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Reichenbach Z to A

The Sunday after The Reichenbach Fall first aired, I posted my theory about how Sherlock survived the fall and called it my Reichenbach A to Z.

On the Sunday before the new series of Sherlock, I made myself sit down and write the whole thing out again. But this time I started the chain of events way further back.

It was really just a personal exercise. I’ve got lots and lots of posts in my archive explaining parts of this in greater depth, but I’ve never strung the whole thing together in one post. And since human memory gets overwritten pretty easily, I wanted to try to document where all of this landed in my brain before new episodes came and made me misremember what I used to think.

So, as with my Reichenbach A to Z, my Z to A isn’t really about being right. I do think parts of it are right, but there’s so many pieces in it that there’s got to be a bunch of completely wrong stuff as well. Plus–also as with my original theory post–I let myself include some things just because I find them entertaining, and not because they’re actually likely.

The mental scaffolding for this post was all constructed WAY before they even started filming the new episodes, so I can assure you there are no [s p o i l e r s] to be found here.

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