i finally made it to the gym!

Zombies in Riverdale!

Description: It’s literally what the title says, man.

Requested?: Kinda?? 

Word count: 1111 (it was actually 1119 but I edited it to get it to 1111)

A/N: That title sucks I’m sorry I can’t think of anything right now. So, I made this post a while ago and I finally wrote it! Sorry it took so long! Also, this doesn’t tie in with the show at all. It’s just the characters plopped in a zombie-esque Riverdale.

Ships: You’ll find out soon enough  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Archie was in the bathroom when it happened. He was washing his hands when he heard the familiar crackle over the intercom followed by Principal Weatherbee’s voice, asking all the students to report to the gym.

Archie furrowed his eye brows and slung his bag further up his shoulder before stepping into the hallway. It was extremely crowded, every student looking as confused as Archie felt. It wasn’t usual for them to be called for a school-wide assembly during class hours.

The human torrent of students slowly moved into the gym and Archie immediately noticed Betty and Veronica standing near the back of the room. They waved at him as he made his way over to them.

“Do you guys know what’s going on?” Archie asked, leaning against the wall.

“No, but something’s definitely wrong.” Betty said. “My mom just sent me this.” She held her phone out and Archie leaned over to read the text.

Stay where you are. I’m coming to get you.  


Archie frowned. “What do you think is going on?” He asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe it’s some political thing.” Veronica said. “My mom sent me this.” She mimicked Betty’s actions from before, holding her phone out.

Ronnie, please be careful. I’m trying to get to your school but they’re everywhere. Please hang on, Mija, I’ll be there as soon as I can.

Archie inhaled sharply. “Woah.”

Veronica slipped the phone back into her pocket, biting her lip. It was obvious she was internally freaking out. Betty slipped an arm around her shoulder.

“Hey, it’s okay, Ronnie. It’s probably nothing.” Betty reassured her. “Don’t worry.”

Veronica nodded shakily in response.

Archie pulled his own phone out and his heart began to pound when he saw that he had five missed calls and two texts from his dad. He swallowed the lump in his throat before opening them.

Archie, I don’t think I’m gonna make it, son.


I love you. Be safe.


“Guys, look.” He showedthem the messages and the expression on their faces reflected his worry. Betty took a deep breath. “Okay, I know it looks like something is really wrong but we just need to remain calm, okay?” She tried for a smile but it was clear she was scared too.

Archie looked around at everyone in the gym. They all wore the same expressions, mirroring what Archie was feeling.





Kevin ran up to them a while later, a frenzied look on his face. “Guys, something happened!”

But before he could elaborate, there was a massive screech of the microphone and Weatherbee’s voice boomed out. “Okay, now, settle down, kids. Settle down. I know you’re all curious but chattering about it isn’t going to help.”

Jughead walked over to where the rest of them stood, just as a hush fell over the room.

Principal Weatherbee cleared his throat before he spoke. “Okay, so, some of you probably got some texts or calls from your parents. I know you’re all confused or scared but there’s no need to be. You’re safe in here.”

“Excuse me, Principal Weatherbee.” The lilting voice of Cheryl Blossom interrupted him. “Are you trying to tell us it’s not safe out there?”

“I—that isn’t what I was going to say—“ Principal Weatherbee looked flustered, which wasn’t something that happened often.

“Well, it doesn’t matter what you were going to say!” It was Kevin who interrupted him this time. “It isn’t safe out there!”

“Kev, what are you talking about?” Archie asked him as everyone turned to stare.

“My dad told me what’s going on outside.” Kevin said, walking over to take the mic out of Weatherbee’s hands as everyone watched with wide eyes.

“There was an incident at the Riverdale Central Hospital.” Kevin began. “They don’t know exactly what happened there yet—but that’s where it began.”

Archie was surprised that Weatherbee hadn’t yanked the mic out of Kevin’s hands and told him to shut up yet. In fact, he seemed just as intrigued as the rest of them.

He doesn’t know the whole story either, Archie thought and the realization made him uncomfortable. If the person in charge doesn’t know what was going on, how exactly is it safe in here?

