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My Best Friend’s Sister (Part 1)

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Summary: When the reader moves up to Vancouver for her new writing job, she never realized who her neighbor would end up being…


Pairing: Jensen x reader (with sibling!Jared)

Word Count: 2,500ish

Warnings: language, sibling issues

A/N: Not sure where this really came from (I’d love a big brother like Jared irl) but I was feeling the flangst today…

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Stupid (Yoongi/Reader Fluff)

Summary: It’s 2:45 am and Min Yoongi’s at your door. Stupid.

(( Note: Lol, hey guys… Guess who’s not dead. *Me (I think)* Sorry I went on hiatus out of nowhere :/ Can’t say that I’m back officially because like the last time I said that I was gone three months after (hehe). So I’m semi back I guess? I’ve been missing those active Tumblr days so much, I wish I can be on more, idk what will happen in the future but I’ll try my best to post more scenarios and just overall be more active :) HOPEFULLY SMH—Also I know nothing about piano/music writing, I apologize for any mistakes and please please listen to the song it’s really pretty ))

Literally, what the hell.”

You stared at your best friend, completely dumbfounded by the fact that you were even staring at him considering that it was pitch black and cold as shit out. In other words, it was 2:45 in the morning and no other than Min Yoongi was standing there right in front of you, hands stuffed deep into his large coat along with a fluffy scarf wrapped countless times around his head, hot air from his mouth puffing out into the frozen winter air. 

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romelondon567  asked:

Hi, um could you do a prinxiety fanfic with Anxiety as a Neko because Roman spilt a potion that Logic and Morality kept.

**I’ve wanted to write a kitty Anx for a while, thanks for giving me an excuse**


Anxiety was angry. He was raging. He was- he was-

Downright purr-ious.

“Patton, one more pun and I swear I’m going to-”

“Claw my eyes out?”

There was enraged hissing from beneath the blankets on the couch.

“I don’t know, he doesn’t sound any different than normal. Are we sure he’s changed?”

In an explosion of pillows and blankets popped Anxiety, whose eyes were filled with fire.

“I dare you to say that again,” He hissed.

His tail flicked angrily behind him.

“You’re too adorable to take seriously, kiddo,” Morality cooed as he sat beside the other.

Anxiety hissed dangerously and raised a clawed hand in warning, but Paton ignored him and instead ruffled his hair -mindful of the calico ears poking up- and then hugged him, electing not to comment on the quiet purring that emitted from the other nearly immediately.

Prince came dashing into the room.

“Alright, I found one potion that might turn you back sooner, or you can wait a week for it to wear off.”

“….. What do you mean might?”

“Well, it might work, or it might…. Make the effects permanent…. Or turn you into a llama.”

“What is this? Some kind of rip-off of a cartoon movie from 2000?!”

Prince held the vial out, “You want it, yes or no?”

He thought. Take a chance to turn back normal, or have this be a permanent fixture for the rest of his life?

“I’m good.”

“You sure?”

“I’m sure I’m gonna shed on your bed if you don’t leave me alone.”

With a huff, Prince turned and left the room, mumbling under his breath.

Anxiety stayed in his corner on the couch for the rest of the day (would’ve been longer if Patton didn’t make him go to bed in his room).

Well, he tried going to bed. But- gosh darn it, he couldn’t sleep like this; it was too cold!

He tried creating a giant pile of blankets- but it didn’t help. Nothing did. He even curled up in front of his heater, but then he was too hot, and the fur on his tail, and surrounding his ears began to itch and he was getting frustrated to the point of angry tears.

He was tired!

After trying many times to find the perfect sleeping pile, he gave up and decided to listen to music.

And then he was throwing his phone on the floor in anger. He couldn’t listen to ear buds, his ears were now on top of his head and he couldn’t wear headphones either. And he couldn’t blast the music through speakers because the others were sleeping.

“I hate this!” He let out on a half-growl/half-hiss. In all actuality, it was a terrifying sound. He was hot, and cranky, and so so tired. He just wanted this whole thing to end.

He curled up at the head of his bed, trembling from cold, and glaring at nothing in particular as he cursed Prince and his incessant fascination with magic.

“Stupid Prince, stupid potion,” He sniffles and wiped at his nose, flinching when he brushed roughly against the short whiskers, “stupid fur making me hot, stupid eyes letting me see in the dark, stupid ears, stupid phone….” He continued muttering until he yelped as a knock sounded on his door.

“Who is it?” He snapped.

“Do you want this warm milk or not?” Anxiety could practically see Prince’s eye roll through the door.

“I don’t know, did you dump another potion in it?”

“Y'know what, I’m just gonna go dump it, you flea-ridden-”

Before he could finish his statement Anxiety was at the door, tail up and alert, but his ears pressed down as he reached put to snatch Prince’s shirt sleeve.

“I’m sorry,” he said in a small voice, “Please don’t go.”

He kept his eyes on the floor, but Prince turned back and smirked.

“That’s better. Here,” He held out the mug, but Anxiety didn’t take it. “Oh, come on. I just wanna go back to bed, can you just take it already?”

Anxiety obliged, with shaking hands.

“Finally. Now try being a little quieter, I need my beauty sleep.”

He turned to leave, but a small sound caught his attention. It was a whisper.

“I’m cold.”

He looked back over his shoulder, and sure enough, Anxiety was standing shivering violently, the mug in his hand shaking so bad it almost spilled. His tail was wrapped around his own arm, as if that would stop the shivering. His ears were flat, and -while Roman couldn’t see his face, he could only assume what the others expression must be.

Anxiety began to back into the room, grinding his teeth down to stop them from chattering.

“Wait, Anxiety-” He looked up at Prince, who was staring at him with- that couldn’t be concern. Not for him.

“W-what?” He silent hissed at his shaking voice. It was just so cold. Shouldn’t cats be warm? What was this bull?!

“Are you- can I help you?” Prince took a single step forward, but then no more, as he wasn’t sure what to do.

Anxiety set his mug on the dresser nearby and practically flew into Prince, was shocked by the action. In all his life, he had never seen Anxiety initiate contact with anyone.

“Are-are you that cold?”

Anxiety shivered and nodded, a pathetic whine escaping his throat.

Prince sighed and turned him around, leading him back into his room.

“Alright, let’s start with the warm milk.”

Anxiety nodded, and picked up his mug as he was lead to his bed.

“Lucky for you, I know all the tricks to good sleep, and you look like you need all the beauty sleep you can get.”

He elected to ignore the growl Anxiety gave in turn.

“Finish drinking that milk while I build up a warm comfort area for you.”

Anxiety did so begrudgingly, regretting his earlier actions ten-fold.

“There!” Prince exclaimed five minutes later. “I dare you to be cold now! This is the ultimate snuggle fort!”

Anxiety happily dove into the pile of blankets head first, his tail wiggling happily at the aspect of finally being warm- also because he was struggling to get in the darn blankets!

“Are you stuck- nevermind.”

Anxiety burrowed into the hole and looked out at Prince with large brown eyes, irises narrowed into slits at the light coming from behind the royal. It was menacing and intriguing all at once, and Prince was entranced for a moment- until he saw the shivering.


“S-sorry. It-t’s just so-o-o cold-d.” He shivered, his lips pulling into a frown as his eyes welled up.

If there’s one thing Prince couldn’t stand, it was seeing one in distress.

Even if it was his sworn enemy. Or rather, loathing partner. Okay, maybe they were just frenemies, but he wasn’t going any further than that!

“Move over.”

Anxiety’s eyes widened but he began wiggling. There was no over to move to, but they somehow managed to fit the both of them in the swaddled caccoon of blankets. Prince was sitting up against the headboard, and he yanked Anxiety into his lap, wrapping his arms around him and resting his head atop the others.


“Shut up and go to sleep. I’m tired.” Prince mumbled crossly.

Anxiety hesitated for a few moments before throwing all caution to the wind and burrowing as close to the other as he could, head rubbing under Prince’s chin (and ears tickling his nose) hands pinned between his back and the wall of blankets, and legs tucked securely under himself.

It was a bit uncomfortable, but neither paid it any mind.

Anxiety was warm.

And when Patton came by an hour later, presumably to check on his feline companion, he made no sound as he shut off the hall light and flicked on Anxiety’s butterfly lights before laying the other two in a more comfortable position. Then, he snuck out once more, as though he had never been there.

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Hola! Can I ask forma an angst with Namjoon? W/ a sad ending hehe thanks 💕💕

Title: I Guess We Changed (Namjoon x Reader)


Genre: Fluff + Angst

Summary: You and Namjoon belong to a close-knit trio of underground musicians. Everything changes when Namjoon lands a major record deal.

Word count: 1.5k words

Namjoon let his head fall onto your shoulder, his eyelids drooping with exhaustion. You peered at the clock hanging on the wall of your “studio”–it was really just a shabby apartment you shared with two other musicians. It was just past three in the morning.

“Yoongi, our collab can wait a few more hours,” you groaned, sinking further into the tattered couch. “Let us sleep.

“I have an early shift. Need to do this now,” Yoongi grunted, still smashing away at his keyboard. “Plus, inspiration is a fickle mistress.”

“Dude, our stage isn’t for another two weeks,” Namjoon argued tiredly. “Our set’s pretty much complete, anyway.”

“If you guys are tired, just go to bed,” Yoongi sighed, finally turning to look at you. “I’ll finish as much as I can now and we can work on it tomorrow.”

