i finally finished this after what seems like a month

Auror!Draco&Harry AU

This is a collaboration with the wonderful and amazing @thefangirl2000 !!
Draco comes home after a mission to find an overprotective Harry stressing over him
•Harry being at home, having broken his ankle a few days ago on an auror mission

•So bored

•But like SO bored

•Singing some of Teddy’s favourite baby songs he HATED without even noticing

•Cursing Draco 24/7 out loud for not coming home yet (the neighbours actually calling the police once)

•Earning a block from Hermione and Ron, as he wouldn’t stop calling them while they were at work

•Duelling his owl to a stare battle, losing all the time

•Trying to cook, causing a small fire in the kitchen


•Draco thinking about Harry all the time

•Harry constantly on his mind even though the boy was miles away in London

•He really was sickly worried for Harry

•Who had asked him to fucking rush into that mission a hundred friggin’ times?!?

•"I don’t know if my boyfriend is going to kill me or kiss me when I get home.“

•But Draco needing to concentrate

•Dragons around every corner. Romania was so full of them

•Trying to investigate faster

•Hoping he could get home before Harry killed himself and/or relatives

•Finally, after a few burns and scratches being in the ministry’s apparition hall

•But of course needing to report his findings first

•Harry threatening Draco meanwhile the poor man tried to arrive home as fast as possible

•Because “Draco I FuCKing swEAr if you DON’T appear by thAt BloOdy door RIGHT NOW I’ll stab mYselF!!”

•Draco getting all the threats from Harry on the magically altered mobile

•Which was driving him NuTS!!

•He was TRYiNG! Goddamnit!! He was trying SO HaRD to get home !!

•He finished his reports in record time

•Honestly he was about to lose his sanity

•He did not even visit the medi-aurors for his injuries

•Because they were not as important as Harry

•Draco finally apparating home after what had seemed like months when it had only been 4 days

•Yes he had promised Harry that he’d be back in three but who could have foreseen that Hebridean Black dragon

•As soon as he got home he was embraced with a tight hug from an almost dying Harry

•He nearly tripped and broke his own ankle too

•As he steadied himself and Harry he realised that his boyfriend was sobbing, but at the same time angry, as well as happy to see Draco


•"WHy ArE yOu LaTE !!?!?? Why are you FUCKING LATE!!“

•"Calm down Harry..! Are you even happy to see me?? I got lost AND fought a dragon to come back home to you…”

•He pauses for effect… 😎

•"If you’re not happy to see me, I should go back to Romania…“ He joked

•When he felt no reaction, Draco pulled back from the hug and looked at Harry

•Harry had gone perfectly still…


•Harry went back to sobbing like a small kid

•"DON’T EvEN joKE WItH THaT!!“

•"I just… I didn’t even go to the medi-aurors to have a check up. I came straight home to YOU, so will you stop bitching at me?”

•Only then did Harry look at him up and down and notice the burns and scratches, and the state of his robes with a grimace

•And then he broke…

•"T-These were the four worst days of my life…“

•Harry had lost way too many people, and he couldn’t afford losing Draco

•He hugged his boyfriend again, tightly, then pulling back to check if he had any serious wounds worriedly

•"Do you feel okay? Does something hurt? How dare you not visit the medi-aurors!! NOTHING absolutely nothing is more important than you, you git!”

•"Harry, dear, I really, really don’t understand you” Draco said with an exasperated smile 

•"Shut up and let me look at you properly, will you?“

This is the first part, hope you like it!! We will post the second part on her blog if you actually find this one good enough 😆

PS: Teaser from the 2nd part,

•Several episkeys and a nice hot shower later…


*Pops out of nowhere* Hello! It seems like I’m starting to have a pattern of showing up once a month, oh boy XD What can I say, between school and forgetting to update time flies! I think I’ll set up the queue again so it won’t feel like such a huge absence :3 

Now to the drawing: right after I watched the end of season two I completed this ensemble of draw your squads, because I knew that after that finale we needed something cheerful, so here is the belated rescue for the feels! Seeing how many are finishing it now tho, I think some sillyness can still be helpful XD

Well, guys. I have some news, and it’s mostly good. I finally heard back from the disability office, and while they haven’t made a decision yet, they told me that they will be making one soon. It seems very likely that I may be able to get the benefits I need.

