i finally got to use this texture


We landed on the moon!?

From @ohhholly88 - Day twenty three: Recent make #marchmeetthemaker Here’s a little process shot of a wall piece I finished yesterday. Finally got to use the #hyperlapse feature that I missed out on a few days ago. 🙊 #ceramics #clay #carving #process #recentmake #craters #wallpiece #wallart #art #handmade #sculpture #texture #oddlysatisfying #astroart

#potterymaking #pottery #craft #cerámica #cerâmica #poterie #céramique #ceramica #керамика

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I can finally get all these brush settings out of the way so i can STOP getting asked the same quesTION OVER AND OVER :’^)

SO i put them all in one post-

with dumb doodles of me. hot dog!

“WHAT if i don’t have Sidewalk.bltmp?” - You can always use Noise or Fuzystatic to substitute for the brush i use, and Set the texture to Paper.

“Where can i find Brush / Texture Brushes at?” Can always look on Deviantart, they’ve got some there. An old ex friend of mine gave me SAI so idk where she got them, lmao.

Also here’s where i find them coolio brushes!


hope ya’ll like em, now go away.

anonymous asked:

Excuse me people were shitting on Crayola??? But that's the good shit!!!!!!! Coloring with colored pencils is nowhere near as relaxing as coloring with a big ol' box of Crayolas tbh. Even better if it's the one with the sharpener in the back

Well I mean, in this particular instance they were shitting on Crayola colored pencils, which are seriously my go-to for colored pencils if I’m not doing something fancy (like I would with Koh-i-noor or Prismacolor). But crayons?

Oh man. 

Don’t ever suggest crayons to one of these fanatics. Like they have OPINIONS about crayons because they are adults and how dare you suggest they use a material popular with children?

When I was in college, we had an encaustics class. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a type of painting that uses wax as a means for pigment and textures. I did not take this class, but the people who did told me all about it. High-quality encaustic materials are expensive, often you have to mix them yourselves, and it’s not a popular medium so the materials are hard to find if you’re in a pinch. 

The teacher suggested Crayola. It’s not the most archival material, but if you need a waxy substance with highly pigmented color- that is about as highly pigmented as you can get when your budget is $3 and you’ve got a final due at the end of the week. 

No one is allowed to talk shit about Crayola in my presence. 

That, and the smell of a fresh box of crayons? Stress-relieving. 

anonymous asked:

Hi, i see it your color palette meme and read the tutorial that you made, but I'm still kind of confuse. Can you do a tutorial to how to change the color? Like red to blue or green, purple ecc. I'll very grateful.

Of course, anon! I guess I’ll just show you how I colored a couple of different scenes. One is simpler and the other is a bit more complex, so I hope this tutorial covers everything!

These are the scenes I’m gonna be working with:

and these are the results:

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Disclaimer; This tutorial is under the assumption you know how to/have the following:
- Use S4S
- Export textures with S4S
- Have the DDS plugin installed
- And have some kind of photo editing software

If you are starting out recoloring with no clue how to start, please message me! I’m more than happy to help you in any way! But, this tutorial was made for people with the knowledge of recoloring who’d like to try a different technique.

The rest of the info/tutorial is under the cut!

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First practice / drawing using JP like brushes and following a Feudal Japanese painting style, but with fat dogs because fuck it. Well, I gotta admit this was a lot more challenging tan expected, mostly because the color and ink themselves weren’t conveincing enough for a feudal japan illustration, so I had to mess around filters and textures to get the final result you’re seeing now. Hope to make more like these to improve this art style and soon make some fanart in this style.

Send me a feedback about what I got right / wrong in the brush use, color scheme and stuff, so I can improve on it.

Happy Easter Birthday day thing!

It’s Easter Sunday and my birthday! So not only will the chocolate be on sale tomorrow but I got a drawing tablet so I can finally stop having to use a mouse to draw! I just have to figure out how everything works…

it also comes with an art pack which I’m very curious in using, apparently it tries to get as close to using actual paints and textures on the canvas as possible, which is fairly different to my style of solid colour and cartoons but I’m curious to find out what its like to use and I might even change up my art style and colouring techniques because of this! And I’m sure the story arc will be great at this since I already know what I want the end outcome to look like, I’ll just need to try different things to get there which I’m sure will be fun!

I’ll keep you guys posted in how things turn out! I think I’m going to just play around with the different brushes and settings for a while.

I hope you have a Happy Easter for those who celebrate it!

manip tutorial.

hey guys so i’ve gotten a couple of messages about how i make my manips. the process is fairly simple but basic photoshop skills are required. i hope i did well in explaining how i do this. if not, feel free to message me with any questions or concerns. also, don’t expect to be a master at manips at your first shot of doing them. it takes time to really get a hang of it. heck, it took me a long while to get used to it. so, anyway, let’s get to it.

here’s an example:

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Uh oh

So Milo has decreased in his eating, and is noticeably thinner already. I got worried but couldn’t figure out what was wrong.
Yesterday morning he was throwing up, not food but stomach acid, and then he finally threw up bits of string. he’s somehow scavenging thread and string from people’s clothes and the carpet and eating it??