You and Namjoon leapt up at Yoongi’s dismissal, eager to go to bed. Namjoon practically sprinted out of the living room, disappearing into your bedroom with a loud crash. The sound of Namjoon’s muffled cursing carried throughout the flat.

Before you turned to follow Namjoon, you paused and looked at Yoongi. His eyes were ringed with purple and he had lost weight. Frowning, you walked up to him and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Get some rest, okay?” you asked quietly, squeezing him gently. “You need to take care of yourself.”

“I will, Y/N,” Yoongi said with a small smile. “Go fucking spoon your boyfriend now, or whatever it is you two do.”

“We’re not dating!” you called over your shoulder as you walked away. That was the truth–sure, you were intimate, but Namjoon didn’t like to label things. And, well, you liked Namjoon.

In your room, Namjoon was already half asleep, nestled underneath a mountain of blankets. He roused at your entrance, his eyes opening slightly. You slipped into the bed with him, Namjoon’s arms wrapping around your waist instinctively.

“Night,” you whispered, leaning into Namjoon’s larger form. He radiated warmth, lulling you to sleep easily.

“Goodnight,” he replied, his voice gravelly, and kissed the back of your neck. His arms tightened around your body as you both slipped into a deep slumber.

The next morning, you slowly slipped from the covers of sleep. You were met by the sight of rays of golden sunlight streaming in through the open window, casting the room in a warm glow. Nearby, you could feel the constant heat of Namjoon’s body, although he was no longer laying beside you.

“Namjoon?” you called groggily, pushing yourself upright.

He was sitting at the foot of the bed, hunched over looking at his laptop. Namjoon’s eyes were wide, and his shoulders appeared to be shaking.

“Are you okay?” you whispered, crawling towards him. You hugged him from behind, resting your chin on his shoulder. “What’s up?”

“I got the record deal,” Namjoon said, his voice coloured with disbelief. “T-they emailed me this morning. They want me to go to Gangnam to discuss contract terms.”

“Holy shit,” you gasped. “Oh my god, Namjoon! That’s amazing!”

Namjoon turned to you, a huge smile finally illuminating his face. His cheeks dimpled endearingly. “I did it, Y/N,” he laughed. “I’m gonna make it.”

You laughed with Namjoon, wrapping your arms around his neck. He pushed you down so he was laying on top of you. With some difficulty, he kissed you, smiling too much for it to last long. Nuzzling into the crook of your neck, Namjoon sighed in contentment.

Tugging at the bottom of Namjoon’s shirt, you bent your head down to whisper into his ear. “I think this calls for celebration, no?”

Much later that morning, you found yourself curled against Namjoon’s chest. The heat between your bare bodies was both comforting and overwhelming. He traced patterns against your back, his fingers travelling across the ridges of your spine. You practically melted into his touch.

“I’m so proud of you, Joonie,” you mumbled into his skin. “The world’s finally ready for you.”

“You’re going to be right there with me,” he replied with conviction. “If I can make it, so can you.”

“Wouldn’t that be nice,” you giggled. A darker train of thought passed over you. You bit your lip nervously. “But if that doesn’t happen, don’t forget about me, okay?”

“Don’t talk like that,” Namjoon scolded gently. Then, he pressed a kiss against the top of your head. “But how could I ever forget about you?”

“About us, I mean,” you said, blushing slightly. “What’s going to happen with us?”

“We’re going to be just fine,” Namjoon replied. “Our situation might change, but that doesn’t mean we have to as well.”

Two weeks later, Namjoon was in Gangnam and you and Yoongi were still in the sketchier parts of Seoul. You had to rearrange your entire set, awkwardly trying to fill in the gaps Namjoon’s absence had left.

When you and Yoongi performed, you made a good duo. The audience responded enthusiastically to the harmony of Yoongi’s raspy, carnal rap and your sweet melodies. But you both felt wrong–something was missing. To date, it had been your worst performance.

That night, you and Yoongi took the bus home. How glamorous, you thought bitterly, replaying the video’s Namjoon had sent you of his new dorm. It was small, but still much nicer than the tiny, rundown apartment you used to share with him. Since Namjoon was no longer contributing rent money, you and Yoongi took on extra shifts at your part-time jobs.

But difficulties aside, you simply missed him. Your blankets still carried his rich scent, his belongings were still scattered throughout your room. His sweaters hung from chairs and his shoes still sat in the doorway. Sometimes, it seemed like he never really left.

Your cell phone vibrated. It was a text from Namjoon.


How’d the show go, babe?

SENT 4:19 AM

it was ok. it’s weird performing without u


Don’t get used to it! We’re gonna make it big as a trio

SENT 4:21 AM

of course joonie~ go get some sleep now ok?


I will. Talk to you tomorrow

You looked up from your phone, watching familiar scenery roll past the windows of the bus. Beside you, Yoongi had fallen asleep, his head being jostled with every bump in the road. When the bus finally reached your stop, you shook Yoongi gently. The two of you walked the rest of the way home in companionable silence.

Two months later, you and Yoongi were stuck in the same position–the one you had been in for years. You and Yoongi released more and more recordings online, which brought little to no recognition and even less income.

Still, you mailed out CD’s and emailed files relentlessly. It felt like you sent hundreds out a day. Sometimes you’d receive a response, only to be invited to auditions with kids who were still in elementary school. You’d scoff at that.

“We should just make our own fucking label,” Yoongi would say sometimes, bitterness seeping into his tone.

At this time, Namjoon hadn’t been in as frequent contact as before. He texted less and hardly ever called. But he was training hard, and he sounded exhausted whenever you did talk to him.

By now, the sheets had lost their scent. You and Yoongi quietly packed away the remainder of Namjoon’s belongings–the one’s he didn’t deem important enough to bring with him, but were the world to you. They sat in a box, pushed into a dark corner of the apartment.

Slowly, Namjoon began to fade out of your life. The first time you walked into your flat, not expecting to see Namjoon spread across the sofa or on the floor, you realized that he was truly gone.

Two years later, you and Yoongi were working as songwriters. You sold your demos to some substantial companies, making your revenue off royalties. It was enough to make a living, and you could quit your day jobs.

Also, Namjoon had finally debuted.

You found out when one of the accounts you followed on Twitter shared a news article about him. Since Namjoon had stopped talking to you, any information you received was secondhand.

His music was nothing like you were expecting. It sometimes sounded manufactured, and his lyrics were no longer dark, cynical, or meaningful. He called himself Rap Monster, but his music was still tailored for the masses. It sounded like hip hop, but it didn’t feel like it.

Namjoon got popular pretty quickly. Soon, you could hear his music on the radio and he appeared on TV. Every time Yoongi heard him, he would change stations.

“Sellout,” Yoongi would spit.

But when you were alone, you would listen to Namjoon’s music. The familiar deep drone of his voice and the rapid, piercing intonation of his rap–it was a quiet comfort and a painful reminder. You missed the rapper who would perform passionately beside you. You missed the boy who would kiss you goodnight and good morning. Most importantly, you missed Namjoon, who would make you laugh, think, love, and cry.

The brightest boy in your life had left you with nothing but unwanted belongings and unanswered “what ifs?”

- Girl in Luv

Writing angst physically hurts me. My heart…it’s dead. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed! Our requests are open, so send us anything or reference our prompts page if you’d like. Thanks for the support! 

Tortured artist? Irascible writer? Bitter misanthrope? Disillusioned Simerican? A severe case of resting bitch face?

…Or all of the above? ;) Nathaniel’s story coming soon to a screen near you!

I’m so sorry about that ridiculous intro, lol, but I’m nothing if not corny. XD But anyway, the main reason I’m posting him yet again is that I still need a few more sims for this challenge. I don’t mind making them myself, but if anyone is interested in creating an author to join Nathaniel at the writer’s retreat please contact me. I realize that I’ve been moving slower than a herd of turtles on this project, but after a year and a half the world I intend to play in is finally finished and ready to go and I’m eagerly anticipating getting his story started for real.

If you’d like more information about the challenge before deciding whether or not you’re interested, you can find the original post I made about it here. It’s a bit wordy, but my inbox is always open for questions and I promise I will do my best to respond in a timely manner. Thank you so much for your consideration! :)

Beneath The Surface | 3

Originally posted by gotjhope

Chapters: [1] [2] [3]

Pairing: Hoseok X Reader

Word Count: 3,984

Notes: Ok, I know I said this chapter was going to be a ticket to angstville, but I lied. That’s the next chapter. I decided to just give a touch of angst. I thought Hobi deserved to have a nice date first. Also, so far this is one my favorite chapters of anything I’ve written so far. I freaking love boyfriend Hobi. 

Genre & Warnings: Smut, Angst, Hoseok being cheesy but cute. Doing naughty things in public.

Taking extra precaution to silently creep down the hallway, Hoseok almost let out a loud screech when he was tapped on the shoulder from behind.

“Where the hell have you been?” Namjoon asked, quirking his eyebrow at him. 

“Out.” Hoseok mumbled, avoiding eye contact and continued walking, Namjoon following close behind. 

“Out where, exactly? You were gone all night, and then all day today. You’re lucky I covered for you when Manager came by. Wait, did you leave with that girl?” 

“If by “That girl” you mean Y/N, then yes.” And, oh, how he wished he was still there. He couldn’t believe he’d only known her for a day. It felt she was meant to be his, and he planned on holding onto her whatever it took. He could still smell her on him. The mixture of strawberry and sex was intoxicating. The ache to hold her again was almost painful. 