“There’s something happening around town.” Kevin was now reading off of his phone. “The police got reports of aggressive and violent attacks occurring at and around the hospital late last night—around 3 am—and the officers that went to check it out didn’t come back. When I—uh, my dad—and a couple of other officers went to check it out this morning, they found something that could only be described as gory. There were barely any people at the hospital. The only things left were…” Kevin’s voice wavered. “Blood and corpses.”  

There were more than a few gasps at that, including Archie’s.

Blood and corpses? What is this, a horror movie?

“And then they came. A group of eight, four patients, two doctors and two policemen. The ones that went to investigate last night. There was something not quite right about them. It’s hard to describe. They were, in short, zombies.” As soon as Kevin uttered those words, there was a shout of laughter.

“C’mon, man! Stop messing with us!” Some kid yelled but his joking tone seemed to be covering a layer of fear.

“I’m not messing with you.” Kevin snapped and held up his phone. “That’s what my dad told me.”

“And what? Your dad just had the time to fire out a huge, extremely detailed text when he was running from zombies?” A girl yelled. There were murmurs of agreement in the crowd.

“Look, I’m just telling you what I know, okay? And the reason my dad texted me everything is because…” Kevin paused, swallowed. “He got bit. And we’ve all seen enough zombie movies to know what comes next.”

The silence filled the room again as Kevin shut his eyes and turned his head down. Archie could see his shoulder shaking, his hand tightening around his phone. After a few moments, Kevin seemed to compose himself. When he looked up again, Archie saw an intensity in his eyes he’d never seen before.

“I don’t know what happened to my dad. But I do know that he thought he was going to die. And he told me what was going on to help me survive whatever the hell is going on. So, that’s what I’m going to do. There’s not much else we can do.” He said.

“Kevin…” Jughead started. “If there were only eight people in the hospital, does that mean…?”

Kevin gave a grim nod. “They’re outside.”  

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Hey guys! My name is Jessica, I’m 21 and i started my journey at the end of February 2016. Ive always been a picky eater so for me, “over eating” isn’t what made me gain weight. It’s what I ate, because everything I put in my mouth were fried greasy foods or straight carbs! I’ve dealt with being over weight my whole life until I finally told myself that I didn’t want to be like that anymore. After a month of exercise, I stepped on the scale for the first time in a year and a half and I was 322. Seeing that number is what made me keep going. Being in the 200s is a scary thing let alone the 300s so that did it for me! So far I have lost over 135 pounds and I’m still kicking butt to reach my goal which is 160 then eventually 145. For the first 3-4 months of losing weight, I was using Herbalife meal replacement shakes.2 shakes a day and 1 meal with healthy snacks in between meals. Then I started to only do 1 shake a day with 2 meals and healthy snacks in between meals for another 4 months. Then finally gave up the shakes and started eating normal meals and exercising still everyday. My life has changed so much and I couldn’t be happier with how things are going for me on this journey:)

IG : getfitwjessica



The moment of sudden clarity when feelings are finally recognized, or are made aware for the first time.

It hit you on a Wednesday evening while you were at the gym as per usual. School was killing you, but you were determined to stick with your workout schedule, even if it meant sleeping an hour less or watching one less episode of your current favorite kdrama. Just exactly why were you so passionate about working out?


[7:33PM] Jeon: If you’re not here in 5 minutes then YOU owe ME all you can eat KBBQ. 


[7:33PM] Jeon: AND ice cream.

It was as simple as that – you just couldn’t, wouldn’t, lose this bet with Jeon Jungkook. 

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Busy Week

Last week my company held its annual customer conference - 3,000 people attended the 4 day event in Chicago. I ask for Beth’s help choosing clothes when I’m going to be speaking as I did twice at the conference.

The event included multiple client dinners each night but I made it to the gym a few times anyway. The big finale was Thursday night when we rented the entire Museum of Science and Industry.

I got home Friday afternoon; ran 13 yesterday and 7 today followed by donuts.


