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Ways to Bond With Your Tarot Deck!

I recently did a BUNCH of tarot readings with a deck I hadn’t used in a while, and by the time I was finished, I could literally just feel my cards getting irritated and worn out. It was quite a strange sensation, but I finally felt like I could relate to the “big shot” diviners I look up to on Tumblr!

I’m going to say that if your cards decide they’re getting too tired after a certain number of readings, just say thank you, and put them away. I usually wrap mine up in a black shawl I have, and set a quartz crystal(for cleansing) and an amethyst(for psychic gifts and mental acuity) on top of them for a few hours.

Some ways you can bond with a tired deck(or if you just don’t want to do readings atm):

  • Shuffling absentmindedly
  • Sleeping with the deck under your pillow
  • Studying the cards themselves, I.e. the photos on each one
  • Practice shuffling and drawing cards
  • Coming up with your own meaning or even stories for each card based on your gut or the pictures

There’s lots of things you can do that don’t necessarily require actual readings that might wear out both you and your cards. But the more time you spend with them, the more in-tune you become with each other, and the more reliable and clear your readings can become! I would also suggest doing things not related to the deck itself, like studying tarot card meanings online, learning how to make your own spreads and finding spreads online. Learning how to handle your deck can make for a much more enjoyable experience with it!

Inexpensive "thank you" for your vet

I’ve posted about this before but I cannot overemphasize just how much a simple “thank you” is to your veterinarian. We don’t hear it often enough.

Want to do something more but you’re broke? Write a really great review about your vet and post it on a few sites. Just copy and paste, no need to write something different for each one. A nice Yelp, Google, and Facebook review costs nothing and not only makes us feel good but attracts more clients for us. Vets often get lots of negative reviews related to the fact that we aren’t free, but not many people take time to write good ones.

Another inexpensive gift is a photo of your pet. I treated a very sweet parrot for cancer and we ended up seeing one another almost weekly for months. Eventually he had to be euthanized which was heartbreaking. Later on the owner sent me a nice thank you and a photograph of my patient. I really liked it and the picture is framed on my desk.

Finally, gift cards. A Starbucks or Dunkin gift card is always wonderful and it doesn’t have to be for much.

Just show you are thankful and appreciative anyway you can and I promise it will make your vet’s day.

So adding to that I’m going to add context with some whining.  After getting my tax return I finally decided to use this gift card to Best Buy my mom got me for Christmas and pick up the new Intuos Pro since they’re $50 off right now.  I figure spending $100 on a brand new tablet to replace my really old and scratched up Intuos 4 isn’t a bad deal at all.  And now that I’ve gotten it, I feel like Wacom deliberately keeps making these new versions of the Intuos more and more rough specifically so the nibs wear out quicker and quicker.  Long rambling ahead…

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Someone at work gave me an Amazon gift card. Working late is rare for me. When it was necessary last week I didn’t bitch. It wasn’t the extra work I did but the lack of complaining I think that produced the gift card.

My Timex Ironman watch dates to 2006. The battery has been replaced several times, the band once. I ran many miles with it before my Garmin GPS watches appeared. This Timex has been a favorite of mine however for daily wear. It’s lightweight and has a backlight. The alarm is useful when I travel. The countdown timer is handy for cooking, especially outside with the grill. …3, 2, 1, flip!

Lately the watch has been resetting itself. I stopped correcting the time and date but kept the watch because the stopwatch still worked. I used it when I ran indoors. The band finally broke again. Receiving the Amazon gift card was a sign it’s time to move on.

Isn’t it great to use up something before it’s missing or broken? Lip balm is an example. What an exhilarating feeling it is to reach the bottom of that plastic tube. No? Spending money is easier when I’m replacing something empty or worn out instead of lost. Using a pen until it’s dry makes me proud.

I ended up with the same model of watch because I like it so much. It’s available in a more than dozen colors. Gray looks sharp but the blue version was $5 less. The color matches my eyes! But mostly I saved $5.

