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“So, throughout this season we get some of these hype conversations before the game from good ol’ Nadine here, it usually includes an animal. I think we were a whale, a wet whale, gazelles, yeah. But there is one she came in and we were ice bears? We all stopped for a second and were like ‘ice beers?’. Isn’t that usually after the game?” “Ice bergs!” “Ice berg? Lettuce? Well, after we figured out she meant polar bear.. we decided to keep with the ice bears.”

“We are fucking amazing. OH- Sorry! We are amazing, smart, fantastic ice bear group. No- We are the Portland Ice Bears.”

okay one last text post, but we still have to figure out how well amy did in that sergeant test (she aced it, duh! but still), what’s gonna happen to holt after that deal with that guy, what’s the wedding gonna be like (and like where and how and there’s tons of planing jfc), and the santiagos and peraltas meeting!!!! and what’s gonna happen to rosa, will she finally get a girlfriend? like this season is gonna be so so so sooo good!

Ok so hear me out until the end of this post

People have been getting upset that Keith has been getting too much attention and his arc is lasting to long.

It is pretty obvious that Keith doesn’t really feel confidant in himself right now. He is very unsure of himself and doesn’t really know who he is.

So what if the point of Keith having a long arc is for him to finally understand who he is

Keith would feel self assured and understand who he is.

Sound familiar?

“I think he needs someone who is self assured and knows herself, so that he can kind of become the same person and know himself”

That would make Keith and Lance almost a perfect match

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Your "Something Beautiful" animation is just stunning! The colours are so nice together and the designs for the main character and their lil sketch of a friend are super cute :D Keep up the god work -w-b

THANKS its actually almost done !!!!!!! it’ll probably be up this week if i can get a day to just sit down & work on it, cuz theres literally only a few final touches to put on it before i POST THAT SHIT (on patreon first; then public after a few days) (just cuz like .. they been supportin me for months now and i owe it to em,,,) (srlsy like theyve been so patient)

god do u ever just sit there and think of the significant changes ur identity has gone thru over the years…….like five or six years ago i was a cis straight girl, and a year after than i was a cis acearo girl, and then i was an agender acearo person, and then i went to being an nb pan person, and then a trans dude + biromantic polysexual [what], and then finally a gay trans dude. it took me five or six years to figure myself out and get real so anyone else out there struggling w/ their identity…..it’ll happen one day, and u’ll have a funny/cool story to tell ppl when it’s done like “guess what i used to think i identified as”


They grow up so fast! I can’t even express the level of gratitude that I feel right now. Over One Thousand different people looked at my blog at some point and said “I like this” enough to follow it. That’s mind blowing to me, its absolutely surreal to even conceive. I wanna thank all of you for helping me reach this important milestone, by giving back to you guys a little something.

In honor of this occasion I have done something that I always wanted to do, but had never gotten around to. I have FINALLY marginalized a standard tag for all of my garfield explained posts. Some had a space in between the two words (Garfield Explained), some didnt (GarfieldExplained), and some weren’t even tagged at all! ( ) Standardizing these tags allows for anyone now to just search my blog for the tag “Garfield Explained” and get all of the Garfield Explained posts i made in one place rather than spread out everywhere.

I also made it even easier to get to my garfield explained posts. I added a page to the top bar for all of the Garfield Explained posts I have ever made! This is to help those that want to read through my original content without going through the plethora of various garfield reblogs that makes up 80% of this blog.

I have also made some minor stylistic changes to the layout and design of the blog, which make it look a little less plain. I may make more drastic to changes to it at a later date, but it’s 6am rn and I’m falling asleep typing this cause I’ve been reformatting both of my blogs since 2am and I’m on the brink of death.

Well anyway thanks again for the liking my blog enough to follow it, and helping me reach this fantastic milestone! I am eternally grateful to each and every one of you! I hope you all enjoy this small but very welcome blog change, and hopefully I’ll be able to get more content out to you all soon!

he ate my heart out (ii)

i’m finally getting this done!! aaaah!!