I know he chews or the carpet due to boredom but I don’t know how to properly entertain him? he has several toys of different textures but gets tired of them very quickly and moves on to carpet.

I don’t know how to approach this and could really use some advice.

Ken ga Kimi sketches from the limited edition booklet! Not sure if anyone scanned these yet but I thought it would be useful for those wanted to make fanart or just something nice to look at. stares at saneaki If you want the full size just send me a message because Tumblr is bound to resize these. orz

So this tutorial was requested anonymously, mainly for the moving texture effect in my Everybody’s Watching character graphic psd, but I thought I’d extend it to moving text as well, because it’s practically the same. Requires a basic knowledge of Photoshop and Gif making, but also quite a lot of patience. I made this graphics in Photoshop CS6 on a Windows, sorry Mac users, I’m sure most is that same/translates over. As always, should you have any further questions, my ask box is always open!

If you take my work and redistribute it as your own, even with changes, I will hunt you down and feed you to a kangaroo (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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Mae Borowski

Finally got around to rendering this. Tried my hand at not using the blender brush for this one. I liked how the texture turned out so I might do more of this style of digital painting for future pieces.

Supergirl’s costume is great and I’m a huge fucking nerd

HEY THERE FOLKS haven’t written an actual post on here in forever but I need to share an instance of me being unforgivably and accidentally nerdy.  Here. we. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

So, Supergirl is currently one of my favorite tv shows ever and I’m in hell until Season 2 comes out.  A bit back, me and a friend made plans to cosplay CBS versions of Supergirl and Superboy for Katsu 2017 or something.  I was gonna design a Superboy suit that was based primarily on his early-2000s outfit pictured below:

It’s goddamned HIDEOUS and also my favorite outfit Superboy has ever worn.  So I brain-stormed a few ideas with terrible doodles and my inability to draw, and pretty quickly finalized a design using a blank “superhero body template” I found on google and MS Paint.  BEHOLD.

Okay cool, I’ve got a really cheesy design that I like and will be really fun to make when it comes time (I even snuck super-undies into there!).  But, I wanna go a step further and get custom spandex printed to match the texture patterns of the Supergirl suit.  Yeah it’ll cost extra but I love the Superkids so it’ll be worth it.

Now before I go further, I need to point something out.  Look at the red sections at the top of the Superboy design, front and back.  Notice anything about their shape?

No?  How about….NOW.


But anyway, that was deliberate nerdy-ness, I intended that.  But then I found the hi def image.

Okay cool let’s focus on just the suit.

Hey wait…what’s with those weird circles or whatever on her skirt?

Wait no those can’t be…


mikerea  asked:

Hi, just wanted to say I'm so impressed with your digital paintings of sportsplayers, the composition and energy in the images are incredible. I've not seen such striking paintings since the illustration heyday of Bernie Fuchs, Andy Virgil, Brian Sanders etc. Would you mind if I ask how you got that glazed, semi-opaque look? I've been trying to recreate that 60s texture for years now and you're the only person I've found who's done it! :) Thanks for your time and the great images. - Mike

Hi mike! Thanks so much for your kind words! I really appreciate it! I’ve been experimenting for a long time and finally came across Kyle Webster’s photoshop brushes. They’re pretty amazing. I use his palette knife brushes primarily. Let me know if that helps in your quest. And happy to answer any other questions you might have….


Admision + Finals

4th pic of the Ereri uni au[1] [2] [3].

Eren had his finals already so now he’s taking the admission test for university. Levi’s still in his finals’ week.

I originally intended to draw this like 3 weeks ago but I got pretty busy with my finals and projects so this is not on time at all haha.


DIY All-Natural Whipped Shea Butter

It was time to make more of my homemade shea butter mix. Whipped shea butter is my number one staple product in keeping my thick, coarse hair very moisturised and I also use it to keep my skin super soft and supple. I’ve been asked quite a few times on here about what that mix consists of, so I finally got around to it and share it! I also decided to try the ivory shea butter as opposed to the yellow variety this time. I have found that the ivory shea butter is a lot less greasier than the yellow, and it is much, much less grainier. This was also my best shea butter mix by far. The texture is smooth and creamy, with a thick consistency–like cake batter. I love it!


  1. 1 cup raw unrefined ivory shea butter
  2. ¼ cup organic extra virgin coconut oil 
  3. 1 tsp of avocado oil 
  4. 1 tsp extra virgin olive oil
  5. ½ tsp jojoba oil 
  6. ½ tbsp castor oil
  7. 7-10 drops of rosemary essential oil
  8. 7-10 of tangerine, vanilla, grapeuit essential oil (for scent, optional. Rosemary oil is actually very nicely scented on its own). 

Tip: If you do not have an electric mixer, you can whip the shea butter manually with a spoon or a hand mixer–but the key thing about this is that you must make sure that both the coconut oil and the shea butter are at room temperature (ie. shea butter feels soft, coconut oil is somewhat melted) to make mixing everything easier. 

I hope that helps!