell and back again so many times, and while most would break from the strain, they managed to grow stronger. As they sway under the moon she looks into the face of her husband and knows she’s finally found her place.


At Last


To Become A High Lady

Series: A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

Characters: Feyre, Rhysand, Maris (OC)

Ship: Feyre/Rhysand

Rating: T

Word Count: 2162

Originally posted on the Archive of Our Own at http://archiveofourown.org/works/7325959

Inspired by @xnightwolfx​‘s analysis post, “About Tamlin’s and Rhys’s Reactions to the Idea of a “High Lady”“.

Summary: My imagining of the scene insinuated to have happened between Chapter 60 & 61 of ACOMAF, revealed by Rhysand in Chapter 68.

Tamlin said there was no such thing as a High Lady.

Rhysand felt otherwise.

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BTS reacting to being cheered up

It was kinda hard to find songs that matched with the situation, so i’m sorry if they don’t actually fit. I hope you like it tho.

-Admin Strawberry IceCream


You noticed how Jin was so stressed out and upset that the new choreography was so hard and he couldn’t keep up with so he had to practice a lot more than his band mates. One night he came home at 1 AM as you waited for him with a warm meal and you noticed how silent he was, not touching his food. You knew it was serious and you had to do something about it. As he struggled to eat some of the food, you got down on one knee and started singing “Propose” with an overdramatic tone.He looked at you shocked before he laughed nervously.

“I thought you were gonna propose and i almost had a heart attack.


You heard Yoongi groan in frustration at his desk as he was trying to write the lyrics for their new title track. His band members also told you that he is having trouble concentrating on the dancing too and you understood him but every time you’d ask him about it, he would only turn his back on you, saying that it’s nothing. As you couldn’t take it to see him like this, you got up from the couch and went behind him, placing your hand on his shoulders to massage it while singing “Tomorrow”. He let out a small laugh.

“Thank you, Jagi. I kinda needed that.”


 It’s been a month since Hobi finished recording his mixtape and you noticed how every week he was postponing the date of release. And every time you’d ask him why, he would tell you that he didn’t have enough time. You knew he wasn’t confident in his skills and he was afraid that no one would listen to it or worst, they would criticize his work. Another week came by and this time you went to his recording room to find him rubbing his temple anxiously as you walked towards him and turned his chair around so he would face you. You began singing No More Dream and you saw a smile curl up his lips.

“I won’t give up on my dream, Jagi. Thank you for reminding me.”


You noticed how every night Namjoon came home later and later and it worried you. The fact that the boys told you how he would lock himself in the recording room to work on their album and wouldn’t let anyone in worried you even more. You saw how tensed he was in the interviews and tv shows and you just wished he would relax a little and have fun with the boys. You understood that being a leader was a big responsibility on his shoulders and he had to make sure everything would turn out perfect. You surprised him one night when you started singing “Nevermind” as he looked up at you.

“I’ll try to loosen up a little. I appreciate you worrying for me.”


You noticed that Jimin was starving himself again in order to lose weight because of the mean feedback the fans has been giving him, in order to build his abs back. You knew it was stupid and it was affecting his health but he wanted to please the fans. One day you saw him looking at a box of donuts as he sighed frustrated, clearly craving for one but hold himself from eating. You couldn’t stand seeing him in pain and you went by his side with a donut in your hand and placed it in front of his lips while you were singing “Just the way you are” by Bruno Mars.

“Thank you. I don’t think I’m gonna keep that up.”


With the upcoming concerts for their latest album, Taehyung works hard on his vocals and dancing to improve himself. You knew he was not confident in his voice and always placed himself last in looks and you always tried to boost up his confidence by complimenting him but he never took you seriously. You noticed how he’d skipping his meals and sleep and it worried you. One night when he told you he would stay to practice more, you decided to go visit him and convince him that what he does was not healthy. You found him on the floor panting heavily and you sat beside him, singing “Until the end of time” by JT.

