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No Sleep Till Brooklyn, Part 3

Heartmate Series: Steve Rogers x Reader

Characters: Steve Rogers, Deadpool, Falcon

Warnings: language, violence - Deadpool’s in it guys, it ain’t PG.

A/N: This is my take on the soulmate trope. It’s not necessarily an AU, because technically heartmate is canon in the Marvel world - at least with Wade’s comics.

Summary: You’re a mutant turned mercenary, working with the best merc around - Wade Fucking Wilson aka Deadpool. You are also someone who doesn’t believe in the whole heartmate crap. How could two people solely be made for each other? Steve Rogers is Captain America,  Avenger extraordinaire. Call him old fashion, but he believed in heartmates and knew he had one out there. The two of you cross paths one day and things get set in motion. Can Steve get passed the jaded wall you built or would things just crash and burn? And will Wade Wilson finally learn to put the seat down after taking a piss? Who knows.

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Hogwarts meets Ilvermorny
  • but imagine 
  • the Triwizard tournament coming back, but this time it isn’t just European schools and it isn’t just three students competing 
  • imagine the tournament including the 6 main established wizarding schools; each school spits out one qualified candidate to compete as always and their school roots for them through it all, you know the idea
  • the tournament being set in Europe, because a majority of the schools are there, but a whole new structure is built for the tournament, so it can hold all of the students flooding into Europe for the games
  • to keep things organized, they have 3 little sectors for the schools to share
  • Mahoutokoro, Beauxbatons, and Durmstrang being put in the first sector, because they’re the smallest of the 6 schools
  • Castelobruxo and Uagadou living in the second sector
  • and finally, Hogwarts and Ilvermorny in the third sector
  • the two schools already being sceptical of each other because i mean, England and America have had some history
  • the first night there, some teachers try to have the students from the two schools play some culture sharing, ice breaker games so that they can learn from each other
  • it ends in the schools just laughing at how ridiculous sounding the other is
  • “wait one of your houses mascot.. is.. basically…a forest troll? i’m done”
  • “who the hell is hairy pot smoker?”
  • “no, Harry Potter, you illiterate–”
  • “why are you all dressed in different colors? do you even go to the same school??”
  • “you don’t get to take your wand home? bloody hell are you five??”
  • “you’re telling me, that there’s a rumor that there once was a gigantic, talking spider that lived in the forest by your school?? nuh-uh, i’m calling bullshit on that”
  • “who the hell is this Webster dictionary boot guy?”
  • the two schools becoming the biggest rivals during the tournament
  • a Slytherin champion VS a Pukwudgie champion
  • them barricading off parts of the sector for their own
  • making signs and posters that trash talk the opposite champion
  • the champions actually becoming friends and totally ignoring the posters
  • “just let them fight to their little hearts desire…”
  • Slytherins and Horned serpents debating over which mascot is better
  • same with Ravenclaws and Thunderbirds
  • the two schools having different ways of magic, meaning different hexes and jinxes to prank each other with
  • them creating totally ridiculous nick names for the opposite schools houses
  • “Thunderturds”
  • “Hufflepoops”
  • “Pukwedgies”
  • Wampus’ boasting about how more rebellious and daring they are compared to the “Gryffinwhores”
  • some Ravenclaws and Horned Serpants being the first to set aside their differences and become acquaintances so they can start learning things from one another 
  • Slytherins shyly asking Thunderbirds to the Yule ball
  • Pukwudgies and Hufflepuffs getting along and secretly pulling the biggest pranks together
  • Wampus and Gryffindors having an all out brawl
  • neither of the two schools champions actually even end up winning the tournament, the Uagadou champion does
  • the two schools being very salty
  • when it comes time to depart, the Hogwarts and Ilvermorny students realize that this has been the most fun they’ve had in all their years 
  • a big hugging, tear-party erupts
  • everyone basically agreeing to become Owl-Pals
  • them sending each other their native candies, clothing, gadgets, gossip, etc. 
  • “You don’t have any Weasley Wizard Wheezes products there? oh COME ONNN”
  • “what do you mean you’ve never heard of In-n-Out?? Boy is your life about to CHANGE”
  • “I hear that actor of yours, George Clooney, is actually a squib?! can you imagine”
  • sending each other howlers playing the latest annoying pop song so the other country can experience their pain too
  • jinxed letters
  • christmas presents
  • promises to meet up after graduation
  • them all just becoming kick-ass friends (((-:

anonymous asked:

What do you think about sketching? Do you think that we, as novice artists, should focus on learning how to draw without sketching and, mainly, stop drawing with segmented lines? I read, sometime, that one should not draw with segmented lines and sketchy because this is what begginers do and I want to become a professional. Also, what do you think I should focus firstly, anatomy or gesture drawing and line of action?

Hi, thank you for asking! These are truly great questions. I’m aware many beginner artists are not sure which direction to take when learning how to sketch. I remember myself being criticized by my art teacher in high school about the way I drew lines on my study drawings. They were, as you described, “segmented” or “jaggy”. As it turned out, it was caused by two factors mixed together: lack of confidence and inexperience.

What do I mean by “lack of confidence”? Let’s say it’s an automatic fear of ruining a drawing. Beginner artists tend to care a lot for their works and want everything to be perfect. This leads to very delicate and reserved moves of a hand, as if lighter strokes guaranteed better results. Nothing more wrong!

Your drawing hand needs to learn. It has to remember how it moves, how it holds a pencil, how much strength it puts and for how long it draws certain lines. And it won’t happen in a day or two, it requires months and years of regular practice. This it that “inexperience” I mentioned earlier.

