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Could you pretty please do some smut? Maybe in which harry sees on snapchat that Y/N basically ate an entire bag of frozen pineapple in one sitting and decided he needed to take advantage of how sweet she'd taste after

I legit squeal when I see a request, thank you so much for this. 

And honestly, you guys come up with such diverse and distinct idea, and Im all here like: Could I have ever thought of that? haha

Here you go, dearie. Hope you like it!

#14: Tastes Like Mine**


It’s inevitable to stop Harry once he’s made up his mind. No matter how much you argue, how much you cry or whine, he stands numb to all the air like an iron pole.

So when today he had decided that he’s having a ‘boys’ day out’ with his friends, Y/N’s utter pleas and frowns could not at all change his mind.

They stand side by side at the dresser; Harry looking at himself in the mirror, Y/N looking at him. The intensity of her piercing eyes finally had Harry turning to her with a questioning look.

“What?” He belts his watch on his wrist.

“You seriously aren’t doing this to me, are you?”

“What?” He drawls, offended. “I’m just gonna go chillin’ and killin’ the summer. What’s troubling you?”

“I wanted us today!” Y/N whines, slapping her hands against her sides.

Harry grins. “You get enough, let the others taste some.” Winking, he leans to her face.

“What?!” Y/N yells, baffled. “You-“ She’s slapped the side of his arm a multiple times before he grabs her wrist, pulling her towards him and spinning on his feet to bring her against the dresser. Holding her wrists down against the wood, he leans to her lips, puckering to give her a sweet kiss.

“What if I tell you I want you?” Y/N says in a low tone. “What if I’m feeling extremely needy today, I allow you to tie me up, and..you’re liking that ass slapping thing lately, aren’t you? C’mon do it.” She wraps her fingers around his wrists from under his hold, and tries to shift them over her.

Harry chuckles, shaking his head. “What’s gotten into you, huh?” He grabs her behind as she urges, tugging her to his chest. “C’mon, let me give it to you quick.”

“No.” Y/N pauses, pushing at his chest as he locates her to the bed. “I want you all day, and then at night again.”

Harry sighs, kissing her lips. “Y/N, don’t do this. I have to go..” He says, sounding low.

Cupping his cheeks in her hands, she kisses him to her greed, lapping lips over one another, digging her nose on the inside of his cheeks, brushing his jaw with the pad of her thumb while her other hand pulls his hip to her. Harry pauses into the kiss, opening his eyes as he feels her hand hover above the front of his jeans. He hurriedly tugs her away, wrapping them behind her, and finally planting another peck, he pulls away from her.

“I’m comin’ for you tonight, baby. Love ya.” And, he’s out of the door.


Harry’s sitting in Michael’s office, and the rest of the boys and Michael sit at the same table in a circle. After going about seeing places and visiting his friend’s latest plot where he’s constructing, all the guys relaxed under the air conditioner of the office after the sunny day with beer bottles before them.

They’re mingling together with playful talks, cussing about freely and loud. Harry joins in at times, adding words here and there, and all have a good time. It’s four, and their lunch arrives. They sitting in the same pattern, poking at their plates and continuing their left conversation.

Harry pulls out his phone, amidst, scrolling through his Insta feed before clicking on the Snapchat icon. He scrolls through any texts if there is, then switches to looking at the stories, Y/N’s icon bubbling at the top.

Looking around, he bites his lower lip in anticipation, clicking on the icon, and there she’s posted a picture of her in bed, hair all messy atop and expressions somber. It’s a modest pic, but of course her face has something bothering Harry. He bites down on his lips harder.

He waits till the story automatically is switched to the other, staring at her face for long enough to feel a thickening pressure build in his gut. The second story of hers comes up, and it’s of her sitting on the couch with a bowl full of pineapple slices on her lap, captioning: I’m a freak when it comes to eating.

The last one shows up: Anywayy..pineapple love<3

Harry’s cheeks hollow; he’s suppressing a smirk build up on his face as he returns back to her stories, clicking on the one with the pineapples and sending it to her saying : I’d like some taste too.

He rests his phone back on the table, slowly biting down on his meal, when his phone dings.

Come and get it.

“Guys, are we wrapping it up then?”


Harry twists the key into the lock, swinging the door open. He does a quick search in the house, finding Y/N seated at the entertainment room, tuning into some television, her back to him. Quirking his lips up, he takes his boots off at the door, taking slow steps to her.

“Been a good girl, I see.” He says, reaching and hitting his legs on the back rest of the long couch, slowly bending down to her ear and kissing the shell. His hands place on her shoulders, sliding down slowly to her chest. “Had your pineapples right, huh?”

“Not for you.” Y/N flats out, hiding the quivering tone she gets from his touch.

“Ah, I see.” His hands slide further, hovering above her supple breasts for a moment before stopping mid air, and he stands to his height. He walks round to sit on the couch, pulling at her feet sprawled, onto his lap.

