i finally get my second baby

Dear Taehyun,

I hear you’re finally leaving Winner, and you’re finally leaving YG.

That’s good.


Go get better. Go resolve your inner demons. Go find happiness. Go find respect. Go find peace. Go find strength. Go find contentment. Go find a second chance. Go find joy. Go find comfort. Go find rest. Go find time. Go find energy. Go find new life. Go find hope. Go find grace. Go find self esteem. Go find self worth. Go find a plan. Go find love.

And we’ll go alongside you.

Our hearts may be sad.

But our will is still strong.

So we’ll stay.

We’ll stay with you while you get better. We’ll stay with you while you resolve your inner demons. We’ll stay with you while you find happiness. We’ll stay with you while you find respect. We’ll stay with you while you find peace. We’ll stay with you while you find strength. We’ll stay with you while you contentment. We’ll stay with you while you find a second chance. We’ll stay with you while you find joy. We’ll stay with you while you find comfort. We’ll stay with you while you find rest. We’ll stay with you while you find time. We’ll stay with you while you find energy. We’ll stay with you while you find new life. We’ll stay with you while you find hope. We’ll stay with you while you find grace. We’ll stay with you while you find self esteem. We’ll stay with you while you find self worth. We’ll stay with you while you find a plan. We’ll stay with you while you find love and still give you all of ours.

We’ll always stay.

We’re never going anywhere.

Don’t worry about us. Just focus on you.

We’re here with you, and that’s never going to change.

“Diving into this 700-page baby today! 😍😍 This stage (aka first pass pages) is one of my favorite parts of the publishing process, mostly because it’s the first time I get to actually see my manuscript transformed into how it will appear in the finished/printed book! (I still totally get chills when I finally glimpse the fancy title page!) This stage is the second-to-last time I’ll get to read through the manuscript, so I’m pretty much going over every page/sentence/word with a fine-toothed comb. Can’t wait for you guys to read it on May 2nd!! 📚🖊😁😁😁 #acowar #acourtofwingsandruin #acotar #thisbookisliterally700pagesonthebutton #longestbookyet ”

700 Pages. The. LONGEST. BOOK
YET! May cannot come sooner!!

  • Side note: The name of the first part of ACOWAR is “Princess of Carrion” and I recognised lmmediately, realising that it from ACOMAF. On page 586 of ACOMAF, it says “Yes, you see now, Princess of carrion”. This is what the cauldron says to Feyre when she touches it. I can’t help but feel like this means Feyre is going wield (or come to) a great, possibly the greatest, amount of power - with the Cauldron being so powerful and calling her that. 
    • Also, in ACOTAR, Amarantha mentions that Feyre is a name of one of the fae’s earliest dialects, which I think could, maybe, represent that she’s always had this power but just had to be made again. I also think, with the cauldron being as old as time, or whatever, that Feyre and it are linked and she could, possibly, harness its power.
  • BUT carrion means similar to or rotting flesh. I feel like this could link to “Unmade and made. Made and unmade”, maybe meaning that Feyre has been made and now her body is rotting (as she was dead) so shill will be unmade. But Lord do I hope that this is not the case and I’ve interpreted this in the wrong way. 
  • I could be completely off the mark here but I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the cauldron called her this.
All I Want for Christmas (Part 5/5)

Bucky x Reader AU

Summary – You’ve put your career ahead of everything else in life. Then you meet a guy that makes you want to believe in love again, but he’s not interested in you.  What happens when Fate decides you deserve a second chance?  

Warnings – Lots of Christmas fluff!

Word Count – 3,297

Notes –   Today is Christmas Eve!  I hope you guys have enjoyed the story so far.  This is the last part, do you think she’s finally going to get it right? Let’s hope so!  As always, please feel free to leave me comments or asks to let me know what you thought!

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5


Christmas Fic Masterlist

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I don’t want a lot for Christmas
This is all I’m asking for
I just wanna see my baby
Standing right outside my door

I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
Baby all I want for Christmas is you

All I want for Christmas is you, baby

When the alarm went off, you decided that today was going to be the day. Somehow you were going to get it right.  You sang along with the end of the song as you made your bed.


You grabbed your phone and shot Tony a quick text, telling him that you were taking the day off, as you made your way to the bathroom.

“That’s perfect!” Tony replied after a few minutes. “I’m at a ski resort with Pepper. She came back!  Merry Christmas!”

“Merry Christmas to both of you!”

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Santa Baby. (C.H)

Calum Hood, 5 Seconds of Summer.

anonymous asked:
Calum Hood Imagine? Whatever you come up with. I just love your writing <3. Btw, you look gorg on your avatar.

A/N: anon messages like that make me melt!

Finally, Christmas day is here. I always loved Christmas, ever since I was a little child. But my love for Christmas doubled up, since last year, when Calum and I got married on Christmas day.
The ceremony  was like a fairytail; everythinh was snow themed and I still get chills whenever I think of the moment the priest pronounced us ‘husband & wife’ .

“Mrs Hood, are you ready for our Christmas slash first anniversary dinner party? Wow, you look gorgeous babygirl…” He says, leaning on the door frame of our built-in closet. I smile from ear to ear and do a spin, giving him full view of my curve hugging red dress.
“Fuck… And all of that is mine…” He chuckles and pulls me into a hug. His hand is inching down my waist and gently squeezes on my butt.
“Don’t start baby. We’ll have people over in a few.” I whisper, tracing down his chin with my thumb. He leaves a soft kiss on my sweetspot underneath my ear, enough to make me moan quietly.
“I have to go check on the food, Cal.” I say, trying to contain myself. He humms a response, before he takes a step back from me, his arms still on my waist.

“Mali texted methat they are going to be here in a few. Do you need any help?”
“Nah babe.. I got it.”
“Oh come on… Let me just set the table..” He says, giving me a peck on  the forehead.

“Son, you got yourself a great cook. And she has the looks too.” Calum’s dad compliments me, raising his glass. Calum smirks and I smile, taking a bite of my food.
“She is the best.” He replies simply, kissing the back of my hand.
“Happy 1st year anniversary!!” Mali cheers. Everyone joins her, raising their glasses and wishing  us the best. Calum runs his thumb across the back of my hand, making me smile.