In order to achieve this you have to forget about perfection and go with the flow. Draw firmly with long and strong lines and try to control the shapes you create. If a line isn’t good, draw another over it. And then another one. Don’t worry that your final sketch will end up messy. It’s not about drawing perfect strokes or clean lines from the start, but having desired shapes and forms in the end!

Let’s have a look at a few sketches by Glen Keane, the true master of pencil:


As you see, they’re all very messy! So many lines are jiggling together in some kind of a chaotic dance. However, they all make sense. The shapes are marked emphatically by a hand that’s not afraid to experiment and make mistakes (“fail” strokes). Confidence is the key.

And now to answer the last part of your question: there’s no right order of what you should learn first. The best way is to practice everything simultaneously. You can set yourself up for daily themes and change your focus everyday. Draw as much as you can. After five hundreds of sketches go back to your first studies and I guarantee that you’ll see a huge difference. Good luck!

Hamilton’s Daveed Diggs Is the Most Charismatic Person in the Room


“I watched an amazing fight yesterday between these kids across the street from my house.“ Daveed Diggs puts down his fork so he can use his hands to punctuate the beats of this story about the scuffle he saw in his neighborhood while walking Soccer, the dog he shares with his girlfriend. "I clearly got there right after round one. Kids were celebrating, pointing, and telling jokes about the other kid on the ground, who was like, ‘You didn’t even hit me! You ready for round two?’”

Diggs told me he was shy when I sat down to lunch with him and the poet Rafael Casal, his friend and long-time collaborator, but his knack for warm and engaging storytelling instantly turns him into an unavoidably dynamic presence. It’s not hard to understand why he was nominated for a Tony Award for his performance as Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson in the Broadway juggernaut Hamilton. The 34-year-old Diggs is just as compelling and energetic to watch as he is to listen to, even when describing a schoolyard fight.

“Both camps had a conference about it, and then they were like, 'OK, we’re gonna do this, let’s have a second round.’ The fight was literally the worst sort of slap boxing.” Diggs laughs. “The kid who lost round one was slapped in the face but clearly ready to keep going, but everyone else broke it up. It was so cool—everyone else was like 'No, you’re done, you’re done.’ It was the most organized schoolyard fight I’ve ever seen.”

The former middle school teacher is used to being on a different side of playground politics. After graduating from Brown University, Diggs returned to his native Oakland, California, to teach poetry and acting classes, and he developed a popular rap curriculum for seventh-grade students in the Bay Area. “It was cool,” he says. “I got to teach these rap classes in tandem with the curriculum that was happening anyway.” Diggs saw the effects immediately.

“The awesome and equally tragic thing is that all of those kids are old enough to form complicated opinions about things, and nobody cares what they have to say,” he says. “It was nice to give them a place to read something they had written and the audience—the rest of the class—wasn’t allowed to leave.”

Diggs knows a thing or two about hoping to sustain an audience’s attention. He graduated from Brown with a degree in theater, and his hip-hop group, Clipping, signed to Sub Pop before he gained national attention for helping to bring rap to Broadway. Even though he loved teaching, he gave up the job in 2012 when he started to get more opportunities as a performer. It was a sacrifice; Diggs only wanted to do the job if his whole head was in it, and he didn’t want to disappoint the kids by being yet another burned-out teacher just there for the paycheck. Still, he sits up straighter and talks emphatically when describing his time as a teacher, and clearly loved being part of his student’s lives.

“The reason you write something that is exciting and visceral is to force people to hear what you have to say, especially if you’re in any kind of marginalized community where people don’t want to listen,” he says, flashing his infectious smile. “You have to come up with tricks to make them listen.”

Diggs has certainly applied some of those tricks to his own career. The prolific musician spent most of his 20s bouncing around jobs between Los Angeles and the Bay Area: teaching and performing with Clipping. When it came to acting, he was frequently disappointed by the specifications of the casting calls when it came to race and gender, which made the already frustrating process of going out of auditions a source of disillusionment. “On one of the last auditions I did for a commercial, there was a room full of people like me,” he says. “To walk into a casting room full of people who look like you is a crazy thing. What is the thing that necessitates all of us having the exact same shade of skin and having the same hair? What about this deodorant commercial needs that? [It was] like the light-skinned, big-haired section of Costco. I don’t even think I stayed for the audition.”

Based on his experiences with Hollywood typecasting, he certainly never dreamed he would end up portraying a U.S. president on Broadway. Even though he’s crucial to the DNA of his role in Hamilton—Diggs worked on the musical in its genesis, flying to New York to participate in early readings of the show—he wasn’t at all confident that he would get the part once a full production was mounted. “I just assumed I was a placeholder,” he says. “I loved doing it so much that I was just going to do it every time I could.” It was a team effort to get him to the stage—his mom even helped him fight for the role. “I was talking to my mom the other day about buying tickets to see my girlfriend in Trinidad,” he says. “She laughed and said, 'Remember when you could only fly when I had frequent flyer miles from my business trips on Southwest? And that was literally the only way you went anywhere?’ The producers flew me out sometimes, but several of my trips to do workshops for Hamilton were on my own dime—or on my mom’s frequent flyer miles.” Diggs laughs, remembering his personal investment in Hamilton’s earliest days. “There were times when they said, 'You really don’t have to be at this one,’” he says, “and I was like, 'Damn if I’m gonna let you see someone else play this role!’”

