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Carry On Countdown - Coffee Shop AU

Knock You Down

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Pairing: Zach Dempsey x Reader 

 Request: “49 - Zach Dempsey" 


 49. "I just wanted you for my lusts." 

Word count: 1.260

Posted: 02nd of June 2017 

A/N: OMG! I finally posted something after several days. I am so busy in these days, mostly now that I am having my training period. I am so happy to finally post an imagine, because I missed writing so much. I hope to find more time to write more and I will try my best to get through my prompt requests. 

 Anyways, thank you for your support and I love to talk with some of you. If you want to talk to me, don’t hesitate to do so. I am happy to have new friends. Thank you so much and I love you all, really. Hope you enjoy this imagine. Thank you. 

 P.S.: I still don’t accept part two requests for my prompt imagines as I am still drowning in requests. Sorry. 

- G. x

Link: Prompt List 

Warning: a lot of swearing 

"Zach, what is your problem?” You ran as fast as you could as you tried to cope with your boyfriend’s long steps, also avoiding people along your way. He was so tall that his steps were the double of yours and you practically needed to walk-run to be able to walk with him. “Zach, talk to me!” You sighed as you felt the shortness of your breath. “Zachary Dempsey!” You belted out, using your voice as loud as you could and it caused for an echo to be heard along the hallway. 

“Fuck off, (Y/N)! I don’t need you.” Zach suddenly stopped as he faced you. He had his eyebrows furrowed, but you also saw some hints of sadness and pity in his eyes. He was hurting you with his words and he perfectly knew that you couldn’t handle your fights and discussions, mostly when you are in a public place. 

“What the hell is happening to you?” You bravely asked him, holding your tears back. You wanted to show him that you were fearless, that you weren’t scared of him, of his damn heartbreaking words. “Tell me!" 

"I hate you!” Zach fearlessly stated, making people look at the two of you. If your were brave, he was braver and you knew that it wasn’t the Zach that you met and had a relationship with. “I don’t love you anymore, (Y/N).” You suddenly felt your tears falling as they wet your red burning cheeks, some needles continuously and pitilessly poking your heart. 

“No, you don’t hate me.” You slowly shook your head. You were dumbfounded for the things that Zach has been saying and you suddenly felt a tight knot in your stomach and a heavy weight in your chest. 

Your relationship with Zach was going in a perfect way, but, suddenly, the straw broke the camel’s back and you didn’t know what happened to it. 

You honestly couldn’t believe his words. He has always made you feel loved and wanted and he was acting otherwise. Zach was a sweet guy and he would hurt anybody just to protect you, but he was the one who was hurting you this time. 

“I do!” He said and you noticed that his voice cracked a little bit. You couldn’t understand why he was doing such thing. “I really do." 

"What have I done, Zach?” You asked him in a languish tone, obviously hurting for the happening in that moment. “Why do you hate me that much?" 

"You,” He started as he fiddled with his backpack’s strap. “you are too perfect for me and I hate you for that.” His voice was fierce, showing the bravery that he had inside him, but you knew Zach. He was never that prideful, he would never go against you, he would never use that tone with you. 

“What the hell?” You furrowed your eyebrows as he complimented you but hated you at the same time. The chaos in your head caused you a severe migraine: headache and nausea fighting inside of your body. “Zach, are you out of your mind?" 

"No, (Y/N). I didn’t want you.” He spat out as if he was being tortured by someone. He was faking everything, because you knew that Zach would never do that. He was blurring things out, things that he didn’t even thought of, but he was obliged to say them. 

“You did and you still do, Zach!” Tears uncontrollably fell down from your eyes. You were lucky to have Zach and you couldn’t accept the fact that he was destroying you at that moment. “In these months, you made me feel worthy, happy and important." 

"Illusions!” He shouted and you noticed that there was a big crowd watching the whole scene. You felt a little bit stressed out, because it was a private thing but everybody was observing you: gossiping and judging your relationship with Zach. 

“Illusions?” You shook your head and wiped off your tears from your cheeks with the back of your hand. Your make up was smudged all around your face, but you couldn’t care enough, it was your last thought during that time. Your pride took your senses and you shouted as you were already full of Zach’s shit. 

