i find her laugh very attractive

How would Got7 react to your cutest smile?


He would smile back at you and say “You are so cute”

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I feel like he would just stare at you and laugh because he loves it

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He would try not to show how cute he thinks you are but her would fail miserably

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He would act cute to make you smile even more

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He would find your smile very attractive and try to make you laugh so he can see is again.

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He would be like Jr. and act cute to see you smile again and again

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He would smile and laugh along with you because it is contagious.

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cryptiquecat  asked:

What do INTJs often find attractive about INFPs?

I can only from my very personal point of view. I know there are some INTJs who’ve never really met an INFP they like, but for me personally they are wonderful human beings to spend time with.

So here are some of the things I like about on particular female INFP I know:

1. She’s ridiculous and she knows it. She’s able to laugh about herself and her laughter is contagious. It’s easy to joke around with her because she gets my kind of humor and she simply is hilarious.

2. She is incredibly deep and thoughtful. From this one ridiculous conversation it’s easy to drift to sharing thoughts about life and all it’s problems. The discussion I had with her go deeper than most other conversations I’ve had in my life. Maybe it’s we have such a close relationship. In any way it’s beautiful to share my thoughts and to listen to hers. I might not think of feel the same all the time but it’s still always wonderful to talk to her. Also because:

3. She’s inspiring. I don’t understand her mind sometimes. How she jumps from one idea to the next one. And I can’t really comprehend how she’s able to find so many brilliant new things (like in music or food or places). She enriches my life in so many levels.

4. She taught me a whole bunch of things. One of them being spontaneity. She has this “living in the moment” attitude in her life. Often I wonder how she’s able to get everything done without having a long term plan. She seems ot have this gift of getting everything sorted exactly on time. She taught me things about people and her world and she also taught me a lot about myself. Which might sound strange and I’m not even sure how to put this becuase I think I don’t fully understand it either…

5. I like listening to her. I don’t even mind what exactly the converastion is about. Her point of view is pretty much always interesting. And the way she tells those stories of hers, is just enjoyable. And another good thing is that she kept contacting me (especially in the early years of our friendship this was crucial).

She also as a pretty damn awesome style of clothing and sense of design and is a brilliant illustrator, graphic designer and photographer. So yeah… This is my personal point of view.

What are your experiences with INFPs and why do YOU like them? Or why don’t you like them? Leave a comment!

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