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I never knew I could watch a whole episode with Big Foster interrupting my Sasil. I mean them scenes were absolute and utter pure gold! I mean, did I just fall a little for Big Foster? He had me cracking up! That look from him to Sally Anne after she mean mug him in the kitchen…I must have watched that twenty times already. You hear Hailey’ s voice when she saw Hasil roll up? It was all pleasantly surprised. Has nothing to do with Hasil all dressed up and fine as hell. She know her panties got damp. I had to sit on a towel the whole episode. Lord Jesus all that neck whispering had me fanning myself and thanking WGN for this gift. I was never into nape caressing but I am now. So Sasil can go up the mountain and visit now. I love that they finally matured and put it all on the table and compromised. I was hoping this wouldn’t drag out. Sally Anne knew who he was before she met him and she still have him the drawers. Just no guns in the house but knowing Hasil their baby will be a ninja Assasin. I’m so happy Sally Anne is going to school! It’s exactly what I did when I got pregnant. Realized no more Fucking around. I’ll be damn if I let this life down. And I got my Associates Degree so it’s good the show is pointing out just because you pregnant and poor now doesn’t mean you get to settle. You can still achieve your goals. Lil Foster got some nookie

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i hate how much time i spend worrying about whether or not im really trans. 

in my head and my heart, i know that i obviously am. i realized that i was trans about 5 years ago, and after i did, so much clicked into place and suddenly made sense. id felt this way for my entire life, and now i had words for it, and the power to express myself the way id always wanted to. non-binary. thats what i was. it felt so right to be finally be able to say that and put words on an experience id been having for as long as i could remember.

and yet… theres this backwards attitude in some parts of the trans community. people who believe that non-binary people arent real, and who try to beat down and gatekeep people who are just like them. i dont understand it in the slightest. why cant trans people all just support each other? were already oppressed by the world around us, so why do we have to knock each other down, too? even among people who do believe in non-binary identities, there are some who believe that you have to dress or act a certain way to really be non-binary. that, if someone doesnt wear conservative hoodies and baggy jeans, theyre not really androgynous. 

ive seen this attitude so often that its started to break down my confidence. when i feel like i want to wear a skirt sometimes, keep my hair dyed pink, and not go on hormones, there are thoughts in the back of my mind telling me that the fact that i enjoy those things must mean that im really faking it. i just want to feel at home and supported in my own community, and for people to realize that there are so many ways to be trans and to be real. i hate questioning myself like this. im really trans, right?

I have finally accepted i’m an ace lesbian…i have had feelings of discomfort with sex all my life maybe it’s due to abuse, maybe i was just born to not feel a huge desire for sex,idk. but i love girls, girls are beautiful. i love kissing my girlfriend…i love touching her hair, i love holding her hand, i love listening to her, i love spending time with her. but sex has alway been an issue for me. i thought it was due to being gay. i never liked men. i love how girls look, they are stunning, they are hot. i can have sexual thoughts but i don’t want to act on them, that doesn’t mean i wont have sex/and have had sex for someone else, but it wouldn’t be for me/ it wasnt for me. i have romantic thoughts mostly and dream about girls, girls and soft and beautiful. i’m a lesbian, i wanna spend my life with a girl. i wanna fall in love with a girl, but sex is so hard for me. and it feel lost because i don’t feel like i fit in. 

It’s so fucked up to me how I can call out a girl (not just me actually, quite a few people now) for using my photos on social media and she refuses to take it down. All of the photos she is using are from my tumblr. My personal account here where I vent out, post body positivity photos when I feel great, get inspired, etc.. It takes a fucking war in my mind to finally decide that I’m okay to post photos of myself feeling okay. It’s almost insulting that this girl thinks it’s okay to use photos like that thinking it’s no big deal. I have been at a war with myself for ten years now. Some days I absolutely hate myself, other days I’m in love with myself. I will actually stare at my phone for ten minutes every time before I finally say “fuck it, I’m feeling great” and post a damn photo. It doesn’t just make me angry that someone is doing this, it upsets me. It upsets me that someone actually thinks doing this okay. You won’t find self love like this, I promise you that. You’ll only hate yourself more.

