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You know that vine where the guy shouts “WAKE UP SLEEPY HEAD” to the one guy in bed but another dude pops up?

That’s Lucio and D.va before telling anyone about their realtionship. 

Tracer came in to get Lucio awake, but blinks away yelling when D.va pops up with wild bed hair telling her ‘What the heck’. 

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Viviko: "Hey, Rennird? Random question, but, with your new arms do...Any of your old clothes still fit? If not I could maybe get Akemi to fix them up!!! Shes really good at sewing and upgrading outfits and such! Aaah sorry if this is a weird question, I was just curious ^//^;;;" (violets-houseofocs)

“Some of my clothes are in need of…fixing, in that regard. I would be honored if Akemi could assist. Runi can only fix up so much on her own, after all….”

If you donate to either the ACLU or the NRDC (or both!) you will get a free bust like the one above!

Email me at randomartz95@gmail.com with your receipt and we can talk about what you want! I’ll draw you, your friend, your oc, fanart, whatever. I’m pretty open!

And if you donate more than $15 you get more art! Depending on the amount you donate you could get another person, a full body, more detail etc.

ACLU: www.aclu.org/
NRDC: www.nrdc.org/

*note that i am in no way endorsed by either of these organizations. im just trying to what i can bc the worlds pretty crappy right now but we have the power to change it!

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What is your YouTube channel called?? :3

It’s called AlyGames :) Right now I’m doing a cosplay let’s play of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and tomorrow I start another cosplay let’s play of The Nonary Games: 999

Here’s the link for anyone interested:


Also I might start doing live streams on Friday nights if I get enough interest (maybe starting with Persona 5 or Mass Effect: Andromeda)