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I Can’t Wait to Hear You Scream PT. 26

Summary: You are happy to be back home.

Note: For those asking about the masterlist and why the newer parts are missing, I tried to update it today. But for some reason my says the website can’t be accessed, so I’m not sure what’s going in there. If you can’t find any of the parts just message me and I’ll be happy to send you a link to them. Its currently 4:30am, but I finally have this chapter done!


“With time, one has encountered many of the monsters, and one is increasingly less terrified of those still to be met.” - Kay Redfield Jamison


When you woke back up it was morning, you could tell by the sun coming in on you like it usually did.

It was comforting to wake up and be back at the sanctuary, for a moment yesterday you had thought that maybe it was just a dream and you were still stuck with Randy.
But you weren’t, you were safe back where you belonged, and that was with Negan.

You turned over to him slowly, being mindful of your leg, it was still in a lot of pain.
He had a hand on your leg and you smiled to yourself.
He always seemed to sleep with a hand on you, you guessed it was to make sure you didn’t go anywhere and more so now, after the shit that has happened.
You looked at him sleeping, he always looked so sweet amd harmless when he was sleeping.
You didn’t care if he woke up, you drug yourself over to him, wincing as your stitches scraped the bed, but once you made it over closer to him, you wrapped an arm around his waist and laid your head on his bare chest.
Feeling the warmth of his skin on yours was the best feeling.

“Darlin’ you still fuckin’ terrible at being sneaky.” He said in a raspy tone, his eyes still closed.

You closed your eyes and yawned, “I don’t care. After everything, just give me 5 minutes of laying on you.”

He smirked amd opened his eyes to look down at you, “I’ll give you 2 fuckin’ minutes, doll. I’ve got to get up soon.”

“What’s going on today?” You asked.

“The fuckin’ usual, darlin’.”

“What about me?” You opened your eyes back up.

“Depends on whether or not you can fuckin’ put weight on that leg, babydoll.” He said, pointing to it.

“What happened to not leaving me alone?” You asked, raising an eyebrow.

“I didn’t say I wouldn’t drag your ass around with me. Just don’t fuckin’ pester me, please.” He said, biting his lip.

You rolled your eyes, “I wont. Jesus.”

“Do you wanna try to walk? The doc will probably wanna fuckin’ check up on you today anyway.”

“Sure.” You said lifting yourself off of his chest to sit up, you pulled the cover off of yourself.
You noticed that you were only in your undergarments.

You smirked and looked over to Negan, “Well, I see you didn’t bother to put clothes on me.”

He licked his lips and looked back to you, “Yeah well, you were in the fuckin’ bed the whole time, so that would have been pointless, darlin’. Besides, this way I can stare at your tits whenever I want.”

“Mmm, there’s that Negan charm.” You smiled.

“And there’s that fuckin’ attitude.” He said, running a hand over the stubble on his face as he got off the bed, he went over to one of the dressers to grab some clothes for himself.

You smirked, you had missed the playful back of forths that you two often shared.

After he was done dressing himself he brought over some clothes to you, “I got these from your room.” He said setting them on the bed.

You carefully pulled the I.V. out of your arm and almost made yourself dizzy as you watched the needle pulling out of your skin, a stab you could take, but something about a needle made you want to puke.

You dressed yourself, getting the shirt on easily, but once you threw your legs over the edge of the bed it became apparent that walking would be a problem, moving your injured leg felt like everything was ripping inside of it.
You winced as you grabbed the pants, putting one leg in easy, but when you tried to bring the other leg up, you couldn’t.

“Holy shit.” You sucked in a breathe.

“Slow the fuck down, darlin’.” Negan said, grabbing ahold of your shoulders.

“I’ve got it.” You answered back fast.

“No, you obviously fuckin’ don’t.” He said, pulling you up to a standing position

Standing on the leg felt like hell, but you thought if you could ignore the pain you’d be okay.