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Sleeping Problems (Levi x reader)

Warning: Cursing

(y/n) took a seat in front of Levi’s desk. He was standing next to his office’s window looking at the training grounds.

“What do you need to discuss with me, Levi?” Asked Squad Leader (y/n).

“I need your help.” Replied Levi without looking at her.

“Did something happen?” Concern evident in her voice. Levi sighed and turned to take a seat.

“As you already know I have trouble sleeping which means I only sleep an average of two to three hours.” She nodded and he continued. "Do you know how much have I slept this past week?”

“No. But judging by the bags under your eyes and how moody you’ve been lately I imagine you haven’t slept much.”

“That’s right. I’ve only slept 7 hours this past week.” (y/n) took a deep breath. “I can’t do my job and I can’t even think properly. I need your help, (y/n).” He said running a hand through his hair. She leant forward and cupped one of his hands in hers.

“I’ll help you, of course.” She sighed. “Why didn’t you come to me earlier, Levi?”

“I didn’t want to bother you.”

“That’s nonsense. You know I would do anything for you.” She leant back in the chair, closed her eyes and hummed. “We’ll start tonight after dinner. Is that okay with you?” She asked opening her eyes. He nodded. She stood up and walked towards his office door. “Good. See you later.” Before she went out the door she felt a hand holding her wrist. She turned around and saw Levi looking straight into her eyes.

“Thanks.” That’s all he said before letting her go.

First night.

Technique #1.
“Four, seven, eight breathing exercise”

“What do I have to do again?” Asked Levi who was lying on his bed while (y/n) was sitting on a chair next to it.

“Breathe in for four seconds, then hold your breath for seven seconds and then slowly breathe out for eight seconds.” He simply stared at her. “Don’t look at me like that, just do it. It’ll help you slow your heartbeat, calm the thoughts in your head and it’ll also help you relax.”

“Tch, whatever. Do I close my eyes?”

“Yes, of course.” He did the exercise four times until he got tired of it.

“This fucking shit isn’t working, I don’t feel any different. And I definitely don’t feel relaxed. The only thing I feel is that I’m running out of air.” (y/n) sighed.

“Okay, let’s try something else.”

Technique #2

“Tense then relax”

“This exercise will help you relax your body. You have to tense or squeeze certain areas of your body, that I will tell you as we begin the exercise, and then you slowly released the tense muscles until your entire body is completely relaxed.”

“Let’s get this shit over with.”

“Yeeaah… Start squeezing the muscles in your face.”

“How the shitty fuck am I supposed to do that?” (y/n) pinched the bridge of her nose, she was starting to get really pissed off.

“Just fucking do it, Levi. We don’t have all night and I want to go to bed too, you know?”

“Tch. No need to yell, brat.” She glared at him which he ignored and proceeded to tense the muscles of his face by contorting his it in different ways for a while till (y/n) spoke again.

“Slowly relax your face.” He did as he was told. “Now, tense your shoulders and your arms.” After that (y/n) told him to do the same with his chest and abs, followed by his back, then his hips and butt and lastly his legs and feet. “How do you feel?”

“I feel like this whole thing is wasting my time. I could be doing paperwork right now, cleaning my office or even taking a shit.”

“Hey, do I have to remind you that you asked for my help?”

“Well, obviously it isn’t working.”

“Go fuck yourself, Levi!” She yelled and an idea came to her mind.

“The fuck did you say, brat?” Levi glared at her.

“That’s it!! Yes, you should go fuck yourself!” She exclaimed excitedly

“What?” He asked confused.

“How long has it been since you last… pleasured yourself?” He looked away from her.

“I…I don’t remember.”

“Well, I’ll leave you to it. Do it!” She ordered him. “It will help you relax for sure and you’ll be able to sleep.”

“You want me to-” She interrupted him.

“Yes I want you to explore yourself tonight, Levi. Come on, it won’t be the first time you do it, right? I assure you it’ll help.”

“Tch. Fine.”

“Good. Have a good night, then.” She said before speed walking to her room. She was very tired and all she wanted to do was sleep.

Second night

“So, how did you sleep last night?” (y/n) asked eagerly. Levi was sitting on the couch in his room while drinking black tea. They both were wearing their sleeping clothes.

“You were right it did help me sleep.” She smiled happily. “However, I only slept for two hours.” He took a sip from the teacup.

“Hm. I see…Well, no more tea passed 12 PM. starting tomorrow!” She said with a serious tone.

“What? You won’t take away my tea, brat.”

“Levi, it contains caffeine and you drink a lot of tea during the day. It might be the cause of your sleeping problems.”

“It’s not. I like my black tea and I will keep on drinking it.” He refused.

“Yes, until 12 PM.”

“Fuck you! You won’t make me, brat.”

“Do you want to finally have a good night’s sleep or not?” She asked sternly and he finally gave in.

“Fine…I won’t drink tea passed 12 PM.”

Technique # 3
“Rocking yourself to sleep”

“Good. Then let’s try other techniques. Go to bed, please.” Levi finished his tea and did as he was told. “Now rock yourself to sleep.” He raised an eyebrow.

“I’m not a baby, brat.”

“Ugh! Just do it, Levi! Close your eyes and slowly rock yourself from side to side.”

“This shit won’t work.” He mumbled before rocking himself for a couple of minutes until he stopped and sighed. “Told you this wasn’t going to work. What else can I do?”

“Let me think…”

Technique # 4
“Breathe through the left nostril”

“Breath through your left nostril.”

“Really? What do I do? Rest a finger on my right nostril?” He asked sardonically.

“Yup. Lie on your left side and place a finger on your right nostril to close it and then breathe slowly.”

“Seriously where do you come up with these shitty techniques?”

“I did my research. Now do it!” She ordered.

“You are so bossy.” She glared at him “Fine I’ll do it…” He lay on his left side and put a finger on his right nostril then he proceeded to slowly and exaggeratedly breathe in and out while looking at her.

“I don’t think that’s how you are supposed to do it, Levi.” She said between giggles. “You should close your eyes.” She laughed. “You are just staring at my while blowing out of your nostril and that’s creepy as hell.” He clicked his tongue. “You don’t normally try to fall asleep with your eyes open, do you? She chuckled.

"I don’t normally try to sleep with a finger on my right nostril, brat.” She laughed again and he slightly smiled.

“Okay, okay. Let’s move on.”

Technique # 5
“Getting a massage”

(y/n) took a little bottle out of her jacket pocket.

“What is that?”

“It’s lavender oil. You, my friend, are getting a massage tonight. Lucky you…”

“I’ve never got one.”

“Take your shirt off and lay on your stomach. I’ll take care of the rest.” He took his shirt off and folded it neatly. Then he placed it on his nightstand. Finally, he lay on his stomach. (y/n) opened the bottle and put some oil on her hands rubbing it between her palms.

“Okay, let’s get started” (y/n) put her hands on his back and he immediately hissed and his muscles tensed. “What?”

“Your hands are cold, brat.”

“Oh, don’t be a crybaby.” She then proceeded to rub his shoulders and neck. His muscles were slowly relaxing.

“It smells good.” He whispered and she hummed. (y/n) continued to rub his shoulder blades and then she rubbed him down to his loin, slowly massaging his whole back in the process. When she finished, she tucked him in.

“How do you feel?” She whispered.

“I’m relaxed, thanks.”

“I’ll stay until you fall asleep, okay?” He hummed in response. She took her slippers off and sat on the left and empty side of his bed, her back was pressed against the headboard. A couple of minutes went by and she was about to fall asleep when Levi spoke.

“I can’t sleep.” (y/n) grunted in response and lay beside him. “What are you doing?” He turned on his side to face her.

“Shut up. It’s really late, I need my beauty sleep and I have run out of ideas and techniques to make you fucking fall asleep.” She said glaring at him and pouting at the same time.

“Tch, fine. I’ll let you sleep here but I’ll use you as a pillow.”

“Be my guest.” She said with her eyes close. Levi rested his head on her chest and hugged her with his right arm. (y/n) placed her right hand on his bare back and started caressing it with her thumb while her left hand was stroking his hair.

Next morning

“Wake up, brat.” He said in a soft tone.

“Ngh, let me sleep.”

“I can’t. It’s 7.30 AM. We’re going to miss breakfast.”

“Five more…What? 7.30…?” She said opening her eyes. “That means-”

“Yes. That means that you finally made me sleep all night long, brat.” She smiled and stretched lazily on his bed.

“Yaaaay!!” She celebrated while rubbing her eyes.

“Yes, now get up and go brush your teeth. You have a horrible morning breath.” She clicked her tongue.

“Fuck you. Your breath doesn’t exactly smell like roses, you know?”


When (y/n) was about to get up Levi brings her down towards his chest and hugged her.

“What are you doing? Didn’t you want me to brush my teeth?”

“Thank you…”

“Huh?” She lifted her head and raised an eyebrow at him.

“Thank you for being there for me every time that I needed you and even when I didn’t…You are always there for me. Thanks, (y/n).”

“Levi, I… You don’t have to thank me. That’s what good friends do, right?” She smiled looking at him.

“That’s the problem. I don’t want… to be your friend.” He looked at her straight in the eyes and she did the same. “I…” He leant forward and swiftly pecked her lips.

“Levi.” She whispered. “I-” He interrupted her.

