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“We have an exam tomorrow, but I need you to hear this new song I wrote for you”

Elijah Mikaelson

Prompt - I was a little shithead in heaven and as a punishment I now have to be your guardian angel but you hate me.


Being an angel was fun, you know the flying around, talking to my brothers and sisters and causing mayhem. Well that was until I pushed my father a bit to far. I was a little shit and may have changed someone’s heaven to be well, hell. Now I’m a guardian angel for a family.

The Mikaelson family travelled from the old world to the new world many years ago. I hate the fact that I have to just follow this family around for the rest of their lives. Being super angry at everything didn’t want the Mikaelsons to see me ever so I made my self ‘invisible’. I’m not actually invisible but to all earth creatures I want to not see me can’t. I was actually extremely good at my job and I kept the Mikaelson children safe for a very long time.

I was sitting on a tree one morning when I heard a scream emanate from underneath it. Flying to the ground I see a swarm of village people coming towards the centre of the village. Flying up so I could be above the hoards, I almost fell when I saw what happened. Henrik Mikaelson lay dead on the muddy floor, four large gashes apparent on his chest - the deep wounds showed his rib bones and internal organs. My eyes began to water and I covered my mouth to stop from making any sound. I watched as Mikael made his way through the crowd and began to scream at Klaus. Elijah and Rebekah tried to stop him from hurting Klaus but Mikael screamed at them also. I wished I could do something but I must only guide and guard them, I can never interact with them. Not that that was a proper rule but it was the rule I had been set until I realised what I had really done wrong. I pretty much had to realize that changing people’s future and heavens or hells is an extremely bad thing because it can damage the plan that my Father had set in place for them. I lowered myself to the centre of the crowd where Mikael was continuing to abuse his son. I reached my hand out and placed it on his back, chanting a small verse I had managed to stop him from going any further, he stood up straight and left, going back to his hut.

That night I sat on the branch once more and pondered. I stared into the sky watching the stars overhead. I had finally come to terms with being the Mikaelson children’s guardian angel. I spoke quietly to my Father, though it felt like talking to a brick wall when I had no answer from him. I sighed,
“Please Father, help me. Give me something.”

Stretching my wings I flew to the ground and began to walk towards the Mikaelson’s hut. When I reached the door I noticed that it was slightly ajar. Pushing my way in I saw every child of the Mikaelson family slumped on the ground with blood pooling around them from their chests. I gasped, my eyes welled with tears and I prayed that this wasn’t the end for them. I just came to terms with helping them and now they’re all dead. A gasp echoed around the room and I turned to see the eldest Mikaelson sitting up in the corner of the room. Finn looked around at his brothers and sisters, he started to cry when one by one each child shot up from the floor. Mikael and Esther then walked into the room, he grabbed a dagger and slit his wrist. Grabbing the back of Rebekah’s head be held his bloodied wrist to her mouth. I stood shocked as she began to groan and drink from him, he did the same with each child.

I stayed as Esther explained their new lives, they had been turned into vampires, the first of their species. Immortals, doomed to live for rest of time, an unnatural blood lust would consume them forever and they had to feed from humans in order to live. They also could not go in the sunlight otherwise they would burn to death, they would become nothing but ashes. I wept for them that night. These children had so much to live for and now they are all cursed. I was now cursed also, I had to follow them for the rest of time, I had to protect them from the evils of the world, I was stuck on Earth indefinitely.

Days passed and the children’s mother gave them a ring that allowed them to walk in the day like normal people but they could no longer enter the homes of the once welcoming villagers, they had to be given permission to enter them. One fateful day Klaus made a kill, his first kill, but in a sick turn of events he began to change, his body broke and his face contorted. It was at this moment that I realised he was part werewolf. His father was enraged by this, Klaus was not his son and he was now a hybrid. With the help of Esther, Mikael managed to block out Klaus’s werewolf side with a curse. Thus also the birth of the doppelgänger.

Many days later Klaus killed his mother and Mikael set out to destroy each of his children. The Mikaelsons mostly scattered, though Elijah, Klaus and Rebekah decided to stay together forever and always. I also promised them I would protect them all forever and always, though it was more of a promise to myself as they couldn’t hear or see me. I felt that I should leave it that way.

Centuries passed, betrayal upon betrayal happened and coffins were built. I tried to help each Mikaelson but their own actions could not be changed. Over the years I watched the loves and losses of each child, I watched them cry and laugh, but most importantly I watched them grow. I watched Elijah and Klaus become handsome more and more each day and young Rebekah become beautiful. I watched Finn and Kol as they lay decimated in boxes for years upon years. Over the years I found myself drawn to the second oldest Mikaelson, I was captured by Elijah’s dedication and nobility, his way of caring and helping his siblings and of course his charming features. It hurt whenever he fell in love, the amount of love he had for them was truly amazing and I longed for those same feelings to be given to me but I never showed myself to him, to any of them.