We didn’t made a place in our musical play tho . -. Oh whatev, at least I had my marathon around our school gym for the setup x”D I can finally reply to some ask and tags ;;-;; Sorry for my absences, I had a full week sickness. Unstoppable headaches, rough cough and it affects my headache, and a bad cold. Sometimes mild fever = 7 = BUT IT’S DONE! STRESS SHOO SHOO!   


It was a great weekend, mostly thanks to @losingmydemons. We were lazy bums together Saturday and it was wonderful. Also, I now have a new doggo bff, which I’m very excited about.

Sunday was B’s 30th birthday, and we spent the day relaxing & watching Fear the Walking Dead. He was like a little kid opening his gift – the silver boat. It made me happy.

Now it’s Monday, and I’m headed to the gym in the rain. I’m finally over this sinus infection, and in the spirit of not getting sick again, it’s time to locate those shits I used to give about my health and fitness. Let’s go!

Some News I Guess

Sorry for being gone so much lately. I’m not giving up this blog. So no worries there. I’ve just been, well, taking care of me. Pretty much just doing some self-care because I’m generally horrible at, or at least putting myself first and feeling like I deserve to be taken care of. Like learning to eat better choices of food, exercising at the gym, sleeping at reasonable times, finishing projects, relaxing when I need to, and even putting in the time to think positively about myself. So that’s why I’ve been MIA for awhile.


I’m gonna answer some more recent asks, but everything else I’m just gonna erase and start over. Not saying I haven’t read all your messages and how incredibly kind and supportive you’ve all been. I’m so grateful to the love you have sent my way. But with how long it’s been, I believe a finish start is needed. I’m gonna make it a goal to post one drawing and answer one ask a day.

FAQ (sorta):

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i was in gym class today and we were playing this free-for-all dodgeball game with only 3 balls. i had a ball and so did this athletic kid, so were standing there in a stalemate. i threw my ball at him and missed by .5 inches, and i saw the look on his face and realized my mistake. so i ran as fast as my legs could carry me, which is actually pretty fast for my body type not gonna lie, and the whole time i was like “shitshitshitshitshitshitSHITSHITSHIT” cause there i was running from one of the most athletic kids in class right, so the last thing i said before he finally threw the ball was “I HAVE MADE A GRAVE MISTAKE” AND I LITERALLY RAN ¾ OF THE GYM BEFORE HE CAUGHT ME IT WAS SCARY


I’ve changed a lot in a four-year span.

2013: Bad year. Upsetting friend drama, dealing with a stalker, working at a dead-end job that I later quit, struggling with poverty and unemployment, abusing alcohol and pills, eating crappy food, very overweight, throwing myself into Tumblr fandoms as a distraction, not happy with who or what I was at all.

2014: Slight improvements. Got rid of the pills and got a gym membership. Completely changed my diet for the better. Cut some bad people out of my life. Found a decent job and started saving up money. Still dealt with a stalker who finally gave up on me. Made peace with negative people from my past. Still wasn’t happy with myself.

2015: Moved out on my own with Jared. Wiped out a bunch of old social media outlets. Lost a metric fuckton of weight and became a fitness junkie. Started traveling. Also started getting really sick for then-unknown reasons. Professional life started suffering. Struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts. Threw myself into music fandoms to cope with said issues.

2016: The most challenging year of my life. Entered graduate school, left my old job and found a better one. Near-constant digestive sickness. Dealt with my estranged father trying to barge his way back into my life. Survived two surgeries. Traveled even more. Started performing live shows again. Also started drinking heavily again. Gained back 10 lbs. Decided it was time to find inner peace.

2017: Gained a promising internship connected to my studies. Managing a chronic illness to the best of my ability. Performing more shows. Trying to curb my drinking. Turning back into a gym rat. Started meditating. Feeling way more at peace with myself than at any other point in my adult life. Thankful for family, friends, and the privileges afforded to me.

This isn’t just about how my looks have changed, but rather how I have changed as a person. The longing for things I couldn’t have has ceased, because now I either have what I want or I’m taking real, productive steps to get what I want.