With running in mind I also resupplied with Nuun and Gu. Finally, I bought a range bag. I had my hands full holding all sorts of small cases last time I went to the range. This bag was fairly inexpensive and holds everything except some paper targets.

Father-daughter rebellion Charles Xavier x teen reader

Thought I’d take a break from posting up Loki fics (don’t worry there are more) and post up some X-men mainly Charles Xavier (young) all of these mainly come from requests from my wattpad I haven’t really thought of one on my own since I grew up on Xmen the animated series plus the first three movies when I was a kid but then grew out of them and now I only tolerate them but I enjoy reading the fics you guys make and I’ll do any Professor X requests if more come my way (same thing with the other Xmen characters after all I did watch them when I was a kid and liked it a lot)

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It started off as any normal day at Xavier’s school for the gifted youngster, I wake up, head downstairs for breakfast, get dressed, then I head outside for a little exercise before I start my three hour training session with Jean and my dad yeah you heard right, Charles Xavier the headmaster and founder of the Xavier school is my father.

Anyways after the training session I do lunch with Jean and the rest of our girl squad, after lunch we hit the mall then head back just before dinner and at night when my dad is retiring for the night, I head out to the gardens to meet with my boyfriend Peter Maximoff otherwise known as Quicksilver.  We sit, have a small picnic together, listen to his tunes and then he runs me back to my room when it gets late and my day starts all over again. Pretty good life if I may say so myself, but that’s just me well anyways goodnight all until tomorrow.

The next morning, I woke up at 7:45am and headed downstairs for breakfast.

“Morning everyone” I said.  They all greeted me back, I then walked towards my dad and pecked his cheek saying, “morning daddy”.

“Good morning (y/n), oh today I want to have a private training test with you today at 9 sharp”.

“Okay, where are we going?”

“Our special training field, don’t be late”.

“Sir Yes sir” I mocked saluted.  He scowled at me playfully and swatted at me but I managed to retreat to the kitchen to grab me a plateful of Hank’s delicious pancakes.

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What’s in my School Bag?

Excuse the quality of the picture! I wanted to get this posted before my first day of school tomorrow and before my school bag would be a breeding ground for wrappers and old receipts from Tim Horton’s. 

I use a Herschel Supply black backpack (it will be my 4th  year using it). Here are the things I’ll be starting my semester with:

1. My laptop: Before university, I never brought my laptop (a PC) to school because it was so heavy and held a charge for an hour at most. Since switching to a Macbook Pro, I have never looked back (and that says a lot coming from someone who really never saw the point in paying an excessive amount of money for a laptop). It’s so light, has a great battery life, and is super useful for taking notes in class. Any powerful laptop will do, of course, and it definitely doesn’t need to be a Macbook. If you’re not into typing notes, do you and use notebooks to write out your notes.

2. Headphones: Beats headphones are amazing at blocking out any noise. I’m someone who is easily distracted by certain noises, so I like to wear these while I study, even if I’m not listening to anything. Usually, if I’m listening to anything, I’m listening to lectures and these are great for hearing everything clearly. It’s like you’re back in class again.

3. Notebooks: I wrote notes for 2/5 classes last semester, so notebooks and writing by hand are ideal depending on the class and what you prefer. I don’t use fancy Five-star notebooks because I personally can’t justify spending $7 per notebook when I can buy the Hilroy 80 page notebooks for just 5 CENTS each. I will also be using my “I can & I will” notebook for daily tasks, tracking water intake, daily expenses, etc - anything I feel like jotting down in a day. I want to use it like a bullet journal, but I can’t commit to a real bullet journal just yet. It doesn’t hurt to have a little motivation every time I reach for a notebook either.

4. My Agenda: This definitely doesn’t need much explaining. Agendas are lifesavers for tracking dates and planning your study schedules! 

5. Pencil case: This pencil case is from American Apparel, but I will be buying another one soon. I can do a separate post for what’s in my pencil case! Also, I have two cute buttons from my school bookstore, one with a cat drinking coffee and the other says Don’t Freak Out! 