“Any plans on making us grandparents anytime soon?” My father asks, looking at us hopefully.  I lay my fork on my plate, preparing myself for the upcoming conversation.
“Mr [Y/L/N]. I am afraid that we will disappoint you. (Y/N) and I has discuss this and we agreed that we are not ready to start a family.”
“But son, that’s the reason people get married..” His father interrupts him. I feel my gut twist and turn, like every other time we have this conversation.
“Dad, I am touring. And (Y/N) is on the peak of her career. We can’t raise a child like that. I want to be there for my kid, like you were for me” Calum says, his voice calm but showing how serious he is about that subject. Everyone, and first of all, me, turn to our plates and continue our meal quietly.


“(Y/N) do you think that what I think about us having a child is not logical?” Calum asks me as I get under the covers. He keeps and arm open so I can lay on his bare chest, as I do every night since we first slept together. I find something therapeutic and calming in his warm skin and light scent and as he says, my soft breath while I sleep are his favorite lullaby.
I lay on his chest and take a deep breath of his cologne and his natural skin scent.
“I believe that what you said was right at some points. But really Calum, I don’t want to discuss this again…”
“But we have to, (Y/N). I am not the only person that has to take decisions in this marriage.”
“If you want us to talk about it, then it’s time you hear it. What if you never stop touring? Your band is going great  and your fans keep on multiplying… We don’t know if this life will ever end….” I say, sitting up. He stares at me, his mouth open.
“And don’t tell me that you will quit. Cause I won’t believe this for even a second.” I say, almost with one breath.
“I didn’t say anything…” He defends himself.
“Let’s just stop this Cal. I don’t want to spend our first anniversary fighting.” I say, calming my voice, as I get under the duvet.

“Hey… What’s up with you? I know you miss my brother but we are out for shopping now so please don’t be lost in your thoughts and have some fun with me.” Mali says, snapping me out of my thoughts.
“It’s not that..”
“Then what is it? You can tell me everything (Y/N). She says,pulling me into a hug. I sigh.
"Remember that fight I told you about… The one we had after our anniversary dinner?”
“it wasn’t exactly a fight. And please don’t tell me that after 2 months you decided you want a divorce because of that one fight. Calum loves you, you mean the..”
“I am 5 weeks pregnant. And I don’t know what to do, Mali..” I interrupt her. I whisper the last part, my voice cracking.
“…World to him… Wait. What? You are pregnant ? Are you sure?” She asks me.
“I double checked it. I am pregnant. And my husband doesn’t want children.”

I still haven’t told Calum that we are expecting. I can’t… At least not through a video call, phone call or text.
But I have no more excuses. Calum is going to be back from tour for 2 weeks, just for a small break. I have to tell him, we need more than ever to have this discussion.

I ssit on the couch, resting my hands on my stomach. I am not even showing, nothing more than that anyone can mistaken for a bloating.
But I know something is in there. I’ve seen it, I’ve even heard its heartbeat.
I can’t help but picture it;  a mini-me or mini Calum, sleeping peacefully on Calum’s chest, with a thumb between the lips.
Or a little later, running on the backyard.
I really wish it’s a girl… A miniature me with my eyes and Calum’s lips, wearing pretty onesies and headbands…
But a boy would be perfect too. Playing football with Cal and videogames with Michael.

“Babygirl…” I hear Calum’s voice snapping me out of my daydream. I clutch my stomach instictively.
“Calum, you scared the shit out of me..” I whimper.
“Seriously, you didn’t hear me getting in?” He giggles, approaching me for a hug. I bury myself in his arms and chest, taking deep breaths of his perfume.
“I was just in my own little world..” I mumble, feeling anxious but kind of relieved that he is finally here.
“Do I have a place in this little world of yours?” He asks, pecking on my forehead with his warm, chapped lips and strumming my waist with his thumb.
“Depends on what, babygirl…?” He asks, almost humming against my skin. I can tell he is tired, but I am tired too, and not just physically.
“On the conversation we are about to have.” I say, motioning him to sit on the couch.
“What’s going on, princess?”
“Look Calum, I know where exactly you stand on the whole having children issue. But..”
“(Y/N), you knew since the moment we tied the knot that I don’t want children while I am still touring…”
“I know that…” I try to continue but he keeps on rumbling.
“So if you changed your mind…”
“I am pregnant.” I say calmly, closing my eyes. I take a couple of deep breaths, the exact seconds it takes him to stop.
“What did you just say?” He asks. Usually, I can tell if he is mad or calm or detect how he feels by listening to his voice, but right now I don’t have neither the energy nor the mood to analyze him.
“I said, I am pregnant. 2 months far in 3 days. And, as you can really understand we have to reevaluate where we stand on this whole having children thing. And don’t you dare tell me to get an abortion because I swear I am going to cut your head off.”
“You are pregnant….” He states, standing up.. I can tell he is panicked, as he paces up and down the room, running his fingers through his hair.
“I am, Calum…” I assure him, one more time.
“I need a minute.” He says, walking towards the door.

[Calum’s POV]
Walking towards my parents’ house wasn’t really the best idea. Many fans saw me and asked for pictures. I just need a minute to myself, some freaking time to think.
I knock on the door, hoping that I find someone to talk to. I need some comfort and some guidence.
“Hey Cal… What are you doing in here? I thought that you and (Y/N) would visit us tomorrow cause you wanted to spend some time together.” Mali greets me, hugging me.
“That was the plan..” I say, shrugging my shoulders as I get in the house.
“What’s going on? Is (Y/N) alright?” She asks, taking a seat on the couch.
“No… (Y/N) is alright… I guess…”
“You guess? Calum, what the hell is going on?” Mali asks worried.
“I guess (Y/N) got pregnant…” I sigh running my fingers through my hair. She slaps the back of my head, getting me off guard.
“You idiot.. First of all, she didn’t get pregnant all by herself. You kinda helped her. Andsecond, what the hell is wrong with you? Why are you even here? Your freaking wife is pregnant with your baby and you are not there?”
“Mali, we are not ready to become parents…”
“You… You are not ready to be a parent. You never asked her if she was or if she wants to become a mother. You decided you didn’t want children while touring. And she went along with it because she loves you. And too bad you are not ready, because my niece or nephew is joining soon. Now get your ass to your house, or else I am going to shove your head up your ass. Get it, Hood?” She looks dead serious, she even has my t-shirt balled in her fist.
“Oi… I got it…” I say, surrendering.