“Yes, illusions.” He looked straight into your eyes, emotionlessly as he threw you his shit in your teeth. 

“What the hell?” You couldn’t understand him and you heard nothing but the rumours that travel from the people around you. You were surrounded by the people and they found your show amazing and entertaining. 

“Get over it, (Y/N).” He meant your relationship, for sure. “I just wanted you for my lusts.” His gaze suddenly fell on the floor and he couldn’t consider you straightly in your eyes. You heard people cheering and shouting, but Zach heard your heart falling into pieces. After all, you’ve been together for months, three months to be exact, and he knew when you have your resentments or problems.

“No, you didn’t. We’ve always made love, Zach, and you have always said me that you loved me. They weren’t just some ordinary sex sessions, weren’t they?” You forcefully said as your voice was slowly fading. You were having a hard time to deal with the emotions that you were feeling and you were almost caving in. 

“We had sex, (Y/N),” He neared his face towards you and he whispered in your ear. “sex.”

“Fuck you, Zach.” You pushed him away and he really crossed your line. Your tears streamed down your face as you sobbed uninterruptedly. “Fuck you.” You tightened your fist as you felt useless and you were angry at yourself for letting yourself in, for being a victim of the heartless and asshole jocks of your high school.

“Bye.” Zach greeted you as you saw some tears falling from his brown almond-shaped eyes. He turned his back and he started to walk away from you, pushing the people out of his way.

“Fuck you, Dempsey!” You shouted as loud as you could and you saw that he stopped in the middle of the hallway to talk to Bryce. The people’s presence around you faded and you didn’t mind them as the world stopped between you, Zach and Bryce.

“You finally did it, Dempsey!” Bryce shouted cheerfully, teasing you as he searched for your face in the crowd. “Take the money.” He handed Zach some paper bills and you realized what Zach has done and what he didn’t want to do. 

“Fuck off, Bryce.” You heard Zach sobbing and he pushed Bryce’s hand away, rejecting the money that he was offering. Obviously, still feeling bad for what he has done. 

You watched them from afar, crowd disappearing slowly, and that was when you realized that you were just a bet. A bet that Zach shouldn’t have done, but he did and he just hurt you and your feelings. He let you feel that you were the luckiest girl in the world, but then he wrecked you all at once. He destroyed and knocked you down. You were blinded by the love that you had for him and you didn’t notice that he conquered you to step on your ego and knock you down.

You noticed that he was hurting you against his will, but the bond with his friends was more important than the relationship he had with you. Who would’ve noticed you, after all? No one, except when they needed to put some bet on you. It sucked, didn’t it? Of course, it did.

hetaliafandomhubepsilon  asked:

Hello! To start off your Ambassador work, can you tell us about snacks that are popular in your country? Thank you! (If you would like a different question, let me know)!

Okie Dokie let’s do this!

Popular foods/snacks in Ireland

(Please note: though most of these are exclusively Irish, you find similar products in the UK. For now though I’ll try and keep it 100% Irish!)

Tayto Crisps

Behold. The quintessential Irish snack. It doesn’t really get more Irish than this, and many Irish people living abroad would tell you that this is one of the number 1 things they miss about home. Think of any crisps you know, but better (and more flavourful). They come in a variety of flavours, (salt and vinegar, and smokey bacon to name a few) but nothing beats the great, iconic cheese and onion.  The Tayto brand is quite big here and has become a bit of a cultural phenomenon (we have an entire Tayto theme park for godssake).Other Irish crisps worth mentioning would be Hunky Dorys, Chipsticks, Wheelies, Hula Hoops, Kings, I could go on lads.

OH. And i think it’s also worth mentioning that Tayto/ Kings sandwiches with butter are quite popular here (it sounds weird at first but trust me you’re missing out)


Now I kinda had to do a bit more thinking for this as most of the stuff we have in Ireland is also available in the UK. But after brainstorming for a bit I have compiled a list of sweet things that can only be found in The Emerald Isle (oooh).