6. Post-Its: I love using post-its for summarizing on typed notes. I’ve only shown one pack here, but towards midterms and finals, I usually have a variety of post-its for all my studying needs.

7. My Wallet: Again, not much explaining to do here. Money, gift cards to food places (important!), my school ID, etc. - all stored here.

8. Little necessities: I’m just going to put the rest here in a single category - sunglasses, reading glasses, my phone charger, tissues, hand sanitizer, and a miniature body lotion. Some of this might seem a little unnecessary to you, but there are things I found myself needing throughout the semester, like lotion for dry hands because of winter and not smelling bad once you’ve walked up a hill to class.

What I didn’t show was a water bottle because I was using it. You should always make sure you have water with you! Stay hydrated, folks.


The Brady Tarot: Natural History Meets The Esoteric

A lush 78-card Tarot deck with birds and other flora and fauna of North America, illustrated with hand-colored linocuts.

I was first introduced to the Tarot at thirteen and immediately was captivated. I found images like Death riding on his white horse and the High Priestess’s robes morphing into rushing water both mysterious and inviting. However, it wasn’t until my early twenties, over a decade ago, that I began studying the Tarot in earnest thanks to a well-versed friend. As an artist, I delighted in using images as tools to reflect upon and better understand my life and the world around me. Ever since, I have been longing to make my own deck to share this gift of insight with the world. In college, I tried my hand at making a few cards, but knew it wasn’t time; my skill and comprehension was not yet up to the task. Finally, at the end of 2016, when so much felt uncertain for so many people, I was moved to manifest this project into the hands of those that need it. This deck is a tool to shape a more universal conversation and connect to deeper and more personal purposes amidst times of great change.

“jordin’s mother’s day card” 5/14/17

Drawing is such a gift to ME. I believe they (my family) are the greatest gifts I have been given. I often cry when I draw us (or even draw just jordin). It usually happens when I get some basic shapes first sketched in, and suddenly I see the whole finished picture in my head, and it breaks me to tears, because I’m so overwhelmed at how beautiful the final image is in my head, and how thankful I am for the people in it.

Then it’s a matter of work, to try to show someone else the image I see in my head. Sometimes the finished picture is very close to what is in my head, sometimes it’s less close. That is what makes drawing both difficult and rewarding.

So I got an iHop gift card for Christmas and I haven’t used it because, well, I don’t like iHop. But today I finally broke (because I don’t really have meat at home but don’t want to spend on groceries juuuust yet) and I went to iHop.

And after I’d finished my mostly okay food I did some quick math in my head and realized I’d have an inconvenient leftover balance on the card that would literally never get spent, because if it took me 9 months to get here when I could get a free meal, I’d certainly not come back when I’d have to spend some of my own money.

So the obvious solution was do some math and order something else. So I asked for a menu (without explaining the sitch) and looked it over and of course 99% of the menu will put me above my balance after you account for taxes and tip, so in the interest of Spending As Close Without Going Over I ordered a fruit cup.

And my waiter looked very concerned with me and said, “it’s a very small fruit cup. It is almost $5 and very small” and he seemed Very Worried about how much I was getting ripped off here.

So before I could explain it was fine, he turned the page on my menu and said “there, order that. It is also $5, and it comes with a fruit cup”

And I said, “That’s the kids menu. Can I order that even though I’m not under 12?”

And he was so serious and said, “We are not supposed to, but it is okay. I cannot let you spend $5 and just get fruit.”

Anyway some humans are really good and we should protect them.