“Y-You…You’re a demon?” she was barely able to speak the sentence.

“Yes,” he scoffed. “I’m the demon that you summoned to kiss you, so let’s get this over with.”

part 1

3:36 AM

“Well? Are you shocked that you were actually successful?” His smirk grew as he took a bite into the peach, rather sharp teeth easily piercing the fruit’s flesh.

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Whenever I see multiple pics of D with fans, my senses are always alerted. And sure enough, while no one was in it, Alli posted an IG story from the same venue where the pics were taken., So the assumption is pretty easy to make.  And all i can say, at least he seems to have left the yellow hat at home. Perhaps they are learning.  We certainly have posted enough about it, so I guess PR adjusted.

I guess I wonder when we are in a mode of promoting her bar, which has hardly been done, why an outing like last night is necessary?  It certainly does not play to a large audience., It is directed at the fans there, hoping they will snap a photo and maybe finally get that long awaited shot of him with his arm around her that is not taken by a person closely associated with him and team idiocy. I guess?

I also suppose this is part of the long game. The establishment of their wonderful friendship that they will attempt to sell once Darren is publicly out.  Really the only thing that makes sense.,  And thanks to @chrisdarebashfulsmiles I hear Ben was there as well. So yes, that is the game. Happy trio., Darren very supportive of their love.

It is like they never want D to be free of her. Funny thing about the friends narrative, it is not going to sell for a long period. Once they know who she is and more importantly who she is not, no one is really going to care. And I hope that in time, they will be able to see her true nature and what she has done to D.  

And then D can finally shake free of her.

Weird mood brought on this sort of random post.

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post finale "i dont really know how human bodies work im still getting used to it" john running his hand under hot water for like 4 minutes because it feels good before realizing Wait Im In Pain


john is making a pizza and just. reaches in and grabs the pizza and pulls it out hwen its done and hes screaming but cant figure out why

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toni aka @unkumi called it omg i’m straight-up dying. growing up asian in this country is like growing up invisible, and finally, F INALLY we get a major well-known hero played by an asian like 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Signal boost time!

Hello everyone!^^

Sometimes I’m getting quite upset when I see amazing art with so few notes. It’s time to get rid of this injustice and to give to these wonderful pieces of art the love they deserve!! Therefore, here are some gems you might like!^^


Go spread the love for this awesome pokémon art blog:


And give a ton of lovely notes to this picture (it’s a gallade, and gallade are awesome):



Make their notes count grow big and strong! =D

Turning the Page (3/?)

Summary: After several long years, Emma and Killian are finally getting the second chance they thought was beyond reach. At the same, Henry Mills is still struggling to find his own story while beloved family members live out theirs. Belief and hope guiding him, he leans on his other mother, Regina, and another version of his stepfather, Captain Hook, to help him write his next chapter. And someday he’ll return home to share his epic tale with the rest of his Charming family.

Rating: Mature (for now)

Catch up here: Ch 1, Ch 2

Also on: ao3  | ff.net

Author’s Note: I had issues getting anything to post here on tumblr until now. This chapter has already been posted on ao3 and ff.net. I love reviews if you have thoughts on this story. Enjoy!

Hook’s doppelganger grasped his hand firmly and shook it twice. The other man was grinning a familiar grin.

“What?” he asked, curiosity at the cause running rampant in his mind.

“I know that you will do your best to keep your word. You have honor in you, Killian. When you meet your daughter again, you’ll be able to tell her this day was the start of your journey to being a better man,” Killian promised.

“You’re so certain I’ll find her?”

“Aye, absolutely certain.” Hook stared as other man exuded complete confidence, bordering on cocky arrogance.

“How can you be so sure?” Hook demanded.

“My family has a motto they live by: ‘I will always find you.’ So if someone in this family promises to help you find your family, just know that we really hate to give up and it’s going to happen,” Killian soothed him, resting his hand on his shoulder.

“Aye, like a man unwilling to fight for what he wants, deserves what he gets?” It was a wonderful thought, Hook mused, that one would always find someone, even if it was a bit naive.