“I’m sorry.” He said looking down. “I shouldn’t ha-” She sweetly pecked his lips interrupting him. When they broke apart she smiled at him, her cheeks were a little pink just like his. “I like you, (y/n).” He kissed her again. This time the kiss was longer and sweeter than before.

“I like you too, Levi.” She pecked him on the nose making him smile a little.

“That means you are sleeping in my room from now on, brat.”

“Gladly.” She smiled and he pecked her lips again.

“Now let’s go eat something. I’m fucking starving.” He pointed to his wardrobe. “You can use my spare uniform. It’ll fit you right, midget.” He ruffled her hair before getting up.

“Hey, I’m not a midget. You are a midget, midget!”

“Whatever you say. I’m still taller than you, brat.” He said walking towards his bathroom.

“Ugh! Fuck you!” She threw a pillow at him and it hit his back. He picked it up and threw it back at her.

“Maybe later, after breakfast.” (y/n) was redder than a tomato.

“Levi!!!” She yelled as he closed the bathroom door.

Author’s note: Hey, lovelies~ :D

Here’s a Levi x reader one-shot for you, guys!

The video Fastest Ways To Fall Asleep © Good Mythical Morning inspired me to do this story :)

Shingeki no Kyojin © Isayama Hajime
Levi © Isayama Hajime

When I Was Jungkook // JK x Reader

Formerly known as Salt and Pepper

This was a little random. I had the idea to write about what would happen if Jungkook and Y/N switched lives and bodies, and had to go through the other person’s life, kinda like Freaky Friday. I thought it’d be funny haha, but this one is a lil random. I loved writing it though, so let me know if you want a part 2?

Genre: comedy, fluff, i can make this somewhat smutty in future if ya’ll want hehe
Jungkook x reader
Length: 9k words

YOU closed the lid of your laptop with a sigh, pushing it to the side and running your fingers through your hair. Leaning back in your chair and eyeing the clutter of your desk, you basked in the realisation that now you could finally go to sleep. You looked over at the clock next to your bed to find that it was 2:43am. You had only just finished everything now. And you still knew that soon enough you’d be assigned another twenty things.

Being a university student meant that you were given barely time to even breathe around all the work your professors set for you. What with your job added onto all of that, the amount of stress you dealt with on the daily was crazy. But you dealt with it regardless because you were passionate about what you were studying, and if this is what you had to do to reach the place you wanted to get to then so be it.

Your job was one thing you were less enthusiastic about, but that couldn’t be helped. Your tuition wasn’t going to pay itself.

Besides all the stress and work, you liked to think you were a cheerful and optimistic person. You were reasonably confident that at some point your life would stop being as damn repetitive as it was now. Work, lecture, study, sleep, repeat. You hated to admit that your life was dull, but it really was. There wasn’t much else to say about it, if you were honest.

Pulling yourself out of your desk chair hurt far too much. You’d been sitting still there for so long that your back absolutely killed now that you’d straightened out. Your bedroom door opened as you sat down on your bed, allowing your dog to wander lazily into the room. He immediately came to you and rose up to rest his paws on your thighs, trying to lovingly lick your face. You pushed his head away from you with a soft chuckle, mindful of the fact that the rest of your family would definitely be asleep by now. Cookie must have gotten bored of staying in your sleeping sister’s room again, which would be why he was now here trying to lick your cheek as you tried to keep his tongue off of your skin.

Eventually you fought him off and managed to lie down with your head resting on your pillow. Your poor rejected Cookie took the hint that you were going to sleep and curled up in a fluffy ball next to your body. You lay there for a minute petting his curly fur for a few minutes, just thinking. Right before your eyes fluttered closed, you wished for the fiftieth time that your life would change from dull and repetitive to somewhat eventful. At least you could dream of what it would be like.

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How the Batboys would take care of their PMSing S/O- Tim Drake

“Tim?” you asked, lifting your head from your pillow. “Are you almost done?”

“Uh huh,” he replied and kept typing on his computer.

You groaned, “You said that thirty minutes ago, Tim.  I can’t get the medicine without feeling like someone is carving out my stomach.”

“Uh huh,” he repeated and took a sip of his coffee.

“If I have to get up, Tim, you’re sleeping on the couch.  Well, whenever you are going to sleep,” you warned him, but still didn’t take his attention away from the computer.

You glared at the back of his head and grabbed his pillow, launching it directly on his head.

“What the heck, (Y/N)?” he asked and finally turned around, tossing the pillow back on the bed.  “I need to finish this!”

“And I need the pain medicine that I asked you to get over thrity minutes ago!” you said and glared at him.

His glare instantly melted, “Are you okay?”

“No I’m not, Tim,” you replied.  “Can you please go get the medicine now?”

Tim nodded, “I’ll go get it, and then I’m going to bed.  I think I overworked myself.”

“Like you always do,” you added.

Tim smiled and shook his head, “Don’t make me change my mind.”

He walked out of the room and into the bathroom, grabbing the medicine before flopping onto the bed.  You snatched the meds from his hand and drank it with the warm tea you kept on your stomach.

“Thanks, Tim,” you said and placed the mug on the nightstand. “Since you’re here, can we cuddle?”

“Yup,” he agreed and scooted closer to you, draping his arm over your waist.  “I’m sorry I wasn’t paying attention.”

“It’s okay, but next time you’re really sleeping on the couch.”

I’m finally settled at university. Lessons start next week which means the frequency of my uploads will drop off pretty drastically I’m afraid. Thank you all for reading my stuff this summer. It’s been an absolute pleasure to do it. I’ll endeavor to keep it up as much as possible over the next year. Enjoy, everyone!

Prompt[s]: He was gonna do kiss her omg why didn’t he 😔

Pure magic as usual!

The Tower is my new religion honestly, ITS SO GOOD AHHHHH

‘The Tower’ (Part 19)

All Chapters // Part 18

Brynjolf looked up when the bedroom door opened and broke into a toothy grin. You were stood in fresh clean clothes, leaning heavily on the door frame for support. Loki was about a foot behind you, frowning at the raucous dwarf from afar.
“Hey, lady!” He roared with a skin-cracking smile. “Look who’s up and at ‘em.” You waved triumphantly and then stumbled, Loki catching you just in time and helping you to stand upright. Sliding your arm around his shoulders, he helped you hobble into the room. Very different from the last time you couldn’t walk, you noted to yourself…

“I… I don’t believe we’ve met,” you said as you were lowered into the window seat on the other side of the firepit. A dead pig was spitting and crackling over the flames. The smell was indescribable. Your stomach growled again.
“Oh, I do be beggin’ your pardon, lady. I’m Brynjolf.”

You spied the crossbow on his shoulder and briefly remembered the way the bodies of the men had slumped with ease.
“You… You saved my life, didn’t you? You’re the reason I made it home.”

Brynjolf skipped with glee and then bowed theatrically. “At the risk of soundin’ big-headed: you’re god damn right that was me! Shot the bastards right between the eyes, bang, bang, bang!” He threw his head back and laughed, clutching his belly as he did so. The joy of this man was infectious and you found yourself smiling too. Loki’s expression suggested he wasn’t as inclined to agree.

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Just A Little Help | Part 2 |

Hi! I finally finished it! God, it took me so long to do so. I usually write before I got to bed, but I figured that I should finish it now because I already had the ending planned out. Should I make a part 3 where the tell Gemma and Michal? I need suggestions, so please feel free to drop me an ask! Also, sorry for any mistakes!



The overall seriousness in his voice and Gemma’s despairing facial expression made you extremely concerned about their issue. The small smile on your face faded.

“Yeah, ok… let me go wake Harry. You two can head to the lounge if you want.” You imparted before slipping out.

As you walked up the stairs, you had begun to get more curious about what they wanted to talk about. What could be so important that they had to come over at such short notice?

“H? Love?” You whispered as you reach the inside of your bedroom. “Harry, wake up.” You said slightly louder, walking over to him.

He moaned quietly in response.

“Harry? Gemma and Michal are here.” You cooed and ran your hand threw his soft hair.

“Tell ‘em I’m busy…” Harry groaned sleepily. His eyes were still closed as he tried to snuggle closer into the the blanket.

“I think it’s important.” You said in a hushed voice and stretched your hand out for him to take.

Harry sighed. He took your hand and allowed you to help him up. He quickly slipped into his slippers before following you out of the room, down the stairs, and into the living room.

As soon as you entered the room, you heard sniffling and almost inaudible reassured ‘it’s okay’s.

“Hey, hey. What’s the matter, Gem?” Harry gushed, walking quickly towards his sister. You rushed behind him and rubbed her back as Harry hugged her tightly.

Gemma stayed quiet for a moment as she wiped away a few tears. “Why don’t you two have a seat first?”

You and Harry looked at each other confused. You shrugged at him and afterwards you both sat down.

“There’s really no way to ask this, Y/n. I’ve known you for nearly ten years and you’re one of the very few people I could confide in for this favor.” Gemma paused for a moment before continuing, “A few days ago, we found out that we’re incompatible to conceive together. I have major tube blockage, and our doctor says that we have a few options: we could adopt or we could find someone to carry my egg and his sperm. We just want to know if you’d consider being our surrogate.”

You were dumbfounded to say the least. You had absolutely not been expecting this. At all.

Your blankly confused face had begun to scare Gemma and Michal.

“I… I don’t know.” You managed to get out.

“You don’t have to do it. We understand if you don’t. We just wanted to ask before we look into adoption.”

“I think we should talk about this together thoroughly first. Then, we can give you an answer.” Harry piped in.

