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In regards to Mustang’s fight with Lust in Brotherhood, a lot of people don’t really talk about the scene where Riza tries to get out of Al’s arms while screaming for Roy. Most people say it’s because she’s running out to protect Roy.. but I think there’s another interpretation hidden behind that. It could also be because she’s trying to stop him from attacking Lust.

Remember those last lines that Lust said right before Mustang killed her?

His eyes were full of blood lust and revenge for what Lust was about to do to Riza. He wasn’t holding anything back or was willing to give Lust any mercy when killing her. This sounds familiar doesn’t it?

Yep. Mustang’s fight with Envy. And what does Riza do when she sees him going insane with blood lust and revenge?

She stops him. She knows he’s not just killing Envy because he’s one of the bad guys. He’s killing Envy and making sure his death is the worst torture imaginable by burning him to death, just like Lust.

Those aren’t the eyes of someone who is in need of help or is frightened. Roy knows his alchemy is powerful enough to kill and torture Lust, and Riza knows it too.

That’s why she tries to stop him. Just like the fight with Envy, once she sees that he’s going too far, she tries to call to him in order to get him to stop. They made a promise that she would stop him when he began to steer towards the wrong path, and in this moment he is doing exactly that. You can definitely say that the fight with Lust fueled Mustang’s blood lust throughout the rest of the series, shining the most in episodes 53 and 54.

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Do you have any posts/tips for studying effectively for semester finals?

My best tip is to target your study for the exam you’re taking. 

So what does that mean? 

1. Practice Past Exams. 

There’s no point in memorising notecards or making study guides if you can’t tailor the content you’ve learnt to answer the question at hand. The short answer to the masses of students who say something to the effect of, ”I don’t understand why I only got X grade when I studied for 14701863 hours” is that “you failed to answer the question”. So get familiar with the type of questions in the exam, make sure you’re learning content that relates to said questions, and then understand how to command what you’ve learnt into an answer that addresses the question. 

An easy way to do this is to grab a marking guide/ your syllabus and physically tick the relevant points/words/concepts you’ve included in your practice answer. You’ll be surprised - sometimes you think you’ve answered the question, when in reality, you haven’t. 

2. Get a basic ‘birds eye view’ of the course before diving into the detail. 

Don’t get caught up on little details. Understand the broad concepts that are examinable. Once you’ve got a working understanding of all of that, go back and fill it in with the detail (e.g. examples, case studies, specific applications of a formula). Why? The art of diminishing returns. Moreover, the first 50% of the marks allocated to a question are the easiest to get. 

3. Do what you need to do, for you. 

Look, just because you didn’t study from day 1 - day 100 doesn’t mean you’re going to fail. It’s not all or nothing; there’s a huge gap between an A+ and an F. Arguably those with that ‘fatalistic, catastrophizing mindset’ are on a one way track to demotivation town. 

So if pulling an all nighter is how you study, then pull that godamn allnighter. If you’re the type to wake up early to study, then set your godamn alarm for 5am. If you need to rest and recouperate and spend a good 12 hours on tumblr procrastinating, then do it. 

You’re not going to fail just because you don’t have the fancy notes or stationery your friend does. You’re not going to fail just because your friend studied for 4 hours last night while you marathoned gilmore girls. 

Stand proud of your own study techniques that have ensured your success to this point. 

+ on a side note, If you’ve fallen behind, here’s a few tips here. 

Here’s a few tips from around the community: 

All the best for your finals anon! 

too little too late

pairing: thor x reader

Plot: the reader is in love with Steve and he knows that but he never gives her the time of day so she starts hanging out with Thor (who also happens to have a crush on you) and she starts to develop feelings for him. When Steve notices the reader is spending all of her time with Thor he starts to become jealous and shows up everywhere the reader and Thor are. On the night of one of Tony’s parties Thor makes an announcement that Steve doesn’t like and decides to start a fight with him.