The other thing is that, since I started to take donations on this blog, I’ve made $66.50 USD (after PayPal deductions.) I’m not allowed to make more than $65 per month while on disability, so this is pretty close to perfect.

What this means is that I will most likely be able to continue this blog after finishing Danny Phantom.

Currently, my plan is to buy the DVD box set for American Dragon: Jake Long for the 1k follower celebration and hopefully cover that show next. After that, I plan on moving on to The Secret Saturdays, since that’s been highly requested.

This is not guaranteed. As of right now, the DVD box set for ADJL is a bit outside of my price range. However, if I’m able to get a few more donations or if I get on disability, I’ll be able to afford it easily. If I am able to buy it, then it is guaranteed that American Dragon: Jake Long will be the next series I cover. But again, this is only if I’m able to afford the box set.

This all falls into the category of “extremely likely to happen,” rather than what will actually happen. It’s what I’d like to do. I hope you guys will continue to support me whatever happens.

Thank you all so much for everything, and we’ll see what happens moving forward. Feel free to let me know what you think of all of this, and if you’d like to help me get the box set sooner for the 1k celebration, you can hit that “Donate” button on my blog. Hope you all have a great day!

We’ll now return to my usual Danny Phantom centered posts.

Me and a friend decided to get Tinder, just for laughs. I wasn’t really planning on seriously looking for someone.
After a few not so interesting guys I matched with a guy who seemed nice and fun to talk to. I wasn’t looking for anything sexual, since I’m a virgin and want to keep it that way for now and I made that very clean.
We talked on and off for a long while, about a few months, but neither of us brought up meeting up.
After a month or two he finally asked me to meet up and he seemed like a decent guy so I thought: why not?

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I know it’s really late and we all know this ain’t happenin’ but there’s no way my work will go to waste so, I hope you like it guys! Completly hand made!
Thanks to my sis macaflurry for helping me so much :)

Imagine: You and Luke Like Each Other But He Dates Someone Else (Part 6) [Request]








i know i said it before but like every time someone requests this it makes me so happy (or requests anything really) bc like i love that you guys want me to write more bc writing genuinely makes me so damn happy so thank you so much xx

also thank you guys for being so patient i was really sad about my wrist not working and now i have to sleep with a wrist brace on and a lot of really emotionally draining things have happened so i haven’t been up to posting but now i am because i know i owe it to you guys and i genuinely enjoy writing and now that i can type a lot at once, it’s very therapeutic :)

wow okay this is the third author’s note of this post because it’s the third time i’ve written on this. i really wanted a good part to this… i didn’t want a random filler chapter that was just expected and stupid, i want this to be amazing for you guys. but anyway… here it is :) xx


It’s been a whole six months since you left them. You’re laying down on your bed scrolling through twitter on your phone, when you start to scroll past a bunch of pictures of the boys out at a party. You sigh and kill the app, letting your phone rest on the table next to your bed.  You take out that damn piece of paper and sigh.

living his dream through florescent lights

while him and i are running out of time

You throw your head back and this time you don’t hit your head, but you honestly feel like that might take the pain away if you just forgot and woke up with amnesia to just forget about every little thing. You close your eyes and lay back and start to relax just as your phone goes off. You sit up and answer it quickly, not caring who it is. But the voice surprises you. Not only is it Luke… but he appears to be sober.

“Hey y/n.”

You take a breath.

“That’s quite casual.”

“Look. I need you.”


“I’m completely sober basically for the first time since you left. I can’t stand not being around you. I know I fucked up but you need to hear me out.” he sniffs in and you know he’s crying. “I need you here. Please. I’m begging you. Please.”

“I…” you stammer.

“I knew it was a bad idea to call you.” he sighs.

“No Luke wait.” you try to stop him, but he hangs up.

You look down at the paper and quickly search for a pen.

through the tears
i can hear that i shouldn’t have gone
every day gets harder to stay away from you

i know everything has changed
but tomorrow i’ll be coming back to you

You get up and start pacing through your room. You start to pick up all the clothes from your dresser and throw them in a pile on your bed. You run downstairs and grab a suitcase and start throwing as much as you can into it. You run downstairs and out the door, locking it behind you, and hopping into your car. You begin to drive the mind-numbing six hour drive to their hotel. 