He pulls her some more; she slides to him till her legs dangle off his lap and her body is pressed close to his side. His lips pull her close, kissing at hers. They slowly glaze down her face, onto her neck.

“Harry, we can’t”

He groans in reply, biting down on her sweet spot.

“Y/N! Where do you keep the butter?” Comes a feminine voice from outside, and Harry’s heads shots up to give Y/N a confused look.

“I’m coming, Alexa!” She smirks, victoriously, untangling herself from his hold and walks away, leaving behind a stunned Harry on the couch.

Y/N and Alexa walk back to the room few moments later, Alexa smiling at Harry, who’s found his place in the single chair. Dropping the popcorn bowl on the table, Alexa shares a quick hug with Harry, then settles on the long couch with Y/N.

“When’d you come here?” Harry asks, tone monotonous.

“Been quite hours, I guess. It’s our second bowl of popcorn.” Alexa smiles back at Y/N. Harry nods, shifting his eyes on the screen.

The girls sit watching the movie Harry despises and he’s forced to leave the room, but of course he has a death glare pointed in Y/N’s direction as he passes by.

Alexa leaves after quite a long time; she’s extremely talkative, and even after the movie got over two hours before, she stayed back to give her points on the movie and go about gossiping for a good hour.

Y/N creeps into the room, peeping in to see Harry sprawled on his side of the bed, eyes closed, breathing calm.

“Baby’s asleep?” She murmurs, climbing onto their bed and nearing his back. She runs a hand through the length of his spine, leaning down to kiss the base of his neck and behind his shoulders.

A vicious laugh goes by, and suddenly Harry turns around, jumping over her and pinning her down on the mattress with his body atop.

“Fuck you!” He says to her face, pressing himself down on her.

“What? I was just having a good time.” She says in a casual tone, and that has Harry doubling over his frustration.

“I know you did it on purpose!” He rasps, tugging her wrists over her head. His face and attempt at being all dominant has Y/N laughing underneath him.

“Harry, let me go.” She chuckles, shaking her head at him.

His eyes narrow. “You wanted to be tied up, didn’t you? Let’s do it.”

Her eyes widen. Harry lets go of her held arms, sits down on her hips as he extends to the side table to bring in a hand a tie.

Y/N hides her hands, pulling them behind her as she squeals. “No, you bugger! Don’t!”

“Ah, I’ve had enough of it. Show me your hands!” He demands. When she doesn’t comply, he holds the tie in between his teeth, and tugs at her forearms, bringing her wrists before him and hastily tying them up. Through with this, he gives her a grin.

“Hm, now, now.” He muses. “Look at you.”

“Harry.” She whimpers. “C’mon, open this up. I shouldn’t be the one getting punished, you should be!”

“This’s not a punishment. You wanted it, so I’m giving it to you.” He shrugs his shoulders. He presses on her between her thighs, earning a moan.

“I need more, give me that.” Y/N speaks through her shuddering state.

“Like what?” Harry trails down from her hip, slowing bucking away and sitting between her spread legs, on the bed. “Hm? Tell me?” He trails his both hands on her each leg, staring from her ankle to her knee. With a push, he urges her knees up in the air, legs folded.

“You wanted a taste? Touch it, taste it.” Y/N urges, now in pain.

Harry snickers, taking his lower lip between his fingers as he eyes her cloth covered center. “D’ya want it?”

Y/N pinches her eyes. He’s totally testing her patience. “Fuck, yes, yes, I want it. I want you in between my legs, baby. Do it.” She moans.

“Fuck, that’s it.”

Harry leans forward, clutching the back of her calves with his hands as his lips kiss on her inner thighs. He trails close to her center, sucking on her supple, smooth skin, bumping his nose on her covered clit. Hearing her gasp, and then shoot her hands down into his hair, Harry loses control, hurriedly pulling down her panties and throwing them off behind him.

He ducks low, pressing his lips flat on her skin, bringing his fingers to separate her folds. His tongue reaches out to her wetness; Y/N legs shivering from the contact. Harry winds his arms around her thighs, holding them in place as starts his tongue to move over her sweet juices.

She’s dripping, and he, gratified, takes them all, sucking on her core for more.

“So sweet, my baby.” He moans, her fingers clutching harder on his hair. “Gimme some more, c’mon.”

Harry sucks over the sensitive skin, puckering his lips and making sounds of his lips smacking against her, that has her lolling and head spinning, gut tightening and pressure building inside her.

“Harry.” She groans through her hoarse voice, and Harry knows she’s close. So he goes faster, torturous, relentless on her, not sparing another moment for her feel.

With a last tight tug at his roots, she’s coming undone, slipping all for him. He brings his finger against her, collecting her wetness in one. Climbing on top of her, he brings it to her lips. Y/N opens up, sucking his middle finger in her mouth, and having an unintentional moan slip from her throat. He pulls out of her mouth, replacing his lips on top as he rolls his tongue in her mouth, letting her suck at the muscle.

