i finally have a new url

Finally finished this birthday gift for my friend. She and I have an AU role play game with the Voltron characters in the Supernatural universe and I had to draw our Sheith from it (which is why Keith is holding a gun and not a bayard or something, and the different clothes)

Tried something new with the coloring this time. I think I like it. 

Background is a texture from Clip Studio Paint’s materials library, I didn’t paint it.

EDIT: Got my Tumblr URL wrong.

I’m moving blogs!!

Today’s finally the day……… I have moved blogs! My new blog’s url is still @stevonnie, so please follow me there if you wish to still see content from me! Feel free to unfollow this blog. I’ll be leaving it up, as the url suggests, for archiving reasons.

My art blog has also moved but it still @bardsona, so please follow that too, as it is where I will be posting art from now on.

I’ll also be following everyone from @bardsona now, so if you see that url pop up on your follower list, that’s me.

Dear Munchkins!

Hello my beautiful Munchkins! I had to take a few days off due to an overzealous follower. Even though they didn’t actually track me down they started trying to find me on other social media accounts by lowkey stalking innocent bystanders and people who they thought were me. Here’s the thing I love you guys so much. And I don’t mind sharing myself with you. But please allow me to share myself with you in my own time. The internet can be scary, and my fellow bloggers @2thrive @blameitoncamren and @singasong17 can vouch for how scary the situation got. The person even threatened to cut themselves after I deleted my account. I want to continue to share this amazing journey of love and exploration with you guys but please offer me the same respect and privacy I offer you. And to the @anon trying to find out who I am. I’m Nikki…aka Dean Munch. That’s all you need to know for now. I’m sure you’re an amazing person and you are still one of my beloved Munchkins. Please don’t hurt yourself EVER…don’t even joke about that. And please respect my privacy. I love you guys and I’ve missed you guys like crazy. I want to give a special shout out to @2thrive for holding down my Munchkins and answering their questions when I had to abruptly delete (my gf made me😩) my account. You’re the real MVP!😋😘 And also @blameitoncamren for being my backbone and support system and encouraging me to take this much needed break while also keeping me posted on Camren news. And @singasong17 you are always a breath of fresh air and I swear we think exactly alike and that’s why we can joke back and forth with our blog posts. You were one of the first camren blogs I followed and you really motivated me to make my own camren blog. Love you guys so fucking much. Finally to my Munhckins, I have been going through withdrawals not having your random asks in my inbox. I miss our lit conversations!😎😏🔥 @truluvproof is my new blog URL but I will always be your DEAN MUNCH and you guys will always be my MUNCHKINS!💕💋 Let’s keep this love and positivity going. If you love LOVE and sharing good vibes only follow me again, flood my asks and let’s continue our journey together. Sincerely, Nikki aka Dean Munch🎓 (When you follow me drop a 🎓 in my asks and I’ll follow the first 100 Munchkins who do. 😘)

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Hello! I’m Nicole and these are some printables I made! These are just pictures, so they aren’t the best quality on here.

The link to download/print them for free (noncommercial use) is here:  https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0Bz3i4KODEWprRGktUFoxTGJpOG8&usp=sharing

(btw on the study organizer printable, the “time” column symbolizes how long I’d estimate it’d take me to do that assignment. I like estimating so I can decide which assignments to do first & which ones to do last if they take the most time)

If you use my printables & like them, I’d really appreciate it if you take a picture and link my url/blog in your caption, or simply just mention me to your followers! I’m a new studyblr and I hope to connect with more studyblr’s as well :) 

Have a nice day everyone! 

(btw if anybody has suggestions as to how I can make the printables better/more convenient, feel free to send me a message on here and I will upload an updated version to Google Drive!)


it’s official, i’m switching blogs. i’ve been wanting to change for a while, but i finally set up my theme to do it. part of why i’m switching is because some of the people that follow me, so whether we’re mutuals or not send me an ask and i’ll let you know what my new url is. thank you so much for reading this, and i love all you guys. 