Once you see him on the stage, it’s hard to imagine anyone else playing the dual role of Marquis de Lafayette and the stunningly flashy Thomas Jefferson. Diggs is incredible as both characters—the former a French expat coming to the aide of the American revolutionaries, brandishing his rapid-fire verses as his ammunition; the latter, a genteel Southern gentleman who acts as a philosophical foe to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Alexander Hamilton. The show is, of course, a smash hit and the hottest ticket on Broadway. It earned its principal cast and creative team a Grammy for Best Musical Theater Album earlier this year, and it’s up for a record 16 Tony Awards—with Diggs himself nominated for Best Featured Actor in a Musical. It’s not a stretch to claim that Diggs is a standout among an ensemble cast—even if six of his fellow actors are also nominated for Tonys this year.

Recently, he had a chance to see what that looked like when he saw his own understudy perform “I saw the show without me in it, and it blew my mind,” Diggs says of being in the audience as opposed to on stage. “It was so good! I’m excited to see other people’s take on it.”

Casal always knew Diggs would land the part. “Who the fuck else is going to do the fast rapping part?”

Diggs’ signature rap style might have been a surprise to the rest of the world—one can’t not be impressed that he spits 19 words in three seconds during the song “Guns and Ships,” setting a definite record for Broadway rapping—but it’s an extension of his progression as an artist. “I was so excited after opening night,” Casal says. “And Diggs just told me he wasn’t doing anything differently from what we’ve been doing for years.”

Oakland takes up prime real estate in Diggs’ heart, and he credits the Bay Area for giving him the freedom to develop his artistic sensibilities. “There was something about that environment that was really conducive to being an artist,” he says, thoughtfully. “The lifestyle in the Bay Area is tough to beat—it was relatively cheap, great food, lots of outdoor space and art space, and ways to be inspired at the time. It was a beacon to artists who had been frustrated somewhere else—you could get the things that you needed pretty easily. I think it’s important that your work is in conversation with artists in your community. It’s nice to come from a place where I actually had and have a community of artists who call each other on the phone and make something new.”

He’s worried that won’t always be the case. “Neither of my parents live in Oakland anymore,” he says. “They both got priced out. The tide is changing very. I worry about the sustainability of a viable arts scene there, because it’s getting really hard to get the things that you need now.”

That might explain why he’s slowly bringing his friends to New York in order to continue working with them. “He literally moved to New York because I wasn’t responding to him,” Diggs laughs as he gestures toward Casal. The two have an easy language together, punctuated by laughter and finishing each other’s stories. It’s not about keeping it real—Diggs is buoyed by his friendships, and the history they share is an integral part of who he is at his core.

“Remember that time we played a show in Sacramento, and then we got a call to help with a documentary for our friend’s production company?” Diggs says to Casal. “Our drummer had no idea. We were doing a show, and then we got the call, and said we’re going to Los Angeles right now.” Casal, laughing, chimes in. “There’s no time to drop you off!” Did they kind of kidnap their drummer? “Yeah!” Diggs says excitedly. “The photoshoot was at 9 a.m., and it was 2 a.m. when we got the call. We drove down, and then drove back the same night.” To Casal, it was a no-brainer. “You do it for friends,” he says. “If they ask for something, you go above and beyond.”

Despite the all-consuming role of playing two revolutionary historical figures in Hamilton, Diggs is still focusing on creating something new in his off hours. With Casal, he’s developing a play that wrestles with the concept of masculinity. “Everybody’s definition of masculinity develops in very specific ways,” he says. “I’ve always wanted to be my father. He doesn’t necessarily identify as gay, but I’ve known my father’s boyfriends [throughout] my life, and he’s my role model for maleness. This is the dude I want to be—the most charismatic person in the room, always.”

Diggs is also deeply considering the unique pressures of masculinity. “It’s a construct, but there’s a ton of pressure at all times,” he says. “Part of masculinity is this idea that you can protect somebody, this idea of keeping the people close to you safe. It gets very tricky.” Even though he’s been putting these messages in his music for years, they seem to be more accessible to his audience lately. “I don’t know if it’s the world changing, if my position in the world changing, or both.”

As his professional world swiftly changes, Diggs holds his friends closer and pushes forward. “When people who know and believe in each other get together to make a thing they feel powerfully about, those are the best things,” he says. “We end up loving those things. Those are the things that last.”

-Danielle Henderson for Esquire

BTS Boyfriend Type || Hyung Line

A/N: Being more familiar with the Hung line, this will only consist of 4/7 of BTS boyfriend types. Part two will be made. I hope I used the words properly for Namjoons part ^^;

~Admin Sushi スシ


     • Waking up to either his gentle, sleeping face or contagiously happy face

  • Jumping, hugging, kissing, him all at once when he comes back early from tour.
  • Him holding you and spinning you around
  • Smiling the second you see him and vice-versa
  • Lets you play with his hair and poke his dimples
  • Making you dance with him and both of you getting giggly every time you step on his foot intentionally/unintentionally
  • Wanting to do couple dance with you
  • If you already know how to dance or have danced in the past, he wont leave you alone until you do a few steps with him/for him

• His habit of sleeping with earphones turn into your habit as well. The guys keep finding you and hobi curled up together, sleeping, while sharing an earphone.