[Y/N’s POV]
I lay on our bed, my eyes refusing to shut.
“Fucking hell…” I curse and turn for the millionth time the last hour.
“Can you not curse in front of my child? ” I hear Calum’s voice from the door of our bedroom.
“I didn’t notice you in there.” I say, sitting up against the header.
“You seem to be absentminded today…” He chuckles, sitting on the bed.
“I have my reasons…” I say, as he climbs towards me.
“I am sorry I left like that…”
“It’s ok. I kinda expected it.”
“You expected me going out?”
“I expected much worst to be honest…”
“Like what?” He asks, raising an eyebrow.
“I was prepared for a divorce…”
“The day we got married, I promised that I will never leave you, no matter what. Through sickness and health. Through thick and thin. Through good times and bad times. Whether rich or poor. And there would be no power on this universe that would force me to be away from you. Remember that?”
“I do. But you were clear about the whole having children thing, even before we got married…”
“Then I hould have been more careful. Look, you were right; I might never stop touring. But I want to have a family with you. And I might not be ready to become a fatheryet,but I have 7 more months to prepare and a whole life ahead of me to become the best dad ever.”
“You are such an asshole Hood. Making a pregnant woman all emotional…” I ay, trying to hold my ears from falling. He brings me to his chest and kisses my temple with his soft, plump lips.
“I know… Now I need you to sleep… I need my girls to be well-rested.”
“We don’t know if it’s a girls yet…” I say, as he pulls me laying on his chest.
“It’s a girl. I can sense it. ” He says, putting a hand on my tummy.


I wake up, surprisingly not by the cries of my 3-month old baby girl. I turn to my side and see that my husband of 2-years tomorrow is not there. I turn to the baby monitor and check on the small screen that shows the crib where Iris sleeps, but I see no one. I get up from the bed and slip inside my silky romp. I slowly walk to the nursery room, knowing that probably my 2 biggest loves are together.

I crack the door open and see Calum with Iris in his arms, rocking her back & forth sleepily.
“Cal, what are you doing?” I ask, smiling at the sight.
“She woke up and I didn’t want to wake you up.” He says, yawning.
“Ok, but she is asleep now. Why didn’t you come back?”
“I was afraidto put her down… What if I wake her up or break her?”
“Hood, you are a father for almost 3 months and you still worry?”
“Honestly, I don’t think I will ever stop.” He says, looking down at our sleeping daughter. I approach him and take the baby from his arms carefully, not to wake her up. I put her back in her crib and cover her small body with her soft blanet.
Calum stands right next to me, his arm snaked around my waist and his lips resting on my shoulder.
“And to think that exactly a year ago, I didn’t want kids. How stupid was I?”
“A lot. But that’s another subject to discuss. Let’s go now. Let her rest… Maybe, get her dad lucky tonight.” I whisper, pecking on his chest.
“We have the dinner to prepare in the morning…” He groans but I can really feel his boner against my stomach.
“That didn’t really stop us last year…” I whisper, pulling him in for a kiss.
“Merry Christmas babe!” He murmurs against my lips.
“Happy anniversary my love.” I whisper, pulling him towards our bedroom.


Second Trimester Baby check-up! ♡

‘I have always been excited about the idea of being pregnant, and luckily this feeling never went away. Today I hit my 20 weeks pregnant mark. It’s getting harder to hide the pregnancy since my waistline is expanding much more quickly than it did before. 

I had an appointment for my prenatal visit. I was lucky enough for Autumn to join me because I was feeling anxious. 

I’ve stated a few facts about the little one that’s growing in my belly underneath.’

- We finally decided on your name and we told close friends and family!
- You’re the size of a large banana.
- I am having a lot of weird pregnancy cravings because of you.
- You are really active, kicking and moving all the time.
- We love you already! <3

‘20 weeks down, 20 more to go!’

This single scene makes each second of my life I spent watching this show worth it
In my opinion, they are the best thing that have happened in the show in a long while.
I seriously love the way they finally got to be happy (both deserved it) and even better, they are happy together.
I don’t know about you guys, but I wouldn’t mind if Elena never comes back so Bonnie and Enzo can get their happy ending.
I can’t explain how happy makes me this specific moment… They look so happy, and they deserve that so much.
I love them.
I really love them ❤❤❤

the-real-tony-stank  asked:

Fun fact: a doctor diagnosed me with asthma when I was 11, after spending approximately a minute and a half in the room with me and barely looking at me. After five years of dealing with medicine that wasn't treating my symptoms, a different doctor diagnosed me with a serious heart condition that could have been caught and treated five years earlier, had the first doctor taken more than two seconds in room with me. Gotta love healthcare.

This is so shitty and I’m upset that they made you go through that tbh. I might be getting dangerously close to going on that women’s health rant I mentioned earlier. 

I remember my older brother had these crazy bad migraines all through middle school and literally not a single doctor could give us an explanation until someone was finally like “kid, you didn’t crawl for long enough as a baby and now your spine or something is fucked up” (I don’t know the exact medical terminology but this gets the point across I think.)

  • Daddy and me: *playing xbox*
  • Daddy: *kicks my butt in the first round of mortal combat*
  • Me: *very nicely* okay daddy next time I'll win just you see!
  • Daddy: okay princess we'll see.
  • Me: *hits all the buttons and try's really hard to fight*
  • Daddy: *kicks my butt on the second round*
  • Me: hmph... *gets a little irritated cause I hate to lose*
  • Daddy: you okay baby?
  • Me: ...yes I'm fine...
  • *final round starts and daddy starts to let me win*
  • *right before I kill him he comes out of no where and kicks my butt and wins the game*
  • Me: !!! Motherf**ker !!!
  • Daddy: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Daddy: *sternly* babygirl...
  • Me: I-i'm sorry daddy please don't be mad at me *starts to get teary eyed*
  • Daddy: *stares at me for a minute then starts to chuckle* I'm not mad baby it just makes me laugh when you lose cause you get all fussy and mad
  • Me: *relieved* really? So I'm not in trouble for cussing?
  • Daddy: Oh no you're still in trouble. I just wanted to tell you how cute you are before you get a spanking.
  • Me: well poo...
[right down to the second]

Part 5 out of 8. You can read parts one, two, three, and four on my tumblr. I figured we all needed a little pick me up after yesterday’s episode. WC ~1400, series 6 spoilers. We finally get baby, and the name! Many thanks to @nelayn for letting me talk out this chapter and work the kinks out. 

She has a level of understanding now that she didn’t have earlier. Mostly how mothers can break down and declare that it’s impossible, there is no way she can do this, the baby is never coming. Thinking back to the otherwise silent midnights and grey dim dawns, she keeps the words from forming on her own tongue.

It can be done.

It always is done.

