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I finally got the recipe right! I really loved slimestrawberries Iceberg Slime on instagram and wanted to make some myself! This video is stimmy and also has my recipe for it so you can try it yourself! :D

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God I’m done….I was suggested by @serge-varia to do a video for my 400 followers thingy….yaaaay. So I got inspired by a few videos I saw online, and here we are… my hands were shaking from how long I was trying to put all this together…my first video like this xD…it was fun but annoying….

Please let me know what you think. You may see some people you know! OMG THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWING!!!!!!!I’m gonna go hydrate… 


Well, I’ve always wanted to watch Live Stage Ao no Exorcist, and finally, I got the videos in my hands! *insert laugh here*

First of all, I was afraid I’d get bored of watching this because I know I did in Naruto Live Spectacle (I dunno, maybe I was expecting more from NLS since the anime series was undoubtedly GREAT, and maybe because I was used to watching musicals. You know, songs, actors singing, the jokes, and Sanada’s hat). But anyway, I got hooked at the middle of the play during the characters’ “picnic”, as Rin (Sakimoto Hiromi) would call it. It was also when Rin started singing and involving the audience, then Yukio (Inoue Masahiro) threw his eyeglasses at him. That was unexpected but a very funny one! I had no idea if that was just an adlib, but I guess not since Yukio had another pair prepared for that scene.

Kidding aside, there was this scene where Rin cried due to his friends’ rejection. It was heartbreaking throwing Shirou’s (Kazuoki) sword then picking it up again because, well, he made it especially for him.

So, in addition to that, if these didn’t move you a bit, then I don’t know what will.

So, since I found this play and Inoue Masahiro amazing, I’m looking forward for more laughs and tears. :D

Aaaand, an extra Rin for you guys. :3

For Honor Beta Review

            I finally got my hands on one of my most anticipated games of 2017, For Honor! I tell you, as someone who dedicated my life to martial arts, I couldn’t be more excited and nervous to play. Seeing videos of the game’s combat system in action is what drew me in, and I had high hopes. More than 30 hours into the beta I am not disappointed. Combat is the core of For Honor and thankfully it is the best part. Surprisingly it’s far more in depth than I had originally thought. Each warrior has unique controller motions that closely resemble fighting game commands and combos. This is what makes each warrior different and sets them apart from the rest of the cast. At first, the game’s combat is a lot to take in. Using the right stick to position your weapon to correctly block the angle of your opponent’s attacks is tricky at first, but once you become more comfortable it’s ultimately rewarding and easy to understand. As a martial artist myself, the combat system is genius, and really gave me a feel of being in my dojo. The animations are brilliant, giving an authentic combat feel. Techniques of attacking and blocking all look proper from a martial arts standpoint and flow beautifully.
           Combat takes place in decent variety of modes. In the Closed Beta we were able to take part in 1v1, 2v2, and the popular Dominion 4v4 game mode. I spent most of my time in Dominion, enjoying the chaos of being on a
battlefield. This mode is essentially like domination in your typically shooter, but with a bit of a twist. Your army constantly has a flow of soldiers charging down the center of the map, fighting to take point B. I did encounter a number of glitches here. Most of them revolved around the ladders. Being stuck in the air until I was slashed or pushed by another player wasn’t fun! This only happened a couple times when multiple people were trying to get up or down the ladder near the top. It didn’t really affect my enjoyment, but hopefully this will be fixed in the final release as it took my out of the action for quite some time until someone came along to free me. I spent the rest of my time in the 1v1
mode. I also found this highly enjoyable. Coming from my fighting game background, it was very useful for learning my warrior, like training mode, as well as giving an intense dueling feel. In the other modes, when the game becomes 2v1, it becomes a slash fest most of the time, with the two teammates just mashing attacks to kill you. They can hit each other, but the damage is very little or non existent. As of right now it’s more beneficial to just keep attacking with your teammate in that situation. It’s harder to block the attack spam. This could easily be fixed with friendly fire doing more damage, including possible team kills. After the game’s end they offer you currency and loot. Armor and
weapons for your warrior. All of these change your appearance and stats making each warrior fully customizable.
            Overall the game is looking very promising so far! It’s a fresh take and unlike anything in gaming we have ever played. Combat is fresh and new, and I feel that’s what will make For Honor stand out from the rest. I can’t wait to get
back into the Open beta coming up and writing a full in depth review when the game releases on Valentine’s day!

  Oh man I’ve been wanting to draw a picture of the music video GIRL in the longest and Finally now I got the courage to try my hands on it and I must say I am super proud of how this drawing came out
If anyone is curious this girl is from the music video: GIRL
That you can watch here
well…not as much as ME!ME!ME! but still
~You have been warned~
the music is really good.
I really love how they used the colors in the video and just the whole thing is beautiful kk
I really want to make this into a print but i still don’t feel confident enough to sell prints TuT
ANYWAYS! Enjoy my lovelies <3
Hours: +9 hours. Program used: Paint Tool Sai Tablet: Wacom Intuos



First, let me say, if seeing fat on a person bothers you, makes you squeamish or fills you with the need to send anon hate, you need to keep scrolling now.

If you’re still with me:

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And here we see a sea otter and a strange triangular sea otter baby cuddle and nap together in their smaller than average lake

Again for @forsaken-skies because she needs more lapidot. Who doesn’t I guess lmao. Was gonna be a doodle but then I got carried away :P How the fuck do you draw water ugh.

