i finally got caught up with the anime

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I just choked on coffee cuz i read "come on and slam and welcome to the space fam" and thought about lance using that line when theyre forming alliances with new alien civilizations theyve freed from the galra and shiro suffering in the background like "lance no" Anyway i've finally caught up with the space fam stuff and i'd like to be the space big sis whos always tired and grumpy and hiding in a corner watching anime but secretly loves all the kidets to pieces -voltmeter anon

LMFAO VOLTY i won’t even lie i totally laughed as i was typing that so i’m glad you got a kick out of it too lmfao

and yes of course, welcome to the spacefam my dear!! 💜💜

1st Song of the Day: The Killers - “Run For Cover”

The last 50 seconds ignite my blood. 

“Run For Cover” on repeat while at the gym yesterday. Given its strong political message, the track really makes me want to dance. And there really isn’t a Killers track that I hate. Brandon & The guys always have such wonderful production values.  

Watched so much Anime this weekend. Caught up on My Hero Academia [finally!] & started season 2 of Assassination Classroom. Both great. Hero Killer: Stain has got to be in my top 25 anime villains list of all time after that short arc. The stakes never felt higher. Also, shout out to Gran Torino. Little forgetful Yoda.

Plan on watching more in the evening. Until then… HERE. COMES. THE. MUSIC!

I took a break from binge watching Thrilling Intent to Binge watch Anime Campaign after I caught the tale end of the stream from the third installment and I finally got around to drawing my favorite character in the whole campaign Ramsey Murdoch! Played by @bigmovingtarget! All I really had to go on was a head shot and teeny sketch so I made a ton of shit up. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

If any of you like Thrilling Intent you’ll have a lot watching Anime Campaign Also if you like ( JelloApocalypse since he’s the GM) I highly suggest giving it a watch! Ramsey’s in the third one and I just adore that gerbil-y weirdo.

Timelapse here!

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Hey, so I got into OP almost a year ago and binged the hell out of it bc holy heck it's so good! I'm almost caught up with the anime (finally got to Zou arc and I'm so excited!!) and I was just wondering if you knew whether or not Luffy still has the 3D2Y on his arm? btw your blog is some good quality stuff and you are actual sunshine in human form lol

heyo!! i hope you’ve been treated well in the op fandom! im glad you’re enjoyin’ it! luffy should still have his 3d2y tattoo, we just haven’t really seen much of it bc his sleeves always cover it up! i wish we could see it  more often though :( 

ahh and thank u so so much friendo! means a lot :)) 

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Ooo just saw your post on shura. If you're not caught up with the manga check it out!!! The recent volume 17 is Shuras backstory and it's super freaking awesome!!! You would probably really like it since you love her, I for one was glad she finally got some attention tbh.

Aw hey thanks for checking out my post! I’m actually gonna start reading the manga really soon so thank you for the tip!! (Now I wanna read it even more) I had a feeling she’d have a cool backstory, in the anime so far she’s really mysterious- hardly anything about her has been revealed!!

in which i attempt skyrim and it contains significantly more anime than I was led to expect

I have never previously played Skyrim, so, for my first attempt, my brother thoroughly modded up the game for me so that I could get the fullest and most vivid possible experience out of my limited game time. I thought I would document the experience.

I assume this is exactly how Skyrim normally goes.