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So guys I think I’m cursed, like on some real shit. Even though I got out of my depression, I still have yet to go on a sugar date for awhile now one was even wanting a sugar baby at all, I had finally lined up dates , agreed allowances and then literally they would cancel last fucking second,
I had 4 consecutive dates that canceled last min. Tonight I thought my luck would change, a man who had messaged me in the past, messaged me again and I took notice, well omg he’s a sub!!! I love subs because you get to beat the shit out of them and you don’t have to have sex(unless he wants a dildo up his ass 😂)
Well he was offering me and a friend to come dominate him for 2 grand each tonight. I was like let me see who could come through , all was good. I found a sugar baby friend and when I tried to call him back he blocked me. He blocked my number and blocked me on SA I was so angry! Like literally wanted to cry I was so angry. Like he was so into me telling me how perfect I am.
So back to saying I’m cursed, I’m like looking up how to break hexes and curses I’m already wearing an amulet. I wrote the names of the people who I think are cursing me into a candle and lit the candle saying a white magic chant. And I’m probably going to take a bath with salt and herbs, and I am trying to have only positive thoughts

Mod: Since the twins have been born I can finally post this drawing I made of them as adults. This is actually the first drawing I ever made of them. I always make my ocs as adults first to know their final look, even if they’re canonly younger than 10 or something. So yeah. Here’s Lulu and her baby brother Orchid. Yeah Lunar Arrow is older, by like a second. And Sugar Orchid is my new little femboy, so cute. I’m so happy to finally get to draw them more. In this I’d say they’re about 18. Yep.

Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous


A/N: This is really long, but here is the final part! Hope you all enjoyed this series:) I’m excited for you to see what I have planned next! 


|Part One|  |Part Two

The sound of the front door slamming jolted Luke from his thoughts forcing him to get up from his chair in the bedroom and investigate the sound of the noise.

“Y/N?” He called out. “Baby was that yo-” He stopped short when he saw none other than the very person he hated more than anyone in the world sitting daintily on the couch where he had left you.

“Hello Lucas.” Her high pitched voice was toxic to him.

“What the hell are you doing here. Where’s Y/N?”

She scoffed, standing up and making her way towards him. “You mean that poorly dressed little thing you were keeping? I let her out with the rest of the trash.” She reached up and touched his bicep giving it a little squeeze. “You can thank me later.”

Luke grabbed her wrist, forcing her off of him. “What did you say to her?” He was furious.

“I didn’t have to say anything Lucas. You said it all yourself.”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t care about her? “She is absolutely nothing to me? You really should soundproof these walls Lucas.” She smirked.

“I wasn’t talking about her. she’s smart enough to know that. What the hell did you say?” Luke was furious that Sabrina would stoop so low as to ruin the one good thing he had going for him.

“I just told her the truth. That we’re engaged and she’s not welcome here.” Sabrina shrugged.

“No, we will never be together. When will you get that through your head!?” He yelled right in her face but she only raised an eyebrow.

“Even if it means being cut off? Surely not even you are that dense. Besides, I know you wouldn’t throw away fame and fortune for a girl you picked up off a street corner.” She scoffed, laughing.

“Don’t you dare talk about her that way and don’t pretend like you know me.” He spat, before turning away from her and grabbing his leather jacket off the couch.

“Lucas, where are you going.” Sabrina pouted. “Your mom is expecting us for tea in twenty minutes.”

Luke slipped on his sunglasses and raised his eyebrows at her.

“Out to find the girl I love.” Luke flung open the door and was about to walk out before he stopped, turning back to face her. “Oh and you better not be here when I get back. I’m not used to taking out the trash on my own.”


The cold autumn wind bit at your skin as you hugged your hoodie closer to your body for warmth. You didn’t really know where you were going, only that you were in fact going. Buying a bus ticket and skipping town crossed your mind, but you had already almost saved enough for the first down payment of an apartment and you weren’t about to waste any of that money fleeing from a boy who wouldn’t even come looking for you.

Luke. His name alone made your stomach churn. He had betrayed you. Tricked you into thinking that you mattered to him, when in reality you had been his charity case all along. The tears rolled down your cheeks like a floodgate had been opened. Why would he have wanted you anyway? He had mansions and private jets and personal chefs at his disposal, there was no way he would settle for a little girl on the street. He deserved a girl like Sabrina. Someone who could match his wealth and stature, not someone he would be embarrassed by.

A clap of thunder jerked you from your pity party. A storm was on its way and you were about to be caught in the middle of it.

“Great.” You mumbled to yourself. “Like today couldn’t get any worse.” You pulled your hood up just as the first drop of rain landed on your skin. Looking up, you saw you were approaching the same park where you had painted with Luke earlier today. Oh how that felt like a lifetime ago now. The drizzle turned into a downpour as you walked down the sidewalk and past the park. The rain soaked through your clothes and the wind chilled you to the bone. Though you were used to the feeling of extreme cold, it was the loneliness that broke you down. You thought you had somebody and now they were gone. It wasn’t only your skin that was cold now, it was your soul. You could feel it freezing as the thought that you would be alone forever took root in your mind. Thunder rang out again only this time it sounded closer. You had to find shelter before the storm or you were going to catch hypothermia.

All of a sudden, you were blinded by the headlights of an oncoming car, speeding straight towards you. You cast your eyes downwards and continued walking expecting the vehicle to whiz by, but instead it pulled to the side of the road mere inches from where you were walking and slammed on the brakes. Terrified, you broke into a run, running away fast from the strange car and the impulsive driver. You thought you heard your name being called as you ran, but wrote it off as the sound of the wind playing cruel tricks. The rain hit your face like bullets, masking your tear stained cheeks. Your toe met an uneven crack in the sidewalk, sending you tumbling down to the wet pavement. You landed on your knees, ripping a hole in your jeans and causing streaks of blood to mix with the mud that was already caked on your skin. You didn’t have the heart to get up from your place on the ground. Your legs were too weak and your heart was too broken.

“Y/N!” You heard your name again. That voice. It couldn’t be? “Y/N oh my God are you alright? I didn’t mean to scare you I’m so sorry!”

Strong arms wrapped around you and pulled you into his chest. A pair of lips kissed your head as he took his own coat off his body and wrapped you in it. He moved to kiss your lips but you pulled away, keeping your eyes cast downward.

“No.” You whispered, pushing him away from you with what little strength you had.

“Baby please just let me-”

“No Luke I don’t want to see you.” You climbed out of his lap and stood up, your knees wobbling as you began walking away from him.

