i finally posted


hi i’m struggling for money cos my mother is making me pay for every damn thing i need so uh commissions innit


Prices can be negotiated if u want something more specific than the stuff pictured.

Accepting payment only through paypal

ik they’re pretty cheap (so i’m told) but like most of my followers are about 14 on average so i’m not expecting them to have £40 lying around to pay for pricey shit. If u want to pay more then please be my guest lmao.

I won’t draw:

p0rn / mechanic stuff (unless very basic) / detailed backgrounds

I will draw:

furries (you know i’m desperate) / fan art / your OCs / animals & plants / most things tbh

If you want me to draw something in a similar style to something i’ve previously posted, please let me know!

I will email the full resolution image to you when completed. If dissatisfied with the work, any minor changes will be an additional charge of £2.

Even if you can’t commission me, reblogs are appreciated in case any of your followers are interested. 

DM me if interested/ if you have any questions


Hello lovelies! Holiday commissions are open and I’m including comics as a holiday special. 


Contact: neal_illustrator@yahoo.com

  • Will Do: OCs, fanart, slight NSFW
  • Will Not: Furries, Heavy gore, incest, hardcore NSFW

If you aren’t interested in a commission I would greatly appreciate if you shared this post. Thanks and enjoy!

not to be a soft ass bitch, but eddie changing “loser” to “lover” on his cast is some of the purest shit i’ve ever seen and 27 years are added to my life every time i think about it



(idk why but I will never not love the idea of Sora being aware of his powers in 4th-wall-breaking ways)

Their eyes ~ moon signs

Aries radiate like a campfire

Taurus glistening like honey

Gemini sparkling like champagne

Cancer calming like the sea

Leo shine like gold

Virgo opening up like a book

Libra enchanting like a spell

Scorpio consuming like the night sky

Sagittarius brightening ur day like a smile

Capricorn intimidating you like ur deepest secrets

Aquarius electrifying you like adrenaline does

Pisces reflecting like a mirror