Negan knelt down in front of you as you held on to his shoulders for stability.
He held onto the pants as you slowly lifted the injured leg into them. He pulled them up slowly on you.
You watched as he stared at the curvature of your body as he did so.
You rolled your eyes slightly, he always had a lustful eye, no matter what.
He got them up onto your hips and buttoned them, after he was done, he looked up to you.
You had to admit, him taking care of you was sort of a turn on.

“I’m usually taking the fuckin’ pants off of you, not putting them on.” He said, running his hands up your legs to grab your ass.

“Quite a difference.” You laughed softly.

He nodded and stood back up, “Can you walk?”

You shot him a nervous look and he grabbed onto your shoulder again to keep you steady.
You took a step forward and while you didn’t fall, it hurt to put weight on your leg, making you limp.
You tried taking a few more steps, but could already feel the sweat breaking through at the strain.

“Fuck!” You growled out, lowering your head.

Negan kept his hand gripped around your shoulder, “Calm down, darlin’.”

“How am I supposed to get around Negan?” You whined back.

He sighed and pushed you back down on the bed gently and rolled his eyes while he grabbed his jacket off the coat rack to put it on.

“Guess you need a fuckin’ wheelchair.” He said crossing his arms.

You shook your head quickly, “Fuck no. I’ll throw myself down the stairs first.”

He let out a sigh, “Yeah, I kinda fuckin’ figured that would be the answer, but we gotta fuckin’ go. Ive got shit to do and you need to see Michael’s.”

You looked at him confused and raised your hands.
He pulled you back up off the bed and knelt down again, grabbing you by the legs before throwing you over his shoulder.

“Oh Jesus.” You said, running a hand through your hair.

“Darlin’, if you don’t stop the fuckin’ whining I’ll have to drag you out by your feet.” He chucked as he walked over to the desk and picked up Lucille, handing her over his shoulder to you, “Here. Hold Lucille, because you’re in her fuckin’ spot.”

You grabbed the wooden bat and gripped it tightly as Negan excited the room with you on his shoulder, you looked at the bullet hole that was nestled between the barbed wire, remembering how close it came to hitting Negan, still thinking about it made you clenched your teeth.

“Try not to fuckin’ crack me over the head with her.” He chuckled playfully, but he was also serious.

You turned your head to him, “I won’t have to as long as you don’t throw me down the damn stairs.”

He chuckled again and gave you a firm slap on your ass, gripping it, “Don’t fuckin’ test me, darlin’.”

He carried you down to the infirmary and on the way, you were both met with a lot of nervous stares as everyone saw Negan carrying you over his shoulder, they kneeled as Negan passed by and looked at you holding Lucille in your hands.

“I don’t know why you fucks are staring at my wife so goddamn hard.” Negan said, looking to everyone on their knees, “Get the fuck up and get back to work.”

Everyone did as Negan said and got back to their feet and went about their own business.
Once you got into the infirmary, Negan pulled you off his shoulder and sat you down in a chair near Arat’s bed.

Arat was awake and sitting up in her bed with a hefty amount of bandages around her chest.
Her mouth dropped as she saw you.

“Thank God, you’re alive.” She said in a relieved tone, looking at you.

“Jesus, you too.” You said back, locking eyes with her.

Negan rolled his eyes and snapped his fingers at you, you turned to him and already knew what he wanted and handed Lucille back to him.
He propped her on the spot on his shoulder where you had been.

He licked his lips and looked to both of you, “Not to interrupt your little fuckin’ reunion, but I’m gonna go check shit out and pay a goddamn visit to our guest.”

“Make sure to send him my fucking love then.” You said back with a grimace.

Negan nodded, “Save that shit for when the time comes, darlin’.” He said as he walked out of the room.

You looked back to Arat and you both sat in silence for a moment, neither of you not really knowing what to say.

“So, why is he carrying you around?” She finally asked, laying back on the bed.

“I got stabbed in the leg, it’s hard for me to walk right now.” You said back, shrugging.