“Y/N, don’t do this please.” He begged and grabbing your arm and turning you to face him. “Just let me explain.” But you only shoved his chest, causing him to stumble back. The agonizing look in his blue eyes could have killed you had you not been so angry.

“I’ve heard enough from you and your fucking fiance.” You spat, taking a few steps back from him and bracing yourself to run away.

“It’s not what you think Y/N.”

“No! I am not letting you lie to me anymore! I can’t sit here and listen to you make up excuses while some other girl sits at home and plans your wedding!” You were screaming at him now, your voice even louder than the howls of the wind.

“She’s not my fiance!” He screamed equally as loud. “If you would listen to me for two goddamn seconds than maybe you would understand!” He took your hands in his and brought them to his chest. “I just need you to understand. Please.” His voice grew soft as he begged you to hear him out. And as much as you hated to admit it, you were just as hooked on him as he was on you.

You furrowed your eyebrows. “But you said those awful things. They were about me I know they had to have been.” You gave him a stubborn look, but he laughed it off.

“Y/N, the only thing I was saying about you was how much I like you.” He tucked a wet piece of hair behind your ear, the rain still pouring down on both of you. “And how much I want to be with you.” His voice was soft now as he leaned in towards you.

“A-And your fiance?” You questioned, but your voice was shaky at his proximity.

“She’s not my fiance. She’s a psycho girl who my parents think will be good for my image if I’m seen with her. Nobody likes her, me included, and that’s who I was talking about when you heard me. She’s the one I don’t care about, not you.”

You were speechless. How could you have been so rash as to immediately assume that he hated you? You felt terrible that you had accused him of all these things when he had been so kind to you.

“Luke I’m so sorry I-”

The feeling of his lips on yours cut you off. His palms were placed on each of your cheeks as he pulled you in as close as you could be to him. Your own hands immediately flew around his neck, tugging him to you. You missed the feeling of him, even if he had only been away from you for a short while.

The rain drenched you both to the bone. His black tee shirt clung to his skin and water dripped down his arms. His hair was matted and stuck to his face, but you didn’t think you had seen something so beautiful in your life.

He pulled away from you, just enough to rest his forehead on yours and stare deep into your eyes. Even in the darkness his sapphire irises shined.

“I’m falling in love with you. Despite how much you love to argue with me and how much you drive me crazy, I have never felt like this about anyone but you. I’m in love with you Y/N.” He smiled, as if he had just come to the realization himself. “God, I am so in love with you.”

He kissed you again, holding you so that you would never be able to slip away from him again. It felt like all of the longing and the passion between you was coming out in the feelings of his lips on yours. It felt raw and dirty and real, full of passion and reflecting exactly what made your relationship with him work. It was messy, but that was just you and Luke. Two opposites that made something right; something whole.

“I love you too Luke.” Your voice came out small, so different from the shouting you had been doing earlier. It was vulnerable, but that was okay.

“I was hoping you would say that.” He smiled at you adoringly.

“Now let’s get out of this rain yeah?” He wrapped an arm around your shoulder and escorted you back to his warm car, settling you inside before running around to his own side and jumping in. He immediately turned up the heat to comfort your shivering body.

After a few minutes of driving in silence, Luke spoke up. “I want you to meet my family.”


Luke pulled up to the gates of the Hemmings Estate, parking his car in the huge garage alongside countless other gorgeous automobiles. He took you by the hand, escorting you through the grand house and up to his bedroom. If you hadn’t known any better you would say he had the master bedroom, but he assured you it wasn’t the largest one in the house.

“So this is your room?” You brushed your fingers across the soft fabric of the couch in the center of the room.

“Yeah, this is home.” He scratched the back of his neck, embarrassed for some reason that he lived in such a beautiful home while you had nothing.

“It’s beautiful.”

“You’re beautiful.” He smirked and walked over to you, gripping your waist and giving you a quick kiss on the lips. You giggled, walking away from him and skipping into the bathroom that was connected to his room.

“So this is where you shower then?” You bit your lip, giving him a playful look which he returned.

“Mmhm.” He mumbled. “But I bet it would be more fun with you in there with me.” He placed a suggestive kiss on your forehead as you toyed with the hem of his damp shirt.
“How about we find out.” You took his lip between your teeth, tugging slightly before slowly pulling his damp shirt over his head. He grinned, allowing you to tug it off before he unzipped your sweatshirt and discarded it on the floor. He then took off your shirt, leaving you only in your bra. He kissed you hard and you could feel his skin on yours as he pulled you close.

“God, you’re so sexy.” He whispered on your lips before he let go of you and went to turn on the water. Steam began to fill the bathroom as Luke quickly unbuckled his pants before stripping himself of his briefs, leaving him stark naked in front of you.

“Your turn baby girl.” He brushed his finger across your cheek as you reached down and unzipped your jeans excruciatingly slow, teasing him.

“No, fuck that.” He growled as he brought you in for another kiss before reaching back to unhook your bra. He began kissing down your neck before trailing kisses down your chest and stomach, reaching the top of your panties. He took them between his teeth, pulling them down your legs.

You moaned at the feeling of him so close to your wetness, threading your fingers in his hair before he stood back to his feet and stepped into the shower, dragging you with him. He pressed your back against the tile walls of the large shower before kissing you hard and reaching down to squeeze your ass, causing you to moan into his mouth. He slid into you with ease, your moans echoing off the bathroom walls as he filled you completely. He felt like heaven, the feeling of him inside you and the warmth of the water showering down was bliss.

“That’s right baby girl you’re the only one I want.” He whispered in your ear. “You’re the only one who makes me-oh shit.” He moaned as you clenched around him and the hot water of the shower cascaded down his back. “-feels so good.” He whimpered. “Y-you f-feel so good baby. So perfect.”

“Yeah? You like that Lukey?” You purred in his ear and he smirked down at you, water dripping down his face.

“Oh, so my little girl like to play huh?” He said as he continued to thrust in and out of you,  reaching down to rub your clit as you lightly bit into his shoulder to keep yourself from crying out.

“Yes! Luke!” You moaned his name, scratching your nails down his back as his thrusts became deeper. He was achingly hard and you could feel every beautiful inch as he slid in and out of you.

“Do you want to come for me baby girl?” He cooed.

“So bad, Luke I’m so close please!” He pounded into your sweet spot, moaning your name in your ear as the water from the shower dripped down his face and onto the lips he was kissing you with.

