i finally got new shoes

First and last bathroom mirror pic I’ll take at our school gym 😅. Super thankful I finally got some new gym shoes though, my feet feel SO MUCH BETTER, especially during cardio.
Also super thankful that it is starting to get warm outside which means…. I made it through winter without any sort of relapse!!! For a little under ten years I’ve struggled with eating disorders, body image, depression, and self harm but this year I decided I would not let it control me! With a lot of prayer and help from God I can honestly say I feel better than ever 😊


This guy is pretty great. I got my new shoes the other day and finally tested them out tonight! 2 miles and my only concern is that they’re slightly snug width wise. I think they’ll be fine though for my half marathon! And they’re beautiful. I realized, however, that I need to get some major stretching in these next two weeks. Jeff was trying to help me stretch (cue awkward photo) and holy man! Ouch. 

I work both jobs tomorrow (9am-10pm) so I apologize in advance if I don’t really post. Luckily, I already did just about all of my homework for the week, but I need to start working on projects that are due later. I have a case study, a lesson plan, and a published piece to work on. Grad school better be worth it because sometimes it doesn’t feel like it will be. 

On a side note, I watched this video about a woman who goes blind and I started to hardcore cry. When I was 18, I had to basically have immediate surgery on my right eye due to a retinal detachment. I almost went blind and didn’t even know what was happening. Losing my vision is honestly one of my biggest fears. I’ll never have 20/20 vision again, I squint to read signs, and I get a lot of “floaters,” but at least I can still drive, I can see the faces of the people I love, and will hopefully see more of the world someday. I just cannot even image going through this. Anyway, sometimes we all need a good cry.