By the time you get there, you realize that it’s 6 am. You park the car at the hotel and walk inside. You see their tour manager eating breakfast in the lobby, so you walk over to him.

“Hey, do you know what rooms they’re in?”

“Oh hey, y/n,” he smiles, “Luke and Ash are in 443 and Calum and Michael are in 445”

“Thank you so much. Good seeing you.” you smile, then begin walking to the elevator. You hit the fourth floor button and start tapping your foot in impatience. You get out the second you can and run over to 443. You take a breath before knocking on the door. You hear rustling and the door opens.

“Y/n?” Calum questions.

“Hey, um, isn’t this Luke and Ashton’s room?”

“Yeah, technically, but Luke won’t sleep in Ashton’s room anymore, so he’s with Michael across the hall. But what are you doing here?” he says, hugging you. 

“Um, change of heart?” you sigh.

“I’ve missed you, we all have.” he smiles.


“Yes. Of course! I hate writing over skype I wanna write more stuff with you, but I think you have someone to talk to first.” he smiles lightly, nodding his head, addressing something behind you. You turn around.

“Y/n.” he states.

“Luke.” you say, breathlessly. You hear Calum lightly close the door behind you.

“What are you…”

“I need to say something.” you cut him off.

“Me too.”

“You go first.”

“Um… okay… Well… I think you already heard most of what I need to say over the phone, but I just–”

“Can I show you something?” you cut him off again.

“What?” he asks, taking his beanie off, running his hand through his hair, and placing it back on his head.

“Come here.” you say, walking over to the stairs and running down the steps with Luke close behind you. You run out the door to your car and open the trunk. You grab your guitar quickly and open the case, picking it up by the neck, getting a pick, the capo, and the lyrics. You sit down in the mostly empty trunk and patting the spot next to you, showing Luke to sit next to you, and he does. You put the lyrics in between you, but Luke just looks at you. You take a breath in and begin strumming.

“six weeks since I’ve been away
and now you're saying everything has changed
and I’m afraid that I might be losing you
and every night that we spend alone
it kills me thinking of you on your own
and I wish I was back home next to you

oh, everyday
you feel a little bit further away
and I don’t know what to say”

You take a huge breath and close your eyes to belt the chorus

“are we wasting time
talking on a broken line?
telling you I haven’t seen your face in ages
i feel like we’re as close as strangers
won’t give up
even though it hurts so much
every night I’m losing you in a thousand faces
now it feels we’re as close as strangers”

You continue changing the chords in the instrument break, but you can’t bring yourself to look at him.

“late night calls and another text
is this as good as we’re gonna get?
another timezone taking me away from you
living dreams in fluorescent lights
while you and I are running out of time
but you know that I’ll always wait for you

oh, everyday
you feel a little bit further away
and I don’t know what to say”

You look at him finally, to nod at him to show that he should join in.

“are we wasting time
talking on a broken line?
telling you I haven’t seen your face in ages
i feel like we’re as close as strangers
won’t give up
even though it hurts so much
very night I’m losing you in a thousand faces
now it feels we’re as close as strangers”

You take another breath to belt, because if you do anything less, you know your voice will crack with tears.

“on the phone
i can tell that you wanna move on
through the tears
i can hear that I shouldn’t have gone
every day gets harder to stay away from you
so tell me…

are we wasting time
talking on a broken line?
telling you I haven’t seen your face in ages
i feel like we’re as close as strangers

wasting time
talking on a broken line
telling you I haven’t seen your face in ages
i feel like we’re as close as strangers
won’t give up
even though it hurts so much
every night I’m losing you in a thousand faces
now it feels we’re as close as strangers

six months since I went away
and I know everything has changed
but tomorrow I’ll be coming back to you”

“When did you do this?” he finally asks, what seems like hours after you finish.

“It’s taken me a little over six months.”

“Oh.” he sighs, putting his hands on his knees.

“Yeah.” you say, trying to fill the empty air.

“I… um…” he begins. You take a breath and lean in closer to him to kiss him.

He grabs your cheek and pulls you in closer, if that was even possible. 

“Y/n.” he says as you pull away.


“I need you.”

“I need you too.”