“ I’m cumming with you baby, oh my god.” He moaned, as he gave one final thrust causing both of you to come together in a rhythmic way you had never felt before. It was amazing. He buried his head in your neck, tracing his lips down your jaw and muttering small “I love yous” on your skin. You were breathing heavily, but he continued to place small kissed on your lips before as you muttered.

“That was…”

“Amazing.” He finished for you.

The two of you spent the next few minutes cleaning up. He washed your hair and in turn, you drug a wash cloth over his toned body, scrubbing him clean and leaving kisses all over.

A few minutes later, you were laid on his bed dressed in one of his shirts and your head on his chest.

“I was serious about wanting you to meet my family you know.” He mumbled, as if afraid you would reject the idea.

“I know you were. I just don’t know if I’m ready for that.” You sighed, and he tilted his head down to meet your eyes.

“What do you mean?”

“Luke we both know I’m not going to fit in there. It’s one thing being with you, but having to face your entire family? I don’t think I can.”

“Y/N, we’re not that different from a regular family. You keep trying to put up a wall to separate us and you just can’t! I know it may seem scary because they’re important people, but they are going to love you.”

“And if they don’t?”

“If they don’t then at least I love you. And if I love you, in time they’ll learn to love you too.”

You were quiet for a moment before speaking slowly again. “Alright. I guess it has to happen eventually.”

“How about tonight?”

“Wait. Tonight, tonight?”

“Yeah, uh, we’re having a small get together here. Nothing super fancy, but I could have a dress brought here for you to wear and we’ve got a stylist that will get you ready. I’ll be with you the whole time I promise. Besides, this way you can meet the boys too.” He smiled. How could you say no to that smile?
“Okay Luke, make me look pretty.” He kissed your temple.

“You already are.”


A fitting and a hair and makeup session later and you were standing in Luke’s bedroom waiting for him to finish his hair.

“Good god Luke, how much product could you possibly need?” You yelled.

“Sorry, sorry.” He grumpled before stepping out of the bathroom in a pressed suit; his hair done up in a perfect quiff like it was when you met him. He threw his arm around your shoulders and led you downstairs where you could already hear the chatter and the sound of an orchestra.

“Just follow my lead okay?” He whispered in your ear and you nodded.

The moment the two of you were at the top of the stairs all eyes were on you and Luke, jealous stares of girls your age and confused looks from the adults among them. He lead you down the elegant staircase, you clinging onto his arm for dear life.

“Luke so good to see you.” The older lady’s voice dripped with content at the sight of you.

“Always a pleasure Ms. Laws. Have you seen my mother?”

“Why yes, she’s in the ballroom. I believe they’re about to give a toast.”

He then spoke to you. “C’mon we have to hurry.” He pulled you along behind him, despite the fact that you were tripping all over yourself in the high heels he picked out for you.

“Luke where are we going?”
“You’ll see soon enough baby.”
“LUKE!” Three boys descended upon you and Luke, punching his shoulder in the friendly way that bros are known for. “How’s a goin’ man? Who’s the chick?” They all asked at once.

“Guys, this is Y/N.” He introduced you and the their eyes widened.

The boy with dark hair and brown eyes raised a thick eyebrow. “Oh so you’re Y/N? Well we’ve heard a lot about you. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you. I’m Calum.” He reached out and elegantly pressed his lips to the back of your hand with a devilish smile.

“Nice to meet you Calum.” You gave him a small smile back.

“And I…” The boy with the bleach blonde hair interrupted. “Am Michael. But I’m sure you knew that already.” He winked at you.

“I can’t say that I do. But it’s a pleasure to meet someone who must be so renowned in society.” You spoke with a hint of sarcasm and the boys laughed.

“Luke I like her. Please keep her around, because I don’t know if I can handle the idea of you and Sabrina.” The boy with longer hair joked, but the sound of her name made you feel sick. “I’m Ashton by the way, love.” He charmed, sticking out his hand for you to shake.

“Nice to meet you.”

“Okay babe, I need you to stay here while I take care of some things” Luke pressed a kiss to your temple. “The boys will look after you. I’ll just be a moment.”

“But Luke you said you’d stay with me.” You whispered so the boys wouldn’t hear.

“I know baby, and I’m sorry but this is important okay? You’ll understand soon.”

You nodded your head, miffed that he was to leave you here with three rowdy boys you just met. He leaned down to kiss the corner of your mouth before wandering off to do whatever it is he needed to.

“Oh shit. Incoming.” Michael cringed.

“Y/N, just let us handle this okay?” Ashton commanded. You whipped your head around to look at what they were so worried about when you saw her.

“Hello boys.” Sabrina’s voice dripped with venom. “Shame this place has gone to shambles. Seems like they’ll let any old riff-raff in here if they sleep with the host.” She smirked and your cheeks immediately began to heat up.

“Yeah and you’re much better? Everyone knows you and Tony Ferraro did it in the broom closet last Christmas.” Calum spat, but she barely even bat an eye.

“Oh Calum, I see Luke still lets you hang around. Though I don’t see why as it seems the family business is about to go under isn’t it? Don’t think nobody knows about it, because we’re all just waiting to watch the Hoods fall.” Her comment rendered him silent, but it certainly made you angry.

“Tell me Sabrina, are you more angry that Luke wouldn’t touch you if his life depended on it, or that you lost him to ‘street trash?’” You asked sweetly.

“Damn.” Michael’s voice rang out and the other two followed suit, laughing hysterically as Sabrina’s mouth hung open, searching for what to say.

“Why you little_”

“Welcome Ladies and Gentleman to our home.” Luke’s voice boomed throughout the hall, cutting Sabrina off and turning all eyes to where he stood in the middle of the room. “I’d like to thank you all for coming to our second charity gala of the week.” He joked and the room echoed with small chuckles before he continued on. “Most of you may know, seeing as though this is all the media seems to want to report on, that Ms. Cole and I are supposed to be engaged.” You snuck a glance over at Sabrina who shot you a devious smirk. “But I am here to tell you that those are merely rumors. I am not in any way affiliated with her or the Cole family and have no intention of ever being so in the future.” Gasps sounded from the audience and this time it was your turn to smirk a little. “Instead I would like to introduce you all to my real girlfriend. She may not be what the press call ‘a perfect role model’ or someone who can make a ‘proper influence’ on me, but I don’t care about that. “I am in love with her and that’s all that matters.” Luke began to walk over to you, the spotlight that was shining on him following. “I am so in love with her. No matter her position of stature or wealth, she is the one I will be with and no one can tell me different.” Aww filled gasps rang throughout the room as Luke reached the spot where you were standing. “Y/N I love you.” He spoke into the microphone, but it felt like he was the only one in the room.