“I have to do my best, Jagi. But don’t worry, Oppa is Superman.”


He was having his first solo performance alongside another big idol and the emotions overwhelmed him as his voice cracked a little during his solo. You could see the disappointment on his face as you knew how strict he was with himself. He was always placing himself last in every possible rank when it came to Bangtan. He was always working over hours and tried his best to improve himself and it pained you to see him sad and depressed. As he came down from the stage, you followed him to the waiting room and you saw tears forming in his eye. You took his hand as you began to sing ”Confident” by Justin Bieber.

“Thank you for believing in me, Jagi. I promise I’ll slow it down.”  


Character(s): Sam Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 400


   Some kisses are just that – kisses. They aren’t flirty or heated or precursors to passion, they’re simple and straightforward with a basic message: I love you. Sam is good at the kissing thing. You’re never confused as to what his kisses are implying. If he’s not looking for foreplay, they lack a certain heat and aren’t as open-mouthed. He never even asks for you to so much as return the kisses.

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You looked at me like I was someone else last night.
You touched me like I wore someone else’s skin.
I told you I wanted all of your body and none of your heart,
but this will be harder if you can’t look at me and not think of him.

You kissed me like you thought I could save you last night.
You looked at me like you believed I could send you to sleep.
I promised you I’d do my best to chase the demons,
but I know it’s not my face you’ll be seeing in your dream.

You live your life trying to find his replacement,
boys and girls who laugh in the same tone.
You try and find his fingerprints in someone else’s hand,
but every night you end up going home alone.

You listened as your mother told you you’d find someone else.
You know she was thrilled to see me instead at your side.
But that won’t stop you waking up in the middle of the night,
wishing it was me instead of him taking up your mind.

—  Josie, “From His Replacement

asingledistantrose  asked:

I had a horrible night at work. Can I suggest a prompt where Omega!Nitori is pregnant but doesn't want to tell Rin for fear that the news will keep him from following his dream to swim at the Olympics, but Rin finds out and he cant wait 2 be a papa?

I’m sorry this took so long, I was caught up in a school project. I’m sorry you had a bad night, I hope my fic will help.

Something was wrong. Even Momotarou, ever dense but kindhearted Momo, could tell something was off with their captain. Nitori spent less and less time actually swimming, though he still came to every practice and coached everyone. He still smiled brightly and encouraged each team member whole heartedly but his eyes were tired and his slender shoulders settled wearily.

Momo had been forced to switch rooms when Nitori had become a third year, though he was now only across the hall rooming with another second year. Nitori had scored a room to himself since he was now a mated omega who went through heats regularly. He knew for a fact though that Nitori was almost constantly sick. He’d heard Nitori trying to console some of the boys who lived in the room closest to where Nitori’s bathroom was located. Apparently the boys had heard him vomiting and were worried. The pale boy tried to brush it off as a stomach bug but Momotarou knew it was something else.

He tried not to feel like he was tattling as he dialed a familiar number. He was really only doing this for Nitori’s own good. He tried to reassure himself as he waited for someone to pick up. It only took a few more rings for the telltale click to make him aware that someone had answered.

“What is it Momo?” A grouchy but slightly fond voice questioned. Momotarou felt warmth fill his chest at the sound of the familiar voice rang in his ears, the warmth vanished as he remembered the circumstances of his call.

“Rin-senpai, something’s wrong.”


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Once again I’m overwhelmed with this feeling that I don’t want to get to know someone else. It’s like you spend so much time and energy learning and memorizing every fact you can about your partner: their favorite color, their dreams, the way they move in their sleep, the way they pull you close and hold you in the middle of the night. You know their conversational habits; you pick up on when he’s being serious or when he’s setting himself up to tell a joke. You know when he’s tired or annoyed. You know what music he likes, lines from his favorite movie. You know how much he loves his cat and how much he loves beer.

