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Sketches of the Month: September!

Hello there everyone! Welcome back to my monthly update in artwork that has been very consistent lately! *Crosses fingers* XD But anyway, here are the descriptions for the pieces!


1 & 2: Sunky.MPEG & Silly.TIFF

I just love these fan-games so much! If you don’t know about them, they are parodies of the infamous creepypastas Sonic.EXE and Sally.EXE; where instead of being killed, the colourful cast of characters get to dance and eat breakfast with memes strung all around. The art style for the game is just so cute that I had to try it out myself!


3: Jennifer the Dog

Yes, this is indeed one of my own OCs! I had created and designed her to be my Custom Character for Sonic Forces! (Seriously, it’s about 5 weeks until the game comes out and I am HYPED!!!!) I chose the dog because I felt that the traits that are associated with dogs fit my own personality pretty well; such as loyalty to the people close to me, curiosity about absolutely everything, and excitement over the things I enjoy!


4 & 5: Sonic Forces Tag Team Comic

After I had created my Custom Character, I was inspired by the dialogue in the Green Hill Tag Team stage to create a small comic involving her! The first pic is just the outline, which I did on paper with a pen and it took FOREVER! XD And of course the other picture is the final product! It was a lot of work, but for my first proper and FINISHED comic, I think it came out really good!


6 & 7: Sonic Monster AU - Tails and Amy

So I am in the Sonic Tumblr Discord Server, and a little while ago some people came up with the idea to draw the cast of Sonic as different monsters or mythical beings! These are only my favourite pieces, but I drew A LOT more designs for the AU XD. I couldn’t really help myself since I loved the idea so much! Main credit for the AU goes to @caydebug


8: The-Sonic-Motive Logo

What the…? This wasn’t drawn in September… This was actually done around 2 months ago, but I did tell y'all that I was going to show you some things about my special project.

Yes, this is it!

Is is know as The-Sonic-Motive, and it will be a YouTube channel where I will make many videos showing off and explaining anything Sonic-related; from the games, to the comics, to all of the fan creations as well! Anything and everything Sonic-related can be on this channel!

I’m hoping to have the first videos up at around the end of the year, since I’m planning to get a good quality microphone on Christmas! I’m at the point where I’m almost finished the video assets and am working on the channel trailer and first videos! I’ll make a seperate post closer to the time that will hopefully explain everything about this project!


Well, that’s all I’ve got for this month! Thank you so much to everyone who follows me, or even just likes or reblogs a single post of mine! It truly means so much to me, and I’m glad people do enjoy my work at all!

As of the writing of this post, I have heard of this event called ‘Sonic-tober’, which consists of drawing a picture everyday under the theme of that specific day. I decided that I wanna join in with this as well! I probably won’t post a single picture everyday, but instead post the pictures in groups of roughly 5! So expect a bit more activity this month that most others! XD

Once again though, thank you for taking the time to read all of this, and I hope you all have a great rest of your day!


I had wonderful intentions of sharing all kinds of book pics/posts/reblogs for World Book Day today but things got so manically busy that I didn’t even get home for supper till 10:30pm, so unfortunately a hasty post before midnight is the best I can do at present. :/ 

These pics were taken at the Maine apartment in September before Lucky and I came back to the Midwest and show maybe 60% of my personal library. (Somehow I never took a picture of the entire bookshelf of fairy tale books and of course, this doesn’t include any of my acquisitions of the past five months…) My roommate and I both loved the idea of having a proper library after living most of our lives in small houses with our precious books stacked and piled and boxed away, and several of the furnishings (including that fabulous window seat and that beautiful rocking chair) were adopted from the local Goodwill.


Finally had some time to finish off Avea and she looks magnificent 😍💜. I didn’t have much of a concept when I started. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep her original hair or reroot/wig her. I wasn’t sure if she was going to have armour or not. But like all my work, everything just comes together organically as I work. I decided on reusing the wool wig I had made because the colouring suited her so well and I really wanted the feel of real hair. I did know I wanted to flock her body and that was a big learning curve and challenge. The flocking isn’t perfect and there are chips in it already, but the majority of it looks great and I’m quite pleased with the results. The horn was also an afterthought. I have been playing with the idea of interchangeable/detachable horns since my first unicorn girls, and I was able to implement the idea with Avea successfully so I can check that off my list 😁. Making her accessories was the hardest part. Again, it evolved organically. Originally I was going to give her proper chainmail but she didn’t look the part so instead her final look took on a more gypsy vibe with the wild hair. More pics to come. She will be available for adoption 😉 #dollcustom #dollmaker #dolleyeopening #mhcustom #monsterhighrepaint #monsterhighooak #dollsale #dollwig #monsterhigh #ooak #dollart #aveatrotter #repaint

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So, it only took me six years…ish, but this is the photo I always wanted for Pet lol, I tried to make it forever but if the always lovely dreambastion hadn’t edited Pnut et al out of TH’s pic I never would have finally got them together as it were lol, I’ll never be a proper manip-maker but GUH, so bloody happy to finally have the pic I always wanted for it, I love the banner that LJ user Climb made me but thiiiiiiiiiiiiiis is what I wanted lol stupid as it be I LUFFS it *posts it like a bonkers & besotted numpty*


AC 2015 - part 1

I got back from AC yesterday morning and took a day to recover before posting anything. So! First up in my incoming image dump are some of the sketches I did on the way there.

The first set of sketches are the 4 lead characters from a new story I’m gradually forming. I’ve posted pics and concept sketches of the older on before, but this is technically the first time I’ve ever drawn the other three with a somewhat proper design. Details could be subject to change, but they more or less look like this.

Then there’s my “curvy nerd girl” who really needs a name soon, hehe. Then finally, the girls from my animations some years back.

More photos to come!