“Taste so good, my sweet baby.” Harry coos, kissing her on the mouth again.

Y/N smiles, timid, biting on her lip as their eyes meet.

“Describe in three words how I taste.” She counters him, tied hands moving down between them, palming him through his boxer briefs.

Harry lets out a shaky breath, his eyes fluttering at her touch. He gulps, looking back at her. “You taste- taste like revival, essential.” He kisses her mouth, eyes glassy. “Tastes like mine.”


how to make artsy geometric aesthetic thingies

today imma show u guys how to make these kinds of backgrounds

okay so ur gonna need two apps for this: Pixlr and Toolwiz (i provided the links there, well for android users anyway, sry if ur on something else)

imma put this on a read more bc this is gonna be kind of long and I’m a Mess

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Can I request a date to the zoo with Minghao? I'm 5"2 have dyed blue/black hair and I'm just super in love with animals and our cutie pie Xu Minghao 😍

A Date with Svt: Minghao at the Zoo

  • so thughao
  • I mean Minghao
  • seems pretty chill most of the times
  • like
  • you can rely on minghao to call you out on your bs
  • and be forward about stuff
  • surprisingly hella good at giving the others advice too
  • they’ll be complaining about something and minghao says one sentence
  • and they’re KO-ed
  • legit savagery and wisdom in this skinny boi package
  • but Minghao isn’t chill about you
  • not
  • at
  • all
  • legit goes crazy and giggles when texting you
  • sitting upside down on the couch smiling like crazy on his phone
  • bc it’s you
  • his heart can’t be calm
  • and Mingyu and Jun would be looking over him
  • “Why’s he upside down?”
  • “Is he texting y/n again?”
  • “I’m not upside down you both are upside.” Minghao says without looking up from his phone
  • honestly is hecka whipped about you
  • honestly just loves you so so much
  • like when he’s feeling down
  • would scroll through pictures he’s taken in his camera roll
  • there’s so much aesthetics
  • but the best visuals are his pictures with you
  • the very artistic selcas
  • him making you model for him whenever and wherever
  • just so he can look back on this pic you two took at the park once
  • because you have the most beautiful smile on your face
  • the sun shining through the leaves of the tree standing over the two of you
  • him wearing sunglasses (you know the thughao shades wink wink)
  • the shadows from the leaves leaving tiny dots of light fleckled across your hair
  • he loves this picture
  • the way the light made your hair look a bunch o different shades of blue
  • and your smile of course
  • and him smiling fondly at you in the pic
  • it warms his heart every time
  • he wants to spend his day-off with you
  • and according to everyone else
  • he had been planning something for a while
  • at least that’s what they hinted at when you asked where he was
  • imagine your surprise when you and him walked up to the zoo
  • it’s colorful sign with animal shapes
  • and your hand in his as your eyes widened
  • “Minghao!” You’d scream
  • throwing your arms around him for a hug
  • and him being hecka happy
  • happy that he got to spend the day with you and that you were happy
  • smiling ear to ear
  • playfully ruffling your hair and pulling you past the welcome gates
  • honestly first stop is those cutouts of animals standing by the entrance
  • ya know
  • the ones were you put your face in the hole and it looks like you’re a lion
  • and he’d take so many photos
  • legit
  • the little kids find him funny when he goes over
  • to the cutout of a toucan and just looks really silly
  • makes silly faces to make all the kids laugh
  • and asks you to take pictures of him
  • and honestly just A+ bf material
  • taking his time with all the cute kids
  • and then pulling you right next to him
  • to take a selca
  • and off to the different animal exhibits
  • trying to learn all the scientific names of the animals
  • grabbing flyers and more info sheets from everywhere
  • you laughing at just how fascinated he is with the info
  • him reading facts out
  • and asking
  • “Woah is this true???”
  • taking so many pictures
  • that phone storage gonna be difficult later
  • making random strangers take photos of the two of you every five feet
  • and then insisting on taking like fifty photos of the tiger’s back
  • or the butterfly that landed on the bush next to where you were sitting
  • but still never letting go of your hand
  • unless it was to buy snacks of course lol
  • popcorn and ice cream cones yeeeees
  • and then he’d sit with you on a bench
  • and you’d both just gently nudge each other with your shoulders
  • as you watched the people pass by
  • and watch the birds fly overhead
  • or the squirrels in the tree
  • or the anteater licking at it’s lunch
  • “Thanks for taking care of the ants, you worked hard today.”
  • “Minghao why are you talking to the anteater?”
  • “Because I can.”
  • honestly nothing softer than when you both head to the petting zoo
  • legit this small goat
  • tiny af
  • keeps following him around
  • and you’re giggling
  • bc no matter where Minghao goes, he’s being followed by this goat
  • until he just gives up
  • and picks it up in is arms
  • and carries it around while you laugh and snap photos of him
  • “Don’t send those photos to Mingyu or I swear y/n…”
  • low key loves the soft little guy in his arms though
  • but Minghao loves you more
  • loves watching you talk to the other little kids in the petting zoo area
  • and the way all the bunnies don’t run from you
  • but gather round as you pass out carrots
  • still holding the baby goat in his arms
  • “Isn’t she so beautiful?” he says absent mindedly
  • the goat just bleats bc Minghao, goats don’t speak human
  • and when he finally puts the goat down
  • takes you in his arms
  • just straight up hugging in the middle of the pen
  • “Minghao…” giggles
  • “Let’s go to the gift shop!”
  • buys you bunny ears
  • and you buy him goat ears
  • and you both wear it for a new round of selcas
  • too cute toooooo cute
  • and as you’re finally leaving the zoo for the day
  • he’s still wearing the goat ear headband
  • and you’re still wearing the bunny ears
  • and everyone looks at you two funny when you get back to the dorms
  • but you’re both so cute
  • no one says anything

