i finally got it to work ahhh


A nice gigantic post of the Animal Hoodie Matsu stickers I drew! Plus a speedpaint. Links and more rambling under the cut!

Ahhh it’s been a long time coming, but FINALLY I CAN POST ABOUT THE STICKERS. A lot of work went into these (possibly too much;;;), and I took so stupidly long haha! There were a few livestreams I did while working on them, many tweets, many tears LOL

Unfortunately I was only able to salvage footage of Todomatsu being colored and shaded completely since a bunch of the other recordings got corrupted due to errors with my backup;;; I’ll try my hardest to do better in the future!

If you’re interested seeing my slow-ass coloring process be sped up to LIGHT SPEED, check it out here!

Um I’m sorry ignore the towel & dirty mirror but GUESS WHO FINALLY GOT HER FIRST JOB AS A CARDIOVASCULAR SONOGRAPHER 😭🌃 I’m so happy. I got a job doing what I love. Studying, scanning, & volunteering most def pays off. 🌊 I still have to go through the paper work, but it sounds like I’ll be starting later this month. Ahhh


I had the pleasure of working on two Star Vs the Forces of Evil commercials for Disney recently, starring Olivia Holt and Kelli Berglund, and they’re finally up! 

I custom made the Star costume specifically for Olivia for these spots. I’m so happy I had this opportunity, I got to make an official Disney costume! Heck yeah! Doesn’t she make a perfect Star?!? My heart~~~

Watch them here: X X

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Ahhh, I'm so sorry, darling! I completely lost track of time yesterday. Hmm, 00Q, celebrity AU.

It’s okay, I was helping mom at work and when we got home I was too tired to think properly. But yay, AUs!


“Is it true?”

“Is what true?”

“Are you… you know…”

Q waited patiently for the interviewer to finish. The interviewer sighed and leaned forward to whisper, “Are you dating Bond?”

Q sipped his tea thoughtfully. “No,” he answered finally. “We are hanging out more now that he’s not a complete prick constantly, but dating? No.” He smiled slightly. “I suppose that is not what your readers want to hear?” he asked sweetly.

“Well… no,” the interviewer answered, pretending sheepishness.

“Well, if it’s relationship gossip you want, I know Bond is sleeping with someone.”

The interviewer’s eyes lit up. “Really?! Who? Is it his agent? Someone you both went to school with? Tell, tell!”

“No,” Q replied, and smiled wider at the interviewer’s crestfallen expression. “Ask him yourself. I’m sure he’ll be only too happy to brag.”


“…and I told him you’d brag about it.”

James laughed and finished his beer. “You minx! They’ll never leave me alone now.”

“That was my intention,” Q pointed out smugly, snuggling closer and smiling as James wrapped his arm around Q’s waist. “You’re better at fending off that kind of questioning than I am.”

“I concede that point.”

“Smug bastard.”

“Sly kitten.”

“Stop calling me that or I’ll hack your bank account and donate all your savings to an American charity.”

“As long as it’s a charity that actually helps people.”

“I hate you.”

James grinned and kissed Q thoroughly, until the other was gasping and mewling for more. “You love me.” He rubbed his thumb against Q’s jaw. “And I love you.”

“Oh, just kiss me again, you sappy bastard.”

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K so I texted him and asked if he wanted to hangout with me after I got outta work, so since it was unseasonably warm we went and walked around at this park near a nature trail for a bit and we ended up just chilling and listening to music when it finally got dark then while we were doing that I told him I liked him as more than a friend and he said he felt the same. Then after a drive back to my house one thing lead to another lmao.

AHHH!!! This makes me so happy. So glad you talked to him 😍 nothin quite like kissing somebody you’ve been friends with for years for the first time. So goddamn terrifying and wonderful. I’m so happy for you! ❤❤❤

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i am not sure if i am able to finish my line art in time because i forgot when i signed up that i have my last final exams on april 3rd and 5th... but i really want to participate so badly omg i am so sorry i really dont know if i can make it in time i totally forgot

Ahhh don’t worry!! I totally understand! I’ve got exams around that time, too, and I really don’t want anyone to compromise studying and school for this!!

PM me or send an ask off anon! We can work it out and I’ll be more than willing to give you extra time :D

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hellooo!! congrats on the 2k (⌒ω⌒) ✨✨ also i got my chemistry lab final score back today and the highest score in our class was a 52% LOLOL ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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Last night I went to the final dress rehearsal of 42nd Street at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane and oh my god it was so so wonderful and sparkly and the most accurate word to summarise the show is spectacular, but most of all it was INCREDIBLE to see the cloths we painted (and that certain cloth I painted mostly alone,!!!!!) on stage!!!! I took some sneaky photos and it is taking all I have not to post them and be boastful and so so proud of our work that made January and February into such a hard slog. Got to wait till press night. Ahhh

Ahhh I just got back from pottery and I think I finally finished this piece and I turned it in but the woman there asked if I was sure and I didn’t know if she was serious or teasing in the way we usually do but boy buddy I sure hope I am!!!!

The gradient isn’t perfect because I’m working with limited colors and idk how custom mixes are going to turn out and she’s missing horns but here’s my Yu'lon inspired dragon!

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pilot!kise and barista!reader where the barista works at a coffee shop in an airport! ending is up to you~~~

Ahhh I find this quite vague, but I hope you still like this! BUT OKAY ON THE SIDE NOTE OH MY GOSH!?!?! PILOT!KISE!?!?!!!?!? BYE

The sound of the wheels of the crew’s luggage echoed throughout the hall of Haneda Airport. Tourists and locals filled the gates as they waited for their boarding time. The moment Kise finally got out of the waiting gates, he took his RayBan off, tucking them on the collar of his uniform. Eyes of his crew and random passersby then became glued on him. Of course, it’s the good-looking pilot, Kise Ryouta, in front of them. How could you not stare? He basically gained popularity for being such a gentle pilot and an eye candy at the same time. 

He sighed as he thought about sleep. It was all that he needed and he couldn’t wait to visit dreamland. For the past weeks, he’d been busy with all the flights. He never really got a chance to have some decent amount of sleep and he knew that his bed was already screaming his name, telling that things would be better after a well-deserved slumber.

Kise couldn’t contain his excitement at the thought of sleep despite all the weariness.

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so after months of saving (basically since the day mo left in june lmao), i got to buy my christmas present to myself today and it’s finally official– i’m gonna be visiting morgan in togo, africa in may for 11 days of bestfriend adventuring :’)  i wont have to go a full year without seeing her and i’m gonna be there on her birthday like i promised and i’m so happy everything worked out, ahhh 

in other news i also bought walter a hat today and he really loves wearing it

i dont think i’ve ever seen him happier