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Miraculous Ladybug Webisode 1 is out!!!

Yay! And it had info on season 2’s release date! (Summer 2017) Yaaaaayyyyy!!!! And season 1 is supposed to be out on Netflix on Valentine’s Day!

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Tbh, my favourite scene of S3E13 was the ending scene. 

I mean, yeah. The kiss was hot as hell and we FINALLY got a kiss after 16 eps. (I think?) And i love that kiss so much. 

But one of my main issues with S3A (Especially about the arcs) is the lack of showing us that Quintis is talking things out or being open. (I am pretty sure that you do not agree with me on this.) That ending scene was really perfect and just wonderful. 

Because i finally saw the Quintis that talked about their issues in S2. I finally saw how they are not pretending to be rich so that they can have this huge and crazy wedding. They are being honest about their issues; Toby having to repay his debts and Happy buying motorcycle parts that are so expensive. Toby was probably expecting Happy to be upset with him for not telling her. But when Happy told him her issues, he knew that it was okay. Because he wants this big wedding so that they can get married. But the reason behind the wedding is that they love each other and that they want to get married. The location doesn’t matter. 

But mainly, i just really love this scene because of how much they want this wedding, how honest they are with each other and talking things out. 

Finally got to watch and

All I saw tonight was how Bernie’s so distraught for Serena and how close she was to cracking throughout the episode especially with Fletch and Serena’s so completely broken and trying to carry on but can’t and they’ve clearly spent time together huddled at Serena’s home being sad and weepy and everyone on AAU knows and is supportive and okay with them and I just have a lot of feelings right now.

Also Jac Naylor wHAT THE FUCK

From the moment I saw Mycroft watching the old movies in TFP, even before the spliced in home videos, everything about the scene screamed that it was in a mind palace; that was an interior world, not “reality.” When the lights came on, I was so confused. And I stayed so confused.
That John had been shot by a tranquilizer dart? That did not SOUND like a tranq, that sounded like a fucking GUNSHOT.
The explosion with no injuries confused me. The sudden piracy confused me (though I admit I absolutely loved “Sherlock Holmes the pirate”). Sherlock not picking up on the missing glass confused me.
That Eurus gave away the “endgame” of choosing between shooting Mycroft and John confused me. How the bloody fucking hell she got them all the way to Musgrave - I get it, she ran Sherrinford, but to get Sherlock and John all the way there and the whole room setup, and everything, that’s a LOT of resources.
That Sherlock didn’t know where on the damn property or neighboring properties there was a fucking WELL to look in!? Then of course the magical disappearing chain because hey, we threw John a rope.
I know there’s so many more inconsistencies and holes, but these were the biggest ones that really made the whole thing feel SURREAL. Not just bad or wrong, but utterly detached from reality.

I KNOW it could just be lazy writing, and trying to fit too much in to one episode… and I’m so angry because part of me is resigned to believe that that’s all it was. But part of me is so fucking desperate to HOPE for something BETTER than that.

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Hey I remember reading a VM blog talking about how they wanted to see VM interlocking (interlacing?) fingers instead of just the normal hand hold or dance hold they do, and I finally saw it happen during the practice at nationals today! It was owards the beginning of practice. It was like the 2nd time they skated round near the camera and you only see the v start of it and then they go out of range of the camera (dammit) haha. Just thought it was cute :)

Here???? This is a very precious moment, regardless <3 I love when Tessa watches their hands when he holds her like this. 

So I enjoyed Limitless alot. I saw my Bias debut, Finally Johnny is out there and Dooyoung was added to NCT 127. The choreography was amazing and I have a lot of good things to say about it. But there we’re some hairstyles that I wasn’t feeling at all. Like what were the SM stylists trying to achieve when they had WinWin and Taeyong looking a hot mess. They even messed up Yuta’s for a bit of it. When will this stop.

Okay but did anyone else notice

that Victor had his eyes on Yuuri

even before

he got drunk and went off the rails?

This one is in the queue for next Tuesday with other Gigantuar pics but I wanted to post it by itself because.. well… it’s perfect.


Proof to back up my previous “Best Dialogue In FFXV” Post