Kimberly, Mikado, and Coconut Cream biscuits

(Here they are! As well as lots of other things produced by Jacob’s and other brands based in Ireland)

(Very coconut, mashmallow-y based biscuits, very nice, Mikados being my personal favourite ;))

Snack Bars (the purple ones)

(and the pink ones)

I know Cadbury’s is a British chocolate brand, but from what I know, I think they only sell the yellow snack bar there, so technically these can count as Irish snacks whOOPS (they are missing out tho omg :O )

Dairy Milk Bars


Again, you can find these in the UK but some flavours are Irish exclusives, so they are definitely worth the mention too (like tiffin here for example!) :)

Honourable Mentions: Jedward Bars(???) and Tayto Bars (again, ???)

Yes, I know. I’m just as confused as you are. Truth be told, I literally forgot these even existed up until recently. They were just bars of chocolate with popping candy on the inside. “Jeadly”. 


Yeah, i wasn’t joking before when i said that we really like Taytos here in Ireland. So much so that they thought it’d be a great idea to combine Cheese and Onion Taytos with Milk chocolate to create this thing. While Taytos and milk chocolate go nicely together, I think I speak for a lot of people when I say they should be enjoyed seperately.

Unfortunately (if you look at it that way), both of these bars have been discontinued and are no longer available on the market :,(. 

*My Heart Will Go On faintly playing in the distance*


Red Lemonade

I wasn’t whether this could only be found in Ireland until I introduced it to some of the other Ambassadors who claimed they had never seen this before in their life so it’s goin’ on the list!

There’s this sort of urban legend that it was banned in Europe for being carcinogenic, but whether that’s true or not, we may never know…

Should we be slightly concerned? Probably. Do we care though? Not really lol


Another staple Irish beverage! Personally, I don’t really like this, but it’s the type of drink where you either love it or hate it, so please don’t let my opinion stop you from trying it if you ever get the chance!

and finally…


oh boi where do i even start

Tea is a VERY big part of Irish culture and the way someone takes their tea is taken veery seriously among some people.

I’m not even exaggerating when I say that Irish people drink a LOT of tea. And I mean a lot. ( As of 2014,The Republic of Ireland even outranked all of Great Britain combined, though it has declined since then i cri)

The most popular brands of tea here would be Lyons or Barry’s (You have to pick one of the other, never both)

Generally, it is served with milk and/or sugar, or just plain black. A lot of people are very particular with the way they like their tea. So if you ever find yourself in a situation where you have to make tea for someone, proceed with caution.


(the milk always goes in AFTER, you monsters)


Anyway, I think that’s all I have for now! Did I miss anything? If you want to know more about Irish cuisine, or anything about Ireland in general, feel free to drop an ask or message and I’ll be happy to help!

Slán agus Beannacht!


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How to get the princes attention without going to the ball

Wilfred: Act really casual. He wants nothing more to be recognized for who he is, rather than his title of being a prince, and if you give him that, he’ll definitely want to spend more time with you.

Keith: Roast this lion bitch. LMAO I COULD HAVE TONED THAT DOWN A LIL BUT I HATE HIM AND LOVE HIM AT THE SAME TIME. Don’t go full out, but just enough to let him know that he doesn’t have the best of you just because he’s a prince.

Roberto: I know this is going to be hard for some of you, but you must not, I repeat you must not swoon whenever he flirts with you. In order to be treated differently than the other women, you must act differently. Be bold, and take him by surprise. Let him know that you’re a trustworthy person he can share his troubles with.

Joshua: Similar to Keith, but you have to be careful with this one. Unlike Keith, he doesn’t relish your angry comebacks, and will have you cuffed in a second. When this eggplant puts you down, you’re going have to put some wit into your responses to catch him off guard and think about what he said.

Glenn: He’s probably the easiest out of all the tsundere princes. Just like in the prologue, if he gets the wrong idea of something, or if this sunflower hoe is trying it, put him in his place and he’ll apologize sooner or later unlike some princes.

Edward: Compliment him. Not the typical “You’re handsome,” or “Omg let me lick you you’re so perfect,” like everyone else says, but let it come from your heart. Say something about his flowery language, for example, you admire how positively he sees the world and how considerate he is of others.