New amazing supplies sponsored by the parents!
• Backpack from Cath Kidston {my fav brand}
• Monthly Planner via the Paper Stone
• Moleskine notebook {tbh this is a first for me (even though my parents have been using these for years) because I can’t seem to get myself to pay 30$ for a pack of 3. If this was not a gift I wouldn’t have gotten it even though I admire the finish}
• Cath Kidston small pouch for access cards and public transport cards💕

What should I do in my notebook? If you have any cool ideas send me a message☺️

College/Roomies AU RP ideas
  • ‘this isnt my door but i’m a little drunk and your place looks comfier than the walk back to my room.’ 
  • ‘you woke up and found me passed out in the hallway naked & were very kind about it. here’s your robe back’
  • ‘you woke up and found me passed out in the hallway naked & took numerous photos. why’
  • ‘my roomate dates your roomate and we’ve been sitting her awkwardly as they make out for the past 10 minutes. i’m going to pretend to smoke and you’re gonna follow me out’
  • ‘you’re in my class and i never have a pen & you always give me yours so i got you a $20 gift card to office depo as an apology’
  • ‘you’ve sat next to me in IT for the last year and now we’ve been partnered for something & i don’t know you’re name, this is awkward’
  • ‘The three of us haven’t slept for days because finals but now they’re over and we’ve basically collapses in a big pile on the couch. we woke up this way’
  • ‘I’ve seen you a few times around halls but I didn’t expect to wake up next to you’
  • ‘You’re always late to breakfast and usually I enjoy watching you run in five minutes before the hall closes but today you didn’t even show up and I had to see why not. That’s why I’m at your door with a plate of waffles’
  • ‘I was a little too drunk and you helped me back to my dorm. how did you know where my dorm was, again?’
  • ‘I saw you had a shirt on for my favorite band so i wore my shirt of them the next day to send you the message but turns out you were doing it ironically’
  • ‘i was dared to kiss the next guy/girl/ person who walked through the door. sorry. pucker up’
  • ‘I was late for class and ran into you and broke your project and now i’m spending the next two weeks helping you fix it because I feel so bad’
  • ‘You kept putting fliers for your goddamn dungeons and dragons meets under my door and i’ was sick of it so i went to one of the damn things to tell you to quit it but you’ve got me hooked on the game & i hate you’
  • ‘My friends left me in a club & you recognised me from dorms and helped me get home/looked after me so i’m taking you out for coffee as a thanks’
  • ‘We take the same bus every morning and share like three classes and are always sneaking glances at eachother but the bus has broken down and it looks like we’re walking together’
  • ‘We’re roomies and you found out I hate the smell of coffee so you make a fresh POT of coffee every morning and i’m going to end you’
  • ‘I always stop and listen to you singing in the shower but this time you caught me. I was just listening i sweAR’
  • ‘The dorm rules said no pets but you’ve been keeping a ______ in your room for the last 4 months and i’ve bonded with it more than I have with you’
  • ‘I like classical and you like screamo. We’re going to have to compromise’
  • ‘You keep changing my alarm because its waking you up too but my classes start earlier and I might just kick you ass if you do it again’
  • ‘My train was cancelled and you drove four hours to pick me up even though we’ve only been rooming for 3 weeks’
  • ‘You keep putting marked lines on the milk carton so you can see noones used it so i just keep rubbing them off and using it then drawing new ones on to see if you’d really notice. you noticed’ 
  • ‘There isn’t any toilet roll left but i just saw you leave the bathroom without saying a thing’
  • ‘There are two plug ports but three of us. I end up with both of them’
  • ‘you wear shirts with references to bands you know nothing about and it really irks me so i’m gonna have to say something about it’
  • ‘How did they managed to room two people together who were so different?’
  • ‘You always do long presentations and I fell asleep during one of them and you confronted me about it after’
  • ‘we’re on the newspaper together and you keep trying to write articles about ______ and its something i feel strongly about too so we plan to take over the paper from the inside over coffee’
  • ‘we’re on the newspaper together and you keep trying to write articles about ______ and its literally pissing everyone in the news room off’
  • ‘you’re a parachute in the school & don’t take shit seriously and think interuptting my classes is funny. i’m gonna show you how it really isn’t’
  • ‘we’ve both been listening to Beyonce on full blast for the last 2 days and dont see any end in it. our dorm is a paradise’
  • ‘you always have your friends over and i’m trying to study can you all go play Mario Kart some place else’ 
  • ‘you’re spending so much money on take out  that i’m getting sick of seeing it so i’m teaching you how to cook’
  • ‘we have to stay over the summer for make up classes & i’ve had a year of you bragging over your good grades, this is gold’
  • ‘you ask me out on the very last day of the year and i’m just really mad because i’ve been waiting so long for you to goddamnit’

