i finally made a valentine guys


Hey guys! I opened up my Red Bubble today, because I made so many Final Fantasy stickers for the con I was at. Unfortunately it was only in Germany so I wanted to share the stickers with you guys overseas if you are interested. 

Stop by, tell me what you think and enjoy! :3

If you are looking for any stickers or prints in particular, just send me an ask or an e-mail to saramuller.de@gmail.com and I will make sure to add them.
If you have any ideas and suggestions, let me know!!


Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day! 

Yesterday I was standing in Daurell Caverns and I was waiting on the overhang in the boss room (long story) and Ignis jumped off… so I looked down and Gladio was already down there.  So I gave them some alone time and just chilled with Prompto, my love.  The next time I looked down, they were standing 20 feet apart with their backs to each other. :|  Then Gladio came back up with me, leaving Ignis down there for like… three more hours.  What did you say to him??  This is a dumb story.

The Valentine’s Day Plan

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Warning: Swearing
Prompt: “Your hand is cold. Do you want to hold mine?”
A/N: So… I went 61 words over the 840 limit. I’m sorry! I just couldn’t stop myself. It was over 940, but I deleted some of the parts that I could. I was worrying about it being too short and it turns out it was too long. I can’t win. Happy Valentine’s day btw! I hope you enjoy the last 35 minutes of it.

Today was the day that you were finally going to find a way to explain your feelings to your long time crush, Bucky. He was a great guy once the rest of the Avengers and you were able to get past that hard, outer shell of his.  

In the beginning he had been emotionless and somewhat aggressive, but after some time he was able to grow more comfortable around you all. It was great progress and it made Steve exceptionally happy which, in turn, made you happy. The bond you shared with Steve was a brotherly one and you had hated seeing him so sad with his lack of progress with his best friend, but now everything was good and he had the friend he knew back. Everyone was happy.

Well… that wasn’t true. You weren’t as happy as you could be. The man that you had feelings for didn’t seem to notice you at all outside the same sisterly affection that Steve showed you. Ever since you had realized your feelings for him you had thought that you were being clear enough for him, but apparently he couldn’t take the hint… or you weren’t giving good ones, but that was unlikely. You had been sitting close to him, offering to work out in the gym with him, asking him to go out on walks with you, touching him more during conversations, the whole works, but did he notice? No, not one little bit.  

So, that was why you had this whole evening planned down to a T. After tonight, he wouldn’t have a doubt in his mind that you wanted to be with him. You’d be dropping hint after hint and flirting your ass off until they became too obvious to ignore. Hopefully you wouldn’t have to go there though. Nothing said I like you like ‘you’re sexy as hell and I want to be on you like butter on toast… date me please’. Yeah, that wouldn’t be the best. You wanted him to like you, not scare him off with an over exuberant personality.

It all started with you asking him to go out with you. Everyone else had been out doing their thing with the others and it was only you two who had been in the tower. Steve went out to take Sharon on a date, Tony was out trying to make up something to Pepper, Thor was out with Jane, Pietro and Wanda went out to spend some sibling time together, and Clint and Natasha had just left. They were always randomly disappearing at random times. It was kind of what they did. Either way, you were thankful for the circumstances that had led you to this moment.

The both of you had, had a wonderful day of walking around and Bucky had even treated you to lunch at one of his favorite restaurants that was still in business. You enjoyed it and the food was really good. The only thing that could have made it better would have been him returning your subtle flirtations. As you left, feeling slightly dejected, you were starting to think that he was not interested or he just didn’t understand modern flirting. The latter would have come as a surprise considering all that Steve had told you about him back in his hay day.

You were walking in comfortable silence for a good while before it suddenly came to you. There was something that everybody could understand: pick-up lines! All you had to do was think of one. That took another couple of minutes to figure out, but you got it. The day was a bit chilly and he had a metal hand. It wouldn’t be one of your best lines, but it should work.

Hesitant to break the cool silence, you bumped his shoulder lightly with your own to try and get his attention. It worked and he looked down at you with a soft smile. For a second, you were distracted by his handsome face. The man was very easy on the eyes. No woman could be blamed for looking at a face like his. Thankfully only couples seemed to be out today. All of the single people tended to stay at home to keep from seeing couples eat each other’s faces. That was why you had always stayed in your room at the tower on days like this eating ice cream. It made you very uncomfortable to see displays like that.

You quickly shook your head to get rid of the slight daze before returning the smile. “Hey, Bucky… your hand looks pretty cold there. Do you want to warm it up with mine?” There, you had said it. You’d put it out there. Now all you had to do was wait and see if he rejected you.

To your surprise and pleasure, his smile broadened as he slipped his metal hand in yours. Immediately, your hand felt like it was encased in a bucket of ice. His hand was actually cold, but you wouldn’t say anything. You were just going to enjoy it while it lasted. Hopefully, by the end of the day he’d be doing more than just holding your hand.


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Final Part! All the wonderful and cringe-worthy fr related valentines lines everyone threw at me. I made the call and was not disappointed!! Thank you guys for the funny lines and inspiration.