You nodded, finally having processed it.

Gemma and Michal had left not long after.

Harry plopped down on your shared king-sized bed after patiently finishing his nightly routine and he successfully tucked all three kids in.

You, on the other hand, had been procrastinating from the moment Gemma and Michal had left, to now. You thought about it immensely, weighing all the pros and cons you could think of. This was a very tough decision to make, but it would determine a couple’s entire future.

Two very important people in your life.

“Are you ready to talk about it?” Harry drawled, pulling the duvet over his legs. He sat up with his back against the headboard and his right hand reaching for yours.

“I think so,” you cleared your voice, “I thought about it a lot. I mean, I think I’m getting a little old, don’t you? But she’s much older than me, she’s already reached past the safety limit. Even if she could have children she would not only be putting her baby’s life in danger, but her own.” You looked at him unsure.

Harry nodded. He didn’t quite know what to say, but he wanted to make sure you knew he understood.

“Do you think I should do it?” You raised an eyebrow.

“As her brother, I think it would be amazing if you could give her and her husband the most beautiful gift of life. But as your husband, I don’t necessarily think this is the best idea because we have a daughter and two toddlers to look after, and this would only bring you more stress.” He spoke profoundly. He gave your hand tight squeeze. “This is completely up to you, though. You know I’ll always support your decision.”

“Thank you,” you smiled up at him. “Maybe I should sleep on it for now.”

Harry hummed, agreeing. “I love you.” He said, kissing your lips before fully lying in bed.

“I love you, too.” You replied. Finally turning the lamp on your bedside table off, and crawling in next to Harry.

It was very early in the morning when you woke up. The sun had not yet set, so you decided that you would go downstairs to the front porch and watch it rise with a warm cup of tea.

You sat up carefully in bed, cautious not to wake Harry. Once you got out, you slipped into one of Harry’s jumpers that he left on the floor next to his unclaimed side of the bed. You shook you head and scolded his sleeping frame. You figured you’d yell at him later.

You made slow and quiet steps down the hall to check on Amelia first, then the twins who were all still asleep and well in each of their beds. Afterwards, you set off to the kitchen to make a small cup of tea and bring it outside with you.

It was slightly chilly outside, but the warmth of Harry’s jumper was enough to keep you content for the next few moments. You snuggled closer to it as you sat comfortably on the porch swing and drank your tea. Birds chirping and the wind blowing was nearly all you heard.

You had been out there for a while, sipping on tea and watching the sun finally rise completely. You hadn’t even noticed the sound of the front door opening until it was slowly closing and the cushion you were sitting on had dipped.

You swung your head around to catch Harry settling down beside you. He had a pair of custom made pajama bottoms with “Styles” perfectly knit on the left side, and an old band tee that he had gotten the hang of using to sleep. You noticed he had a baby monitor in one of his hands.

“Thought you’d be out here.” He said while wrapping his arm around your shoulder. “'Woke up just now and you weren’t in bed.”

You hummed in response and snuggled into his warm side.

“It’s a bit cold out here, don’t you think?” He asked, smiling down at you. Harry grazed his hand along your naked arm. It was cold, and goosebumps could be felt. Even though it wasn’t a long while, you had been quiet ever since he had stepped outside. He frowned before asking, “what are you thinking?” You seemed to be really deep in thought.

“I… I think I want to do it.” You replied.

“What do you mean?” He began rubbing your arm after placing the baby monitor he had held, in between his legs.

“I think I want to be to be Gem’s surrogate.” You answered a little more confident.

Almost immediately, he stopped his movements. “What? Are you sure?” He stuttered. He seemed to be somewhere between happy and a bit concerned.

“Of course, I am. It’s going to be so wonderful to help them with their dream of being parents. Even if it’s just a little help.” You grinned, holding onto his hand.

“A little help?” He grinned back, “baby, you’re *giving* them their dream of being parents. It’s so amazing of you to do this.” Harry embraced you in his arms and held you tightly. “I think I love you even more, if it’s possible.”


(A/N): So, my birthday is coming and I thought about this during the ‘English Terminology’ class. I wanted to write something with Steve because I’m slowly falling for this man. Anyway, this is pure fluff and I’m satisfied with this work. Sorry for mistakes. O:)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader 

Warning: fluff, language (not much)  

Words: 3051


Originally posted by naih-reedus


               The clock alarm went on at exactly 7 AM. It was Wednesday – the day she wished didn’t exist; the day she wished she was somewhere else and not in the tower. They all knew about this day and all she wanted was some peace and quiet. Why celebrate the fact that you are one year closer to the death? Why do even people celebrate birthday? Last year, Tony threw her a massive surprise party and she ran away after two hours. She couldn’t stand it – too many people.

               (Y/N) got up and looked at the empty space next to her. He wasn’t there. Fury sent him on a risky mission and he was supposed to be back tomorrow evening. She sighed and scratched the back of her head. Her heart did have one small wish – spend the day with Steve, stay in the bedroom, cuddle and sleep. No parties, no presents, nothing. Just the two of them would be perfect. But he wasn’t there. It’s been almost a month since he went on a mission and it sucked.

               The first thing she did was a long hot shower. It was a ritual – washing her hair, shaving legs and other parts of her body, putting on a special shower gel that got rid of the old dead skin. Every girl did that. It was a part of the daily routine. After she got out from the shower and dried her hair, it was time to put on some proper formal clothing. Fury wanted to send Maria to a special meeting, but (Y/N) took it before her friend could say otherwise. It was a plan – to do as much as possible. No one would bother her while doing her work. (Y/N) took a deep breath when she saw her reflection in the mirror. Her long hair was in a proper bun, she put on a nude make-up and the tight clothes showed her figure perfectly.

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Compromised [Part 2] (Dick Grayson x Reader)

hello everyone! This is Compromised Part 2! If you haven’t read Part 1, you can read it here (Hopefully this link works, if not please let me know!!) Well, I hope you enjoy!
I apologize for this taking so long to be posted. I had a lot of shit going on in my life that wasn’t very good, but things are better now! I went on vacation and it really helped me relax and unwind so I could heal! Now that I’m back, I decided it was time to finish and finally post Compromised Part 2 haha!