High School Hierarchy (AU!Hoseok x OC)

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Omg I am SO happy to finally post something for Hobi! He’s the only one I had yet to post for!
Credit to the anon(s) who requested a Hoseok fanfic! I’m glad I was able to finish this as fast as I was!

Sorry for any mistakes. I didn’t proof this

Summary: Seoul High takes it’s social statuses seriously- to the point where unless you’re popular, you can’t speak to those who are. The only ones yet to challenge that narrative would be Minah and Hoseok, even if it wasn’t necessarily by choice.

Words: 6,800+
Genre: angst and fluff. slight drama?

> Masterlist <

As everyone knows, there is a popularity system that seems to only exist in high school. There isn’t any other explanation to this needed since literally every high school ever has some kind of hierarchy. No one really ever attempts to mess with said hierarchy, because if you mess with the it, chaos is inevitable.

The only exception of that in this particular school, however, is a very peculiar one. It’s one that most people don’t know about since social norms have pushed it to be this way. The unusual circumstance taking place outside of school was slowly breaking the way everyone in high school seemed to co-exist.

The aforementioned events refer to the interactions between Lee Minah, a forgotten student of Seoul High, and Jung Hoseok, one of the most popular guys at Seoul High. The ripple in the system wasn’t one done on purpose- it was purely accidental. Neither of them asked to live in the same house, and neither of them asked to become friends.

However, they had rules set for each other. They weren’t allowed to address each other in school, and they weren’t allowed to talk about living together at school. Even their closest friends weren’t allowed to know, because it would risk letting the secret be known to everyone in the school.

The longer the ruse was in action, the longer Minah grew tired of it. It didn’t feel great to be super close with Hoseok only in the confines of their house. He wouldn’t even allow them to go eat together in public because it would risk his reputation.

She was willing to abide by his rules for the sake of just making him happy, but the closer they grew, the harder it was to follow his rules.

“Minah, I don’t get it,” her friend Jenna would often complain, “You never let me come over, and it’s making me feel like you’re hiding something from me.”

“I’m not,” she would lie through her teeth, “Your house is more entertaining than mine will ever be. I’ll invite you over once my house becomes comparable to yours.”

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PART 1 LINK B/C PICTURES CAN’T HAVE LINKS (or at the very least idk how to make it work lmao)

Aaaaand there it is! <3

You never thought you’d feel for Asshole Shulk, eh? WELL THINK AGAIN

So fuukadyne’s request was for “shulkreyn”, though more specifically: “they’re stargazing [or something] and Shulk confesses to Reyn. and Reyn’s a little dumbfounded at first but then he’s like “were we?? not dating??? already????””

So since I finally finished this (I took so long omg) I’ll be posting something about the next follower milestone later today! Please be on the watch for it! owo

An Analysis of Omnislash v.5 [Advent Children Complete]

So. This is my attempt at dissecting the swordwork involved in Cloud’s Omnislash limit break, and almost kind of making a tutorial out of it. :D In this analysis, I am using;

- Omnislash version 5; that being the Omnislash in Advent Children, and the first Omnislash attempt in Advent Children Complete. I’m using Advent Children Complete version 5 (i.e. the first ‘failed’ version) because at least that one vaguely tries to follow the laws of physics. Version 6 takes place in midair and using multiple swords, so it would be pretty damn useless to try and apply that one to real life! There are 13 slashes in this move.

- Fiore’s longsword syllabus, simply because that is what I have studied. This is an Italian swordplay style, so I’ll be using the Italian names to describe the guards and cuts. This is also a system that has been used for centuries and works; essentially I’m trying to take the swordplay you see on screen and translate into something that you could actually do yourself. A Japanese swordwork style would probably be more applicable, true, but I haven’t studied any so I can’t help there.

Just to warn you in advance: this is A SUPER LONG POST omg. It’s a frame by frame analysis, including screenshots, and thus rather lengthy. (A lot of the screenshots are also quite blurry, as the movements I’m trying to capture take place in a fraction of a second.)

Also, I get irrationally irritated over fictional sword fights sometimes.

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Sounds like you were able to shine in the water, too.

                                     For my Makoto, Cathrel. ♥