Seriously tho that Tundra one made me flop over and nearly fall out of my chair yelling, it’s so good! ITS SO GENIUS!!

Special shout out the the OG Cheesy pick-up line anon who hits my ask box every few months and brightens my day while simultaneously making me reel back and screech!

Valentines Cards- Plentiful- Common- Uncommon to Rare

anonymous asked:

I just wanted to say thank you for a few things: all of the OHSHC gifs, LittlePomo, all the mm stuff you post, your great attitude, and just overall being a wonderful person! Hope you have a fantastic Valentine's Day and know that there's a lot of us out there that love you tons! <3

Omg this is just too sweet for me, I’m crying right now…I did not expected this…I’m too emotional omg
I want to thank you guys…For staying here with me,supporting me…I made a tumblr because I was feeling abandoned , sad,but now I’m finally feeling complete
Thank you

Your Sickening Desire

Prompt:  i work at Starbucks and when i asked what name to write on your cup you said “daddy” and winked at me which would have been so fucking creepy if you weren’t so hot (ambiguous ending, up to the author)

Genre: Fluff and Smut

Word Count: 1,429

A/N: (I’ve never written smut omf) Okay, happy Valentine’s Day guys. I promise there are like 2 more hours of it in my timezone.

Dan’s back aches and his feet hurt. He was the only employee who didn’t make a fuss about working on Valentine’s Day, which made him the one with the most hours to work. Everyone else was out with their partner and he was stuck here, single, and working.

He leans against the counter and takes a deep breath. The store is finally calm. No one walks in, and everyone that is there is served. He closes his eyes and fantasises about taking a nap when he hears the bell above the door. He keeps his eyes shut though, in an attempt to ignore his responsibilities.

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nye boy finally takes off from work, comes home, BUT then he flies to tampa!??????? at least we made plans, and i sent him cute pics of my butt and he is praising me… so like… this valentines day has been OK i guess 

Valentine’s Day--Joshaya

I haven’t written fanfiction in a while so I thought I’d try it out. BTW THIS STORY ANd THE OTHER TWO CHAPTERS WILL BE ON WATTPAD: “Valentine’s Day by Wsupcynthia


It was Valentine’s day. Riley and Lucas were on a date, so were Smackle and Farkle. Zay had gone back to texas to surprise Vanessa. I was happy for them, but it felt lonely. I had gotten asked out too by quite a few guys, but I was in it for the long game. We made that promise last fall. After all those years of chasing him, I couldn’t help but be happy that he finally returned the same feelings. It was upsetting though that we couldn’t be together now, but someday.

I looked out my window to see the kids running, the couples walking, and that lady who had the cart and sold elotes. I walked out of my apartment to go on a walk. It wasn’t good to be cooped up. I wish I could be with him, but he was studying. He had a major test coming up. Maybe, I could visit him though.

I turned back in my tracks, back towards my house. On my dresser sat a box wrapped in simple blue paper and a white ribbon. I took it with me as I once again headed back down the street.

It was nice going down the street. I broke out of my thoughts when I heard a loud engine sound. I looked out to the street. Her long black hair was curled and a helmet was under her arm.

“Need a ride Hart?” She called out.

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Are you getting Wonka anything for the holidays?

Wow I am way late answering this. Sorry it’s 2:00 am on Valentine’s Day that I am finally talking answering this question that was sent to me before Christmas. :-p Ain’t I just the dickens?

But yes, actually. Wonka, Bask, and I all exchanged gifts! Well,, Bask didn’t get us anything,,, but that’s ok! I think he said something about leaving the gifts at home.


I decided to crochet sweaters for the Holidays. I really should show you guys a picture before summer comes but,, one thing at a time.

I made Bask this big blue sweater that says “A VERY SPECIAL MCF*CKING SNOWFLAKE” and the “*” is a snowflake. I had to surprise Bask with a chokehold, lots of hugs, and steal a couple of his shirts to get the right measurements but it turned out pretty good I’d say. He certainly seemed to like it.

I got Wonka and I matching “Naughty” and “Nice” sweaters. I,, I’m kinda ashamed to say I couldn’t really think of something better at the time. Wonka doesn’t really like to talk about himself much so it’s hard to figure out what he likes. I knew him way less back then too. In hindsight, I should have got him a book of puns. He never wears his sweater,,

And OMJ ,, what Wonka got me made me cry,, ok, so you guys know how I can only eat taffy, right? Well, after a few months of that, it gets old fast. But I can’t eat anything else without feeling sick because I can’t digest it. So Wonka made me some of his dinner gum!!! Like,, Omj he only gave me one piece but,, just tasting real food like tomato soup and roast beef ,, it was just,, Omj I actually cried. He slapped it out of my mouth when I told him I could taste blueberry pie but it was a wonderful gift,,,,, I just,, I don’t deserve the “Nice” sweater when Wonka goes and does something like this,,

Also,, It should be said that this was back when Wonka and Bask could still just barely tolerate each other and uh,, Wonka got Bask a big black t-shirt that spelt out “BODE” vertically in big white letters ,, Wonka doesn’t understand slang and thought “bode” meant “fat” and he said that as he presented the gift and just,, ok, so this is perhaps an example of when Wonka doesn’t deserve the “Nice” sweater.