After a millennia of watching, caring and guarding the Mikaelson children I had finally reached the moment I had been waiting for. The day that all of them were back together again, and though I new it wouldn’t last long I cherished this moment. Their mother was also back and they had been persuaded into hosting a very famous Mikaelson Ball. Nearly the whole town of Mystic Falls were invited and they all showed up. Out of the corner of my eye I watched as a familiar face walked through the doors, the doppelgänger, this time her name was Elena Gilbert. She looked exactly like the rest of them before her, stunning. I wondered if Elijah and Klaus would fall for this one also, but that thought was short lived when she was approached by two young men. I walked closer to them so that I could see their faces, oh, I thought, these are the Salvatore brothers. The ones that fell for Katherine over a century and a half ago.

A glass being tapped lightly brought my attention to the stairs, all the Mikaelsons were standing together with their mother not too far off. Elijah began a small speech and everyone clapped when he had finished, he asked everyone to enter the ballroom for the first dance of the night. I watched as Esther climbed back up the stairs instead of joining in the festivities. Curious I flew up to the top floor and followed her to the furthest room in the house. I watched as she began to set up for what looked like a spell, a large piece of parchment lay in front of her each of the Mikaelson children’s names were inscribed in Viking runes upon it. A small time passed when the doppelgänger entered the room escorted by Finn, Esther seemed pleased with her appearance and welcomed her warmly. I never liked Esther she made the Mikaelsons what they are and then wanted then killed. But it was what she said next that shocked me the most.

“I wish to bind my children with your blood and kill them all, Finn will be the sacrifice and they will all die. At first Elena was speechless, I was also, then Elena agreed to it, she said she would help get rid of them. Anger filled me, there was no way I was going to let this happen. I had spent to long with these children and they were not going to die like this. Finn, I could care less about now, if he wished to die then I would let that happen. He could go to hell, he would get along nicely with my brother down there.

The ritual was about to take place, Finn was ready to be sacrificed and Esther was currently channeling energy from the place that she was killed. I flew overhead as the Mikaelsons and Salvatores headed towards her. I knew that I would have to get involved but I was torn because I would break my rule about not being visible. They reached their destination and began to battle it out against her, the group didn’t get very far because of the sheer amount of power that Esther had.

The battle seemed lost when the group all lay on the ground in agony. I knew then what my decision was, I was sent here to guard and protect the Mikaelson children and that is what I had to do, even if it was against their own mother. Flying to the ground I positioned myself in front of the injured vampires and stood tall. Finally I made myself visible, for the first time in history someone was going to see me, the Angel (y/n). Standing my ground I looked towards Esther she seemed shocked that I came from nowhere. My true form took my vessels place and bright light shine around the open plain. My voice shook the ground around me as I spoke, "Esther, you have gone against the ways of the Earth and Heaven. You are no longer fit to walk this plain, by the grace of my Father you are hereby banished from the realm of Earth and all your power is to be stripped from you.”

My true form diminished into my vessel and with one snap of my fingers she was dead, her body collapsed to the ground. Finn ran to her side but the deed was done. She was gone from Earth, hopefully for good. My wings were still visible to the others that now surrounded me, I folded them back in towards my body and they vanished from sight. I looked around to see the group staring at me, I laughed slightly at their attempt to intimidate me. The eldest Salvatore spoke up first, his voice sarcastic,

“Should we praise you now oh graceful one, for you banished our foes.” I cocked my head to one side,

“There is no need to thank me, I was protecting the Mikaelsons as I have done for over one thousand years, you are lucky I have spared you.”

“If you have protected us for this long how come we are only seeing you now?” the youngest Mikaelson questioned.

“I am here because you all would have died and then I would simply be a messenger once more. All this questioning and none of you have asked who I am as of yet.”

“That is because we are trying to figure out what you are sweetheart.”

“My dear Niklaus, I can tell you but you will not believe me.”

“We’ve seen plenty of strange creature throughout our lives, I assure you that you will not shock us.”

“Rebekah love, I must say that you really have grown into a beautiful woman. But if you insist, I am (y/n), guardian of the Mikaelson children and controller of the elements, I am an angel of the Lord.”

The shocked faces that now surrounded me made me laugh. That was until I remembered that I would have to wipe their memories and become 'invisible’ once more. My face dropped into a sad smile and a tear slid down my cheek. A large hand placed itself on my shoulder and I looked up to see that handsome face I had grown to love.

“My dear, why are you so sad to have told us what you are?”

“Because I must remove this memory from you and become invisible to you once again Elijah.”

“Oh but you can’t, you have been alone for so long, you can’t leave us now!” The blonde original yelled, a small tear running down her face. She ran to me and wrapped her arms around me. I was shocked, it never crossed my mind that they would care for me even though they had never met me until now. I loved each of the Mikaelson children and it was apparent that they loved me, somewhat, too. My heart ached at the thought of leaving them.

“I-I guess I can stay for a little while, maybe you can get to know me some as I know everything about you,” I smiled as I looked at the girls face, “I also need to for shopping, I’m sure you can help me with that.” The blonde vampire squealed and squeezed me tight in a hug.