Initial Impressions

  • ….all the prisoners in this cart are wearing hot pink tunics declaring their eternal devotion to Justin Bieber.
  • oh my god the cart is being pulled by a giant Fluttershy. is that— is she saying yay. oh my god this whole town is full of giant Fluttershies. they are magnificent.
  • SKYRIM, y’all.
  • i’m going to be a lizard.
  • apparently it is unusual that the town is full of gigantic jungle trees.  apparently skyrim is set somewhere cold.  that is dumb.  why would there be parrots flying around somewhere cold?
  • it’s really hard to take this execution seriously when half the people are in Bieber shirts.
  • running around the flaming jungle town. wow, thomas is actually kind of disconcerting when he suddenly looms through a window-wall at you. and when he belches streams of fire.
  • why do i keep hearing that noise? like voices saying ‘pew, pew.’
  • what. what do you mean the arrows now say ‘pew’ when shot. that is beautiful. wait oh my god are people shooting at me??
  • i have found a cool chest is completely full of awesome armor. and now i can no longer walk. this chest has more armor than i can walk with. why would you require me to make decisions about which shiny things to discard. :-(
  • ALL OF THIS ARMOR DRESSES ME UP AS HATSUNE MIKU. oh god i am so anime. …still have my rad lizard tail though.
  • what do you mean i should have carried more of that armor and not keep picking up this book and this kettle and this rock. why would they let me pick things up if i wasn’t meant to carry them away with me?
  • oh god my weapon is a giant leek how did this happen. how did i come to be bludgeon-slicing strangers to death with a giant leek.
  • this is the coolest i have ever been.
  • was i even supposed to kill that guy, i don’t know.
  • …..whilst exploring these caves i have been set upon by a group of terrifying mutant spidermen. no really. they are wearing the red and blue costume and everything. this is the most horrifying thing that has ever happened to me and i am frantically leek-bludgeoning everything in sight because oh god, what if they touched me???
  • Now there is a polar bear. I like it much better than the spidermen.
  • It—um. It appears to be singing at me. It is standing up and singing at me in autotune. I… I can’t even tell if this is meant to be threatening. It’s kind of beautiful? Oh, okay, now it’s charging me. Still singing, though.
  • Aw, I had to murder the singing bear. :(
  • I’mma take its skin.
  • okay wow these trees make it REALLY hard to keep track of the guy i am following. where is even the path. i am literally lost in a JUNGLE. i am going to lose all of skyrim by dying of jungle in the first half hour.
  • update: i flailed wildly at the raptors with my giant leek until i finally realized that they were dead, they had just glitched into midair motionlessness instead of, say, falling over.
  • i raid the corpse statues for raptor hides.
  • and now i’m in a waterfall for some reason god i am bad at this
  • hey these people’s houses are all full of leeks and, like, jelly donuts. what mod even turns all the food fluorescent and sugary. why is that a mod. and why does skyrim let you steal everything.
  • i don’t know why my first reaction to a chicken was to shoot it with an arrow, but I probably deserved that chicken exploding. 
  • oh, now a man is yelling at me for exploding the chickens. guy, i am as surprised as you.
  • leaving town with a bounty on my head.  this is exactly like a wild west movie.
  • note to self: do not initiate cutscene conversations while bandits are shooting at you.
  • ow. ow. ow. ow.
  • dramatic upskirt death shot.  
  • good thing i wasn’t expecting to die with dignity or anything.
  • take two, run faster.
  • oh god.  this guy sells horses and i need to buy a fluttershy you don’t even understand how important this is to me. why the hell did i dump all that expensive armor and why did i steal all these pots and pans. pots and pans are not going to buy me a pony.
  • no i’m sorry i can’t take your quest i am a lizard in an anime outfit and i am trying to find money for a pony.
  • …i feel a sudden need to re-examine my life choices.
  • shit i just got arrested.  D:
  • my dark, chicken-exploding past has finally caught up to me.
  • you know, i expected the grody prison cell, but the half-naked, unconscious cellmate in pink underwear was a surprise.
  • my time sleeping on a prison cot was extremely underwhelming.
  • i guess i’m in town now?
  • dude. dude. a creepy stranger in a my little pony fursuit just trotted up to me and gave me a bunch of MLP armor. i absolutely refuse to run around this game dressed as a my little pony. i am already a lizard in an anime outfit.
  • okay fine maybe just the hoof-hands.
  • town life is strange.
  • um. did that guard just get struck by lightning. 
  • why.
  • oh god if they say the “arrow to the knee” line they get struck down by lightning. all the other guards are running around trying to figure out who did this. it was judgment from the sky. i’m sorry. i’m so sorry. what have i wrought?
  • hey, i wonder if i can get this guard struck by lightning while indoors?
  • huh, 37 random conversations later and he is NOT going to say the line.
  • this NPC wants to live. i think i’ll leave him al— “—then I took an arrow to the knee!” NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
  • ….the lightning works indoors. Oh god, I feel especially bad about this one.

At this point I was too guilt-stricken to continue and paused to collect myself and eat pizza.

Two years (or so) ago I started reading it from the very chapter 1. There were things that occured in my life because of I couldn’t read the manga constantly or this could happen a lot sooner. But after those two years, after all the adventures, island visited, jokes, laughs and tears I finally read this chapter. I finally caught up to the Japan’s no.1 manga, the manga which anime adaptation I pushed my teenage years with, the manga that helped me in the darkest of nights filled with that thing starting with A, that thing I wish no one to experience… But Oda Eiichiro’s work got me through that. I read and got caught up in the story, forgetting all my problems and everyting around me that would make me sad. And One Piece erased all of that. I owe a big part of my life to this manga and I will forever be grateful to Oda that started drawing it and be proud of myself for ever starting reading it because as it made me the person who I am today.

Thank you, One Piece. Thank you, Oda-sensei.

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haigh, i'm loving the blog, we appreciate your hard work! ^^ how would EXO react when you tell them that you're an assassin and that you've murdered people before? (lol sorry i'm so weird) thanks! :D <3

Hi there :) And that’s not weird at all, I actually had this conversation with my friend awhile back, haha.


Xiumin (feat. Kris): “….oh, really now? You wouldn’t happen to be on the same team as Kyungsoo would you…?”

Luhan: “…oh, oh… that’s great honey….”

-but really he’s like- “…Awww shitzzzz, CODE BLUE, CODE BLUE! Shhhh, we got to run before she finds out we stole her food….”

Kris: “Lulu run, run! She can’t find out!” 

Suho: “Umm… so you know about Naruto right… you wouldn’t mind flying to Japan and finishing a mission for me would you? Because you know… Masashi Kishimoto… kind of killed off some of my favorite characters… like Neji….” (Bruh, the anime finally caught up with that and I can not go…. I can’t…)

Lay (feat. Kris and Luhan):  No caption needed.

Baekhyun: “Oh crap, she’s going to totally team up with D.O if I ever make her mad…”

Chen (feat. Chanyeol, Suho, and Xiumin): “Gurl you be playing, I bet you can’t even land a hit on me.” -sassy Chen Chen-

Chanyeol: “… that would explain it so much… because you stole my heart the first time I laid my eyes upon you, and kept it prisoner in your hands.”

D.O (feat. Baekhyun): “Babe, we got our first target. Target sighted. Attack mode on.”

Tao: “We’re going to be one badass couple.”

Kai: No caption needed.

Sehun: “…she’s not going to like… kill me in my sleep is she… Babe, I know I’m a real brat but… I love you? How’s that?”

- Admin KP (Haha, sorry for the cheesiness overload on Chanyeol. Hope you guys liked it :) And yo~ Guess who’s turning sixteen exactly at this hour, 12am? This girl~ Ayeeeeee. So stop by my personal blog, and talk to me if you want. Ask box is always open. Ask me anything and I will answer right away or just simply say hi :)