“I love you too Luke.” He smiled widely before smashing his lips to yours as the room erupted into applause.

“So this is her eh?” A voice sounded from behind you causing both you and Luke to turn. 

“Hi mum. Yes this is her.”

“And your willing to be completely cut off just to be with her?” His mother raised an eyebrow, but there was a mischievous glint in her eye that made you winder what she was doing. 

Luke gulped. “Y-Yes.”

She then looked at you, taking you in completely. “Tell me Y/N. Do you love my son?” 
You glanced up and Luke, his smiling face and gorgeous eyes trained on you alone. 

“Always ma’am.” 

You held your breath as she was silent for a moment before speaking again, 

“Then I approve.” She nodded and Luke broke into a grin, grabbing you waist and lifting you off the ground, spinning you around laughing. 

Maybe there wasn’t a place for you in the lifestyle of the rich and famous. But there was a place for you in Luke’s heart and a place for him in yours and right now, in this perfect moment, that was all that mattered.  



C25K W1D2

Week 1 Day 2 FINALLY complete.

It took me a few days to get out of my funk and back into my routine, but today also completed the goal of working out 3 times a week and the minimum. My treadmill did something funky at the end so I couldn’t get a picture of the miles, but I am going to start adding for #2017runclub anyway. I ended this workout with a 40 second wall sit, 40 second plank, and some leg raises.

Today’s Miles: 1.5

2017 Total Miles: 2.9

Mr D

I keep seeing the headcanon of someone going up to Mr D (usually it’s Jason) asking him to change the "one girl and one boy in a cabin" rule to “any two demigods regardless of their gender”. 

Personally I think Mr D would start laughing so hard, just really forget himself there for a second and laugh harder than he’s laughed in years before finally responding: Look Jacob, I’m the god of wine and parties. People would do orgies in my name to honor me, so what you kids get up to in your free time is up to you and I don’t give a flying fuck. But since I trust you brats about as far as I can throw Mt Olympus I guess a change is in order: no two demigods capable of producing a baby together can be alone in a cabin. There are enough of you little shits as there is and the last thing I want is you making more. Anything else if fair game.

Then he struts away, still cackling to himself, leaving behind a very flustered Jason. Piper just shrugs, not expecting anything else, but Will does a little gloating dance before trying to highfive Nico who is blushing so hard he thinks he might faint.

Why Katherine Pierce And Kai Parker Are Better Than Damon Salvatore Rant.

Do you guys remember that one episode when katherine said: “have you ever thought that you have no idea who I really am?”
And Damon was like: “newsflash! You’re not that deep!”

I almost threw a hammer at my screen.

First of all:
Damon is not exactly the deepest person around. He goes on a killing spree every time he gets rejected. Which is extremely shallow, and pathetic. I mean it’s sad how broken he gets if someone says no to him. He’s like a 4 year old who has been denied ice cream or a toy.

Katherine has gone through absolute hell, her entire life. She got pregnant at a young age. Gave birth and had her baby snatched from her arms. Then she finally settled in England, but then she met klaus, and found out that he was a sociopathic immortal hybrid, that wanted to sacrifice her, then she had to run for 500 years. She had to turn herself into a vampire so she could finally stop running, but yet klaus still chased her.She had to manipulate and lie, but at the end of the day, she did all of that to survive. And she survived that long. Which is why I am a huge katherine fan.

Now onto why kai is better than damon.

Kai was born without his own magic, and his family called him an abomination constantly.

And from the info I’ve put together, kai was abused. I don’t know if it was physically or verbally. But we already have it confirmed that he grew up being verbally abused by his family.

And then he finally couldn’t take it anymore. He snapped. There’s only so much bullying and verbal abuse one person can take. Kai had to grow up knowing that his own family hated him. So it finally got to him. So he killed half of his family. And I’m not saying that’s ok, it’s not. I’m not trying to be a hypocrite. It was wrong for kai to do that. But at least he had a reason to do so. He didn’t just kill them because he wanted too. Kai was NOT born crazy.

See, the difference between kai and Damon is that damon kills either because he’s hurt and sad, or because he just wants too.He killed vicki for no reason, he killed Jeremy because elena denied a kiss from him, because she was with stefan.Also he didn’t know Jeremy was wearing the ring, which means he was hoping he would stay dead. He killed that woman Bree, in season 1 because she didn’t have the info he was looking for, (another pathetic reason) he killed Aaron because elena broke up with him. He’s killed Alaric, (his so called friend) multiple times. He killed elena’s birth mother, and then at the bachelor thing he rubbed it in saying her blood was delicious. He tormented katherine on her DEATH BED, saying that her family’s death was her fault, even though he really doesn’t know anything about Katherine’s life story. And I could go on and on and on. But then this rant would be too long and it’s already long enough.

And kai, he killed his family with reason. Again, I’m not saying it was ok because it was wrong of kai to do that. And he could have handled his anger better. But it’s not like he woke up one morning and said; “I’m gonna kill half of my family for no reason!” Uh, NO. He killed them because he was bullied and verbally tormented by his family his whole life.

So that was my rant. Sorry if it’s long, but it’s called a rant for a reason.

why are there so many dramatic drarry aus? give me fleamont meeting draco and going absolutely insane because this boy’s hair is glorious and he’s top notch at potions and i’m going to ignore the fact that i caught you snogging my grandson in the second floor closest. give me lily and narcissa bonding over their little babies in love and lucius and james making it work for the sake of their sons. give me blaise having these mad dance offs with harry and ron finally getting a worthy opponent in chess. give me hermione and pansy and ginny banding together to tease the fuck out of their boys and counsel them when one (or both) are being idiots. give me harry nervously asking lucius malfoy for draco’s hand while draco does the same with james and they both end up trying to propose to each other with two clashing ideas of romantic that end up with them naked and engaged on a quidditch pitch surrounded by flowers. give me molly weasley crying when draco and harry tell the weasleys that theyre getting married and give me little victoire and teddy nearly stealing the show at the wedding because they’re just so stinking cute. give me draco and harry holding their baby for the first time and just grinning like idiots because this little bugger is theirs


My very first attempt at doll’s hair-styling! I must say the final result exceeded my expectations. I’m really pleased with it, although I had to repeat the whole cleaning and curling process again since my cat knocked her over into a plant pot and she got covered in wet soil. But it’s fine since the second time I decided to create more curls, and I think it looks really nice like that.