She nodded back, and pointed to her bandaged chest, “Could be worse.”

“Yeah, I know. I’m glad you’re okay. I thought you were dead” You said back sympathetically.

“I’m glad you are too. I was worried you wouldnt be alive either.. You know he’s never gonna let us go out alone again.”

“Yeah, I know. But atleast Randy is caught.” You said back in a relived tone.

“Good thing too. Everyone thought Negan was gonna go on a killing spree. I’ve never seen him that angry.” She said with a nervous look.

“So I’ve heard. I was honestly surprised to hear he had that sort of reaction.”

She smiled, “You’re definitely his favorite, (Y/N).”

“You think so?” You asked, laying your head back on the chair.

“I do. How are you holding up?” She asked.

“I’m okay. It feels good to be back, that I can say with no doubt.”

“And in the emotional department? That talk we had.” She asked curiously.

You smirked and blinked, “I haven’t thought about it a whole lot. I mean, he saved my life, so he has some level of caring for me and maybe that’s enough. I’m not pushing the subject to anymore, or not right now atleast. Like I said, I’m just glad to be back.”

“Glad to hear it.”

“When are you getting out of here?” You asked, looking at her bandages again.

She sighed, “Couple more days atleast probably. I fucking hate it, I need a gun in my hand.”

You nodded, “Yeah, I know what you mean.”

Dr. Michael’s finally came back into the room after a while and glanced over to see you sitting in the chair.

“(Y/N). Did Negan bring you down?” He asked.

“Yeah, he did.” You answered back, looking to him.

He walked over to you and pulled up a chair, “I was about to come up to check on you.”

“Well, I needed to get out of the room. Bed rest isn’t something I’m very excited about.”

He nodded, “I can understand. How are you feeling?”

“I feel fine. I’m just pissed that I can’t walk.” You said back, sucking your teeth.

He took out a small flashlight to shine into both of your eyes, checking your responses, “The pain should subside after another day or two. It was a deep wound, but it hit nothing vital. You were lucky - both of you were lucky.” He said glancing over to Arat as well.

“Is it possible to brush the pain off and just walk?” You asked him.

Dr. Michael’s looked at you and raised an eyebrow, “Well… Yes, It’s possible, but you don’t want to stress the wound.”

“Would small steps help then?” You said, knowing you sounded like a smart ass.

He cleared his throat, “You can do some walking, if you can bear the pain. But I wouldn’t recommend being up all day.”

“She’s a fuckin’ stubborn one doc.” Negan’s voice came from behind you.

“Sir.” Dr. Michael’s said in a respectful tone.

You turned to see Negan was standing in the doorway, Lucille in hand.
He gave a nod to the doctor and walked into the room and leaned against the sink as he watched over you.
You looked over to him and he gave you a smile, biting his lip.
You couldn’t help but to smile back at him.

The doctor got up from the chair and walked over to a cabinet and pulled out a small bottle and walked back over to you, handing you two pills.

You looked at them curiously.

“These are aspirin. We don’t have any prescriptions here. They are rare to come by, these will help with your pain, but not all of it.”

You nodded and put them in your mouth, dry swallowing them.

“Great, we’ll have thebboys look fornhigh grade fuckin” painkillers. Are we fuckin’ done here?“ Negan asked, swinging Lucille around.

The doctor turned to him and nodded, "Yes, sir. Everything looks just fine.”

Negan smiled and gave him a hard slap on the shoulder, “Thanks doc. Nice goddamn work.”

“Thank you, sir.” The doctor winced at the rather hard slap Negan had given him.

Negan walked over to the door, keeping his eyes on you.
You got up from the chair slowly, trying to ignore the pain as you stood.
You were determined to walk and you pushed the pain out of your mind.

Negan grabbed onto your shoulder and helped you out of the doorway, “C'mon babydoll, you gotta pick up the fuckin’ pace if you’re gonna walk.”

“I’m trying.” You said taking in a breathe as you put all your weight on your leg.
It hurt, but you’d get used to it eventually.