I had a long fucking day, but No Work Tomorrow,

Finished two commissions and my dad’s birthday reqeusted drawing. Finally time to draw a gift for a friend, doesn’t go well, doesnt look good I hate how it turns out, starting ALL over again, it’s now 00:30 I feel very tired, swearing at myself did not help and Instead of going to bed earlier I sketched this shit. Because I hate myself

Yeah I should go to bed

Goodnight guys < 3 

I think I figured out what’s been bothering me about graduate school in general. I had a pretty productive day when I finally got around to getting around to things. However, it zapped up so much time. I didn’t have time/energy to cook for myself and I don’t have energy to do anything enjoyable now that I have time to unwind.

I’d just like some middle ground where I can work for 8-9 hours consistently and also have energy to do basic stuff. Idk i’m sure this is something I could manage if I re-learned how to self discipline. 

Many voices feel silenced today

(If you ridicule me and/or this comic, you’re only proving my point)


Margherita Lucilla Siani - Overwatch OC: Overview

Ta-daaaa! This post has been stocked in my scraps for like… a decade! I’ve been changing things, names, dates so many times that I have issues myself to remember who and when. But we are finally here!

Some general, basic informations about my Overwatch Child, Margherita. It’s the first time ever I go this deep with an Original Character, so I really hope you like her! More infos, skins and backstory will come soon.

Fancy to tell me if you’d like to play as her? Ahah! I totally would!

I wrote more detailed explanations about her abilities, but I’m gonna hide the rest of the post since I talked too much. LOL

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I just wanna stay in the sun where I find
Pieces of peace in the sun’s peace of mind
I know it’s hard sometimes
Yeah, I think about the end just way too much
But it’s fun to fantasize
On my enemies who wouldn’t wish who I was
But it’s fun to fantasize

Oh, oh, I’m falling, so I’m taking my time on my ride

*Lyrics from Twenty one pilots - Ride

Gladiolus Amicitia, Ignis Scientia, Prompto Argentum & Noctis Lucis Caelum in the happy days before Altissia, Final Fantasy XV


cozy sweater, faded distressed jeans, old art sculpture textbooks, pens, and this week’s bullet journal spread // Well, I survived finals week. Had two weeks of pure hell in preparation, studying my ass off every night… but the sleep you have after all the chaos is SO worth it. I haven’t worked this hard in a really long time, so despite what the output of my finals are on my grades, I have to say I’m really proud of myself!

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Has anyone made an FFXV oc?

I like OCs, they’re fun to build up and write about. It’s like, you’re interacting with the inverse characters yourself, through your OC.

So an ingame OC who has a part in how the storyline changes, in how the characters survive and in how they make their mark in FFXV.

Hi, my name is Megan and here is my 35lb difference!!! I am 5′6 and started my weight loss journey in August. I got where I am now by eating healthier and exercising just a little bit more. I can’t believe I am finally dropping this weight, and if I can do it, anyone can (seriously). I had a rough relationship and went from 137lbs (at the time of graduation June 2013) to 230lbs within a few years, and I am finally regaining control over my life. I am very proud of myself and what I have achieved so far, it’s so nice to see some progress pictures to remind me that I am far from a failure. :) <3 Feel free to message me any questions, comments, etc. xox

Left - August 2016

Right - Today!

UGW - 120

When I look back at images of myself from around November 2014, before the final tour, I can see how ill I was.
Something I’ve never talked about in public before, but which I have come to terms with since leaving the band, is that I was suffering from an eating disorder.
It wasn’t as though I had any concerns about my weight or anything like that, I’d just go for days – sometimes two or three days straight – without eating anything at all.
It got quite serious, although at the time I didn’t recognise it for what it was. I think it was about control. I didn’t feel like I had control over anything else in my life, but food was something I could control, so I did. I had lost so much weight I had become ill.
The workload and the pace of life on the road put together with the pressures and strains of everything going on within the band had badly affected my eating habits.
—  Excerpt from Zayn’s book.