Dick Grayson didn’t like waking up to an empty bed. Normally, you would be there, warming up the other half of the bed with your body heat. But, today when he rolled over and woke up, the right side of the bed was cold. He frowned and got up, his joints popping as he stretched. He looked down at his phone on the nightstand and picked it up. Unlocking it, his thumb instantly went to your contact and hovered over the call button.
You were packing your bags, Jason accompanying you. The two of you sat in the living room as you picked out what you wanted/ needed to bring. Simultaneously, you had the file on Danilo Carrera pulled up on your hologlove. “What’s this Danny guy like anyway?” Jason asked as he folded his clothes.
“He is a total creep. He kept touching me and flirting with me,” you reply in disgust. “I don’t regret punching him in the face one bit. I’m pretty sure I broke his nose.”
“I’m proud of you (N/N),” Jason said with a grin. You roll your eyes and smile back. You were about to say something back when Dick’s contact came up on your screen, indicating that he was calling you. You pursed your lips and decided to answer the call.
“(Y/N)! I, uh…hi.” He began awkwardly. “I woke up and you weren’t next to me…”
“Yeah, I stayed at the Manor last night,” you reply.
“I figured…” There was an uncomfortable silence before he broke it again. “I h-heard that you and Jason have a flight to an island near Santa Prisca.” You raised your eyebrow at the fact that he stuttered. Dick hadn’t sounded this nervous since he first asked you out back when you were teenagers.
“Yes, we do.“
“If it’s okay with you, I was wondering if I could…come say goodbye before you go.” You chewed the inside of your cheek as you took in that sentence.
“R-Really?! I’ll be over soon!” He said hurriedly and hung up. You sighed and ran your fingers through your (h/l) (h/c) locks.
“Even with the way he acted yesterday, you still give him your entire heart. Just as you do every day.” Jason comments with a side smile. You turn and look at him, giving a soft one in return.
“He’s the love of my life, even if he did act like a complete asshole.“
Dick Grayson drove anxiously to the Manor, clutching the ring tightly in his right hand. He felt so nauseous right now, his palms were sweaty and the stress was building again. He wasn’t used to this feeling, not at all. Dick was accustomed to stress, but nothing like this. He took a deep breath once he pulled up and exhaled, slipping the ring in his pocket.
Alfred opened the front door, greeted him, and then told him that you were upstairs in your room. Dick thanked the kind butler and headed directly to your said location. He took another shaky breath and knocked on your door.
You had just finished double checking your room to make sure you hadn’t forgotten anything when there was a knock at the door. You opened it to see your boyfriend, a weak smile on his usual cheery face. You figured it was all the stress he was under. You know from personal experience that stress can throw patience, empathy, logic, and control right out the window to be forgotten. You allowed him in and shut the door with your foot, giving you two some privacy. As soon as the door shut, he instantly began spewing apologies from his mouth.
”I’m sorry,“ he croaked out pathetically. “I’m so so sorry. I ruined everything last night. The mission ended up in shambles because of me and now you and Jason have to risk your lives to go to Santa Prisca because of my mistake. I’m so sorry, please forgi-” You cut him off by wrapping your arms around his neck in a warm hug. Stunned by the sudden embrace, Dick wasn’t quite sure what to do at first. However, he quickly snapped out of his little trance and hugged you back, almost immediately sinking into your figure. Pulling away from him for a minute you look at his face and see the dark circles and pale features. You put a hand to his cheek and rub your thumb under his eye.
“What’s up with you? You haven’t been yourself lately,“ you ask gently. All your annoyance and disappointment because of his actions, vanished as you saw his stressed state.
“I’m just so…overwhelmed,” he mumbled. “Bludhaven is becoming more and more of a mess, that case is tied into that, I messed everything up, and…” his voice trails as he thinks of the circular object in his pocket.
“And?” You question. He shakes his head.
“It’s nothing. But, I’m just so…done (Y/N). So stressed out. It’s making me feel sick.” You ran your fingers through his hair and he closed his eyes in relief. He loved it when you did that.
“You do look quite pale. Maybe you should take a little break, love.”
“I can’t. I need to protect people, and be there.”
“My dear, you already do so much.” You replied. “Bruce is right. You need to get yourself in check before going out into the field again. You’re emotions are all churned up. It isn’t healthy to keep going like this.” He pulled away from you, his eyebrows knitting together.
“I knew you would side with him. I know, I compromised the mission. I fucked up. It won’t happen again.” You frowned and crossed your arms over your chest.
“We can’t take the risk of that happening again. Not when Black Mask and now Bane are involved. It’s too unpredictable.“
“Whatever (Y/N)! It’s always been about the mission with you anyway,” he snapped. Your eyes widened and you gave him a look of hurt.
“That’s a bit hypocritical, don’t you think?” You say, becoming somewhat agitated. “You are working yourself to the bone Dick, you are loosing control of your emotions left and right. This is not normal.”
“Don’t tell me what I need to do and not do (Y/N)! It’s my body and my life! I’m an adult and can make my own decisions!” He growled.
“Perhaps you should start acting like an adult instead of a rebellious teenager!” You yelled back. The two of you glared at each other, the stare being full of fire and anger. You take a deep breath and close your eyes. “Look, obviously you have some shit you need to deal with right now. So, it’s good that I’m going away on this mission. It’ll give you some space,” you say, calming down. He sighed and ran a hand through his dark locks.
“I’m sorry (Y/N)…I just…you’re right. I do have a lot on my mind,” he mumbled.
“Of course I’m right,” you tease with a wink and a grin. You took his hand and the two of you made your way to the Batcave where Jason was waiting for you along with Tim and Damian. Bruce was at work, and Alfred was upstairs making lunch. (He had wished you and Jason a safe mission while you came down.) “Well, boys,” you state. “We will see you in a few days. Hopefully.” You engulf Tim and Damian in smothering hugs, which ended up in them two arguing over who you loved to hug more (besides Dick). You chuckled at their bickering and shook your head.
“Okay, well if you two dumbasses are done arguing, (Y/N) and I have to get going.” Jason cut in. “Plus we all know that she loves to hug me more!”
“No way Todd! She definitely loves to hug me more than you and Drake. I am best after Grayson,” Damian said, puffing out his chest.
“Pft! As if!” Tim said sarcastically.
“Boys, boys. After Dick, I love you all equally!” You assure with a laugh. Looking down at your watch, you realize that your flight was going to leave soon! “Alright, I’ll see you guys soon!” You give Tim and Damian one last hug before you turned to Dick. He engulfs you in a tight squeeze, burying his face in your hair.
“I love you,” he murmured.
“I love you too.” The two of you parted and he pulled you in for a passionate kiss (which had Tim and Damian gagging.) Dick put a hand to your face and rubbed small circles onto your cheek. You could sense the worry in his blue hues, so you gave him a gentle smile to calm them. “Don’t worry Bird Boy, I’ll come back to you in one piece,” you state with a wink. He lets out a small, nervous, laugh.
“I won’t let anything happen to her,” Jason piped up. Dick and his brother locked eyes and the eldest sent a nod his way. He wanted more than anything to go on this mission with you. It’s not that he didn’t trust his brother…he just wanted to be by your side. He always was by your side, and you his. That’s just what you guys did. You were Dick and (Y/N), Nightwing and (Y/H/N). You were a team.
You gave him one last kiss before you and Jason made your way to the zeta tubes. “(Y/N)! Wait!” Dick called out just before you walked in. You turned around and looked at him.
“Hm?” He had the ring clenched in his fist and he opened his mouth, but no words came out at first. “Dick? Are you okay?”
“I…I have something important to ask you when you get back,” he finally spoke, internally kicking himself as soon as the words left his mouth.
“Oh, alright,” you reply with a crooked grin. “I’ll see you soon! I love you!” With those words, you and Jason disappeared with your bags. Dick sighed and put the ring back in his pocket, running his fingers through his hair in a stressful manner.
“Grayson, you are pathetic,” Damian stated flatly. Dick whirrled around and glared at the youngest sibling.
“I have to admit, the Demon is right Dick. That was just sad. Why don’t you ask her already?” Tim stated.
“I don’t know! It’s just been plaguing my mind lately, and especially with last night’s mission and all the other crazy shit…I just can’t do it. I know, it’s sad and pathetic. Believe me, I’m aware.”
“You better ask her soon, she is gonna find out eventually, whether you tell her or not.” Damian commented. Dick sighed once more.
“I know.”
The flight to the safe island near Santa Prisca didn’t take long. (The perks of Bruce having connections got you two a faster flight.) From there, you guys took a motor boat to Santa Prisca, and the mission began.
You and Jason were dressed in your hero uniforms and had placed comms in your ears before splitting up. You swiftly made your way through the thick jungle terrain and to the warehouse that Bane and Danny would most likely be in. Batman had said they received a tip that Black Mask would be here and they would finally conduct their business. You made your way to the roof of the building and wriggled into the air vents. “Red, I’m entering through the ducts. What’s your 20?“
“Garage number 3 was open because of a recent exportation of drugs which was to be shipped to…” his voice trailed. “Bludhaven, Gotham, and Metropolis. This apparently is bigger than just the Bat’s territory. I’m downloading and transferring the delivery schedule to you.”
“Copy that,” you reply, pulling up the computer that was built into your hologlove. The information was downloaded and your eyes skimmed over the delivery schedule before receiving other files from Jason. An update map of the facility was one of the files, which you were grateful for. You had a lock on Jason’s location and scanned the map for a save rendezvous point. “Down the hallway, to the left of this room is a storage room. It’s right below me and it appears to have not been open for quite some time. According to its contents…in there are old vials of venom. The former formula it appears. It’s going to be sent to be destroyed two days from now,” you state. “Meet me there.”
“10-4, (Y/H/N).” You quickly and quietly made your way through the vents to the room. Slipping down into the said place, you landed quietly on your feet. Jason soon entered the room as well and walked over to you. “What’s the plan (N/N)?” He asked. You pulled up the map and information of the facility so the two of you can see.
“Well, there is a storage room down at the other end of the hall that contains the new Venom formula. We need a few samples of that, so Bats or Red Robin can analyze and break down. Now, down at the opposite end of the hall I’m going to go out on an educated guess and assume that this room is where Black Mask is having a meeting with Bane,” you explain.
“One of us needs to get the Venom and the other needs to get evidence of this meeting,” Jason stated.
“You’re definitely are lighter on your feet than I am. I’ll get the samples while you eavesdrop.”
“I planned on being the eavesdropper anyway, especially with your habit of always causing a scene,” you tease. You could practically sense his eye roll as he punched you playfully in the shoulder.
“Alright, I’ll catch up with you soon.”
“Stay safe, Red.” He sent a nod your way as the two of you exited the room in silence, going your separate ways once more.
You followed the map until you were outside the room in which the meeting between Bane and Black Mask was supposedly being held. You looked around and found an air vent and wormed your way into the ventilation systems like before. You pulled up the computer on your hologlove, quickly hacking and disabling the motion and heat sensors. You smirked and crawled to where a vent was in the back corner of the room. You could hear the voices of Bane and another man speaking in Spanish.
“That girl really did a number on your face, eh, Danny?” Bane said in his native tongue.
“That bitch will pay, next time I go to Gotham I’ll hunt her down,” the voice of Danilo Carrera replied, tone full of spite. You held back a chuckle as you remember how you broke his nose.
“You don’t even know her name,” Bane continued.