Also, dark lipstick is no longer my enemy. Hooray for that. 💝

What made the biggest difference when preparing for your Oireachtas?

**LONG POST COMING but this is a very honest recount of my Oireachtas prep and competition day**


It all started in Orlando when I didn’t land the recall I had hoped for - it stung. Despite all my efforts in the gym and studio, it wasn’t enough to make it to the final round. That being said, my sister had a much better outcome in Orlando by landing a recall at her first nationals and her second competition as an Open dancer - an achievement that deserves high praise. I was thrilled for her, despite feeling vexed about my own results. 

That’s when everything changed.

The minute I landed on home soil, I began training for the Oireachtas. I’ll be the first to admit that my track record at our Oireachtas has never been great. My placement over the last few years was always near the bottom and I swore to myself that I wouldn’t allow it to happen again this year.

My god, I was going to do whatever it took to get that recall.

I did everything I could think of to better my chances of achieving my goal. My stamina was always my biggest porblem and I decided to take my mom’s advice and start doing wind sprints. I sprinted 2-3 times a week between studio classes and skipped between my laps. I wanted to puke my guts out at the end of each training session, but I knew it would be worth it. I followed these sprints with a gym workout to build up my strength despite my exhaustion from cardio.

I worked my butt of in the studio - leaving drenched in sweat. I reworked the weaker parts of my TJ and set dance to make sure they were perfect.

I fought through the bruised toes, blisters and aching feet. I fought through the shinsplints that made a vicious comeback after years of no pain. I fought through the exhaustion my muscles felt and remembered that it would all be worth it.

I grimaced and gritted my teeth through the deep tissue leg massages at my sister’s physio clinic. I doused my legs in Lakota Extra Strength or Voltaren, and wrapped my shins in tensors each practice. 

“All of this will be worth it the minute you hear your number recalled. It’ll be worth it if you have a shot at Worlds,” I would tell myself.

What was once months before the Oireachtas became weeks, and soon we were only a week away from competing.

The wind sprints had increased my lung capacity, stamina and short-term muscle recovery. My gym training had strengthened and toned my body into peak physical condition. My final deep tissue leg massage worked out the knots and exhaustion in my muscles, as well as temporarily relieved the pain from my shinsplints. I knew my dances like the back of my hand after months of preparation. I had perfected my visuals - I knew when to make eye contact with the judges and when to smile. I knew which foods I had to eat to supply my body with the energy it needed - gluten free and all.

As we drove down to Calgary, I visualized myself onstage for each round and where I needed to move for each step. I thought of when I had to focus on a judge - smiling, eye contact and all. Then I visualized myself being recalled and qualifying for Worlds. 

There was a possibility I could make it happen, but I needed to be 100% focused. I had to believe I could do it.

By Saturday afternoon, I had walked off the stage with two strong rounds. When they began announcing my group’s recalls, my sister held my hand anxiously after hearing her own number. Another dancer from our school, who is like a psuedo-sister, anxiously waited with us. When they called out my number, we joyfully cried out and hugged. After years of never recalling and placing in the bottom, my sister and I had recalled together in the Senior Ladies category.

That being said, I also knew that some of my own friends and fellow competitors didn’t get the recall they were hoping for. After strapping on my hardhoes, I went to each of them to congratulate them on a job well done. After seeing each of them, I quickly warmed up and ran through my set for its debut on stage. I said a quick “this is for you” to my grandfather, who was an avid supporter of our competitive career, and stepped onstage to do the Piper - a set chosen to honour his time in highland dancing.

My third round is a bit of a blur. I remember looking at my sister, mom and teacher for visual cues of what to do. They would tell me if I needed to lift higher, move more or smile. After that, it was like a curtain had fallen around me. I can only recall the blur of my surroundings as I danced and the sound of the music.

I finished my third round, thanked the musicians and made my way offstage. Once I passed out of the judges’ view, I relaxed and felt the full brunt of my bruised toes. It hurt to walk back to where my family and friends stood, but it was worth every bit of pain to have a strong final performance. No matter what happened, I was happy with what I put on that stage.