“Well- look- at- you- you’re just a damn badass 24/7.” Negan chuckled as he stood there looking at you.

“I don’t have time to be weak.” You said bluntly, brushing your hair out of your face.

“Goddamn, that’s the kind of shit that gets my dick hard.” He smirked as he leaned back, licking his lips.

“It just the truth.” You said with a smile.

“And that’s why you’re my fuckin’ girl babydoll.” He said throwing a free arm around your shoulder.

You bit your lip, you never got tired of hearing him say that.

“Where are we going now?” You asked.

He looked at you, then to the door leading out of the building, “Well, since you’re really gonna do this fuckin’ walking thing, why don’t we visit our fuckin’ friend?”

“I thought you just went in there to see him?” You asked, raising an eyebrow.

“I did. But I’m getting fuckin’ tired of him taking up my airspace.” He said, furrowing his brows.

You smiled and nodded, “Then let’s do this. But I’ll admit, I’m jealous that you’re gonna be the only one getting a shot at him.”

He bit his lip, “Darlin’, I never said I was gonna kill him right away.” He said with a dark smile.



so i finally got my act together to do my first follow forever since the end of 2014 and I’m not even kidding its still 90% all the same people. I love you guys all so much ♡ 

ps. if for some reason you aren’t on this list I’m so sorry, I didn’t even realise how many people I follow, and i know and have this sinking feeling that i’ve at least missed someone

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I know after today’s eventful episode many were left freaking and spazzing out since we have only just one episode left, but guys, please have faith in Kubo-sensei and Yamamoto-sensei. They have never disappointed us. They have never given us a reason to be disappointed anyway. Always look underneath the underneath, they are just probably preparing for an epic grand finale that will make our fandom rejoice and feel the feels for weeks and of course, they might already be laying out the foundations for the plot of the subsequent Season 2. I badly wanna see the Viktuuri couple tying the knot and whatnot -wink wink- I know that it is asking for too much but one can dream and hope, right?

Have faith and know that Viktuuri is born out of our agape love for the show and the fandom, itself.

Spread the love and good vibes, not the hate nor panic. We must stand united as a fandom and we should always be grateful to its creators because they have given us so much to escape to, relate to, and feel with.

Whatever happens in the finale, just keep in mind that VIKTUURI IS FOR REAL AND THAT OUR LOVE FOR THEM AND THE ENTIRE SHOW IS FUCKING REAL.

Love will always win. ❤️

It’s probably high time I did one of these, especially since I finally seem to have settled in a fandom permanently again and I passed my 200 follower mark back in November. A huge thank you for the enjoyable times spent on here, I owe it all to you guys!! Also a massive thank you to all my followers and all the mutuals not listed here, you guys rock ♥

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@bayer-mund: Jay, especially these past few weeks I feel like we really clicked – I always adore chatting to you, and it’s crazy how we fangirl over almost all the exact same things. Thank you for drowning me in feels and drowning in them with me; because it’s always more fun when you’re suffering together. And I really hope one day we’ll get out writing juices flowing again, so we can produce all that amazing fic we talked about. (Although you seem to be better at that than me …)

@thomasmulli/@theaccidentalchampion: Ash, you were basically my chaperone during my first active weeks in the football fandom, and boy am I glad for it. We had some hilarious talks, and there haven’t been that many recently, I always thoroughly enjoyed them. I hope you are doing well and don’t feel shy to hit me up again! 

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ll Lady Gaga ll

A series of pop star portraits for the final drawing project. The stars who has been accompanying me and kinda made me who I am.

I guess this one needs no introduction. Love her dreadlocks, wonder if I will have dreadlocks one day. Paws up bitches!