As I stated in the previous post the doll had horribly greasy hair caused by the glue in her head. I used potato starch the first time and then baby powder the second time to get rid of it. And… it actually worked! The hair is nice and soft now.

Current thoughts on tonight's episode:

• Where the heck was Lincoln??
• Are Monty and Jasper ok?!?!
• Why didn’t we see John Murphy, aka my precious baby boy??
• I need more Memori!!!
• Were any of our babies in the mountain???
• Gina’s death was unnecessarily brutal!
• Raven needs a hug!
• Seriously needing Kabby to get together!!!

He’s the Teacher? (27/?)

Previous Chapters 

‘We walked past a jewellery shop and my eyes wondered to the rings… Engagement rings.’

“You coming Dan?” Y/n’s voice broke me out of thoughts, pulling my attention away from the engagement rings and back to her beautiful face.

We continued to walk around in the foggy night air, spending an evening of simply enjoying each others company and discussing baby things.

The rest of the week had gone smoothly, no one dared to tease y/n in class again. I couldn’t lie, I was more than happy that friday was finally over, looking forward to getting home to my beautiful girl.

The second i stepped in the front door y/n ran up to me and wrapped her arms around my neck. I craned my neck down, leaving a soft kiss on her cherry lips.

“Dan, I think it’s time for you to meet my parents… They are having a family dinner tomorrow night and want us to come and stay the night” with each word, her smile grows bigger.
“I can’t wait” i simply reply, kissing her once again through our smiles.


“Are you ready yet, love?” I call out from the bottom of the stairs. Y/n was more than nervous about all of this. She was worried about how her parents would react to the pregnancy therefore she was taking quite a while trying to find an outfit that didn’t show her swollen belly.

“I’m ready now” She announced with a smile on her face as she walked down the stairs. I reach me hand out to her, taking hers in mine was we walk down to the car, our bags in hand.

“I’m so nervous” She says as i drive, one of my hands permanently resting on her thigh.
“Me too”
“Trust me Dan, they will love you”
“I hope so” i mumble. I understand that she is nervous but to say I’m nervous would be an understatement. I rub my sweaty hand on my thigh, feeling the small square box I had hidden in my pocket. Yeah.. you guessed it, an engagement ring sort of small box.


Y/n knocked on the front door of her parents well kept home. Crashing and banging could be heard before the door swung open to reveal an older lady with a huge smile on her face.

“Y/N! oh my gosh we’ve missed you so much!” the lady almost squeals as she pulls y/n into a bone crushing hug.

“I missed you too mum. Uh, this is Dan, my boyfriend” Y/n introduces me
“Lovely to meet you Mrs. y/L/n.”
“Oh and you too sweetness” she replies, then pulling me into a short hug. Thats a good sign right?

“Do I hear my little girls voice?” a mans voice calls from within the house
“Dad!” y/n squeals, taking hold of my hand before rushing into the house and finding an older man who embraced her just as tightly as her mother had.
“Dad, this is Dan my Boyfriend” I was once again introduced. I held my hand out and firmly shook his hand
“Great to finally meet you sir”
“You too Daniel” he replied with a smile. Thank god they are friendly.

“The others can’t make it unfortunately so it will just be us for dinner tonight” Y/n’s mother spoke as she entered the room.
“sweetheart, you can both put your bags in the spare room, dinner is almost ready” her mother spoke once again.

I followed y/n through the house, gazing upon the cute photo’s of my girlfriend when she was young. We entered a small room with a double bed which i instantly collapsed on, causing an adorable giggle to leave y/n’s lips.

“I love you” I say as I pull Y/n’s arm, forcing her to lay with me
“I love you too” she smiles that heart stopping smile of hers
“When are we going to tell them?” i question whilst placing a hand upon her belly
“After dinner”


We all sit together at the dining table as her parents ask all about our lives.
“So, how did you two meet?” her mum asks. Crap… what am I supposed to say? I’m her teacher?
“At University” y/n answers, clearly aware of my stressed state.
“Ah, are you doing the same course?” he dad then asks
“yes” We answer in unison, making everyone giggle.

As we finished our dinner, y/n’s parents continued to interrogate us about our lives but were thankfully very pleasant to talk to. Everyone’s knives and forks no rest on the table, all of us with full stomachs when y/n takes a tight hold of my hand under the table.

“Mum, Dad.. We actually have something to tell you..” y/n trails off. oh god, oh god
“OH MY GOD YOU’RE PREGNANT” her mum suddenly bursts, both hands over her mouth.
“thats not how I planned this to go but yes” y/n answered

Her mum stood from the table, running to the other side to give us both a hug while her dad stayed in his seat.

“Are you ready for a kid?” He said in a serious tone
“actually.. kids” y/n corrected, earning a squeal from her mother
“We are sir, Y/n has moved in with me and i will do all I can to ensure a good and healthy life for both y/n and our kids. I promise you this” I say, trying to not let my voice waver. Suddenly her dad stands, his hands extended to mine before giving another firm handshake.
“you better, Daniel.”

Hours went by, y/n explained the genders of our babies and all sorts of other things. I did my best to include my input but my mind was set on the ring in my pocket.
Eventually y/n got sleepy. Since she fell pregnant she has been going to bed very early.
We lay in the double bed together, cuddled up. I ran my fingers up and down the skin of her arm until she fell asleep. This is it.
I untangle our limbs, tip-toeing out of the room and down to the living room where y/n’s parents were still awake.

“Hi Dan, couldn’t sleep honey?” her mother asked as i slowly entered the room. I also (not so smoothly) kicked my toe and almost fell over.

“uh, actually I was hoping to talk to the both of you alone” i admitted, getting their full attention.

“So.. here it goes. I’ve been with your daughter for 3 months, and I know this is all so fast but I am completely and undeniably in love with Y/N. We are soon going to have our very own little family, well.. we are already a family. A family which I will forever love with all of my heart. I will always be here for them, to protect them and make sure they live long, happy lives. And so the reason I am telling you all of this is because… I wish for your permission to propose to your daughter?”



I’m sorry, this chapter is so terrible. I haven’t proof read yet as I’ve written this while surrounded by people which is quite uncomfortable. Not so many people seem to be enjoying this anymore, and I completely understand. Im not sure whether to continue for much longer or not so please let me know what you think. xxoo