  • Aegyo overdose
  • Fun dates and relaxing picnics until he starts chasing you around and playing with you
  • Screaming for no reason
  • Being knows as the loudest couple. Not sexually, just screaming in general. Example 1: “AHH!” “HOBI WHAT!?” “…I saw a spider~” Example 2: “AHH!” “WHAT?” “…I want a hug~”
  • No matter how bad your day is going, the second you see him all your worries seem to wash away
  • Him teasing you while dancing sexy
  • Then after he’s done, him raising and dropping his brows at you
  • Him; “Baby~” and “Babez~” and “Heaven ~”
  • You; “Baby~” and “Angle~” and “Hobi~”  
  • So many selfies of him and with him
  • Looking through his phone and finding photos you when you’re not looking at him
  • Seeing each other across the room and having bubbles of giggles erupts from the both of you because you two where making faces at each other
  • Sticking your tongue out at him and then him stealing a kiss from you
  • You wanting him to having his hair out of the way because his forehead is so beautiful!
  • Eyeing him when he wears a snapback
  • You are constantly worried for him because he overworks himself
  • So you trick him into not overworking himself
  • “When are you coming back home?” “In a while, I’m finishing the dance and adding a few more-” “Hoseok. Home. Now.” “Can’t do.” “Fine. Sleep well on the street babe.” “OKAY NO IM SPRINTING. I’M ON MY WAY. PLEASE DONT LOCK THE DOOR I LOVE YOU.”
  • Even though he’s ‘the man’, you still cuddle/sleep with his head on your chest, his arms around you and you playing with his hair until he falls asleep; because you know that the second he’s on the verge of falling asleep, he’d open his eyes to work
  • Him keeping you so close to his heart
  • Him worrying to death if you get hurt (doesn’t matter if it’s even a paper cut) or you tearing up
  • Telling you things he wouldn’t dare tell anyone else
  • When he comes back from practice, you force him into the shower and stop him from hugging you while covered in sweat. “Hobi no, shower.”
  • Peppering you in kisses and caving you in hugs all day everyday
  • Holding your hand, hugging, kissing in public and not giving a damn bout what others have to say
  • Him sending selfies of himself to you before and after every event and sending him a photo back
  • Putting his  cap on you, putting his glasses on you because you look so cute with them
  • Mercilessly tickling your sides while you’re under him until you’re in begging him to stop.
  • Then him stoping and staring at you in awe as your breathing gets normal. After you’re steady, him bending down and kissing your forehead and saying some cheesy yet wonderful line. “You look gorgeous when you’re happy.”
  • Basically, he more than just a lover, he’s your best friend. It would be ridiculous to reject his relationship.
  • “I’ll sing a music note from a song that I just wrote. Girl, just take my hand. And let me be your man. Though that’s not what you’re used to .And they say chivalry is dead. Girl, let a real man pick up the slack, and treat you with respect.” Chivalry Is Dead by Trevor Wesley



  • Him waking you up because the breakfast he made for you is getting cold
  • The first time he met you would probably be somewhere revolving around food because duh.
  • Then something about you caught his eye and he couldn’t keep away and slowly made his way to you
  • Taking you out on so many romantic dates
  • Him dressing up in a posh black suit and tie and waiting for you on the other side of your bedroom door
  • Opening the car door for you and pulling out and pushing the chair for you like a gentleman
  • Handholding across the dinner table
  • He’d be the type to introduce you when one of the female waitress starts to flirt with him like; She begins to flirt with him then- “Oh! Y/N, come here. I think you should meet my  girlfriend Y/N.” he’d say to the waitress and her smile would drop.
  • He’d give you his jacket if it gets a little too chilly outside
  • Him; “Baby~” and “Princess~~” and possibally “Kitty~”
  • You; “Handsome~” and “Prince~” and “Jiiiiin~” and “Puddin’ ”
  • Winkin’ at you
  • No matter what you’re size it, you’ll drown in his arms because his arms are so damn long that’ll trap you in them.
  • “I still rap just like Jay-Z!” you leaning over to the person next to you, “I swear, I don’t know him”
  • Annoying you if you’re sleeping in late; taking a strip of your hair and tickling you with it
  • Having photos of him eating food on your phone
  • Having photos of you distracted on his phone
  • For vacation, he’d take you to Disney land and stay their for about three to five days
  • Wearing his clothes and laughing because they awkwardly cute on you because he’s so big
  • Teases you for (probably) being shorter than him
  • Wrapping a blanket around the both of you when having a movie night
  • Going to be completely honest with you if he didn’t like something that you did
  • Gaming with him and playing Mario Cart
  • Waking up late in each others arms or waking up to see the other peacefully sleeping and studying his/your features
  • If you see something you like but not buy it, he’ll surprise you with it the next day
  • He spoils you to death because you are his precious princess peach ~thats a mouthful~
  • Cooking together.
  • And if you are either better or worst than him, doesn’t matter which, he will make you cook his way with him; “No, jagi, like this.” he says while towering over you from behind and holding your hands, helping you cook.
  • Feeding each other because why not?
  • Both of you cooking and having dinner with all of BTS
  • Handholding and light pecks in public
  • Bad puns and throwing pillows at him because of that
  • When you’re sad, he either comforts you by hugging and kissing or he does his traffic dace to see you smile again.
  • Thoughtful and amazing gifts no matter what the occasion is.
  • Turns into a squishy baby if you ever get angry at him. “Don’t you dare look at me like that Kim Seokjin.” “ *does puppy eyes* ” “God damn it.”
  • His wide eyes, fringe and pink cap turns into your weakness
  • Overall, mature relationship. Treat him properly and he’ll treat you like a princes ~~
  • “Look at the stars, look how they shine for you. Everything you do. Yeah, they were all yellow. I came along, I wrote a song for you. And all the things you do. And it was called yellow.” Yellow by Coldplay

Rap Monster:

  • The second you wake up, he does too because he’s a light sleeper
  • You’d be brushing your teeth and he joins by putting one arm around you and the other pushing his teeth
  • He knows when and how you want your tea, coffee and beer(if you drink) because he’s memorized you like your the back of his hand
  • smart-assing around the house when the two of you get into an argument
  • and when you try to make up with him. “looks at who’s cloying now. you’re disheveled ass finally learned that I was right?” “you know what? fuck you kim namjoon.” “you should really understand with equanimity.” “ugh!”
  • then him coming after you and making up beach he can’t last that long without you “can i say something?” “get lost.” “i love it when you’re mad. attractive in an idyllically fashion. God, you’re such a beautiful and amazing arrangement of atoms ” “you’re such a nerd.” “i love you.” “i love you too.”
  • cuddling around the rest of the day till night fall
  • when cuddling, you having him under you. like; laying on top of him. having your hands folded and head resting on top of them. your legs spread and having namjoons waist between them. ~not suggestive of anything, actually~ either listening to his heart beat in slices as he breaths while playing with your hair or just having a chill conversation.
  • Some nights, the two of you break out in a singing and dace party with only the two of you; you dancing on the sturdy coffee table and him on the couch until he watches you in awe. then you suddenly hear a yelp followed by a thick thud.
  • You finding him on the ground, behind the couch, because he fell over. “are you okay?” “i think i’ll need a kiss to fix my paining back.”
  • Taking care of him when he gets sick or hurts himself
  • Stealing kisses from you
  • Pressing your finger and kissing his dimples because you can’t help yourself.  
  • Like hobi, kissing, hugging and all that in public
  • He’d love to show you off to the world and tell everyone that you are his-someone-special
  • Him; “Baby girl~” and “Baby Doll~” and “Kitten~” and “Babe~” and to annoy you “Sexy poo~”
  • You; “Babe~” and “Nerd~” and “Joonie~” and to annoy him “My Sailor Moon~”
  • Shopping with him is like shopping with your cool mom who’s annoying at times “You should totally get this.” “Namjoon, no. That is hideous.”
  • Matching clothes and couple clothes are everything. His snapback says ‘King’ and yours says ‘Queen’. His trousers matching with your skirt/shirt.
  • Speaking of cloths, he will make you look like a his tumblr aesthetic. Gothic or Pastel. “Wear this today.” “No.” “Please, you’ll look amazing.” “No. It’s sweat pants and oversized hoodie day.”  
  • Sometimes he’d stop and think what he’s doing; like, if he’s being too dominant, forceful or pushy by always making you wear what he wants. You never take it as he’s being pushy or anything, you just find it as a cute habit of his.
  • So when he gets too quiet for your liking, you ask him if he’s okay or not. He honestly answers and you explain that he’s just thinking too much, as usual, and end up wearing what he wanted.
  • Then he lets you wear whatever you want…but still gives you advice on what to wear. “You should-” “No thank you!” “Okay, okay…I was just saying-” “THANK YOU”
  • He likes it when you dress up in something nice but equally like it when you have a messy-bun-and-sweat-pants day
  • Getting you a little frustrated by looking down at you with the head tilted stare “Hey there sexy~~”
  • Putting at arm around your shoulder when sitting or walking
  • Face Timing/Skype calling you when getting free time
  • His fashion rubbing off on you
  • Showing you how he works and makes his music
  • You being the first person who gets to hear his music
  • Showing you his final work but saying it’s just a demo because he’s scared that you might not like it. “This is just a demo…It’s not finalized and it-it needs some more editing and—” “Joonei, shut up. It’s amazing.”
  • Surprising you by telling that you’re his inspiration. “Really….? Ohmygod. Kim Namjoon you romantic monster, I love you.”
  • Embarrassing himself by going not-so-good aegyo. “What the hell am I even doing?” “Lol.”
  • Him biting his lip when you wear something “innocent yet sexy”
  • Him cringing when you find his pre-debut photos
  • Perverted Namjoon at times
  • Teasing him about the time he dressed up as Sailor Moon “This is a boring show.” “We can always watch…Sailor Moon.” “…I hate you.” “HAHA”
  • Getting drunk and tipsy waltzing around the house while talking, laughing and hiccuping  
  • Daily Kim with significant other
  • Wanting to cook with you…and after seeing the burnt food, ordering take out
  • Him wanting you to sit on his lap
  • Sometimes, staying up late and having 2 a.m. conversations “Is there a proper reason to for our existence?” “I don’t know Joonie…Maybe we’re here to help each other ” “Help with what?” “I don’t know…live?” “Probably…”
  • You’ll become very close to him, meaning that you have the responsibility of reminding him that he’s appreciated and loved not only by you and the boys but by the millions of people who have BTS on their lips
  • “I need a bad talk. Girl, I’m your daddy, no sass talk. Ooh, baby girl you aspire me, give me a reason to keep on. My baby, my royalty. Girl you’re the lyrics to my song.” Little More by Chris Brown