Fast forward to that evening, and we eagerly waited for our group’s results. While my teacher watched the awards from the side stage, I waited with my sister and my good friend Shannon. We filed on stage with our group, hand in hand, and waited as they began our group’s awards - the final group of the evening. 

As my sister and I held our breath, we listened as they called 12th and then 11th place. My sister and I, after always being in the bottom three, had placed in the top 10! Shortly after, my sister was announced as 10th place and she accepted her medal and NANs qualification certificate. Then 9th place was called.

That was when the announcer paused and waited for what we hoped was the big announcement. Seconds later, the remaining dancers and I were announced as the world qualifiers. Shannon was already bent over in tears and I remember sobbing into my hands when I realized I had done what I never thought I’d do - I was going to the Worlds. My sister had rushed back to hug me before they called my number out as 8th place. With tears streaming down my face, I accepted my medal, certificate and rose before taking my place.

If you can dream it and believe it, you can achieve it! 

I achieved not one, but two childhood dreams that night. I qualified for the Worlds and I will get to compete in Ireland before I retire in 2019. So if I can do it, so can you!

Set out your goals. Make a plan on how you will achieve those goals and set your plan into motion. I can promise you one thing, it’ll be worth it.

Pretty close to hitting my macros again today.
I switched up my breakfast and snacks which was good.

I’m enjoying my meals and it’s made me think outside the square a bit in terms of snacks. It’s made me realise that I had been eating way more carbs and fat than protein and when you don’t have any of those macros left you invent things - like egg whites mixed with protein powder and microwaved = protein cakes!

I finally went back to the gym this afternoon after a week of being lazy. Just a body balance class. It’s so nice not to be worrying about burning calories for the sake of it.

I know it’s early days but I just need to trust the process and stick with it. I’m enjoying it so far.

I am lacking sleep so far this week so it’s an early night tonight. I want to aim to do a more intense workout tomorrow - some upper body weights and an RPM class.

Made it to the gym again! That’s the third time this week already! I finally feel back on my game. And I’m happy when I’m in there. The first day I walked back into the gym I felt weak. I felt like I looked weak. Everyone else just seemed so much more confident than I was. I got down on myself. But then I remembered that I’m there for me and to make myself stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally. I remembered what it’s like to be in that mental happy place again that the gym was for me 6 months ago before I had to stop lifting. Now I want to go and look forward to it! Yay for physical, mental, and emotional gains!😍🎉💪🏼

1/25/17 Workout:

Leg press: 4x10 90#
Bodyweight squats: 4x10
Squat curtsy lunge pulses: 4x6
Back/booty extensions: 3x15 25#
Leg extensions: 4x6 80#
Front lunges: 4x6
Bulgarian split squats: 4x8 10#

End of the training cycle

This training cycle was the hardest and most fulfilling I’ve had in awhile. I feel like I was in a weird post-injury depression for a really long time since the strains and sprains were back to back. I’ve relearned my love for powerlifting and the gym as my happy place. I’ve been in a rut for so long, but I’m finally feeling like I’m on my way to greater things. 

Just goes to show that stagnancy can linger for a long time, even though we feel ready to move on. It’s made me reevaluate my motivations and intentions, but I needed the wake-up call. It took me a long time to get everything back in order, but I’m back and ready to make gains. My body feels broken down and I’m probably going to go in for a sports massage or cupping+gua sha this week because I have a coupon lol can’t wait for the deload. 

I can see my living room floor for the first time in month and months. It’s made a big difference even tho it’s still just a small part of the mess. Today I’m going to try to just continue making progress on my home, even if it’s just really small things.. at least finally throw out my christmas tree ha. Maybe do something in my kitchen.

Mr bigs staying in my area tonight until Friday so I want to go stay with him but not in a running away sense. That’s why I pushed myself to tidy up last night.

