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the punchline is that i still haven’t figured out how to draw allura

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Hi Edy! I've always had trouble starting a work as it turns out weak and jumbled. Do you have any advice on how to begin?

this is going to be such a bad answer because beginnings are so easy for me to get

and me trying to explain why they’re so easy is going to sound so… awful because they just pop into my head

i don’t know where they come from but i get these lines stuck in my head and they just end up as the beginning and then i just… continue writing

if you think your beginnings are weak, then just continue writing, y'know? keep going because sometimes i think my beginnings are weak but i keep going and then i don’t think they’re weak anymore

you just gotta work at it

because that’s how you improve

i’m sorry if this is a shitty answer

  • draco malfoy: *takes a deep breath*
  • draco malfoy: I LO-
  • anyone who has spent five seconds around him: yes, you love harry potter we know, you love harry potter so much, he's the light of your life, you love him so much, you just love harry potter we KNOW, you love harry potter, you fucking love harry potter ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE HARRY POTTER. WE GET IT.
  • draco malfoy: *stutters and looks offended* i was going to say loathe..
A Fragile Fury | Closed Starter


“They’re releasing Yon Rha today,” Katara said, the first words to fall from her lips since waking somehow so flat and dead. She set her lips together, now peering at Zuko over the top of the New York Times. “I didn’t know murderers got out on good behavior.” 

He gave her a look, the soft amber curious and questioning, as if to ask what she planned to do. But in all honesty, Katara had not a clue. Her life had been so carefully dedicated to different goals and pursuits… since locking the man away, she’d actually achieved some of her wishes. She’d graduated, she’d joined a medical program, she was on her way. 

Well, on her way to a black pit of despair…

If it weren’t for the beaming sun that streamed into their large, bay windows, washing the room and his face in all it’s glorious gold, Katara would’ve easily become lost in the lull of self pity. But, of course, Zuko’s tender gaze tugged her back to a safe reality, as he smiled and murmured something about ‘good behavior rewarding her with a kiss.’ 

She could hardly stay bitter at that. Still, as he came around the table, wrapping her in all his warmth and pressing his lips to hers, Katara couldn’t fight a tremor of fear. “I never thought this would happen, you know? I thought I’d be free of him, of that. So why does a small part of me feel like I should… run?”

Zude Recap (3x07):

-Jude is the best boyfriend ever! (let’s just clarify that)

-Zero is terrified to let his emotions consume him because (apparently) he becomes someone Jude might not like. (which means it’s happened before)

-Zero has a sister named Laura.

-Gideon and his sister were given up by their mother when he was 5yrs old.

-Zero hates that place with a fury passion and with the help of Jude heating him up (and the the sledgehammer he provided) Zero smashed most of the place to bits.

-Jude comforted Zero when he was done smashing and it was actually the cutest thing ever!

Zero had this thing in his voice…like he was trying hard not to show too much emotion, which broke my heart! And I know for a fact he misses his sister and she’ll most probably be coming around soon (thanks to detective Jude) and I can’t wait to see how she became.