IT’S SHOW DAY ppl!! Bellarke will be gracing our screens tonight for the first time in forever yay 

Today has been pretty great, I only have one more final to take and one more essay to write before I’m done with school AND I got a lab position for this summer! The professor is super nice and we’re still working out the details but I’ll hopefully be shadowing/working at his lab June-August and I could’t be more excited because one of his projects is studying yeast cells and stressing them to mimic the biochemical and metabolic conditions that lead to the formation of cancer cells in humans so yeah I really hope this works out!

@stargirlclarke (took me forever to remember your new url lol) @earthbenderr @awhitelotus @missyriver @starsbellarke @clarkegryphus @bllarke @cupcakeblake @starkdelinquents @waverlyshavght  and whoever else that feels like joining and/or that I know I’m forgetting (let me know if y’all don’t wanna be tagged AND tag me in y’all selfies too!)

of course i made this blog while having a spring cold/flu rip me

anyway, hi! new whump/illness/injury/hurt/comfort blog here! mostly reblogs and lots of animation, but some live action as well. i’m currently deep into voltron hell

also i would like to mention some blogs that inspired me to finally make this blog ♥ @ya-nurse @taylor-tut @outtacommission @whumpdump @toosicktoocare @beloved-whumpage @ithadtobesneezing @bump-of-whump go follow these lovely people for great content! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚.  

* if there’s anyone i’ve mentioned in this post that wants to be taken off don’t hesitate to let me know!

Hello studyblr community! I finally got around to making this post after setting up my studyblr and getting into this whole craze but here I am! Hope to make some new friends here and that we can all motivate and inspire each other ;D

About me

  • My name is Tina (my nickname is Tuna hence this url)
  • I’m a Vietnamese girl living in Australia 
  • I like anime, k-pop, cooking random things, sports (I have a competitive spirit), anything dog related and photography!
  • Easily amused (esp from memes and stuff that just don’t make sense)
  • Undying love for nature and pretty scenery <333
  • I have a pet fighting fish called Leviathan

Current subjects I’m studying:

  • English
  • Maths Methods + Specialist
  • Chemistry
  • Japanese
  • CERT II in Creative Industry

Studyblrs that inspire me:

bookmrkcakestudies , focusign, intellectuslycheestudymiliastudiesmilkystudiesmochi-studies, moleskinestudiesmotivaytions, sprouht-studies, sootudyingsoymilkstudies, studyign studying-bluesstudykouffee, studyquillstudywithinspo and tbhstudying

if you’re a studyblr, please reblog this so I can check out new blogs and follow you c:

New Engineering Studyblr

Hello! I’ve finally decided to get out of my shell and introduce myself!

My name is Xochitl, pronounced sochi, and I decided to make this studyblr to motivate myself and others! And to also make new friends!

So please reblog so I can follow you and i can also find others! And if you want, you can follow back (: thank you.

Some things about myself are

  • I am first semester college student majoring in enginering, and also first generation college student.
  • My url comes from being indecisive between choosing mechanical or aerospace
  • I love to read
  • I love to learn new things having to do with math and science.
  • I want to transfer either to a local Uni or UC Davis
  • Classes that I am taking this semester are: Math 2 (Precalc&Trig), English 1a, and Counseling 5.
  • Classes that I am taking next semester: Communications (winter), Physics, Calc 3a, Enginnering 10 (Intro to Engineering), and English 1b.

I have always been pretty shy, so I feel like putting myself out there would help me get out of my shelf and make it easier for me to talk to others. So please do not feel afraid to talk to me! And I am also going to try to create my own posts of the things I learn in college, specifically community college, and my original pictures of bullet journals and notes.

And I also want to say that blogs that have convinced me into making my own studyblr are @caffeinatedcraziness @briellestudies @studyign @fiercelittlestudyblr @elkstudies @post–grad @hayley-studies @academla And so many more but I’ll never be able to finish! Thank you so much guys (:

New daily blog here !

Im super excited to finally open up this blog ! ive had the url saved for a while now, and I think I have the time and energy to actually put it to good use.