The first legit built minibike in 7 Days to Die! Well day 34 was a big milestone for me. I finally got all the parts needed to assemble my minibike and I fixed up an old shed near my fort to park it in. It really felt like a huge achievement. I suspect it could be done much sooner than day 34 but I’m not a huge looter, I’m more of a builder type. We’re getting really close, just polishing up things and fixing up little bugs. We have new minibike sounds that are much better than the placeholder ones I had in the last video. We’re really excited to get this build in everyone’s hands, its the biggest build ever after looking at the release notes :)

Just A Vlog Away ~ Epilogue

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Notes- I know that a lot of you really enjoyed Just A Vlog Away, and to close the story, I decided to write an epilogue. Hope you guys enjoy!

Word Count- ~730

Warnings- none

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“Hello ladies, gents, and everyone in between! Look who I finally got to agree on being in a video!” you said with a wide smile, gesturing your hands over at Jensen.

Jensen laughed softly, waving at the camera slightly. “Hey guys.”
“It took a lot of convincing,” You said with a dramatic sigh.

“I guess I got tired of listening to you whining..” He joked, and you set a hand over your heart.
“That hurts, Jensen,” You said with a fake pout, and he just laughed again.

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I finally got a video of Yuna eating and I want to ask a question to my fellow ball python enthusiasts. Is the lack of striking and the head turn normal? It looks like it makes it harder to get down. She just started doing this the past few feedings and I’m not sure what to think of it.

And please do not make comments about cage-feeding. She refuses to eat anywhere else and she seems to know the difference between food and my hand since she has never struck at me.

I gotta get this off my chest. This whole Taylor v. Kim shit been pissing me off. On one hand I feel like Taylor finally got the shit she been dishing right back to her. She wanna be mad about Kanye calling her a bitch when she been name calling celebs forever in her music. She wanna call (dry ass) Katy Perry a backstabber, Camilla Belle a hoe, Kanye a child, etc, but get offended when she gets called a bitch. But at the same time, that lyric is disrespectful, and there and nothing on that video that shows Kanye asking to call Taylor a bitch or letting her know he was going to give himself credit for her fame, that is shady. He made it look like he was being genuine and courteous by giving her a heads up about half the lyric.

But what gets me even more is that everyone praising Kim Kardashian like it erases her problematic ass past (and present) actions. That whole fucking family as a matter of fact. Okay they finally spoke up about blacklivesmatter now after hella years, Kim just copy and pasting Beyonce’s message, but STILL appropriating black culture, and refuse to take it seriously. Like saying black lives matter and throwing shade on Taylor Swift gonna make everything okay. Like being good for a week has made the past two years of trying to be black okay.

This whole beef is so messy and full of celebrities I don’t fuck with. Taylor constantly got her foot in her mouth, I can’t stand Chloë Morets’ white feminist respectability politics ass, and so fucking disappointed in Selena’s dumb bitchass. But even “Team Kim” ain’t shit. Katy Perry ain’t shit. Pharrell’s “new black ass” is wack. Demi Lovato’s ignorant ass is irrelevant. Calvin Harris’s disrespectful white boy ass ain’t shit. The Kardashians still trash. So I don’t really care for anyone here. The whole drama is filled with shady ass people who mad at each other for being shady.

I bet its all just a publicity stunt to keep all their shady asses in the conversation.

When it was my turn, I ran straight to her and she went “hi baby!! it’s so good to finally meet you! it feels like I already know you because I’ve seen so many pictures and videos on Tumblr!” and I started crying like really hard and she just hugged me so tight and when we both pulled away, she had her hands on my arms and was looking at me and she was like “you are so tall! and gorgeous and you’re crying and you’re STILL gorgeous” and I just cried even more. I got a picture of just me and her and then there’s one of me, her, and my dad because she asked if we could do two because she wanted one with just me then one with me and my dad and I told her I would talk to her on Tumblr tonight and she went “definitely!” and I said “I love you!” on the way out and she went “I love you too babe!!” and I’m not alive



((tw: flashing images and some morbid imagery))

The Finale is upon us, and to go out with a bang, Red Right Hand has finally been completed!! 10 long months of waiting but it was well worth it :’)
This MAP was made before ‘Not What He Seems’ so our knowledge of Bill was limited at the time; however, because of the wait we got to learn a lot more about Bill and thus made this M.A.P a beautiful depiction of our favorite evil triangle. I want to thank all of the participants who worked so hard to get this out before the finale, and to those who were so very patient in the coming of this M.A.P. I hope you all enjoy and let’s get ready to TAKE BACK THE FALLS!


((Alright y'all here it is! So if you aren’t familiar awhile ago I made a bet with a friend if I got to 800 followers by the end of the month I would either sing or do hetalia impressions, and the large majority said do impressions; so I finally did it and decided to post as a celebration for 3000 followers! Thank you all so so much and I hope you enjoy my crappy impressions XD Asta la pasta~!))


TeenCon2015 was incredible, I had such an amazing time! Spent the day chilling with tilly-and-her-books, literatureloveaffair, thebookhangover, aqueenofbabble, harley-reads, and even met followthebread-crumbs

Videos were made, food was eaten, songs were sung, and then there was the panel. I can’t even describe with words how awesome it was! 

So here’s the haul! Finally got my hands on an awesome Throne of Glass tote bag (!!!!) and YES THAT IS AN ARC OF THE REST OF US JUST LIVE HERE BY PATRICK NESS!! There’s also an ARC of The Sacred Lies of Minnow BLy, which I’m beyond excited to read as well!