  • Lazy Sundays are everything
  • The two of you having you’re days off and both waste them on each other
  • Wakes up before you because he wants to watch you at your most peaceful state.
  • Though he’ll never admit it that fact
  • Staying in bed, holding each other, softly speaking, for about an hour or more till one of you get hungry
  • As you’re making breakfast in one of his shirts, he drapes over you; arms on waist and chin on shoulder
  • more soft speaking and unbreakable eye contact with breakfast
  • Because he’s not the best at expressing him emotions, you value his every heart dripped action and word “You look really pretty today.”
  • He’d also never admit it that you’re at the top of his priorities list. You know it, so does he but he never says it
  • Only for you will he make a fool of him self; when you’re not having the best day, he’d do something stupid like make funny faces, dance weirdly and even sing badly on purpose until he sees those beautiful lips of yours curve upwards. “That’s my girl.”
  • Like Hobi, wanting to see his forehead is a must so when you play with his hair, you push his hair back an admire his forehead
  • If you guys get into a fight, you will for sure bring up the fact that he dressed up as a maid.
  • You are the only person he won’t get pissed at or kill if you wake him up from his beauty sleep  
  • Not the biggest fan of PDA but only dos it to make sure people know who you belong to—and that him and him only
  • If anyone flirts with you, he’d get angry and protective <—something that you love
  • “Never are you going to wear that—” “But Yoongi—” “in front of other people. That’s only for me.”
  • Sometimes when you come home from either shopping or work, you’d find him laying on couch lazy. “i’m back!” “i see that.” “is something wrong?” “i missed you.” “I’ll be there in a sec’.”
  • Him; “Babe~” and “Baby~” and surprisingly “Gorgeous”
  • You; “Babe~” and “Sugar~” and “Suga baby~” and to annoy him “Jelly Bean~” and “Cutie cake~~” and “My sleepy, sweet snuggle bun baby~”
  • Having really pretty photos on his Instagram *you posing like a tumblr aesthetic*
  • When he’s working till 3 a.m. and you wake up to his absence in the other side of the bed, you find him on couch working away. so you sleepily crawl into his lap and stick to him like a baby koala as he continues to work.
  • Eventually finishing work and carrying you up bed to your shared bed and cuddling; arm under and around your shoulder and keeping you close to his chest
  • Him laughing at you and calling you weird when you say how his legs are amazing. “how are your legs achievable?” “you’re crazy.” “i’m serious, yoongi.” “ha, no you’re not you little shit.” ~Admin:have you seen his thighs/leg?! They’re so pretty!~
  • Situation: You miss him since he’s on tour so you wear his sweater and tear up. Then you get a call from him and he sees how sad you are. Spending the next hour or two just talking and comforting each other
  • You turn into his biggest inspiration so he writes lyrics upon lyrics of you
  • He looks at you the way he looks at his trophies
  • If you don’t know how to play basketball, he’ll teach you
  • If you know how to play basketball, he’ll make you better
  • If you play basketball, he’s play with you
  • Wears the small bracelet you got him everyday
  • Will get super pissed if someone upset you
  • You sitting on his lap and doing his eyeliner for time pass
  • Listening to all his stories
  • Would lay his head on your lap while the two of you would play with each other fingers and talk about how your days went
  • Long phone bills because you two have lots of international incoming and out going calls
  • Likes it when you wear his cloths
  • Giving you honey coated smiles
  • Feeling very satisfied when you bring him food while practice and then feeling proud when his girlfriend is being praised for bring food
  • Pretending to be very bored when you tell him about something interesting that happened
  • “I’m just kidding!” He’d say when you’d actually think he fell a sleep during your story time and frown
  • Lets you put on pink, flowery hair bands on his head as long as you promise to have alone time with him (relaxing and sleeping)
  • Getting a little pink when you find his baby pictures “Onmygod! You’re so cute as a baby!” “Aish ….”
  • If he sees you at the back of the room in a fan meet, he’d send the look that says ‘Just a little but longer before I’m free.’
  • Him pretending to be annoyed at you when you play with his gigantic scarves but is actually enjoying sight
  • He’d away on tour and you find flowers around the house  
  • If you ever get angry at him, the fight will end the second you pass him while he’s on the couch because he’d pull you down; you’d be struggling to get free but give up eventually lay down with him and kiss him, both forgetting the argument ever happened once the other says sorry
  • He looks all tough and all in front of other people (especial other men)
  • But is actually a soft teddy that is scared to loose you to some else
  • “Lady don’t rush, we can take it slow, ain’t no body near and no place we have to go. let’s just slow it down, it’s just you and me. there is nothing better than some moonlight chemistry” Moonlight Chemistry by Jeff Bernat

See ya ✌︎

and no one knows how far I'll go

As my program continues on, I am constantly pleasantly surprised by the kindness I encounter al around. I have had so many wonderful magic moments that I feel are truly unique to me and are signs of my hard work and dedication to the program paying off. For my final project for my class in the program, I made a poster board about the profession of elementary school teachers. While I am not getting credit at my university for this class, I still chose to put in effort in order to learn specific skills that will be helpful for me later in my professional life. I decided to make my final project a representation of how much I appreciate the opportunities I have been given in life and how thankful I am to have had so many doors open for me, especially this year. I used what little artistic skill and creativity to prepare for the presentation and, boy, did it pay of fantastically for me. I was one of two people who got a perfect score in the class and I was unanimously voted best presentation by the class. My heart soared as my commitment to the project paid off with the kind words of my peers and teacher as they all told me how they could tell I was passionate about the career I had chosen for myself and how they enjoyed the details of my project.
As of this week, I will be halfway through my program and it feels like grains of sand slipping through my fingers against my will and without any way of reversing the effect. I want the joy I am getting from this program to last forever, not just eight months. I want the friendships to endure, even as people move back across the country. I want the memories to happen every day as I desperately continue to soak up every moment and push myself to go further and do more each day while I can.

It’s 16 to 9 : Heartmate Series it is!

Don’t fret folks, A Million Reasons will follow shortly!

I’ll be posting the first part of Heartmate Series later today. 

Heartmate Series: Soulmate Series

Summary: You’re a mutant turned mercenary, working with the best merc around - Wade Fucking Wilson aka Deadpool. You are also someone who doesn’t believe in the whole heartmate crap. How could two people solely be made for each other? Steve Rogers is Captain America,  Avenger extraordinaire. Call him old fashion, but he believed in heartmates and knew he had one out there.

The two of you cross paths one day and things get set in motion. Can Steve get passed the jaded wall you built or would things just crash and burn? And will Wade Wilson finally learn to put the seat down after taking a piss? Who knows.

Wait - I do.

Excerpt from part 1:

“For fucksakes. Do gooders on your left.”

