i finally have time for myself

I’m like a kid in a candy shop when it comes to shopping vegan.

I’m always on the hunt for new things to try and have to restrain myself from buying too much. The market for vegan food is so much larger than 6 years ago when I first went vegan.

I went to Whole Foods today to pick up the last of the Thanksgiving ingredients. I took my time and went down every aisle to check things out. I FINALLY remembered to buy some Dandies marshmallows. Hello, vegan s'mores!

I’ve also been wanting to try Kite Hill’s cream cheese. Expensive, so even if I like it I’ll probably still stick to the Go Veggie brand.

So this is Taylor’s first year not eating meat (yep, my birthday present from Taylor this year was him cutting meat out of his diet, along with dairy and eggs. Yay!), so I decided to buy a roast. I already have the Tofurkey roast, but I heard this one, by Field Roast, is more awesome, so I got it as well. We can use the Tofurkey one for Christmas.

Also on the vegan Thanksgiving menu:

  • Mac n cheese
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Biscuits
  • Key lime pie
Back, from the dead.


It might help to explain a bit of the reason. You see, in the last year, I:

- moved back to the US

- began working for the EPA

- immediately saw the new administration take power

- freaked out a whole fucking lot, then

- decided I was going to take on legislative reform????

…and I have already helped with an LGBTQ+ protection bill that passed this year in my state. More is coming. Also, the EPA is not dead, bitches - we are gonna love you, whether you like it or not.

So, uh, things happened.

I want to get writing again. I’m finally in a place where I can take time for myself, to enjoy fandom again, and to be creative.



[Also, I played Andromeda. and I have feelings about things you guys]

Update etc

Hey there everyone! I finally got my copy of ultra moon yesterday and started with litten (First time picking the fire starter!!!) 

Also I wanted to announce I’m back and fully active now :) 

I wasnt around for almost a year because I was working on myself A LOT. I have depression anxiety and disassociation which suck but I’m getting better. 

Its been almost 2 years since the last time I tried to kill myself and on the 27th of november it would be a year since I last self harmed. I couldnt draw much while healing because I wasnt much at home, and my online presence also suffered (P sure I lost all the friends I met here which is super sad to me but I’m too scared to try and contact people). But now I’m healthier and happier so hopefully you’ll forgive me for being very much absent ;;v;

Anyway lastly I just wanna say thank you all for liking my art, it did help me through this year and I do hope to produce much much more and be more productive for the end of it and next year as well!!! 

About my hiatus

So.. I wanna apologise for my lack of anything recently. I know I said I was on somewhat of a break but I’ve literally posted nothing. Why? Two reasons. 1: I am on my final year of university and plan to exceed what I have been doing. Its taking up so much time that I don’t really have time to game anymore even. 2: my job. Now I have been offered a job for £21.9k per year and I’ve been preparing for interviews and tests. Its a software developer role with design mixed in within it. So whilst I’m really happy that I can finally support myself financially, I haven’t been the most… social since September.

These are my reasons for my hiatus and I hope to keep updated when I’m back… may not be until mid-end December now so even though this blog ain’t dead, it’s busy!

Thanks again guys for the 500 as said previously. I do want to at the very least get that continuation done so look forward to that but I won’t answer asks for a bit.

Finally! I wasted more time than expected doing this trash. Now I need to sleep. I mean, I literally fell asleep over it several times. And the funniest part is that I don’t even like how it came out. At this point I don’t even know why I made it. I realized, awfuly late, that it wasn’t worth it to illustrate such a tiny HC in such a long thing. Three drawings could have been enough. Also, I’m sorry if you’re disappointed (and if you’re not, be sure I’m disappointed on myself) bc I’m sure you were expecting something better, but I said it was the trash I always do but bigger. Sorry for the bad quality, the bad english and the messy coloring. Oh, and forgive my horrible handwritting.

Some people seemed to like that HC I had about Scrooge’s reaction to the news about the triplets so I decided to illustrate it. I’m actually 99.9% sure Scrooge wouldn’t react like this. He would be all like “oh, so you had children. That means other three beaks to feed”. And very deep inside himself he would be happy and proud but he wouldn’t want anyone to know. But that’s why this is just fan trash, shhh. Anyways, I did it and it’s awful, so here it is.

Yeah. This doesn’t even have a context. It’s just… let’s call it a practice. Y'know, maybe Scrooge didn’t even meet HD&L because, you know, The Spear of Selene and I better shut up beacuse this can turn into angst. Anyways, I did it with love but I ruined it and I’m missing the sketch vertion. P.S. I know, poor Ludwig. I don’t want to be mean to him, he’s my other fave. Scrooge, stop being a miser and let him hold his nephews.


made some postcards 💫

I just wanna stay in the sun where I find
Pieces of peace in the sun’s peace of mind
I know it’s hard sometimes
Yeah, I think about the end just way too much
But it’s fun to fantasize
On my enemies who wouldn’t wish who I was
But it’s fun to fantasize

Oh, oh, I’m falling, so I’m taking my time on my ride

*Lyrics from Twenty one pilots - Ride

Gladiolus Amicitia, Ignis Scientia, Prompto Argentum & Noctis Lucis Caelum in the happy days before Altissia, Final Fantasy XV