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☀️ tell us five small things that have brightened your day recently

1. Brandon, obviously.
2. I turned 26 a few days ago. I can now legally (inexpensively) rent a car 🤷🏻‍♀️ I got to spend the weekend with my family.. including my very pregnant sister and got like 4 gift cards to my favorite local coffee shop (score)
3. I get my best friend’s baby for the next 5 days straight.
4. I finally got a rug for my living room. I haven’t been able to decide what style I want, and stumbled across the perfect one for 70% off at target 🎯
5. Whole Foods vegan chocolate chip cookie (the ones from the bakery)

Something I Learned at Age 11

The teacher of the gifted program at my elementary school gave us a paper to keep along with our final report card of the fifth grade. I’ve had this paper ever since, and when I’m feeling especially down, I read it to motivate myself. Without further ado, here are The Rules For Being Human:

“1) You will receive a body. You may like it or hate it, but it will be yours for the entire period of this time around.

2) You will learn lessons. You are enrolled in a full-time informal school called Life. Each day in this school you will have the opportunity to learn lessons. You may like the lessons or think them irrelevant. 

3) There are no mistakes, only lessons. Growth is a process of trial and error: Experimentation. The “failed” experiments are as much a part of the process as the experiment that ultimately “works”.

4) A lesson is repeated until learned. A lesson will be presented to you in various forms until you have learned it. When you have learned it, you can then go on to the next lesson.

5) Learning lessons does not end. There is no part of life that does not contain its lessons. If you are alive, there are lessons to be learned.

6) “There” is no better than “here”. When your “there” has become a “here”, you will simply obtain another “there” that will again look better than “here”.

7) Others are merely mirrors of you. You cannot love or hate something about another person unless it reflects something you love or hate about yourself.

8) What you make of your life is up to you. You have all the tools, resources you need. What you do with them is up to you. The choice is yours.

9) Your answers lie inside of you. The answers to Life’s questions lie inside you. All you need to do is look, listen, and trust.

10) You will forget all of this.”

-Cherie Carter-Scott

hc post 2: Yooran Boogaloo

so here’s… another VERY long headcanon post ;;;;; mainly because i wanted to and also i got a few people asking for my thoughts on these boys

very long and unorganized i’m sorry ahaha, i talk a lot in the first portion about how i think things would happen before their romantic relationship even starts so you can skip that if you just want some silly thoughts on these two and 500 things i talk about wanting to write but will probably never have time for. i tried to space this so it’s a little easier on the eyes since there’s uh, a lot. ill learn how to shut up one day i promise

anyway it’s time to make the donuts

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alchemistc replied to your postpower. grace. wisdom. wonder.

I love literally everything about this movie and all of this is just reminding me why I’ve already seen it three times.

I NEVER see movies in the theater. Or almost ever. I’m just like “eh, too much work/money” and I wait until I can find them on the internet.

But my friend gave me a cinema gift card for Christmas (which still has some left on it, after I finally got to use it to go to this with my sister) and I’m just like, I need to see this movie again at least once, in the theater.


New Supplies / August 5th, 2016

Went to Michael’s today and finally got to use my gift card from graduation! Came out super satisfied and got both Staedtler pens and colored pencils (plus the super cute pen pouch). I still have some money left over so I may go back and get some colored paper or something to help decorate my new journal more!

just another day ♥

Thanks to @thesassywitchofthenortheast and @trueromantic1 for the Valentine’s Day prompts. Your ideas were similar, so I mixed in a thought I had, and this ball of fluff is the end result. (set sometime post-Underworld in happier times)

“Come on, lad, you’re going to be late for…”

“Which ones, Captain America or X-Men, I can’t decide?”