“I wish I did…she asked a lot of questions. She was beautiful though, too bad she has a husband. God, the things I would do to her.” You scowled at his words, your face crunching up in disgust.
“Focus, Mask is supposed to be here any minute now.” You silently pried open the vent and placed a small camera in the corner of the wall. You closed the vent and linked your hologlove to the camera. On the screen came a clear view of the room. You snickered internally as you saw Danny’s nose all taped up. A few minutes passed before Black Mask finally entered the room, two of his assistants following, a female and a male.
“Gentlemen, it’s nice to finally be able to discuss things in person. Our last meeting was unfortunately interrupted, I apologize,” Black Mask stated as he took a seat at the table across from Bane and Danny.
“Some bitch and her husband caused a scene,” Danny said in an annoyed tone.
“Yes, my men are working on trying to track them down.”
“If you find the girl, I want to get my revenge,” Danny mumbled.
“That isn’t the objective here,” Bane hissed in Spanish. He turned back to Mask. “Ignore him, we came here to talk about business. Not some girl who happened to get a good punch on him.”
“I completely understand his desire for revenge. If we find her, she is all yours.” Danny’s lip curled up into a sinister grin. “Anyways, back to business like you stated. You have shipments of your new Venom formula ready for Bludhaven, Gotham and Metropolis, correct?“
“Yes, the shipments should arrive by morning.”
“Excellent. Once in Gotham my people can do a little experimenting with it with some of the drugs, chemicals and technology we have. If all goes smoothly, more supplies and things will be sent for you to make more, as long as I get fifty percent of the profit you make from this new formula.”
“Fifty percent?!”
“I think fifty percent is a sufficient cut for me, considering I’m now your number on supplier for things so you can make your Venom,” Mask said cunningly. Bane grit his teeth in annoyance, then took a deep breath.
“You drive a hard bargain Señor,” Bane said, clearly annoyed. “You have a deal.” Mask smiled wickedly and the two shook hands. He opened his mouth to say something more when a huge rumble shook the building, almost knocking you over. Thankfully you didn’t, or you would’ve fallen through the loose vent. “What the hell was that?!” A man burst into the room and spoke in rapid Spanish, too fast for you to translate. Bane cursed as he heard whatever the man said. You pressed your finger to your comm.
“Red, what’s your ETA to the storage room.” You question.
“Busy. Can’t talk.” He grunted back, the sounds of fighting in the back ground. Shit. Jason must’ve caused that explosion and blew his cover. He really does enjoy causing a scene…although I was considering blowing up that shipment of Venom before it left for the States…perhaps he beat me to it. We need to get rid of the rest of it though. At least what they have already made would be destroyed until we need to analysis on it. You thought. You helplessly sat there, monitoring Jason’s location from your hologlove. Unable to do anything, for it would blow your cover as well, you tried thinking of ways to get out of here. You had gotten all the Intel you needed to confirm Mask’s and Danny’s relations with Bane, and you had gotten several files from them. You hoped, Jason got the samples.
The door to the room slammed open and you saw through your camera, Jason being dragged in by three men, seven or eight others following. He was tied up with rope and was bleeding from several areas. He looked up at Bane from behind his red helmet and you could tell a sneer was on his face. “Ah. One of the Bats Birds, came to visit my island.”
“Uh…sir…the shipment headed to leave tonight was destroyed..” one of the men said awkwardly.
“What?!” Bane roared. The man when to repeat himself but Bane punched him in the gut, sending him to his knees. “You’ll pay for this Red Hood,” the Santa Priscan man snarled. Jason chuckled, wincing slightly.
“Looks like your little drug plan got delayed. How unfortunate,” Jason said sarcastically.
“Mr. Hood, you always seem to have a way of fucking things up!” Mask yelled slamming his hands on the table. Jason laughed again.
“Oh, I know.” Mask walked over and kicked him in the head and stomach. He saw a large wound on his chest and knelt down, sticking his finger in it. Jason let out a small cry of pain.
“These men can have a go at you, but once their done, my partner and I will make sure you aren’t here to fuck things up ever again.” Your eyes widened at this as your mind raced for a plan.
Suddenly, an idea popped into your mind. You went to your hologlove and gained access to the systems again. You swiftly shut down the power in ths building and set it to come back on in about a minute. Lifting the vent silently, you began your plan as the lights went out.
“What the hell?! What now?!” Mask said angrily. You grabbed your camera on the way down from your hiding place and ran over, starting to take down each of the men easily. Reminder to thank Bats for the teachings on the ‘Element of Surprise’ and the nightvision upgrades in my mask, you thought to yourself as you took out the last man. Bane and Mask stood in the dark, confused on what was going on. You had about twenty seconds before the lights came back on so you untied Jason and started to pull him along. “He is escaping!” Mask yelled.
“Not off my island he isn’t!” You shoved Jason through the door and just as you were about to go, the lights flicked back on. You turned around and saw Bane with a small knife in his hand. Before you could process, he threw it and it stuck right in your shoulder. You let out a scream of pain, and Jason grabbed your hand, pulling you through the door way. The two of you ran, twisting and turning down hallways.
“Are you okay?” You ask, panting because of the pain and adrenaline.
“Just a scratch,” Jason replied, clearly lying. “You?”
“Just a scratch,” you state with a smirk, gesturing to the knife in your shoulder as you reached over and yanked it out. “Looks like Bane is getting interested in toys that are a bit more lowkey,” you muttered as you put the small knife in your utility belt.
“We need to get out of here.”
“No shit Sherlock!”
“No, we really need to get out here. Possibly within the next three minutes and…twenty five seconds.” Your eyes widen.
“Did you do what I think you did?”
“If what your thinking is ‘plant a bomb that destroys the rest of the new Venom except the ten vials I have in my utility belt,’ then yes.” You smirked again, letting out a laugh.
“Funny, I was thinking of doing the same thing.”
“Perfect. Batman isn’t gonna be happy when we get back, is he?”
“Probably not. So much for strictly recon.”
“We never listen to that rule anyway.” You looked behind Jason and yourself and saw men, and Bane running after you. More of them burst out of rooms, guns in hands and they started to shoot. “Things are getting hot in here (Y/H/N), any ideas on how the hell we are gonna get out of here?!”
“Down this hall, make a left then a right. It was your entry point. From there we can run into the jungle and head to the motor boat,“ you state.
“Slight problem. My entry point was destroyed.”
“That’s our only option. Everywhere else we will for sure be cut off and put in the blast considering the rest of the Venom is near by where we need to exit.” You state as the two of you follow your directions. Garage number 3 was no longer there, just as he said. Flames were everywhere from the explosion and debris were mangled and jagged. You two continue to run, although slower because of your wounds and the fire.
“We aren’t gonna make it past the blast zone in time (N/N)!”
“Just keep running!” Fire and smoke swirled around you, bullets whizzing past your ears due to the terrible aim of Bane’s men (which you were thankful for.) You two made it to edge of the jungle before a searing hot force slammed you forward. Your body was flung and impacted the ground in a harsh manner. Rocks and sticks scraped you and your body screamed in pain. You looked around, everything was fuzzy and chaotic, your vision was blurry and you couldn’t find Jason. Screams of people could be heard behind you, though it was muffled due to the ringing in your ears. You stumbled and tried to get to your feet, but no avail. The blood loss was finally taking it’s toll and you collapsed on the ground. Looking up to the sky, the last thing you saw were the stars before darkness enveloped it’s blanket around you.
The last thing you expected to happen after this mission, was for you to wake up in a hospital bed in the Batcave. Although, you weren’t all that surpised, considering the events that took place. However, let’s just say, the light stung your eyes when you woke up and you were not happy about that. You cracked your eyes open and saw the white popcorn ceiling. You squinted and sat up, wincing slightly as you looked around. The heart monitor next you beeped and you looked down at your arm and saw an IV sticking out of it. Then it all came back to you. The mission. The explosion. The flames and the knife wound in your shoulder. Saw your uniform ripped and cut in certain places so you could be bandaged. You looked to your right and saw your beloved boyfriend asleep in a chair. Your eyes softened at his exhausted looking state. Behind him was a cloth curtain and you felt curiosity well up inside you. You bit your lip to prevent from wincing loudly as you slowly slipped out of the bed. Taking the IV with you, you looked at yourself in the mirror that was in the room. Your shoulder was bandaged up as well as your head. There was a bruise on your cheek and a few stitches under your right eye. That’s definitely gonna scar, you thought.
You walked over to the curtain, peeked your head in, and saw Jason laying there. He was bandaged up as well, an IV in his arm too. He looked up from the book he was reading and his eyes filled with relief. “Thank God you’re awake. I was sure Golden Boy was gonna have a heart attack.” He said sitting up more. You took a seat on the chair beside his bed.
“What the hell happened? How did we get here?” You questioned.
“After the explosion, I, in my partially conscious state, was able to get the two of us to the motor boat and on to open water. I was able to send a distress signal to the Bat Computer and here we are,“ Jason explained.
“Does this mean I owe you one?” You ask.
“Maybe. But, I’m glad you’re alright. Dick almost had my head on a platter because the Alfred thought you might not make it…you were unconscious for four days.”
“Damn…” You murmured. “Well, I’m okay. I’ll make sure he doesn’t try to kick your ass.“ The two of you exchange smiled before you walked back to your bed. You look at Dick, a soft smile going on your face as you brush a few stray hairs from his. You take the spare blanket from the foot of the bed and drape it over his shoulders.
When Dick had gotten the call that you were seriously injured, he had been in your shared apartment in Bludhaven. The call made shivers run down his spine and he dashed into the bathroom to vomit. The thought of you possibly dying made him sick and all the stress and worry he had been feeling came crashing down on him.
On the morning of the fifth day of your (lucky) recovery, he felt his heart jump into his throat when Alfred had came up to his room to tell him you were awake. The raven haired boy didn’t hesitate to make a run for the Batcave. And there you were, doing some basic yoga stretches as some light ‘training.’ Your shoulder hurt like a bitch, and your torso was all bruised and cut up, but you did what you could to get up and get your blood flowing. You never did like to sit around, even when not injured. He made his way down the stairs and you turned around, hearing his footsteps.
Before you could open your mouth and say anything, he wrapped his arms around your frame and held you to his chest. His eyes filled with tears of relief, and he couldn’t help but let them fall. You felt him tremble as you hugged him back, his tears hit your neck and you felt pangs of guilt and empathy. You rubbed his back lovingly, and pulled back slightly, cupping his face in your hands. Wiping the tears from his cheeks, you gave him a warm smile. “I told you I would come back to you in one piece,” you stated. He let out a laugh and sob mixed together, his glossy blue eyes staring into your shimmering (e/c) orbs.
“I love you,” he chokes out.
“I love you too.”
“I told you I had something to ask you once you came back.”
“Yes, you did. What is it, my love?” You ask zealously. He took a deep breath, getting himself together.
“I love you. I have loved you since I first laid eyes on you. You are the most beautiful girl, in the whole world and I…I want to spend the rest of my life with you.“ He gets down on one knee and holds the glimmering ring out to you. Tears instantly fill your eyes as his continue to do so. ”(Y/N) (L/N), will you marry me?“ A smile broke out on your face, one that was wider and brighter than the sun.
“Yes! Always, yes!”
I apologize for the ending being so…eh. Ugh I’m sorry.
Chloé Noire

