i finally finished you u little shit

All Things Nice

AN: So. I wrote a thing. And no, I haven’t forgotten about that one long fic I’ve been meaning to finally finish, but hey, why don’t we start something new while I’m trying to finish that shit. Great. here u go pls don’t be mad at me

There’s a plant by the door.

It’s wrapped, neatly, in light green satin, a little bundle held together by brown string, a small piece of paper stuck to the bottom.

Hey friend! You’re all “domestic goddess” these days, aren’t you? So here’s a plant. Have a nice day!

There’s a smiley face in the bottom right corner, with a poorly drawn snapback on top. Grace laughs, before picking up the bundle, careful not to crush any of the plant’s leaves. She thinks it’s a nice plant, and a nice note, and this is a typically nice gesture.

And Hannah is a really nice person, obviously.

A really nice friend.

Everything is so nice, nowadays. Snapback-wearing smiley faces. Nice.

Grace sighs, her free hand brushing back messy hair, while she tries not to think back to a few nights ago. To a nice party, her nice drunk self, and a very nice Hannah with nice eyes and a nice smile and-

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