i finally got the dvds

On my beloved Bones

This is the heart of the matter.

When I was fifteen years old I caught a portion of a creepy looking tv show I wasn’t supposed to be watching. A disembodied foot fell from an elevator shaft, and these beautiful people were investigating it, and I was fascinated until my mom made me turn it off. Then, weeks later, I stumbled across another episode, the season four finale of Bones. And the rest is history.
I got the DVDs of the first four seasons from the library as soon as I could, and quickly even my parents and sister started watching with me. Bones has been my favorite show for eight years, from age 15 to 22, and I don’t know who I would be without it.
When Angela Montenegro got a girlfriend in season four, I learned with a flicker of familiarity and strangeness that you could like more than one gender. All these years later, I’m an out and proud bisexual woman who owes Angela’s character so much.
When I was a lonely teenager with low self esteem and severe social anxiety, the smart, bookish, quiet kid who didn’t seem to fit anywhere, I saw myself in Dr. Temperance Brennan. I saw her, this deeply lonely and socially awkward woman who believed she would be on her own forever. And I watched her open her heart, slowly but surely, and realize that she had a group of friends who loved her all along. She made her own family, found her own love, and never sacrificed her proud, intelligent, slightly awkward, survivor of a self. She is loved for exactly who she is, and I needed to know that was possible. I needed her so much. I love Temperance Brennan with all my heart.
I love the squinterns. And I love Caroline Julian and Lance Sweets and Zack Addy and Arastoo Vaziri and James Aubrey. I love Cam Saroyan, beautiful wise Cam. I love nerdy, angry, bristly, joyful bug guy Hodgins. I love Angela and her open heart and artist’s soul. I love the deeply layered, deeply human, deeply good man that is Seeley Booth. And I will never stop loving Dr. Temperance Brennan, who taught me hope.
I haven’t always been super active in the fandom, but I have loved sharing this show with all of you, and I thank you so much.
There really is more than one kind of family, and that beautiful, beautiful finale- I couldn’t ask for a more perfect send-off for the show that’s been my fictional TV family for so long. I cried my eyes out, because it was so very good. Because that was the end of Booth and Brennan, the most beautiful TV love story I’ve seen. Because everything happens eventually, and I got to see this story happen, and I get to keep it with me always. And I’m so grateful.

447. Forever.

“One of my best memories of childhood is going to the vídeo store and renting the Peter Pan and The Three Caballeros tapes. I was so sad my dad never could afford these VHS tapes, but I got really glad when I finally bought the DVDs! I still watch these movies sometimes, at age 19, and I can’t help but feel like I’m 4-5 years old again and cry and grin at the same time.”

Just watched the DVD I bought a week ago. Thought I should point this out. 

Looooook! Everybody’s like ‘What, Po, you love this stuff, how could you?!’ 

And Tigress is just like ‘He’s been wanting to play with this shit for years, I’m just disappointed that he gave in.’

So, after buying the DVD the day it came out I finally got around to watching it and it was awesome! Plus I get to pause and screencap, which made me notice a few things:

-Po had posters of every member of the Five but Tigress in his old room at the noodle shop. He has a couple of posters of all of them together but none of Tigress specifically. He also still has his figurines lined up on his windowsill, which – with all of the figurines that were being used by other people in the shorts and other films – makes me believe that he probably made a few sets of those action figures.

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I finally got the DVD!!! (≧∇≦) It comes with a bag (the thing on the left of the first picture)

Since there are people asking about where I got it and the price, I will just answer everything here.

I got it from the Japanese Amazon (I live in Japan), and it was 5,500 yen. On the Japanese Amazon, you can find the yuri on ice DVD in two different prices, 5,500 yen and 7,020 yen. The 7,020 yen one gives you a yuri on ice manga and other gifts if you order all six volumes.