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MASTERLIST (where the other dates scenarios can be found)


Title: Accidentally

Fandom: Star Trek AOS

Relationship: McKirk

Warnings: swearing, talk of genitalia, regrets of drinking and nostalgia games, bad decisions, (modern au)

Prompt: THIS!!!!! [with a few small alterations] A huge thank you to @auduna-druitt for helping me find that! 

A/N: *slides in minutes before closing time and slaps this down* Okay, so this is my contribution for @outside-the-government‘s brainchild, Trek Fest 2017!! I was wracking my brain, trying to figure out just what the hell I was going to do for Bones’ week. I’m still working on something for Spock (I hit a snag :( ) and I didn’t want to miss another week so I resorted to seeing if I had anything saved in my drafts. Then I found this little beauty, partially finished, that I had started back around February??? So I thought, why not use this? :D

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Gif Credit: [x]

Niall was with his LA crew and things were getting a bit rowdy. The liquor never really stopped pouring. The girls came and went, but he wasn’t focused on them. He was having one of the best nights of his life with some of his best friends (that weren’t his boys of course. Louis, Harry, and Liam had his whole heart).  

The bar was announcing final call and the lads all took one more shot before stumbling out of the club and into the street. “We need ta go to da parkin garage!” Niall slurred and leaned heavily on Deo (who was leaning on Niall just as heavily).

Willie came up on the other side of Niall, “We need ta get McD’s.” He huffed as the others come around as they stumble their way to the car park.

“Fuck, I need ta piss.” Niall breaks away from his cousins, tripping over himself as he starts towards the corner. He’d piss real quick, get going.

What he wasn’t anticipating was the cop going through and checking the parking tickets in windshields.

Niall’s dick was out when the cop rounded the corner.

“What are you doing?” The cop frowned, walking closer.

Niall curses and tries to stop, but he was mid-stream and there was no way in hell he could just stop.

“Are you-are you urinating?” The cop sighed, “Finish up, hands on your head.”

Niall cussed and shook before putting his dick back into his pants, he stumbled as he turns.

“How much have you had to drink tonight, sir?” The cop came up and pulled his cuffs off of his belt.

“Uh…” Niall looks at his cousins and the rest of his friends howling and piling into the SUV that pulled up. But the SUV waited, even though all the guys new what was going to happen.

Public indecency and public intoxication.

Niall was in cuffs and heading toward the police car. He tried to blink back his tears of embarrassment and some of slight fear.

American jail.


Niall was sitting in a cell by himself and had to wait until his piss test came back.

“You’re clean, Horan.” The cop looked into the cell. “You can have your one phone call.” He waited for Niall to put his hands into the slot to have the cuffs put on.

He had his personal belongings taken from him except his clothes—thank god. He knew he’d look like shit in the stupid stripes.

“Can I make long distance?” He asked, reciting the numbers in his head.


He did the math and it had to be close to noon England time and he was praying Louis would be awake. The cop cuffed him to the desk so Niall has a hand to dial. He punched the digits into the phone and prays that Louis answers. He needed the stupid Englishman to answer the bloody phone.

“‘Ello?” The sleepy voice came from the other end of the line.

“Praise Jesus.” Niall breathed out, head still fuzzy. “Lou… I need you to bail me out. I’m in jail.”

There is silence on the other end of the line. “Jail? American jail? Niall are you fucking around with me, you sound pissed.” He yawned, starting to sound irritated.

“Louis, its me. Niall, your mate. In jail. Bail me out please.” Niall huffed out and rubbed his forehead.

Another moment of silence before Louis bursted out howling on the other line. “Niall the CHURCH BOY is in JAIL. AMERICAN JAIL! For WHAT?!”

Niall pinches the bridge of his nose. “Public indecency and intoxication. I was pissing in a car park.” He mumbled and flushed.