@larvesta here’s the Chloé fic I started writing for you forever ago.

Chloé shifted in her suit, adjusting to the feel of the leather covering her body. She spared a moment to look at herself in the mirror. Her reflection was a bit surprising, even if she had been expecting it.

She had always wanted to be Ladybug, but there she was wearing Chat Noir’s- Adrien’s- uniform. She almost laughed.

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Almost got caught (Part 3)

For the first time ever, this is the best sleep i had ever have in my life. Not to exaggerate but i feel like i am floating in the air right now. Even in my sleep, i can smell the sweet scents of vanilla. I wonder why? This feels to good to be true. I can feel myself smilling in my sleep. This feels good. I don’t want to ever wake up. I would not hesitate to kill anybody that try to wake me up right now.

I breathe out a long and deep sigh when i feel someone pull me by the waist. I can feel some heat radiating near me. Its really near too.. wait.. what am i hugging right now? While trying to gather the strength to open my eyes and getting used to the light, i heard a soft moan. I frozed immediately. My eyes flew open as soon as i heard the noise.

I slowly took a peek at the person i am cuddling so close with just to have my nose meeting with a pink fluffy hair. Soon realisation hit me. Jimin hyung slept with me yesterday!! Maybe that is why i can sleep so well. I tried to look at his face but it was covered. He is literally breathing on my neck right now or should i say that he is breathing on my adams apple? His breathing is slow and steady, slowly hitting me with his hot breath. I can hear soft snores coming from him and it sounds so adorable. I am about to combust right now. Everything is so fluffy but its giving me a tough time too with him being so near my adams apple. His lips is barely touching them. I gulped at the sensation. I can alsl feel his hand around my waist, holding me so tight. I was still holding him like the night before too. My arms is kind of sore now but i can’t bring myself to wake jimin up.

Its okay jeon. You can endure this. This is one of the reasons to why you started working out. Don’t fail me muscles! I took this opportunity to bring jimin closer, pulling him by the waist. I left my left arm around his waist, rubbing his back from time to time. After that, i started playing with his hair. I run my hand through his hair from the back of his nape, moving upwards. I found myself smilling at how soft he is.

The thought that this will all end, saddens me. I continue doing so for i don’t know how long.

I was so into my thoughts that i did not realise that the hand on my waist moved. Suddenly, i felt a sensation on my back. Like someone rubbing my spine. I frozed. He’s awake judging from the movement.

“Why did you stop?” I can feel his breath on my adams apple. It is so near to my skin. As if he was about to kiss me.

Upon hearing that rough and deep voice, i let go of my grip around his waist.

“Hyung? Did i wake you up?”

Finally he looked up at me with his hand still around my waist, never letting go. Oh god..If he was cuter yesterday, he is more cuter cuter today. You get it? He looks so cute. His face is a bit puffy and his eyes is so cute. Oh and his lips is extra puffy after waking up. I would kiss it if i could but i have to hold myself back.

“Good morning kookie” AWWWWW SO ADORABLE OMGOMGOMG KILL ME NOW. I DON’T MIND DYING!!(JK inner mind going insane)

“G-good morning hyung. Did you sleep well? Did i wake you up?”

Jimin hyung looked at me in the eyes for like 5 seconds before answering me. That was intense. I almost look away.

“Its the best sleep i had ever have in my life. You didn’t wake me up so don’t worry.”

He immediately snuggle back like he was before. He rubbed his nose at my neck area and he breathe out a long sigh of content . I froze at the action. He is driving me insane. Park jimin is a dangerous guy. Why did fall in love with him.


“Why did you stop?”

I was confused at what he is trying to say here. Stop what?

“Huh?stop what?”

He looked up at me with a glare and a small pout on his cute lips. Its not even intimidating. More like cute? I’m whipped guys..

“Kookie~ keep playing with my hair”

It sounded more like a plea than a demand. I let out a soft chuckle.

“Why are you laughing?” awww that pout he is having right now is so adorable. I want to kiss it so badly. Arghh!!

“Nothing hyung. You were so cute thats all”

Something in jimin’s eyes change for a moment when i said that. Oh shit. Is it disgusting? I shouldn’t have said that.. we looked at each other for 5 seconds straight in silence. I was mentally killing myself and preparing for what jimin hyung is going to say only to see a soft smile on his lips.

“I’m manly though kookie”

I mentally heaved a sigh of relief. That was close..

“Yeah okay hyung, i "believe” you"

Jimin lightly smacked my back when he heard the sacarsm in my sentence.


I let out a soft laugh at his words. Jimin also laugh along with me. Again, he snuggled so near that i almost had a heart attack. This time i continued playing with his hair. I can feel jimin hyung smilling against my skin. With our legs tangled together, he continued rubbing my back gently. My heart feels so full of love right now. Even though i knew this is just something friendly. We lay down there for about 30 minutes. All we did was just cuddling.



“I’ll be cute only for you okay?”

Before i can ask what he meant by that, the bedroom door flew open. We were both shocked at the sudden intrusion and quickly let go of each other. We both sat down on the bed facing the intruder. Turns out to be jin hyung. I should have locked the door before sleeping. Jin would always invade my bedroom without warning.

He stood there a bit shock at what he just saw. We were both staring at him.

“Umm oops? Sorry for disturbing..”

I gave my deadliest glare at jin hyung for interrupting my once in a lifetime chance. Before i can retaliate, i feel someone pulling me by my waist. What?

“Jin hyung. How can you just come in like that. I was busy cuddling with kookie and you just had to..”

My eyes grew two times larger at the statement. Did jimin hyung just?.. why?what? I can feel his grip around my waist tightened.

Jin hyung and jimin hyung were as if talking with their eyes. What is happening? I kept looking between both of them for like 10 seconds before jin hyung finally break the ice.

“Okay! Umm. Breakfast is ready. I will wait for you guys outside.. take your time.. bye..”

He finally went out of the room.. i looked at jimin hyung who still have his hand around my waist. He was still looking or more like glaring at the door even though jin hyung was already gone. I wonder why?

“Umm hyung? Shall we go?”

“Yeah. Lets go kookie”

He finally let go of his grip and slide of the bed. He slowly stretched his body when he stood up. All i can say is.. beautiful as always. I sat at the edge of my bed waiting for jimin hyung to finish stretching while admiring how he look right now.

I was busy looking when jimin squat down to look me in the eye. My heart skipped a beat again. At this rate, i might really die. He gave me the sweetest smile that can legit really save the world. I smiled an awkward smile back(nice going jungkook). Suddenly his face went serious. He scoot nearer that i can see myself in his eyes.

“Jeon jungkook”

I gulped at how serious he sounds. His voice so low and raspy. He would always call me by my nickname but when he calls my full name, i can feel shivers running down my spine and it will always make me feel hot(?)..


My heart was beating so wildly that i bet he could hear me. What is he trying to do now?

“Close your eyes”

I tilt my head abit in confusion. I wonder what he is trying to really do. Without hesitation, i closed my eyes, trusting jimin. Alot of thoughts run through my mind at the moment until i feel jimin’s hand at the back of my head, playing with my hair like how i did with his. I let out a sigh of content.

Suddenly, i felt something warm on my forehead. My heart beat 100 times faster if that was possible when i realised that its jimin’s lips all this while. He is kissing my forehead right now. It lingers there for like 5 seconds and it ends with a soft peck.

I still kept my eyes closed. I can still feel his hand running through my hair gently.

“Thank you jungkook”

I mentally let out a sigh of dissapointment when he finally let go of me. I can bet you that i am blushing so hard right now. Jimin could even see it but who cares. The Park Jimin kissed me. Even though its just on the forehead, its still gold okay.

“Lets go kookie”

As soon as i opened my eyes, he took my hand in his, leading me out of the room to the dining table. Along the way, i watched jimin hyung from the back. I smiled at what just happened but again, i don’t want to put any hope that we can be more than that. Its giving me some light but i don’t want to walk towards it. What if its just a friendly gesture.. i can’t assume anything. This is my first time ever, feeling this way.

I never experienced something like this. I was never interested in other guys or girls. Its only jimin hyung who made me feel this way. It may be my first love but it will never be my last..

When we walked into the kitchen, everyone looked at us with a knowing look. I blushed when i realised that we are still holding hands. I don’t want to be rude to just pull my hands off, so i made an excuse of wanting to go to the toilet.

When he let go, i feel so empty.. this feels so shitty man. Love.. its beautiful at times but there would always be pain. Sucks to be me.

After that, we all had our breakfast as per normal well, except yoongi hyung. Bet he is stilk sleeping. Everyone talking like they always do. Sometimes i can feel jimin hyung looking at me and we would make eye contact at times. I would get so flustered and looked down at my food.

Why is he such a natural flirt. I hate him for making me so flustered. Park jimin.. born to flirt naturally.

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