“Rebekah, love, don’t kill the poor girl.” I looked over to Klaus and smiled. It was at that moment that I realised that they really did care for me. Rebekah let go and ran to her brothers side. I knew then that I had to stay with them, they were family to me and I couldn’t just leave them.

A few months passed and I had stayed with the Mikaelsons, they welcomed me freely into their home and cared for me as family, all except one, Elijah. The now oldest Mikaelson seemed to detest my presence and always left the room when I entered or glared at me when I spoke. Each time it happened it felt like a blow to my heart. The only Earth creature I had ever truly loved hated me, with such a burning passion that it felt as if I was on fire myself.

I entered the kitchen one morning to find Rebekah, Klaus and Elijah there, I greeted him good morning cheerfully but he just glared at me and left the room. I sighed once again hurt by his utter disgust for me.

“You should go talk to him you know,” Klaus stated.

“I agree with my brother, talk to him or you will be miserable forever. Especially when you love him so much.”

“Rebekah! I do not love Eli-”

“Of course you do love, it’s so obvious it pains me to see you hurt,” Klaus cut it, I sighed again.

“Fine. I’ll talk to him.”

With that I exited the kitchen and wandered up the stairs to try and find Elijah. I reached his room and knocked gently on the door. A faint come in could’ve heard from the other side. Opening the door I entered the room,

“Look Elijah, I get that you hate me and so if you wish for me to leave your family alone and go back to just watching I will.” A tear slipped down my cheek at the thought of leaving them but I lifted my head back up, “actually no. If you wish to hate me, so be it. I love your siblings, they are my family and I will never let them go.”

“They are not your family, they are mine. You are just in the way, you must leave. I will not tell you again.”



“No. I will stay, I love them and you will not get in the way of that.”

“You are so infuriating! They do not want you here! They are just feeling bad for you because you’ve been alone for so long, they don’t actually care for you at all.”

“How the mighty fall Elijah, I thought you were noble! I fell in love with you a thousand years ago because of those exact traits but now I see that you are a hateful and childish coward!”

In a flash I was pressed against a wall, Elijah’s hands on either side of my head, his body trapping mine against the wall and a terrifying look on his face.

“Look Elijah, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it, I’ll leave. I swear you ha-,” warm lips pressed against mine stopped that sentence. A passion I have never known flowed through his lips to mine. When I realised what was really happening I linked my arms around his neck as his gripped my head and hip. He pushed me further against the wall as his body became flush with mine. His tongue swiped against my bottom lip asking for entrance. Granting him that our tongues fought for dominance and of course he won.

Pulling away from our foreheads rested against each others. I looked up at him, bringing my hand around to his face I slapped him, hard.

“You dick! You can’t just say you hate me and want me to leave and the kiss me! What in my Fathers name do you think you’re doing?”

“(Y/N), I am so sorry for the pain and hurt I have caused you. I never intended to bring you such harm, I regret all of it. I in fact feel the opposite way for you than how I have been acting. I love you so much and understand if you do not accept the apology I have given you.”

“I hate you so much,” his eyes flashed with hurt but I smiled, “I just love you more. Come here you idiot.” I laughed and grabbed his face kissing him once more. When we pulled away again for breath I kissed his cheek.

“I love you (y/n), always and forever.”

“I’ll love you always and forever Elijah.”


The end! Sorry it’s been so long, I’ve been sick and catching up with school work and shit so yeah. Hope you like it. Sorry the format is different, I did this on my phone so it’s a bit odd.

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Different sides of Mon-El. Part 2 (Part 1)

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I must be brave, like Robb.

Stark siblings thinking (and talking) about each other - Robb and Sansa


The casting agent had seen me open up as a duo with my drummer, Zeke Hutchins, supporting Nick Cave in 2013. Somehow, the mental Rolodex of this guy—I don’t know what phrases came to mind when they were talking about the casting for Rachel, but somehow I was somebody that they wanted to audition. It was because of the show that he saw me open up for Nick Cave. […] I picked “I Wish I Knew” for the audition. I felt like I could sing that naturally as opposed to somebody else’s song in an audition. I didn’t really know the context at the time. When I showed up on set later, we had talked about doing other songs, but that one ended up being the one we circled back to. 

Sharon Van Etten on how she got involved with The OA


Even if I die and go to that other world
I have comrades to confide in
Believe and grip your sword
Don’t hesitate and keep running!


I really hope that @lbardugo likes my edit because it seriously took me ten months to finally do this. I was really dedicated to making edits like this, and I had already made the image edits separately, and finally I add in the snow falling animation and I am supper proud of it. I hope you like/love the edit, the aesthetics, just everything in general. This is kind of how I visioned the locations in your books. Once again, I hope you love them. I know I love them, so yeah.

I cannot wait to read The Language of Thorns.

I’m still mad about what you did to Helvar even if I wanted to constantly punch him in the face. That was true heartbreak. They were supposed to be endgame 😭