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Miraculous Ladybug multi-collab for ML artists!!

Okay, I recently thought of this neat idea to make a multi-collab with any ML artists.. but what for? Do you remember how in the opening they have all of the characters stacked up on one another? Here is a reference down below..

I want to recreate that but on one large page with a whole bunch of artists! ALSO VERY IMPORTANT!! I would like to mention that while discussing this with a couple of peeps we are not doing them in their civilian forms, but in their akumatized/superhero forms! (this does NOT include the new spoiler versions, only Ladybug are Chat Noir are superheros in this)

I figure that if any artists are interested in participating, PM me here on tumblr and tell me what character you want to do. If there is more than one person who wants to do a character, then the one who asks first gets the slot! Any artist can do this as long as they are fairly recent on here (still running as of the start of this year) and they message me that they want to do it along with the characters left they want to do! There is no specific date quite yet but I figure the due date will be around late may ;D

Here is the list of 25 + 3 other akuma that states which characters (in order of pic from left to right, bottom to top) are taken or still open! I will update this every so often so keep in check if you’re interested:

  1. Ladybug - taken by me, @themasquedfox
  2. Lady Wifi - taken by @megatraven
  3. Puppeteer - taken by @becksyart or @beckyehhh
  4. Vanisher - taken by @thelastpilot 
  5. Chat Noir - taken by @australet789
  6. The Bubbler - taken by @larvesta
  7. Antibug - taken by @alazic02
  8. Princess Fragrance - taken by @anipwrites or @anip-art
  9. Reflecta - taken by @artgraveyard
  10. Dark Cupid - taken by @krissysally
  11. Horrificator - taken by @faoghart
  12. Gamer - taken by @evieoftheisle
  13. Timebreaker - taken by @stellalights
  14. Stormy Weather - taken by @kawasakies
  15. Stoneheart - taken by @cupcakeismynamebitchez
  16. Evillustrator - taken by @minis-art 
  17. Rogercop - taken by @foxyclocks
  18. Pixelator - taken by @sadrien
  19. Darkblade - taken by @dracoskullart
  20. Simon Says - taken by @thewonderfulwizardofass
  21. Guitar Villain - taken by @nalciel
  22. The Mime - taken by @art-esque
  23. Copycat - taken by @mocchidochi
  24. The Pharaoh - taken by @whydocowsfall
  25. Mr. Pigeon - taken by @baneismydragon
  26. Volpina (added slot) - taken by @akiwitch or @akidoodles
  27. Kung Food (added slot) - taken by @orbeck
  28. Animan (added slot) - taken by @dragonontheside

I tried to make this as organized as I could! As you can see there are 0 slots left!

Here are some general questions asked concerning this collab:

  • Do we have to use the same poses as the civilians do? Not at all, but it would definitely be preferred! If you do change it up, try to keep it simple. Please talk to me about it with some sample sketches for your idea if you do decide to do so (especially for the ones with characters together like alya/marinette and adrien/nino– see to me about it if you have these characters)
  • Can we do traditional art? Yes! You can do either traditional or digital!
  • If I am doing my piece traditional, how would I enter it in for the collab? Now I haven’t messed around with traditional art yet, but I’m pretty sure you can scan it in and place it as a transparent png. file, then send it to me! I hear Camscanner is also a pretty good scanner for that sort of thing.
  • What about the image type? In order for it piece to be accepted and assembled into the final pic, you must have your final piece a transparent png. file, that way it is easier to put on the canvas!
  • What is the due date to send it in the pieces? I haven’t settled on a certain date yet, but I’m thinking late may! I can only hope everyone gets it done earlier ^^;

Let me warn you that there may be some parts of your artwork covered up by others artwork based on the MLB opening character stack, so here is what I will say for you to do– I want you to post your piece of the collab on your blog and tag me in it so that I can provide a link to each individual piece from the full final collaboration that I am posting here. Please only watermark your artwork on your piece that you post on you blog and not the one you send me!

Thanks for checking this out and I hope you all have a wonderful day! I’m sure it will look lovely when it’s done <3 Message me if your interested and tell me what character you would like to do and feel free to ask me questions in the ask box too or through a PM! I look really forward to it!!