Ok, so, I’ve been thinking about Fantastic Beasts. A lot. What else is new. And I was thinking about this guy, Jacob Kowalski. He’s a No-Maj. He’s experiencing magic for the 1st time. And not as an 11 year old, but as a fully fledged adult. That look of wonder, that exposure to the supernatural, that is US. The Potter fandom. We’ll finally have a link in - like the companions in Doctor Who. Someone to follow around who is just as amazed with this world like we are. A reason for things to be explained. Someone to ask our questions. And that’s Fantastic. 

(GIF-Source: Avahda)

So, in the interest of having placeholders for an eventual programming practice, i found these sprites someone edited to look like morenatsu characters. The only way i could find them was through a random tumblr post, sourcing them to code-As. I can’t find them on their pixiv anymore, but their niconico douga userpage has them in a previous attempt at a morenatsu RPG. (including some other misc. sprites too, most likely). HOWEVER: keep in mind that he has made these videos private, for whatever reason, so perhaps it is disrespectful of me to link to them now. For any other missing sprites, you could ask the developer of a morenatsu corpse party game, as he too has aquired these sprites somehow.

Finally, I’d just like to provide my work on making these sprites easy to use, in this here zip file.

In any case, due to the unclear background of these sprites, I wouldn’t recommend using these as anything other than placeholders. Have fun!

EDIT: oh good grief tumblr, i swear i added the link to the zip file,
well, its definitely here NOW, ugh

her words opened his eyes this is my favorite amour moment in the beginning serena use to get major hate for her crush on ash but now fans want to see serena confess and hear ash’s answer their bond is unique these writers have built them up so much and the amour fandom has grown to even junichi masuda supports them and if one of the workers of a show ships the same thing you ship then you know you got something they give eachother strength its because of serena that ash mastered the transformation and the reason he made it to the finals i hope he manages to beat alain maybe serena yells in the crowd as ash greninja is down saying * satoshi never give up untill the end!!!*

I love this because after the whole unofficial break up between them in Texas and them starting to date other people, I’m pretty sure their friendship has crippled a bit and is trying to figure out what exactly is “normal” again. They haven’t really found a grounding for their new relationship and conversations have been pretty awkward between them. So the reason I love this so much is because Lucas doesn’t HAVE to bump in to her, he consciously does it because he wants some kind of contact from her after who knows how long of a drought he has had from Riley’s usual touchy nature. He could of easily have said “excuse me” or waited for her to move slightly for him to get by, but nope! He gallops along smiling because he finally has a reason to be in close proximity with Riley. You can literally see Riley’s shock and internal screaming due to Lucas being so close again, she doesn’t even look him in the face. I love that she’s so stoic and expressionless to all of it, and you can just imagine her heart beating so fast after that pang of shock it receives from realizing its Lucas right next to her. Just imagine that current of happiness, nervousness, and excitement you get when you can literally feel your crush right next to you, I don’t know about you but that’s what I imagine Riley must be feeling at that moment. I’m sorry I just love this scene so much!

This is coincidental at best but bear with me for a second here. Let’s pretend that this is symbolism and that there is a reason Cas’ eyes are devoid of light, dark and hollow until Dean gently lifts his head and their eyes meet… as others have pointed out already, this is the first time they are looking into each others eyes as simply themselves in almost two years. And it’s like something inside Cas is suddenly lit up again. I can’t help but see the beginnings of hope and wonderment that look like they are pulled forward from somewhere deep inside of Cas; reconnecting with something he thought he had lost forever. Finally, he can see and feel Dean again - all of him, every nuance, every emotion, everything that makes Dean his Dean, channelled through the depth of his eyes and warmth of his touch. 

Being part of the Addicted fandom is like being part of this extremely dramatic and tragic drama in real life. Because things keep happening which have nothing to do with fans - which is the normal drama-rama in fandom - but with politics. This past weekend, there was a disastrous fanmeeting held in Bangkok, which was supposed to be about Addicted, but in the end not only was Addicted not mentioned, the two guys everyone was there to see wasn’t even allowed to stand next to each other. Bizarre and sad. In the final moments, all the guys were crying. Hard. Completely heartbreaking.