A/n again the first person let me know in the comments how many movies are in the  trilogy will get a personalized fic with the character or actor/actress of their choosing. Here’s the link to the characters/actors I’m accepting requests for http://marvelismylife.tumblr.com/post/157632999387/in-my-thor-fic-im-going-to-be-posting-tonight

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Today was going to be the day you finally asked Steve out on a date. You have been practicing what you were going to tell him over a dozen time because you wanted it to come out perfectly.

You’ve tried so hard not to make your crush noticeable but you had a feeling he already knew you liked him. For example you would be the first to volunteer when Steve asked for someone to go on a mission for him or running errands for him.

Your heart started racing when you spotted Steve looking through some files while he was walking by “Hey Steve I was wondering if maybe you’d like to grab dinner with me tonight, just the two of us, like a-”

“I can’t I have a mission but maybe some other time” Steve interrupt without looking at you before he left the room. You were so disappointed that he had left without making eye contact with you that you didn’t realize Natasha was standing behind you.

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A Strange Kind Of Home (EXTRA SCENE)

Author: AvengeSuperWhoLock

Word Count: 1721

Pairing: BuckyxReader

Summary: This takes place in the year after S.H.I.E.L.D collapsed and you and Bucky got a house together. It’s a scene based on the memory Bucky had about him trying to cook you pancakes.

A/N: A Strange Kind Of Home is a completed fic. I’m only posting this because I had it sitting on my Ao3 account after I had decided to write some extra scenes based on this fic. This was the only one I got around to writing, so I decided to finally share it here. This can work as a stand-alone but I recommend everyone read the entire series (or re-read it if it’s been a while) to get the full impact of this one shot. Hope you guys enjoy :)


Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8

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Aoi Shouta - Voice Animage Plus 2017

Fun fact: Today is Shoutan’s 6th year anniversary from his debut as a seiyuu, and today I also finally received this mag (with another mag that features Shouta; I’ll post some snaps later) which I purchased early this month. So this will serve as my commemorative post for Shouta’s seiyuu debut anniversary :)

I’m kinda emo coz whenever I look back at how much Shoutan has struggled and grown into the fine artist that he is now, I can’t help but be amazed and fall more in love with him. I’m just so happy that he’s getting all the success he has now, and I am so proud of him. :)

These are personal snaps from my own copy. Please don’t reupload or redistribute as your own. You may use them for layouts, profile pictures, but please credit back to me or this post and let me know. Thank you!

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Remember the post were this girl said her best friend forgot to ask her to prom? Can you write something like that for hinny? :)

A/N: I did it!  And it’s canon-verse too so woo (post books though).  Hope you enjoy!

Also available on FF and Ao3!


It starts a few weeks after September 1st, initially nothing strange enough to really draw his attention beyond answering the innocuous questions like ‘do you have a favorite color’ and ‘are you allergic to any flowers or plant life.’ Weird, but he brushes them off, assumes it’s just an effort to get to help them get to know each other like normal people – people who finally don’t have a homicidal maniac breathing down their proverbial (and occasionally literal) necks.  So he asks them back, learning she hates salt on her eggs, loves swimming at dusk, and secretly read Ron’s entire collection of Martin Miggs comics during his first year at Hogwarts.

But then it gets more specific, her questions.  Ginny’s latest letter had been filled with her usual humorous commentary on day-to-day life at Hogwarts – critiques on teaching methods (apparently Professor Sinistra’s ban on caffeinated beverages in class was unacceptable), a run down on the week’s Quidditch practices (along with gossip she’d gleaned about the other teams and updates on her negotiations with professional teams), as well as general boasting about how she’s eating so much better than him (Harry felt silly having Kreacher cook for just one person).  Then, reaching the bottom of the parchment and the dregs of his tea, Harry’s eyes stutter over the postscript, ‘what color is your cummerbund?

Flicking his wand to send his mug to soak along with his other neglected dishware, Harry furrows his brow – unsure what exactly a cummerbund is and too afraid it’s some mischievous flirtation on Ginny’s part to ask Ron for help.

Considering who he’s dating, he quickly tosses aside his second and third choices, and just as he’s wondering where exactly he left Dudley’s telephone number, Harry sighs and reaches for the floo pot perched on his mantle.