Previews/WIPs of A Thing™ I’m working on.

what if lance had a fake name to talk with hunk about the guy (keith) he had a crush on at the garrison so that if keith is in the room he doesn’t know they’re talking about him but one day he overhears lance talking about this guy and his first thought is “weird name” and his second thought is “wait WHAT WHO–” and he spends days sulking in his room trying to remember every single boy in their class (points if he makes a conspiracy board about it) and yet he still can’t figure out but starts paying attention more to the way lance talks about him (”what does he have that i don’t”) and one day he can’t take it anymore and tells lance “lol i bet he isn’t even that cool” and lance laughs and leaves the room cuz well he knows keith’s basically dissing himself, until there’s a confrontation and keith tries very subtly to ask lance who the mysterious guy is.

”i swear i’m just..curious that’s all. maybe,,,maybe its the same guy I HAD a crush on ha ha ha……”

“I really doubt it…you can’t have a crush on yourself.”

and finally realization hits keith full force and the first thing he tells lance is “wait…i was jealous of MYSELF this whole time?????” lance nods and gives him a kiss on the cheek

Multiverse Lovers - Part Two -Stiles Stilinski

Title: The Happenings of Beacon Hills

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader

Word Count: 8,436

Warnings: 18+, NSFW, Public Sex, Jeep Sex, Fingering, Hand Job, Making Out with Stiles because who wouldn’t?, Feeling, Sexy Massages, Dirty Talking, Orgasm Denial, Multiple Orgasms

Notes: Prepare your holy water, because it’s about to get real. 

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

The jostling of the moving car bumped you left and right, the almost inaudible chug of the engine the first sound you could make out. Your eyes clenched tightly, a small stream of sunlight hitting them through the window. Your mind was slow to process what was going on and where you were, the worn leather of the seats making your back sweat profusely.

Wait, you thought to yourself, your eyes cracking open to stare at the roof of the vehicle above your head. Why am I in a car? The last thing I remember was falling asleep on the roof…

You sat up startled, glancing around at your surroundings hoping to figure out where you were and what was going on. A million thoughts were running through your mind, none of them making any sense. You glanced out the window in front of you, watching the trees pass by. You were in a moving vehicle, make and model unknown, person driving it most likely having kidnapped you.

“Glad to see you are finally awake,” the driver spoke. You glanced at the person, meeting their eyes through the rear-view mirror. The male’s honey brown eyes sparkled in the sunlight, but more than familiar to your well-trained eyes. “Did you have a good nap?”

Your mouth fell open, not believing what you were looking at.

Stiles Stilinski is right in front of me. What the fuck?

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Fall With Loki Would Include:

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A/N: i know i haven’t been posting lately but it’s all because i have zero time for myself. Can’t help it darling, i’m a 16 y/o med student barely keeping it all together. I randomly thought of this one a couple of days ago, hope you like it!

• waking next to him on chilly mornings and noticing he’s already using you as his very own teddy bear.

• “babe, i have a lot of work to do. Can you let me go?” you ask gently. “never.” he mumbles sleepily and tightens his grip.

• having breakfast once you finally make it to the kitchen. The lord of mischief loves coffee

• “midgardian coffee is the second thing i like after you.” “awww”

•lots of gentle kisses.

• “loki, you gotta shower” “alone?” “yes… ” you playfully roll your eyes and drag him to the bathroom.

•"but it’s cold and alone there!“ he complains. You push him into the bathroom. "take a shower!” you grin. He huffs and turns around.

•"y/n?“ he peeks. "yes?” you ask before he pulls in with him.

• warm showers because he wants the temprature “just right”. Sometimes things escalate and showering is not the only thin done in the bathroom.

• making him wear fall outfits.

• him looking absolutely dashing.

• “i look like a fool” he frowns. “are you kidding me? I would do things to you, you’re looking that hot. Like i would get on my knees and do as you say.” he’s left speechless. “come on, let’s go.” you say before leaving. “i like these clothes…. ”

• going on long walks, for apple picking or to coffe shops.

• him taking you on romantic dates.

• him being very gentlemanly and of course, protective or as he would say “i was being territorial.”

• getting him big trench coats for winters so that you can hide in his chest and have him as your very own, portable, sexy cocoon.

• “you’re…. Weird.” “that’s why you love me!” “yes, that’s exactly the reason.” he hugs you closer.

• reading together, while sharing a blanket.

• having scary movie marathons and cuddling.

• “oh, sorry, love. I didn’t know you were ticklish.” “yeah i-” him tickling you mercilessly making you squeal and laugh. He grins and giggkes the whole time while also covering you in kisses until your face is moist.

• “i hate you.” “you love me” he smirks before kissing you.

• takings long baths together.

• sleeping together as he tells you stories and myths. He loves being the big spoon but loves it when you do it.

• he hogs the blankets sometimes…. And speaks in his sleep… But you wouldn’t have him any other way.

Finally had time will power to finish a doodle I did when the last “bomb” happened :3

I already shared my thoughts about it on Twitter and I’m lazy to repeat myself so here, have this~