Your head snapped in the direction Wade nodded to and you sighed. “Really fellas? I thought your MO was big picture shit, we’re good here.”

“We’ve been looking for Lydia Rhee, she has connections with a group of terrorist who’ve been hell bent on wreaking havoc on New York,” Captain America himself stood there, all suited up next to Falcon. “We need to find her.”

“She’s in that building behind us,” you smiled sweetly at the two handsome men. “Unfortunately, she won’t be much help. Ya know, seeing that she’s a fried fish now.”

Sam Wilson groaned and started toward the warehouse. “Fucken meceranies. Everyone’s a goddamn hero now.”

If you want to be tagged in this new series let me know! Or go here to my taglist and add your handle under Heartmate Series ! 

I think one of my favorite parts of learning a new language is how after about two or three weeks of studying you kind of have this epiphany where it’s like “I can’t speak this language yet, but I’m finally starting to figure it out” and you can start to put together simple yet coherent and useful sentences and phrases together and it really gives you extra motivation to practice and get better.

this is what hope looks like:
sparrows teetering, fluttering on the horizon.
you with your streetlight fingers, lighting the way
back home. all the wrong things said in all the
right ways. the place where the sky becomes
weary and, all at once, ceases to exist –

oh, but what do you know of oceans?
no more than sparrows, surely, the ones
who craved the wind and found a saltwater sting
instead. this is what hope looks like: two
different somethings turn into an everything
when they learn how not to fear the soft blue.

maybe there never was a wrong way to exist.
maybe your heartbeat holds more courage than
the sky knows how to put into words.

this is what hope looks like:
the raw and windy way sparrows say I love you.
the final song before the fall.

—  topaz winters // this is what hope looks like (icarus’ lament)

Honestly, Girl Meets High School: Part Two is such an important episode for so many reasons. First you have Ava and Auggie who are only like seven years old and having to deal with such hard issues such as divorce, how to become a true friend, and how to deal with the real world. They are beginning to understand that not everything can be fixed by a kiss and hug and that is such a hard lesson to learn at any age let alone seven years old. Then you have high-schoolers. Friendship is such a delicate thing sometimes and can be lost in a matter of seconds no matter how long you have been friends. Many friendships stop existing because someone is too afraid that they have hurt the other one too much to have make the friendship salvageable again. I have learned that the hard way myself a time or two. Hold on to your friends with all of your strength, that is what they learned here. Understand that together life is so much easier than it ever could be apart. Finally Cory Matthews is the best teacher that any student could ever ask for, he is never afraid to try something new or put himself out there to make sure his students understand the most important lessons in life. He knows that life is hard and sometimes kids just need a refuge from what can be a terrifying experience. “Dream. Try. Do Good. That will always be my lesson plan.”

Review: The Legend of Korra - Book 4, Episodes 12-13 (Series Finale)

“I’m afraid there are no more things to do.”

A Note on Spoilers: I’ve been calling these “reviews” even though they’re more like commentary, but this one is even less “review-like” than usual. Really, it’s an essay, full of plot points and analysis on the series as a whole. If you came here for a spoiler-free review, then, uh… Grade: A. The first two Books have their rough patches, but the last two are fantastic pretty much start to finish. In short, it’s an excellent series. Go watch it.

The rest of you should hit the jump and read on. Oh, and get comfy. I wasn’t kidding about that “essay” thing.

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australet789  asked:

I need to ask you. Favorite character. I need to know. (I'm so happy you finally watched it :D *evil laugh*)

Favorite character for Gravity Falls is difficult to answer. What first attracted me to the show before anything else was the wide variety of interesting, entertaining, memorable, and lovable characters. Jesus “Soos” Ramirez, Dipper Pines, and Grenda all speak to my heartstrings. But I think I have to go with Grunckle Stan as my favorite. Stan Pines is such an amazing character.

Lots of spoilers forthcoming. First time I’ve posted that for GF! Whee!

“Stanford” Pines initially seems like such a transparent, simple, easy-to-understand character. He’s a big, tough, money-obsessed grouch of a great uncle who is always wheedling his way out of the law. He is a big liar, but at the same time, he’s not difficult to comprehend. His in-character companions and audience members know that he’s trying to swindle his way out of something else. He is not the mushy gushy lovely dovey type, but a bit brazen and blunt.

And he’s hilarious for it. He has such character every time he grumbles about something, shouts at something, whines about something, or lies about something. He is a quite a memorable and unique character for this alone.

And yet that is just the first layer of Stanford Pines.

Beneath that exterior is something else: a heart for the kids. The more you watch the show, the more you really see how much he does care for Dipper and Mabel… and for Soos and Wendy, too. He might seem cold, harsh, and unsympathetic at times, but he has a big heart underneath all of it. The second episode where everyone fishes makes that initially obvious. Dear Thor, there are so many episodes that showcase his internal big heart. “Dreamscaperers” is a great example. Stan begins by telling Soos how much of a pathetic wimp Dipper is. But he’s hard on Dipper to try to toughen the kid and make his life better. Stan has an enormous heart in Dipper, sees himself in the boy, and wants to guide him to a better life. 

Then there’s the start of “Not What He Seems.” Stan outright enjoys spending time with the kids! He laughs along with them when they shoot fireworks or even throw water balloons in his face. He’s enjoying some great, genuine family bonding time.

He’s a lot deeper than that initial grouch. He’s a dork too. And that caring dork is just as lovable as the grouch. It makes Stan into someone very deep, relatable, and three dimensional.

And he’s even more than I just described now. There are even more layers to Stanford Pines!

From season one, we see Stan do some questionable things. He slips behind the vending machine pretty early on. The season one finale makes it really obvious how much he’s doing behind Dipper and Mabel’s backs. He’s a man with a lot of mystery behind him, too.