“Exactly. I truly wish you the best of luck and I hope you find your daughter and everything you’re looking for,” Killian said, embracing him briefly.

“Good luck with the babe. I’ll watch over your Henry,” Hook promised again.

Killian turned and bid Regina farewell and then Henry. Hook watched Emma Swan, though he supposed she was truly Emma Jones, as she held her son not wishing to let go. Killian came and gently pressed his hook into her back and guided them away from the group. They both looked so happy and it gave Hook hope that one day he would have his own happy beginning.

Hook watched the spot where the Savior and her pirate had stepped through the portal back to their realm, long after they had gone, lost in his thoughts.

“Hook!” the Queen shaking him by his shoulder broke his reverie. She had somehow got her magic functioning enough to effect a wardrobe change to a tight-fitting red leather riding outfit and her dark hair was now long and wavy.

“Aye, I’m coming,” he grumbled, assuming she wanted him to move. “I’m not the one who had to waste time on a fashion change in the middle of the bloody forest!”

Regina’s palm fell open as she tried and failed to conjure a fireball.

“Looks like you’re all out of juice” Hook mocked. He could have sworn the woman was about to physically attack him.

“OK! Enough of that. Let’s get out of here before Lady Tremaine’s forces find us,” Henry stepped in between the two of them.

Hook might have agreed to look out for Henry because he owed a debt but torturing Regina would no doubt provide endless amusement. Let the adventure begin, he thought, grinning as he jogged to catch with his traveling companions. 

To be continued…

tagging some folks under the cut who asked to be tagged, liked this story or those whom I believe will (if you want to be tagged/untagged just ask):

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we have finally found him

 My mom and one of my uncles do family research because why the fuck not. Apparently through the research of church books, family trees, and now the most recently DNA tests we’ve found a number of interesting ancestors and distant relatives, lords, queens, emperors, horse thieves and a man who was at least once named “a devil for a priest” for his charming personality.

 Besides dead relatives, websites that specialise in this also enable you to get the names and facebook contact some of the living people who both share your ancestry and are also doing family research, and apparently both my mom and uncle have found a big, nebulous flock of interesting people of all walks of life who share some of our ancestors.

 But now they found him.

 The black sheep of the family.

 See, due to a number of reasons they may or may not have taught you in history class, lots of people from Europe migrated to the United States in large waves some generations back. They were met with some hostility, endured, adapted and contributed to the culture and lived happily ever after. Many finns were amongst them. Including the dude who is apparently my 15th cousin once removed of something of the sort.

 And now that you know this snowflake’s backstory, here’s the more important half: He voted for Trump because he hates immigrants. He adores Finland, he adores America, he is proud of his heritage and he voted for Trump because immigrants will ruin America. Someone on facebook pointed out the hypocrisy of this as he, too, is a descendant of immigrants.

 And he was like yeah, that’s why I’m moving back to Finland.

 So allow me to recap: This man is from Wisconsin. He was born in the United States, as were his parents. He speaks english as a first language and is trying to study finnish as a second language, and according to my mother his grammar is atrocious. His plan is to migrate to Finland because immigrants are ruining America.

 Bob from Wisconsin, I don’t think you’re going to like it here.

I’m Back!

Hey everyone! Its Katie, I’m so sorry that I have been away for so long and that you haven’t been able to get any Japanese content from me lately! I’ve been so busy with exams and midterms and trying to get used to the college like that I have neglected the blog a little bit too much. Not to mention that the three of us on here had some trouble logging in and Tumblr takes forever to fix things like that. But I just wanted you to know that I’m finally back and I hope that you guys enjoyed the awesome content that was provided for you while I was away! 

I’ll be working on some Japanese posts tonight and through the next four days since I’m off of school! 

Hope everyone is doing well and thank you so much for the continued support and love you guys give us!