More howling laughter from Louis, he takes a couple breaths before speaking again, “Well mate, I’m in Donnie right now. But I’m sending an envelope with the uber driver.”

“You’re ordering me an uber?” Niall asked a bit dumbfounded.

Louis thumbed through his phone, “Yeah his name is Jake.” He muttered to himself. “He’s stopping by a friends house to pick up the cash. Is $6,000 enough? I think it is. I’m going to have to tip this guy so well.” He sighed.

Niall felt relief but also a bit of uncertainty. An uber driver?

“All right. Jake the uber driver will be there in about 15 after the cash pick up. Good luck—oh for gods sake Jake! He took a wrong turn. He’ll be there in thirty.”

“Thanks Lou, I seriously appreciate it. I will obviously pay you back—“

“Nah mate, it’s all good. I know you’d do the same for me.” There was a smile in Louis’ voice. “But do not puke in that fucking care, Neil! I just got my reputation back up to three after that sunroof flashing incident from last year.”

Niall snorted, remembering the pap pictures that were everywhere and how often Louis bitched nobody would pic him up because of it. “Don’t worry. I won’t do you wrong, mate. Star pupil and all that.” Niall leaned back. “Thanks again. I’ll come round next time you’re in LA and have Freddie. I’ll text ya when I’m free.”

Louis laughed and shrugged. “I’m going back to sleep. Best of luck and remember, no puking!”

“Love ya.” Niall sighed and shook his head.

“You too, mate. Bye.” Louis clicked off and Niall hung up.

“My bail will be here in about 30.” Niall nodded to the cop. 

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Times Have Changed

Chapter One: Coming Back

She’d avoided the topic for three years. Visiting. She’d refused to let her work take her anywhere near there, near him and his home. But her cousin pleaded and asked again and again, where on about the hundredth time she finally relented. Fine, she’d go to see him, her cousin that is. Hang out with him, watch a couple interviews they were due on before break. And spend time with her cousin. That was what was important right?

The thing that made her nervous was they had yet to buy a return ticket. To return home to her real life. Mainly because she felt bad bringing it up to him when he’d been so excited for her visit. Obviously it was something they’d talk about later.

She was staring at the screen in front of her, nerves knotting in her as the little electronic plane moved closer and closer to the destination.

She was anxious, biting her lip against the bile rising in her throat. jumping when she felt a hand tap her shoulder, a cool voice asking “miss would you like something to drink?” Turning she smiled as she saw the flight attendant “can I please get just a glass of champagne?” The flight attendant nodded before bringing it back to her moments later, a thank you leaving her lips as the attendant nodded.

As she left, her gaze turned back to the screen seeing the flight time left ‘20 minutes’ damn. She gulped down the champagne, feeling a little unsteady. Why did she agree to this again? She had nothing left there. She had left. Left everyone behind and didn’t look back. Everyone probably hated her.

When she left Harry she regretfully left everyone else, their mutual friends, her friends she had there, the boys. Everyone. She knew too that just because you break up with someone didn’t mean you had to break up, so to speak, with everyone.

In her defense she texted and called, when she could. It was a lame excuse at best but she did try.

The way they left things was messy and complicated but they kept it as best under wraps as they could.

Under wraps from the paps and the media and the fans, from both of their side. Harry’s management managed to wipe the questions clean of anything that had to do with you. While her management didn’t have that, but she handled things best she could, due to emotional wounds torn wide open. Telling them they had ended things on best terms and they were both really close still. A blatant lie but alas how it went.

Still, she was there to see her cousin, that’s all that mattered, didn’t it?

She smiled politely as the flight attendant asked if she needed a refill, she really didn’t, one should do it considering she was a bit of a light weight, but then something caught her eye. A girls t-shirt, the boys faces printed across it along with their name “One Direction.”

She felt the nerves choking her and nodded, eyes flickering back to the flight attendant “actually you know what? I’d love one.” She nodded and smiled, thanking her.


Twenty minutes later she was walking through the busy airport, a small smile on her face, alcohol buzzing warmly in her system as the accents buzzed around her. It was familiar. After years of bouncing back and fourth from LA to London and back, it felt almost like a second home at this point.

She pulled out her phone, listening to the dial tone until it picked up “Hello?” She smiled hearing her cousins voice on the opposite end of the line, voice caught in a mess of accents and loud beeps from the airport around him. “Liam where are you? I just got off the plane.”

She sighed hearing jumbled voices, recognizing a loud Irish accent and a thick brooming accent. Her eyes widened in horror before she closed her eyes. It was just like her cousin to bring a whole welcome parade with him, she loved him dearly but she wanted to keep it on the low. And bringing one part of One Direction with him wasn’t discreet, let along the fact they loved to tease her relentlessly.