Quick shoutout to @the-bored-bookworm for helping me put this idea together! I seriously appreciate it!! OvO

[I will update and edit this often]

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Hi! Can I request, "We’re not just friends and you fucking know it," with Shigezane Thank you! 😊

It had started out innocent enough. It had been like any other day of mischief for Shigezane when he was freed of his duties; unlike the other two of the trio, who always seemed to have a lot more work than he did.

She wasn’t busy, however, so Shigezane had always found himself gravitating towards her and it was a routine they kept up well. When she wasn’t cooking or cleaning or chatting away with the maids, Shigezane and her had a penchant for running into each other and then proceeding to spend the rest of their free time together. 

Somehow this time, they had ended up knees deep in sake. Bottles were beginning to collect together while Shigezane and her drank away in the night, and this had only occured because she knew where the sake was and Shigezane just liked drinking. 

She wasn’t sure what felt so different about tonight, but she knew Shigezane felt the same by the way his glossed eyes kept gazing over to her and then back towards the walls. It had almost felt like he was embarrassed by being so close to her like this, knees touching as they sat next to each other. 

“You know, doll,” Shigezane started after he knocked back another glass. “You’re pretty damn amazing. I’ve never met a girl who could keep up with me like this.”

She sat in silence to his words, only responding with a passionate nod before she had taken another shot. Something in her chest stirred at his words, the words seemed impossiible to ignore. Silence had never felt so comforting in a time like this with both of their cheeks flushed and eyes wary while they had thought to themselves in silence.

“Shigezane?” She looked at him and spoke carefully, unsure if she should proceed. It had taken him a moment to look over to her. There was a pause until he nodded, which allowed her to ask. “What do you think of me?”

Shigezane didn’t immediately reply. It was difficult to see if he was actually thinking of what to say or if he even heard her at all, but nonetheless he seemed frozen in thought.

Uncomfortable seconds passed before he did anything at all, that being him refilling his cup.
“I think you’re the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever met, inside and outside. You’re smart and amazing and I think you’re anybody’s dream. Y'know? Any man would be lucky to have you, doll. You’ve made this castle seem a little less empty, you’re always thinking of others. You’re such a good friend, and just about an even better drinking partner at that.”

For some reason, that last sentence had bothered her. She had always enjoyed her time with Shigezane when she wasn’t busy, but truthfully she had been rushing through a lot of her work just in anticipation of seeing him. In regards to if he had felt the same, she wanted to believe he did; the way he looked at her was enough to give her pause. Sobriety seemed to smack her in the face for a moment and she turned to face him entirely. This time, she spoke with certainty.


“Yes, doll?” He couldn’t sense the urgency in her voice by the way he knocked back another drink.

“We’re not just friends and you know it.”


the punchline is that i still haven’t figured out how to draw allura


Ok so this is just my personal opinion they may not actually be correct. If anyone would like me to do small profiles for them then let me know.

 Taeil- Ravenclaw 💙 

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 Hansol- Gryffindor ❤️ 

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 Johnny- Slytherin 💚

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Taeyong- Gryffindor ❤️ 

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 Yuta- Slytherin 💚

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 Kun- Ravenclaw 💙 

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 Doyoung- Ravenclaw 💙 

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 Ten- Slytherin 💚 

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 Jaehyun- Gryffindor ❤️ 

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 WinWin- Hufflepuff 💛 

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 Mark- Gryffindor ❤️ 

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 Renjun- Hufflepuff 💛 

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 Jeno- Hufflepuff 💛 

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 Donghyuck- Slytherin 💚 

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 Jaemin- Hufflepuff 💛

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 Chenle- Ravenclaw 💙

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 Jisung- Gryffindor ❤️

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This took forever because my wifi is so slow but I have finally finished it after what feels like an eternity

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Kirsten I miss you :( hope you're having fun and all but like.... commmeee baaaccckkk

i’m here!! in places!!! basically i’ve had to pay an extortionate price for this hotel wifi and i can only get it for a week and in certain places, and it’s basically a lot of effort to get it to work (i spent an hour with the receptionist trying to get it to work and in the end she had to like hack the system to get me in lmao) but yeah i’m on holiday for nine more days so i’m depending on my queue to keep this blog nice and active, but i’m still here where and when the wifi works here :’)

One thing I can’t wait to do when I finally get back home is DRAW

I mean, staying these few days while on the way back in LA is great. I hate though how I have an idea but I feel so tired and not having the energy to even draw it from being out and about all day.