i finally remember that i still have this gifset to be published

How to Train Your Dragon Fandom Gothic
  • “This is Berk”, you say as you narrate along with the film. “This is Berk. This is Berk. This is Berk.” Everything is Berk. You cannot escape Berk.
  • You go to tag a gifset of Stoick and type “stoick the vast.” Only when you look back do you realize you wrote “stoick the past.” You delete the tag and type it again, making sure to hit the v this time. The tag still says “stoick the past.”
  • On skype, you talk with a friend about the second film. They share a sad headcanon with you and begin to laugh at your reaction. It is a dark and soulless laugh. You would wonder when your friend became this person, but instead you laugh that same awful laugh.
  • The news is published. How to Train Your Dragon 3 has been pushed back to 2019. Tomorrow it will be pushed back to 2020. You wonder if you will ever get to see the final film.
  • You have exhausted every known plot device and trope while trying to find an explanation for why the dragons no longer exist. You dream that night of How to Train Your Dragon 3 and that Dean Deblois is a god sent to release a new trope on this world. You wake up and remember that you have already seen How to Train Your Dragon 3 and remember that Dean Deblois is, in fact, a god.
  • There is a meeting of How to Train Your Dragon fans in real life. You go to it and get out of your car. There is a Hiccup cosplayer, and another, and another. Everyone is Hiccup.
  • You look in your draft folder and find an unfinished sad headcanon. You finish and publish it. When your dash refreshes, there is still the same number of drafts. You check the folder and there is another partially finished sad headcanon, waiting to be published. You do not know where they come from. There is always a sad headcanon waiting.
  • Someone submits a blurry screenshot and asks you to analyze it. You are not even sure if it is from How to Train Your Dragon, but you spend the next hour discussing how it is symbolic of Toothless and Hiccup’s friendship. 
  • You try to reference a specific scene in the film by watching it. When the scene ends, you do not hit pause. You keep watching. When the film ends, it starts again. How to Train Your Dragon is playing on an endless loop. This is your life now.