Before he can second-guess himself, he calls out for McGonagall’s office and sticks his head into the now green flames, knees protesting at his position.

At first, he hears his former professor muttering darkly in her thick Scottish brogue before her sharply polished boots appear before him, peaking from beneath deep green robes.  “You know I thought I’d have a break from Potter mischief until you and Miss Weasley had a child old enough for Hogwarts.”

Harry fights the blush that threatens to rise at the mention of his and Ginny’s hypothetical future children and clears his throat.  “Funny you should mention Ginny.”

Settling down on the plump tartan stool tucked close to the broad fireplace, McGonagall arches a dark brow questioningly.  “Romantic troubles with the youngest Weasley?  You seem quite desperate.  Don’t get too clingy Potter.”

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Journal Entry #94

Iris has been working on her art lately, and for some reason she decided to draw dad.

I think it upset her more than me, but Noct managed to cheer her up by volunteering us all as models for her. I’m not complaining, really, but of course she gave me her picture of Prompto.

And then the little shit sent me this afterwards. I’ll get her back for it.

(Art by Ayano & used with permission. Thanks! 💖)

ishipallthings replied to your post: Imagine Steve sneaking into Tony’s bed during cold…

And after they finally get together there’s no need to sneak into Tony’s bed anymore (as fun as that image is omg), and Steve finds himself liking cold nights because snuggling with Tony on those nights, the arc reactor a beacon in the darkness, gives him the warmest feeling of love.

Oh my god, yeeeees.

I had this funny thought of Tony waking up one night (before they get together) and feels two warm and strong arms wrapped around his waist. He’s so confused but doesn’t panic because he just knows who it is. And he looks up and sees the adorably sleeping face of Steve Rogers, hair all mussed and a little bit of drool at the corner of his mouth. 

Tony stares at him for a few moments before rolling his eyes fondly and snuggling back down against him, heading back to sleep. But his heart is pounding because he can’t believe that this is happening, maybe it’s a dream but it’s not.

I probably won’t be able to post the Iggy one tonight, because I’m exhausted, but it will definitely be up by tomorrow. I might just end up making it a series and do one for each of the boys, and I have tomorrow off so hopefully I can finally get some decent writing done.

I hope you enjoyed the Gladio one, the one for Iggy is gonna be a little more…uh, saucy? risqué? 

…I have plans.

Endless - Part 2

 Word Count: 5.3k

Warnings: Mentions of abuse, violence, depression, swearing

Summary:  Dan is juggling depression, anxiety, eating problems, and abuse. His world is a never ending gray cloud. At least it is until he meets Phil, a popular handsome boy who for some reason will not give up on getting to know Dan.

Authors note: Sorry it took so long for me to post this part, but it’s finally out. I was stuck juggling mid terms, sickness, and some personal problems that have made it hard to focus on writing. However I still have enjoyed writing this part and hope anyone who reads will enjoy this next installment of the story. Once again any and all feedback is appreciated. I look forward to writing more! 

Rating: M (Part 2 does not include smut)


I finally did it! I finished the second quest. 57 deaths, could be worse ( my first time playing the first quest had my death count in the 400s )  I’ve been an adoring fan of Zelda 1 for many many years but I’ve never put any serious effort into playing the second quest apart from a half hearted attempt a couple years back, and just now. Wanted to make sure to get it done before Breath of the Wild released.

So, it was fun. Much more challenging than the first quest, obviously. I’d probably play it again, but I’m not crazy enough to attempt a no death run like I’ve done with the first quest though.

I’ve always maintained that Zelda 1 was not unbeatable without a guide, like a lot of newcomers to the game like to claim. But this was coming from someone who didn’t play much of the second quest. I still hold firm to the first quest being easy peezy to beat without a guide, but I was a little humbled by the second quest.

The first quest conditioned me to thinking that the flute would only be useful for killing digdogger, warping, and uncovering the one dungeon in the pond without a fairy. But in the second quest, it suddenly became a much more important tool for uncovering secrets, including the location of a dungeon that’s not under a pond. I had to look up the location of this dungeon.