“where are you?” She tried again, hearing his voice clearer, she smiled as she heard him say “look to your left.” Furrowing her brows she began “Li-” “shit, other left, my bad.” Giggling she said “was gonna say, unless you’ve become a mom who breastfeeds while I was gone..” she turned, smiling as she saw Liam, his arms open after pocketing his phone. She walked quickly to him, smiling as he enveloped her in his arms “good to see you.” Muffled into her hair.

She smiled, she’d missed him terribly, the pair of them always having been the closest out of all the cousins. “Alrigh’ lemme have a look at you!” Pulling her away apruptly, she frowned as he cupped her face, grabbing at her cheeks like his mom used to do to her growing up. He made a show of quizzically looking over her face before smiling, “still as precious as ever!”

She rolled her eyes swatting his hands away making him laugh. “You’re a right mom you know that?” He laughed wrapping his arm around her shoulders saying in a “Ta-Da!” Sort of way, “I’ve brought some guests..” turning them around she couldn’t help but laugh, coming face to face with Louis and Niall, holding a sign that read “Welcome Back y/n!!”

She smiled, “guys!!” Louis was the first to squash her in a hug, mussing her hair with a remark of “pain in the arse.” Making her smile as she grabbed the sign “and who’s handy works this?” Louis smiled, arm wrapped round her shoulder “s'all me.” She hummed between laughter “I’m sure, always so humble.”

She giggled before saying “it’s good to see you again.” He nodded and she groaned, feeling a bone crushing hug, lift her off the floor. She squealed in surprise “Niall!!” He laughed, letting her feet touch the ground before saying “nice to have ya back dear.” She smiled, “it’s good to be back.”


After waiting ages for the luggage carousel, they had finally got all of the suitcases loaded and were out the door, security keeping a close eye on her, as well as the boys. They were pushing through security when a shorter pip squeak of a pap flashed his camera in Y/n’s face, snapping a quick, quite unflattering shot.

She had blinked and heard Louis’s voice, wrapped up in his accent “hey mate why don’ ya jus’ go on your way, she’s here to visit family. S'not polite, can ya?” The mans response was to snap a pic of Louis, making him shut his eyes “lovely.” Y/n laughed, arm in arm with Liam.

Getting closer to the car that’s when they made a run for it, Louis and y/n heading for the car, y/n shoving him, while he shoved her back. That was the thing. In England with the boys she wasn’t 'y/n the star of that mega popular TV show’ she was just y/n. And that she was thankful for. Most days. But Louis and the boys took no prisoners and teased her till she was bright pink in the face.

Hitting the car door with their hands, they glared at each other, a round of “I got here before you!” Leaving their lips before y/n turned to Liam “Liam tell him he should let the guest have the front seat, it’s only polite.” Louis sneered “tell her, she should let me have the front seat because I GOT HERE FIRST!” She closed her eyes as he yelled the last part in her ear before she yelled “YOU DONT HAVE TO YELL!” She smacked his arm, earning a wince from him and Liam smiled “why don’ ya flip for it, y/n what’d ya call it?” She smiled “heads.” They watched as Liam threw it up in the air before smacking it down on his palm “anddd its tails.” Y/n frowned, smacking a snickering Louis before saying “you all are mean mean boys.” Liam smiled, squeezing her arm “sorry love.”

The drive to Liam’s house was relatively uneventful, Niall asleep, Louis singing along loudly to the radio, Liam making talk with y/n until they pulled up to his house where.. “mother of God Liam!” She hissed making Liam bite a smile and Louis snicker, “you didn’t tell me your parents were gonna be here!” “Love they wanted to see you, and.. how could I tell em no?” She sighed, looking out the window seeing her aunt waving hysterically a smile on both their faces, and she turned giving Louis a dirty look as he full on laughed, reaching over and squeezing her cheek “awwwhhhhh whittle prewsious baby y/n.”

Getting out of the car her aunt smiled opening her arms “there she is, my favourite niece!” She hugged her aunt “hi Aunt Karen.” She closed her eyes taking in the familiarity of her aunt, she used to love being here. Talking with her aunt, at Liam’s childhood home. They’d have long talks till y/n would fall asleep and then Liam would have to carry her up. Pulling away she smiled as he uncle opened his arms “baby!” “Hi Uncle Geoff.” Hugging him she smiled. Nothing really had changed, she still loved them more than anything. She was sad, slightly ashamed someone she had once loved more than anything had kept her away from her family for this long.

Pulling away she gave Louis a smirk as her Uncle said “well let’s get you inside, you’re probably bloody freezin’ to death. Boys can you bring the luggage in?” Louis looking gobsmacked as y/n laughed silently pointing a finger at him.


Later on that night once Karen and Geoff had gone to bed, Liam and y/n ushering them off saying they’d take care of the dishes, she’d wash, he’d dry, they had finally settled down with a glass of wine each.