Most of all, maybe most importantly, you know how much he loves you. You’ve memorized that look he gives you when he wants nothing else than to just get lost in you. You even go so far as to dream about that beautiful smile you’ve been the cause of so many times you’ve lost count.

Remember the first time he told you he loved you? How he said ‘Hey!’ and paused as he built up the courage to say it? Remember the times when even though you were over 200 miles away, you read his mind as if you were right beside him? You’ve experienced all of these things, all of these memories, all of these laughs and tears and beautiful moments. You’ve lived a small lifetime with this man in four months. How are you supposed to find the motivation to start over and build another life with someone else?

I don’t care about your favorite color. I don’t want to know how your lips feel against mine or how it feels when you hold me tight in your sleep. I can’t comprehend it, because if I choose to start over, it’ll be like I’m wiping his prints clean. I’m erasing his biography and downloading yours. I’m not ready. I’m just not ready, because every night I still dream of him. He’s holding me, singing to me even though he hates to sing. He’s smiling that brilliant smile. He’s my sun. He’s still mine. And until he fades from my unconscious, until he’s no longer my sun, I’m sorry but I just can’t get to know you.


Could you do an imagine where you leave Neverland to go to the Enchanted Forest for something & you get cursed by Regina’s spell from s1 & Pan finds you but you don’t remember him? I know it’s long but yeah…c:

“I’ll be fine don’t worry.” I reassured Peter. “I have a bad feeling about this.” I cut him off with a kiss. “I’ll be back in three days time.” “I love you.” “I love you too and I’ll see you soon.”

The enchanted forest was beautiful.
I was making my way to go find Red when I saw a fog drift over the kingdom. Confused I watched it but passed out as it drifted over me.

“Y/N BREAKFAST IS READY!” My mother called. “COMING!” I yelled back. Every single night I would have the same dream. I didn’t know where I was to start but I knew I had to get back to this Peter guy. Peter was the only thing I could remember about him. Nothing else just a name. I shrugged it off and walked downstairs. “I need you to go babysit Henry Mills today.” My mom said as I sat down. “Yeah sure anytime you know I love that kid.” Regina Mills was my mothers best friend. Apparently they had know each other a very long time. Longer than you think, that’s what Regina always said. So I always hung out with Henry when he was alone. He was like my little brother in a way. After eating I ran upstairs and got all ready. I pulled on a random out fit and walked outside.

~Back in Neverland~
“Felix it’s been years. If I can’t find my true love then I have to take the heart of this kid. Now watch over Neverland I’m doing this personally.”

~Back in Storybrook~
“Hello Y/N.” Regina greeted. “Hey Regina.” “Henry is upstairs.” “Alright.” Regina left and I ran upstairs. “Henry?!” I called before walking into his room. The first thing I saw was him and some teenage boy. “Oh hey Henry who’s your friend.” “I’m Peter. Peter Pan.” “Wow your so funny. New flash Peter Pan isn’t real.” “Henry did the curse not break with her?” “No she needs true loves kiss and her boyfriend just dumped her.” “Oh kay there let’s not talk about that. Still hurts.” I said raising an eyebrow. “Sorry. Uh here let’s go to Granny’s.” Henry said. “Okay whatever I’ll drive.” I said grabbing my keys and purse.

I hung out with Peter and Henry. It was kinda fun. When it got late I dropped Henry off and drove Peter around town. “And over there is the town line. One day I’m going to cross it and live in the big wide somewhere.” I said staring out at the escape of this closed off town. “Do you not like it here?” “My only friend is Henry and I’m pretty sure my family hates me.” I said looking over at Peter. I saw something in his eyes. Almost an understanding. Before I knew it his lips where on mine. I felt a rush of memories and I pulled back gasping. “Peter?” “Y/N.” I wrapped my arms around him. “I promise to never leave again.” “Let’s take you home the lost boys will be very pleased.” “One second.” I wrote a letter to Henry and told him I would see him again soon. “Ready?” “Ready.”