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           Have a Prompto that was inspired by @kingcael​! 

Cael is a very special bean in the my life, they shine bright like the sun and is such a sweet person to be around—JUST LIKE PROMPTO!!
         Their face inspired me to create a Prompto based on them :D Show my king some love!

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Hi everyone!!!! Guess what?! Finally I have updated my Etsy store! With new stickers, prints and the sailor scouts and outer Senshi keychains! Finally!!! Next week I will have new merch! Kokobop keychains, maybe? 😏💖💖💖💖 https://www.etsy.com/mx/shop/miichellemacias

Wandering Wolf - Chapter 4 - itsclowreedsfault - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 4/5
Fandom: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia
Relationships: Bakugou Katsuki/Todoroki Shouto



The word jumps to the front of Todoroki’s mind, taken from old books and rumors he’d heard a long time ago; stories about humans who could turn into animals, who possessed a type of magic different than Todoroki’s own. He’s never had anything to confirm that those stories were true, has never seen a shapeshifter with his own eyes.

Until now.

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finally……. i know wlf have always wanted this but held back their power… they are still holding it back now…  i mean come on its just 3 tshirts that they probably looked at and thought “ok is this canon or…”

if they could have their own way and wouldnt be lambasted by the fandom i wonder if the entire shop would be flooded with terezi merch. they really fuckin like terezi 

i relate


Special Owari no Seraph Jump Fair cards 

feat. Yu, Guren, and Mika


I finally got my SVTFOE season 1 wand pin and I freaking love it (I also got a journal 3 pin but it is bigger than I thought so I didn’t put it on my jacket) I got both pins from TheMysteryShack.com #LOLNotSponsored I’m just so happy I finally have Star merch and I wanted to share it with you guys btw sorry for the quality of the pics my phone doesn’t have the best camera


I’m gonna be honest, I wasn’t looking to make an account just yet for things like this but~ I got impatient and couldn’t help myself.

So I made a Society6 account (which is currently having a sale right now, check out other people’s art too!) And a redbubble account too ^^’

Which you can find here: https://society6.com/cinnamontoasten


I only have two pieces of artwork posted at the moment but there’s a few products to choose from.  I absolutely plan on creating more content so feel free to check it out!  I’ll try and update here whenever I have more merch up :)


FACT: When you get a new Taylor shirt, you obviously have a selfie photoshoot.

I ***finally*** found the new reputation merch shirt at Target today! @taylorswift this is officially my new favorite merch item, it is so cute! Can’t wait to “rep” it while listening to reputation!

The Mystery of Suga’s 3rd Muster Acrylic Stand

Yoongi hadn’t seen the standee he’d liberated from the BigHit offices since he’d given it to Jin at that crazy gift exchange / Christmas party a few weeks ago.  He hadn’t seen it and - well - it bugged the fuck out of him.  He’d at least expected Jin to make a big show about standing it up in some agonizing part of the dorm.  YOongi hoped it wouldn’t be in the bathroom at the bottom of the toilet bowl to encourage the Kids to aim better - but thought that a distinct possibility.  

However even that would be preferable to - well - nothing.  And there was no sign of his little gift - not even in Jin’s trash.  Not that Yoongi had looked….hard…

It finally bugged him so much he had even asked Jin, who had smiled his little mysterious smile in Yoongi’s direction and had refused to answer his question. Just shrugged those beautiful shoulders of his and told Yoongi to “not worry about it.”  

So Yoongi tried, and tried again.  And then tried harder.  He would almost succeed in forgetting about the fact that his gift to Jin had gone missing, hadn’t been put up on display, had been apparently forgotten and cast aside by everybody but him - INCLUDING by the person who got the gift, his very own Forever Roommate Jin who he thought would care enough for his face to at least want to see him when he had to pee.  

He would almost forget and then Jimin would come strutting out of the bathroom wearing the underwear Hope had given him, or Namjoon would buy another pack of wet wipes (having gone through the original pack given to him by Jin almost right away and getting addicted instantly), and it would all come back  - HIS gift had apparently been thrown away.  

And ok, maybe it hurt more than he wanted to admit.   So he pouted.  

He was pouting a few days later, when Jin called him from the house one night around dinner time.  He asked Yoongi to stop by his office in the BigHit building on the way home from work to pick up a script he needed for one of his classes.  Yoongi didn’t grumble about doing something for his ungrateful roommate any more than usual, ok not much more than usual - but all of his grumbles stopped when he opened Jin’s closed office door and turned on the light.  

There, in the place of honor right to the right of Jin’s pink keyboard, was Yoongi’s acrylic stand, literally inches away from the script he was supposed to find and bring home.  There was no way he could miss seeing it.  And in that second, Yoongi knew that Jin had known he was upset, and this was how he was gently making it better.  Yoongi was thankful it was after hours because he couldn’t wipe the big dopey grin off of his face.  Here he was thinking that Jin had thrown his gift away, when in fact - he had done just the opposite, done more than Yoongi had ever imagined.  

He got home as quickly as he could, jumping in a car and all but running into the dorms.  Dinner smells were beginning to leak through the apartment, and Jin was muttering at the stove, apparently giving a pep talk to the meal they were about to eat.  Yoongi didn’t say a word and just swooped in for a back hug, firmly wrapped his arms around Jin’s waist - burying his nose in the t-shirt Jin was wearing that smelled like cooking and their room and HOME.   

“Hmmmmm,” Jin said, “Min Yoongi I presume…:

Yoongi didn’t answer.  

What’s going on, everything ok, did you find the script??”   

Instead of crying to Jin about how much it really did mean to him to see his little standee on Jin’s desk, instead of causing a scene by declaring his eternal love for his forever roommate right at dinner time, Yoongi just hugs Jin a little tighter (so tight he squeaks) and tucks his smile closer into Jin’s back while he whispers “Everything’s great Jinnie, I found the script no problem. I’m just really glad to be home.”   

happy bday @drgnsmile !! here’s an orange feathery asshole


I have finally compiled all the merch and prices together, but it now looks super overwhelming and possibly a little messy… I do apologize. There’s just some bundling going on here and there so I wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to refer back to.

If the photos look unclear and you want close-ups, you are more than welcome to ask for them!

If you are lazy and don’t wish to go through them yourself, you can just circle the stuff you want, direct message me, and I can tell you what items need to be bundled/what you can bundle, as well as prices etc.

Sorry for multi-posting so much since yesterday! I’m trying to sell off as many items as I can asap, so I ask for your kind patience with me over the next few weeks. Please make sure to read the FAQ and details page for Payment & Shipping, and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions or concerns!