Keep up the hard work,


h e y a!!

i created this studyblr as @smarter-studies about a year ago but never really used it that much! oops


as i’m just starting to prepare for my a-levels i’ve decided to revamp my blog and actually post on here in an attempt to finally get my stuff together and stop procrastinating!! 

if you are a studyblr please like/reblog this post! i’d love to be more of a part of the study community and i’m always up for more cool content in my feed!!


astraeanevermore replied to your post “Thank you all for your patience and for sticking with me so far….”

Dealing with burnout is not fun at all, I know this from personal experience ;___; best wishes to you, dear, get well soon!

Thank you! It’s so much better now that I’m home… I can finally get a breather.

jepensedoncjesims replied to your post  “General rambling”

Oh, gosh, this is a lot to take in…what comes to mind for myself is that motivation comes internally, and rarely do I push if it is not there.  So, hearing that your muse has returned is wonderful news.  That is not to say that I do not look for people liking or even commenting on what I share. That is a huge bonus to find people even like anything I post.  I think that sharing has helped me really develop my characters because people might ask questions                   

and I have learned so much about your characters from the memes and development ones you have done, it is a wonderful way to share.  In the end, yes I do like comments and likes, but there are plenty of times when I have worked/invested so much time in writing a part and then creating in ts3 and it might be my most favorite part and if I get one comment, it is a plus, still it remains my favorite part. I don’t think this answers your question      

but I guess it seems silly to say write only for yourself when you want to share it?  I used to write noise for myself, and I admit it does more for my creativity since I started sharing than ever before.                   

I also don’t pay attention to rules or being innovative, I just write.  Then again, I am not expert.  In AFATWG there is so much love and care to the characters and their complex personalities, that I have fallen in love with them all, and really this speaks volumes to me having you as a writer who shares.         

so, it is late night and I have rambled…all to say, I haven’t got a ratio?   

Not having a ratio looks perfectly fine to me too! Although I think that in your case, you truly write 100% for yourself, you make a very good comment that just sharing a story helps a lot to grow as a writer. Character memes,questions from readers and offline discussions really open up the possibilities in ways I couldn’t have dreamed of. You are correct: the right word here is “sharing”, not “writing for others”.

So thank you for that bit of wisdom, and also for your kind words on AFATWG. :)

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Oh Seth, how I’ve missed you.                    

He really has a knack for impactful (macho) retorts, hasn’t he?

jepensedoncjesims replied to your photoset

Strangely obsessed…yeah, that is putting it lightly.                    

jepensedoncjesims replied to your photoset

I love that Nathaniel has an opportunity to be a “Golzine” father. I don’t maybe I’m just being silly…it just feels so much of a bonding moment Golzine-style.                    

Totally! This is the first time that they are alone in a room, they basically don’t know anything about each other. They are both very formal (but it’s their style too), yet self-conscious. Golzine parenthood is protective of its flock, so the role suits Nathaniel just fine.

jepensedoncjesims replied to your photoset

YES! YES! YES! That is it!                   

Nathaniel expression, I love this moment.                    

Ash unconsciously seeking approval and Nathaniel realizing that yes, this is his son. :) I love it myself, thank you for your comment.

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Sam is so sharp, she already has a plan.                    

Keeping her secrets to herself and making sure she has an edge on everyone else is very Sam-like.

jepensedoncjesims replied to your photoset

I have always loved their friendship, it is timeless, after everything that has happened in their lives                  

Seth and Nathaniel share that very exclusive relationship that dates from way back. They can literally communicate without words, although Seth always waits for Nate to say his name before proceeding. So glad that you consider their friendship timeless!

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I may be a little heartbroken at this scene…                    

simcatcher replied to your post  “Characters Moments”

So have I… lool ;b                    

Ok, so I have to admit that your Noah hasn’t helped! :D Too many sexy Noahs on here!

simcatcher replied to your photoset  “Emily’s comeback here is “How charming.”

Oh, please prom Noah comic style *-*                    

Prom Noah = Busy Noah. (He was without a date since Emily had refused to come. So he endeavored to steal others’ dates.)

simcatcher replied to your photoset

  I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of them 2                   

Everytime I want more                   

Every single time                    

Same here, Em and Noah keep on building up the tension. And they do have amazing chemistry, right?