“Say that was a job well done.” She smiled nodding “don’t think I knew you could wash up that good.” She laughed smacking his arm “hey! I’ve grown up! I’m a grown up.” She giggled on the last part, Liam laughing “you are. You have! You’ve become a little adult while you’ve been gone.” It was quiet and for a minute y/n thought he might have been a bit upset at her, for deciding to pick up and leave without a second thought. Sure she said goodbye to him, and her aunt and uncle, but that was about it. And sure he said he understood, but how could it be when she refused to come to London and he hardly had time with his schedule and meetings to come to LA. A bit unfair. “Are you upset with me?” She whispered, his eyes shadowed over before he shook his head, a smile on his lips “no, not upset love. I understand, and I understood then. I promise you. S'hard, but I understand.” She nodded, licking her lips before saying “I’m sorry. I should’ve made more of an effort to visit you, I knew you weren’t even in England part of the time and I still didn’t.” He shook his head, “I promise you love it’s alright.” She nodded before a smile bloomed on his face “so how’s your fancy tv filming? You’re on hiatus right?” She nodded, taking a sip of wine “yes ma’m” giggling at Liam’s reaction “and who’s your co-star wha’ that blokes name?” She smiled “Andrew?” He nodded “how’s he? He was real nice last time I visited.” She nodded “he’s good, he’s getting married.” Liam awed “wow.” She nodded “yep.” Shuffling from her seated position, she asked “how’s Cheryl are you two still going 'round?” She bit a smile as she saw heat blooming on his neck “oooooo you’ve got it bad babe!”

He laughed before muttering a shy “she’s alright.” She nodded, biting a smile adding “maybe I can meet her?” He nodded “maybe.” She gasped “maybe? Wow she must be a keeper, you’ve always shy’d away from me meeting any of your girlfriends.” He nodded before saying “she’s different.. she’s amazing.” Y/n gasped, standing up and grabbing the wine bottle off the counter “different too? And amazing? You’re in deep water.”

He smiled before asking “and wha’ bout you? Surely you know we’ve heard rumours.” She shook her head “which by the way is all they are, I’m not seeing a married man on my show, I’m not hooking up with the writers son and I’m definitely not seeing that idiot from the juice shop.” Liam laughed looking at her “ridiculous.” She nodded, taking another sip of wine before yawning, a full belly yawn, her mouth stretching in quite an unflattering way. But the only way you would yawn when you’re in the company of trusted friends or family. He laughed “tired?” She nodded, “mmm very.” rubbing her eyes he smiled, standing up and offering his hands “alright cmon babe.” Taking his hands they made their way to his guest room.

“Wow, this is the guest room? Looks more like the grand room in Cinderella.” Seeing his sheepish smile, presumably about her reaction of the lavish room she smiled hugging him “I love it, thank you.” He nodded, kissing her forehead “see you tomorrow yeah?” She nodded “good night.” “Good night my love, and my rooms just down the hall if you need anything.” She nodded “okay, love you.” He smiled “love you.” Before shutting the door behind him.

Later when she was lying in bed she tried closing her eyes. Surely the jet lag was taking over wasn’t it? Tossing and turning she finally laid flat on her back, staring up at the high ceiling. The room was too.. rich. Soft sheets, soft mattress, soft silky pillows. Nothing like her aunts house, the much used frumpy mattress, the sheets with the little tea kettles on them and mismatched pillowcase. She craved the sense of home that she always got when she stayed there visiting.

Where the guest room at her aunts house was painted a cloud sky blue while Liam’s guest room was a warm brown, which she guessed wasn’t bad, it was just different. She was just anxious. Anxious about being in London. She wondered if he even caught wind of her being in town. She guessed it was plausible, both being in the spotlight and having a past.

She sighed switching position and pulled the blankets tighter around her willing herself to sleep. Tomorrow would be a new day. Worrying about him could wait till tomorrow.

“Karen! Dear where is she?” Y/n blinked her eyes open, panic washing over her hearing the familiar voice. She heard a laugh “poor dears still up in the guest room sound asleep, should be up soon though Anne.” She sat up, blowing out a breath. What if Anne was there to yell at her for leaving Harry behind and not hearing him out? What if she was there to talk to her about how disrespectful it was to just up and leave everyone behind? “Mum relax, we’ll still see her at Lou’s surprise welcome back party.”

Gemma. Gemma being here made her even more nervous. But then a Welcome back party? Anxiety gripped her, she would see him there undoubtedly. She took a deep breath. It’s fine, what if she was there to tell her she understood? After all the reason why they broke up wasn’t one sided, they had both made mistakes. Him a much bigger one, but she wasn’t going to say that to his mom.

She bit her lip in nerves, hearing footfalls on the stairs, when the door to her room jangled open and she gasped “Li! You scared me!” He laughed “sorry Lo’ just me.” She sighed, “what is she doing here?!” He smiled “not just her Gem’s here too.” She opened her mouth when they heard footfalls and fear gripped her, both of them nervous as the door opened.