The aisle in which Killian has found Henry is awash in red and pink, with paper hearts haphazardly taped to shelves overflowing with candy and plush toys. Henry is holding up two boxes, which upon closer inspection appear to contain small red notecards adorned with his favorite comic book characters.

“Lad, I’m going to need a bit more information before I can form an opinion. What is all of this?”

Henry lets out a small huff and lowers his hands, a tinge of teenage annoyance with the world showing momentarily before he begins to speak with his usual understanding when teaching Killian of this new realm.

“Today is Valentine’s Day. It’s a day for couples to do romantic things, buy flowers, candy, greeting cards with love poems on them, and go out on dates, that kind of thing. It’s a holiday, I guess. At school, all the kids give these Valentines to each other, it’s just a thing…you know…and I can’t decide which ones I like better.”

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3. “we got into a really heated wii tennis match at the rec center and now i wanna bang you”

Wow was this one fun to write - I’ve never done a party-esque college AU before, and I have definitely been missing out! So thanks for inspiring this :) 

Clarke stared down the rowdy crowd, eyes scanning them triumphantly as she dared an opponent to rise. Based on what she saw in front of her, she felt pretty safe resting on her laurels. All of bros and biddies of the throng were sufficiently drunk on the free beer, warm weather, and the near taste of summer freedom that only her college’s Greek Row Springfest weekend could brew up, and no one seemed brave, or even alert enough, to challenge her for the crown.

“Anybody? Anybody daring enough to take on the reigning Wii Tennis champion?” Raven shouted into a megaphone, shit-eating grin on her face. “C’mon, she’s not as scary as she looks. I promise, I live with her—well, she’s kinda terrifying when she has her avocado-banana-oatmeal-whatever facemask on. Then she looks like the Hulk. But seriously—somebody’s gotta stop her! Otherwise she’ll be insufferable, and like I said, I live with her, so someone save me—”

“Somebody save me from you getting your hands on a megaphone!” Clarke yelled back, an equally pleased grin on her face.

“Zip it, Griffin,” Raven barked. “Unless you want photos of your alter-ego Hulk self surfacing on Facebook.”

Clarke rolled her eyes as the crowd cheered at the banter between her and her co-president. Those photos were going nowhere near Facebook, that much she knew. Raven was all bark and no bite (okay, maybe a little bit of bite), or so Clarke had learned almost immediately when they had been roomed together their first year in Alpha Rho Kappa. Between Raven’s passionate drive and her cool own logic, they had taken the sorority by storm, making it one of the most popular ones in Mt. Weather University’s Greek system in record time. They now were serving in their second year as co-presidents; it was their last year as well, considering they were graduating in two weeks.

Two weeks. Clarke felt her smile slip just the slightest, because she didn’t really want to think about how her best friend was moving halfway across the country to go for a PhD in engineering at MIT while she’d be staying in California for medical school. They had two weeks left, and one of those weeks would be spent holed up in the library for finals, so really there was just one left.  

One week, seven days, god knows how many hours (too few, that Clarke did know) to spend wrapping up what had been a whirlwind four years. Embarrassingly, Clarke’s eyes began to sting, and she forcefully widened her smile, not wanting to burst into tears in front of all of Greek row. The smile froze on her face, however, when she realized that Raven was finally pointing to the solitary volunteer who was brave (read: arrogant, stupid, annoying) enough to take up the Wii Tennis challenge against her.

“Absolutely not!” Clarke yelled, scowling at Raven as her familiar (too familiar) opponent vaulted onto the stage, a smirk on his face. She was convinced Bellamy Blake—the ass who was her little’s older brother and also a masters student in history at Mt. Weather—didn’t know how to smile, just smirk, at least in her presence (she’d seen evidence to the contrary in the million pictures of him in O’s room, but she usually ignored that fact, and especially right now.)

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