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I personally, am one of those people that actually prefers his English dubbed name; Tala Valkov is so fricking cute, with that being said, I’m considering painting over his name to replace it with the english dubbed name, but ay. Anyway - he’s finally done. There’s colour and everything is good, and it’s now finished, so he can go into my folder, but man oh man, did I enjoy drawing him. ♥


So it’s 2:46am and I finally finished my latest project - “Every Time that Captain Janeway Swears.mp4″. You’re bloody welcome and I’m going to bed now.

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Patience (Miniminter Imagine)


Simon x Reader Info- Y/n is waiting for simon to stop editing so that they can finally go out to dinner.

Y/N pov-

“Not long now, babe” Simon says as I am lying on his bed scrolling through my twitter feed.

“You said that an hour ago” I say rolling my eyes knowing that we probably weren’t going to get to dinner. I don’t understand why I even try and go out to dinner with him any more. “Y/N, you know that I can’t snap my fingers and finish it!” Simon says a bit harshly knowing that I had annoyed him I decided not to speak for a bit.

After about 10 minutes I stand up and sighed, “I’ll go cancel the reservations” I say, with a bit of anger behind it. “Just a couple more minutes and I’ll be done. Just have some patience” he snaps not taring his eyes from his screen. “HAVE SOME PATIENCE?! I’ve had patience for the last hour and a half! You can’t EVEN look at me while shouting at me!” I snap finally having another of his bullshit.

“FINE! GO FUCKING CANCEL THE RESERVATIONS! I WAS TRYING TO FINISH IN TIME BUT IF YOU DON’T WANT TO GO WE WON’T! BECAUSE SPOILT PRINCESS MUST ALWAYS GET HER WAY!” He shouts kicking his chair out of his way. I shout and turn around slamming the door behind me. I could see all the boys sticking their heads out their doors but I couldn’t care less because I just had to leave the house.

Once I had got to my car that’s when the tears start pooling out of my eyes. I turn my car on and drive to my best friends house. I was driving for a while until I finally reached his house. Carefully I stumbled towards his door tears still falling down my cheeks for the river in my eyes. I knocked on his door each knock lighter than the one before it. “Y/n, you look like a mess come in” he says closing the door behind me as I walk towards the sofa we used to spend many nights watching films on.

Once he had joined me on the sofa he looked me in eyes and wiped my tears away “what happened, y/n?” He asked with a small sympathetic smile. “Cal, Simon…” I couldn’t finish the sentence and Cal knew I didn’t need to instead he wrapped his arms around me. “There’s someone better for you out there, y/n, maybe closer than you realise” he says with a sigh slightly squeezing you.

No ones pov-

What you didn’t know is that the person Cal was talking about wasn’t just anyone but you had no idea.

Simons pov-

I let her go! I FUCKING LET HER GO! I shout as I slam my fist into the wall. Tears fell freely from my eyes as I stared looking down at my bruise and bloody knuckles. I knew the boys could hear me but I didn’t care, why should I? My world has just fallen apart and I have nothing left. She was my everything and now I might never see her again.

How am I supposed to live with myself knowing that I drove the love of my life away for ever. She will always find someone better and i always knew she would. She was a goddess and I wish I had realised sooner rather than treating her like a trash can.

JJ came into my room and looked over me “Poor fucker” he whisper and hugged me, I stayed still because my body felt numb. If I moved I would fall to the floor.

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*Cue Pokemon’s battle theme music* derpfire‘s botfight AU is GO!

I. FINALLY. FINISHED. THIS. Tho I apologies I finished this in a hurry because if I can’t finish this quickly, I might not actually finish this at all. So, it’s a bit rough and not much details.

Agent Carter Poster!

OMG FINALLY DONE! So Many faces…  Anyways I’m just glad I got to finish this beast b4 C2E2 not to mention I really do like this show a lot.

Ok… now I’m going to need to go to bed before I can finish up Scarlet Witch then to the printers.

Honestly tho. Sometimes I get the feeling, people on here, can’t comprehend any sentence more complex, than “this is a cat”. Anyways, after dealing with this… whatever this mental diarrhea was, I’m now gonna finish the last dreg of my cherry wine and finally go to bed. I am clearly too old, to deal with some of the stuff, this fandom coughs up on a regular base.

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"Can you please pass me the marker?" asked Ellie. Ellie had forgotten her markers at home. Britannia was focused on a drawning she was working on.

Britannia nodded without looking up from her work. She bites her lip, finishing the line she was trying to perfect. “Finally,” She mutters to herself. Britannia picks up the marker and hands it to Ellie. “Here you go!” She says cheerfully.

Wednesday, April 13th 2015 //

Woke up at 5.45 today! I’ve been waking up earlier and earlier lately and I’ve been loving it honestly, although the reason why today I woke up EXTRA early was because I was too excited about the Dr Strange trailer release (you know I’m a massive Ben C fan!). Watched that and then was too giddy to go back to sleep, so I stayed in bed for a while and then got out at 6.30!

I finished working on the Erasmus paperwork as tomorrow I have a meeting with the counselor to finalize what exams I’m going to do abroad. That’s also the reason why I won’t be going to the Florence + The Machine concert tonight… Still can’t wrap my head around it, it’s my favourite band and God knows when they’ll be back in Italy. 😔

Now I have about an hour to study before going to a lecture! My tea is as black as it gets. 💪

Party Time!

To celebrate the glorious summer and finally finishing FINAGLC, I’m gonna take requests! 

So, here’s how this little shindig is going to work: from now until Sunday night, you can send me a prompt in an ask, and I’ll write something short for you! Anything from a drabble to a few pages, depending on the alignment of the planets. When I go to bed on Sunday, I’ll be disabling my ask box for a while to enforce the cut-off time. Sound fair? You betcha! 

Fluff, shippy stuff, darkfic, whatever your little heart desires could be yours (with the risk that your prompt could be filled in some sort of Monkey’s Paw fashion)! Doesn’t have to be Undertale, either! Just needs to be a fandom I’m familiar with; check my blog description for an idea of what I can swing. Read on for additional deets, yo. 

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So far my hiatus from the show hasn’t been an hiatus since I started filming a movie right after it but now that I finish filming it today, my hiatus can finally begin. Part of me wants to just sleep and stay in bed all day everyday but the other part of me feels like I should be going on vacation all over the world. Most of all though I’m excited to see my dogs. Who else gets serious separation anxiety from their pets while they’re away? That’s totally me and now I don’t want to be away from them for a very long time. 


The day has finally come ! I’m seeing you taylorswift in 18 hours or so, and i just can’t wait ! It’s been 4 years since you’ve been to Montreal and i’m really excited to see you for the first time in concert ! So here’s my outfit and if you’re looking for me, i’ll be in the b-stage pit by myself, having the time of my life ! I hope I can give you the gift I made for you ! Really can’t wait ! tree-paine 1989costumes 1989worldtourmontreal 💕

After 3 permanent markers and long hours printing, cutting and marking each and every letter, i’ve finally finished it in time ! I’m now going to bed, i’m exhausted, hopefully i won’t stay up all night because of all this excitement !

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