“Ey! What’re you guys on-” “shhhhhhh!” He winced as she smacked his arm, “what the bleeding hell was that fo’!” She rolled her eyes and Louis smiled, grabbing her arm “no don’t you-” she gasped in shock as he pulled her into the hall “Well look who’s up!”

Giving her a smile “Sleeping Beauty.” As Anne and Gemma and her Aunt Karen smiled up at her y/n smiled whispering through her teeth “next time you won’t have a leg to walk on.” Louis whispering in her ear “consider this payback for makin’ me get your bags.”

She smiled stomping on his foot, ignoring the groan from him before heading downstairs “Hi Anne! Hey Gemma!” They smiled, Anne shocking y/n as she engulfed her in a hug, pulling away and cupping her face “awe dear you look as pretty as ever.” She smiled, letting go of her face and Gemma smiled hugging her tightly “I missed you ya nut.” She smiled, taking in all that was Gemma.

Stylish perfume, rose scented, the cushy softness of the leather jacket she was wearing and pulling away she noted her strikingly grey hair, instead of her light pink hair. She smiled “you too babe.” She blushed quickly noting her pajamas as Anne and Gemma looked them over “sorry, I-yeah.” They laughed, Anne giving her arm a squeeze “please baby nothing to apologize for, you’re visitin’” Gemma nodding “besides think I’ve seen ya in your pajamas a time or two before.”

“Anne would you care for tea?” “Sure I’ll help you.” The four of them sat down while the mums fixed in the kitchen, Karen calling “Louis are you staying for tea?” Before he could oppose y/n yelling “he will stay.”

So they sat and talked catching up on everything, y/n’s show and Liam’s fan encounter. Gem’s new cat and Louis’s new girlfriend. Anne’s confrontation she had with a mum at the grocery who was getting a bit too nosy about Harry.

As soon as she brought up Harry she noticed how their eyes turned and watched her expectantly, to which she simply looked at Anne for more of the story.

It just wasn’t a big deal, she didn’t want anyone uncomfortable she knew they loved him just like they loved her.

“So that babe of a co-star is really getting married?” Gemma asked in slight disappointment and y/n nodded with a laugh “yeah, but you’ll be the first to call if he makes a run for it.”

She smiled, the lot of them laughing before Louis looked at his watch “well Karen as fun as this has been, and it’s been fantastic, I must be going, Liam and I have things to do.” Karen nodded, grabbing Liam and his cup “right of course dear.” Getting up Gemma gave Louis the same eye y/n would give him when she knew he was caught in a lie while Anne stood “I must be off too, got a lot of baking to do.”

Karen nodded, y/n standing up hugging her goodbye “it was nice to see you again.” She smiled, tucking hair behind her ear “you too sweetheart.” before turning to Gemma “Gemma are you staying?” She nodded, hooking arms with y/n “got to catch up”

otomiya-tickles  asked:

Shibashibashiba<3*-* barging in at the right time hehehe, can I request 8. “I think I’m stuck!” with either Servamp Kuromahi or YOI victuuri I can't choose ^///^

Here it is! The last of the Christmas prompts! AAAAH I’M SORRY ABOUT THE DELAY I HAVE NO EXCUSE!!! T___T Inspiration kept fleeing away from me, and I definitely don’t run fast enough to catch up with it…. *sob sob*
But it’s finally done, right before the year ends! And I really really really hope you’ll enjoy it sweetheart…! Thanks so much for asking me this!!

Note 1: This was somehow inspired by this post~ (don’t question my twisted mind lmao)
Note 2: Had to change the punctuation of the prompt phrase, ‘cause exclamation points don’t really fit a normal Kuro I think?? ^^;

Word count: 2032

          “Kuro? Can you come here?”

The black cat sighed loudly. As the end of the year drew near, Mahiru was becoming strangely excited – which, in turn, made Kuro’s life a living nightmare. No earplug could protect his precious naps from the sounds of those busy, rushing footsteps; no place was safe from that accursed stool the brunet dragged all over the house to set different decorations up; and worst of all, the Eve was always trying to get his Servamp involved in all this! With no luck until then, but still. His efforts were getting tiresome…
Kuro kept his little paws busy with the buttons of his console, careful not to spare the other a single glance – in case he would take it as an encouragement.

           “Can’t. Got a boss to defeat, leave me a note and I’ll consider it. Later.”

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PRberto...Businessman or Babysitter

Okay guys, lots of comments from you all today regarding this…I’m gonna post them here respond as I see fit, as usual unless otherwise noted the comments are from anons…

This is it folks…

I’m serious buckle up cause I will not be surprised if he’s at last 4 European concerts.  I will not deal with this shit everyday. It is what it is…after this post all future comments regarding this will be deleted. 

I tweeted this out today and I still stand behind it!

I apologise for misinforming you that this was done.  I do trust my ppl and they had legit reason behind their information that they shared.  But business deals have a way of coming back to bite you in the ass.  What one gets you out of another puts you right back in the hot seat.  (take this however you want…)

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