It’s so much fun watching season two and seeing that mystery and intrigue build. During “Not What He Seems,” the twins and audiences alike become shocked to learn about Stan. Our initial impressions and our growing love of him is put to question. We’re not sure what to think of him anymore, especially when we learn that “Stan Pines” is dead.

For me, “A Tale of Two Stans” is such a gratifying episode. It ties together so many plot threads that were begun even in the first episodes of the first season. We learn about the author of the journal. All the show’s visual cues, even ones as minute as the six-fingered glove Grunckle Stan wears at one point, suddenly make sense. New parallels are created, such as the question of whether or not Mabel and Dipper will be anything like Stanley and Stanford. It’s incredible writing through and through.

And we come to understand exactly why Stanford Stanley Pines is the way he is. We see his life story. And while I thought Old Man McGucket’s past was a huge and emotional plot reveal, it was nothing like watching “A Tale of Two Stans.”

We see a familiar personality in Stanley Pines when he is a kid. He’s a brash, crude kid just like he becomes that brash, crude uncle running the Mystery Shack. However, there is much that is different about him. He’s happier, more optimistic, more idealistic, less skeptical, perhaps even a little more honest. He hasn’t been weighed down by years yet. Over time, as situations pan out between his brother and him, we see him grow into the man he is in present day. We see those hilarious infomercials where he sells “Rip Off” band-aids and other hacks. And we see him hit his life’s low. He cannot get settled, he cannot make money, and he’s banned in most of the country’s states. These negative experiences make him gruffer and less friendly. And then we learn how the Mystery Shack is built, why he’s such a suspicious character, and it all makes sense how he has become the Grunckle Stan we know today.

It makes sense why he’s such a money hoarder. For many years, he could not make anything at all.

It makes sense why he can be so sensitive around Dipper and Mabel, but at the same time, seem to try to keep his distance. He’s carrying a lot of pain inside him after losing his brother.

It makes sense why we see him sometimes so friendly around Ford, and sometimes so hostile.

I also find it fascinating how he “becomes” his brother.

He lies about his name because people believe he is the kooky scientist in the woods. Over time, he adopts Stanford’s name permanently and even “kills himself” in a faked car crash. There’s huge symbolism in that faked death: he’s leaving behind his old way of life and entering something new with the Mystery Shack. But the more and more he lives in the Mystery Shack, the more he shows some of his brother’s traits. Stan needs to wear glasses over time… incidentally the same ones we see Ford wear. Stan starts investigating the paranormal as his brother once did. And though Stan talks about how he isn’t smart… he goes on a thirty year quest diving into a deep, intellectual mystery. 

This is a really, really cool character.

And I haven’t even mentioned yet how awesomely he kicks butt.

Serious this guy is so amazing!!!

I was hooked on him when I first watched “Tourist Trapped” and saw him as the owner of a tourist trap. I’m even more hooked on him now that I’ve learned about him. And I imagine we’ll only learn more and see new sides to him in future episodes.

In Another Life

ToSummary: I can’t imagine having all that responsibility on my shoulders.”

Note: This is based on the “What If?” prompt from the original Round 2, weaving two of the ideas in it together. I’ve always wanted to read more fic exploring how Katniss might’ve grown up if her dad was still alive. :) All mistakes on this one are my own.

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How Eadlyn Would Benefit from Getting Her Heart Broken

Eadlyn’s life has not been easy, but most things come easily to her. She grew up knowing that she would be the first woman to lead her country, but she gets her way. Eadlyn indulges in her baths and deserts and tiaras and fashion designing amongst the stress of royal life; she ultimately gets her way.

The One has many elements going on to tie up the original trilogy: learning the identities of both rebel groups, Kriss’ secret, caste targeting, America getting shot, Shalom’s death, Kota’s general asshatery (a beautiful word, truly), the photoshoot in the Women’s Room, Clarkson bearing down on America’s rebellion, Luspen, etc. (sorry, I digress, like I mentioned, quite a bit going on in this book), but it’s really my favorite book for one, tragic reason: Maxon and America break each other’s heart. It’s painful and true. Though they had more than enough struggles to get to his proposal, this one last trial to imagine life without the other is what brings them to the point of being entirely and utterly loyal and beholden to each other.There is something to be said for the beauty and pain of heartbreak and how you can learn, grow, and change from it. And so the four and ½ chapters in The One where America and Maxon aren’t together are the most vital (and why 1/3 of the songs I put on the playlist for The One are about heartbreak). The One is much more than simply a love story, but it still is a story about two people and what they would do for each other and what they would do for their country.

Now how does this relate to Eadlyn? Finally, at age 18, she’s not in charge of the life that she thought she had utter control over. Though she bends to her parents’ will to host a selection, Eadlyn still believes that she controls the strings. HAHA! But Eadlyn’s no longer in control: she acts impulsively, she makes mistakes, and her heart is in control now, despite how she denies it. There are now men in her life who are important to her that aren’t family, her parents’ friends, staff, or politicians. This alone has changed Eadlyn, but imagine who she could be after a heart-wrenching, sob-inducing, pain-creating heartbreak, one where Eadlyn realizes that she doesn’t and can’t have everything her way, that there are some things more important than ruling a country, that she could’ve had it all if not for x, y, or z fault that led her to this pain, that there could have been someone else in her life who could have shared in her struggles and life. Heartbreak would question Eadlyn’s priorities and put them in balance, to think beyond herself a bit more, to be vulnerable and express her entire emotional spectrum. I still hope Book 5 has a happy ending, but not until Eadlyn experiences some pain first.