Now, the romhack, Zelda Challenge: Outlands, actually hints at the flute being more useful in the second quest in it’s digital instruction manual, so I should have figured the same thing applied to the original game, but I just didn’t.

On the plus side, I actually learned  even more about this game I love so much. I think I’ve finally come to the realization that there can only be one cave on the screen at any time, so don’t bother using the candle, bombs, or the power bracelet if there’s a cave somewhere on the screen. Secondly, the flute will never uncover secrets near the coast, because of the way it’s programmed to remove the color blue from the screen ( and draining the whole ocean would be silly… *glances at old pre-hyrule historia timeline theories* )

In any case, I still think the game is wonderfully designed, the flute thing was probably a product of the time when Nintendo Power Magazine, Nintendo Hotline, and word of mouth was a big part of the gaming experience. I won’t fault it for that.

Now if you;ll excuse me, i’m going to either dive into the Legend of Link, or The Legend of Zelda randomized.

CWHL Awards Survey Results

I was really surprised that most of you voted to give Coach of the Year to the guy who could probably just throw any 5 players on the ice and say “do what you want.”

This result was the opposite of surprising.

When will Christina Kessler get the recognition she deserves?

Finally a fan vote victory that Meaghan Mikkelson won’t have to share

Iya Gavrilova and Laura Stacey however, will have to share this fan vote. 

45.5% of voters lied when answering this question.


44.4% of people answered this question correctly.

I wish I were as optimistic as the people who voted for Brampton and Toronto on this question.

That’s all, folks. Thanks for participating. 

anyways!! tysm for all the kind words and stuff after i got that one ask that was kind of ehh.. it kind of got me in the mood to finally stop being as sad and actually get some things back on track! see ya in the next post!


Okay so here’s the thing, I’m already done with one of natasha and the wanda smut BUT I won’t be able to post neither of them until maybe next week life sucks because once again my notebook AND my cellphone decided to let me down at the same time :(

I hope you guys don’t get mad at me about it, I’ll post them and make the last natasha smut for sure, but while I don’t have my notebook and cellphone back I’ll write somethings in my agenda or my paper notebook(?) and when I can finally get back safely it means I won’t disappear by my networks letting me down I’ll post the smuts and the other imagines I’ve written until them, here’s the ones I’m planning to do:

- Bucky Barnes (Bucky finds Reader (maybe become a series idk) and she remember him from the winter soldier days, he thinks she’ll push him out after she remembers him but it’s quite the opposite).

- Steve Rogers (Steve is a perfect hero, he spends a day at a orphanate with kids and can’t help but feel bewitched by their teacher).

- Sam Wilson (a night with Sam, chocolate and movies bc why not?).

- Scott Lang (who better than bf Scott to help consoling a broken heart?).

- Peter Quill (”I can show you all the stars” that’s it, that’s the summary I’m giving to you guys, you can imagine whatever you want).

- Peter Parker (the day Peter decides to apresent Reader for the team, hot make out session too bc I’m a sucker for making out with Peter, or Tom, both).

- Peter Maximoff (Reader is Charles daughter and has a crush on Peter, thank God he feels the same I know many people have made imagines based on this theme but it’s so cute, I couldn’t help it).

- Pietro Maximoff (Reader finds Pietro’s body in the wreckage of Sokovia and takes care of him).

- Tony Stark (Reader just wants some of Tony’s attention but apparently it’s too much to ask) angst but ends fluff.

- King T’challa (Reader has a flashback of some good moments with T’challa before their wedding).

I was also planning to do a Bucky Barnes where he proposes to the reader in a vacation at Clint’s farm, but idk if I’ll still have good imagination for it when I get my things back.

My ask will still be open until then so if you want to request something just send me and I’ll add to my to-do list :D

Love you guys a lot!!! *°•..¸¸.*♡*.¸¸.*☆*

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(kiss from my dad dean ambrose bc yeah he’s awesome)