I do also really want to go to the gym. It’s been a while and I know I’ll feel good for it. (Plus I can have a hot shower) so I guess my plan for the day is:

-take the rubbish out
-put some laundry on
-sort kitchen a little
-somehow take my christmas tree out
-go to the gym
-stay w mr big

Big bang summery

i don’t know if this is my final version. I’m so nervous because i really want an artist to pick me so it needs to be interesting. Critiques welcome but what i have so far is:

When Andrew Doe, at the age of seven, met Jean Moreau while standing the Creekside community gym he thought of the Robin that had flown into the kitchen window that morning. Small, beautiful, trembling. After that first practice when Jean’s adoptive father Tetsuji Moriyama came to pick him, Riko and Kevin up he understand’s. Andrew knows what it’s like to live under a heavy hand. the bruises made from grown mens hands under his jersey ache in sympathy of the firm hand on Jeans neck leading him to the car. Andrew has never met someone he thinks might know him like that. The quiet hiding part in his soul that says ‘i have not been treated as a child should’. Two years later Andrew gets moved to another foster home, the feeling of losing something important. The weight of losing Jean is as heavy as the car door shutting as he’s taken to yet another home not meant for him. It’s as final too. He’s wrong though all of that pain is a papercut compared to being roomed with his childhood friend at sixteen. Its cruel how wounded they both are still. Both a victim in their own right. Fate is a disservice to the children they were when it guides their mutual hands. “We’ll save each other..” the plan is simple. Take care of each other’s secrets, get drafted out of Sage academy Boarding school to the U.S Court and be together. It’s simple it really is but it’s also the most complicated and dangerous Andrews life has ever been.

-100, finally! This has been a 4 year process. I fell off the wagon 99 times and got back on 100, literally. I’ve shifted from eating a very carb heavy diet to under 75 every day and they come from non-starchy vegetables, nuts and some fruit. Carbs made me absolutely miserable mentally and physically. Every single meal is a new chance to make the choice to nourish my body instead of throwing crap food at it. Lean bodies are made in the kitchen, not the gym. I really didn’t think I’d ever get this far but slow and steady really does win the race!

Thoughts on ‘Star-Crossed’

1) This is probably the only time I’m going to complain about Mon-El not appearing enough in an episode. We were sold on this as Mon-El finally being made to account for his lies and he gets what? Three scenes?

2) “Make Daxam Great Again.”

3) Did I call Lyra being more than she seemed? I feel like I would’ve at least commented on her being played by a recognisable actress.

4) Has Kevin Sorbo ever played Chris Wood’s dad before? Because now I can’t unsee or unhear it.

5) Good to see Jimmy back but where was he in that first scene? Just standing around in a vest near a TV. Was that his house? A gym? His office? How is his life as the editor of CatCo has he actually made any decisions or is Snapper Carr just in charge by force of personality alone?

6) Winn Schott relationship guru returns to explain that you can in fact work through difficulties in a relationship (if the other person is worth it). It’s weird that everyone needs Winn’s advice when it coems to relationships but I guess he is the only man on television to find out the person he has feelings for doesn’t feel the same and respond by moving on and learning to respect them for different reasons.

7) Mandrax is coming back right? If not they wasted an amazing prosthetic on that guy. I couldn’t find anything to see if he was a significant comic character but really an alien art thief who can shrug off being hit in the face by Guardian is the kind of villain this show has been missing.

8) Speaking of villains, I am pumped for Music Meister. Bring on The Flash.

I finally made it!!! I finally finally made it to onderland!! I’m so happy, I cried on my way home from the gym. I can’t remember the last time I was under 200 pounds. I remember weighing 170 in 8th grade and being too mortified to step on a scale again until I weighed 220 halfway through my freshman year of high school. But here I am now, I’ve reached my first mental goal, and now it’s on to the next one.

This is a big fuck you to anyone who doubted that I couldn’t, especially my past self. My emotionally abusive ex boyfriend, who called me a deterrent to his own weight loss goals. Past friends who looked down on me because of my weight. I’m stronger than them. I’m really freaking proud of myself.