For more info on what I do
(and please read before requesting)-

Requests are now open ! Ill be posting a few things to give some examples of what I can make over the next few days. Though if you follow me on my main blog, @ninjaskueen, you might already know.

If I could get some boosts as well, that would be lovely :D

~ Jask


Hi everyone! So these past couple of weeks have been stressful, eventful and all round challenging. But a lot has happened so I thought I would update you guys :) 

1. I finally started my study youtube channel

2. Changed my URL and got my own domain!

3. Bought myself a new camera (possibly going to do some vlogging in the future?? :P ) 

4. So My birthday happened…yay?! I’m finally an adult hahaha responsibilities tho….urgh. I’m so grateful to have such amazing friends, who made my birthday so much fun and memorable. Also…can we appreciate their birthday presents?? Like those aren’t all of the things I got from them, but I wanted to show you guys how they literally fuel my addiction to cute stationery. One of my best friends is Japanese and her mom had bought all this cute stationery (and well my friend isn’t as obsessed as I am) and she told her mom that I LOVE Japanese stationery…lo and behold I GOT SUCH CUTE JAPANESE STATIONERY!!! What she didn’t know was that I had these things in my amazon shopping cart, only one click away from buying them myself :P So that was a lovely surprise. AND she also got me this adorable washi tape (I forgot to put it in the picture :/) and the print is of the Tokyo skyline and it’s soooo cute.

So yeah, that’s been the last few weeks of my life in a nutshell. I know that I haven’t been online too much and haven’t posted at all recently but I’ve had to deal with a lot of school stress and personal stuff and asdfghjkl I’m glad to be back!! 

OK GUYS! Here it is! This has been bugging me for years now, so it’s finally happening! My handle everywhere is Jawsum (or some form of it, like Jaw5um because some hooligan already took my handle *sobs* ) Ehem, anyway! I really don’t want to change the url on this one as it breaks all my old links. So what I’ll do, is to use my other tumblr: jawsum.tumblr.com which I took years ago. I’ll reblog art from this blog over to the new one, and leave this. 
WHICH MEANS! In the future, I will only post new art on @jawsum ! So please, consider giving me a follow there instead. I know this is really unwise as I’ll loose a lot of the few followers I have. But I want the same handle everywhere to avoid confusion. Sorry for the inconvenience! 

finally getting off my ass and making a shimadacest sideblog, theme icon and better url coming later…

anyways! hello hello, i’m not particularly new ‘round these parts but i’ve never really posted or reblogged anything shimadacest to my main cuz… yall know how people are :p could you like or reblog this post if you ship or support (or just don’t mind) shimadacest shippers, and don’t mind if minors (i’m 16) follow you? i remade my blog so i don’t have many folks to follow but i’m aware a lot of you are adults who aren’t too comfy around people my age so i’m putting out an open call for those of you who are! and if you’re not, take care :D ~

i’ll be following on my main blog that i’m not publically giving out but feel free to follow back here! thanks yall :-*

kingshanewest → shane-wests

new name! so thanks so much to @alliecamrons for this awesome url, I finally hit my first milestone of 500 followers and thought that I would change it. although I loved my previous one, a few people said they didn’t seem to get it (I don’t know why, maybe because I know what it said) but I am such shane trash that this url for me is just amazing. so thank you so much to everyone who has followed my blog so far and if you have any requests feel free to leave me an ask. and if you want to tag me in any edits of the fandoms you know I am in, feel free to! I am now tracking #usershanewests

Blog Updates

Hello everyone!

Finally, I have managed to revamp the blog. Now, we finally have a decent theme with a beautiful header that is designed by the lovely @emmaawatson. And we finally have a section for affiliates! And we’re looking for applicants!

Go here to apply and provide use with the following information:

  • URL: 
  • What your blog is about:
  • Why you want to be affiliated with us:

And let us know what you think of the new arrangement.



guys i know this isn’t a formatted post but i had my final assessment today for a new counsellor which was scary but also good. but i have almost finished my autistic oc that is now officially my smol child and i was wondering if anyone wanted the url and maybe LIKE this and i’ll send it to u. and we could plot or work out a thing idk.