Sorry for rambling, I’m very tired,,


HQ!! Chibi Head X Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

yay~ I still made it in time for valentines day!! that was so time consuming I hope you guys enjoy~ <3 too many characters to tag…damn…Tsukishima, Yamaguchi and Captain are finally included too!! 

**EDIT: there seems to be a problem with the photo set i uploaded, i tried reloading multiple times and the colours vary from ‘alright’ to ‘too vibrant’…will try to fix this soon…sorry for hurting your eyes TTnTT

previous hq!! chibi head mini comic

>> Best Bro Hair Talk (asanoya/tananoya)

other hq!! chibi head works >> here


I’ve thought so long about how to properly end my official time with this blog, especially since my last post was a Valentines Day one and that’s not very… finale-like.
I was worried, because while I knew I was going to do be dead for months either way, I really wanted to have a proper finish point, something I can look back on.

The journal, guys. Journal 3.
The journal is full of inspiring things, frankly, I’m in love with it. And it made me raise from the dead one last time, no- sev’ral timez! That’s right, I’m crappily drawing out more than one thing. This is not the last post. I think… I think there’s one more. It’s the least I could do, after such a journal, after such a journey with this blog. 

So, prepare for a lot of Journal-3-insider jokes or references!
Have you noticed that on the page in the first half of the book where Ford says he’s a sucker for Jelly Beans, he trashtalks toffee peanuts in the same breath?
Have you noticed that when Dipper describes at the end of the book how everyone exposed Finale Stan to things he knew very well, he mentions that Stan’s favorite foods are bacon…and toffee peanuts?

Needless to say, this dumb idea was INCREDIBLY fun to draw. Seriously, it was a blast!

Just this one time I encourage you to delete my caption, as this post doubles as my place to lengthily say all these things important to this blog, and me. The pictures… can stand on their own, haha.

How far will they take Dark Jace?

With the Shadowhunters writers back to work I’ve seen a lot of discussion on twitter about Jace and how dark the show will take his character. Some people like the idea of dark Jace and some want Jace back to his sarcasm and light banter.

I am a Jace fan before i am anything else. He is the most important thing to in this show. I will never understand why people want him pigeonholed as the sarcastic guy in the corner. This is a guy who has been through a lot and we have already started a dark path for him. Even if the choice he made in the finale was selfless and he was just trying to save his friends the choice has been made. He’s standing side by side with Valentine.

In the books we were just told about Jace and Valentine’s relationship and how being raised by this man affected Jace in many ways. The show is giving us the opportunity to see this relationship. We get to see first hand why Jace feels so poisoned by the fact that this man raised him. I also like we already touched on the fact that its not about sharing Valentine’s blood but how he affected Jace in the years he spent raising him. I do think we may see Jace doing some bad things. In the books we saw Jace do bad things but their was always an excuse. Sebastian, Lilith or Valentine was always to blame. I don’t think the show will go that way because that doesn’t push a character to grow.

As horrible as this sounds I want to see Jace making horrible choices to gain his father’s respect and love. Jace has always wanted his father’s love and approval so after time spent with him it would be totally understandable if he starts longing for that parental love. Then I want him to come to terms with how he is good and that’s why Valentine will never accept him. I think if the writers do go really dark with Jace’s choices we will also seem him redeem himself because we all know Jace isn’t a bad guy.

As much as I love Clace and their relationship I think Jace’s character development is just as important. He’s so broken and lost right now and I want to see him get to a place where he believes he’s good and deserves love and happiness. 

For a change, another addition to the comic She’s One of a Kind, Kine has been made today (so check it out, of course), but I wanted to give you guys a little teaser and an explanation. The above is the main reason everything else is typically on hold, save for art trades. It may not be representative of the final product, but it’s a close bet. This is an animation I’ve been chipping away at for a while, with far more in-betweens than honestly necessary for a fan animation, but it looks really good in motion. I already missed Valentine’s Day (…again…), but I think Spring still fits the mood, so we’ll see if anything happens. :\

So there it is, an animation still, and now you know a little more. What say you, would you rather the priority shift back to comics to get that blasted battle story out the way already? Or keep going with this UPA inspired bit (honestly I’m gonna keep on with the latter unless people absolutely object, which has never happened in the history of this site, so…)?

Additionally, I still can’t respond to Fan Mail (use Asks or email), and the exclusive goodies I mentioned last week will start the second week of April for sure, and definitely not this one.


The Making ofEyes Only For You

Didn’t get the chance to create a new PLAKKI piece for this today. As always, to make up for it, I’m going to share with your guys how I made last week’s piece starting from the initial sketch all the way down to the final saved finished painting. Sorry there’s no piece this week you guys.

I struggled this week to make up my mind on a concept to produce. Though I had some good ideas, in the end, I decided just to skip this week and save those ideas for future PLAKKI pieces time when I can work on them freely.

Besides most of my arting time this week was spend focused on working on my contribution to an upcoming Miraculous Valentine’s Day collaboration project. Here’s a small teaser WIP of that:

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