Johnny & ZhouZhou have been superhot ever since Addicted was broadcast, even after the ban, and appearing in every magazine and being invited to all kinds of tv shows, a few times recording shows together. But now, none of those shows will air, because authorities have decided these two boys are too dangerous for Chinese people (or something, I’ve no idea how their reasoning goes) and so everyone’s afraid to hire them. People go crazy when they’re together, just look at this amazing clip of them wrestling on one of these shows which won’t air. If you think their connection with each other, and the homoeroticism it implies, is a problem, I can see that the reaction of their millions of fans might seem disturbing. But their cult status won’t diminish as a result, it’ll probably just increase.

It’s such a tragedy! It’s also been announced, which wasn’t surprising, that there will be no season 2. At the same time, the video to one of the OST of Addicted was released, serving as a most bittersweet end to the saga of Bai LouYin and Gu Hai. You can watch it here.

I feel so bad for these adorable, loveable guys. And once more, I want to support them so bad. Again, I still hope for the uncut DVD!

I think we can all agree that this was one of the most emotional scenes that any us of have ever seen. I mean I bawled my eyes out the first time I saw it, yet somehow it breaks my heart more and more everytime I watch it. And I’ve just finally figured out one of the many reasons explaining why I do that. 

Look at his face. We can all see those tears. However I think when the majority of us watched this, we saw them, let it increase our pain, and accepted them as a part of the overall emotion of this scene. But have any of us really asked the question:

Why is he crying?

Sherlock knows he won’t die. Obviously. It’s obvious that his plan to fake his death was pre-meditated. We know this. And even though we cried and cried, we knew Sherlock would come back just as he himself knew. So why is he crying? One could say that he’s just trying to convince John that he really is about to kill himself. But come on, there is no way in hell John can see the tears from there. And a guy like Sherlock can undoubtedly make it sound like he’s crying without shedding actual tears. So why is he crying?

I think one has to look at what he’s saying and to whom he is saying it.. I invented Moriarty. I’m a fake. It’s just a trick, just a magic trick. He says these words to John. To protect him, Sherlock tries to make John believe that he is nothing but a fraud. And although he wants John to believe this lie to keep him safe, I think Sherlock is terribly terribly afraid that John really will believe it. This is why Sherlock is crying. Because he is absolutely terrified of the possibility that the person whom he cares about most in the world will believe he is a liar. Sherlock doesn’t want John to be let down, and he doesn’t want to be the one to let him down, but he forces himself to look like a horrible liar to keep John safe, and it wounds him deeply to do so.

This makes the scene so much more emotional for me, while simultaneously increasing my respect for Sherlock. This exact moment is proof that Sherlock will always always put his friends, especially John, before himself and his pride.


Oh boy… So, some anons asked about why I call my self “lewd artist” well…I think this little old game can illustrate the reason (well not at all since the character have her clothes on)
the game started like a simple rock,paper and scissor game but I introduced some cute gurls and well…lets say the final result was something like senran kagura in terms of “what happen to the clothes while you are fighting”.

Edit: woah I uploaded this file like 3 times, Looks like tumblr is accepting only 2mb as max size for their gifs.

After my 8th viewing of The Force Awakens, a couple observations:

Kylo totally gives Rey an up/down once over when they meet in the woods. Mmmm.

The pink R2 unit is behind Poe’s X-Wing when he gets out and greets BB-8.

I finally get what Leia meant when she said she never should have sent him (Ben/Kylo) away because that’s when she lost him, and Han. I was always thinking that was just about the fact that’s when Ben/Kylo turned to the dark side and Han couldn’t deal, so he split. Now I am thinking it is because Han was against sending Ben/Kylo to Luke to train and that was the reason they split. Duh.

Another thing I realized from after reading the script: When Kylo pounds his wound at the end, that isn’t in the script. So that must have been either a JJ Abrams thing, or an Adam Driver thing. My money is on Driver.

Also, why the FUCK is the above scene not in the movie?